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Did Maddow cross the line in publishing Trump's tax returns? 3/15/17

Mar 15, 2017|

What do you make of Maddow releasing President Trump’s tax returns from 2005?

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By Kelly financial services can you run a fake news from the liberal lies and insults to the working people we say. No more. He's that could erupt course. No love in her face my friends. Great show matter out. Teases all night last night that she has the quote unquote school. On Donald Trump's tax returns. And I got to tell you she's now becoming dull but of all jokes. Okay we've got that story won all five you don't want to miss sit. May the muse. But now from the weather service. Did the National Weather Service deliberately. Over hyped storms Stella. You have tens of millions of people in the East Coast who are angry who feel betrayed and misled and they want answers. It. And also my friends. In the third hour you don't want to miss said. They CBO report scores dull full repeal of Obama care compares it to Ryan care. And guess what it's. More people will lose their health insurance. Under Ryan care. Then if Republicans. Join us to repeal Obama care. That's it shocking findings from the CBO. We've got bat so much more. Believe me when I say from noon to three the quarter report is the place to be but of course my friends the big story. So MS left BC. Rachel Matta I was like the caller Rachel madcow. Came we're teasing all night Dave got Trump's tax returns they finally got a big bottom. They've got him. And at 9 o'clock they were teasing her whole show. It turned out she didn't have all mum she just to bottom from one year 2005. And the moment she started her show. By talking about Richard Nixon. And how he had issues with the IRS. And he had to pay back taxes. And how trump is the first Arab presidential candidate the now president to not reveal his taxes since Richard Nixon. When she started would zapped. And not the actual information and that tax returns. I knew she had not think she had absolutely nothing and then went on for twenty minutes. In one of the most bizarre. Mean meandering monologues I'd ever heard in my life. Full of conspiracy theories. Where she actually sets I cage or not. That any Russian oligarchs who. Allegedly bought the home of trump see how are apparently nice piece of property in Florida. He bought for forty million the Russian oligarchs in 2005. Bought it for our hundred million. And very because the Russians were probably anticipating. Eleven years into the future. That trump could be president of the United States sold there Russian oligarchs. Connected to the Russian mob we've probably connected the important you still conspiracy. But they put sixty million dollars in debt Trump's bank account by buying too much for the house in Florida. Because they wanted to influence them eleven years into the future. Could you. Gloom and adds. Commission EI DS in a nutshell is what Rachel madcow was peddling for twenty minutes. The only thing missing I'm not kidding was who was the second gunman and the grassy mole within JFK assassination. Or a good that Doug Doug deck the landing on the moon but the landing on the moon wasn't real. It was hard for Mormon baptism. At its worst. It was all left propaganda. At it's absolute worst. And so in the end. When everything is said and done and this smoke clears. The media has been demanding Trump's tax returns were repeatedly. Day he's hiding something he's hiding his ties up Bolten two other Russians did the oligarchs foreign connections. Illegality. He didn't pay taxes. All of these conspiracy theories. What do we end up finally we have one of the years of his tax returns. Here is what we enough. He made a 150. Million dollars in income. And he paid nearly fourteen million in taxes 38 million to be specific. He wrote off 403 million off of 253. Million dollars which is his right. Because of losses from certain properties investments deductions etc. in other words all perfectly legal all perfectly valid it's what rich people boo. If you don't like the tax code change the facts gold it's perfectly valid. So we went from 253 to 150. That was using come and many paid nearly fourteen million dollars in taxes. An effective tax rate of nearly 25%. Gonna be honest with you. By the time she was gone. I'm like. Who is trumps accountant. Because. Even talked to bill Kelly. Because I think the bill could have if bill was his financial advisor in 200525%. Seems a little high. I mean it seems a little Ali. I'm think and 25%. Geez I don't know I thought that these big millionaires and billionaires they usually pay a hell of a lot less. Romney only paid 14%. Bernie Sanders is our effective tax rate listen to this. In 201413%. Zig dear leader Barack Hussein Obama he is effective tax rate from 2015. Guess what. 19%. So he pays more taxes the effective tax rate then either Bernie. Then either Mitt Romney. Then either Barack Hussein Obama he in fact paid more