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Meteorologist had Storm Stella wrong. 3/15/17

Mar 15, 2017|

The National Weather Service received reports that the prediction of two to three feet of snow for New York was exaggerated. They did not disclose that information.

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106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Believe me a lot to talk about. Is there now faking news from the weather service. This is now the question many people are asking for it before right get in there about. I have a brand new fresh call on all corners corner it is on wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. Paul Ryan trumps enemy. It is an act total expose a of obamacare light Ryan care right no care whatever you wanna call it. Paul Ryan's health care plan. I expose it completely. And more than that. I asked the question. Is Ryan trying to sabotage trumps presidency. It's a very important column please corner country Irish all of you who read it. And send it out to his many friends. Call leaks. Family members as possible we need to expose Ryan know Ryan. The sooner the better again go to wrko.com. Slash corner JUHNER. It's corners corner it's called Paul Ryan trumps enemy okay my friends. Fake news. You've been hearing a lot about. Much of the media is now becoming really nothing more than propaganda. How a lot of fake news stories they've been lying about trump relentlessly. Really now for a long time. The question though is this. Is fake news. Is propaganda. Is sensationalist. Driven ratings. Now creeping into the news on the weather the weather news. I as you know. For days now. We were told starting with the National Weather Service then I went to the weather channel and then the local media here and across the entire East Coast. It was a relentless drumbeat. That storm Stella was going to be the storm of the century there. Dare words not mine. They talked about millions of people potentially without power. They were talking about two feet of snow when he and choose 24 inches. They were talking about Arctic sub zero temperatures. People were going to be freezing to death people were gonna be dying. They talked about massive power outages they I mean it was the state of emergency. Governors are panic king mayors are. And McCain and yet when everything is said and done. Yes some parts of New England were hammered some parts of human got a foot even eighteen inches of snow yes especially in the interior. Some power lines did go down some trees did fall on certain houses and cars yes there's no question about it. But when everything is said and done. The big cities in the northeast and that's what they were warning about. That Washington DC would get just almost. Buried in snow New York City buried in snow Boston buried in snow. Much of the East Coast buried in snow. It didn't happen. And I don't mean look I understand meteorologist is not an exact science I get it. In no more weather pattern change they shift I understand that. But still many people are now asking. Was this again deliberately. Sensationalized. And hyped up. Were we being manipulated. Because New York City they were talking to feet New York City got seven inches. They were saying Boston if you remember one inches 22 inches there was maybe eighteen inches. I have maybe twelve inches. What are we end up getting Brittany I think what 56 inches. If. If that if that I mean I walked out of the hotel this morning and it didn't even have to shovel out my car I didn't have to. Get rid of us now from icon it was nothing on it at all whatsoever so I mean they were not just off by a little. They were offered by all law. And what is now we even more damning and honestly they should concern everybody dish dish shouldn't be at least in theory. Liberal conservative Democrat Republican independent. Everybody should be concerned about this. It has now come out thanks to the Associated Press they have a damning report. Whereby it's now been revealed. That the National Weather Service nice is supposed to be completely you know objective. Down the middle. Factual agency their job is just a report to us what the weather is going to be. That's it. Strangest play it straight just BS factual and objective as possible. It's now come out that key people senior people within the National Weather Service had a conference call. From people in New York people in Boston people in Philadelphia people in Washington. And they admitted. That their computer models. We're now showing let's say by Monday. That this storm was gonna be nowhere near as bad as they had been predicting and frankly almost being hysterical about all weekend. That in fact the computer models were saying the exact opposite. But the total amount of snow was gonna be a fraction. Of what they were claiming over the weekend. And yet this is to me what is stunning here. And issued this dish should really concern everybody. They need a political decision. Their words not mine. Any political decision. To not to revise their forecasts. And the reason why they said we want to be quarter and quote extremely. Cautious. And they said the reason why we wanna be quote unquote in extremely cautious. Is because if well. We have to think about public safety. We have to think about public security. You know only if if people don't think two feet of snow always coming and that may be only five inches of snow always coming. Allow domain either does not gonna take this small as seriously as they should. And they may be more inclined to go alone on the raw older gold were perhaps their kids gold which or whatever and. You know and maybe somebody will diary. Thank god forbid we just can't allow that happened so we just got hyped that thing up and just keep