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Planet X - could this be the source of devastation and destruction as prophesied in the Bible and in so many other sources?

Apr 18, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Terral Croft about the dark star that is making its 3600-year return to our solar system, and the devastating effects it will have on life as we know it. As an imploded binary twin of our sun, this dense mass has the potential to destroy most life on Earth. 4/18/2017 Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. A it's. Beyond reality radio adjacent room. And Jimmie Johnson as we can dominate the host Easter holiday broadcast. Yes hello everybody it's Monday on the West Coast Tuesday on the East Coast and many you're stuck somewhere in between what can be unrelated radio myself Jason cosmic co host GB Johnson and ace righty serve. Yeah Austin here. Mike did I'm here. I didn't over Eads which is always good so you're not overheat and east. I Easter and Thanksgiving I think and what was it there was a report it was like the average person consumes 5700. Calories. While I just just on eastern Thanksgiving yet know why I actually avoided that thankfully. But I think the key to what was ahead. Too much fun Saturday night so just exhausted all day Sunday so he needs a much. Related to that was the key rings that are very I wanna give a shout out two a couple of news stations are we just took on IK at take FK a and Colorado. And also WCC. Oh in Minneapolis. So welcome to beyond reality radio family it's great to have you on board. Yeah sexson. Have the news stations and of course if you listening on those new station Jeanette glacier what else we have going on. This we're not sure what we're gonna go on half the time we are never entirely sure but I can tell you this we do have a great chat room from any descent through the website and click on. The chat but you can join the group they're a lot of great people talk investment cool things. It just head over to beyond reality radio dot com include a listen live. And join me online chat JV uniter remember pretty much most of the night now throughout the show communicating back and forth we take questions from a from people in their foreign guesses wells taking calls. But. Head over I think you'll you'll find a great community of people they're very welcoming bunch and you'll have a good time they haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio in me Sheila their the FaceBook page. Did we kind costly posting updates and information on new us stations were popping up on and it's just a good way to stay in touch X specially with some stories and I think it. Put all that yeah a lot of people sharing stuff Sino us our producer slick yet he's always putting stuff up their and so if there were talking about stuff that just happens to be in the news it's related to things were talking about it's a great way. To kinda keep in touch with the the ideas in the topics that we share on the program. The canyon news I need for an Easter weekend it's and I spent a tough week and I'm sure a lot of you heard about the side. Men in Cleveland who ended up taking away from him and 74 year old man. And posting on FaceBook which is just discussing the Cleveland police announced 50000 dollar reward. Spent posted. For information leading the capture of the man suspected of killing a random passer by imposing the gruesome footage on FaceBook on Sunday. Police have issued a nationwide search forest Steve Steve and certain. 37 years old niece and they're asking residents of Pennsylvania New York Indiana missed and Michigan to be on alert so. And a wee weed. Pretty much Aron all those states so of course just gonna keep your eyes open you can pull a picture this individual. On FaceBook or many other places Bada. I mean he posted posted a video of him just walking up to an old two elderly man 74 your result and and taking the man's wife and how much of a scumbag. You have to bit. I don't think he gets any worse than that and you know you've got something like FaceBook which is trying to do things that allow people to share experiences whatever but certainly not that kind of. In its arms. I I use FaceBook life here and there periodically. But there's been cases now of for invading the need to figure out some something with you there Al algorithm. Because there's cases out Walters abuse there's there's really bears all the same murder. On being posted on FaceBook life. In which rights even more crazy is I think that video at one point three million views or whatever. Did anybody call accounts I mean did anybody it's just like there was a video about port girl being being raped. And people washes video nobody cola cups it was life. It's just insane really this well to set a testament to. You you know what people do and what people won't do it doesn't get involved and try to save spin or stop something that's in progress and I don't know. In I don't know what to what FaceBook can do but they're gonna have to put some solution because the more people can get away with those things the more than be doing. I'm so so again keep your eyes open and if you and if anybody. Just make sure you reported to via local police department. But nominal amount arm I agree settle clean everybody else other great Easter. Yeah we've got a great show for you know we've got Terrell croft joining us. Terror roles from a website called Terrell 03 Terrell 03 dot com and he's the lead researcher researcher for the project lacks star investigation which. The more I learn about this Che the more I'm really really Natalie curious but actually fascinated by what could be in he'll tell us about a boy what could be a catastrophic. Event about to affect the salt. When well that's one of the big question since that's a succession plans over for next week product you know Jerrells gonna tell us because it just seems like it's not too far in the distant future. An and it will be catastrophic in many ways from what I understand her your source -- -- on this week are you going to be able to make it I'm hoping Italy's hold off until after the weekend so I can go enjoy selling content and meet the fine folks area I'm who have a much time anyway if. Anybody is around in a masters or whatever and Jimmy's Jimmy's gonna be assailant on this weekend up there hanging out. Feel free to sop up sit idle and and also we've got scary time coming up June 4 June 2 through the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts. Yeah yeah that's going to be a great time. We get some really cool people and form of celebrities plus you know lectures and guest speakers. And attendees and anticipate all comes together to be great great weekend. And sometimes laid deny you can find Jimmy and I walk around totally lost not knowing what's going on because we've left parties and get everything you smell but it's a great times they sometimes I think it's from its you know a lot. Usually any time after 10 PM and nine you know we're at scattered around but now that's at June 2 to the fourth in Springfield mass so and you can check it out to check outside of scare con dot. Com always a great time we got some great shows coming up to tomorrow night we've got a couple folks from Detroit paranormal expeditions are going to be talking about. They're 25 years of collective paranormal experience and got a whole bunch of investigations under the belt hasn't really cool evidence and experiences to share with us. Analysts and make sure that happens has attacked by that you were attacked by a batch attacked him. Heat pat where where did this happen and took the cover my boat load jeez well now here's what really happened is right. Climbed into the Pau as my kids were grabbing your cover their right to pull it off announcement list at all for the Joyce in the in the middle of it. And there was a bat in the and I had an order on a and this data in order so as him and I didn't you automatically wins goes on terror for he's you know an ad as Ali yelling at my kid my kids have no idea what's going on I'm yelling and slapping the cover and Tom Pataki's. I've got Austin hosting yelling and asking if MOK I'm trying to tell me not to come in there. You it was brutal. You know there are terrified there aren't too many