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Megalodon - does this prehistoric monster still roam our oceans?

Mar 22, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Author Paul Conley about his book - Megalodon - and the possibility of this gigantic predator still hunting in our oceans. The book is fiction, but many reports substantiate the possibility that Megalodon is not extinct. 03/22/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Her. It's chaos I'll bring your attention is Jimmie Johnson celebrating everybody along on our Oki got a community when and we do. When is this morning done tactically it is Wednesday so while depending on where you are what your template the era Tuesday on the on the west Wednesday and Easter of lost somewhere between. Welcome beyond reality radial access myself and my cohost Gigi it's going to be an inch and showed tonight he will. Talking with Paul Connelly and he's the author of a book called meg a live Don Don it's and it's a fictional account of what if the massive prehistoric shark. Had actually survived extinction which some people say is actually what happened and that that in decades actually can be found deep in our oceans today. Well here's the thing and there's been reports are people who had experiences. Come. Seeing these and he's incredibly large sharks and the average Korea Lloyd. King can get pretty big but we're talking my glitter on gym which wouldn't and they estimate that the fish would be fifty to sixty feet long and there's been reports of people on. On the east and big fishing boats and stuff coming across these massive sharks. And it actually makes you wonder because there's been a lot of fish that they have slower extinct throughout. Many many years and they have some of them being certain sharks that they saw or extinct for 65 million years that they found. That they found in in the forties and the fifties so it really makes you wonder. Yet we frequently come up with things that either we thought were extinct or wean. You know new species that we find that we never knew existed and every time it's a bit of a surprise but it just demonstrates that things can exist in the world and we don't know about them. We'll put it this way it was the HMS challenger there and did a dredging. Now I'm back to each his semifinal whatever and found. Huge medical Don teeth. And when they those teeth were checked they were they were said that dated to be ten to 151000. Years old. Which is totally who totally changes when they think a meltdown would have gone extinct so it's terrified. Yet so Paul's gonna talk a lot about that I'm anxious to have that conversation but tomorrow night we also have a great show with Kelly coffee coming on Jan. Yes we do she's she's in the gun host I guess of YouTube channel called Kelly in the raw and I know every time I say that. Everybody perks up a little bit it's not that kind of shall surely they're about to remind us just Idaho is a bit deceiving me she's going to be talking about. Life being psychic and the paranormal and how it affects everyone's lives plus health. Issues and cooking nutritional lot of different lifestyle things all coming together with the paranormal slant. And and all works to help support you becoming the best you can possibly be that's what you folks is. And Thursday we've got Gavin telling him Paula Purcell Gavin Kelly as a country singer turned paranormal investigator and deeds and has mic at ghost hunters a three year old group in an effort to document the unknown. And along with his teammate Paul Purcell. And didn't the duo has a messy and across the US I know that they're working on something for him this arm which. Can't wait to find out aren't Ezra. A vicious stick to so many. Paranormal shows out there and so few decent shows up there now so me nice to see if if this is one and a unit to really get into. So might be a good opportunity to talk about a couple things from one is obviously people continue to ask what's going on with ghost owners ms. we'll take a second to address that I just say you tore my heart out earlier when you send me. That picture that text. Which was a picture of your mom and yeah. You know it's funny in and we chased argument obviously you bomb anybody is the most new show knows. The my mother passed away last week and I went into her house for the first time today. We ended my sister has a great woman juror actually scratch on my sister and I had some things we needed to start doing. And we won't looking around the house I walk into my mother's bedroom she's got hurt her ironing board knowing mother hasn't been in the house since may of last year cause she's an endless and hasn't been able to be there. I walked into the into the bedroom look at their ironing board which is sitting and standing in the middle of the of the bedroom and on it there's a picture of my mother with Jason. I just snapped a shot insanity is in the but I just found it was really kind of touching. She issues issues regarding your dad was a great editor and I used to love talking with him sing moment. And just a running time and I remember going over their house many times since you know and the only politeness and you don't mind her love for your family is. His incredible and a where they're free you guys and she will be greatly mass I know greatly by your family but. Incredibly by mine as well. Thank you thank you for those kind words and I'll take just a moment and I know this is a long shot thumb but this weekend actually. On my father passed away three years ago we immediately created a scholarship fund for him. He was a lifelong musician Tommy his love for music maybe maybe coming musician myself it's really passed on the UN to and a James yes exactly and done and so we created a music scholarship in his name uncle Gary Johnson memorial scholarship and do we have a fund raiser every year. On this will be the third one. On and Tony on to new York at a bar called the beside which my sister happens to own and it's a night full of music and it's a great time to anybody happens to be within driving existence of Loney young to be be well worth check in and out this. Saturday night it's a particularly difficult one for us because of mom's passing it. Just last week the week but she was so excited her goal was to come to this fund raiser she was so excited about it. Obviously didn't make it we felt it was very very important continue with it because she loved so much. Well you know or traditional most likely be there in spirit anyways in your suit your sister's place is a wonderful players have done it with in the past and there anybody who's around should definitely get altered check it out yet thanks. I don't remember what we were talking about when we searched him he says something about ghost hunters and that's rent and other questions out there what's going on with the ghost hunters and honestly and talks are still going on things are being worked out. Back and forth so I can't really say too much I know cripple Agee from pilgrim films has been dealing a lot on. So line and there's a lot of a lot of things with that and there's some other things and I've been working on recently that a are exciting for me and I I do love I love it so will soon after. I'm I take this opportunity to Ross asked folks were listening. You know the still some some pointed to turn on the television on. I'm go senators is not honest and currently. And I believe we will absolutely Trent is what we started the Salton John craziness yet no no question about it you really opened the door fro the other ones but time when I was gonna say is will be talking about meg would Donald Paul calmly but I think if anybody wants to clone comment about. Some of the shows they're watching and what they think you know about some paranormal television I'd love to hear 'cause I don't get to watch a whole lot of it and daughter is. Beyond stitches like agreed if you don't it and great to just let us know one way or the other the phone numbers 84468776. X nine again this. Told freed 8446877669. And and then we can do this any in any pointy tip and I think is something just gives called love to chat about it. Our guest is coming up in just a few minutes as Paul Conley again will be talking about his book mentally done but I I know