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Is Ryan trying to undermine Trump? 3/14/16

Mar 14, 2017|

CBO reports came out that 14 million Americans would lose healthcare coverage under Ryancare. Also, leaked audio of Ryan saying he will not support Trump came out yesterday.

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106 here on the grace WRKO. OK my friends we are broadcasting all eyes. Fear from the WRKO. Studio in the midst of storm cell. It is starting to come down. Okay we're gonna definitely talk about Ryan care the CBO came out and scored Ryan care. This could be the final nail. In or Ryan no care obamacare life whatever you wanna call it. It until Paul Ryan's health care replaced bills coffin. Before I get to that story however wanna continue to update you what's going on with the storm. Here in the Greater Boston area and across the across New England OK Brittany there's more power outages correct. Yes summit just accident six on seven Medford just lost power so I guess not to go to UW RKO out. On a Smartphone. Okay so ask Medford has lost power we know Revere parts of Revere of lost power. And so are all hopefully this the situation should get to rectify it quickly. You can text that sets 68680. This is from 781. Jeff it's coming down for us stirred and free BP and welfare in this state. Gary from Saud is Gary wherever you bid you should call the show once and awhile my friend we miss you. Okay this is from 978. Jeff. I drove from Foxboro to Cambridge. Left Foxboro at 8:30 this morning. The ride in which pretty much easy. Well one hour left Cambridge at 1130. Half two hours they get home roads were worse leaving. Sought a gang plowing on 128 north. And south going in 95 and route one going home. Side roads got the worst closer I got the Foxboro. Well look I gotta tell you my friends are getting a lot of texts from people now. The roads are getting increasingly treacherous. Slippery. Especially this side roads the original salt. And you know I don't want our you know rehash my accident story but in the last storm that's Roy got into the accident was on the side roads. On on one side or they just there was an insult. So please when you're driving. Drive safe. And drive slow. And if you can stay at home 6172666868. Okay this is from 202. Jeff this is a question from your neighbor Gino okay all right Jeanne it was a big construction guys. Ask Charlie Baker how much she paid first salt sand and outside contractors. For small plowing. We should know what part of the budget goals for this. And moon. Now I'm maybe that explains why they burned through 84 million dollars of the small fund and we only had one small storm until today. Now they have to borrow another twenty million you know what geno you're sharp as always my friend fall all dumb money. This is from 860. Jeff I'm on the road not up plow insight on mass spite. I'm now ready service station since seen my first while parked at the gas station year will be our Robert while. Well according to baker he says there's going to be 3000 vehicles out there. He did just like an armada. I've been looking out the window during commercial breaks pattern off and it's one Orion and are going badly during commercials on looking out the window I have not seen a plow at all whatsoever. I'd so far today all morning. I have not seen a pop correct Britney have you seen a while I have not seen a I have not seen apply. I mean I'm just saying 061 sentence I don't know where these 3000 vehicles argues so called armada. But that let's put it this way and some of our listeners are also texting and insane that Everett plan national norm well. Are out of power while OK so there's some while okay the power outages are spreading okay yeah look I don't know where these plows are but they're not in Brighton. 6172666868. Jerry in cape god Jerry tell me how are things and did plod my friend. My dad thought Roy yet these legs and EMI is planned Bailey as its videophone didn't need to be. A little bird told me. It bad peace is better than to quote oral. Got nickel back. Yeah. Three inches this Null and now rain. Driving down electric Indy Indianapolis 500. Thought they do that anyway let. Actually change. The Bourne bridge on two wheels. You know. So Jim really that's it three inches of snow. Why. Much or. Well I graces of Foxborough this start to come down pretty good now in Foxboro. Right here yes yes good grip vivid there anyway so going to beat me to the punch. I Obama Chia that's what I call it you know that it had tweeted that they probably did like he said he'd like you said Jeff he. It would open the checklist went over to the I would change this little changed that a little what they don't realize is if Obama to get field saw a little bit. The government should not be involved in the private sector. It's just been in all the tax credits if you make below fifty grand 141000 dollar tax credit it's just another entitlement. In (%expletive) originally there was four million uninsured Americans now all of a sudden there's going to be twenty million. I don't understand that in the provisions in this new health care bill. Do not take away entitlements from illegal aliens northern they'd take them away from refuge. Bingo I has always comrade dead on so. Are here is obviously the big development we're