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The Art of - Ghost Excavations

Mar 30, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Mary Becker, Co-director & researcher for Ghost Excavations about their unique techniques for paranormal investigating. She shares many of their experiences, and some audio files, as well, as some insight into requirements for conducting good paranormal investigations.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. We talked odd strange normal abnormal paranormal everything between Purdue and all tonight. I'm solely welcome to show whether it's Wednesday on the West Coast or Thursday on the East Coast are stuck somewhere between. And Jason Hawes my cohost TV Johnson and I would like to welcome to be on reality written. Yeah welcome everybody would you listening on a local radio station are you joined us on line we are welcome to the BR family. I just like we welcome all sorts of new radio stations over the last few weeks and we're gonna continue to add radio stations around the country. Throughout the the whole they don't the coming weeks. Absolutely and make sure make sure you like the F FaceBook dot com slash beyond rarely radio page. We're constantly updating that with the news stations or popping up on and also head over to be on reality reviewed dot com. Yeah and whether if we even if we are in a station in your area feel free to join us allowing you to listen rational and so you can hang on the chat room GB and I that are just go to this beyond reality radio dot com. Click the listen lines and join us this great community very welcoming people. They before we forget we got to mention of (%expletive) peace thing because right we forgot to mention it last night no funky contacted us if if you're new to the program the amazing right front tee. If you're new to the program the amazing funky is a regular caller what's healthy yes it's mean it's just interests and foreign nor. It's it's he's been a regular caller he also has been actually featured on the program here have failed run for president back in September October November. Berliner a little misguided there are you figured he's psychic issue scenic he should have known. But either way he's he's a a friend NN a fan of the show and he is offered to do some psychic readings for people. But what he wants to have happen is he wants. The questions to be emailed to him had a time. I'm and it was. And I'm sure if he's going to be able to do the mall one nighter is gonna spread amount and Charlotte's gonna happen I guess it depends on how many weekend but he'll take any kind of questions. I'm not sure he'll answer any kind of questions but I know that down and you know he's willing to take the questions and take a look at length he he's a firm believer that he has all the answers. Well he says some 100% he's right 90% of the time so I think you're actually ninety to present at Saddam much barriers and so it's gone up a platform the other numbers numbers fluctuate depending in the weeks but. So that'll be a lot of fun since you've had a question you're dying to get a psychics take a look at a question or something just go to the beyond reality radio website click on where is an under contact to some finisher. Didn't go to contact and turn rate term and Terry email slick greens and send terrorists into question in for a fight Keating easing sake amazing sight tonight we're going to be talking were married Packard co director researcher. Ford ghost excavations. Her fascination began an early age when she it's our grandmother passed away. If she'll solicitor residual haunted and home and we're going to be talking were about a bunch of different locations burn side bridge. At a bar or hotel. On so ownership should be inched it. Speaking a strange things I told you happened Bosnia and a pretty weird experience at home did attend and it's it's one of the seems to cancel my wife because they should get really irritate me and thick eyebrows in the home. But yeah after you and I and javy and I recorded some stuff today and now I go upstairs and July round middleweight and light headed out to do some shopping and sitting there in almost a major walking upstairs. In my house and now and I look behind me to realize my three dogs lying there on the floor one of them looks up. Looks at the ceiling gets up goes on the stairs barks and comes and lays back down side I went took a look. And on again means nothing nothing's there and then asset backed down as are working on the computer again. And sure enough about five minutes later somebody's walking upstairs can in my house solo. Allah hem and it was it was it was weird it was one of those unsettling things to initially. Think firewall and did more kids stay home and I just didn't know this and my mother and my mother actually lives with me as well. And as you know she's not her car was gone so I'm thinking someone in my house sumo of course you gotta go look around the there was nobody there. Well I mean when when nobody supposed to be there any you're clear walking footsteps above view you know you're gonna have to check it out and and it's in a startling. I didn't want a third twice and he even the second time I went up there I opened the attic door single and went upstairs into the attic and looked around. But there's absolutely nothing herself. I don't know just I Micah total life engine and don't and you either but it was an accident and no shoes was she sleeping and that there right now are being without knowing it and she probably should probably a better off I'm not. Well you know even a ghost. Go senator gonna have a ghostly experience at home so we know that so long arm are running out of our house. Exactly leave that to others you don't pull a dude run on your own house. I've tomorrow they would do do we do eventually going to be talking with. Rubs. Amanda perera I'm trying to reversers name IR Ricardo over areas. He is the director and writer for a film called the big foot experience now. Normally do we you know we talk to a document Terry's and we talk about TV shows and you know hunting bigfoot finding bigfoot or whatever show when it comes to big foot. And this is a bit bit of a different take this is it a kind of a tongue in cheek spoof film. Dead Ted and pokes fun. At that the difficulty. Of finding bigfoot. And looks like it's going to be pretty cool and it makes us talk to him about it. But it's a bit of a departure from we normally do but I think it's gonna be really great great time and I highly these. Independent movies are people people doing who we did Stephen I did the cameos and Oliver and ghosting you know they have fun in a working not working and somebody else's are. Iron hand and they're able to get shelter and just have fun and and meet with the one army come pitch it's shot extremely professional. And looks great Obama. Has should be it should be inching. It it seems funny. Yeah it's it doesn't going to be great conversation I was like talking with filmmakers anyway that's going to be tomorrow night we had Eric Goldman scheduled we had to reschedule him. For another show. Then over the week and I'm actually going to be at the Phnom event in York Pennsylvania right near Gettysburg if anybody's traveling about in her around in is looking for something to do on a Friday Saturday or Sunday. Look up the phenomenon phenom PH ENOM. Family reunion and check that out and then Monday Darrel since. Yes our generals and certified master it to a therapist and or are we talking to him on Monday Tuesday were going to be talking with rod pop idol. Yes that is actually an amazing story of space age presents an inside insider's perspective on the most unusual and bizarre space missions ever devised inside and outside of NASA and that NASA is not herald putts NASA and this is the actual mask. Yet they hurled boats NASA. It's a completely different thing year so hand and there was there will be talking to Emilia Kincaid. About language of miracles program which teaches you to talk to animals and actually get incidents that. So we agree with the stuff coming up next week we really do and Friday's every week Fridays are best on additional information to an indication missed an episode during the week error. Or whatever but check out the best options. So I'm don't forget stuff by the FaceBook page because FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio give the like also other telephone number something you need to know because we take calls anytime we can't. It's 8446877669. It's called free 8446877669. Would you have gone on today. Well I actually did a lot of work in the studio which was all good stuff. And then now with an ideal actually had a I was talking about in Chatham and offer and wrestle burger and and a deer in the hand missile evening when my buddy Scott the. All things. Business got three guys that was my adventure for the evening while the toss. Are able we're gonna take a quick break we come back we'll have our guest Mary Becker and listen Jason. