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Grae Drake (Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office 4 - 14 - 17)

Apr 13, 2017|

Grae Drake (Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office 4 - 14 - 17) by The Financial Exchange

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Great Drake from rotten tomatoes joins us now he would talk about what's coming up the box office gray thank you for joining us. Good morning. Right now the biggest attraction this weekend is probably the new life fast and the furious movie the fate of the furious which I'm indeed going to see tonight I happened to marry a lovely woman who loves Vin Diesel soma very lucky man. What are we what are we projecting in terms of reviews for this movie so far. It. The fast and the period trained guys that their interest in distinction as far as the tomato meter goes where. It began and Iraq and critics thought it was the action that they and they couldn't have been more wrong is that the theory goes on the they got that. How Hogan thinks they're he's gotten where where they rated historically again us. Well they'll laugh even certified breast milk. It's pretty wild and like I that they tactic rotten and so this alignment however. In this Turkey show a little bit is diminishing returns. It's not going to be hurt by expression currently. 64%. But hey precious. Movie great because we're celebrating Easter exactly the way that Hitler and ended it by electing in eagle run cart they're built. That's actually that's pretty much perfect in it in my book here and public. Looking at this what do we have any box office projections as far as what the studio is expected to bring in for the opening weekend. There expectations are really high because period seven. With the highest grossing film in the series so far that is domestically did over 300 million. Oh really and so. Oh my god it's cool you either return it the film that just keep climbing it ain't about. One point two billion worldwide. Over all. And so I I think that we're definitely looking really eye opening up maybe even a hundred million that this is going to be crazy. Do you think it'll end up being below furious seven just is obviously that was I think it might have been skewed upward by the the death of Paul Walker just prior. This obviously doesn't have that. And obviously Paul Walker won't be in this movie unfortunately. Yeah unfortunately. Is blocked it definitely help in this one. And so I I think that is going to ill make a boatload. Because the lack Batman movie of the six. Moving also was over 200 million domestically though. They're they're looking that in theory now the number come see you know the end of the round. Els is coming out this weekend is there anything notable or is it a bunch of forgettable movies that this. Yeah but who cares nothing. There is nothing in what really. Nothing like AA. Nothing want to compete. With this franchise that has all of that are but also. Is there are now hearing up officially burst ultimately even because we are so close. And that every studio pretty in his gonna start releasing you know the kind of movie yet to get an extra alert but get up. Graham carousel works exhibit no studio wants to compete with this movie this weekend. Is it pretty much whoever puts their their stake in the ground first gets a weekend or how to movie studios decide what move what weekend they're going to release a new. While to imagine that that that it is is it together at the US at like Rock Island arm. But that is that actually happens. They use that you and that they their claim and then at. They all are talking in the ER releases are selling out the press start knocking them and it shifting around it is always a little bit of wiggle room. So this is side you mentioned that no one else is really competing with this movie but that the spring season starts to kick off after this. What are some of the movies the next couple weeks that we need to keep our eyes out for. Outlaw them the ones I'm most excited or is coming out very first weekend of may YouTube weekend trip this summer. That's guardians of the galaxy it. Ballot in the be all soak it. Lot of press that I've seen about that a lot of ads starting to run the last odd couple weeks as well it seems. But other than that did you mention it's pretty much a quiet week here and great we certainly appreciate the time I won't let you know how law period the furious turns out mr. you've probably seen it already because while you work in the industry but. For us to big deal to get be bailed go opening night. Oh it's exciting for me you might I add a couple packed yeah C itself. I certainly will great thank you very much for joining us today. Thank you. That is great Drake from rotten tomatoes talked about what we got coming up this weekend how much is a movie ticket Maggie you and your wife or go to the movies tonight. You know when in doubt him. No we're going to while when summer summer if so how much is each ticket twelve dollars that's up twelve dollars nice night yeah. Then it do you died eating dinner in the theater yet there before after we'll probably go out of war down in the same neighborhood or something like that Obama trying to eat anything at the movie theater is generally it kills you and is overly pricey. Sale reps in there before and laden you know or bots for movie what in these drives and tanks and stuff like that economic analyst for when those kids to go to a matinee five cents 25 cents. You go to double feature planet of the apes and number like it was yesterday. As a little kid that these goes 25 cents needed double feature. What was a like a baseball game. We can't baseball team. Hockey game. Erica you back. Is that dollar to go to the throttle Marlys is that right the dog that that's the as the junior eighteen yup in town whose the throttle Marlins and use it. Did they played in the body and they deeply guards they played well they facility as Toronto Maple Leafs but they're called the Marlys and it was a Dolly to train in. A camera with the training cost but I remember rupees distinctly where 25 cents. Finally closed made with cards that about fifteen years ago up they replaced with the Air Canada Centre yeah I didn't guard still there. Slow it demolished I don't think they did they still there and it's an historic building interest.