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Storm Stella hits Boston! 3/14/17

Mar 14, 2017|

Did the media over hype the storm?

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News from liberal lies and insults to the working people and we say no more. He's just cool their road course. Did some cars now. You learn. When his smooth to. Yeah. It's about 1206. Here on the great WRKO. Jeff Horner Boston's bulldozed there. Now I'm not cleaning up a liberal bulls donate I'm I'm cleaning up the snow. Because obviously the city can do it. And did chicken Charlie has a hard time doing it. So it's starting this knowledge it's really starting to smile I gotta tell you it's coming down. It looked pretty good this morning. At about 7:8 o'clock. Barely a dusting. Then the win. And began to pick out and who it's been about may be an hour hour and a half. And it started may come down. I know in my neck of the woods Foxboro. They started to get hammered at about 930 Dan. The snow was coming down pretty good. And now it's coming in the Boston my friends. And they're calling it now the blizzard of the century. You know every every every notice that every freak and storm that we have. Is this storm of the century and sold this one is supposed to be dust storm of the century. Although it doesn't look like it's gonna be 22 inches of snow or 24 inches of smaller one inches of snow there were talking to feet. Now they're saying more Boston's gonna get about eight inches and inches maybe a foot of snow. Outside of Boston some areas may get sixteen inches. Worst third and even getting eighteen inches. But basically look it's a good snowstorm. When everything is said and done it's six good small storm which some high winds. And it has got to be careful out there. And you know I we did a FaceBook video before we went on the air about an hour and a half ago Brittany and I outside. Basically are preparing to where the weather the weather guys. And you know what I said on the FaceBook video I just want to reiterate right now. As a former Canadian I guess the next cannot. We laugh at a foot a slow. I'm telling you we laugh at a foot of slow. You know you live in the upper midwest. You live in the rocky mountain states. Army bailout they get a four additional all the kind. They live fitness. Here I gotta tell you I mean yesterday I went to my Stop & Shop. There were some people I swear to you there were growing so much meat into their shopping carts. I thought you were gonna slaughter cattle. Part to disguise just look for it's just forget just take a cow just grabbed a cow and pig but cal home. I mean it was incredible. Cases of water. Canned goods and there was one card which Khomeini canned goods comic I'm sorry is Portman gonna win Venus. Are we is there a nuclear war coming. You know you might as we'll get survival food at this point. I mean did she look like she was ready for six months she could hunkered down for six months. I never. Did shelves where half empty. Did they don't water gone dough bread gone the eggs gone the milk gone. And I don't know what this obsession with meeting this. It's just thought I'd put. I ate at what he did that just what it's going to be a nuclear winter or something and you are we gonna have to be a colonel a grilling meat Turk on a spit or something on fire outside guys. It'll be over by tonight. A Brittany what are they saying 7:8 o'clock now tonight 9 o'clock stop listening to them and I look at this by there was no sound like you've lied to me you're fake news. You live. Apple when their vacancy the pike. There are a ton of people driving on the plate free now. And it still owed. The. Well that's that that's the other is some a little worried to be honest with you all seriousness I am a little bit worried because. You've got people who woke up this morning. And because the initial reports work your member of Brittany 3 AM Lorie had 505 AM the snow is gonna start coming down you have baker yesterday what he's big press conference. By the way I swear to you if you've seen that the video of the press conference. I don't think Churchill in his war cabinet had as many people surrounding him I don't think FDR. When he met what Eisenhower and they were planning beating the liberation of Europe. I don't think they had as many people in that war room to discuss the envy the invasion and liberation of Europe from Nazi rule I swear he's got. Everybody's there. I'd durst he's surrounded. By people cabinet officials advise xers. There's a woman in front for the translating for the deaf burger for deaf people I mean it just is just the sheer crush of people around him. This one's wearing a part cut this one's wearing a sold this one's got some kind of an orange outfit I mean you would pick like we're getting invaded. The way these people are and and so let me get a little bit of baker. Let's just get a little bit of baker this is baker yesterday I can drug. You would think honestly you would