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the through. Fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Beyond reality radio I'm Jason on his TV Jones who will. Everybody in two join us to participate in the program in chatter or give us a phone call 8446877669. Just a moment. We'll bring our guest in Mary Becker Javed let's go on the court to listen phone lines soon in and you know let's go. The spring and Nancy Nancy a welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show recalled from. And from all and sometimes current data places. Yes we sent a lowdown that's one of our favorite places. All the current and pleasant to be too. So it's not. Only good trying to fit in Cuba I would continue at certain times and I read a couple of other books. Is there at our own book. And you've you've got two nights. I guess some interesting guests are mariners they're saying is valuable. So. That's why weren't mistakes that they act amendment said the unit at that you can't operate your little heart it would accept. Since that's accessible that you were. Oil why. What do you what do you mean. Also dealt well. Listen what's been the radio show. Yeah a program maybe isn't part. You know it's changed a little bit. How well aware of course we have to change somewhat when it comes down to I saw syndicators so you're okay. Yes ceiling would keep it on the air but I'm but we do appreciate us. Our. Offensive that's okay cool I don't sensational. And I can't keep your tickets that. And descriptions of the books it. And I'm nervous yeah that the Arab militia. Without. We look at meritage red that it sent to adapt and I was just so moving him. The guy is so. True army I'd say here is real thing. Well it's awesome. Yeah well we appreciate you listening in calling Indo and there was no defense of mr. trying to get an understanding what you're saying but. Thanks so much Nancy for the call from New Orleans we appreciate it and hear from people around you absolutely are let's go toward gas line let's bring in our guest. Mary Becker Mary. Is joining us from a a group called ghost excavations she is the co director in researcher for that group. Has a whole bunch of paranormal paranormal experience and experiences and I'm Mary welcome to be on reality radio it's awesome heavier tonight. Are you for inviting me a merry welcome to the show. Think yeah Samaria beyond the let's start off by figure out exactly what ghost excavations is what is this group which involved with. Okay well actually it's it was started which aren't able. And why he has kind of come out went the terminology goes excavation. And John and archaeologists anthropologists. Actor error. And what he did was he paid he took all that any user archeology into apology an acting. Q. To bring about to immerse herself in a specific time period. And it really boring without very good result. When you say commercial your cells in the tying Terry do you mean you kind of role play to try to. Bring out activity from any entities that might be in the area. Yeah. What we do it. I pray and he used a reunion archeology. And we get to a specific. Period of time so it's sort of like an archaeology dig may delay your parent. Earth tomorrow we dig into layers of time that we target at that particular time. And we dude they anthropology art which is studying and researching that era. And you being on the culture and the beach in terminology of that time period. And then that. Saying we do in that area. And how we do that we do that scenario. People arguing. As we do this scenario. And then we have audio op and Archie GDP you know tied. EVP. Recorder. And we said it as that second delay. And that way it's something occurred when you react to it immediately. We don't wait until we hear a thing the next day we tried to communicate right away with whatever injuring at. So yes so I'm trying to Skid Row picture this soap for example I know you've done a lot of work. And it says civil war battlefields are known that you don't word permanent tedium and I'm pretty sure you don't know much stuff in Gettysburg as well so. Walk us through how you would approach that given what you just told us Asia method. OK. At the end heat on the battlefield bad why are nice but not all a civil war. Reenactment at our quote you don't really do reenactment. We need to do any Immersion. Com. I would that the eleventh Connecticut where duplicated ever and and it turnpike bridge. The ice that happy on how a monument. And I read a letter from the surgeon. And the third Jim is right he was. Doctor Who was there at the battle they had heat on that you wrote to his wife. About the battle. And he also had not he she had a lock apparent that he had cat is that he at patent capped with him and he a lot. Blocked it somewhere in the anti and I hit writing about banning it very emotional. And out so I it was at the eleventh Connecticut monument. Which is circular as part. And I've read very. In his letter to portraying his wife. And and I was reading. Things were happening all over but. Yet as to remember I'm reading the letter I have people. On videotaping me photography. Audio. And they're all on the outside who we're documenting. The document owners. And it is you know pop up piggyback tightening. But as I'm reading this letter is get very. Charged around that area by that I mean. There's like you can hear football in the background behind me. You can as I'm reading a letter you have to stay in character you break out of character. That kind of ruined the move and was happening and what's going on. If you're getting answers. I had kinda he's howling behind me. And I'll try and you're trying to stay in character and use the letter to sort of like a trigger object to help fuel the activity helped. To bring them to light soon start communicating. Correct me you know I really did you try to be not. You that you try to immerse yourself into that time carried into the letters saying. And during mirror really. Yeah Mary held auditions are we gotta take this break it's hard break we'll come back we'll continue talking about this it's beyond reality radio or death to America don't. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in into the order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's really really was chasing this TV Johnson. Telephone numbers 8446877669. We've got some great shows coming up the next couple days ago Ricardo. Pereira coming on tomorrow night Che to talk about his film the big foot project which ex is a bit of a play on like. The Blair witch project titled it's it is says it's sort of like that lost footage type thing agenda. And it's. That's a tactic commonly when it comes down to big funny they put a little spin on which I think is licensee and you know this all this stuff with seriousness out there it's always nice to see some new thrown a little comedy and on there's nothing more therapeutic than a good laugh and a more exactly and then on Monday we've got Darryl Simmons certified master hip no therapist coming on going to be talking with him Tuesday we've got rod pile. The beyond talk mound amazing stories of the space age east and percent an insider's perspective on the most unusual and bizarre space missions ever devised inside and outside of NASA. My own maturity show me a lot to hide tunes. That's pretty indeed that's pretty in depth so be fun to talk. About we've got a guest tonight whose name's Mary Decker she's the co director and research refer group called ghost text of excavations. And we were talking about before winter break Mary the fact that so I'm your technique involves actually some play acting you actually. Role play he from a particular era. When you're trying to do though a solicitor response from an entity and you said it's been pretty effective for. Yet to have. We all stand. Do not you know it's like doing a Victorian or an example of civil war. You paying job scenario during that time period we we use one hand turned. Over using a flashlight we did not have flashlight at all and in fact. After awhile. And being out in the travel field admit it we're here in the middle of the night. Because they can close off that action the park Rangers and there's a park ranger with that at all times. And after awhile you can get you to the dark you don't and you lantern I would very much. Immerse yourself in that time period which would have been quite. On the on the field and we it's very interesting. I mean and the main thing is just making them feel like Q or one of them. And did it come over and communicating hang out and there. Exactly. Exactly yeah you're you're one of them you know we and it's not you know making them come to use you're going in them. Pay that debt they will respond. And a lot of times they can be turned off so yes and if you're sending their technology you don't understand and in doing things that they don't understand so it's more just trying to connect with them in from their time period on their oil. Did you investigate much prior to using this technique caved in and what kind of results you have if you did that. How well a but more I met shine and learning about guys activation on the I would go I would part of a group. And we would just go out to do. What they were. In Baltimore where acre around. Is buried. And there's a crypt area underneath the church. And everyone just sat also are calling me a question that. Really not much happens to put a obviously that by. By the newspaper. That. What newspaper you read being in his the president and I question along those lines and and that bank. Very long night just sitting there in a circle waiting. That the war inter active. In fact I always say appear bored during a get excavation here not doing it right because. Everybody is there is is it team member and everybody has a past. And believe it or not everybody wants to be a part of it because it though. Positive. Of what occurred. Well now let's let's bring him back a little what actually got you involved in this event feel the colonel studies and nine known than a minute you're taught him a young woman but where did where did your interest star. Gosh well I like that most people story is that what I would went child now about human after years old when my grandmother passed. And I don't remember that this is stories that my parents told me and I'm on my relatives. On. Would they after my Graham or how about you weeks or months later I would still see her in describe are perfectly and. And talent and she's standing right there or should sit next to. Indians is that what she's wearing. But it ain't like. Also when and I. In my house that I grew up and I don't know why because this house was built in relatively new expense and not older home but. As I find out more and mortality. It's the land to. Possibly that's. Haunted not necessarily the house. And so you'd be sitting in particular part of the house and you could hear someone going up and down the stairs in the basement. Air going into the basement and coming up. But I never heard anything beyond that and how. None of that seemed always happen around the same time in the same day and ala. Yeah Elliott would sometimes be during the day usually when my house without you know when like. In a houseful of people and three Brothers and I'm the only girl in my parents settled into noise is how terrible it was kind of quiet with everybody gone and your date or like during the night. You know late at night you could hear it as well. Attorney and did you believe that to be intelligent or residual time on. I would ditch or. Residual market. An inordinate interesting that you mentioned prompting. I. We used to as teenagers in my Brett when my brother during college they were taking up that could spill out well. Perkins bill I knew Blair witch is currently it's true that yeah. But there was this. I guess. There was a hill there and not all state that got me very interest in it has this it was a civil war battle south mountain. We're now. And not people reported seeing campfire and civil war soldiers in an area that are now. The other mystery was that you know. Hardly put it in the neutral in your car supposedly was being pushed up by civil war soldiers trying to help there. And you know brother you're their. Pushed the Canon up the hill. Now they breed grade at that read it and now it. Not as deep as it. Need to be going up into that pounding on a relative. And they've been greeted at that load that people don't do that as much lower. It yeah that's that's pretty interesting let's some. But some decides to lead askew John you said that tell you know John is the one that introduced you to many of these techniques and tell us about John I don't really know who who he is but to assume that he's a pretty important figure in all this. Nancy is on time line been together for seven years or just about seven years she calms me. Is it is eight and archaeologists. Anthropologists. And and. You mean he's he left in Mexico turn numbered years and when you are living in expect out. On the air while he. Director or chairman and one of the universe speech they dared him that you try out for the movie. Do and. And not that he didn't god and then sit Satan after he got into that send out. Eight it out with say with an agent. As he learned acting that way I did you know a lot of our pop ups or maybe it during the eighties and nineties. And but. You know who I he had secret because of family issues his mother became and how long. When the wife. And packed away that he had to turn this summer that he struck out but he had only been interested in Canada. An in hot on things. And Nam it worked very well for him to do you know archeology in apology and applying it Sheila Hart saying. So when he was developing these particular techniques some was he doing in a loner to be start the group into this is as a group effort. Yeah it really there is no group it's just it right now Turkey and I go to Britain before that it was just him. What he just came up with a room and you know. That is seeing what worked and then you know pretty much what you do you go to a site and get. You just see what happened. And you know. While taking a. Not yet. It's and by the way I do we get caught aren't he had the right it's important in my John sable and immunity and he and a merry work together and the two of them make up ghost excavations and and Mary let's go to the phone lines we have a listener call in this is our good friend Vince from Missouri he has a question free Mary Vince welcome to be on reality radio. Yeah. It's good welcomed the Selma north. Analysts argue receptive bank chat. Hilltop view we've had technical difficulties are is sort. We got a drop I'll you know my little brother was while. It is a great grand uncle was Denver proper grizzly Adams. Yeah and Ernie Pyle also from the civil war not so warm monastery Walter T it's. Yep but you know he wrote the book and air an aircraft back but you've got that question I was won't after. Yeah that's why she got in and why shouldn't do much you wanna do that. Basically it's a name at ground coat which is the greatest thing in the world because. And then through a terrible mother cared about priests don't go over there remember bear named Edgar Allan Poe. And it's not the same obviously. But if you're really starting. As sparking thing to me. And