in taxes is effective tax rate. Then Comcast. Which owns NBC and MSNBC. They paid about one each tool 23%. He paid 25%. He even pays more than their parent company. But that didn't stop Rachel madcow. So after twenty minutes. Of Russian oligarchs. And the Kremlin and a property in Florida. And how they were all anticipating trump winning with a crystal ball and eleven years down the row and after all of these you connect the dots. This oligarchy is tied to the Deutsche Bank Deutsche Bank is I did this guy I'm not getting after twenty minutes of this finally. She revealed her quote unquote school. Roll cut one. Jar and in terms of what's on here let me give you the basics. Aside from the numbers being large. These pages are straightforward he paid 38 million don't what's like 38 million dollars in tax this. I took a big write down. A 103. Million dollars more on that later. I think apple lions for income he made more than a 115. Million dollars and that parent muscle tough. World one cannot Wear out oral. That's dipped. So he paid 38 million dollars in taxes frankly to a lot of American there are a lot of guts a lot of taxes but a lot of money. He made a 150 million that's a lot of money bottle top. And as I've done what's and what's the score Pierre what's the story in fact if anything. It actually makes trump look good. Instead of making them look bad you know what it does it almost buries the whole taxes issue. Bolt you know releasing his tuxedo like well you keep saying there's this smoking gun there's a smoking gun we've seen one of the years of the taxes. Straight deductions. He's just offsetting losses compared to what he's making bets when business people do that's what wealthy people don't. Are you pay a lot in the Alternative Minimum Tax he paid employment tax he paid excise taxes he paid all kinds of other taxes. And in the end 38 million dollars in taxes and he made a 150 mill basically point 5%. But. What's wrong with that. But here's the worst part. And to mean this is why I felt honestly very sorry for Donald Trump last night I really did. Is when Rachel madcow revealed. How they got the information. And so a left wing journalist by the name of David cay Johnston are route bitch from Peter was the one that gave over. The the tax returns for 2000 and life. And according to him. Because he doesn't wanna get in trouble with the law. He claims listen to this deck somebody. Just gave it to him and dropped it off in his mailbox. He just woke up 1 morning and just just shows and did that. It's in his mailbox. And so we just felt well I gotta give it their Rachel madcow because somebody anonymous person just dropped it off in my mailbox. Rolled the cut. Jarrah who got this document today from a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist is better on financial matters than almost anybody else in the business is and as David cay Johnston. These pages turned up the other day in his mailbox. I don't believer. I can retreats as I don't believe him. I listen I've been NBC for over ten years I wanna go over my biography again. I oversaw the White House congressional coverage of The Washington Times we had you I don't know why the army real scoops we got. Nobody drops anything off in anybody's mailbox. If you believe that I've got swampland in Florida you may be interest in him okay so here is exactly what happened. And this is to me the real story of what took place yesterday. Donald Trump was violated. And I genuinely felt extremely sorry for him. Because whatever you think of his decision not to release his tax returns. Whether he should of released his tax returns are not release his tax returns during the election okay he says he's under audit. He can do order doesn't wanna do it as long as his taxes are under audit. The fact of the matter it's. Only since the Nixon era have presidential candidates release their tax returns. It's not illegal not to release her tax returns for most of our history presidential candidates didn't release their tax returns now. That was a voluntary decision on his part. The American people knew full well that he did not release his tax returns. They decided on that issue. They said it doesn't matter to them vet issue was decided in the election. The American people spoke on that issue whether you agree or disagree. It's done it's over. When I send my tax information. Mike Cox returns. Or you do to the federal government. The federal government promises you. You'll have 100%. Iron cloud privacy. It is practically sacrosanct. Doug York taxis or hold only 100%. Completely confidential. That's the government to draw that's in fact it's solemn promise TU. And what did they do. Somebody either within the IRS. Somebody within the deep state. Somebody who most who. Who leaked it to wade journalist. Who then gives it to Rachel mad now and then they hide behind the First Amendment. When they are openly committing a crime. To reveal somebody's tax information is a felony it's a crying but it's more than that. It's a violation. It's