things it that the scary. To me you know but bugs spiders and rats with wings but rats with wings. Oh or AKA bats there's just something about them is so I think just wanted to listeners in the area no I don't know what I'd done to offend. I think so much of it is is just they're just really erratic and the can't predict the movement homeland and you you try to moved it now out of his way because you do now it's it's shifted into you open. And it was it was Serafin you need it I thought I was gonna call you in tears when you get a closeup look at their faces that'll that's not a witch into tears Ozal and beings an option respect all the worst part is them under a bowl cover it. And yeah I had nowhere to go it's what I'm limited like a four foot space. Yeah business flying at me. No didn't touch she did it. I don't know but because I want to go I just to give advice to children learn words. The initiative I'm not ever ever in their lives herd a a and saw their dad in the most vulnerable. State aha I like ice I think directly to us cranked. You know I wouldn't blame you I wouldn't think less of youth if that was the news in half she's just my grandma I'm gonna wake up tonight and cold sweats to skew or is that dads are my goodness you say. Sorry it's so you listen to Jason javy we're gonna we're gonna take a quick break again head over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the page and then head chew lumped the unreality radio dot com and a click the listen live join us in check pew listening Jason didn't take her. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. Really really well she's honest and Jeannie Johnson think. Everybody for joining us or telephone numbers 8446877669. We'll take your calls later in the program going to be talking with. Terrell frost who is the lead researcher for project black star plus he's got a website it's Terrell TE RR EL. 03 Terrell O three dot com. There definitely an extreme what say me she chickened out and give us a cold throughout the program if you have a question for us or for terror. Yeah officials from Terrell under the program tell welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on the show tonight. Guys thanks for Aaron I sound you sound terrific sound great only to race here in the studio with a sits beauty of Skype great. Believed to tell you who to start from square one here I mean. You know I've heard of project black star IE I kind of know what's going on but you're gonna have to start from the very beginning what is project like star. I'm if you Google Dakota report CIT. CIT boys have an online got a copy of mine out to doesn't seventeen Dropbox folder for subscribers. And now could report was grabbed by Saturday's operatives and they were glassy kind of amnesty. From the American people. It's a quite a link the reported in the of operations section there are described project lacks star that's what they're trying to avoid. Let people know about enough that you read it and it's that kind of Graham stalking about vast a majority of the population being wiped out. And I didn't say exactly what but it's because of the black star. That's it's difficult to research because of flies under the wing of a spy plane. But down there's information out there if you dig in if you dig for what it relates to is the invisible collapsed binary twin to our son. That's what's coming. Ia false narrative is that it's planet planet X movement. In the bureau movement. Is fake. It's close Saturday she operatives this information programs. Don't discount or intelligence on both sides regulating the faults meritage. We have a giant planet you can see you know this coming planned nine story is Canada. In the same trough. In not a lot of information on the Internet desensitize. People. And making them oblivious. To all the changes that are taking place all around us should say out. It's very complicated. Investigation. My backgrounds actually and scripture. And nom or careless three out congress at the bottom there's mumble the mystery explained it was written 2005. When that was written in the 9/11 inside job is my next project five years teh book I let the truth. Exposed in the Cheney Rumsfeld let operation. And then right after that they don't comment was discovered. And Nam. It was another letter days you sign up and it was a sign up by the IQ wording documentation relating to. And carry alien date Perry here and is whenever earth or planet or comet is yours son Max Los. And did Perry Julian date of the only comment was 9/11 2011. Exactly ten years day after the 9/11 attacks. In it got me into the investigation joining stronger church groups try to myself up to understand more about astronomy. In what's going on just where this research project now since seven year. We've identified. Seismic pattern and a minister armored bus each it's about newspaper Cornell April 11 2011. And not dug into that and communicate with him about a half a dozen times. In each acting size and Caroline back to 1965. And we've been tracking it since. Eat January 2011 we are able to go backwards in time. Connect earthquake events he's earthquake events are happening on 377. Day cycle. And now we've been making predictions we predicted took a shame within four days early next year in two days an hour where it pretty darn good at it. And not. Month of may is whenever we're gonna recent peak at this uptick period we're in right now. And that's where your going to earlier about a there's potential for a magnetic and induced geological. In this or we're doing is tracking a magnetic anomaly it's magnetic gravitational anomaly we don't know it is. It's likely if we leading hypothesis is that it's the binary to endorse on. They came in the days Noah created those are changes came again in the days Moses. And it's coming now is gonna come and get it in the age oats slight God's reset button. That's coming through and it's would this trip and it's gonna bring out great destruction read about it first us owning sharp five. Starter Bursch Juan says that this destruction is gonna come suddenly like the Bert tanks rumble on child. In the purse strings in my mind that's your changes that track and that's how we're tracking object. So we chart a Leo constellation. In 2010 to 2012. And into the Virgo constellation 201215. Outs in the Lieber consolation. To the left Lieber. We calculate. That it's are running out of room in this in the aura diagram protect much longer. We got two primary models running. And the in fear magnetic oracle migration model it it says a 188 day cycle which is a half a 377. We've been predicting your site alignment earthquakes and back sideline earthquakes are sunk. Altitude lea black star in gnat in the Lieber consolation now. And now the recent backside I mean if it came right schedule on the day. And that was on November 14. With the seven point eight. Christ I'm sorry that was New Zealand quake and count a 188 days from that point on the may twentieth and that's our state. We elected there's a 25% chance. Of geological Paul shares. Main points this year and 75% chance will be out in the Zagreb protect our 2018. It looks like 2018. May twentieth. According to primary modeling but there's a chance that it could take place this may. Coming out so you you'll see a sharp uptick in the size city. And in the volcanism. Starting any time in that running through May. Well I will I will say before we're gonna take a break. You are one of the fastest talkers and I've ever confused I think you just explained everything but now I'm I just feel like an idiot it's just you know gonna do Terrell gonna go to break here when we come back we're gonna Paul part some of these in these things he said because you've covered a lot of ground and very very a short period of time. Which is great on an era yet they are wonderful but are so we're gonna take a break when we come back more you listen Jason did eat. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in and to order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Her. I Terrell crawl. It's terrible it's the project. Or a lead researcher on the project black's story and it is a very very complicated. Thing to be talking about us are gonna try to break this down Terrell on. And everything that you said before I want to break kind of laid out the whole you know the basis for what we're talking about you kept saying three lettered agents are not 300 lettered agencies out covering this up hiding this from. Us from the population I'm assuming you're talking about folks like the CIA maybe the NSA. NASA I don't know who who who are these agencies and what do they gain by hiding this from us. This has been going on since 1938. Whenever any council on foreign relations nuclear. Well they open up a charter enough. In Denver. That's why the CIA move their eighteen to Denver 2005. In ground ark city that's Ayers Rock child. In this global Baxter cartel actually s.'s response 09 elevenths site job. Leonard agencies working with them their first counterparts. So what you're really talking about council Russians were groups and in the CIA. Is the head over and beat beat puppet government in Washington DC really everything routed Denver. The the B team is over there in Washington DC in the CIA's on. It's that's that's been in control are ever since 9/11 attacks. In my view it some people say goes back JFK but my view when the continuity of government was implemented during the 9/11 attacks. That's whenever a Cheney and Rumsfeld former us FR a chairman directors. In not that's whenever India. They're at their game plan. Finally it was very important we're young grad RC program they stole trillions and trillions. Of dollars murder a lot of of Americans. And not their heroes. And it's not suggest you project collects star its whole Lotta things that Dina. That the Saturday seized that's what I'm referring to him man you know. Now with what you're saying there though I'm to some I'm a firm believer that there won't there's a lot of weird and we're at things with 9/11 that. Seemed tough point unexplainable so you're you're a believer that 9/11. Was an inside job to cover the tracks are and on all this money and where it was going because I know part of the Pentagon that was hit. So it was an exact area. That they were actually a lot of files. And stuff of trillions of dollars that were missing were being investigated. 2.3 trend that Donald Russell cannot gave that statement the date for the tax. In nub of the army sections in the front navy sections in the center there and the are there are sections what struck the first sub nation mama's Hughes Raytheon are sonic missile that struck the Pentagon at 93139. Exactly. And the second submission Obama the first one is what killed. People up an army front that's where these people position looking for the two or three trillion dollars. Report came out they never found it because there get killed in the second some mission Obama look right inside the navy command center right site strong room. It's open a gun blew up they were going to be safe in there but it was hard. I Cheney and Rumsfeld. And so they were killed in the in the seven non. A Defense Intelligence Agency officers were killed in the that searing polish I'm sure you've seen pictures of the steering hose just a hole where I come from there's no plane Ernie thank. I was a third sub munition bomb when it broke through the he wall that divides which one in which two it worked on this project or start errors and allowed about it the whole blew up because at least submission bomb that look. There was only about a sixty by 100 section a wedge to that was actually on fire. That was back in the defense intelligence. Office and not that's spread supposedly. Throughout the Pentagon but the which one was all sprinkler protected those people don't realize that which one was completed on the day of the attacks. The army personnel that were outside and you look at. That was their first day. On the job in not people like April Gallup interviewed her. Sheet walk right out of the hole. When things started. Let's say if you knew the truth about it it terrico and is probably the most important Mara Gerber. She's one of the most important witnesses and 9/11 case she was wanna construction worker superintendent where she was up trailers. Whenever that hypersonic missiles struck. She ran to the whole whole group did or look in the hole there was no fire just look there was smoke. Four minutes and forty seconds later. The 83 sky where it was refitted for Collins Loveland airport. With its with five others and it was part of the global guardian or games the apart that struck the Pentagon was an apartment tech attached to the joint chiefs. And it flew from may that the Russians caught it. Flying from the carrier offer new York and buzz the New York Gator street south over the White House down two miles an about a minute half. Native right hand turn. Now 45 degree angle read by the Citgo station and it's launched a hypersonic missile actually when it was on its descent. Hypersonic missiles flaw was. Trailing the three scar where and him whenever it went hypersonic and it about the book about shock wage. Is what through that plane off the plane in the know source does it. Earring want the same time but didn't airman that was flying it part of the war game exercise it was unmanned. Enough the missile hit the right spot but the airplane it was a trading was gonna go down into the grass and he pulled up. Animated north turn our we have a lot of evidence CIT always good job on. Tracking down witnesses that saw looked like eight A eight airliner it was just small smaller it came back and instruct the Pentagon at. Form as supporting sex later 9369. Am exactly. And another guy that was kind of interviews. At Lloyd. Com England the taxi driver. He saw he witnessed both attacks. Is is taxicab was harpoon by the light pole like one or five that went down. It was it was harpoon why he was pulling that out there was nobody else in the southbound lane. But the road right out front it's. 27. OK so then the hope places in d.s trying to pull this is like pull out why Terry Collins up there in the hole looking in a and then this Fella jumps over the Walt white Danny's goes to help on their wrestling with a hole it finally get it out to scratch it. And then they sit down at ground become the 83 scar or are item balloon. Up against a hearing all. That's what really happened. Near ever gonna hear the real story but if you read my book the 9/11. Truth Cheney Russell like operation all the evidence is there Chapter Eleven hundred. The most important hundred events that happen at 9/11 and everything's. Com link activated all act after the two. Archive dot org finds stuff. Because eight pages of the deleting things but you can run your own investigation and you'll see around Jim marshall's one other guys. Head out read my ball and Dick Eastman said it's the best worked at that they've ever seen and its many sub. Strange that you talk about this we have psychic John Rosen Jim both about a month ago about a month ago who I was talking about men she does a lot of traveling mentioned Bernard very hormones psychic. She'd she showed up. To Newark and it was like Newark was pretty much empty they'd shut down the airport. According to what she was saying they'd shut down the airport. For whatever reason even though was never announced and that there were a bunch of government government people. In it this was September. 10 the night right before. Of course 9/11 on. So she found it really strange and she didn't abuse so this year we had talked with her on that she'd told us all these weird stories in these. Things that she saw right before that happened Tom Sawyer and I have been a firm believer that there's a lot of will a lot of things that have been covered up when it comes down to that. So our. The government documentation proves it's inside job at the documentation. In 9/11 commission report says that flight 93 crashed at 10311. They have five different they have seismic readings at. Ought to always tell go to Arlington County Arlington County after action report about just department says the same event happened at 1037. Half hour later. There's the FAA. Timeline chronology says that the Pentagon was struck at 930 to actually happened at 930 or not. But the 9/11 commission report says it happened 946. 