it at two feet. Excuse me. Your draw would all due respect. Is not to do public policy. Your job what all due respect. Is not to somehow now act like the nanny state. And saying it you know people don't really know how to make the best decisions for themselves. That's what they're really sank. You know people really can't personal responsibility. And doing what's best for them and their family who in. You know judging for themselves whether they should go louder not known why don't think they really know what's good for them so what we got to do witness. We've got a really just keep the decibel level attend. Even though we know it's more like a three or four are some areas to six or seven. Nobody did get a foot a small or eighteen inches but the big cities the big population centers. Nine you know but they just don't know what they're doing they just in a bit. It on the gonna go wild and somebody may die or they they get into one accident there. You know the piceance the serfs out there as well government guiding them every step of the way. Without government menu pew leading them every step of the way. They can't take care of themselves didn't know what's best for them and their families. That's not your job. This system mean now the danger spot or rent okay. With this shock to me it's shocking revelation you may disagree with me but Tamara my watch. There are now fear mongering. They're now manipulating. Us. They're now deliberately. Rigging the data. They're playing they're playing with the data they're cooking the books. Telling us not to fetus common model it's going to be eighteen inches twenty inches point four inches or it's going to be the storm of the century c'mon c'mon c'mon. And deep they no end of the computer models to sing the very opposite. This thing mount mount not really five inches six inches bitter rain bit asleep. It's a storm my opinion on what's mom major catastrophic storm. You're lying to us. And you're saying you're lying or manipulating us because you think it's what's best for us. That's not your job. Your jaw of the National Weather Service you're draw. Is that tells me our objective. Accurate. Factual information about whether period. How do you think we can react or not react or whether we can handle small or not angle slow. That's not the National Weather Service that's not your jaw that's what commission. Now we have to deal with freak weather news. Because you see here's what's going on. You literally. I'm not exit might the only people throw numbers around literally. You have tens of millions of people now on the East Coast will woken up this morning and are saying. You were telling us for peace. Stay endorse. By as much groceries as possible. All my god don't get up this is gonna be the storm all all storms. You're look at that you're lucky if you got power your your house may collapse you may have two feet of small you may be buried under should know it's going to be freezing people could be dying you need to take all kinds of precautions. And so what happened people believe them. And so what went on to it wasn't just in Boston or New England in new York and Philadelphia in Washington although on the East Coast. You're rushing derby day they were there were stampeding towards the grocery stores. Now. A lot of people. This may come as a shock to some. A lot of people can afford it. But it doesn't matter. They thought if it's gonna be two feet. And my power one's gonna be down a mug and out power for 234 days are better starts walking up because of the National Weather Service is telling me. So you've got people rushing like a chicken without a head. Buying shovels. Not cheap buying salt not cheap. Buying all kinds of groceries. Not cheap. Did stress. The anxiety. The constant pressure. It's like we can't stop being in a it's like we're a perpetual crisis. Have you noticed in this country is now being a trend for at least I would say fifteen years bush Obama it doesn't matter. Everything is a crisis. It's a constant national security crisis. It's a constant health care crisis. It's a constant financial crisis. It's a constant jobs crisis. It's a caught everything it's a constant squalls crisis it's everything it's crisis crisis crisis crisis crisis. If so whether crisis. It just always it's a crisis. Is just constant crisis. And I don't understand why the media does it. Because it's great for ratings. In the short term. Because if you sensationalize. And over hyped something or to be glued to their televisions. But over the long term. It's exhausting the population. It's not only in the population. You know what's gonna happen it was gonna stop believing them. Well look from the very interesting conversation with a brittney and one Briton to win anonymous. This was after yesterday's show or was that a hotel. Jarrett was there as well right the whole team stayed because we fought against could be the storm of the century so we don't tackle home confirmation go home. And Britney said to me this. He said is it me. Or does it seem like we just have so many more small storms now than we used to. I should know Brittany think about it I think we've had three this year Redford I think it's threes in the third one I believe it's 33. Are so I remember growing up not disclosed in Montreal Canada but. There was no I saw pictures of New York Chicago Philadelphia. Yeah I remember growing up in the seventies and eighties. Wish to have a snowstorm. It's genuinely every two weeks. Every candidate's. Eight inches ten inches twelve inches six inches whatever. It's okay. We had 681012. Small storms to winter. Every winter we had a bullpen snowstorms eight snowstorm just gets touches to its winter. Thought the end of the world. The mayor didn't have to hold a press conference. The