a violation. Because what they did once is they took trumps a very private personal intimate information by the way. Did you notice he didn't even blacked out his backside B. So they're showing just how excite. How would you feel if you file your toxins. You're expecting 1000% at a confidentiality and privacy and because somebody in the government doesn't like your political use. They leak it for the whole world to see. This. Was something that Rachel matter now had no business doing. This is something whoever the leak for once. Needs to be indicted. And prosecuted and sent to jail. This is a complete abuse of power. This is big deep state the shadow government whatever you wanna call it continuing its war against Donald Trump. And if they're willing to commit crime after crime after crime in order to leak leak leak they're gonna do it. But I have to ask you this. Now we're targeting our own president. Now we're willing to break the law. To humiliate potentially our own president. To violate his privacy. He had no business doing that. The leak her had no business doing that. And frankly what kind of a journalist is rich no matter what kind of ethics that she have. To stand there and say you know common essentially publicly rape them. I'm gonna essentially violate the sky. I'm gonna stand there and reveal his most private intimate confidential information. That every American has a right to keep private that is a solemn pledge by our federal government because I just wanna get him. Because I just want to humiliate him. You know I got a lot of so called scoops when I was in Washington I did. I didn't run every school. A journalist has to have ethics. She has none. And what you saw last night was a violation. In gross violation. Of Donald trumps privacy. Of his dignity. And honestly of his very integrity. And that's why to be honest with few trump is on the warpath and I don't blame him. And my question now to you is this. Did Rachel mad now cross the line. By revealing Trump's private tax returns. And should delete curse whoever they are be fully prosecuted. Arrested and indicted. I say yes what do you say 6172666868. Don't touch that the show. March yeah. For the record the First Amendment gives us the right to publish this return it is not illegally published and are we thank. Pinch me real. Pinch me I'm Maria older. I've cooled the biggest school I gotta tell you she blew that so called school all she should've done it was just play it straight. I mean honestly if she's gonna you know have any kind of Sony integrity. Saying well look OK you know guy broke the law again uses facts returns really we shouldn't be publishing this but you know what you're it is everybody wants the know. Boom comment. You mean a 150 million dollars and I'll be on he's the one well. Obviously he's doing well is a rich man successful businessman when he played 38 million dollars in taxes the effective rate of 25%. Okay. And then whatever debate tax policy should should he have paid more should he have paid less or whatever the Alternative Minimum Tax whatever it is. Instead she tried their present this as this grand conspiracy. And this is part of a larger conspiracy. Even. So late dot com. You liberals website. For her desperate. Sensationalist. Meandering performance. And my question to use this. We're now seeing it again and again New York Times Washington Post CNN. Now MS left BC. They deep state the shadow government. Doing you legal criminal leaks on trump. And then having your media collaborators. Publish it. They are hiding behind the First Amendment. Did Rachel mad I'll cross the line Dave encamped in Europe first. Glad beef. Are you don't just hear it I can hear you can you hear me yeah yeah basically import to Matt also illustrated that at a slime ball that humiliated. And it's sort of Carriker out and that MB ESP in general but let that go. That's the way I look at it. If you if you want your mailbox (%expletive) And let's say you are out a lot of great group of Google wallet your coveted by your wallet open it up. It's it's Donald trumps all right and it ended that this credit card might have a W two and it might have a pace you know public teammate what a great. What's your purse and then Jeff that it is that they call MS NB CR and DC or whatever the NN. What what does that is that the cult leader I hate somebody left this semi about our. Clearly it's not mine. It will and I wanna make sure the right already gets set to Wear that and questionable what we did find out who the perpetrators like well what's separate that they are normal human being. I gave it all honesty I lost my wallet once. And somebody returned it to me in a sealed bag and I was very grateful nothing was stolen nothing was taken. I would even call the police are you sure you do want to that's fine I would call the person up. I'd say hi mr. trump I have your wallet I haven't touched it I haven't looked in edged a put it in a sealed bag hung on me to send it to you drive it to you mail it to you how would you like if you wanna come pick it up. I would return it to which rightful owner why. Because the information there is pride event it's personal. It's nobody else's business. And which she did and with the media did is they violated. Trump. In the most disgraceful. Humiliating. Manner. And honestly. I think this is blowing up in their face I think now more people feel more sorry and sympathetic to trump. Do you do you feel sympathetic to trump. 