think that Taliban you would think crisis. Is marching. On Boston roll it. I Jarrett. For those who may be out traveling. That combined with the high winds will create what we would describe is extremely difficult driving conditions and then again if people can't stay off the roads for the rest of the day and give the cruise the space and the time in the if ability. To clean up after all of us that would be terrific. We also expect that we're gonna see some pretty heavy winds across the commonwealth anywhere from forty to fifty miles an hour and along the coast probably as high as fifty to sixty. Going to be 170 mile an hour gusts if you combine those with. Heavy wet snow in and sleep we do expect and anticipate we may have issues with respect to. Power outages. For people who didn't hear yesterday's announcement. Today for the state work forces emergency personnel only. State offices are closed. We fully expect everybody will be back. I don't work on full strength tomorrow. The most important message on this one is for people to stay away from the plows. And the first responders conflicts or aren't an hour. Our adult crowd the blouse. Now you're lucky if you CO plow but if there is a probable probable wow. So before plows that are out there bowl crowd of dismal crowd him. So basically now he became a weatherman yesterday and if you noticed that high winds. The expected how much mold this sleet is he sounded like being on the what the weather guy on channel four channel fife. But my concern is in all seriousness. Everybody got up this morning and said hey. What's most harmed his most arm. And so they waited at 7 o'clock 8 o'clock maybe a little dusting nothing much and so amounts are you she's right. I'm looking outside the on the window and I'm looking on the bike there's a lot of cars opener and this snowplows out there and blows out there. Soul and it's starting to come down now I think anyone really honestly should be driving and especially on a highway on the pike this a lot of us. This this buses cars suvs what of what they're not throwing salt under rule routes. A team that's the problem. You're not throwing dirt or not there's no be icing trucks divisional salt trucks there's more plows so why's this small accumulates. That's when accidents begin to happen. So look this storm is coming. Like it's going to be about a foot of snow okay give or take a few inches so you much good it's a good small storm it's not the end of the world. But if they're not gonna put salt on the roads and they're not gonna plow the roads and there's gonna be -- the icing trucks that get off the roads. Did you end up like the corner man I got into an accident last time because they wouldn't put a shovel for they wouldn't back. Put on a. Ask I guess scope of our school of salt a school full assault on the brother drew got to save money. So this is so if you're on the roads. Please. Get off the routes. And if you're deriving a similar thing bone dry fast these this keeper proper distance. And try to get off the roads not because of foot ocean always the end of the world. It's because they don't put salt on the roots. You see that's the thing in India upper midwest. And in the rocky Mountain States and you are wanna say Canada is better that's on years a reason why I'm here in the United States is much better than that in many ways. But on one thing dealing with snow Canadians pretty much have a down but. Gay port small pond a routes and they put sand on the ropes. Don't pull out trucks are out early and they keep on moving. And unlike here the plows aren't up. They're down they're actually on the pavement they're actually pushing smoke. See that's how you deal with small now. I swear to you as god is my witness like I'm in the confessional you just you couldn't make this stuff up okay. Let me ask all of you it's because now the snow is starting to fall and we're gonna get you know we're gonna get about a foot of snow okay pro about a foot is so it's going to be a good swarm. A ritual. Both Forte. If I was gonna ask you. Moved here let me ask Britney get let me ask Brittany. It's chauffeur today. Have we had a harsh winter or mild winter I would say mild and only had modest common and that's I would say the same thing it's actually been quite warm. Very balmy for southern New England we had one storm I got mail I got there I got into an accident. That's the that's what that goal I almost died in that storm but let that go. We only had one storm. Listen to us. One storm. One of the my oldest winters in years listened to this I should weird to me who like I'm in the confessional you couldn't believe this. What the chicken Charlie Baker do yesterday. Amid giving us a weather report. On maybe him being surrounded by people like you would think rival were invading Normandy again or whatever okay listen Dennis. Governor baker has now filed a supplemental. Budgets. Requesting. Listen to this and an additional twenty million