that we've got a couple stories we're trying to hit one or two here and and and then numbering and and I thought this was kind of important dom week we watch a lot of things going on. In space and one of the things it's currently happening which has some scientists kind of concern as the sun is in a very very. Dormant state right now on usually their sunspot activity in solar storm activity. Daily. There for over two weeks now there's been none of that. Hours are 65 or today that's OK what what is gonna be it's going to be thirteen tomorrow yet or what they're saying is this type of activity can wreak Havoc with. With climate you know not it can wreak Havoc with sun with some of the things that we. We need would growing seasons that kind of thing. That sun spot in solar storm activity provides extra warmth and extra heat in. And the last time there was a significant slowdown in the Earth's activity or the sun's activity the earth went into a mini ice age. Early you know and that was back in I think around the I think it was sixteen under seventeen sentry somewhere or someone that at that time there was a book about a hundred year period where the earth cooled significantly and it was called the mini ice age and down there's a little concerned that we might be heading for one. That's true is that around and I know in Niagara Falls so it has frozen exude a few times one time I actually gets Siobhan nom. In him was did a freeze back then at that point to. Not short I don't have been any information about that but I do know that if the sun continues to be another is that there is a good. There's a benefit to it is that it doesn't interfere with satellite communications a dozen of these solar storms do that frequently yet they don't know no problem with the power grids are some things that they don't happen when those storms and exist but is it seriously could affect the climate and in a way that we're probably not prepared for. Oh is it just me or because I remember when I was younger and when I first moved from New York State to Rhode Island. Com we live down seem to treat pointless malaria down near the water. And I aren't into it seemed like he was so much colder during winter in those years we got so much more snell and the fact of the matter is I remember one year now. So what are basically never freeze. But there was one year and that the big froze. It literally froze solid and meet you couldn't do any none of the boasts that were in the end and the and the docs are thinking you know. And I never seen that happen again so it's just one of those things where it's just seems so much colder back then. Might think you're right I think there is there has been a bit of a change I know that even in Cooperstown every year they would have an event cold winter carnival where they would take trucks and cars and everything on the ice in the late. And have all these events in the lake or Blake hasn't frozen might that mean you know in 2030 years and know how long it's been a long time so we can do those things anymore so clearly that was happening back meant. But I do think it's a bits cyclical I think it's up and down up and down and I think come you know it's hard to even even understand it more lifetime. I get another again and any time for another story tailored to one quick and go to break yet Stephen Hawkins was asked if he wanted to go to space but he cease. I can't imagine him saying anything but absolute yes he said yes Stephen Hawkins the world's most renowned physicist stated that he is in fact heading to space. That's all happening banks diverging grouped in a bit of modern technology of course but. Misstatement. Sir Richard Branson founder of the virgin group said that one day he'd hoped to be able to carry Hawkins to the stars. And and that statement Branson noted. That this offer came as a result has great respect and admiration and that he will that he has for markets professor Stephen Hawkins is one of the people I admire most in the world. And undisputed genius was opened terrorized the wonders of the universe wall also happening to be kind and polite man. He's the only person I've given a free ticket would virgin galactic and he's signed up to fly as a future astronaut with us if his health permits of course. As 75 years of age Hawkins and he won't be the oldest astronaut ever going to space that is Helmut John Glenn who made it there 77. But he will be the first person to go to space with hail us also known as Lou Gehrig's disease and yeah I've I've actually lost family member did Lou Gehrig's disease which. Is just a brutal. Brutal motor and neuron disease. And I usually. Death occurs within the first five years of the didn't initial diagnosis Hawkins condition was first diagnosed news 21. He was not expected to seize 25 birthday. Fifteen years Leann now that he's still he's still going. It's incredible and I I had someone who died from mail us as well my aunt my uncle in fact it was just two years ago a move edit series of pretty traumatic years. And now my household but Tom same thing he he was diagnosed since just a few months later they claim Timmy did not take long Sino how devastating that disease can be. But they're also looking at this is it'll get science the opportunity to study the effects of hail hail us in new ways and how zero gravity yeah. Actually it does that mean gradual turn now Anderson. Well I mean hawking is the guy you know he's he's been does someone that that science community and just have philosophical community is look to for. Answers are theories anyway. For a lot of years so he deserves to be there. Yet he really does and he's he's just he's been phenomenal and such. I admire him greatly for everything he's done. And he shared music and how he's really helped. Just everybody excel. Go to break and we come back we'll bring our guest Paul Conley and we're gonna talk of a meg Lee Don and in the meantime any point during the show if you like to call any chat about paranormal television would love to know what you're watching. And what you think of it in as a lot of stuff on the and still I don't get to see much of a Jane you don't have time for either certainly let you know people think about it. Absolutely so again give us call at 8446877669. Here. And he's 446877669. You listen to Jason in June. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest info visit the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there. And a receipt for 46877669. I am I I think it's funny we do we turn ask questions about how to give us a call us go about your know your thoughts on the shows and people. Are scared to call and hear their voice and they started sending messages messages I get emails and on the first private message it's one thing after another I'm just. Feel free to call you don't have that in a semi private messages put out whatever and I don't get a chance early into the private messages dorm we don't show there's nothing scary about it is so pretty easy actually asbestos were regular callers and only. No we do. Listen to off the or even you know rescind them off the air currents for your guess and Paul Conley is the author of the book called mentally donny's author authored a couple other books as well Camille and cross checked. And Paul is joining us now welcome to be on reality ready appalled great to have him show. I think trend in this is a pretty exciting Erick Erickson like this pork. Who we went a little later he only went a little long in her first segments we've only got a couple minutes here but we wanna take this opportunity for you to kind of give us a bit of your background let us know how you mom you know how you grow interest in this stuff and was sort of the path unbecoming an author. Yeah. What I was you know and I was. I don't know 78 years old. I'm Alex spent and it just it being sort of wanted to burst or. Is but I guess radio drama out. You know an echo around the house but you know I'm a you know do you dad they could use to make necessary. Step soundness and averages you know and old days. He. Had you know. Paid player I could record my son you disproportionate use. Their sound checks at big east. Every year drought and no one but my mother. Ever heard that was kind of the burst. Person into that and it sort creek restaurant they're like a