got. But you've got actually are after question while trying to get through. To you know lie you know. You know watches and a record and in particular grey gardens cemetery isn't and them and they say it's spirits the although pastor. So you gotta cover that report yeah he wants to which you and kind of send. A great night. Thanks next and always get it from here it is and I'll just expand on the question for you Marion pick up where we left off music you had an experience and he was kind of related do you buy a year for your parents I think he said. Were you we saw your grandmother now do you have any any recollections of those decisions at all. And little bit but not in Danbury. That was so Long Island yeah. Like a dream like saying that I I know I you know I definitely would be her. It in my parents are. His particularly in the basement area that you have found yet remember that with my agent at least now I'm telling my age 1968. At. People had to recruit them but where are we see her because my parents and Turkey that was a big thing back then. Entertainment rec group and that would not be unusual. To be seen her in that my parents. Basement area. Did you have you seen her sense. Andy in do you still have access to that house have you been back there to see us if she reappear Steve. Hawk on the net so I'm really happened for awhile I find that. After people passed. I loved ones are very close friend not only is he like you only experience being. First few months maybe up to a year and then you've merely. Sort of limit contact like they go on. It wherever. They're going on here you know the next step in and around. And you know must there reason to hang around him I totally understand this well. Rights are gonna take a break we're talking with Mary Becker she's the co director and researcher for ghost excavations were gonna continue the conversation if he'd like to join us. Give us a call at 8446. States. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 through the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. You really radio. Chasing Austin Johnson tell when a receipt for 46877669. Invite to be on the show we balsam way to join chat room lot of stuff going on their ninth. Yeah absolutely just had over to beyond reality radio dot com and click the listen live joined the charmer apparent Greek community were very welcoming people GB and I are always hang and all manner and this is a wonderful place checking out if you get a chance tonight we're talking with Mary Becker she's the co director researcher from coast excavations. And assassination would go speak in an early age were just talking a little while ago when she was actually saw her grandmother who had passed away. A welcome back to the show Matt. I. So Mary you on the do you have some comfort particularly interest in experiences but before we get into some of the what it Casper is because I notice on the website you know cast first candidate that the heading for. An organization that you're talking about on the website what is that acronym stands for. Wait a living wage. It's human. Yeah bigot you know why don't we keep changing and every event that changed our web site and I aren't. Our hotel I had it. I did happen I just happen to notice it it's quite an involved title and I'm just gonna Teresa talked about. While you're looking for that will be better served prison sentence than an hour that. Says for the ecological values of presents through. Q did some operating on the so anyway. We're equally concerned when you have what is it. Do you have a better are we can he or we could face a question of that was not gonna work path a path. Yeah you can hear me now. I can hear you now yeah OK so did you do you have Wallace asking about the Casper acronym what it stood for it seems to be kind of the overall. You know heading for your website which kind of encompasses everything else you doing there. Is on. Center where anthropological. On diet. Through ethnographic research. And it. Basically what we're doing you archeology it will topology and the acting. Well that that question was kind of I was trying to enter into just kind of look at what you've got going on the website is as a ton of stuff there on you dual a lot of things and you know maybe you can hit some of the highlights as to what you offer on that website. Our own well we got all over. The country. Canada we've been to Europe went fixed time but we'll do it que La. In UK. In one year. We can't talks all all about our. Got to. Excavation. In particular we usually top out on anti gun because that was. We teach them what we do we you know I. Zhou. More than. I want you to investigate one or two areas. Eight years. We don't go okay this weekend we're gonna do this and then another month we're gonna do this I. We we go back again and again and again because there's so much that goes Bonn what do we do an investigation. In and of particular area. And we also agree task. Something that we did before they see it at this point is something more. Emerges. War. You know maybe it won't work but what works you know we need to go back again and again and we talk a lot about anti the battle field. I put together I video. Bob. Of that and that's what we present at our a lot of our conference there's. We ought to talk about. Our other play that we are into maker copper up and line they'll Pennsylvania. Now that's not a working pro talent they. It was eight at hotel but it is no longer. Is that a bit back but the owner has set up certain rooms with certain time periods are certain team. And prices and very hot I really I actually written like that I very much now a lot goes on their way we'll be like. That's yeah that's important as soon as somebody's invested in the field colonel from a 25 plus years. I did say that even though the show ghost hunters makes it look like we should open a location heroine there for six hours. That's not a job where we're at these locations are sort Olbermann and residential homes were multiple days sometimes weeks and Ellen commercial buildings the same but most cases a week. Off the show will spend or weeks Muncie sometimes even years going back to a location multiple times documenting the activity going on. And a lot of people don't realize it that much time and effort really goes into these things. Our guest tonight is Mary Becker she's the co director and researcher for ghost excavations were gonna take arc. Our break here and when we come back we're gonna talk a little bit more about uh oh the different investigations that Mary and John have gone on if you have questions feel free to call any need for 4687. 7669. If you're on hold be patient we will get to your calls it's beyond reality radio. It's Jason GP. Johnson's great dad everybody along anybody interested in some great late night. Paranormal. Normal abnormal weird strange talk where here. We're here to please and similar whether it's Wednesday on the west of Thursday and the East Coast to restore some warm between welcome to be unreal to reveal myself Jason Hawes might co host GV Johnson. And I don't know if you see what's been going on in the news tonight Judy expressly you Rhode Island that there has been a complete lockdown played gridlock on the highway people have to start three plus hours now on their cars new threats not one major gas leak. Natural gas leak in which is pouring. Really it's pouring all the news companies are up there which are made don't create a spark but it's been it's been literally insane porky elements like on the highway for a total of three and a half hours unable to move for an ailing visit like a pipeline finger restored to some major major point that feeds into it gets storage taxis and blowing so it's terrifying to express on this and brother had everybody else or please B six especially at this way you're anywhere near the. Please avoid it. Yeah we've got a great show lined up for you our guest will be Mary Decker she's the co director and researcher for ghost excavations will be bring here into the showed just a little bit. If you'd like to join the discussion takes 446877669. Tomorrow