47. And it's you you you lost six minutes there are six minutes missing at you just look at the government documentation. And the manipulation that are Imus gone through this sworn testimony. There own story is still is stood still lies totally nobody's holding them accountable or that that's kind of our job. Do that information is all there. The media likes to the government documentation everything air and you guys go look it up and you'll see ice. Or Google of government documentation cruises inside job Terrell and I've got tons of posts on not on this topic and thousands post out on the Internet. Right all right well we don't this this is a show unto itself would you be talking about just this 9/11 teams there are all night. But we really do wanna talk about this planet X and what are really means now it's not really a planet it's a it's bobbled and you said it is it was the twin of our existing sun. Right much larger than our sun and a supernova long long long time ago and then what happened. The implosion created a remnant body. Who it's kind of like forming a diamond in the ground. Should eat you can Gil coal group doesn't get a pressure oriented diamond if you get enough pressure we got something in between is gonna be something between a black or star. Which that's a transitional door for begins with a penal white dwarf. And then after billions ears it turns into a brownies transitional. And that black course our sources and is an old enough supporter Brack a black or star yet. This thing has something. Between black or start any neutron types stark not rotating likely aunt but it was it's not a naturally starlet has set its. It's a remnant body that we're dealing with in it that. As a strange relationship with our son has a binary. As a magnetic repulsion. Relationship and our son as a mismatch clarity as is coming in closer. It's moving slower. It's gonna be going very slow his speech is very healing is actually repelled by the sun after they interact. And commanding go around. The black stars moving slower torture reaching her alien. Where and normal objects with regularly spaced sub atomic particles. They're all. At opposite that's one of the reasons that people are missing. What's going on here that's the reason that it creates a 188 day cycle 377 day cycle for your cycle even though it's on elliptical orbit. It's an objects coming in elliptical orbit it shouldn't be able to create. A regular cycle like this for example Saturn is as natural 189 days cycle. Because of it takes in this thirteen degrees left and your diagram. Each year like Saturn is thirty degrees here it goes one time all the way around. Channeling those thirteen degrees. Or 32 black stars and moving twelve degrees. Last decade. Which is impossible and less as a magnetic repulsion relationship to sunk so if you Google armed Canadian student magnetic repulsion. And giant break. And now you can read the paper. I wasn't when this in this case started even know that this was possible. A week we knew it we discovered underneath a cycle in the 377. We didn't know that stars to have this or leisure game not but three or four years ago we just realized that it does it thinks it explained everything for a. OK let's take a break when we come back we'll get in this more of this is beyond reality read your guess is Terrell Foster Houston recently. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Ariel and were able to change if you're on hole please be patient who missed a minute phone calls probably in the next hour. Our guest tonight is Terrell croft we're talking about a it's it's there it's rather complicated story because it has so many facets of this project black star. And it Terrell croft has a book is called the mystery explained it's available to download on his website Terrell 03 dot com. And then Terrell again thanks for joining us on the program and I wanna get right into again. Talking about this this body that is so orbiting and it will be passing us from. Where is it how do you see it and what's gonna happen when he gets close to us. Okay you cannot see it we have tea on our project astronomer. Astronomer we have a observatory. That's telescope have a threat accessories and we know that we cannot see it it's object is likely only two to three kilometers in diameter. But it tablespoon of his two Ghazi Germans. That's that's the nature of the beast that we're dealing with. Com it's right now between the sun in the Lieber consolation. We can see it which we can I know that we cannot and we would. Being wearing an ankle right now so in the month of may it'll be straight up to us and that'll be in. From celestial farmer's perspective it'll be in Lieber we could see it would be a scorpio announced packing up this retro rating right now we're passing. Between is getting greater test between the two stars again and want to connect. Okay and looking at your website to use it says next event five to 2017. And or reject. But Eric. Corn the primary modeling that's a binary star magnetic repulsion model. Because of the backside I'm a quick event last year came to earliest post come on May the seven we're really good at this and it came on 8 April 28. Only three days after the creation here at came right on time accretive in 2015. That was seven point eight. Paul quake. Happened right on time but in the next year happened shows only a three degree moot with the black star. Could be and what it's looking like is that Jupiter is the culprit it's changing the you know Harmonix our solar system and whenever. Jupiter is on the backside of the sun wrote to the black star in my backside alignment to answer coming late two weeks late. So it could be that the underneath a cycle is still in play that's according to your modeling. But I'm when you're asked what is what happens. Something different happens to earth depending on where we are. In our solar system so imagine that the arch just look down on our solar system to your travels one point six million miles per day 66000 miles or are. So it's like a giant that we have these takes reach the start each day went 69 miles. And it depends on where her it is if her is behind the sun wrote to the black star went across dessert or path. We're around here in the November position then now we haven't. Sons and between us no geological OSHA is impossible. It's whenever the earth is in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's causes. The the problem is North Pole of our planet. And the mismatch polarity it. It pushes our planet earth because the metals that are in the early crust Obey the laws of magnetism. While the water as a thousand miles an hour of the equator it obeys the laws of gravity. The average tips is over in the water of the oceans. Oceans just off the coast or three miles deep guess where it's gonna go. In and jump right up onto the land crawl on the land hundreds of miles in one. That's. That's what happens or in the wrong place at the wrong time and looking at the scriptural. Prophecies. Or in the way that the mom my interpretation of the science in my interpretation scriptures are we're gonna have a sudden event. So that whenever the blacks targets nexis on it turns some dark. All the way the sun goes out. And for like three days. And if you read back to 24 SO crisis. Says that the sun's gonna turn darkness not of displaced according from jeweled chapter two. That happens but. On a cross an event in the spring. Come whenever that happens first does destruction come suddenly we get a warning signs like this on turning dark thing. Yeah Matthew 24 count in revelation or would things like that the destruction that comes this because it that's all time. Ross event after the centers dark. Urges in the wrong place in the fall position. On this cycle it looks like we're gonna have a springtime event and pretty darn sure about that. Know where it's coming from we know where it's going out on the lawns Natal ounces for any. The keyhole shaped this thing as a keyhole shaped typed. Orbit though it's on a longer look to lift orbit as it gets closer to the Simon transitions into a circular orbit comes around the sun industry held by the sun. My notes it's it's kind of program deal that's exactly what scriptures say this destruction Thompson. Right we're talking with Terrell crossed again his lead researchers replied project blacks are his website is Terrell TE RR a LO three dot com. His book is the mystery explained we're gonna have to go to our top of the hour break when we come backward in his so much more of this. It's beyond reality radio don't forget the phone numbers are 8446877669. And make sure you head over to FaceBook consulate being on reality radio. On reality radio I'm Jason Hoffman Gene Johnson so good. Clad in good to have everybody with us tonight if I consider that has money on the West Coast Tuesday in the East Coast many stuck in between welcomed beyond reality radio myself Jason cause AMOCO Stevie Johnson and we'd like to give a shout outs and two new stations that just came on to the beyond reality radio. Family we've got KS. KA in Colorado. And a wc CEO in Minneapolis Minnesota welcome to the be on reality radio channel. 