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Your mind is a time travel machine and you need to unleash its power

Mar 16, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with guest Anthony Hamilton about his book Mind, Time & Power and how proper use and understanding of the mind's ability to time travel can help you lead a better, more fulfilling life. 03/16/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. I earn. It's beyond my only real Jason Wu's chief Ichiro. And still struggling in this so winter paradise that's hit us you know that in the first day of spring is like right there on the corner. Yeah marriage act time growth. Srebrenica back up but this snow has not stop I think I told you yesterday we talked about this in lake four feet yesterday and it is just continued to snow in Cooperstown. All day long today and we McChrystal and snowing there yet that's probably another eight inches to a foot. I will tell you. My body hurts all over and I decided I was going to turn dig. Some sort of a trench because they sang stumbled during media during a storm from the dogs in the backyard. Just to give him a pass and and then I'm the other side of the Qaeda wanted to at least be able to access the offense. And oh my gosh that stuff weighs a ton let alone it's it's like hitting rocks it's that solid you can you can walk along the whole top of now. Yet India and Indonesia places with a plow kind of makes it goes by your to your house and built the side of the road and clearly that you keep a stake in mobile my neighbor's mailbox to north. In half playing on the ground you need you need a couple sticks of dynamite to confidence of this crazy but anyway the good nobody other tuning in to be on reality radio earlier it's it. Two Thursday on the Easter Wednesday on the list is welcome to the show that's Jason NGV we at least some great shows coming up for them tonight tomorrow and and all next week. GAAP tomorrow night we've got Bryan Clay joining us he is the author of the book called extra sensory he's done a lot of scientific research into the basis of tellem. Telepathy and tell what can the system. And as psychic abilities those types of things he's actually looked at a lot of different studies. On kind of compared them contrasts them and talks about them in a scientific way he's a science teacher whose head. A lot of success and put a lot of effort into trying to get more and more especially children. Interested in studying science or break conversation with him tomorrow night. And then next week we people along extra clearer on a forty and researcher author and intuitive who writes and managers on a variety of subjects. Tuesday it would ball and we got whole com Leon. Are we talking here about maglev down what if it was not really extinct. Sounds like fun. You notice sounds like to me it sounds like one of those suicide find movies you know attack of the man who done three had a nickel and honor when all they have they have system seems like to recover and dark. The water and but it's it's always he's who has had counted as stroke up Wednesday will be talking with the Wednesday of next week of course will be talking with Kellie Coffey. We had her scheduled I don't harbor was maybe two weeks ago and we had to change the schedule a bit but she's. Known for her YouTube channel called Kelly in the raw and no it's not that kind of YouTube channel to our. There's just don't know it's she talks about being psychic. The paranormal which also throw some things about nutrition health cooking makeup I guess so you know we'll be able to talk about that reject an hour. For me what's what the it's united and I've never order it's all about be being your best in living tear in the best of your abilities that are via our conversation on wins and it was Kelly coffee and then Thursday. Evan Italian Paulo Purcell Gavin and Kelly is a country singer turned thermal rescued or leads fantastic. Ghost hunters. A three year old group I'm in an effort to document the unknown along with his teammate Paula Purcell. And yet they're actually get ready do show on Amazon prime my belief. Do you has there I saw something intestinal ghosts owners yet well I had getting Gavin Kelly and and so. I don't know and I'm not a country music fan is Kevin Kelly of a popular country singer idol I had no idea yeah I just. As you know on number country yet but I haven't heard of them but yes so I guess he's gays they're generally do a show on Amazon about the paranormal so encouraged you checked it out. Definitely. And don't forget to join us on our FaceBook pages of course FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio also the web site beyond reality radio dot com that's for the chat room mr. Yeah he hadn't. Just. Go to the main website generality radio dot com click the listen lives you can listen online if you if you don't have station in your area or even if you do you can. Just a click the listen live just. Listen however you are just jumping to chat chat with the community to great bunch of people in there and they're very welcoming and always enjoyed new faces yen and a new name and using a genuine enough respirators and. But there's a lot of great stuff going on in champ to encourage that also the telephone number is 8446877669. If you've got a you know a question a comment to wanna join the conversation with their gestured just wanna talk about something completely independent that would love to have you give us a call. And join the program we take calls when we can throughout the two hours of the show. Have solar cell phones are always so consumed in just give us a call question not a concern. Sought. Whatever whatever may be. Whatever it may be is right I just you know here's something that I think might give you. Mean have you but some people some nightmares. You both afraid of spiders not a sight you. I'm not it's not the most free despite I don't care for the nastiest or friends and I don't care for spiders I mean. It just creepy looking creatures are humans. Yeah they are awfully creepy looking calm but. What they do to take care of the insect population is pretty amazing beat 402. He million tons of insects all the spiders on the world combined heat. 400 to eight million tons of insects every year that's about the same. My amount in tonnage that all of human population eat in a meat. Fish over the course of the same period a year or that's that's scary but the ones that really terrify me other ones catch birds. Election that birdie postings are free debts that's a completely different animal in my book. But one of the things that exit date is interesting to note is that if you added up all the spiders. In the world you know only have about 25 million tons of spiders so they eat that much more of them sell a product that's a lot of tons of I'd just say I'm talking until imagine coming out of Akron truck. I'm I'm tall I'm I'm saying these words just knowing everything about it is creepy to attempt to say man and all they really are it's. I have been big plays some we are we're filming down enough Savannah and I got bit by that room what sort of banana we split or whatever and an. All my cash that thing was so painful. And those are one of the ones that they'll catch small birds and so and that thing was so pay my hands will look like a balloon and it wasn't even a positive but it just has. He's huge tanks and just coming good. Well. This there are 45000. Known species of spiders and all of them are mediators have veto if you relieve car. The girls yet clear bill on the ground and make surety crisis on this one to Steve this whole this whole shows tonight. So anyway I don't know they they they are very important part of the ecosystem I've seen people talking about him and Chad I thought I'd bring up that story says that it was pretty interesting so. They got their creepy creepy and say there really aren't I mean anything that with them any legs say it can be black now white wall UP of eternal light on and it freezes like you think it and Lincoln thinks that it plans that it's just to Sweden just on a side note before the show started I had do kill a spider for slick Eddie just so you know does there was one run around the studio or don't have any remorse here. Though no review no remorse whatsoever. All right let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest in its Anthony Hamilton we're going to be talking about his booked. And and a lot more it's beyond reality radio Jason and JP. They beyond reality radio friends as you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality radio have books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the think beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond really reading teaspoons TV Johnson until. Don't know received 446877669. And a good welcomed everybody listening with your listening online or on one of the great local radio station we added a couple this week -- we added Atlanta. We added Colorado Springs who got a bunch coming on next week it's it's growing and we love all these people coming in the stations coming to the beyond reality radio family. It is growing faster we greatly appreciate the support you'll shone in you guys are the recent shows success and we air pretty much from wonder where the West Coast all the way to the East Coast. And are everywhere in between. And eventually we probably might even be on overseas so we'll see how that goes yeah. There were open for that to an hour and of course if you like listening a mine we encourage that as well. I'm our guest tonight. Is Anthony Hamilton he's the author of book called mind time and power and it's actually more than a book but it describes the results of his thirty years of research. And our thoughts and our feelings cheaper relies. Anthony's passion is to awaken people to their inborn ability to improve their lives. By employing cutting edge yet simple mental tools a spring Anthony into the program Anthony welcome to be on reality radio it's it's great to have you on tonight. Thanks Jason and you think it's great to be here. It's getting it doubly interesting having and it's going to be good time having you on title talk about especially with what were you pretty much describing your book and all installed the research you've done over the years. Yeah let's start by figuring out exactly who you are you if you're really you may be many of our. A listeners have heard you on other programs but so let's assume you're new to all of them and tell us exactly who you're. Okay well I'm retired communication professor from any Canadian university in Vancouver. Canada on the West Coast. And at the moment I'm living in Victoria. Which has the best weather in Canada. Looks like you guys are buried in snow and so as large part of Canada but we're sitting here actually it's raining and it's. Turkey is cold. So. Yeah so Mariam my story began to get eligible ten years old and that. And it dream he might call it pre cognitive dream. And what happened was I saw myself in my early thirties. Soul. I had a chance right from the very beginning that this was. A real connection with the future I mean it wasn't just a fantasy or daydream or something to me it seemed like it was very real. And now. So from that point on had a very strong sense of what my leg was gonna be about. I knew that I was going to be a university professor it was going to be writing it was going to be traveling I was gonna be helping people live happier and more successful. Why that's what I saw in this in this dream. So well this was such down. And impact full experience for me. That. Immediately I started to investigate how is it possible. To get information from the future because that's what I felt it happened I mean I had got I thought some true information from the future. And yet everything that I knew who. A boat delays the mind works in the way time works. We're not supposed to know the future. Spoken over the past because we have a memory of it. And I was taught her I learned I guess that memory is like a recording. Of things that have happened to us so we're supposed to head information from the past but information from the futures spoke to be unavailable. Where did little you know and ask you this question real quick though you have the stream when you were younger. Of you in your thirties and having this experience. You have did you come to appoint your life for you it it was that day at. That you remembered in your dream in your able sink back this is exactly where it was or how I saw myself in my dream match them. Yeah yeah I did. And it took a look at it at what twenty years or to happen. And some like it has started to investigate. Time and the mind and how's it possible to get information from the future. And the other thing I was investigating whether the principles of six speakers. Problems will be teaching about success questions. Studies except so I've got all the self help books you know the power of the subconscious mind and thinking gold rich. And all those books which a lot of your listeners picture of red. And at the same time on who is researching time. And the first place look because I was raises questions Oprah played her look who's in the Bible. And I knew that in the Bible of these profits you know they're supposed to be able to enter to future and interpret dreams and a and that sort of thing and I thought well. That's great for them I'm not a prophet you know. An and I read I read about psychics. Like not condemn us you know he was able to apparently predicts things that happened you know decades maybe centuries before. And I thought well. That's good for him I'm not a psychic so low that the committee applied to me so what I was looking for what some. Reasonable logical. Explanation of how it's possible to get information from the future. And so one of the places I looked was civics and Einstein. Because. Wanting to Einstein's that was that the closest thing this time in the result such things space. There's four dimensional space time and he says the laws of space and the laws of time. Mirror each other. So I thought well that's interesting yeah. I know all the information travels through space like information right now Iranian and Victoria. And you're in Boston red. It. And doing it yet. So you know the information traveling across the country right. So all it gets started to become reasonable to me that information could move through time if there was only home wade that it can happen. Now because I have seen myself writing books and travelling and being teacher and being you know. Successful. I had assumed that that's what. My life was destined to be so. As I get into mind mid teens late teens early and late twenties in my like it was anything but you know all I basically failed out of high school. Wasn't able to go to university so it seemed to me than any thought of becoming university professor were out the window. Which may be very bombed out bridge to Brett and as I get them to in my twenties and an end. Mid twenties you know my leg was a complete match and you know I was overweight I couldn't find a decent job. I was into. Substance abuse and on my relationships were basically painful it seemed like nothing was working out. And the bottom line for me when I'm really bought in though was when I locked my job. Get fired from my job and my girlfriend told me that we definitely. And so I thought. How can I get in displaced should all Wear like nothing is working. Nothing is going right and I need some way to turn my background so I saw an ad or a course and mind well. I was 29 at the time I remember. And I took my last EI QX. Unemployment insurance Jack and I enrolled in this course and I thought to myself I don't care what anybody else it's of this course. I'm gonna do every single exercise I'm gonna read every single page in this book and we knew all the visualization exercises all the medication actions as. Because I need for this thing work I need to turn out. So in that course which was weakened course. I've learned about the law of attraction and I learned about the power ought. Tolerant mind another book visualization techniques breathing techniques. That sort and I got into doing news meditation exercises the course outlined. 26 weeks of meditation exercises twenty minutes everyday and I didn't just want. Sent in the same chair the same time of the day. And an end to do in these medication side and after about six months might like. Changed you know I hit some insight I've felt better and lost some weight and stop smoking. Thing will look up. And so I realized at some point. That I had a really negative. Attitude of my past. All the I can remember in my past. Work you know with the teachers plate with the church. Problems with my parents and so I thought to myself and all I can't remember anything positive about my parents. As the older rolled right there is we have to take a break in Iowa I want mom and be able to pick to celebrate after break because as a lot of questions I have on the mood to talk him already. We'll listen to Jason in je Giambi on reality radio our justice Anthony Hamilton check out this website Anthony Hamilton died or. The. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. Arrow. Ball to all council. When I hear talking with Anthony Hamilton he's the author of a book called mind time and power. His website is Anthony Hamilton dot org and we start the conversation. Check in the load by about and peace path to where he do ended up at a point where he wrote this book but if he were telling us about. Getting involved and in a course you you did a lot of meditating. You did a lot of reflection. You you've paid attention to this thing from the top to bottom and you started to see a lot of results at the end of the course and your tone telling us about some of the changes in your life before I went to break. When he go ahead and pick it up break there. Yes that's right if I could just make one quick comment you have a couple of my web site listed on you know our. Peace there. The Anthony Hamilton dot org actually is not. Really working. The other one mind time in power dot com debt steps by which it. OK good to know Barry could you know I know that I spent a lot of time and Anthony Hamilton dot org today that you're talking my mind chock. Mind time power dot com is the one that you're using. Yeah that's right that's exactly when I'm currently using the other one it's an old web site the leaks or really work anymore. Guys you know ten or its mind time power dot com. That's right mind on the power dot com and yeah celtics' latest in salt. I got a good place for it learned about the power of the mind and I started doing meditation exercise that day. And at some point that I had a really negative attitude about my past I literally couldn't remember anything positive about my past and I thought you know. This is illogical I mean I must of hit and brought the experiences. I can't remember any. So I'll do almost twenty minutes meditation exercise anyway. And it form the habit of doing it by this point. So used to go down in the beach where I lived in Vancouver and that would sit under the Austrian meditate that's what all I can find some. Something positive in my past. And for the first 23 days remember I couldn't think of anything. I couldn't I couldn't recall anything positive but after its report days I remembered. Baseball I used to like playing baseball on out it. And so all I thought possible. I have a lot of friends you know that we to play baseball so the next day and then the next day after that and I did this for a period of about two months. I went back to a baseball game in my mind. And I try to remember more and more details about it and it was quite it was like wiping. Dot stopped taking something you know every candidate is this meditation. Can remember more and more stuff. So eventually I got to the place where I can remember my friends' names I remembered what their fathers and mothers did for a living at remember their phone numbers some of them. Their pets where some that are currently used to driving in the elections number I mean may you know. And then at one point. I remembered after one of these baseball games and friends of mine and I went for a walk up the hill near Wright lived. Where some guys had built that swing in this big tree. And we took turns swinging on this. Swing. And I took my two iron in my hand slip top but I held out on the ground in mock myself vote and I had this great. And in the dream I saw myself in my early thirties and out living by the ocean. And I was into teaching people to be successful and happy. And it was like oh lack on the side of the head it was like 10. I realized I agent has. The same thing. But I didn't on the other hand. Was 32. Remembering being hand whereas before it was pan. Having a dream of being 32. And I thought that. That's what had a look on four for twenty years. From me this was a logical. Explanation why it possible to handle future and then after the could get information from the future 'cause I thought you know memory is not. A recording like I thought memory is a connection. It's a connection between two point in time. And justice saying that this won't call it the connection between two points and space. I brought it makes cents and that it Ryan and connected to the and you Euro at ten year old connected to meet. That made sense to me how it's possible to get information from one mind to the other and I talked. Also answers the other question that I asked which was would it take to be successful. It had been studying the principles of success at. And you know there's dozens and dozens of principles of success but I thought if there's one principle that's the most important want what is it. Well it's obvious it's you have to have a goal he can't be successful unless you have a glow. So why not Wear the goal. It's in the future. So when you look will you think a book goal you get connected. Into the future goal and that what I call the mind kind connection. And that's the origin of my book and all the information that I subsequently come up with a about visualizing and mental time travel. And how you can use your mind together information from the past or gather information from the future. And actually like a sailor. You know sitting is sales and using his Ryder you can use. You or inner. Inner resources. To move yourself in the direction that you wanna go. Well here's a combined here's a question for a only play devil's advocate here. It is an applicants is that a concern though if you. Can see yourself in the future where you're supposed to be where you're going to be let's just say come. Is and the concern that a lot of people. Might lose or draw you in what they're doing because they see that there already is assessed this that the this professional in the future are to have this career and they think that. That's where they're going to end up no matter what. And return sort of changing more changing the future. Of what they saw. Well that's what I Q you don't wanna protect history in my Q those going to be successful. And what I found out it was true I mean. It wasn't until I was in my thirties and I started to gain some some on grass but of I've actually. Determine the course of your life you know electricity if you look if you imagine being sailor unassailable you know before that outstripped. Let's and I assumed that was going to be successful. All that and I mean I mean into a fight I saw the future where I was going to be a fire man. And I decided now aren't all that's that's what must strive for is an important isn't a possibility that you're not seeing the future though at that point you're seeing. A possibility. What you may become the or what you have that in the possibility to become the future so that's what you strive for instead of seeing the future. Well that's exactly right so you know Michael Jordan's taking new when he was ten years old that he was he was going to be professional basketball player. Tiger Woods knew when he was young he was going to be a golfer. So I believe that each of us has glimpses of the future all the time. But apparently interpreted generally not everybody sees. He's so there's as requirement in the future and to you know I want to be apartment you know. It's just sought in their head right. Now. What I've found at night as I explained is that the key to having us this power in this mine power that we're talking about is to have a goal. To have a goal that important enough to Liu. But you hang on to it you'd think a body you meditate on and you use the goal to give you information from the future. As to how to get there. But research and I've done indicate that only about 3% of the population. Have goals. Most people never sit down and figure out what it is they want. You know. Stadium. They have a goal for May be a day you know that won't work more. It might have a goal for the weekend. Or for maybe even summer vacation a couple months from now. But people don't normally sit down and planned out the next five years ten years fifteen years of their life now the people that do. Sports people. Politicians. Businesspeople entrepreneurs. Those kind of people they achieved their goal generally because they have a plan and have a a destination. For the average person 97%. Of the population. They just dress like that sailor in the sailboat that does not use the sales in the rudder the wind just blows in here here in the air. So the key then is to. Either decided. What do you want in the future order PC yourself that you say. As a fireman Eric an actor or something like that but he sees upon that is it okay this is what I want how to get there. So it's more focused direction and you just focusing on. But it direction you want you wanna be Lauren what. You wanna invest absolutely focus is really the key Jason you