college now. Denigrating. What what my English professor about Eddy of oil and listening. That's really cool and pass secret that there are a lot of our right and I just. You know it started putting ideas down on paper and when I got finished I just kind of deduct up to the world and didn't think much of it and then that blew you guys contacting me no church getting rid actually. Yet we we've just we've got a minute before we have to go to break here but Tom I know that you you know you'll view you had spent a lot of time on near the ocean which really piqued your curiosity is a child right. Oh yeah I guess she grew up in New England. But. Spent time in ass it's Maine. Where. And just different stretching the ocean down there and I witches. Kind of walk around in but my mind wander and possibly what what will lose weight now. Which out there outlook and actually they could kind of dreamed about but it went assassinated in Cuba as well and not. Out there. Little wonder where they kind of bull. Yeah. And I agree with that honestly in that that's a lot of people's big complaint is that we haven't studied. The planet we live on and off we haven't been able to get the deepest depths of the ocean. But were worried about trying to get other plant Sweden we don't really even understand ours so I can see all aspects of that especially being a Rhode islander myself. Into living rates are near the water on are so we're gonna take a break when we come back we're gonna really get into depth on this and start talking all about my glued on. Are you listening Jason GBM. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. It beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. All. Moral weren't listening or are you listening to one of the great radio stations during the show is that Stanley grows every week. And so common and only a couple. Critical cities coming on here pretty soon we do we do and we had Oklahoma City coming on next week controller there choking on something manner cemetery and super sort of partner in our opinion I think you're they think it. It's one of those once again at. Tell it was coming up the nose had. Access to his foot as a great stations coming on a few listening on that one of those we I think those stations and thank you and also. He can listen online as a lot of people do enjoy in the chat room for their. It just go to beyond reality radio dot com click right on the right hand side says you know listen online join Chet. In click on that join us had javy and I are always in the Aaron and there's just a great kick welcoming community of people that are in The Herald times so. Feel free to jump on and yeah our guest tonight is Paul Conley we're talking about his book mentally Don it is a an account of a kind of a what if scenario. In fact I'm not even going to describe nominal let Paul do it Paul welcome again to be on our radio Telus kinda you know in the nutshell what the books about. Booking a sensibility to it what it what is this is for those who aren't familiar with it back on. When I'm Byrd who didn't extinct. Former shark that is terrible a lot of people into modern big green white except light side. So this kind of a what if one was still alive today and has met their names and voices correctly G-8 you say you. I've been. I I resides in Rhode Island up this way let's. Oh well that's what I Wear in the regular dog. Kind of shows up as modern. It's funny he saw that because and Jimmie and I were talking about that prior to the show and because I spent a lot of time on on the Waterman big fishermen and the growth are on the boat and stuff for my boys. And a lot of times I've got the sonar knowing him will be will be I'll pass block island and of course there's whales out there there's everything dolphins you name it blew up. There are a lot of times obese these huge blips that show up on the sonar. And that seated too small to be a whale but it's too big to be shark and I know we we do you have some of the biggest great whites ever. Ever seen off the coasts of of road I only there'll be here they run run up to her masters the back down. And it's 34000 pounds is not uncommon. But just to see who has what show up their terrifying it is for his hit you wanted to hit your wanted to that your whole lot of wall you've got them hooked on the water but you don't because you have no idea what the citizen you know it's just gonna break whatever you've gotten half. No I absolutely. Yeah so. It is it is kind of an iPod could locate in street currently. In what he says there are. Big shark out their psychic. Do little credibility. You know well a net or not water. Are island am not there. Wanted to write about. I think a lot of people were right about the tropic. Could. Whichever really interest to me because that have never bet in the tropics but not a thorough look like. That picture out there. I wouldn't putrid they would get to it and it enabled me to undertake the liberties that I would have been difficult and I set it up capture that Mike who's now. You're a real. Paul and Hideki it usually does but yet we now know all. I just opened my portrayal coastal Rhode Island in at least accurate enough common EJ you would be yet I believe. Well and silly and it through the through your research for writing the book I am sure that you you look through a lot of different things in there's a lot of reports out there from all across the world. All around the world talking about these sightings of these monsters sharks that. That and so a lot of people are firm believers that maglev Dunn still does exist. Com people seeing. Shark suit and matching up to the size of the ball 55 foot long boats and and things like that so. Yeah I'm sure I'm sure you research into a lot of these these claims and these reports current. I get a little bit less about that and more into. I'm not sure the term would be Hayley oh marine biologist. But you know. Scientists here search study Beckel. I tried to research more about you know in that. Away from kind of Alder what it scenarios. I mean and that's not to dis credit in the lane that. You know these sharks are potentially are out there I just wanted to sort of look at the science and then formulate some. On the science alone. You aren't earned it or change. Right call. Presented a unique opportunity sort of speak adding edge with that Al. Not sure how familiar are you guys are the book I believe him. Waiters served as a book and you know the actor Alec mentioned. This idea that it is had certain very good. It missed by this true. Closer baker shark. Actually I put forward that I discovered while writing. A lot that changes everything. Deployment for any. Critical and. I mean you know one of the things that we look at on this program and a lot of people talk about are these so in the business with him some more than just the what is the actual. Evidence is there is some that this particular. Thought to be extinct species of gigantic shark could still be alive and I'm. And I know that you don't portray that you know don't take that they attack necessarily but in your research you must've come across some of these claims and some this evidence. Oh yeah you know I think and he. Yet electrical. Bill oh okay may be. And we do we weak link it ones which are always a good. You know there are also could be the other. Is bad or maybe we just don't know how big modern day great white. Did you see you know really old. Really old shark bit an instance. Of ice cream in. You know ridiculous. Don't yet there's been there are two great warriors that he does what about 36 well. Great light actually fixed discovered. It was in the Mediterranean are probably a hundred years ago. 36 C outlet that basically is a make or not. You know those quite yet certain that girl you know hurt some of the claims start. My libel thing that has a debt is better really small medal of honor that are really big pretty light and in either way it's been assassinated though. Can can we are there are other differences between say great white shark and make a Madonna their characteristics that that somebody to both could could tell of the two apart or. Are they so similar that you could mistake one for the other. Well and and that's kind of why. I wish I can remember. The unity scientists to sort of put evidently. Has