night will be talking with Ricardo Pereira about a film that he wrote and directed. Called the big foot project which is kind of a play on the movie the bear won't by the Blair witch project to same idea. Bit of a comedy bit of a poke fun people poking fun at the whole fact that we can find bigfoot it sounds like it's going to be good conversation and have fun move. If he gets to look it up the big foot project movie dark comically it is and potentially in this funny it's fun to see somebody put. A comical spin on something so serious and the way they did it seemed really really need. I watched a bit of it today and at the Kmart I came out good so our and I Alexy and Steve and I actually. Did cameos in another movie similar that was borrow and Kos and ponting says that ghost team movie. They would John hater from exactly enemy income and honoring who directed and it was it was a good time it's fund. Actually get well the nice thing is. They're not under any had a big hand controlling them from these big movie companies they're able to go out and just. Film for a week we can have strayed. Have a good time hang out and just do that do with the way they wanna do it it's always nice to see that creativity and being able to be explored. Yes and you know we anybody who's listen to this program for any length of time knows that we take the topics very very seriously but we have no hesitation making fun of ourselves so as this stuff talking about it in the when it and that's you know that's all I where we do we take it seriously but we we have fun and we enjoy overdoing yeah we do and then tomorrow night of course or Freddie and enemy. Is a best of program on the for listening and local radio station we encourage you to check that out it will be. Some of the better that what we think are more interesting segments from the weak and if you missed them it's great time to hear them. In the next week we had a great week shows Monday we've got Darryl Sims certified master master the author pissed. He's going to be on the hanging out with us talking about it he he's researcher for an alleged human alien encounters and our primary investigator. So schools and on Tuesday we got rod pile. Amazing stories of the space age pres he's gonna present insider perspective on the most unusual and as our space missions ever devised inside and outside of the Nast. Covered a lot of territory and yet it's a huge amount of territory and no one's really gonna merely making Qaeda. And we'll talk about the language of miracles program which teaches you talk to animals and actually get answers. Which arm of the need to understand sparking nor. I don't know or or in the U we will look we had somebody on not long ago that depends I hit yet the pet psychic betrayed and it was more of a a telepathic thing have a hard time that you know when. It's just that and understand one yeah I mean my my dogs and understand me and I can look at them and see if something's bothering them more. Somebody's just I have hard time McColl. Hey you know can make me assailant sure I want this to you go to the storm I mean systolic. Doesn't make any sense. It doesn't you know we don't normally talked about to things like stupid criminals. And so there's a whole program but this was summoned and they just couldn't pass up. There was an inmate in the the end a jail and Alabama who Saudi was getting away with something pretty clever. He was booked. In limestone county in the in a limestone stone county jail enduring a search of this inmate a gun fell from a certain body cavity. It wants he was hiding the gun puts it what size garden area I'd done I don't know it's a really got through 57 king cobra you just hiding a gun between the cheeks. Between the cheeks. While assuming maybe it was a high carbon to energies makes a big difference I don't know but he was injured only for a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication. And as they were searching in the gum gun fell out of his butt. The economy be the going got in their due to the intoxication. And then they if at first they thought that maybe he had gone to the bathroom on himself but in the realized no that was no. Does not bad it was actually a pistol the eighth and it. And and he was then arrested on not just carrying a weapon in a very weird place but he was certain that he's a seal oil and it was a stolen god. This were any maybe got lost one who want her said that when he arrived at the jail they noticed he was walking a bit strangely. So that should have been the first clue. That is first off disgusting he is second only amazing. And as I mean if if he had passed gas he could killed so. By the way it was a it was 38 caliber pistol personal not assistants. Stubbs knows her full size I mean in these these are major major questions are coming to play you'll be happy to note was not loaded but he ones. Well yeah. Stuck with this conflict that's disgusting it is amazing in everything in between bombs are itself for and you you know I travel California all the time for work and but this this thing and so I get to say I saw the story today. And it kinda hits kind of scares me maybe you should go to California. California is at risk of a devastating tsunami experts warn that tragedy has long overdue. Now they basing this on the fact that you know it's like you know others like hundred year flood plains is certainly you know hundred year war tsunami areas and well. Honestly yes and no and I'll I'll bring that and why this hits close to. Home is are you more I have been through some army of course it wasn't as major when it hit us then when he hit Japan I was I was in law who. And Hawaii when the one hit Japan. And and then we were being evacuated and brought to the center of the island because the tsunami was coming to us we didn't we had no idea how to. Big tsunami was because they had to wait for to get a couple miles off the coastline and hits the buoys. For them to know the speed and all that. Finally when it hit us it did a lot of damage in and Hawaii where we were but it wasn't here in the year. As bad as it was when it Japan and I was April 7 2011. Moreover their home. On so this one aren't so. California can be in line for huge tsunami according to researchers who say the southwestern US has long overdue for such a disaster. State is currently in the mists of tsunami preparedness week where experts are looking highly terrorist or a devastating huge wave just off the coast to California. Lies are full known as Katz media now are you aware that you. Now aren't well. This is thirty times more powerful than its famous neighbors the San Andreas Fault mile which San Andreas if you ever saw that movie is a horrible Maltese so that just. Through that reference in that. But the difference between test median San Andreas is that pesky media is a sub goodness subduction zone where plates lion toppled one another. Where San Andreas they said Agnelli. As a result the so subduction zone faults can cause most much more damage are crystal finger. A professor of geophysics at Oregon State University told CNN. Cascade be a full can cause an earthquake with almost thirty times more energy than that of San Andreas and then generate a tsunami that. San Andreas of course can't create the last time cascading assault rumbled it was a seventeen hundreds causing tsunami to a current California. So they've been hit but it's been you know a long time ago. However expert experts warn that usually strike every three to 500 years meaning it is what can happen at pretty much any moment then the next time cascade yet even tremors deep impact could be huge they predict that a tremor registering. Up to a nine on the richter scale would cause a 44. Forty plus foot wave of water. And the team that wave would have the potential to kill for 111000 people in state. And injure as much as 26000 according to via the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Well I know there yet in on that's one of the things that we often get comfortable with whether it's you know earthquakes or tornadoes or hurricanes or volcanoes in all these things happen all