know from the term. Mental time travel. And future memory. It is our terms if you do a search on the Internet on like 500000. They air terms that were coins in the eighty's and ninety's by people studying memory. Because it is lots of people trying to figure out what memory block psychologists. And one guy. Whose name is Angel holding he was you know one of the world's leading researchers on memory he was studying people doing memory. Tests. In something called functional MRI which is a machine that allows people to look inside somebody's brain as they're sinking. And so you get used to looking at people he would give them out like a lit the can work something that's okay. Trying to call these words and that they were recalling the words he'd be he'd be looking at their brain in this MRI. And he got to be an expert in figuring out what the memory looks like. In somebody's brain. So he would give dispersed in the patent OK you know produced yet here we give you Lester were you trying hogwarts. And then after the test is over he says no candidate relax we're gonna do another test in the minutes and you'd mystic secret by ten minutes. Relax and we'll get back here you know and as he looked over at the MRI he could see that this person's. Mine was remembering something. So when he get back to the test subject he says. What you're doing in between the cat that when I told is to relax. And the nice at all while I was just thinking about this we can we get a dinner party coming up and that was his goal in mind as to what this dinner parties and and so Angel holding. Realized that what ever memory years. Didn't work in the future claims that works in the past. So memory is not necessarily. A record is and I expected it after recording what it is is the connection to the pat this is how widespread netbook. And the closest analogy to it. Is statement. So everybody can daydream. When you focus that when you hold that dream when you think about it when you're trying to figure out how can I get there and I'd be that person. Like Michael Jordan I mean has this story is well not you know he he didn't make the down the high school basketball team. He wasn't good enough but he kept working he kept practicing apply here right and over time he got to be the star that he. Became. So it's. Daydreaming. But it's during dreaming in a focused. Coherent way meditation is one way of thinking about it. Visualization exercises and believe they so the using your mind in its natural natural way just digging in thinking. But doing it in a focused way so everybody can plan a dinner party. Everybody can decide you know to go to the store to Moreland bio spinal forbidden jug of milk it's the exact same part of your mind. This future memory that allowing you to figure out what you gonna do next week next month next year or five years from now but most people just are not it. Not taught how to use it it's not explain to us that this is the way the mind works. And only if we're lucky not to stumble on. A goaltending course or something or somebody teaches at a set goals are and visualize. Com most people just never. Make that connection. Where we're talking with Anthony Hamilton he's the author of the book called mind time and power the website is mind time and power dot com. We're gonna take a break when we come back Marie gonna get in just more than deet tails of the book in some of the ideas that Anthony shares in the book on how. Not only continue usual mind. To better yourself and to actually help accomplish goals that you may think are impossible at times. But we also didn't do more details on this mind time travel it's beyond reality radio. It's Jason wasn't Jim Johnson. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and -- and is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Who is a science teacher from the UK on an author of the book called extra sensory is in a lot of work to as you know. Using science to approve and or disapprove. A teleport telepathic. Abilities telecommute says psychic abilities. And done it he's Scudder a lot of interesting stuff to talk about movie channel them tomorrow night. You cover some great topics in the Monday we've got a one stroke clear a researcher author and intuitive who writes inventors are a variety of subjects. Also in 1981 along experienced a big foot and counter. And you know we're gonna talk known bug pretty much all that Tuesday we've got the would you pull Conley coming home we're going to be talking to him about. What if meg would Dunn was not really extinct. Or zero meaning the possibility is that it is an extinct doing some scientists say that and anyway I thought some people do yeah and I Wednesday night caught and I Kellie Coffey will join us she's gonna YouTube channel known as Kelly in the raw she talks about being psychic and paranormal also some more lifestyle oriented things like health cooking nutrition. Unknown shall join us on Wednesday night of next weekend. Tonight we're talking winds Anthony Hamilton he's an author of a book called mind time in power the website is mind time and powered dot com it's all spelled out. And we've been chatting about the book and some of the concepts found in the book and Anthony again thanks for joining us I want to take you back to it a statement that I've read a couple times in association with the work you do. It in you say they hear your passion is to awaken people to their inborn ability to improve their lives give us a little bit. Of an idea exactly are we talking about there. Yes exactly well one of the things that I hate the percentages land have been told that on good. It makes it feel it is to figure out. Pretty simple you know really easy. To use simple techniques. For helping people improve the quality of their lives and so one of the one of my favorite technique and if you listeners can do it I mean it's that simple exercise of artistic it's great to. No love you know. And out target seniors in their eighties didn't hide and seek peace and little bit too right. But it's really quite profound and what it is it's I call it your past successes. What you do you think piece of paper and you're right count 345. Things. That you consider to be successes in year past. And they don't let me big things that give these ball you know they can be things like learning to tight. All are graduating from high school or getting your drivers and to learning how to do certain learning how to play the guitar you know. But the thing is when you. Right now on these past excesses and you think about them. Immediately you'd. Because. Synching music connection so you're connected to that time in the past when you achieve that success. And automatically without even trying. People find that they feel better yet to writing net past successes list. So that easy technique I mean anybody can do it and the trek to that is to repeat it. So if you will read you pat successes lit one and two you'll feel good for 235. Minutes. But what scientists have now discovered in the December and again using this functional MRI. Is that your brain is plastic. And so any thought that you repeat or any mental activity that you repeat. Has an effect on changing the brain. So the brain is connected to your body. So when you think of motor past success and you literally get that. Feeling of happiness and success back in your body and you do bad as a practice Seidman today. What happens is that feeling of sex you're thinking of pick your brain. And you'll find that over a period of the two weeks or months. You will start to feel better. Automatically. You'll also as I described outgoing new book my meditation exercise try to remember my own past successes. When you read the past successes list you can think successful. That affects your attitude and your brain. And you will remember or more past successes. So I suggest to people you know the usual past successes excitement today. And when you think of another success and it took a list when you that 5101520. Past excesses and you use your imagination and you just close your eyes and daydream and think about those past successes. Let that positive feeling in your body. All over a period of weeks it will have a measurable effect on value. Feel. And it'll affect your perception to you start to see more things in the world start seeing more things in your program. That's being successful. So I've had people take. Take a workshop of mine tried it past successes list and it just blows your mind suddenly they realize. They're like this bullet successes. No wonder wrote me this long email out through after what I meant workshops and he says you know I