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Jim we'll bring him in just a little bit also we've got a great program lined a three tomorrow night as always tomorrow night. We're bringing a couple of members from Detroit parable expeditions were going to be talking about ghost honing in paranormal. Investigations was set team they've got a whole bunch of experienced 25 years worth. They've got a lot of evidence a lot of experiences are gonna share with us and Jeff and Jenny from that program will be joining us tomorrow night. And then Wednesday were talking when Carla Ventura ordered talking about ferries. Focus and change things can pretty much a complete guide. Two on the wild and wicked enchanted world yet and each unit L and Barlow was on the program I think is may have been pre syndication a not I don't remember specifically but no shoes on before really fascinating woman on has some really really cool information and an instance in her research and as every Friday is a best of the camaraderie this makes you tune in tests show that night. And yeah. So yeah and then this weekend come I will be making an appearance at Salem con consume a Massachusetts pretty cool meant to looking for a check now when Alan Newman got scare kind coming up in G six weeks. Yes I'm minister pranks and sitcom that he sent. Well pitched clinical just funnier for it here in the fact you haven't necessarily but we do we we asked Erica and coming up and a that's a big convention that we do every every year we do want and new York and wanna Massa swans in Massachusetts in Springfield and that is. June second to the fourth in Springfield mass. So just make sure you check out scare con dot com for the information and a whole lot of increase liberties are apparently it's so it's a while time or let's go to our phone lines we've got some news on win and hold for quite some time this is Barry from Charlotte, North Carolina very welcome beyond reality radio great unity on. And then gave me NJ said you may remember me Collins let Penn grew up then what I asked cooler air Laporte road. That's where your car. Yes we remember you clearly Hauser really know announcer. Could I just aside doubts about here example beautiful week gamble a little bit under debris again asked Carol. Almost fascinating. Power of conversation. And always believed. That there are of missile arsenal then hit the parent content brutal war that jetliner beer is that what he looks you know. Let's do this let's bring our guest in Terrell crossed Terrell you've heard the question rule on what is his is very onto something here. Yeah or. Yeah the missile struck at 93139. To go to the just Google and eighty clock. It was in the command center there it shows exact time that happened there a oh clock. That's Larry lots are entered in. And straight up and output are equally sure. Uggla and Eddie can hear the story today all of CNN news and Fox News today ever has to have peace day. Alec yeah alone you know talk show host that Austin, Texas has gone through it. Terrible divorce and custody battle British children were little life. And he has come and it may edit that he has a flaw. He hit so many innocent I didn't felt that he had made. Tampa historian. And get a ticket publicity. Really can make money what to have for starters because brutalized. Greece so to speak and he has said that that he hasn't made a pair of these could appear to or and a beard. And that one would bet that with the children that we can look there are New England lived and little goal that the man's a murderer. You know he. Yeah yeah he he says he'd made. You know that he's so little bit money for public and eight. In no hurry. And and I know why you guys I'm looking an article right now about it but com. Yes so I can tell you that sandy hook saying one and that was far from made out bomb. Named Bubba I'm not sure where you were were saying with his his details but Libyan in Rhode Island right next to. Connecticut and it was just it was a gruesome it was just terrible I. Yes very I'm not really familiar with the story you're talking about right now something not to look into and I'm not very familiar with his programming know a little bit about it haven't had ever had a chance to listen to a boy look into that I appreciate you bringing that tore attention and thanks. So much for the phone call. So Terrell. Back to this discussion about the you know our sons. Binary twin which is now I think if I understand it correct the basic basically collapse on itself and it's a very very dense. Bodies on and it has a mag and a magnetic and gravitational effect on the earth is that what's going to make. What we've talked about is being cat strike of its catastrophic events occur as it gets nearer lines up with a us. Yes the event when you quote unquote event is a geological pull share. And that's caused by the magnetics. As a is closer to us it's wrestling for magnetic clear to control our planet right now it's been doing this 2004. I made magnetic portal connection to our plan. So. It's a battle between just the black star just test it close enough to us is gonna tip us over but now does it matter where are built Isaiah. Well does it matter where the earth is on a rotation to what area of the the world it will fact at that time. Affecting entire world either fix the whole world. Or doesn't affect it at all of the year it's going to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. According to my estimation on the cycle Venus is on the wrong place a lot because it reaches very alien years son very close to the historic path. That's the reason that Venus has is that odd ball in our solar system. That it desert has reversed retrograde. On rotation. All the other planets in the same way or Jupiter Saturn they're all the same wage per it's called pro greed. So it's going around the sun counterclockwise for an amateur perspective and they are spinning all spinning in the same direction except for Venus. Indeed has a different some people speculate that it came from and it was caught by this honor came in pretty riady. It's just been messed with by the black star regularly about 13 time it goes through some beer convulsions because of the black starts which is so close to. So it's wrong with these predictions on this if this is right what kind of things will lead what should we be expecting to happen and come wall may. Yeah if the inferior modeling is right then or tips over it wipes out about 90% of the population world. Does it and so the earth actually tips over. At current actually tips over and continues to spend a thousand miles an hour. But because it tips ocean waters crawl up upon land that first the black start this is what a lot of these researchers don't realize. They don't talk about is that the black star gains magnetic clear credential it is over but then it moves away Assange stands back up again. They're actually don't have multiple. Logical Osha's. The one caused by the sun regaining. Capturing magnetic or control over planet is the one is gonna be more destructive. But the first one's gonna kill the most people. They so these ocean waters were talking about a wave going over Florida. Hundreds and hundreds of feet tall little erratic right over that's ramat setting that rate so. This is what you're saying is if the projections are correct this is going to happen in May of this year. According to interfere modeling. So if you want to talk about the modeling old are well do ya laughter I understand the event now. You hate the earth is going to tip over now obviously worst fears so there's not really an