dollars in small and ice removal funding. So they're asking for twenty million more. Why because they've built plane additional fund already just before today's storm I'm like how can you have depleted the small font. We just had one storm over Europe Robert hour. You know Marty Walsh says will be up Errol de plunk down the call me if you've seen a plow because that's basically we kick. Doug could qualify technically for America what the Vatican OK I could be a guy out if look at epiphany if you seal blowing a city of Boston is like. How a Loria miracles happen we gotta tell the Vatican about the us but let that go so within that list. They have already spent according now to baker. The Commonwealth of Massachusetts the state has already spent eight T four million ball works. Removing snow and ice as of last month. 84 million. So they have now big burned through additional fund it's gone. And so they're saying that they cannot even pay for additional removal. Unless we borrow another twenty million ball worse. And so I ask myself a couple questions. This needs to be asked. How do you have one of the my oldest winters. Teen years. With one legitimate small storm so far today will be the second one okay but until then once more public does that it once more. And your blue. And you won't traditional what you. 84 million dollars is gone. We're a helmet hit four million dollars. What did you graduate the 84 million. And the second point I wanna I did so was it stolen. Was it misappropriated. Or was it siphoned off. Where did the money go and then I wanna make the mother of all points of Saddam Hussein poet OK and this there's no getting around it. They now have to borrow twenty million clamps. Date twenty. Million dollars. But they have money to give themselves massive pre pay raises up on Beacon Hill. Millions of dollars in pay raises in fact eighteen million dollars in total. Don't Leo gets 50000 dollars a bomb Stan Rosenberg gets his 50000 dollars bump. They gave 80000 dollar stipends they get huge tension increases. House committee that shares. Senior people on committees everybody's making 203040000. Dollars more. But so all the politicians have enough to line their pockets. But they don't have enough money in the small fund. To just literally throw some salt on the roads and start plowing. And finally to all blue moon bats out there. The argument on illegal immigration as far as I'm concerned has been settled by storm style. We don't have money according to baker. To report plow trucks on the rolled unless we borrow twenty million dollars more. But we can spend. Cool billion. Not million. Billion with a B. Every year. To give illegal immigrants welfare. Food stamps section eight housing mass care in EBT cards so you see if you're in illegal. There's always money. If you're hard working tax paying staff who just wants to see the smoke cleared from his erodes. Blanket oh. 61720666868. We're in the middle now of storm Stella. Let me ask you this. Will we all died. Is this the end. Has to how does the media over hype this storm. And now they need another twenty million for additional fund. Who rated the small fund and where did the money go 61720666868. Mort your calls next. Inland. The most important message on this one is for people to stay away from the files for. In the first responders and the folks were out their work on the roads this storm that's coming we are we're getting ahead we'll meet it would lose significant amount. Snow will be a barrel requirement. Yeah they're out there they're plowing my friends that's what they say anyway. 6172666868. OK it's starting to come down Abbas then we're expecting about a foot of some all. Basically and you know we do live in a northern climate. An upper midwest as I said in the rocky Mountain States and Canada in places like that it's just a good storm. That's all people move on do you honestly. When we were kids we got a foot of snow in all we did. We played in the snow we we need this moment. My Ashton today is so excited graces that texting me saying he's outside already building a small man. He's making a small man so the kids are playing. Very sledding they're making a snowman. And the media is panic gain and acting like this is the end of this Alexa Sonoma again. This is this is the end 61720666868. Let me ask you this. Do you think the media. Has over hyped storm Stella. Do you think they'd over hyped it if the answer is yes that's the letter a the 68680. If the answer is no doubt it's coming down Jeff and the roads are getting pretty treacherous. Decks a letter beat this 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Okay lines are loaded down in stone I'm going head down. Egg jail all right bird and why I welcome them. All I want it to stop all of the I can't afford it rhetoric god bless you. I want to tell you a little bit on the ball situation. Barbara but aren't secured more only a lot of what got 240 arms open it up which is now. The whole idea of this sort is big black or will they got a bar. Oh. I don't put thousands could put a bottle of impunity but I've been out the article on this forum or call 188 up. They've got a lot of thought before it aren't that wet. Dan tell me how are the roads out there. Are all dead wrong. Just could not judge the people out there. Stock you know getting all of its fifth or are worried they'll admit a number and I'll stay back stay way. I. Darren thanks so much and stay safe out there my friend. 