realized that I. I've got dressed successfully this morning actually successfully I called my hair successfully and started my car and drove to work successfully. So suddenly. Just from the simple exercise or writing down some past successes. He doesn't starting to realize that he was successful. All the time. And we can all do that we've got to go to break it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason. Johnson we've got a great show for you tonight and we invite you our FaceBook page on a website FaceBook of course if FaceBook dot com. Slash beyond reality radio and miss you like that agent and head over to beyond reality radio dot com. If I stations that we Iran and most likely in your area where animal across the country if not eaten you'll even so he can click the listen lion listen right from the website join me online chat a great community that's and there are various supportive and welcoming of everybody in JV and I aero isn't theirs well. Yeah I'm having trouble keeping open the chest a lot going on in there. Has always going yeah. How does that sort of different things after thirty different things and only one of them are two of the related what we're talking about it any given time which is what is so interesting. Com and also the telephone numbers 8446877669. And a big thank you to all the radio stations that are coming online on the am beyond reality radio of group of stations great to have them added every week as we grow and grow and grow and. It is nice it's nice to see this popping up everywhere and are the fans are the ones who made the show a success the radio show the TV show all that stuff and we owe it all teal so. It's nice or popping up and all these different areas and we constantly trying to update the the FaceBook. If FaceBook dot com slash B on her own radio page with a in the beyond reality radio dot com page with a but are so. So for people that don't know most of maybe three weeks and maybe a month and a month ago you and I guys a couple of wish machines we ships would ring from our good friend Jeff Warren. Yes. And we have used them yet we've been waiting to come up with something special to do ice would I use my wish for you'd have a Thomas are now. Did it work that we know load these are very good. But we've been talking about having a contest or some type of I guess who called a contest and Josh Warren in his in his partner. Have decided to give us a couple these wishing machines. Does as crisis and now we just were in the processor gets slick Eddie on the job we're trying to come up with the a mechanism by which we give away companies which nation heavily wooded. On this earlier but with so everything going on with your mom my phones and has been kind of hectic forest for the last few weeks and a yet but we're definitely were economic and we're pretty much almost all set to make things happen. Yet we're gonna get there very very shortly. So. And gone Nawaz is gonna say we're we talk about the fear of artificial intelligence alone on the show. Well it'd scare the Indy and it's finally happened a robot. In a factory. Went rogue and killed a worker. I heard something about that sitting get I didn't hear too much of the details yet it's a woman who was killed in the auto parts factory in Michigan. She was trapped by robotic machine marine was pronounced dead. She'd been working on at the plant for twelve years. Accused of a series of moral or getting into too much graphic details what happened. No but the wintour has filed a wrongful death suit against five robotics companies that are responsible for. Installing and testing the robotics including Lincoln Electric socks and gate proto Max and a couple others that I can't pronounce cruiser. They're not to nine American companies but she was working within. Two and a section of this particular factory when. It robot from the section took her by surprise. And came into the area she wasn't prepared forehead and she was actually crushed to death by this thing and done so and demeanor have sensors to it's not. Two seasons now describe. Our hearts go out today in the something we talked a monologue where. Here especially if he's Roloson or are these days did you hear about this I'm Brazil's president moving our Presidential Palace. No did not know can't or the president of Brazil revealed a remark or reason for his strange decision to move out of the country's Presidential Palace. Ghosts. Era veteran the homestead. The printed his moving out because of ghosts each other so that we need to go to investor I know he's do you think right especially seeing where this goes so goes serves that I do that's huge yeah you know it's a huge impersonal. President Mattel tanner says that he and his family had grown increasingly uncomfortable living in the palace. And the reasons. He said they felt something strange there. He said he he wasn't able to sleep right from the first night the energy wasn't good and this is what he was telling the Brazilian magazine. Ha according to timer his wife also felt uneasy inside the home. And only their young son seemed to have taken a liking to the residence which has an uncommon just children tend to. Ten and not feel threatened by these things or or be fearful of these but the year eerie feeling to so profound that tomorrow. Joked to the Obama that we even started to wonder could there be coaxed. Then they enlisted a priest to bless the home and eradicate any possible evil evil spirits Bada. With that attempt in the cleansing the palace in Paris and apparently. It seemed unsuccessful so beaten him and his family. Opted to move out and where did they moved he moved. Well that they ended up taking over the vice president title except that a tough so epitomizes this means the vice president has been just players there's Merrill's share in the same house no idea to have some way you know as long as the vice president. There's terror Franco century can take on via the palace while at bat did you imagine that that's. Crazy. You know he's just judged the shop anywhere and it does matter who you are you can be affected by it. Or really honestly if if it's something that you just you're not comfortable with whether it's. Negative or not. Mean if you're if you're scared of your stared at the bottom line so yeah. Are able let's let's take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest in Anthony Hamilton he's an author of the book mind time and power we've got a lot to talk about the Anthony. It's beyond reality radio when Jason and javy may she stay tuned to watch come out. Our men are stayed just you know be patient get too soon as we can the numbers are 8446877669. Tomorrow night we've got Brian Clegg on the program and then Friday of course as it is every week it's a best of program. And we'll plug get a couple of the best hours from the from week to just proceeded. And you get to in case you missed it to get to hear him. The next week we're going to be taught him a lot of great stuff that allow agree gas long Astra clear. How are we talking about of course crypto zoology big funnel that's off Tuesday Paul Conley we're going to be talking about what if maglev down. Isn't really extend. Well there are a lot of people who think that I don't screw missile and attempt earthly paradise additional time I see that things are going to my bow to showing that might remind sonar. I'm also a Sauna. Yeah I'm with you promised to bring in our guests Anthony Hamilton he is an author the book is mind tying and power. And the website is the same thing mind time in power dot com and Anthony welcome to be on reality Rio it's great to have year. So let's talk about the book in let's talk about. Why you. How do you introduce people to these concepts because. You know we've we've we've heard a lot about this stuff and it's pretty complex if you look at and on the surface to east people into it. Well thank you like extend a minute ago with that pat successes listed on the somebody can try that and the instant results were. The start to feel successful in this particular happier you know. So that's that's usually the first thing that I will peak somebody. If I'm talking to them about this from my training or anything else. And I explained that the reason that it goes successful because they're connected. The thinking is the connection you know and if you think of something blogger and you'll Google it could think something negative. You'll feel bad. And so most of our feelings are simply habits. Because our thinking habits you know. Seoul. The same so when I was in university yesterday linguistics so I saw you linguistics a lot of times. As