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Trump Tax Return, 3-15-17

Mar 15, 2017|

Kim & VB discuss Rachel Maddow releasing President Trump's 2005 tax returns. Kim thinks that this release smacks of President Trump's M.O.

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It's happening to you what is happening here the WRKO boston.com points. So I know it's exciting. New poll for you thought OK good to plea yet and the way we went really well 96% believe that Elizabeth Warren is worse than march a march blizzard I got her arm I. Us down below events after yesterday folks I hate to tell you that. But our go to my Twitter feed at DB the wise they've just posted what was more disgraceful TV Geraldo and Capone vault. Or regional Malin trumps taxes. That and the let's talk about that challenge. Let's do so little outlets for those of you went to bed and probably many of our listeners don't listen to they don't watch richer man out I wouldn't watch her I would never known. And I got up this morning to see it but it's the 2005 taxes it's that front two pages of the taxes. They actually were not delivered to Rachel man out but instead. To the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist many people will know. And which she is Sarah data Jim Johnston. By the way may bode preface of the loud tweets out during the course of the day we've got trumped tax returns tonight at 9 PM. Parentheses. Seriously. So that's the buildup. Now everybody goes a holy smokes. Gotta check in amana. That's the buildup. I GAAP Abbie I woke up and welcome back did that in just a second let's talk about the tax returns in what happened here they ended up in Johnson's mailbox he says. He doesn't know who left them there it was 2005 documents and essentially what we've learned of the documents as best. They'll probably 253. Million dollars that year Rudolph a 103 million of it he paid. Taxes on. You know all the things that you pay taxes on which was to deploy its employees and to you know real estate tax and so on and so forth. In the and he ended up paying 31 million dollars in Alternative Minimum Tax so we paid in total about 38 million dollars. That your in taxes. That's it that's really what we now I mean we don't know much we don't really know how those taxes broke out we don't really know much about. Anything beyond that. To me. I think this is a positive thing for Donald Trump I don't think this hurts him one bit I I I think. Died I would question whether he didn't release these himself and I don't know why would have because the big question throughout the entire campaign was. Did the guy pay any tax at all what he did he date 38 million dollars in 2005. And so did do several things that is one Hazmat now which is that when you put out we've got his tax returns tonight seriously. OK so what are we expecting or we're gonna hear he paid no income tax. And 2014 or 2015 is now or expecting near when we hear they paid. 825%. Rate in 2005. Which is stuff that we did know about before anyway. That an hour right well I would say that when you about it in this stuff had been leaked out I think you're in the water are journal have some version of these numbers are ordered some once somewhere these were our. Some version of assess. I actually don't think that's true BB I think this I mean I think we had seen long long ago but I think the big thing is. You know there was a there was you you remember very specifically he was asked if he. Pay tax and he would set for 2005. Is not what we're expect. To hand it to page document and that he paid deal twice were Bernie Sanders paid last year there again in 2005. That would be of interest you would think but not for Rachel madcow this is not when she was looking for it's a bottom line thing where. Okay trump care it's irrelevant what the details are 25 million or 27 million going to be left uninsured. That's the staggering stat that you just can't. Conservatives are going to have trouble getting around every single time. When you talk about trump taxes the number your goal for today the number you're gonna have trouble getting around is. Either 25%. Or 37000036. Million whatever the exact figure is mean that he paid out thirty gave no because you can't. You can't get around that. He paid 38 million more than Hillary implied in the debate that he's right she was girls like they paid nothing and there's a reason that Dini was hiding it well. He paid 38 million how much did you pay in 2005 Hillary and there's nothing about any Russian connection and he. Of course we put their grade ten wound up but but not light. There wouldn't be in the east Earl. Of any kind of investment or where much of this comes from you don't get that the first two pages of a tax return. But when your teased that. You know. We got them we got the stuff tune in tonight. So those those are the two things you've been hearing about his A he didn't pay any and B he's hiding Russian influence well neither of those turn out to be true last night. You lose you play this honor with me. Want want more and. Now I know this is an epic fail by regional map now app pack illicit I think he's quite frankly. I know that you. And a lot of time textures or whatever elective point does that add to Rachel madcow. I hate I really I mean these these TV people this is what they do for a living. I think who I think to hold trump should be out there. Saying hey. This is good for me and in fact his son did his son actually tweeted out thank you Rachel now. Because you showed the world that my father is doing exactly what Americans do he paid taxes thank you very much. You know I mean it it we don't know anything more or less about Donald Trump's business dealings from this release except one thing. In 2005. He did pay federal income tax. And there has been questioned as to whether he has paid federal income tax in the last twenty years and the answer just yes he did. So I mean I've I think Rachel mad out should I don't know what her goal was if she was trying to make him look bad but she did did not succeed. That's not what happened in my estimation six foot 72666868. 