column premieres up in Canada governor is is their version of governors. Governors were holding press conferences surrounded by people surrounded by U advisors. You've got people would park 'cause they're like its war. Well we've got 2000 vehicles on the road all we've got 3000 vehicles as if what we need tanks patrolling the streets. The mayor make sure the icing trucks were out to plow trucks were out make sure everything gets claim but never let it go at least panic in. And I said Brittany I remember growing up we stunt men anymore snowstorms. But the difference was we didn't have the crisis mentality. It's the exhaustion. From the media hyping everything up. From the governor is baker with the press conferences the mayor's with the press conferences. The constant you have to go to the grocery store you've got to go home deep ball you've got to run here you're gonna be buried in small you're gonna die power outages. So what happens is there is so much pressure. You do you feel exhausted. And because you feel exhausted you feel like this always small wouldn't. When in reality it isn't. Britain you know we got to go to break but they're mine missed characterizing our conversation no. I absolutely agree with you and I was saying you know I feel like it started. Kirk if I'm wrong or if you agree to some group name but around after the marathon bombing it was like. Now Deval Patrick had to have meeting in a press conference after. You know in it in his bunker you know and then at FEMA are whatever mean man they call it. You know ask for snowstorms. And now Charlie Baker rest der Marty Walsh has to do it you know yes do we're making fun edged Charlie Baker probably the soul like love. Public lot outplayed though what does he have to come out here and do these these press conferences for. Especially after you know they completely lied to us our boat fake whether. Like their pushing noddle global warming and climate change and their interrupting. Programs to come on Erin have 24 hour weather. You know newscasts. From our local stations and it's. Really ridiculous and you had mentioned you know. The when they would interrupt programming it was when a president was. Was being assassinated or a shot at or something like that. Noticed that everything is breaking news smelled like Fox News every time they come back from a commercial it's. Fox News elect. And local stations same thing are coming and breaking news. And what is breaking news a fire a car accident. I mean if this very serious things we need to know about them and that's. Breaking news but you know this other things. That I kinda breaking an all out all whatsoever I know aura against him and I just wanna say this I remember a never forget the early eighties a never forget it. When Ronald Reagan was assassinated. Because. Everything was interrupted local programming was interrupted. And they kept showing the president being assassinated again and again and again. The goal and I remember it because it was rear. Well. I mean he I'm watching the news last night. Almighty god channel 45725. They've got these correspondents. And you're watching people Schobel they're small and like how is it is the small heavy and then they've got these people these are of course by the is that. News reporters would like winter boots on one walk importing my free it and our record sales are small like three inches. Immigrants should or should all actually I don't know rulers and advisory Abbott gave no NN with dollars died and I'm looking like gods. It's New England stuff happens too small to. I mean you would win their reporting it you think we've been invaded they have them driving down wrote one well okay what do you see above nothing no other road. But it's down until like the. There's not fingers just payment. And Eric what what are you reporting on. 6172666860. Erica were way over here let me ask you this. Do you think the weather service and the media sensationalized. And over hyped storm Stella. And in general. How has there been a change in our culture our we now over hyping and sensationalizing. Just wed there in general. 6172666868. Your calls next one point nine hero the great RK OOK in my Franz. My bad. Sometimes when you know your producers are saying you got a break break break and you're talking and you're thinking about what to say. A word you forgot to mention a keyword. There was an assassination. Attempt. On Ronald Reagan god forbid he was not assassinated so again please my apologies. Okay my friends you can text the set 68680. 617 Ronald Reagan was an assassinated you idiot now I know that genius. You know it was just I forgot to mention one word it's it's okay all right don't but let's let's find it to upset about it. People make mistakes. RI desist from 781 Jeff. It suggests there's about in the summer every time there's a thunderstorm coming. It's always a severe storm or tornado coming scaring Beth Howell out of every one. Nine out of ten times they are wrong. This is from 617 know this storm cop was fifty miles to the west of where they forecasted. They cause of the causes warm air into eastern mass and arraigned southeast winds instead of north east this storm was as strong as forecasted. And western mass in New York State were walloped with two feet of snow so let me ask you this. Do you think this storm was over hyped and even more importantly. Do you no longer trust the local media when it comes to whether. Do you think now we are getting freak news from all of these local media weather reports. Have you lost faith. Have you lost confidence. 