a metaphor for thinking. Because linguistics as you probably know is branch of cognitive psychology so. Studying language gives us a way to look at what thinking. And you're thinking about language for example I have. Four Brothers that are I have three Brothers and I have two sisters mothers who was in the family. Now we were raised in the same place same parents. But we can't different. I don't sound exactly the same as mine Brothers did look on the same as me you know. So it's the same thing we're thinking. In Cuba has our own kind of emotional and mental. You may cause an accident or dialect. In general terms we have the same kind of beliefs I mean you know my. My Brothers and I and my sisters we re on the east coat shall we have that kind of East Coast exit. Except I don't hear copper will be years and I'm losing mind. But so in general terms you can recognize somebody from the southern states or from Canada or from Germany if they're speaking English. Because of their dialect. Seoul. At the same time that people have a dialect that identified them with a group. We have what's called an ideal which is our personal ways that we use our language. And I believe the same. With picking. You know a lot of people have similar attitudes. But there's specific spots in this specific thinking is unique. To them. And you know a lot of people pay lip service to this idea that. You've talked a powerful thoughts are real things my thinking create my life. You know a lot of people and accept that sort of new age belief. But I hated people well what fox a powerful what sought holding back what and you had. Generally speaking they don't know sol what I explained and as. That if you make a list of what your goals are. You re you know we're you prioritize. You feel them out so that you can create on paper at least. I eight concept of what you might call your perfect day. A year from now. Two years you know the perfect play the perfect relationship here well. You're income kind of relationship you're involved in if you consider just slide on paper what that. Perfect date looks like and mentally. Using what in my all the law which action or visualization technique you can kind of jumping in to that reality mentally. And start to experience what it would be like if you were actually Internet. What a and what that does is it has an effect on your. Thinking. And you will start to notice things that lineup with that. Goal or with a dream you try to create for yourself. And let's go Sabrina caller and it into the conversation here this is Barry from Charlotte, North Carolina very welcome to be on reality radio you're on with Jason GB and Anthony Hamilton. Hello Larry Jason and gave me and Anthony. At hamper her outward viewership. I'm a long time listener to go to. You know on the course. And Tom it's or enjoy the Orioles president my god and so is Joshua eagle on. I heard you mention Joshua was my name a few minutes ago. Josh is a good friend he's have been a friend for years and George's also a friend as well. Yeah how well does Joshua Bryant and Georgian Army or and we had a we put our show and add. And we won't know Carol I don't know long ago where Joshua. Who lives. And tell them out of my out of my Alma Powell lives so I don't know if you go look problems. Anyway. I just want to welcome now the Charlotte market but it or alleged accounting Indonesia are upset. Because they can't take it and I know it from there programme. Yeah. Well. And we're so or sorry about that but you know that's that's what that's the station's one and what the the listeners out there wanna Bjorn George is up all night long I mean. He can he'll lose an hour and still be perfectly perfectly fine got a lot of hours a day. Act like thanks so much for the call Barry we appreciate the kind words so entity. Let's let's. And visit a concept that you talked about in it's it's a relates to mind tying travel. You talk about the ability to actually change the past using this type of technique. Describe that and how does that work. Yellow again you know old Vietnam the old model that we have. The world and the mind. As a way as I mentioned when I first started when we were talking about this. Is that we tend to think of the mine this kind of recorder. You know using the down the tape recorder as a as an analogy or maybe now people think it would as a computer you know. He can put programs in and that sort of thing. And the model we have uh oh. The world is that the past. Is gone it's finished all the here is now the future hasn't happened yet you know. So people say you can't change the past you can't do anything about the past the past is gone you can't do anything about it. Well the court completely false the tactical air and it's that simple exercise with the past success split groups in all. The entire past of view me and all of our listeners here now it's still exist it doesn't exist typically. But that exists as a slot as your memory as as a concept in our mind right. Soul because of the past is simply an idea. It's a very complicated collection of ideas but it's basically an idea. You can change it. You can change any idea and soul when you do it simple exercise like this past successes Lester mentioned that work for me and it works for everybody. You'd start to get a different content that you passed because suddenly the past has more positives right now because you were you thinking about the right. You put them on the past successes. So that one plane that you can change your past is you can just simply. Fill it with more pat positive experiences and that told them the texture and the flavor sort of of the past. Shipped. And other ways that you can do it. You can read you an event in your past that you consider to be negative. And you can mentally review that using your imagination you can just imagine you watching yourself. As milieu we're watching some other person you know watching a mental movie. You can watch that passed the event unfold. And because you're looking at yourself from the distance in your mind you know you're not connected to your. I mean you're not in your body you're looking at yourself as though you're watching a different person. You can watch that past event unfold. And if you ask yourself. Some questions like. Howell outlook this event positive what was positive about this that if it. What pretty soon you're gonna find that there's lots of positive about it one of the things about the mind is that when you ask yourself the question. The mind will answer. Seoul and again I'm a great believer in making lists so if you take. And perhaps even at getting fired from the job or losing your relationship or something like that you know. You just simply start brainstorming. Or an image and that means ego kind of daydreaming about it and saying what what was positive about that. We might find that you learn something from. You might find that year and a better place now because of that act didn't even know what the trying to might have been painful. Actually in retrospect they were from positive aspects to so you can start to change the way you think about that he's that. Also in other words it's not really changing the past it's still exchanging them. Merkel the outlook or the way you perceived that experience in the past. But that's all the past is right the past is nothing more than your perceptions that. And that's true for our late in the present to you know I mean some people see the cute glass half full of people see this and be so we tend to think that. That our president is physical. And this physical and I'm in the political will right now in York. But my feelings my thought my impression the meaning that I put on any present the event. I think Freddie pack color the event so not only plant is purely political. Advance our art Mantilla part physical. Yeah we're talking with Anthony Hamilton he's the author of mind tower time ten power of the web site his mind tying and power dot com. We're gonna continue our conversation when we come back plus take your phone calls it's beyond reality radio. Her best Anthony Hamilton before we bring him back in just wanna remind you tomorrow night Brian Clegg we're going to be talking about his book extra sensory. And the research and scientific investigation and he's done into things like telepathy telecommute says psychic abilities those kind of things. In every Friday is a best beyond reality curiouser tune in check it out if you weren't able to catch a during the week. You can see what the the best couple hours during that week or yen are at the start of the fall money gonna bring our guest. Anthony Hamilton