the time on earth and just because we haven't seen human lifetimes as mean not not under threat of them. And you know they're common and we we need to be prepared for this stuff. What who warned that hit Indonesia so many years ago now that feels like a 100000 people and people there and it was just. And it's terrifying to think about that I don't I can sleep at night just knowing that that's just waiting waiting to go I say the silent in the ocean state. He and impressed us in or commuted and up. Are well let's take a break when we come back we'll bring in our guest Mary Decker co director and researcher for ghost excavation it's. It beyond reality radio Jason Collins and Jim Johnson to okay. Beyond reality. Radio Jason Hart student Johnson you've been on hold for awhile be patient please we will get to your phone calls assumes we can but it's time to bring in our guest. Tonight we're talking with Mary Becker Mary is the co director and researcher for ghost excavations Mary thanks so much for being on the show with us tonight. I wanna start by asking you about your great great. Great grandmother. You say that she had quote unquote the site what does that mean. I'm in the Irish. Well aren't that is some someone you can see into the future at third I get like at like Dick. And pocket that story got isn't a family lore has set up people from other villages around her. With content to see her and asked her saying been. My apparently she England. She was pretty bad pretty accurate on her arm it and now. I think some of that has. Gone down to other generation. Had in other form but. As far as like being able to see things are experience goes because I'm. Emailing. For a long time not about really spoke about those until recently. In my hand and my husband and everything and not been beaten women in the cameras and you have experiences with goes. In not seeing them or hearing them. Down do you feel. Do you feel any of her sensitivity was best pound deal. Yeah I definitely. In fact whenever we do any harm. Investigation. Or even and that's how we're confident that we live then it's. I can. I can date is usually something will happen that I believe there a year BE RB pots. On the table. Especially during scenario. That brings about things I think some people more tentative. Than others. Two events that happened during a hunting. And. You know definitely. I I've been spending. Especially in that I'll. Campbell now with you with here experiences when you're younger senior grandmother after she had passed. Do you still do you still have visual do you have the ability to actually see things and feel things. Now that this image. Yeah like I said it no longer explore Pavel money grandmother but I'm. We do my grandmother but they didn't especially in this how when we first newsstand. What is strange saying what happened like that award with locked behind us. And intact then how it all but because of previous players. Had passed that their children went on all the harm to and they picked up because their mother and they said that Powell was haunted. And they knew we were in Kigali. And and and to investigating and then they. And it doesn't Wear out their people to bid for the house. And yet and when night. When when we first meet in my daughter was carrying out bunch of boxes then and we hadn't arrived yet. And that she attorney she was going to enter into couples like oh my gosh I can't have already played where. To put these are the and then the door popped that the reporter. That kind of interesting we had. Several people we had conferences partners are without our conference base. And we had two people independent of one another on the same day. That they although they describe the same woman and everybody else are like a shadow big here walk across the grand opening at a much yet. And these other two people. On that independent described the same woman with blond hair and install long blond hair. Fiscal quickly to the phone lines we've got Nina from California. On the line Neil welcome to be on reality radio. I got my youngest guy. Could could woken the shown. Think OK off I. I was wondering. I have seen one myself and added the key rate to work out when it was under construction. And it. One of the also featured. It was kind. On cameras win good and is still on and I would whenever anyone here in new. Those operations are called it that you haven't certain name. That are trying to at all. They they're dressed in all black they have a black cape and a black sort of like top catalog. Well and before before Jason answers that I know he's gonna say did you say you saw one of these. Yeah I have been pouring in what it was the I keep it down a hallway. Well while okay yeah. No knowledge is an idea honestly aside as you'll sound sleep you're referring to the top hat man you're talking about a an individual top pat on. Is is that what you're saying. Yes yes it yeah it had had like a really tall for a half on basically like I would say eat like a top. But the closest description I can play and and the long flowing cape. Well and do SO does some more more weight what a lot of fuel report has the top pat man. Who has been seen pretty much our yard got. And most documented cases of of him appearing and a lot of times he more appears I don't children during younger. You know younger aged children. Younger back then I was like I high school I don't know how young. Chill. Appear to people. Well and when I when I hear about it's usually all you can be children up to oil and it's just children living in homes so he could go out to the age of 1819 I guess Tom. But had to marry have you ever had any experience with the stop that man. You have never heard of it actually. Occurred while Netflix and look at what. Exactly what. What is sounds like I mean and did so there's been a lot of reports on and everything else I actually am in the midst of writing reading a book armor as well. Pelletier knowledge no one no more information is coming out hopefully that helps well. Thanks for the call it and we appreciated Mary you've got about forty seconds left for we have to had a break here. When we come back do you have a bunch of audio recordings that you you have and we were we have ready to place about a week. Think about playing a few those maybe you know we come back from the break you can tell us which ones you wanna play in kind of give us the description and won't play if you. Knowing our. I won't Nielsen and Jason GDR Colin numbers eat for 46877669. Minutes tall Freeney for a 4687. 7669. Feel freely give us a call if you got a question for us or against Mary backers co director researcher from coast excavations. All right and take. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Geez influence in JB Johnson who will continue. Everybody when you listening on one of the great radio stations carrying the program across the country or you're listening online we did you all welcome. Yes welcome to the show and if you download the show that fitness show airs a little too late for your tastes you walk mentality in direct from beyond reality radio dot com website. Or if you do from iTunes to us a favor and just reached national forest because it helps a help spur propel forward to get an Al parent what's more more people find it. It's and him being dollar really well Judy we're talking thousands and thousands don't today so. Asking a lot of great downloads and grow lottery comments we take everybody for doing that and if you are listening to it as a downloadable podcast. Consider joining us for the live show gives an opportunity call and which by the way the numbers 8446877669. Our internal and our guest we're talking with Mary backers co director researcher from coast asks excavations. Assassination began an early age when she saw her grandmother passed away and also she would deny a child and only a residual type haunting. Yeah I'm Mary again thanks for joining us tonight from what I said we're gonna go and look at some of these recordings from before we do that we wanna take another listener call lot of people been waiting on hold. This system this is Stacey