61720666868. Your reaction calls next. 137. Here on the great WRKO. OK tremendous blow back today. The National Weather Service has now admitted. That their computer models show we were not gonna get nowhere nearer. The total should know. That they were predicting over the weekend and yet instead of revealing about or admitting that to the American public's eye and looked. Weather pattern changed and the big northeastern cities are not gonna get to fear is small or eighteen inches or even a foot. They deliberately held back that information. Because they said to be quote extremely cautious. Out of concern for public safety. In other words they lied. Do you feel manipulated now by the weather news and the weather service. Do you think now local media over hyped so a lot of weather stories. And I mentioned this before as wanna repeat this I remember growing up. We had snowstorms all the time. I mean really ten a winter 1112 winter up in Canada. And he was never an issue. The mayor didn't have to hold a press conference served their version of the governor of the premiere of the NAFTA all the press conference. I do remember Reagan's assassination attempt. Who thought I remember because it stood out so much. Because of the local programming being interrupted. It was nonstop everybody was talking about it he just went on for hours and hours. Those are one of the few occasions. Where you saw what is now routine in the American Media. Mental walls. Nonstop. Coverage. And so the question is this. Are you losing confidence in the media. Especially comes let's say to whether. And do you believe they're deliberately sensationalizing. Over hyping a sense manipulating you into news. Just for ratings now before we go to the phone lines Britain and are you wanna Wayne again. While it is true and I fell for it was thought to the weather channel for like hours on Sunday oh I was trying to get over my cold that I had. In its. I couldn't even believe waking up yesterday and looking out the window at you know I got up at 630 then at 730 and there's no solid umps at Merrill waiting. For the snow and there's nothing and I waking up this morning taken enact a shovel my car out there is nothing on my car. You know and you have to think about this as well you know it's it is everything it's in the summertime during the thunderstorms we have that there's a tornado that's gonna comment gets your basements and everything. In then you have to think about. The fact that a lot of businesses shut down for her to be used. Flights were canceled. You know. It's it was it affects a whole lot of businesses it's expensive and it's expensive too close for a one for air water to diss. Because of this and to find out that really. Bit of there was nothing. Okay it was windy. OK so the development. Know. It's winter in new England's winter in New England absolutely and it's it's gotten really ridiculous the past couple of years. Especially 6172666868. I agree or disagree. Jolene Hanson go ahead Joseph. GAAP and all those oh. First of all. Yeah at least there and I are what Reagan that it was like we end up Bernie they look at. The I don't know why all the yeah. Now I have about they were saying break break break so you are you're thinking about what the same as the Reagan's assassination and and I forgot he had the right with a grain out. They knew he didn't mean assassinate but anyway. Job a couple of points on the web art tour talking about how we had more storms job I grew up liquidity. And I will operate like that I was born trick the war and like the sixties and early seventies I was a little kid (%expletive) Not a single person invite. Packed Mabel what was side by side houses in huge and we not one of them have a noble. It all already had a generation. I live in the suburbs now like most. Guys wanna get middle age you want a little ball land and out of the suburbs. Everyone got a giant all the law and generate up. Were all spoiled rotten we use a generator about once every three years of God's sakes you know and how as far as the web. Also what I was a kid and anyone under forty I'm 58 and anyone under forty probably doesn't remember this don't know about this but back in my the sixties and early seventies. Weatherman and look like insurance salesmen you know they want middle aged guys can't salt playing in this weather in like five minutes. Just ice we're one nice clothes out the Playboy. And all those drills at school. Maybe the other girl. What about well let's he would. Ball in the right at you wrong. And no joy you mill guys were delayed models. Sunny. Our day modeling or are there to give the world not outnumbered but they ask parents stock. Act like you idiot you know do you mind that other thing at this lions and everything. That's it's always via this link to. Lose. Weight around us that's insane it's. Is saying look I mean again I don't want you look I'm 47 I don't wanna smell like some you know old folk you openings were better in my day. You moloch I'm remembering is that he's. Tropical foot of snow Mike died and I would go outside though Ben 101112 years of age whatever. And we show the world. But we did it for a couple of hours was actually good exercise. Elizabeth it's colder in Canada than it is here but to put a scar funnier phase should put a mice had to put Mitt knows that's good parable it's nice winter jacket. What's the problem. Everybody went out everybody shovel and went back inside and the story. I only get the web and notice. If it was like a really bad storm assure remember with a bad bad snowstorm. They would maybe like leave didn't use within the 6 o'clock news right now. The fictional storm coming in all we'll have all the details at 635 or whatever national. They're interrupting Judge Judy there interrupting what the Bold and the Beautiful there. Ellen the generous and I'm sure a lot of people they're stuck inside wanna watch that crap because. Is the bottom I don't watch these people on the