and he is the author of the book called mind at that time in power. The website is mind time and powered dot com that's all spilled out into neat. We are talking about changing the past but what are things that you say is well is that the future is a source of power. Tell us how that works. Yes that's right well. You can imagine the debt to you know one day you wake up and hear that your partners that you all can you stop by the the grocery store on the way. Home. And got a couple local resident. The quart of milk you know. So you kicker so. You see yourself in your minds side. Leaving work driving to the grocery store picking up the groceries and coming home. So if you're leaving work you realize oh wait second I got to I got to deliver something across town to you know so I can't take that route that I. That I was plan and to make but I know there's a grocery store clothes to Wear around Golan so in your mind you do you form a new plant right. You imagine yourself not going. Tutors or any bit going to restore peace. Which is an alternate future. So. Either you or. Mind has the ability to see yourself. Driving across town going to that store and buy a loaf of bread so that future goal. In a sense tells you what to do could get there you know and at peace activists venting everybody's said the experience of planning a dinner party. Or planning a summer vacation and actually to make a decision about where you're gonna go on your holiday and immediately. Possible future that possibly you perhaps that's on vacation in that place start to communicate with you really get ideas you know like. I got a I gotta get all column you know let's. Let's go online and see what to look up races are or maybe they'll have the heart and I should talk assault when he was there last year maybe you know as a good hotel rights. So that future possibility starts to communicate with you through your intuition. May be in a hunch or dream or what we call that still. Small voice with him and you. And these ideas popping in your head. Well where they're coming from. Well a lot of a lot of people like the wall but a lot of people would chalk that up to. Imagination or just pre pre planning. That is exactly my point that what I'm talking about here is thinking. It's using your mind using your imagination using your thoughts kept all the it is but it's using your thoughts in a in a controlled. Manner. Rather than just daydreaming about having a holiday. You start to plant where you gonna go and once you make a decision that decision transforms the idea into goal and the goal starts to communicate with you. So old barracks adapt basically Miami my fundamental point is that. Is it is that what we're talking record here is thinking but who wouldn't when most people think about thinking the language is very specific right. I mean if you if you ask me what other way cheaper goal and and I sit duke while Jason what you have to do you have you mighty epic. Let's not very specific right but applied say OK imagine the place you want to be six months or a year from now. Either inner awareness there imagine that you are in that place. You know you can see the play cure you can feel it you can hear people's voices around you. And you put yourself mentally in that position and then you expect. To get in my ears popping Indian head. Telling you. Do this goal there talking dispersant. So it'll be an agreement. But what about you have Parole Board about a few and I understand he's saying with the you're making contact do you future self. And then in the near future self sending back information duke. But what if you're in the trip turned out to be a total disaster or some some huge failure failure happens. On the choice that you made or on to stay at a certain location. I mean if that was a fact wouldn't your future self centered say hey. You don't wanna stay at this place because assess. Well that's possible. You know. It's also possibly just a deadlock. Outcome of these happen right. We don't know everything is going to happen but wouldn't it pretty close I mean. For example if I would ask you you know what are the chances you can drive across town by local bread in this grocery store you'd say I percent ranked. Across town might find a potential voter red tonight. So there's always you know the future is not. Guaranteed. What we can do is we can sit goals and we can achieve the goals. But exactly how they unfold and the timeline that they unfold it. It is. Sometimes beyond our control you know I was watching out. I was watching a documentary last night Arnold Palmer I agree golfer. Would you ever won the US open. He tried he tried numerous times to win the coastal and he never did it. So you might say well he's failure that he missed his goal that was one of the big goals too in the Grand Slam he didn't do but of course nobody would say that he wasn't. A very successful golfer. So the actual details whether there's any bread there or whether the hotel has a power outage he's staying there. Kind of thing you know they can happen but. Largely you can determine. Where you goal in life if you decided where you wanna goalies set some plans in place you use your imagination. And use medical and you work towards that you have a lot more control over somebody who just you know roles were dikes. And has a phone lines we've got to Bob from Wisconsin joining us Bob welcome to beyond reality radio good to have you on the program. I wanted to create yet. Sure it up. You're gonna popular energy and you know. What about negative record going out and what's what's positive somewhat negative you know it's basically down an accurate definition I. If you rule if you will come heard me talk a few minutes ago about the past successes list did you hear that thing bought. I don't know I don't sale or out. Buchanan Robert. Well that's right so for example I talk about making a list of past successes in your life right. So when you make a list of things in your right there were positive. Then you're gonna feel good you're gonna feel happy you gonna feel positive even a successful test positive energy that I tell you to make a list of failures. Things that hurt you you know that we're painfully you obviously you're gonna feel bad so that negativity act. So things that move you ahead and make you feel good. I would call those positive. Things that you considered to be added or painful that make you feel bad I would call it negative energy so your right. You know you can't of the positive outlook to negative. But you can have more of the positive if you focus on that. And we all know people that see the glass is half and he years he has half full you know they say that beauty is in the eyes of the be holder. But basically everything is in the united to be older and if you look for more positive in your life is all he can define the. Thanks for the call Bob we appreciate that I changed it to the subject a little bit. Actually just gonna bring in around because I know you touched on this earlier. But you talked about tying. As being a field not a river you know we think of time as being some that kind of goes from point a to point B which is kind of the river analogy. But but you believe and others. Two in the scientific community believe it's more of the field explain that concept. Yes that's exactly right in this was one of the big breakthroughs for me when I was originally formulating this whole idea of them being on the mind time connection. Is that we can't do and I had him time as like a strained right just like one a one dimensional. Street or reparation you caller right but actually it's more like the field Einstein said that that that's based kindness of four dimensional feel right so the way we can move around in space. Is a perfect analogy to me of the way we move around in time. So what I mean by that is using this. Story again of the of the idea. Of the hole and they're going on vacation right I can imagine myself next year going to Hawaii. Or I can imagine myself going to say London England I'm all right. Now I can imagine both of those equally in my mind and I can travel in my mind. Using what I call my inner awareness my inner focus. And if I imagine myself in in in Hawaii and start a plan when I'm going to do that lie and of course I'm I'm like he'd end up and why. If I decide to go to London. You know all I can plan to go to London and do all the research on the hotels and all that certain things air tickets and I can go to London. But I can imagine both of those things in my mind right now. So the easiest ways I have found to think about. Time as the field is to think about moving