61720666868. More work your calls next WRKO. A voice over. Boston. What I have here is a copy of Donald Trump's tax returns we have this federal tax return for one year for 2005 the I believe this is the only seven of the president's federal taxes that reporters can ever gotten ahold of him. Well we have learned these two pages front and back from the same 1040 form you might have held out any time since world. Yeah yeah. 1237. Here on the great WR KOK. My friends. Though left makes a big swing and being miss. Rachel mad I'll MSNBC. Go left the Internet was buzzing. Throughout the evening last night saying they had their smoking gun. That would finished a silver bullet that would put trump out instead. They got his stock strict since 2005. Guess what he made a 115 million dollars. And he paid the thirteenth eight million almost fourteen million. In taxes bottle top or about 25%. And a hell of a lot more than Hillary Clinton. I hell of a lot more than Obama. A hell of a lot more than Mitt Romney. A hell of a lot more than Bernie Sanders hell even a lot more then the owner of NBC and MSNBC Comcast. So if any thing trump now comes out smelling like a rose. Now Mike. Question to you is this. What she did in the White House was livid trump was live it. Last night and this morning. They issued a statement. Saying that would matter how did and what the media is doing his quote desperate. And illegal. Did Rachel Matt out in your view goal too far Brittany what is the F. Show corner country poll question of the day. Did Rachel meadow cross the line by publishing Trump's tax returns. So a yes or beaten now you can text that the 686 city if you think she did. Text the letter made the 68680. If you think she didn't she's a journalist First Amendment that's her right to conduit. Next the latter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany I'm just curious RUN a or B. Yes I do think that she crossed the line and I think that. She did this for ratings. You know. Faye Tucker 26 minutes to actually get into the tax returns when you have something that big. A big bombshell you just jump right and during a show you don't. Keep everyone waiting around for 26 minutes it was absolutely ridiculous I turned the TV off at gonna believe that I wasted 26 minutes of my life last night. But also out. She so hypocritical and it's very obvious where the liberal media here where was Rachel mad out when. Hillary Clinton is getting money from the Russians and her Clinton foundation. Where they and that it's Ab. Slowly ridiculous. I'm with you. I'm with you in. Look pretty you're completely right where were they on the Clinton foundation. Where were they when Hillary was taken all the millions of dollars from the Russians. Her husband half million dollar speeches selling the uranium 20% of our uranium supply. To the Kremlin and Vladimir port. I mean I could go. On and on and on now what's incredible. Is the journalist Steve their rabid anti trump or case MPs and who were liberal. David cay Johnston. Say the one that actually gave her the tax returns. Listen to him now. He's now doing the rounds and of course she went on. Black holed Don lemon show Marbury and we don't want the black hole with a Malaysian flight going down while he goes on dog black cold Don lemon. And listen now to David Johnston. Saying Gary you know way what this actually may be good for trial. I mean you've paid so much in taxes. Even Don lemon who can't stand trump is saying. Maybe I need you guys shouldn't have revealed their seat it kind of makes Donald looked good. Role cut five Jarrett. We saw what he made a 150 million dollars thirty million dollars in taxes didn't pay 38 million that's okay arugula salad or six and a half moon okay. It's 36 and a half how is this not good for Donald Trump. I think a pretty good for Donald Trump and and one of the things that's absolutely very strange but this is Donald Trump. And probably would benefit from releasing his tax returns with a lot of people. But you see a ton of your business. That's the point. It's not of your business. Whether it benefits simmered doesn't benefit him he may have all kinds of reasons why it is a wanna release his tax returns. So. It gets it's it's up to him to release his tax returns. And what the government promises you looked at me I'm sorry I don't wanna repeat myself but it's sacrosanct. When I file my taxes. To the IRS the Uncle Sam. But one thing I expect the one thing they promised me it's there of well. It's their pledged or solemn pledge nobody else will ever know all the information you give us. That is