outside of their hats and a by the a hot where all the water splashing out of the can ever got the white but that they really don't give me a break but not a bill the white trash videos stuff that I wanna watch not stuck inside here are. It's incredible they're just like at and even before this storm is coming their outside in the park parents from the one you and a parka it's still beautiful outside Billick were brazen it's coming 24 hours. Then it's just all day all day all day. That's called setting the scene recruiting analyst pat cash cash cash option for a suspension of disbelief. They know flicker play that really isn't a sure with like a movie. You know and then like they wonder why were what were all exhausted. You know I mean is just below one dollar and like you see is crisis crisis crisis crisis. Albion Mansfield going head Arab. God I can't believe this kidnapped and again. Tech I sent my husband works six mainly miles from where we live okay. Give companies spend a whole play home at 10 AM yesterday. They've got to watch yesterday by doing that. And saying we spent double what we're going to do but are already budgeted budgeted grocery dealt we can afford to you'd ask. I'm like you know one thing where our media our meteorologists. Going to start being. Held accountable when they are wrong 98% of the time who broke up that when he. Bingo Abby honestly. I could have said it better myself you hit the nail right on the head. When they're wrong and there shall often wrong a little wrong we'll mean you're OG again it's an a perfect you know it's an imperfect science. But when you're wildly wrong. And then we find out you guys are essentially cook in the books. Oh oops oops you've been saying point euphoria ropes it's going to be five. Lab let's not column math you know what. But left a letter right until they Stop & Shop in Shaw's and load up on on whatever on milk and eggs and just let him but let let those people do what it's OK Geoff this is from 617. Jeff how many times do I have to watch these idiots get hit by a waves on revered B action. David Boston go ahead Dave. He had (%expletive) I wouldn't stop shop the other night. It was the Orleans staying. That. I know people don't really get pocket debate in the parking lot. I'll announce our bluff exempt that you when I went. Running over each other day. In another thing I didn't want you all talking about it and I hope might borrow your couch. We know what pale I think I don't clean them out you don't like any. Actually component fight now agreed to get better body. Look don't be a little tidbit that I would spot a high. You don't you know we know why aren't easy to block the door. I do every event called Dave you remember when many me. When the ball got tricked a couple years ago came out and say if you're gonna shovel is no Wear mittens or gloves. Footage candle. They have it down opened your batteries and your flashlight. App or dead pets many me thank you I did you mean when it's cold outside and I'm shoveling. Really pressure upon admittance. I never thought about at a lead in Waltham go ahead Lee. I call a couple of things that your first ball. It does not by act of conditioning. Okay this actually conditioning to see all people are gonna react remember I want to buy or so ago I said Edberg about what you eat have a theory. He that we have been scared or lack of psychological techniques. I really believe that this is a Scott a because you're the number of tech. We got we got trumpet president we have. Org W bush anybody hated him. And then we went to Barack Obama. Everybody hate pants and now going to try and tell somebody they know. To be booted. That we don't really get the true grit and everything and really going on how we wouldn't count health care pulling it. Going through this and it goes right now. But nobody wants. It doesn't make me that it seemed like going over. This same card every time you're like you'd change copies. But not in a really ever happened. And and again I really. Look at that. You Obama care or collapse which is the ET SY. And that got insurance program. You already have my full transition are much more logical orderly and Asian. An N and it yet how common it is getting. All of these people who know everything about everything that supposedly. Running the country. Lee lyrical look amen out I got to thank you for the call we only get into this set to a five there's a stunning new report out there are just incredible. Bomb about what the cost Sar if we just repeal obamacare. Verse is Bryant's health care plan. If you wanna read more about it. Go to wrko.com. Slash corner KUHNER. I have they call on that show us I mean of disarray it's Ryan care exposes it. But I ask you deeper question. Who is behind Ryan. Who's behind the attempts to sabotage trump what are the real power is in the vested interest but Lee you touched on something very profound. Their star conditioning asks you said that were conditioning. And I get that sense as well. Notice how they keep treating us like we're children. In every way. We can't take care of our own health we can't take care of her own family it's we can't we can't take care of anything without the government. Up to and including. You know what you can shovel your own snow. You don't know how to drive in the snow you can't even handle a snowstorm. So literally we have our leaders telling us what on gloves and Mitt. Means if you're gonna be old site. That the tailpipe make sure you don't clog the tailpipe brink they're treating us like we're four year old kids. They're conditioning us to walk two of them to control our lives. We don't need politicians. Just get out of the way. We can take care of ourselves. We know what's best for us believe me we don't need you politicians.