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Michelle Cortez (Bloomberg, Stroke Treatment)

Apr 20, 2017|

Michelle Cortez (Bloomberg, Stroke Treatment) by The Financial Exchange

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Chances are you know somebody or have a family member who's had a stroke and you look at the debilitating. Nature of that illness it's terrible. The headline for the article is the stroke miracle cure you probably can't get the reporter on this story is Michelle worked as. From Bloomberg News and she joins us now on the financial exchange hi Michelle hurry you. And out. So I appreciate your joining us I read the article and I said we've got to get Iran. Talk to us about this plot retrieving stent it's made locally I think by Medtronic and Stew and striker made those of two companies. I think that have a lot of their operations in New England. Yet yet they absolutely do their bit big area say that treatment that treatment at health is actually very interesting it it it makes. It makes sense it has basically. There's two types of caught in the moat comment O line is basic I think protect the threat that comment on it at but it. Locked up like bloat your brain and that what he's been tightened daily bait is to literally go into that artery. And they act like you know. Like and that's like it leave it right into the metal admitted that and expand. And they get it right out in the you know. Shotgun. Start well again. How and how much does it cost 8000. It ain't dead yet about 8000 dollars. You bet the treatment itself of course hospitals and doctors and uttered they're on top of that. Share with our listeners the success rate of this device verses more traditional treatment because that's what caught my attention. Right well it's actually remarkable that there are different that is a bit bucket is different. Extend bad result but the trials. It is about to certain Asian 60% effective patient who treat it. Witten two hour window of happiness stroke you get out about point six hour depending on the trial. Are. Completely recover you know and Peter I get it in that small little strobe hour. In the certain things that Ian you get on well for a Long Island and you know you're treated and you feel a little bit better at ease the app mr. at and people. In a nursing home and they can't walk and they can't indicate. Yep two thirds of them completely. Are better at it his impact and one parity you get traditional treatment. You're talking about people that end up. You know coming hole in and what they they get treated that day and then they're walking around their house that night. Exactly. Not walking around out there again it. Yeah yeah it is the extent though they're out there walking again Pat Knight they are talking they aren't able. 88 iron or logically intact. I don't think anyone good on. Immediately but a lot of good people with those twin income for the rest of their lives or they would go eventually to their home but it would have 24 hour air it out and out of family member. And yet these people there. You fully recovered by themselves can block you know golf in. Michelle how many people have strokes each year. Strip ever care about 750000. A year and a stroke each year bike that you know about a quarter and at this point it's huge stroke. End and why. Is this treatment not more readily available because that was the gist of your article yet if there's this great technology this fabulous. You know life changing medical technology available but nobody is getting. Well it's not that nobody getting hit some people are getting and I would like to find out. Where the conference is that accurate or you're out there it is you need to bring somebody in adding extra you know at eight that opinion that actually pretty you know. He had not only bad is it something it does not say at until it went not. Operationally the spring and an operation and an operating and cut them open it actually sophisticated technology. And what you have to deal is. Get. They better get it caught the stand too late into the green in order yet. Add it all that he needed it at this facility operating room set up specifically for stroke to be that. And it it's expensive to do that at happen neurologist at happening not tired team. Expanding the aunt and an inning gave the patient and not get expensive and difficult dealing whereabouts ears Al problem that really great results. Which had indicated that he only mr. Anthony's. Also I wonder if this is not as widely used because of the adverse publicity from one of the well publicized failures. Of the stance may initially when they first came out run him and I was like a negative. Right right what you want to think it just may elect and I look at an artery in your brain getting credit it like. And no brainer right it's just part. I don't know it would adopt it you know adding years ago. And then for the study came in and found out that actually those people getting worse results. Higher death rate mortgage ability rape and kill people like great Britain and the pod dot net. So a lot of people were not interested a lot of hospitals a lot of doctors there was. Skepticism on the technology. Those technologies were more like a cork screw it imagine opening a wine bottle played kind of like and I really your brain bank. Is that. It's technology it's a little bit more elegant color it get entirely in and I'd like a corkscrew right it doesn't go all the leak and the court. Good Ali you immediately clearing. Ate at a blanket scare linked to the green again and pulled a clot out entirely. Those results were so dramatically better and we really thought that about two years. Michelle what's the name of the device so one of our listeners wants to call their doctor to find out where that treatments available because of hearing your seventies and eighties. This is something you think about. Great write up out there comptek retriever is that the Medtronic product is it called the folic here. And it'll it it it most of the really large studies about it. At that trio is Bram. It's from striker and there's a couple of others out there and an amber and others that turn their Pollard. But really what people now liquidated a comprehensive stroke center and that comprehensive board is really important. Don't not a primary stroke better primary stroke and it. Break up those spot. They can't be caught her talking about it they'll be Matt Drudge really treat them very well. They'll primary stroke better they eat it and edit and to break up yet but that's if you're having a caller stroke need a comprehensive stroke panic having a large extra. The important people that the difference. Michelle thank you very much for your time. Great research. It is a fantastic product and I think you're gonna see this mainstream very soon variably you're gonna have on this because while the cost even is a little bit higher first. The savings are realized within just ninety days as the rehab and longer term every reasonable rehab there is Gloria so you stock compounding the savings over time. Insurance companies to start saying you know what. Even those might cost factor eight grander ten grand would you say that on the back and yeah so and you're in your recovery is much more comprehensive. Let you use your your golfing again where a lot of stroke victims John that's like the beginning of the end that your curing the issue in eight years he's exactly. Will post that it would Tucker let's make sure that gets posted and the article post as well because I know there's going to be a lot of questions about that.