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Alan Dershowitz on BDC, 3-16

Mar 16, 2017|

High Profile Liberal Lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, joined Kim & VB to discuss the Hawai'i Judge's ruling against President Trump's revised Travel Ban. He breaks down several ways that the Democrats will try to prevent the Ban from becoming law

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You RJ you know the voice of Boston. Remembered as I was thrilled. Even. Liberal democratic lawyer Alan Dershowitz good lawyer. Just sad that we would win this case. Before the supreme court of the united us. Connected lawyer Alan Dershowitz joining us this morning that was the president last night in Tennessee good morning. How are you well and. I think I'm pretty new cards quoting the president that lawyer that your early client that you can get me I can't nobody read in the break from the I really hit it here and say you know I don't like this and I am closer personally and politically. But I do you think it's constitutionally. That's sustainable. I don't think the reasoning either the award each manager this morning at Maryland jury charge stretches and you. I don't think those opinion too little the F held by district court could say he relies heavily on what I've mr. trump the candidates' private citizens. Sit when he was running for office and I just don't think this spring court is gonna make the volatile. If Obama had rules issued the same border it would be constitutional procedure that guy he likes my problems are not. It's. Religious inter Muslim but it's the same order that means they Edwards or sugar presidential industry itself sits. I inappropriate things out that the nation that Islam as a religion and about. Muslims and Muslim extremists. Don't think we're gonna go so far. And so I think in the end. It'll be felt that the parent of course several other court searched church course which gets confer on and you have in the plan to congress and senate on the net. And the judiciary because I think Democrats may try to hold up the court session on the patient to keep her problem. Serving on our court while they hit the pin because. If if if he didn't go out on the court it's more likely. That's the supreme or strike out of the way to mark the fort Forex permanence of the ninth circuit little fourth circuit. Do you think you're really think the four are gonna stay firm and and stroke try to strike this thing down or is one of them at least gonna say. This is way as trump wanted total judicial overreach. Well I didn't think right now science to it widows and orphans money I would bet that he couldn't city. Current court with H justices uphold this statute. It's a real stretched strike it down. He president does have the authority under the statute to issue these kinds of orders. Now is that some Muslim man. Who knows what's in trumps mine or he knows that it went to out of it and the second order Justice Department State Department national security. And they came to the conclusion that these two countries don't have appropriate then that six countries where the little pick art presenter a lot for different purpose be sure. But still they were there wouldn't be bittersweet for France and because it's not a Muslim country. It be better say put in Indonesia which is a larger Muslim country with a lot of errors. Can't tell the president what countries to include generic and you can't infer from the fact that. The six countries concluded their. Predominantly Muslim and it's motivated by religious bias rather than motivated by the desire to protect against terrorism is so sick country. Also has betting processing. To prevent terrorism that aren't up to our American standards. Alan my putting incredibly. Disturbing that we have judges. We're making decisions based on what they heard the president say as a campaign are. As opposed to what their reading for what's happening to our judicial system. Well you know there are cases of depression that case in high yield the floor. Where's that City Council passed a statute prohibiting certain kinds of animal slaughter slaughtering chickens and it turns out that when you look here. Why they did it. That the City Council as well single don't like this particular religion urged voters chickens. And the court did strike at them saying it was clearly motivated. Our religious animus about letters statements may need. On the record by people who actually. Are pulling for the man. I I think the courts to. Look. And and give the. Definitive determine the election to the fact that a teen camp will mean. For a model and the mandate you Rudy Giuliani sit well. I'll I'll cheaper creates something that passes Muster. I do it religion on each I think shops the statute that's. Helps the ruling doesn't hurt he was assigned to find it constitutional. Means of protecting America from Islamic terrorism. That doesn't sound unconstitutional. But still. It's not the president and I don't think what you can do so which way to what people say. Outside of court proceeding to outside of legislative and. Where you just touched on Allen is the problem here which is we now have multiple judges. Not so much wing on the constitutionality. Of the thing. But on either their personal beliefs about it or inferring. From other comments were where were you interpret Giuliani's statement is to be a good thing. They have in the Washington case told you specifically the opposite that that was a bad thing which is crazy. Well I don't go as far as you do I think these were not motivated by personal views of the judge's record unequivocally. That they're applying the law in the proper water. As little one dirt as mobile who why who why it's the most multicultural multiethnic. Actually in our union do you think he he should that's at a new immigration and sensitive that religious discrimination but certainly it's political. It means that he has and so I feel so that's certainly going to support we note that George's Grenada Cuba are perhaps to the court. Every. I don't know very much look at Maryland judgment short it has ideological views that. Support his analysis of currency options. But I don't think it matters what you're Republican or Democrat I think it's what you ring them into the judicial process that really makes a difference. Both the Merrill and analyze judges are Harvard undergrad Harvard law did you have either of them. I don't remember nobody is better than either of them I don't hold it against our best temperature which you. Let. You know there are also that it's if you're situated are recovered at the Supreme Court presently our plus school. Justice Scalia graduated Harvard Law School so we turn out conservatives liberals good judges that it is. That it's not our. My last one for you around is in 2011. President Obama you know basically. These seven countries that's where they list came from is from president Obama's senate. The seven countries couldn't participate in the temporary visa waiver program because they were deemed dangerous. There was not even a hiccup of concern about that Apatow and. Yes now and that's why I think the super equipped and uphold this the election of the countries was done essentially by the Obama administration. And I don't think you can take. A little and say the same words are unconstitutional. It's enacted by one president's constitutional met by another president that's just for extra. Alan Dershowitz thank you very much senate what are those new cards when you get a printed out. So the concern for me as well he just said definitively I don't think they're gonna do that but they have been doing next. In there is it's there is a sea change where. I don't know how I would argue the Hawaii judge did that he did what Alex just said they won't do now he's holding out hope for the Supreme Court we are. But there is an increased the level is raising. We've gone we've we now know what the appellate level we also know what the ninth circuit lesser level. I mean. The water's getting higher as you're trying to get there you know it's getting concerning where judges aren't not applying the same standards fairly across the board. What worked for Obama doesn't work for trump and that's why continued today this is bad for Americans.