that great light wasn't simply are sorry Don. Wasn't simply that you are great weight but something in medium baker. Note that is accurate then the behavior. Two animals could be different because you know contrary to jaws as well as being bright lights are actually. Kind of nervous and jumpy you know. I think people at last I said the word thoughtful. Certainly not as aggressive as the movies about eight or they show our. The ones that you know what they want to jump into the boat like short does jaws of actually having that. With a make a. And I've got to make a jump in the blow him. And at that point you're you're pretty much climbing on your seat spring thing you know prank I thought the and you know but we we have that we are trying to get the hook out of one. Now we're meet visited Vietnam and I try not to harmony sharks or take too long to reproduce and so we gotta out where we're trying to remove the hook and it thrashed its tail and when it did more of the shark then was in the boat. So of course the way to the shark cell in the boat and and on that point shark turned Tenet on her Nady greasy just got to get up away. Now imagine at least. Forty people. And columns. Via my ball went out of its debts and yeah that would that would and a where I was going okay. But pretend that's what nick dot C. What capped. That's where Brodie kind of I mean we I think we need a bigger boat comes here. Shape or to take quick break you're gonna come back and continue our conversation it's beyond reality rating Jason. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there pan. It's Jimmie Johnson & Johnson received since. 46877669. Few free gives calls you wanna join the conversation we're talking about a lot of things. But all kind of center around the ocean and the such gigantic. Shark that is. Think I was amateurs I thought it's extinct about I think. I think science is leaning toward extinct but there are (%expletive) some people that say mentally Don still exists in our oceans today we're talking with the author of the book called medical Don. And his name is Paul Connelly Paul again. Welcome to the program I'll ask you what are your thoughts what is it about the ocean that fuels our imaginations so. Well I think because actually I was saying earlier about oh on discovered is actually change it becomes. They kept shell if you will or are conscious. Of all of those things and we wonder about well wouldn't you know fear and apprehension and also. Excitement. And reside there. Realm of possibility whereas in early alligators sewers. Kind of saying well people always talk about that and that then did we know that's a bit like that. No there's things we know not to be true but it would be oceans and be true. And I'd guess and ultimately it's little tight I would guess that would be reason because. It's useful possibility. Well especially when you deal with things slate the meadow are shark that was said to be extinct senator demanded a friendly in 1976. It was still alive the seal cast which was said to be extinct 65 million years ago. But 93 GAT founded poll living off the south African coast. And that actually happens. Quite a bit today. Very these discovering new species. Finding things they. Britain not to expect a long time ago. So I think you know that that's part of that sort of and he is a little credibility. That is always a possibility. You know I'm not change it is odd saying it would be because you know and as an unlocked oh secrets. Writes this phone lines a spring Barry from Charlotte North Carolina in very welcome to beyond reality radio great to have you on the show. And say they hear guys and. Blow it that's javy this is Jason how are. Our. In the long we talk a couple weeks ago and now welcome you guys are bored Charlotte, North Carolina market. Not ours good it just talk about Agilent because all of them biologist. I am and a marine biologist. And out but let me ask that any grew up in and it would border agent Laurie. Knew Jacque Waller were Rhode Island is that good or you are. That's where I'm sick right now is that the civilians hit the notes were at all or cry. You and eat right and Lori Haskell and 1930 do. And mooted North Carolina courses and thirties and as a golf or. Happens anyway. Eight he hit our own narrow out there again after coming down south. Especially especially when you deal with one of the couple winters up here I totally get it of the child wasted no doubt that way for a. Guys had taken a beating this year it is. The superior Berry does what to do. Well here's a deal. And 1968. I was us and saying here Eric and now marine buyout is go out taken biology and chemistry and near a restaurant North Carolina. And just thank you marine biology and we are harder and if there miles. All shell or Kate Packers. North Carolina. Which is the the where. They northward moving golf strain. Meets up with the south blowing a Labrador are from Nova Scotia. And yet it cocked it makes the outer banks is yes the graveyard of the Atlantic. Eight. 8000 ships operate went down there are currently but anyway. We were dredging. Ma I have deep we had top hundred quite violently Chia. And whether cable now and well we came out what that scaled back its naturally we hear all preachers if you cannot write about. And sure Hayden. It was so wide to ensure our. It and hand it most people already know about you know as students and professors. But there was no leg Lola is. It is and Lara and that was it Luis. Great times bigger. We can't this all panic stated we ticket but the well liked in North Carolina where I was as though it UN CU Wellington. And suited up this Chapel Hill, North Carolina in the marine volume apartment. There sir it sure I'm not it was it was. I recognized. In the right it looks like he's 68. That's right when Michael O'Donnell was being this guy over and talk about. And is ill on display. In chapel Julio. As meg allowed offenses. Well now did Dade and Dana. Did they date checked it or anything. ER yeah well they did carbon dating all it all and it's it was actually dated back option I'm kind of like the Hoggard. Although gosh not not not not not part of or maybe years ago about it gave me in years ago. It was it was after that they so at this supposedly. You know extinction of the barriers so our callers are many years ago. And it was eight and it you're supposedly. It was still. Not as this paper that shark obviously what the Spacey was so when the dinosaurs. Were able. That it got your dinosaur or above ground. Lego. Who lived down in Lucia. Yeah yeah Ando a bit even the HMS challenger back in 1975 who was doing and I dredged during a deep sea expedition they pulled up Michael and on tees. Those teams are dated only 10151000. Years prior. So you don't let them. This is this is what makes this so it's game because we discovered this to edit in 68. Which of seven years of ball or nineties certainly you're talking about no I'm talking actually ET Sunnis and important but we weren't not. First who's were megawatt do now it's not like we were. Oh my god would Disco or brand name is basically wish that we will run on. Down. Anyway. She and I listened to before coast to and we're not. We preach keep up that glory war and I expect I object of the day. I yeah. Well thank you very much for the call Barry takes the call hey Paul we've got about a minute here for if go to break any thoughts on what Barry to shared with us. Well actually oddly he's soliciting what I was a kid that won a marine biologist Bernard. And people told me. North Carolina Liggett school for that so about cardigan is a yeah I yeah it certainly they're G. They'll lose the dinosaurs but estate it out there elder. Watch much more recent and I think that's I think it's really. Fast. Yeah we did we had a great marine biology program up here in Rhode Island to the URI but the thing especially when it comes down to tease I mean of the Madeleine Don T thu six to seven inches long were the great whites teeth are three inches long. So it's it's a big different so I mean in size and stuff but. Well meant but good GB and eighty cents. Yeah I know I just wanna do do remind folks that continue to call and will continue to take calls in the next hour of the show their numbers 8446877669. We're gonna break right now. And will be coming