around. On the surface of the year because we used to lean left and right forward and backward up and down. In space we can do the same thing in time. So I'm Anthony tell us about town where people can get a hold of the book and find out more about did you do more than just the book actually tell us. About some other things that you do first and we'll get into where everybody can find this stuff. Yeah well basically I do well. Seminars and workshops I do some online training and coaching and people can contact me through that web site to mine time Howard dot com. If they want a copy in my book they can get it through their web site or they can simply go it you know they can do is Google mine kind of power and you'll find it. It's available on Amazon either has any alum. The paperback book. Or as an e-book. And I have several online courses. That people can check out. That contain videos workbook that copy of my book. Meditation exercises visualization exercises. And they can they confined to the boat load and that web site mind content powered on. That's terrific in what are you working on next. Well I'm working on a couple more books. Wanna look the law of attraction you know the law of attractions popular topic. And again you know the law of attraction as a perfect. In essence it's a perfect analogy of what we're talking about because for me. The perfect way to think about the law of attraction is what happened to me last year when a bomb and car. You know and you had this experience to address if he can you don't see you appealed it many of these guys are understood that you Barr I want. Suddenly it seems like everybody's drive in the giant this you know actor couple months you know you see them everywhere right and what it has yeah you're focused on. You've got that car you get to shape the color of that car in your brain because it'd be it. So you'll spotter when you're driving down the street you'll spiral the corner here it. There's something in your brain called the particular act is being system and the particular act meaning has done its job. Is to make you conscious. I think they're important you. So for example 11. Story that everybody's familiar with as you can be in a crowded restaurant Durham are something you know. Or maybe gain if you watch in this sport game in a block on the noise around you can hurt you hear anything but it somebody mentions your name. You can here right. Because your name is so important to you and that's so familiar to you. That even men in a noisy crowded restaurant. If somebody mentions your name you'll here. The same thing with the car you're driving down the street it is one of these cars and you'll notice that. Because that car in this tent is important to you are absolutely and you start to. I can do in the past successes was to keep coming back to that it's so easy. Start thinking about your successes in the past. Get to recognize what is success is and how often you have successes big ones in all one you'd start to notice more successes in the present. You look to the future intend to imagine more successes in the future. And your whole life and kind of go through this gradual shift. It's kind of like changing your thermostat you know like you have a Thursday your house detect temperature. Well I believe each shipment has success thermostat. And the happiness thermostat and we can adjust those by focusing on the past successes. The past happy experiences. And will notice more and more and more I believe that cone and quality of life. Well she. That's yeah that's terrific Anthony thanks so much for joining us on the show tonight was a pleasure having on. Packaging can thank you gave me it was a real pleasure to be here I really appreciate your time. We have a great night not OK Anthony Hamilton is is was or gassed his book his mind time and power. The website is mind time and power dot com stop by say hello and come right back. Hurry here on every night to with the president ever have ever occurred in the history of the big publicity you're listening online. Or on a local radio stations welcomed everybody. Yeah and that's what I was saying you know who we you who we have welcomed in awhile. Who are different to craft a Paul craft go yes there for just a phenomenal company always cutting edge technology. They are innovative they are. Problem solvers they are need ciller's they do it all and are sponsored program. And I heard they're coming out with a bunch of other products I know yeah I know they've doubled since a couple things we can't talk about him yet as prototypes for us to try out NC you know kind of group can there be Guinea pigs in a way and you know they baker feedback in. If if we say hey this is something that's gonna that's gonna do. The job it's supposed to then though of who put him in the market. I think there are awesome but one you know it's a lawyer and so we we got to do the crypto stuff said here give them a chance talk about their products is beyond reality radio don't go away we've gets more. Don't constantly annoys you to throw the ball to them all those little things like to run around my house all the time home. If so why not see your Hardwoods and let those energetic piece using your workload make those kinds of yours earn their keep. It depends sweeper and now from ground zero to crack cocaine sweet yeah. Our special patent technology amounts in the bottom of those four legged freaks throw them the ball in the holes and wall face like around trying to stop. Our technology grabs dirt from all over the house home. Make your parents do your work the pets Weaver by cracker. Cats if it happened just like animals that they have side effects and so pitch today. Another grape crush the folksy crap here we are alone they are all there in a minute. We've got a lot of great shows coming up tomorrow night brine Clegg he is the author of a book called extra sensory using science teacher in the UK. And he's done a lot of research and compiled a lot of research results on things like telepathy and pelican eases. And psychic abilities and down the river pretty good discussion with him about that stuff yet and honestly look Kamal. Because he he really breaks it down and explains it. In just easy take it easy terms and he's just he's he's a great individual and then next week we were talking come on Monday with long street Clair. He's forty and researcher and author and intuitive who writes and enters on a variety of subjects. He's actually an experience with big foot and we're going to be talking whom a lot of different things with that. Tuesday were talking with Paul calmly. And or are we talking to him about what if maglev Don. Wasn't really extent which again is a terrifying concept anytime we go swimming solar it's very terrifying and they're just giant things in that water just I don't want touching me. There's literally eating a worse time Irish and talk to you yesterday about the video that guy swimming. And Mike manual foot and foot foot nasty water actually standing there on this huge octopus came out it didn't attack him but this huge octopus which they already look alien nationalism. And came up just aren't hanging out more than dinner and that and little terrifies me and she's. But yes so it definitely agree week and if you haven't yet head over to the FaceBook page at FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Like us there. And also had to be on reality radio dot com if you ever wanted to join the checks click the listen you can listen to the show right there. You can also talk would you GB in. BR fearless that's always in there if you download the show which you can download right off for the beyond reality radio website. Or iTunes where you wanna download it I just do us a favor and just rated because that helps really push the show four blocks a lot of people know. That it's it's it's there and the sport's all about trying to get the were doubts everybody knows. Yen thanks everybody for supporting us what you doing in FaceBook hurt by listening or sharing with friends. That's how the show's grown and and how we get so many more people involved in the BRR family it's great to have everybody along. It's because you vicious the shows a success so this is Jason NGB everybody have a safe tonight and we'll catch all tomorrow. And it's. The it's. Just aren't these PH US is willing to say hello and it's really really really mean worrying if you can. Information and wanna ask a follow along or anyone to being Gaston beyond reality regulating email to sleep any that's. Swinging any Edie Edie Klein and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.