from Indiana Stacy welcome welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on tonight. I think thank you wouldn't normally do but I'd conflicts in the title wouldn't came on the music and went in imperial by pots are on here. You didn't. Setting paranormal. It who's that who's that question for. I haven't bought into discredit and then I cut 8000. Ponting a belated applause okay soon open the door and also narrowed the top tax in other. There were questions about like different kind of hot. Well yeah there and we've gotten our guest Mary Becker who's surgical director researcher who go go six divisions and if you're new to the show. I've been involved in internal more investigations for a long time I'm Jason Hawes into the show ghost hunters for a twelve years on site cited slash NBC network. Cool thing you'll new millennium on the big bold guy on some of the Houston. Why. Are you surprised. I wanna know. A different kind now luckily I have never had any kind of you know it happened to me why you see on movies you know the stereotypes that. Or. Makes the difference between rights aren't seeing a lady now and basically. Her clothes and everything singing a shadow figure in law and order play is that it's very different name to announce our. Well I'll I'll answer in the hole I mean all of Mary answered as well there's different types of haunting you have in in my view. When that you haven't you have human type in you have in him in time when it comes on the human type on things you have an intelligent guy upon which is like you and right after we pass were trying to communicate. We do things to let people know where there then you have a residual type on which. Is just the it's the same old thing happening at the same time whether it's once a night once a week once a month on. It always seems to be the same type of activity in resents teased don't seem to really acknowledge it's just the energy seems to be trapped within some sort of an object on the property. So Fedora. When you look like we're now certain things puppet. It's cigar smoke or. I. You can you can get you can get residual type smells as well and then I have of course you have. You know you're. Your pulpit eyesight on switch really it's knowledge the movie made development and in my view now Mary do you feel any different on when I just stated. Larry you need to try to very well on. You know all Claire residual like a habit memory that's probably the best way to get cry then. Feeling that tape player rewind when you saw over and over again. I it's like to tape clearer and winding employing itself over and over again. I zone does that does that. Usually when you can you can see what they're wearing and then you know. Mean is there difference between that will obviously when that you're different it's I have left I'm sorry I mean he had not gotten them. I don't know that early on a pop up the subject. IPad two experiences. Torre and. Don't rush to be and entities since some entities have enough energy to fully manifest themselves and you're able to get. Actual features and see what they're wearing some actually don't have the ability to fully manifest themselves don't seem to have enough energy and a lot of times that's what you did you get shadow tight. Entities that that appeared that still appears human and then you have your inhuman type entities that fall under the shadow payment tees as well. So hopefully that helps so. Well I hadn't he mere anarchy like a prop library you know you get. I guess. They come out there that spirit this summer and I remember that I. To think about my my friends we're just trying to well scare me everything back. Actually border where he only very tall shadow man and you are par even well. Thinking that featured the way he was standing in the door like Satan could tell that. I healer brown you know looking Atmel. And I had a light blanket and it's like I had a look at they look at me in the Bible on I couldn't think what did you see him I would you know kind of in shock but I. Because usually a war you know come out choked up to people are riskier vote. I'm not happened below the stressful situation not that I don't even Adam thanks so that you have a protective. I. Well yeah and let's be honest with you year end G10 and can decide if something besides it's going to show itself it's gonna make itself president's gonna step out. And what you know it's there or cell. And hopefully this'll count on the committee for the cold tonight. Yes and maybe she's too NN thank you Stacey let's go to I haven't in Kansas. Might think it's Teva and welcome to be on reality radio. It was going nominee is that it younger person's. Yep so I have a best source story and I didn't out US Iranian desist letter. Well I'm dying. Ten years old I live in I'm relief from Connecticut. And that and also called swing feels and war. Yeah Plainfield Connecticut. Road trip to the same thing with my grandmother and before this day before we get on the strip. I was downstairs in the basic reading the paper would not brand. And all these Yankee netlabel that are based in all popped out once. And added doors opened up in the back of our Asian and walked in there. And there's a bunch of demonic worshipping books and I'll concentrate stuff my grandmother is outside earn at least at the time so. You know we go out there renders our everything issues are slipping out bird and all this stuff and les. And so anyway you're going archer and now we come back home and he's these are by no fraud uncle gave me and when we came home. East you'd need to stock that came all the way to downstairs apparently broke out there there this cage. They're both sitting side by side for Markey. And we have at problems we had our art our cabinet opening up. And we you know we try to put himself in man and one time we had these cavernous stage at the opening up all the time RGB loudest arms where. And we put these giant colored pencils and there and while we are sitting down there watching TV to cabinet growth potential. After that I'm my grandmother got that out pretty pretty quickly but it's artist having these follow us. And so landed a move and can't decide in any problems here's. And she's like that's and it was pretty. Essentially story next in the coal units at any thoughts on that America. Tell me if I never had any demonic. Problem at all you know. Now Carol you lucked out because I died to a lot of cases for the churches out there where we get sent him to write a preliminary reports on. So called possessions of demonic on things and those are some highly inching cases so are is now we've got some EDP's we're gonna play. He sent over correct. No let now which one which one do you think we should play at first. Well I let me. Probably the one where I'm reading a letter and a lot of Connecticut and we called a long long long while Wong. Ennui and we call that eat and eat we can a little bit more than EBP at the eating in the class. Short upper Echelon European communication. And what that is that is all this Huntsman that you. And then our new touch see here. Now. And are. Better etc. are. Dodge ball. Maybe get javy together when I guess slick yet that we're ready to go Macbeth who writes this one's listens intently and Tim one. Sorry I. I think we got the wrong thing you know appeared to Sudan Angel who has no matter what is there was I don't really don't let me on the. It. I'll bet public how I was talking about them a boxer Mike Pollak lined up on being out and what that was when I went. Erica. Several. Block to be put that on the third floor that there are children out there that they at CNN. And so I was doing a council and though. Child would count it all and we've got it saying hey look like got a good number plan. I lure a we're gonna attempt to play this again so good. Had better. It's just junior and I meet you could hear that that was the rate cut. You know it's kind of hard to make it out so when you tell us what we just hurt. OK that was I MT down. On national battlefield. Where I was in the letter at eleven Connecticut mom won't. On a letter written doctor George bots