back with more conversation it's beyond reality radio would Jason TV don't. They'd be on reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on. Beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners to now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Iowa Jason and campaign. And and we weren't going to be talking a lot of lot of great things to my home interest in things we agree and terrifying to think about it. Make good on sharks and what if they're not extinct. That is a Terry I think it's scary. I think it's a good coach I thought that those. Those freak anybody is seen anything about what do make a lid on is named and they've seen it compared to what a lot of people are here and everywhere when a crowd of great white shark and you see how massive this thing just teeth a loan. Amid the the the mentally done should shark's tooth is like. Five or six times the size of a great way shares on the very very dramatic and what the average grade await. Charge students is a former great way to spot three inches and make good on his six to seven inches. And a maglev garments worn just that there are said to be fifty to sixty feet long I mean that's. That's huge that's incredible and they fed on whales. So you imagine that was there and their food source. I mean just to steam powered postings have the mere undersized but in the way I mean it's just sits tariff. Yeah don't we bringing our guest Paul Connelly and in just a little bit we also some great shows coming after us the week tomorrow night. Kellie Coffey who's known for her UT YouTube trampled telling the raw now Kelly was scheduled to be on a few weeks the only addition to shift the schedule around but she. Will be discussing being. Psychic and how the paranormal effect she was all smother every day things like nutrition and health and cooking and supplements and stuff like that but her her goal on her YouTube channels to help support you on becoming your Altman vessel talk about the. With her tomorrow night mystery in the Thursday regards Kevin Kelly and poll Purcell. Kevin Kelly is a country singer turned paranormal investigator and leads into has think ghost hunters three year old group. An effort to document the unknown along with the steam me up all Purcell. The dual as investigators across the US Sino that they know working on different things on Amazon from what I've been seeing. And in the inch to also talk to and talked to governor about his countrymen in this country music and and where he's going with the. ECB century some some music some who will play a little bit when we have him on the show on theirs and I heard from totally game and the senate on. I'm yet we we've talked about artificial intelligence we've talked about robots and how. The combination of AI and robotic technology is really posing a threat to the way we are used to living their lifestyle and some people say there's a real benefit to it and should there is but some people say there's a real risk to it as well. Well especially with the the whole first off DA IE he missed things lake. Gould who has programs that are literally writing their own programs Stalin and stealing things from certain programs that. That hope that it benefit itself. As things like that can be terrifying to you never know where when what day had it. Which day it's gonna be when these things turn around say well I think I'm of the people are many of the major. He issued to add to our. Our well being so. Well and return is what happens when those robots with set artificial intelligence actually become. The law enforcement officers that we rely on market saw that like Robles and we actually did in 1987 the film Robocop well we're Brothers robotic police. Are being. Designed and implemented in the streets of Dubai now we've talked about Dubai and they're kind of cutting edge it'll on a lot of things and now they're gonna put robots in police uniforms and put them on the streets. Well yeah they're doing things like the the drone. Cabs and everything else we can have a nightcap shot attempts actually drawn players around. But that's that's a major concern when it comes down to robotic police because. Will and one thing that really makes a police officer police officer is there but their ability for compassion. We're does that then mean is you're you're talking a robot it's really not going to have that it's just going to Knoll right or wrong good or bad shoot don't shoot. Right well the first robot police officer will be on patrol in the United Arab Emirates. By may of this year according to Dubai police. Members of the public will be able to report crimes. To the mall to link me lingual robot using it touched green on its chest so I'm not sure the robot. It's franks considered friendly robot it'll be able to salute and shake hands but won't be chasing down any criminals anytime soon we'll listening the armed I don't I don't think it'll be armed at the at this point. But these the Dubai police department. Wants to create a force of mold limit it may make these robots 25% of its total force by the year 23. But they almost sound more like. A police call box then an actual account for missiles like in my do more of a roving police call box but it doesn't seem to be able to make the decisions on its own but it can it will be there are people need help the people can approach it and it will you know basically contact. I guess the real police officers and in the there but also if you can access it by the touch screen on a mission want to call home long before somebody taxes and others that ten as a single and crazy. That's crazy there's that too okay our telephone numbers 8446877669. If you're on hold thanks for being pace you'll get to you soon as we can't really take a break and when we come back we'll bring in our guest Paul Connelly will talk about mentally done in his book of the same name. It's beyond me. Term it stations all across the country Jason hall Stevie Johnson password control. Estimates that who who says definitely. The fact that we just keep repeating it ethnic and fun and fortune cookie. If you have the best and again those good cookie. Welcome back to show everybody our telephone numbers 8446877669. If you've been waiting on hold thank you for being patient we will get to your calls as soon as we can't. Or bring a guest in its Paul Conley he's the author of book called medal went on. I'm Paul has a couple of other books as well one's called Camille and others cross checked. On the we're really interested in talking about this whole medley done idea now. Paul your book is is a fictional account to what if account what if mental and on had survived. And down it really goes through those paces however there are people who really do believe that that's not such fiction now. Where do you fall on all that. Well. I think today. Does does decides that exists and in and of course to be evidence to tie it came. Sort of examine it is very limited. Because. Yeah discharged only been bones on. Some others here. I think it a lot of it is anecdotal. But based on that and the sharks were buried. In addition to barber oceans. Where does today or take a opposite seems to be it we can't see them because they're. Of the ocean we're really really cold and redistricting bill Lernout. So. It. Hard to say if that Kyoto evidence is. Accurate or they don't exist. On the anymore. But to buy Lotto I didn't a lot of studies out there show that Michael Downes and know that and there are tees and things have been found pretty much all around the world. So I'm in the pretty much would go anywhere they would follow the whales right because the whales are their main source of food. But what they'll. But. You know a lot analyst and editor was you know the country they live are you guys were actually talking about it earlier on the show Tori came on. You know due to some sort of being passive at the moment which leads to smaller. Solar things and you can talk about the little ice age you know it was different things well. What is this underdog no getting way beyond and there but. Someplace passed for whatever reason you're with a lot warmer the ocean or. Regardless of you know. Where. You know in order and or whatever. So I speak you know. The oceans being cooler today. Kind of in need big red flag over the possibility