gonna fall all the storm I promise are gonna be giving you information. Every 510 minutes OK so don't go anywhere we're gonna have the latest for you site or our alert they're still not plowing there's still it's still not allowing. But we're gonna keep you updated I promise until you know we get off the air at 3 o'clock. But big story yesterday. So the Congressional Budget Office. Came out and score Ryan care renal care obamacare like whatever you wanna call it obamacare 2.0. Paul Ryan's big health care bill. That the president trump is increasingly throwing his weight behind. Well guess what this could be the final nail in Ryan care scoffing because according to the CBO. Their official scoring. They believe that by 2018. Just in the cup what a year year and a half. If Brian care is implemented implemented and made law. Fourteen million will lose their coverage their health insurance coverage fourteen million. They say in about ten years 20/20 624. Million will lose their coverage. So. In a nutshell. And there's no way you can spin this if you're a defender of Paul Ryan. Although Ryan was desperately Ryan Orion was trying to spin this like divisional tomorrow or yesterday. We're gonna pass a bill. That doesn't repeal obamacare. That will keep in essence a mandate except the mandate goes to the private insurance companies your panel being sort of the government. That's gonna cut out a cut 141000. Smaller checks. Two. Low income people all across the country to buy health insurance. Create a massive entitlement. And put together a hundred million dollar bailout fund for the big insurance companies. Costs will continue to go up at least for the next couple of years premiums are gonna continue to go up so here's what you have. This subsidies of Obama care essentially stay. The taxes of obamacare. Essentially stay. The mandate of Obama care I essentially stays. And we put together a bailout. For the big insurance companies. And on top of that. People are still gonna lose their copper rich. It's the worst part it's the worst of all possible worlds. You keep the essence of obamacare. And your still gonna get blamed for people losing their health insurance coverage. I mean how do you create such a perfect disaster. You all Leo Ryan no I swear to you only O Ryan no. Could put together a plan this back. And obviously once the CBO came out with its report. The Democrats. Now sensing blood in the water like sharks. Started to move in for the kill. Listen now to Charles. Chuck U Schumer saying that hey. There. If fourteen to 24 million are gonna lose their health insurance coverage. We can run on this in 2018. And goal to pound. On the Republicans. Who listen to chuck T chuck U Schumer. Saying the congressional budget office's latest scoring parole should not are calling it trumped care member warned you about this. They're gonna pick Paul Ryan's plan and wrapped it around trumps neck. Trumped care according to Schumer. Would be a nightmare. Roll it Jerryd. Head of CBO has confirmed what we Democrats have been saying all along. Trump's hair would be a nightmare. For the American people. Causing tens of millions of to lose coverage. And millions more scenic cost of their health care calling. Ten years from today. The president trump and the Republicans have their way. There would be 24 million. More Americans without health insurance. A total of 58 million Americans living in this country ten years from now will not have health coverage. Sacks on America. That's wrong. Premiums for seniors. Will rise a whopping twenty to 25%. And co payments and deductibles for millions more if there was ever a war on seniors. This bill trauma care is it. Okay operate almost twice as possible. That's our guys are and it goes on Iraq now he's he's demagoguing on the seniors issue because seniors at 65 and above will then qualify for Medicare. However he is right to give the devil his due. That are CBO did say that more elderly people people their fifties and sixties before they get retirement before 65. Will see their premiums go up. Five kinds. As much as that of young people. So in hallways is down. Basically older citizens. I mean the more you look at this. And I'm gonna get into this and about a lot about ten minutes to twelve minutes. I'm starting to ask myself a very serious question. Did Ryan do this to sabotage trump. Which Ryan's real motive because there is now one explosive. Audio. That has now just been uncovered bright bright spark I'm gonna get to this at 135. About Paul Ryan on a secret phone call. With miss several house Republican members it is now just been released. And I got to tell you I'm starting to ask myself if this is not a booby trap. Because the more I look at this bill. I'm saying it's almost designed. To blow up in the Republicans his face so. Present president trump yesterday. Held a session with the victims of obamacare. And he made the point that I've been saying now for at least a week. Don't even ball there repealing obamacare. Letting it collapse of its own weight. Then the country can see fully. Unequivocally. What a disaster. Obama care is. Roll it Jared so the best. Just make it look so wonderful. So there. And then you're saying I'll remember how great Obama is that you remember how wonderful it is that we celebrate. He makes it a little bit