68680 is attacks on desist making a difference do you at all does this change how you feel. I wanna hear and and did. Should these journalists be allowed to have to put the stuff all over there's a lot of question as to whether this was legal or not. While it's not legal but. Number one number two the problem when it is. While you do want to gloat about it if you like trump be careful just because this is 2005. So. First of all it's going to bring up the tax discussion and Jan and we're gonna have to go over this again so in that sense I'm. I'm bored or that topic anyway. Now we're after over you can see Spicer having to answer today so what about last year and what about Dearborn right get those where you're right you have to go over this stuff over and over again. Mom. But we want limited information we have the guy. Did exactly what he was supposed to do and whether you like Alternative Minimum Tax or not trump we know doesn't and you see why. You're I Colorado under five are just over five million instead of you're 30%. Yeah that year but he paid 31 million dollars an alternative minimum taxes. Which someone calling come redistribution. If they didn't have the Alternative Minimum Tax which he's fighting to get rid whom. Ya prom and we can debate that as well and are novel regardless. For the short term. Trump huge winner Matt our huge loser of them neither of that is debatable regardless of portal ratings are last night she will for ever Wear this like. The rubble where is composed of all she wealth. Well here's a question that I wanna put out there for our listeners to it didn't. There is some debate this morning as to whether the trump people insiders released this as a distraction to the we've guide. Issues related to health care today. We've got. Combing coming out today on the allegedly telling two senators White House and Lindsey Graham. As to whether he believes that the the Russian tack the election. We got a few things out there that the drug administration. I think would rather go away. So do you think that this was a leak listen I think it would be masterful film was shot. I would I would take my hat off to him because of this hurting him one bit. If nothing else just like you said guess what they're going to be asking spice Zardari. And it takes away from some of the other issues that may not be going so great. On the fifteenth. Day of march. I love I love this concept that trumpet action news leak this because I don't know how this works. Why would you leak it tour guy and then have the guy go on Rachel mash well who knew he white eagle on Rachel mad now that would be my question do people want tree to a man off. I'm old yes and they were I don't know hard last night I'm guaranteed. If what we're watching anybody if they'd of had this it's like that showed twin peaks back in the eighties if you remember and everybody is talking about it so you finally checked in then you Jack right back out like there are those phenomenons. That would be this last night. Hundreds if not thousands of people tune in to reformat all for the first time ever because they heard this year drums taxes after seeing what she did in what she quote unquote had. They're never going back I mean that's just how old was in that's how it is so. Again she made look at the ratings for last night ago little room. Check a next week guys. There is no body that is like. I need to keep checking in with her after she did the old but she's got deep throat who can released last year Ers this is not gonna go anywhere you're Russell read about that. But again I wanna know from you what do you think I I think this is a good thing for Donald Trump and I hike. I think if he had his people we get more power to him because it was a Smart distraction today it's like there are those Republicans who are warning. Do not get distracted today because we've got to continue to talk about health care. RJ well the voice of Boston. Soon. They're talking about this morning on fox right saying it's brutal may and it is well suited what it is he paid taxes. Then agreed to let out you go to nobody is it real well. What I think Richard let out did not get her hands on this thinking. I wanna help the administration I would help the president. You're probably right about the little one little. I just don't know how. Any of this happened where. She has to have had it in seen him before she put out that tweet. Right I know is that they in the document that she's going to be talking about it says he's paid thirty million in taxes. Is she had be foolish to not realize well what that means or did she not looking until later. The guy said look I got his tax returns you know that I'll be on a nine with the and she goes great LeMieux promoted with what I had to a CNET. So she would have had to have seen it in then promoted it in either not realized it or not cared indyk I own. All talk over the course this is pro trial I didn't see our show last night I can only go off of what I saw this morning the New York Times. You know the main goal for those who don't like the president who wanna try to find something negative in this particular release. The only angle that anybody can find is that he did 31 million dollars in alternative minimum tax and now he's turned do away with that. He would have paid 4000003. Point five something like that had he not. Paid that an alternative tax so what the times tried to say this morning. I don't know maybe Rachel made man out trying to say was look he now you know he's working on legislation that would benefit himself. All I decided early like fox is doing and now be paid 25% income tax in 2005 Obama paid 19% and fifteen. I'm just telling you is like this almost feels like to set up to me there's no way he's web Tonya I think he's I think key. He there is no way trump paid this over the last couple years because if he did he would have just released this stuff. It is is I don't. Item that it's only as you do not about I doubt I guess I'm not release and any. Among neurotic I'm not release and any and you don't have to