6172666868. Okay we're broadcasting life. Hear from the WRKO. Studio. Britney's in the Booth Jared and they're both all hands are on that storms now lot 6172666868. Okay. Charlie Baker says we have to borrow another twenty million dollars caused a small fund has been completely depleted it's gone. 84 million Don this was before the storm of today. Where did the money goal. And what are you seeing on the roads out there is in danger is is it treacherous. The roads being assaulted are they being plowed. I wanna hear from you 61720666868. And it if they are big issues just down the road we know about 400 knows I refuse to have been out here. Pre treating the roads today and as the day goes Lawrence. You'd be patient parent you know this what those quickly still look like she's come above will be of their elders while. That of course was a macho Marty. Marty Walsh telling everybody. Stayed gone jazz stayed calm big government will take care of view. Charlie Baker he's actually held several press conferences. Surrounded by a vast team of advisors almost like a cabinet war room. Any says we are now girding for battle. The invasion is coming storm Stella. And we shall fight them. We you'll we shall fight Stella on the streets on the highways. On the bridges. On the beaches. On day it will fight them everywhere we shall never surrender. According to chicken Charlie Baker. OK let's get a little dispel another taste of chicken Charlie. This press conference. Was delivered just after he said. They blew through the entire 84 million dollar small budget. So this was before the storm it once more before the storm. And he said well 84 million is gone fur was small removal what's normal we want the one mile this winter's since then it. But 84 million he said is gone and he's now they need to borrow twenty more million. To help pay for today's cleanup. So basically worded the money go your guess is my money. Is on it on the pay raises for those on Beacon Hill if I was a betting man I'd say. I think a lot of that went for those pay raises. And of course always a little bit for the illegals there's there's never enough money for the illegals OK here is chicken Charlie. Doing his best imitation of Winston Churchill roll it. Jared let me start. By thanking everybody for. Taking us seriously with respect to. Question and if people had the ability to work from home and stare at the roads today. To do so there's already. Significant snow falling in new York and in Connecticut and in western mass and we fully expect you'll be moving east. With greater intensity over the course of the morning and into the early afternoon the folks here in Boston. At the emergency management senator so called for somewhere between eight to twelve inches here in Boston. And the numbers across the rest of Massachusetts. Are somewhere between sort of tenants point four inches depending upon where you are the accumulation rate for this snowstorm once it gets going is still according to all of the weather report it's going to be pretty intense somewhere between two and four inches. And power which is a huge issue. For those who may be out traveling. There you go. So basically. We're gonna get about eight to twelve inches. So might even a foot or maybe just the flood some areas may get fourteen inches sixteen inches. And but listen don't worry about it. Baker where baker says we've got this thing we've got to just stay at home stay off the roads. And look we will survive are or we are there Robert Bauer all day Palawan and we're gonna survive Boston trolley baker sounds like Jeb Bush a little bit lower energy half. I was thinking the same thing. I mean I EI UIE. We fully expect you'll be moving east. With greater intensity over the course of the morning and into the early afternoon at Jared can you do me a favor and get me about a seven minute cut of that. Put it on a CD or and I can play that at night when I go to sleep. And that's like that's like oh that's the cure right there for insomnia. God this guy will knock you out I'm telling you we should guys let's not miss paying. We ever have to work again within our lifetimes we just thought ms. okay seven minutes of this. To do so it's already it's what is significant snow falling in New York inning Connecticut and in western yeah. Which. You'll be moving east. Are similar. Sort of tennis 24 inches and I'm worried are the accumulation rate for this snowstorm of its growing is still according all of the weather. 