like President Obama. What about people like. When you hear people that like I'm someone. That's sort of like thugs. Intimidation. The fact is Obama camps exist. And like I say this the Republicans all the time. By manipulated by getting rid of the fight NB a averaged just yeah he's a great. But it wasn't and I'd tell pump price. And I tell all arrived at teller walked. I think the best thing you can do politically is waiting here because it's gonna blow itself up them. But that's the wrong thing for the country. So all they didn't. The problem is politically now with Ryan care. You Mr. President are gonna get savaged with this. Day after giving you and they have sold you a false bill of goods. Ryan has lied to the president. He told the president that this has the support of Republicans in congress it doesn't it doesn't. Ryan has been telling him not always gonna cover everybody. Not all dish is so much better than obamacare. We all trust me were the experts we can do this we've been waiting seven years for this mr. trump would let me quarterback fists. On this one thing if I was the president I think you don't have the co owners to repeal. Leave it alone. Start cutting taxes build a wall get the economy booming again. And leapt obamacare. Collapse of its own weight just let it collapse. This way you won't it. This way you could drunks say look we did nothing we did not we couldn't agree on a replacement bill shall we did not think. Now if obamacare is so great why would collapse. It was the Democrats who voted for it it was Obama who signed it. Let them all the disaster. That they've inflicted upon the country. But what you don't do. He's come in with the law are replacement. Debt simply. Tweaks obamacare. And keeps many of the worst aspects of Obama care. And still throws potentially millions of people off their health care coverage. I mean dice how do you snatch victory sorry defeat from the jaws of victory. This is how you do it. My friends. I'm telling you. The one thing conservatives must do is demand a clean full repeal. And if the Republicans won't do it then let Obama cared trust in law won't. But Ryan care he's dead. After the CBO last night. Nobody. Will vote for a it is now dead on arrival. Of greed. Disagree. 61720666868. Did this CBO scoring of obamacare sari O'Brien care. Did the CBO scoring of obamacare like. Seal its due home is it now dead. I wanna hear from you 6172666868. And of course stormed Stella. How you seen any plows. Don't touch that dial for the stock. Headed CBO has confirmed we Democrats have been saying all along. Trump's hair would be a nightmare. For the American people. Causing tens of millions of Toulouse coverage. And millions more are seeing that cost of their health care going up. 128. Here on the great WRKO. OK Democrats. Now sensing real blood in the water after this CBO scored that fourteen to 24 million Americans. Would eventually lose their health care coverage. Under Ryan care under Paul Ryan's replacement health care bill they used floating in congress. This thing may be the final blow. Are conservatives are now openly defecting. They appears there are no longer the votes in the house or the senate for Ryan care or obamacare light. Before we continue taking your calls however. Bring you just witnessed something on the mast pike right from the Booth. Yes as little as I was saying I looked out the window during the breaks. And I saw a car literally going sideways. Down the mast pike no thankfully they got their Kyle straighten out their good. But literally their dogs sideways on amassed Frankfurt a good half mile south. Let's not go on the little a lot of people out there on the road right now so. I would just advise you stay in. You know as you put it that was a wicked spin out it was so it led. Just go. I'm like dementia even Eric Carr would be like all right good times. Yes so it's bad this a lot of cars on mast pike which I honestly can't. Ali yeah I gotta say honestly I look I. I think people thought bill though plows yeah we we haven't seen any plows on the Mass Pike. I think people saw additional because they were expecting it to fall 345 o'clock this morning. The snowstorm came late so many of them went bing people went out onto the road. The problem is look in May be a foot of snow which is not the end of the world. But there's no salt. Additional sand on the road's. Shoulder rolled conditions are treacherous and slippery. So please if you can get off the rolled stay home. If you're on the road we are now witnessing a lot of spin outs on the Mass Pike somebody could get seriously injured or killed god forbid. Cole slow. Richer hazards on trust me which are hazards on golf 1520. Miles an hour. It'll take you awhile but at least look better safe than sorry. Arrived home safe. 61720666868. Okay. Obviously we'll give you more updates on the snowstorm. And Ryan care is it now dead. And the smoking gun may be. Why these Paul Ryan really up to. Shocking secret audio. Has just been exposed by bright part we've got dole stories your calls don't. 137 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Now all the more we learn about load Ryan OK air Ryan care obamacare like whatever you want to call it. House speaker Paul Ryan's big. Stay the baby of the line all global list. Establishment. That question