see it fine that's I'm fine with that. And I don't believe that he leaked has either. Because that will equal to come a lot. Large block sooner than it I think he did because I think this is a good day for a distraction. I think these guys get duped and they won with something not realizing. How they didn't have what they thought they had and then once it was out now they look like fools. I just am very nervous about overplaying. They guy is worth that much and the guy does pay that much in tax because you've got a eleven year period following this year where. If onlooker graph I have to assume this is the higher. One of the higher peaks on that grass if they're asked to be similar laws otherwise he would be releasing this stuff every. I paid more than your present paid for the last eight years if he did that why woody what possible reason what do you have for not releasing that. Leaving character is rushing connections in that stuff he's. They'll put it out well and and that's again that's where I think seeing this fall apart I don't think it's any you have to be Russian connections you know we're also. Obsessed with Russia. I think there's a possibility. That he has business dealings. With other governments. That he does not want released or he would see as a negative and that would be a problem for him to nutritionally acids aren't about this time in tennis scene now. So I'm pleased that we have to we're going to get into that in just a few big guys. I again I think this was the ultimate. Distraction today I mean you you with the bill now heads rice is gonna have to talk about the everybody's gonna have to talk about it. And I think that's a good thing for him today because this is positive and a lot of the other things are not so great let me go to my keys in Wakefield he's been holding good morning Mike your WRKO. Good morning Kim let me first compliment to you and VP for not doing a best of show yesterday you showed up. I did watch. Tucker Carlson and then Rachel madcow last night simultaneously. And Rachel madcow. Reminded me of a scene from the empire aura. Yeah you looked like she just got her blood offerings in two weeks she hurt her fangs were. We're literally sticking out. Where is Tucker Carlson just kind of handled it is another news story. I think the Donald is gonna parlay this today and knock it out of the park and reference to that. This is what he has to deal with on a daily basis. If if MSNBC's. Work to put up good disclaimer at the beginning of the show they should say. This is not a news stations we are in the business. Of eliminating Donald Trump from his presidency. What do you think. Michael let me ask you because you saw her. And again we we get a read this this morning we were Roland bad. What was she trying to say it was negative about this. She really couldn't say anything that derogatory. Or out of the negative. Bit it was stressed her presentation. Of you know hair on fire kind of thing. Yeah exactly Faso for the call you juxtapose juxtapose I would Tucker Carlson who. Had this scathing and well delivered ramping up of NBC. And you know goes into of the Billy bush statement wal. What where is the investigation into that leak and why isn't NBC will looking into how did that get made public because I too was a private thing and how did that and a bonanza the Washington Post in the him. NBC executives know full well how it ended up in the hands because they gave it to moments and that's why his own bed so if he has this whole thing prepared where. He's got a rip NBC no big reason why that was done. Is being Rachel Matt Hauser she's got the tax is common and way to UC what they're gonna be so. They instinctively fox or somebody at fox soccer decides he's gonna take on I'm gonna rip that man. Unnecessary it was great what he did was great in the way he did it was great in mid made total sense and I was fully on board when it. But it was completely unnecessary as it turned out because. MSNBC and by extension NBC did trump nothing but a favor with a sly sense of there was no need direct them. Let me go to Tom comes in Cambridge this morning good morning Tom. Yup I. It's part of Rachel mad though I really just something about urges rubs me the wrong way. And why didn't she puts on those black plastic glasses that might aid great shop teacher where she she really looks like Bobby all to be quite frank. And the other problem my tablets are the weight issues backs those papers in front arbor and and then signed them afterwards that it's the same routine in the Chevy Chase is to do on the original town tonight. It's on mementos on the issue looks like Buddy Holly who the bomb that she drop last night was crickets or can you there was knew nothing terror. It up I mean honestly column she she's not an objective journalist she's an extremely biased journalist. And I just thought I'd. That whole channel is just set up to push a progressive agenda which a lot of sort of just come out and say. You know. 603 says that the guest of the gas through which was which is Stephen Davis John Johnston gripe was trying to convict trump for paying the same effective tax or is a married couple making 80000 dollars at that time. Which is ludicrous again because all you anyone would compare it to is a Mitt Romney be Morocco bomb on Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton boy image from wins and all of how how did how did he pay the same UB percentage point 5% now know how our taxes work in a country hey that's out there works BU but we know Romney never paid 25%. The Obama paid 19%. When he fifteen Sanders paid. Was a 13%. And while we're this is them all the more reason why I believe that Donald Trump released this particular this particular. But how they weren't counted this from police get to this guy and then I'm up on MSNBC why would trump do that easy heat well why when he is that I didn't he release it to him. Why religious given a fine would that be too obvious. Does he care about obvious when it's good news does he does yes he is these links come on a regular basis he likes to do this very overtly.