guaranteed to be private. So not only by releasing this whoever did it committed a crime and a felony. But more importantly. It was a violation. Of Trump's big meaty it was a violation of trumps privacy. It was a violation. It matches that Pam all of us. Because we the American people said look we're not we don't care can releases its taxes then issue was debated ad nauseam. And it was settled on election night. So you're not just undermining him you're not just fire leaving him. You're violating the will of the American people so now the conspiracy theory is listen to this. Because its sole blow up in their face because strong now people are certain really sympathize with the guys don't like it's obvious the media is helping get them. It's obvious that deep state and the shadow government there's a witch hunt now. There it's leaking leaking leaking. And the alt left propaganda media. He's out to destroy this man and they don't care how they do it even if it's criminal leaks are illegal behavior. So now as is blowing up in their face is making trouble even more sympathetic. He didn't listen to this now. No meat beat. He is the one that mailed me his own tax returns to make himself look good that's right that's right not all he. The guy that doesn't wanna releases tax returns is the guy that mailed me this tax returns listen in his baby. Roller. Jarrett so the mail to your home anonymously you say. Do you think it's possible that he could have sent them to all absolutely is I I think Donald re involved in the source of the three pages of one out last fall. Dom may well have been the source of the really sleazy. Pornography pictures of his wife the were taken. When she was young with a New York Post published in July and August you believe this Johnson and I'm not I don't know me I I think it's entirely possible as a member Donald has a long history. Of leaking information about himself. And he doesn't think like most of us do he doesn't have the sort of framework of what makes him look good or look bad that the rest of us have. Angry psychotic but that's another that's another thing they keep pushing now he's like he's mentally unhinged but he's crazy. So you don't maybe you want I don't like to have golden showers were prostitutes and with the with the women in Russia prostitutes in Moscow but you know maybe those. I don't touch her if that's possible. Negotiate it's possible the possible. His wife he's one that sent pornographic pictures guy he likes that stuff. Just just look at this garbage garbage garbage just keep battling garbage. So now he's leaking his own tax returns. And this is how desperate the leftist trying to become. Or why would you become you just have to release some. Now Basra the mailbox data okay this dots 1000%. I gotta go why got to watch myself bull you know what. That is bull. BS. That's what that is nobody gets anything in the mailbox. He got a phone call. You won it yup they sent it right to warm he's Lincoln had and what will get me maximum exposure. All. Will CNN give me an hour or what MSNBC. Get me and our whole Rachel madcow she'll give me a full hour cash whacked her ratings are shoring she's even got a higher ratings than Tucker Carlson higher ratings than CNN -- I want my face everywhere I want my name everywhere bats I won't give it to the New York Times we'll get the credit. Let me go on Rachel madcow Scholl. The highest rated show on MS left BC. And then I can just stand parents are all look at this car. Look at this star Russians potent properties almighty god everything this is that this is the end of the world. They deep states. He's using. Their media collaborators behind behind the hide behind the First Amendment. In order to justify. Criminal illegal behavior. To humiliate and undermined Shrum let me tell you what I think trump should do. And I said this to Brittany last night and I said it to grace and I'm gonna repeat it. They guy ultimately blame is James called me. And after last night's. OK is everything exactly what happened to see you understand he gives the White House the heads up this guy David Johnston. I've got to 2005. Tax returns. We're gonna go on the air in one hour with Rachel madcow. So he's so they say oh my god he's got a goal with this. So they're livid so what they do wish to preempt the Rachel madcow so called school. They then release the 2005. Returns to Fox News to The Washington Times to the Wall Street Journal the bright Bart. The golf more Fran earlier media outlets. And they say look what's the story he made a 150 million. And he paid 38 million in taxes what's the school year there's an old school. And so trump is now live it saying this is desperate and illegal. And he's calling out Rachel madcow and he's calling out this journal is David judge David cay Johnston saying no one's ever heard of this guy and now this guy trying to make himself a star by trying to supposedly humiliate me with his phony baloney fake news school. Here's what I would do farm trump spoke at. I called James only right