one or. Existing but you know again there's always a possibility we don't know perhaps changed in their make up. You know devolution shipment and allow them live today in that yeah that are yet to be lower by a man I suppose it's possible. But what you need to decide that they sort of come up that it would have to be. I think it is very well could be because. There's a. Especially with science being wrong on so many things in the past we've spoken about earlier. The mega amounts shark thought to be extinct and to pray they found them. In 1976. The seal cast ought to be extinct for 600 million years ago. And they found them in 1938 living off the coast South Africa. And this goes on and on the giant squid. You know the colossal squid all these things that science had listed as extinct. But come to find out these things are still out there. It's just took your chance account are of them finding a carcass floating on the water or one washing up onshore. To actually figure out. Right and they concluded you know the eighteen yeah. They're balance sort of deep water somewhere. Yet the evidence of their existence is pretty much gonna go undiscovered com and so. Our technology advances to the point. And now the average person to submersible and creditor on the ocean and at. Times and indeed but I cheat me. We talked about and following whales. Or will always assertion that circus to breeze and certain species have been hunted darn near extinction. You it and whale interaction. Happens on a grand and upscaled or whatever crying on the animal you would think that mankind at some history. Come across. Yeah and and I agree with but there has been these weird sightings and admin men students for a history in 1918. Off the coast of Australia they talked about seeing. Fish that was over 35 meters long and 1960s. Capped and a 55 foot fishing boat reported seeing a shark that was. While there were anchored that was approximately the same size as the bow. So and it was the whole crew of people that didn't they didn't wanna and they really didn't wanna Gordon be interviewed about it the page they talked about it. So these reports of them seeing these things are out there and as a guy who spends a lot of time on salt water. In there there's definitely some weird things that go on in the ocean hole on the honest anytime have gone out every time I've gone now. You know fifteen miles twenty miles off of Rhode Island coastline quit with the kids. Where were following the tuna you get the whales Alter the dolphins everything else. A lot of times you can receive these weird things in these weird huge sonar blips that comes through that Arnold whales are not as big as the whale. But they're a lot bigger than any great white that's ever been seen as well showing up on the sonar so it definitely some weird what are does that happen. Going fishing off a block that she's here. And years ago and we agree about when he critic miles offshore and church saint saying. You know we were fishing in the cap in like everybody. Probably your line of board debate at water. These guys or been around. Because they. Well large shark on the idea what you said that it on the sonar and you could work. Is what you could cut the military. Would I would open and their current. He would was. But they you know you're. Plane say. You know. What was it I don't know we don't know I think that actually want that really restricting their days. Ago no one goes pusher or shrink it. That's what enabled. Stories like regular dog beat me. Is because we couldn't we do know. Stop learning about it okay we now at all and I think it kind of you know they like dragons. A lot of people wondered completely. You know dragging. You know are monsters are things that go bump in the night. We don't want all the answers those things because the thing that makes our best stories. Predicted. A really good fiction and particularly. I don't wanna know for sure one way or the other about god acting just a big question mark. It more interest. OK I was gonna let's go to the phone lines and bring some vaunted from Kansas city's front. Thanks for being on hold for so long retired in the show. Well problem appreciated garrison and you'll appreciate except for a our role bounty to you know actually back in the eighty. That was on what you see in the they're the Miami beach's so. Inner coast holes where there would be borrowers some restaurants and nightclubs at least once a week. And you know he was better than any. Great white shark. And you know he wants wryly. A super play shark because. Network Don Johnson from Miami likes you know he really get things. So that's that's pathetic and I figured the guitar what are told the real subject here so a practice but still that was a great show. Importantly what it and its just just. Excess yes there was so you waited all my relevant got to give it credit that's dedication that. Thanks of the always appreciated fear us and this and Paul you we've got about three minutes here before it could break a little less you. What went schools to be a filmmaker and I knew we use any of those skills or do you intend to use any of those skills to follow bureau book with a movie may be. No problem unfortunately I think a year. Capital it would take you. Make this the real loose it would be way beyond me or how much are you guys are nearly nearly ski ball regular dot Brooks. Is as a Toronto actually being turned into a movie right now with. Jason Day them. Yeah. And I think we have to beat me to it and I think I think we had on you yeah a couple more inspect bridges. We are among the items via an included and at least we talked about an admirable and a little town and tell me this what if what if a maglev down. Still existed well what could we expect. Well I'm certainly no expert editors. Make you make a couple story but I thought I like that trader wrote the book are you. I really thought that. That you would see the effects of an angle on where you need an ROE. Mails and so on the beaches. And that and the Singler got the were happening in the my guess news. What haven't we had that have we had whales and beating them so let alone. Will carcasses that are found floating that have these extremely hard to bite marks on the side. I'm sure yet know and it happens. And quite frequently. And that was more might you know that was kind of you know I'm that was the sort of thing that would ego and wonder what the cause. Now all Eggleton shall not be you know amongst a pod of whales. Certainly cause sort of happened. I don't know if it's ever been is concentrated. Smaller area is it is that you know presented in applause. But I mean certainly will be until all these. Are. Well I mean even if there was a hundred meg announced that still existed somehow beat the odds and we're still out there at the ocean is is massive. And to find a grandma to find a hundred of them is still like looking for needle in the haystack. Well sure oh absolutely and and that was the whole thing about nick on the book. You know you know and that is critical situation in getting here at Indian big hit the party ocean. Weakness and or this honor next year. But as I not a race we're exists but as a human race we exist all through the ocean we recover it with that with their ships to and everything else but. We're gonna have to hold off on that can swim one more to a cover when we come back but it. We're talking to Paul Connelly to what if Maclin on existed you listen and Jason NGV and yeah. Passed her on interstate 446877669. And it's amounts. To reset and figure when he was talking over the joke there. I watched Miami Vice I don't blame viceroy and those are dead now are there Crockett and Tubbs so I really didn't get I didn't I didn't get it right away that they need to explain to little more than realized it was funny. How does that is one of them that shows back and a lot of people like to yeah I just I just wasn't into it and you know the whole support console like pastel colored sport coat with the science report wasn't into the Alfred Cray and definitely in good chuckle now movement in suits well and it's funny we're talking about medalist on and other movies coming around and Jason stated nominate I didn't it. Put two and two together and also and chat rooms going crazy people are talking. Just