operator down and more in space so you saying that the access is going to be tipped is gonna shift. Actually got geological. OSHA. Actually took a sober and depending on a lot of variables inning on proximity pinning on. Masts the magnetic clarity strength ratios of the sun burst black star. How close gets to us in the passes just in front of us in orbit we tip backwards. Lowered the north polls always facing away from the black start as is moving buyer at in Europe is like spinning top. That is wobbly. As the north polls always pointing away from the black star windows away. In the sun stands as back Republican where we are now the reason that the North Pole is North Pole because of the metal distribution. Iron magnate tight like that most land mass. As the metal medals north. Northern part of our. Earth so that that's the reason that it's north it's because of the metals that are inside her as the metals that caused tip over its embedded. In the crust in her breasts other crest goes one way the ocean waters go to different direction. Wrong. And we see tip tip over home home to retard MO from going pretty much on our side to come. In the tents. Then there's Jerry there's variables their cancer how close it actually gets us we're going 66000 miles per hour it's coming by an angle. Crossing our path. Across in front of us attitudes as backwards. If it crept past behind us tips explores. Office this. It's around multiple models just imagine the suns a giant magnet earth as a magnet in the sun isn't controlled magnetic clarity controller planet so it keeps north. Owning up whenever the black stark comes close enough to us it takes the magnetic. It takes control our planet magnetic. And there's plenty of evidence that is are done that in some of the discoveries that we made with this research project one of them as. Told you about the 377. Day cycle. That means that at twelve days each count on year so the difference between eight point eight Chile quake favor or seventh 2010. And then you go to the Cushing the next year 377. Days. That's a were because the black stars and having left and her diagram that twelve degrees so just imagine a circle street sixty. Or sixty degrees and got three or 65 days in the years it's just figure 360. Or moving a one degree per day. So. A salary to make the predictions but not just that. Met the magnetic North Pole is extremely import in this investigation. The magnetic North Pole. We we tracked by what's called the Chandler wobble. And it has a certain number of days used to have a certain number of days now has 377. Days. Where the black where at the magnetic North Pole is right now it's twelve degrees behind where it was last year. In some places in the chart that's three years running. Every go back here because than magnetic North Pole is circling the same spot they say that is moving its migrating towards Russia on that. Now it's moving in a circle. And its trailing its previous years position by twelve degrees. And that's the change the face shifted place in 2005. Andy the Schumann residents of our planet started accelerating. And on June 2004. Met the black star made magnetic layer in May magnetic portal connection our planet in early out. That caused because of her medals as an extra source electro magnetism. Electro magnetism. Is translating to heat and induction. Induction process like a new wave cooker news induction outbursts same thing earth metals what's causing the global warming and the extra electromagnetic source. Black. Black stars siphoning energy from the sun at Fong a science solar cycle 24 never reached solar maximum. Are hideous hideous fear is a magnetic bubble that protects our solar system from the inner stellar win. The alias fair shot 2.5 percent in the last ten years. There's a whole bunch of changes that are taking place and it's because of the black start this black stars is causing Jupiter's quarterly or five. It's causing mystery on dust storms on Mars yet. Let's let's jump into a break here and that we're our next segment is going to be able to be sure can we went along here gold definitely get into more distance beyond reality radio address stroke. Show returns to earth hour. Packed for more information and a lot of it's very very scary information into into the last nine minutes it's unbelievable how much. There is here and we are really only going to be able to scratch the surface by the time we're done with the tonight. Our guest is Terrell crossed his lead researcher for project Blackstone his website is Terrell TE. RR a L. 03 Terrell 03 dot com you can visit the website give a whole bunch more information again. Terrell thanks for being the summer the right to the form as we just had of had a bunch of people on holder number try to. I'm get some people some time even though we are running out of time but this is Sarah from Massachusetts Sarah welcome to beyond reality real good to have you on the show. Thank you. And it's a fascinating subject I am wondering what you're against a date to yeah a partnership irresponsible or. And support and possibly a for the great squad. No question real question turley thank. Definitely the flood Utah going back and noah's flood. That was the that was good that was timing looks like it happens every 3600 years dinosaurs elect offers. A different reason. That's going to be because of a sky because of the the great impact that took place 65 million years ago. It. All right thank you thank you thank you for the call Sarah a we've got a couple minutes left in the program but so that was kind of Jason or talking during the break it. It's good we're we're sure we go on being an American economy and its. We're we're safe where it was gonna do is there any doubt it's safe Ozarks in the central front the United States is safe zone. In the United States adjourn in Europe and it's going to be in Spain. Beyond the on the at the up wind side of the Pyrenees mountains going to be a massive crystal displacement looks like just like out west in the Wesco United States. It's there's a lot that we haven't talked about the massive Mac and formations that are building around planet. The it's coming to the West Coast as wanna cascading arising exercises. We have massive Mac clones that are coming out of her transition zone or mental transitions on our intent 660 kilometers. Whenever they break the board to barriers. And is going to be. Massive. Chaos and it's a writer at a time I should mention that we have a newsletter. That comes out every Thursday in getting a lot of information by just subscribe to my YouTube channel that's gonna be terrible acts are. Go to this Thursday report and then you can click on go to that description boxing you can click on screen link there and get a comp Mary linked to the weekly newsletter it. Old radio shows. For the last two months. So the good news as we can bring you back for one more segment Terrell so we do have a little more time to work through some of this information because we still do have some very very. Important questions but we had to take a break now so you listen to Jason GV and the unreal ratings. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. I know you radio with Jason Jean Pierre told hungry since. Or 687766. And I know we have some folks on hold please going to be patient we'll get to those calls as soon as we can. We're talking with Terrell croft and Jason are dismantled this break looking at where we much from them happy new. Yet currently might save some occasions that Arkansas. OK but use it but you resides in Florida correct. Astray okay so are you getting out of their for the month of Mac absolutely. Erica and her ministers allied as far as what you what unity believing in what you're talking about but. Before we went to break we were talking about the cyclical nature of this and you said every 3600 years peiris is affected by this. Yes it's it's a different scenario depending on where is in its orbit and black star gets her son knows they've got flood. We are different series or changes in the days of Moses this time illogical (%expletive) spring. Next time geological shift fault. So where it looks to me. And you talked about what was going on under the earth surfaces wealth that's probably as. More important in this equation is anything right. Absolutely. It's if you look at the navy map of the future. Or scaling maps of the future that almost identical. In niche shows what's gonna happen just don't pop. The counter is out Lester gonna prop the reason is because of that that the mag plume activity that glassy. It's rock on top. Glass at the transition zone and metal underneath. Its. Transition zone is getting bigger it's growing revenues keep earthquakes deep inside her mental transition zone cause expansion. Expecting comments must rise. Is contained by Boise barriers for the time being. Attorney uptick period we have six to eight deep earthquakes every week. And that's adding to arrest war that's yet building energy there's going to be released the origination zone as Indonesia the convergence zone. Isn't West Coast United States so you have to terminal hands of these Mac and formations that are sort of pushed under cascade here and is pushing south north. It's about the coast of Mexico pushing nor does true terminal and collide. That's when abortion Bear's gonna break. And there's going to be massive. Displacement. That westside United States. Now are we going to but are we going to get warning signs prior or is this going to be something that just boom one day it just happens. Those that are paying attention is gonna happen very suddenly it's everything condition are changes the earthquakes volcanism. And the earthquakes were bigger 2011 and twelve with three major tax shift with the Chile quake four is your tax shift to shame. They were bigger advanced Earth's crust had not been stretched in. Relaxed stretched or relaxed so the earth is likable and he pulled new balloon out of bag bloated heart of stock. But they think it's easier and easier and easier the earth so the magnitude of these are rich and down people being sleep. They're not realizing what's going on. Well and it can be terrified I was in Hawaii during the tsunami when Egypt Japan was taken down minute it was also coming to. Tell us in Hawaii and it didn't hit us near here what it hit Japan but. We were there I was I was on Oahu and our hope we had all didn't get inland as far inland as possible. So I got my whole production crew and in my team and everything and we actually headed to the highest point. In a lot who was this actually a free dole a plan. And it was the highest part in the in the center of quiet and because we didn't know at that point we're being told that the wave could be. Can be you know I'm 42. Eighty feet height be traveling in U2 300 miles an hour at that men if you're in high units traveling that fast you're done. Tom so the fact of the matter is we got engaged they had to wait for it to hit the bullies. Off the coast so we knew we knew the speed it was traveling and I. So of course of a terrifying situation we got away from our hotels we got back to the hotels some new hotels were all flooded. Because our hotel is down on the beach so I've seen the destruction of what. Just the tsunami that hit Hawaii can cause Saddam so beaten god forbid something I'm a couple hundred feet tied. It's I mean I live I live in a state that we have were only 47 miles long of thirty Wyden get 250 miles coastline so I'm done. Yeah up and there's no safe zone that is. East of the Mississippi river basin. No safe song you're surrounded by nuclear power plants to your download about two dozen are arrests wanna get over on the North America crate on. Fourth in Mississippi river basin political sized. Plus the destruction starts out west. Imagine it's gonna go. It does is gonna cause massive political faction of the armistice that basin. That's the scaling maps and maps that show and we we know why it's gonna happily outs and happened. They've already discovered the massive column carbon department column. Carbon plumes. That this is that magma that's coming out transitions on its leaking. From the mom. Outside the bourse de Beers underneath the western United States is already. On Tuesday made its dominoes are stacked against us we're just waiting ball before we out ran out of time there's couple things I think are important. To match and we talked about Fukushima we predicted the earthquake from the following year Guerrero in two days that happened on March 20. All. Eight days before that is only at the Mac needle policy reversal. Nag nag NATO magnetosphere is the magnetic bubble that protects our planet. It has 8 AM out shock at face the sun all the time is compressed by a missile went on. On not march 12 is Google march 12 2012 and the thirteenth Earth's machinators your turn around. Found shot was facing the Leo constellation. Not for an hour after two hours 28 hours. Because of magnetic or national burdens were poor cross firing. Is highly charge shining clouds those clouds prep compressed between the magnetic or connections and given correction or sun. That caused a mystery martian dust storm. It happened on the night time side of the planet. Whenever it was right behind us in orbit on the same page is Google mystery martian yet edit. That debt coincided with the cement at the magnate a controversial we predicted the same thing from Mars as their route dust storm season started months. Too early. In the shed but it was 'cause it was in proximity to the black star we predicted the magnate applause reversal on April 23 happened just before. Our alignment event for that year short of permanent NATO policy reversal it's really important when this happens because then we know five. It's was eight days now it's five days and getting error and error that's gonna give us an indication when the events gonna come. There's a mountain of evidence that we have an interloper in our solar system appears to me that NASA. In the US yes Saturday she's at there downgrading to earthquakes. And day. In 2009 big law change in United States NASA's no longer allowed to tell us when something's gonna space. Now they have to get that information to the Department of Homeland Security. And two B or eight people that did the 9/11 inch touch. So worst group are not gonna tell us so ever. We've we've we've we have probably another five or six minutes at most here and I've got three important questions one is let's bring this full circle because me for sort of talking you're talking about the government. We are talking about the other hand in the 9/11 attacks. Combo what's the end game here what is that what are those that are inside this this private club if you will. Going to do in preparation for what you say is coming in many. They're already prepared underground arc cities Google the Denver airport look at the murals that's what's gonna happen. They're already compared you're living in 2012 movie see the movie city with a green cards and their own they're going. Well of the story they're not going to ships are going to the underground arch cities. That's gonna happen. And it's happening all around us. The the and they Georgia guide zones and you know by the board George Geist. That's up 500 million people on earth maximum. I think it's that the population's gonna get down. The new world order begins want to blacks start leafs they know they're going underground. They are manipulating everything. To keep us asleep and so we don't realize what's happening they got sleepers in their environment. They've got the military contingent Hitler basic digit these people are not born again in our cities. What again do it and that's why they're being deployed to being oriented and they're going to be deployed in harm's way. Going to beer a release of the contagion. Likely thirty days before an event we're watching two days from now may April 20 has thirty days. Or expecting it fail safe plan that they're gonna have a fail safe plan and it's going to be another 9/11. Like false flag attack and then they start moving to an ark city they deploy the National Guard against us. As likely going to be quarantine centers going to be roadblocks going to be that kind of thing because they have the deployed. They're people they're undesirable and harms way that's what planet the black star wipes out. Are there and ran arch now. You said that there is a biblical. Components all this are you saying that this is a this is actually divine intervention. This is God's reset button. Of the day of the lord is about to start