away into my office. Here the FBI director. I wanna know from you I wanna know from you I would take a call right on the carpet. Did you authorize the fight so Warren in October to spy on me in my campaign. Either are you part of the problem or you part of the solution. And if you are telling me you had nothing to do what and your part of the solution they what I want you to do is. I want shoot a goal after every freak in a weaker in the deep state. In the CIA in the NSA in the Treasury Department in the IRS. I don't care where they are and I want them gone. Either they should be indicted and arrested or they should be fired. And if you can't do it and if you can't do your job. You hand me right now your resignation. I'm gonna ask you for your resignation. I will insist on your resignation so take your pick. Either you do your job and prosecute these criminal only curse. Who are breaking ball. And violating frankly my privacy rights and jeopardizing the integrity of our entire government in an attempt to overturn the election. Either you do your freaking job or your Altidore. Take your pick I'm giving you right now is that your letter of resignation. Or is it going to be pending indictments. Take your neck. That's what he needs to do enough is enough. What you're witnessing. Is a silent cool. In conspiracy. Among members of the deep state and the shadow government. In collusion with the alt left media. To bring down a president and overturn the will of the people. That's the real scandal. And it's about time. Trump said heads. He's a one man wrecking crew held true. He's busted. On the voice of Boston. For the record the First Amendment gives us the right to publish this return. It is not illegal. Why are we thank. Eventually we'll. Pinch me I'm a hardcore moan about. Conspiracy theorists. Okay my friends school in our country poll question of the day. Did Rachel mad cow cross the line. In releasing Trump's tax returns. If you believe the answer is yes Tex the letter eight to 68680. If you believe the answer is no text the letter beat the 68680. Brittany what Argo poll results. Thus far 97%. Yes 3% now. Frank in swamp Scott go ahead Frank. Gore I'm good are you frank. They're very good care who love your show thank you now I'm a proud supporter I think everybody billboard out. And I could build a brilliant. Move. Our truck. Through it or to release all the tax returns pretty relief food water that are unbelievably good picture of what. Played all by. Well. I go a crack at. It saw it. You. Out on how they got. I get a couple of good ploy by food before. Interest and thank you for that call frank look the only thing I would say to that is but why give it to Rachel madcow. Uncertain why give it to the madcow. If he's gonna give it to anybody. You give it the Fox News as as an obvious one. Or the Wall Street Journal or you know whatever publications that are more friendly to him. Why give it to the hard core mourn back media. And the other thing is and even David Johnston was kind of backpedaling from his allegations from last night heroic thing Trump's sudden the returns. Because this morning when he was on CNN again CNN now loves this guy by the way. Really well trump seemed so mad and soul livid and they're really going after him. I don't think he was behind it look honestly. Knowing how the government's been leaking about him I don't think trump leaked us personally I really don't I think this is clearly sabotage. Bernie in Boston go ahead Bernie. Check out this is a good friend Bernie can't you how long you good job there aren't here what you're French built toll. And he has something to tell you what first. I want to let you know that I pay about 80% in taxes. Leo long ago tops did get every time I've biennial I give it 10% stepped up attacks just. I thought this but I do. Jet whatever I'd like groceries just. Felt about Michael at the border jumpers I mean. Undocumented Americans. I'd go until the undocumented Americans. Who brought to my tomatoes just. I ultimate competition department. Got a ball in my own great debate over mark just that that attack took I still don't tell me. But appropriate note to me out out. Feel public Dotel if you want to vote for me okay areas. Jeff this is still totally. Give it to be disappointed in me but Bernie is correct. He came to wanna fight safe money strategies seminars. And now he's going to save enough money to fund his point play presidential campaigns. And boy oh boy well. You you do Bernie and bill Kelly who really really good I gotta tell you okay my friends. Coming up next. Did the media completely. Over hype storm Stella. There is tremendous backlash now brewing. And shocking story the National Weather Service. They knew this storm wasn't gonna be nowhere near as bad there was a gonna be nowhere near as much as that this small total they said they were. But they deliberately held back that information. Are we being manipulated. Is the National Weather Service out of control. That's story Mort your calls next. It's me.