thrown out text and pictures of man it's not. Who system. The culture and go crazy over Jason steer them and Michael damme movie and give up Aetna what are you gonna do is bring your guess back in Paul Conley he's the author of the book meg lid on. And Paul when you're writing about. This fictional account of a surviving meddling done. Did you use any other. Sea creatures or were. Predators as as kind of a guide as to what you think this might do other than on the obvious ones are great white shark and other sharks. Are not then aren't you as kind of a guy orgy the daughter sell it. I try to present an awesome opportunity to work. To giant squid. Remember there's this secret trying to increase is squid on the beach. And I you know I taught it to look like Q&A to NASA's senior animals were you know one ticket. Because I would assume they would eat those. I think that you could greatly church Gagne is kind of obvious. For a prototype if you will yeah. For the you know. With a medal of our boat like it says in the book I was thinking more along the line and make sure. Or or bull shark giving you those are errors to me. A more formidable. Movie blogs or be circus on the movie that. You know. Be here right now intentional lies kind of over the yeah so I wanted to give a characteristic shirk it. It previously not really associated with. All mangled on a yes or is there anything like that. And and there's according to a lot of the in the series find my lid on that's the way that they would get the sharks whether they come up there. I mean out with a swim it at the whales there in the Welles a coming out you know I'm breaking and breaking the surface for air. And these things are getting them from underneath. Which is terrified right off your body and you never see it coming and that's why the colors of sharks in the way they are because you can see you can see them the whiteness. Of them when your underneath them but when you're above them you really can't see that color of them coming through the water coming up on. Yeah and now they've actually around this problem he indebted to him. You know ancient whale bold. Didn't seem to be going and what are. Flew first to depict the whales are your electric propulsion. And it would come from underneath. And disabled cents. Near enough offense are at its home council. Yeah and that's I guess just sort of wait for them drowned them. Treated there at their leisure. Which is very much. Like it great light. Can't see. That initial attack which are the animal die and go in and her. Receipt. We won't specially when you look at it where a maglev on their talking about the boy oh boy strength. Tend not to eat teen tons of pressure coming out of the sand from from one by. And just to put that mama a scale back and were told if you think of an African allowing him I mean mainly notably strength what six to 700 pounds so you can imagine. In attending eighteen tons. I was strength snapping down it wouldn't take much to especially with 67 foot and a 67 inch teeth. No imagination. She is the book on third. Whale. Be content that you could do it in that scenario. Our soul in there would be it would be devastating if you don't know where Iraq. So Paul what's there. And I'm just gonna ask what's the fascination it's this seems to be an increasing fascination with just the shark world itself. You know we're seeing shark week on TV which seem to get more more popular popular we've seen the shark need to movies which. Our penicillin but seem to be popular you know what is the fascination that you since then why is it continuing to grow. You know I think got a really good question and I would say that that do you starting point throw this began in next and besides with all. Because that movie came out perfect time what he did you know anything about sharks you know let it. Obituary like they look bad novel today. Spielberg tried making and movie. Audiences laugh because we know much. But back then regulation and they could make it kind of you know real movie monster on rhetoric bought into it. I think what they'd do it let's try to get music editor where the sharks are a lot of people. That aren't. We ask that these things in ocean then they got jobs and people like how shark circling really you really cool I remember growing up in the year. And you know that chart week shark week and around and meeting these are also remembered Nash you graphic all these they have like. Sharks counterpart public. Consciousness. On. Inter. Sort of charged in the way Cubans you know understand sure. I think it's like you know DT AT guys before jaws out. And I think that started that cultural. Title and it it. You know it into it without that you had shark week we can go on. 2030 years now and without a week. Pat you don't get shark NATO and all those movies. One bullet I I actually enjoy it was shot. Out last year. Sparking. Yeah I I I watched it numerous times and and great actress and and I had no idealism are sharks to only to note for our. Munich and I did you Chris at 250. I am the exits or whatever name is she's married to Ryan Reynolds. Only black and Italy lightly armed literally I think I think the one I think the scariest thing when it comes down to the whole shark fascination is. That they can come out of the complete darkness and out of out of nowhere. I was with I was magna trying to named operatives with Garth Brooks and we all know Garth Brooks is and we are talking and do it because he's he's terrified of the paranormal. But he was telling meek he's that he dies a lot when he dives. The scariest thing is. He's on the water and it's just a wall of darkness. And he never knows what's going to come on that wall darkness. Indicate could be a small fish you can be a massive massive chart and that's the most terrifying thing and and I totally get that as a guy you. Again who spent a lot of time on the boat. I just don't on the salt water doesn't terrified of swimming solar. I never know what's going to come out of what's going to show up I know what a poll in which is terrifying enough so I can't imagine an end in their element. In there are world. He's trying to trying to defend myself against. Look it is that you create their regular think a lot of people look at the practical look at look at the ocean and they see recreation lacy. You know oceanfront. Beach. I looked it looked at his recreation just from the comfort of my boat in the south. You see it's terribly if you also look at it recognizes world. Where. We don't know. What creatures throughout there we don't know what rule government. And I think an awareness that we. We should all out when we. Water. Order to recognize that. He. Can come out of that all our. So Paul that the book mentally done it's available now of course we have a link on our website to Leon really really dot com if you go to the gas tab you'll see at their I mean it's available on on Amazon and I'm sure other places but he a couple of other books and the same vein. Or they completely different. Well you know they're they're pretty different I'm I'm working on a leader in the same vein. I'm delighted that published mile actually about. Her. And it crossed checked and actually about you know hockey players so. Couldn't be more different. From regular dog but. I am working on presently working on it you'll. We had built a big battery. Sort of on change from watery grave. But it's more of a real trashing ghost story but it happens and eruption. It's similar to the fog. I'll I'll talk content that he would get. There are a little bit patient as. I don't know I think shortly shippers on the right. Another actually aren't major embargo friend Judy in my head was amazed aren't there and there on what you know island retreat in the end new and young men and engines coming assure them via you know. Yeah. Yeah so if you're working on that and that is that is that going to be your follow up to Madeline on. Actually met cold it was her book published. Technically communal. I chipped okay. Right so I did mention that there's a there's a link on the beyond reality radio website where else can people go to find your books and maybe find out more about you. Aren't there will as far as looks go you know you're immediately a Caribbean what you call it the iTunes store. Com and I don't