luckily I mentioned that earlier at the church and up to buy a bottle. It's like a letter to his wife Marianne. On he would not wave baking that in the back because in the third and here we go after. April core voters were you wounded. You know. And. There's now mainly it is right now the battle for LK. But that because they've lost the locker her hair that it cap they what I did when I read his letter at eleven kinetic net. Now that it. A series of things that happened before you do it one area. That start with the men doing everything dispersed. Women had named later accused in the area because that out of would have been done. Back. During the civil war I during a battle. You anyway I was reading this letter and add I was reading a spotter that tried popping. IR camera on me and my tripod camera. Physically move on the tripod. And then they could hear football behind me like people wanting to. Behind me mom and people are being in touch with the small ball started on fire not at I'm reading the latter. That coyotes how howling in the background although he keeps on audio spar we believe it these are soldiers meaning. While I'm reading the letter and then they mentioned the word home like a few seconds after I read a word problem. Prior to let me reading the word home. Married a local play that again now aren't. Better and better at all oh. And. Okay. RA and and the national which reflect. Our room we could soon be it didn't shoot the ball com. And private Al employment. What we. Do it please John well played you call to. To assemble women and do robo call either. All of them in his path. On the battle field and a lot of Connecticut are written out on the monument. And every time we go back we get more and more and they're. And that it will crichton albums went junior and that we read about punched in the army he had just turned it. Yeah involved. Then. We will all hear an ant farm. In those bombs that you go ahead when about. Oh limp limp through there. Okay yeah so was right after he said that. Yeah I didn't hear his answer I. But it didn't contextual to that time period of how you're hitting a terrible call and it sounds like a child. Yemen a play that again quickly here another week and really know we're listening for. No limp limp through there. And AA can actually hear what sounds like Heidi yeah. It. So a merry you know looking at the clock you were or at a time when a new plane in these other ones on if people find out more about what you're up to and what you're you know Ewing John are doing how can they do that. On attitude. Those excavation. Dot com. And we have an event has had on there and you can look on narrow. We also have Pakistan me I needed that Jon bon. And you can read a lot of his papers and about at expert termed his book. It put like the first up to the first chapter usually the people to be here are what you think purchased two on Amazon.com. Greater and are you very much your Internet and in the Gettysburg area right. I'm actually a little spread out. Without two hours that our guys from the air. Okay yeah it's gonna ask if you're going to be at the Sonoma event but it was great talk when you Mary and thanks so much for sharing all that it was it was a great conversation. It. You have great night. It's beyond reality. So it's the only other ingredient Jason Morris student John. Thanks to Mary Becker for joining us and assurance pretty cool experiences whether it's my students only when and it's a different take on the way the investigate so I like that. Yet I see different people out there trying different banks we don't have a whole lot of time here we got some phone calls wanna try to get too so let's go to Chris in North Carolina Chris welcome to beyond reality radio. Made aviators to not do the show. Umpire question clear glass. Two or three months I've been seeing these on call and I don't know what they really are. And they appear that they. People that there's some black maybe sanity you'll coal. But then there's one that is why I mean just. Blowing it stands out against Bagger writes why. And I don't feel. Period they Obama's so they're always very Ishmael garden. What is the difference between that the dark ones and the white ones. Going. More different people again totally different things some people are gonna tell you that then that's an Angel I I don't look at it like that beyond a secure. When it comes down to it it's just different ways if they're able to manifest themselves I want to be in the middle of being able to fully manifest itself blood. And not in but it manifests itself more than them through the shadow tape and teach your sang. So Aniston it's tough to say yeah honestly if I was you may put data recorders CF and just run and all the time. See if you're able to pick up anything asking questions put that shelters while. And it is not funny scene thinks he's the dark once he has and it seemed the white won't say anything you want a global recluse and the other aces and like. And it looks as he wants and like that escape or something behind I don't know what you think that I haven't seen yet. Well if you if you go to the the tabs web site of the dead and the Atlantic paranormal society dot com. And you can go and we've got tap Stanley groups in your area so somebody can always come out take a look and try to. Find out what's going on for you it doesn't cost anything it's offering its tree charge. Hey Chris some way asked you've had a chance to do that when she was a follow call let us know how works out for you because we're certainly generous and following your story we've got about time for one more phone call here. Let's bring in David from West Virginia David you've got about a minute here what can be on reality radio they did it. Well a little action they look like he showed no Serbia quit I've worked in a nursing home in a lockdown units are all clever interpretations. And you know nurse's office it would be to somebody may get you to seek your particular route. That it was about 3 in the morning and we have security camera shot down the hallway. For about consecutive shot down the other way. May have another burst washed out black Victor what perhaps. Just so. It was stare it took two steps steps so receptive it walking occupation troops. So we just thought you go down the whole way you do away thinking well meditation upn. But not a part of corporations could even get up on around him. We just had no idea what it wants and it doesn't sound asleep. Mountain View and stream to actually see that footage or was she still had that. It yet they didn't actually work. The core of all did it would it would shoot down the whole stakes in an age or large rip. Well wanna be adjusting to arm would love to have seen it took a while yeah. So that same time and you work they're literally forty years and she was so scared I could be regional arch. And anybody else ever see anything similar to that in the course of the time that you're affiliated with them that place. Yes people would see outlook saying they would she white shake yours and be original nursing home that was in there will to restore an article where preparations slip up Circuit Court battles. Our everybody you're drafted and you're gonna have to give us a call back Phyllis a little more on that Saturday touch often. As pretty much the end of the show tonight everybody thanks again for Mary Becker for coming on paying all of us talking and luckily she investigates. If you haven't yet late FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And then download the show you go you can do arraigned go to beyond reality radio dot com click pulling down a challenge to us a favor and read it as a culturally push it forward. Cell Millicent and Jason Giambi on reality real catch you'll tomorrow night. It's. Yeah. Yeah. Just our final season hurricanes are you hustling and saying it's beyond really reading hanging over me if you've got. Information you want to follow along or you like to being Gaston beyond reality really an email to swing any. That's slinging any EDD wine and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.