you have to start to ask yourself is. He's Ryan's secretly trying to sabotage from. Because behind the scenes he's been lying to him. Telling him that this thing will cut costs it doesn't. That this will drive down premiums it doesn't. That this has got overwhelming support among Republicans in the house and the senate it doesn't. And so the question is how has Ryan been misleading trump. Because ultimately he wants to undermine the president now before you say here school Pete Cohen our. All look at this mound a conspiracy theories. A shocking. Never before released. Friday October coal. Whereby Paul Ryan was on a conference call we don't know with how many house Republican members but they were clearly members on the phone. And somebody leaked this now to bright part it's an exclusive. And I want him a big cat their whereby the audio has now come out. Whereby Ryan told his members. I don't support from I will never shall port trump. And so in the wake of the Billy bush tapes. Ryan. Obviously now came out in public against Strom. But in pride that not only did he say he's no longer gonna campaign for trump as he did in public. In private. He told fellow house Republicans. I want nothing to do with them. Nothing to do with him now and nothing to do with him in the future. Listen now. To Paul Ryan. Tell fellow house Republicans. As far as I'm concerned. Trump is dead to me. Roll it jarred. Are basically two things that I wanna make really clear well. As for myself as speaker I am not going to dependable truck not now not in the future. Already badly directed invited him yeah. My first congressional districts of GP event this week and I think I do every year. I'm not going to be campaigning with him over the next thirty days. Look you guys know I've ever orchestrated a nominee I do appreciate. I'm doing what I think is best for you the members now especially. I will not defend him now I will not defend them in the future. He then disinvited him from the campaign rally that he was holding in his district. He did nothing to help trump in Wisconsin Wisconsin trump won Wisconsin without Ryan's help. But the fact of the matter is he's not just talk about the Billy bush state it's quite clear he's saying look it's him. It's him it's him he's America first agenda it's is populism. It's the fact that he's an outsider. He's an anti establishment Perry and I don't I don't I don't support him now I don't defend them now and I won't defend them in the future. So in price a bit and somebody's gotta get this tape of the president. In private he's basically saying look disguised that Timmy I want nothing to go with him. Any actress to show you'd a little snake. That that that little weasel that Ryan all Ryan needs. Right after trump one. Dare he was calling the president congratulating. The president saying he stands would now with president trump shoulder to shoulder he ended Donald. We get along we agreed on so many issues. And what did he tell trump. He told trump on healthcare I got it. This one now I got this one we've been working on this one Donald first seven years you've been working on this one this one and it's just like body. I got this one I got your back on this one. He doesn't have your back. He never had your back he doesn't have your best interest at heart. He's got his owners his best interest at heart. And if you look at this bill. Who gets that who benefits if Bono who benefits. The chamber of commerce. Illegal immigrants refugees. They get access to health care benefits. Big pharma big get paid big. The big insurance companies they get their hundred million dollar bailout fund. There everybody gets taken care of except you. You. What can we elect Donald Trump. The seminal central promise of his campaign. Was that he was not a politician. In fact what you say repeatedly during the campaign. That politicians. Are incompetent as you put it they're stupid. That they make horrible be adults that they don't know how to make a deal. That all they've done is given as one horrible deal after another obamacare and the wrong deal being exhibit a and exhibit B. What what's he doing now. Quiche trusting the very politicians. That he ran against. We hired him for his judgment for his common cents for his business private sector acumen. We didn't ask him to get into the swamp to join the swamp to swim in the swamp we asked them to drained a free can swamp. And this lizard did is we want column Crockett violent cold breasts make whatever you wanna call on this make Ryan Ryan not Ryan Orion. Court now has been caught on tape telling other house members I want my defend him now and I Wal-Mart defend him in the future. I want nothing to do with this guy or his agenda. You're gonna trust him. In other words you're gonna trust the very politicians you ran against. There is a very simple solution. To all of this. Ryan care cannot pass the house if cannot pass the sent it doesn't have the votes. It's like that Titanic now it's a sinking ship. Everybody can see it except for Ryan Orion. So what should we do. Listen to Rand Paul. K these are the tweets that he pumped out this morning. In the wake of this CBO scoring fourteen to 24 million are gonna lose health insurance coverage. Under Ryan care so we're getting gold we're getting the worst of both worlds. You keep