even know situation trying to mentioning Lou Lou good. Out what you had initially were published the book it was so publishing things you know it's to bite demands so as people. Ordered a copied it would trained hard got real hardcover but you know hard physical copy. Nobody was buying them. So we just can it be to digital copies and nobody uttered from Lulu. Date and but it helped Lori uttered a tree trying to deal what. But all their stuff when it do you Amazon and iTunes store that liberal and execute an artist. Author profile page on being. On the Internet call currently books. Which is my chased okay. It is that's that's on FaceBook ball comic books. Oh. And when do you expect. You're via the the potter book or whatever you've got were that you think will be next to come on is that going to be sooners are down roadways. All the twister right at. It even got to like. So when we say you know probably not and this calendar year. The only thing I've ingredients should deploy. Or regulatory. People are in force equal and I previously had no real desire to do that. Listeners in on the court actually kind of interesting. Got me shrinking so. Possibly in the near future aid neglect on. When. Good but sounds great when we appreciate you coming on the program tonight and are sharing. Your thoughts shirt and a little bit of information about the book is called medal Don. And like I said there is a link on the beyond reality radio web page which you confided in all the places that up Paul mentioned as Moses and other books and thanks for being honest. Picture and the guys look sharp. To agree at all. But we've been talking with Paul common author of the book my wood on yes and scary scary stuff I think about it that thing really existed but I. Where to take a quick break and we come back more you listen Jason GP. Beyond reality radio and Jason. Carlson JB Johnson and if we haven't reminded you enough someone into one more time stumped by the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com. Slash beyond reality radio give it a like share with the France post on and shared and what are we doing him no we shared just really tender. This majestic and had to be unreality radio dot com and you click the listen lies join us and Chad any time during a live show were always there on the can also download the show right from the beyond reality radio web site. And if you do that just to us a favor if you download it from my iTunes or whatever I'm just rated for us. It helps it helps push and push delta for everybody and helps everybody find it easier. And that's what it's all about us trying to get the word out so I don't know if you know watching what's been happening here GG but I have been like I've been totally kicked out of being able to play list. Chat. Trivia that knowing about taps in the show goes. They're doing tense trivia and cannot let me answer anything but I mean exactly how can I when if I don't demonstrate if I can't play I grew I want you went to a minute really do but you kind of kind of be a little unfair present. Is their prizes this there's just dragging Rex tracks I think this is bragging or who's running this contests and severance. Tax Stanley Chris. Her nose but time runs all the tabs immigrants across the country should authenticate yellow are toss and she gets all she is only stirring the pot off and that's what happens is those Oklahoma people and if you're wondering how to get involved in this chat room that we're talking about it's on the website is gonna be on reality renewed a comment some people said they're they're a little confused because of buttons have moved around but the the that you can do is read. And Jack says it's the Chad and always has a lot listen live in chase yet on that you don't have to listen their free listening on radio station which can. Joined the chat there and you know we encouraged to do that. We got some great shows coming up on the next couple my testimony Kellie Coffey will join us she's gonna YouTube channel called Kelly in the rush talks about being psychic. And talks about paranormal topics as wells about a lifestyle things and she puts all the stuff together to support everybody in becoming their ultimate best. And then Thursday we've got Gavin Italian Paulo Purcell Gavin it is a country singer turned kernel of a skater and leads and has make ghost hunters. And Eminem Paulus made and there are duel that through their skits crossing US and other nor cancel stuff that Amazon and then into. So we talking now about that also some books that they co authored and most goes on and on well maybe I mean you sharing soon his music to which didn't grow and it's I think we can do that torture or foreign meddling done Ed do you do you believe that that it might still won't. That it exists to. I think that. I'm skeptical of it I I like to keep an open mind about these things but there are people that live this where they've seen this creature. We know that there of and other creatures that have been found to but somewhat recently that would have been thought to be extinct for long periods of time. We find new species all the time that we you know we think we know every inch and every corner of the world but. We keep finding these things that we didn't you know would decide this all these years and we do know they were there. So I think there's a real possibility however have to say would this particular creature it is so big. And it does so much damage it seems as though we'd see some kind of evidence of it that would be little more obvious. Then what we've seen so far but I'm not ruin and out. It's it's tough because there have been a lot of reports of people seen these massive. Massive sharks. Which could fall under that animal but there's also these monsters great white sharks are there too that have lived lived as an extremely long life and even being on the dot com. Plus I didn't I called you last summer when I was out with the kids because we came across this. Monstrous mean eco homes are under thirteen foot make note that that's a big Nikko chart and it was just sunbathing on the top of the want it going around them and so they're Anderson huge huge fish out there since they haven't been caught her they've been able to hide for a long period of time. They get median massive insights. Yes he can't rule anything out and Mikey said in and you know anybody who spent any time on the ocean it is faster mean it's all it's almost hard to comprehend how big the ocean is and you know we kind of live. And our perspective perspective of the ocean is what we see from the shore oral we see some from boat to tend not to go too far from the shore. And there is so much water out there and so much depth that it's really hard to know. I can tell you just heading out there so Austin and will go 1015 miles off the coast. And you know when the whales bridging water a couple hundred feet from your Boehner think it is just in and less and less an area that. It be it would truly be lake and seeing a needle that finding a needle in the haystack meant. I mean to just ask the folks from Gilligan's Island you know they they only went on a three hour tore him lost furlongs on his seventh season and one that was started getting our offense and he ship was honestly I think it would turnaround as a point oh they ended up if not for the cure of courage of the fearless crew the then there would have been lost you know released a set down are surely there at an uncharted desert I'm yes. That's. Bottom line that did that way they shout out to Paul Connelly for come around hang announced tonight appreciate tune in tomorrow for Kellie Coffey and Thursday Gavin telling him polar Purcell. Again head over to a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio may Cilic the pace for page for us. Everybody has received nine look at chilled Amaro exchange stingy he beyond reality radio. And young meal ingredients produced by its includes things like Alexandria Johnson and her. I'm really. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a light and say hello it's beyond reality read you all one word if you've got it. Formation you want us to follow upon or you'd like to beat Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep getting. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.