this is all describes how starts with sudden destruction. Colleague telling the garden or tribe our water but by fire that's what's about happened to the earth and then it's gonna be a glorious time on the other side. Or to scripture people Reynolds once again live to be a thousand years old. Got designers of electric child in the period that's coming. So if you look at the days of Noah they lived a thousand years before now after it was only 170. I'm sorry 120 Indian whatever Moses days it's only seventy S that now that's gonna change again this liked star. It's got reset button and it's gonna lead to a glorious thing it's just. Just it says this the children that they're gonna see it coming the world's not succumbing first this spot. What you're in the days your religious belief make you biased to. The claims of what's going to be going on. I'm out. Some people might say that. That are out on our researcher all my book industry explained is about scripture by the way it's not about this topic just like nine elevenths about nine elevenths. Information. She entered in newsletters so that you go to my web sites that's only 25 dollars per year you to speaking newsletters in the rate me questions and my questions. In my answer is going to the weekly newsletters a lot of articles and then there's Lisa bottle group program that we talked about. Only 45 dollars per year it's really administrative costs or give me your assessment information. And cooking your survival group we upon hundreds of families. Together in the Ozarks and we're closing our 400 acres. And now there's. That's in my neighborhood I've moved to the Ozarks I'd live there or worked there for two years getting ready for this. Oh you guys can benefit from that it will what we were down coated military dot com subscribe to the you get a newsletter subscription any sovereign subscription for only 45 dollars per year and did not give access to all. To got seventeen newsletters and we have another cycle you'll have access to all 2008 taking his latest so wanna get that little bit. Is is there a safe zone map on your website or somewhere that people can look at to see where the safe zones would be. Yeah it's posted at planet next. At planet X news is Google Terrell save song map you'll be looking at a as a Green Zone right in the middle United States. There's no safe zone west of the rocky mountain ridge as the counters that rubbed out there nothing east of the Mississippi your base. CF and yet to be part of south to avoid arc last close dust clouds. That magma at is gonna come out of the earth with their came from 600 kilometers deep inside ever. And now the last time it erupted it killed animals on the other side of the plan Latin. Because of the nature of that. Trust its last fibers micro fibers when you read it and eatery crystallizes it some moisture in your lungs are crystallizes. You're dead. You don't way to avoid it work we have a cavern position. Right there and there's time to be on the staging area property and there's time to be in the cavern. And now you get all the information you get your predecessor information in the nuts are recuperation fund took. Final question here quickly if it's may comes and goes and we don't see this major catastrophe maybe we have it is an earthquake or some in long lines. Does that mean just the calculations wrong with the threats still exists. All the threats definitely bears a 25% chance. Of this cycle. It's 75% chance the next cycle and once the next. It's as 2018. So it may of 2018 we know the month just about a day. But the black stars slowing down. And it's difficult for us to tell how much is slowing down in it looks like Jupiter's culprit because of its lesson with sources Harmonix is thrown my modeling off. I can't. We're tracking it blind but we're. We know where is we're we're able to build good predictor models we're nowhere near we're getting ready to go into a big change uptick period wherein now. But the peak is coming here in the month of may you'll see it it'll see a much earthquakes right now right now geek. No you just wait until we get in the may. Gonna be seeing 457 mag earthquakes. Have 789. New look at eruptions every week we tracked. All at all that information. And not you know you can have access to right now Italy can channel at last week's newsletter comp matter right out. Description box and you can look at all the data we post all the seismic. Chart data magnetic pull migration data we every active or right I mean every active volcano that's erupting and all the new volcanic eruptions we act. A pattern we do us a favor if there's any major change in any of your forecasting or what you're seeing when you be sure to contact the program. Prepared between now and may come rebuffed do. Two update folks as a comes on we're like we're still here is how we have to let you go now is risk simply out of time but thank you so much the website is Terrell TE RR a LO three. Dot com. Congress and thank you have a great night. Geez sorry it's organization quick break whom we come back and from crying Le point that you listen to. Speak so fast there's a lot of stuff that he had to talk about and we only had a couple hours to do it. Yeah I interest from. Economically tickets should go with technical know. Serious stuff and we're gonna have back on the program and if in any process if we're still there yet. And if anything changes between now and what will call allied. Will we have a couple of minutes left here let's go to our phone lines inserted some people waiting very very patiently this is Marianne from buffalo. Perry and welcome to be on reality radio could have in the show. How I am sorry Ed can actually enhance. A lot of aunts. Maybe he may be eating you go to bed answer to this. OK it was bad kid. Come one let's say between march and may of 2000 fly out of my bag Jerry run here. Maybe your period and in the sky at Torrey carrying. Arms at side. An extremely. Late to plant in the crash a little bigger there moon. And it may be street port seconds later saw another white flash about I can change the size of the room. Okay both these classes were extra lean Lily white. A lot of conventional. IRA and I am surprised that it. Haven't heard and it came from the military went out and I can't believe on the eleventh sockets and all of its one current one it might have meant. This is back in 2005. And didn't either of those oh white flashes have a streak to them and all are where they just spherical. Or. I feel like. Like an explosion like you and the centerpiece landed and everything you see his flashes word. So it when somebody snaps a picture with a flash on it was turning noise. And parents that's peculiar Tom I don't know of anything that's been reported particularly. That you would've seen in the Buffalo, New York area. But it's certainly worth investing you know whether any ever any media reports about it all. No I am I ranting at analyst pat you know I purposely and the reality TV earlier and reconnect it. Think Arab newspaper. In inferior. Work. That's why planet there externally Lear Dana I'm normally a solid. Yeah Obama I'm wondering if anybody in now listening to the program has so they should definitely give us a call but council thanks for the call Marion orb just out of time here. Break show tomorrow night we're going to be talking to Detroit paranormal expeditions. That's true and we're going to be talking with Jess Atkinson Jenny true Monti. Summation you tune in on Wednesday it's Marla inter we're going to be talking about fairies pocus and changed its. So if you haven't yet had overly to FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality renew this tournament ferries in the chat room I don't know. And no they just in the early pre cognitive really makes sense in the stuff before you talk. And then over and beyond reality radio dot com and join us live for a him in our chests and when that we're alive. Everybody have a great night's Jason NG EB unreal to review catcher tomorrow at. It's. The. Yeah yeah. HP was lying and saying hello it's me and really mean all over it's not information you want us to longing hungry. I mean Gaston re on reality radio in email to swing getting. Let's slinging any EDD line in and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.