most of obamacare. And you still lose the freaking coverage. You get nothing you get no benefit. Number one cents. There is a solution for house leaders who recruited out there is quote there is a solution for house leaders that conservatives have offered. Abandon Obama care right now it is bad law and it can't pass pouch bag full repeal. Amen brother. Second tweet. Pass the 2015. Repeal. That passed both houses and keeps our promises. Then he immediately vote on the mar free market solutions. Hash tag full repeal. If you just repeal obamacare. Your premiums go down. You're deductibles. Gold down. All of the obamacare taxes are gone. All of the regulations. Are gone. So for 80% of the country. To health care for us improves significantly. Just by repealing it. For example my health care premiums went up double they'd literally doubled under obamacare. My deductible went through the roof. I'm not I'm out of 500 dollar deductible it's insane. You repeal obamacare. My premiums are cut in half and my deductible is nothing compared to what is now. So think of how you improve the lives. Of 80% of the public your base okay. Then. Pass the free market plan. More competition. Sell insurance across state lines health savings accounts. Tort reform which means essentially help doctors and hospitals not have to do constant defensive medicine because of these out of control lawsuits. You drive down costs. You have much more competition. You have much more choice. And you have potentially access for everybody. For good quality affordable care. It's right there. You won a silver bullet it's right this year. Three. Offer a different vision of how to lower costs and provide greater access to millions of Americans. And opened the floor to wall ideas. You without me at hello. Tweet for. If house leaders try to do a little less using the same basic framework. As the failed obamacare experiment then it will failed to know this is like it's so obvious. Final one I stand ready to work with my colleagues and the president on a plant that can both work and blouse. First real repeal and then replace. Amen. Fame and now here is what I think is gonna happen okay this is my prediction. I think Ryan care is gonna die. I if it's not dead already. Pretty much I think this CBO put won the big nail in the coffin the final nail in the coffin. I think then Rand Paul's plan is gonna now bubble up to the surface. And then we're gonna find out. What Ryan Orion is really made off because I think he's gonna blinked at repeal. I think he doesn't want to repeal obamacare. I think he's been playing us for fools. For I don't know how many years and if that happens. I'm telling you right now. There will be an insurgency within the Republican Party and I will lead the charge. To overthrow Ryan as speaker of the house. Because I got to tell you what I see of him he's got to go. I wanna make one final point. And obviously I was doing a lot of research last night they are cameramen Alltel. I'm waiting to do the show today I can't go home because we thought the storm was coming at the middle of the night so there I am doing all this research. And I read an interview with Rand Paul. And he made a brilliant point. That for some reason he's not emphasizing enough or the media is not picking up for obvious reasons. But I want you just stand back and objectively think about this summer Iran I said wow he hit the nail right on the head. Off course costs and premiums are gonna continue to go up under Ryan care why. It's it's inevitable Rand Paul and he's right why. Because according to Ryan Kendrick centerpiece. Let's say you make 30000 dollars a year just for the sake of argument okay combined income 30000 dollars a year. At the end of the year. You pay no income taxes whatsoever. They governments and opinion income taxes. The government will then right sure check. All 141000. Dollars to so called refundable tax credit for you to buy health insurance. If your health insurance provider. You're insane. If you sell health insurance dug these millions of people with their 141000 dollar checks. For anything less than 141000 dollars. Why because everybody's got 141000 dollars to spend. So you're not honestly if I'm the CEO of health insurance company. And I find out my sales people. Are putting together let's say insurance plans for I don't know 8000 or 101000 or 121000 dollars a Mike are you guys knots. Pick up 141000 dollars from the government. You charge 141000. Dollars minimum. If I charge a little more because there have to pay just a little bit more. It's actually business malpractice. From a I had an insurance companies' point of view. If you actually sell insurance for less than 141000 dollars. So 141000. Dollars becomes not concealing. It becomes before. It's the basic to charge somebody for health insurance plan. That's what happens when you're giving up 141000 dollars of the peoples money your money. This is not gonna drive down costs. It guarantees that cost go up. Get. Government. Out of their health care business. The last government the better. Full repeal. And then a free market based replaced planned that's what the Republicans ran ran on that's what we want that's what's gonna save the country. This is what trump should do it's what Ryan should do it's what the Republicans should do. 6172666868.