010. I haven't slept this good in a long time. This this guy forget my pillow as if you've got sleep issues this is the tide for you have to they do it here reaching a bedtime story. I don't think I would think I'm Charlie quicker reads you bedtime story. Goodnight that I'm sorry I had. 6172666868. Is the number. This is from 781 job. Just another snowstorm. Small. Wow it's New England. It let me know I know. All of this is stereo. People know yelling at their eyes saw some people I'm telling you practically crying on the air last night crying or. What are you gonna Google all my audience is the end I'm thinking when I was growing up in the seventies and eighties. There was is most arm. We had a day off the kid's rap you mean we may we we did we did some sledding and I mean we built a snowman well what's the issue here. For rob Bradford you're up next go ahead Bradford. How are you depth I'm good how are you glad I am lenient and fewer Mac swap. We tend crew. Well as a while ago Bradford. Yes yes more depth of my art so I did the best. Arm grocery shopping all that I get to do you know you're not likely opt. Or the grocery store this CPR and now does not a lot of stuff on the shelves app but arm I got what I need for a pot wrote. I'm couple cases of water and I was into not that there is great experience. So Bradford but hold I'm sober you're saying so but those are there was still some stuff left on the shelves. You. I don't. Important when Pickens said it was thought I. While there was better than my Stop & Shop yesterday might Stop & Shop guessed that it was like the old Soviet Union. You know what you get your take 61720666868. Dead in Quincy go ahead dead. (%expletive) car. Well yeah. I don't boy this guy I'm telling you while this guy we are we're we're all gonna become multimillionaires with this guy you if you combine those with. Heavy wet snow and says sleep. We do expect and anticipate we may have issues with respect this guy's a walking cure to insomnia this guy beats any sleeping bell you can read to your you have just got to read your kids at night on a tape. Don't wanna donate what this guy. But do we get a hunted down. And the Jack I was just don't drive and on on a state run Hertzberg Pat Quinn Quinn they. And I was the only one on the road nobody even came in nobody would it be that. Coming towards me the whole leg while I looked up in it. And after week this three cats right on my hill. So I pulled over. And to a street and the diet that'd be an army and I said yeah I'd rather have a little back and it is trying to beaten badly PP up. Daddy did the right thing and thank you for that call not I gotta say. The one culture shock. I expected the moon bats bonds series when I first came to distinguish five years ago. I expected the culture sharply although the moon bouts the liberals the crazy politics. The corruption a little bit surprised me. Because honestly cry think Louisiana Arkansas Chicago I did not know all of the city and his state was as corrupt as it is okay. But their real culture shock. People drive crazy here. I'm a bit different and internet's. Don't really have to wait people drive in this state is crazy. I mean Jared MI wrong. No lanes are pretty much just to suggest. To a crosswalk scrap what explains that to suggest that you can kind of a guideline could go. Can meet north 1413 fourteen years in California reporting yeah about. When you came back you must have been like almighty God's way people drive here while California's crazy too but that's more volume this incessant on a class I mean this is almost important argument. That's kind of Charlotte. And the deal. I can't hit bikers have to get up. A. No I'm telling you. It's like. I remembered the last storm you know there right am I got my hazards on because your original original assault on the road so you gotta be careful when this Mostar it's coming down right. Additional Sanders most salt. So this can be do the rolled like now they're very slippery. It's not. Volume of this small personal sold. So you gotta be careful so there are you know what my hazards on I'm going to write playing an old 25 miles an hour minding my own business. Dare flying in buying. And not only are they flying by here's what I don't get Cuba the middle name in the left flank. But there are they are right up forgive me right up my career grand dared they are tailgating me. The whole time and they go right around me you're flying with the full and that's a that they love the flip a Burr in the state. All do they love they give the middle finger up I don't know what it is. They're there so everybody's flipping each other the bird. And everybody's cutting everybody off and I'm like guys there's a snowstorm outside slowed soon picking an easy. 6172666868. Billion Boston go ahead bill. Hello yeah. They just you know. You know lots of times are you as he nobody is what you see. They. While truck brought on Broadway were at about six or all of the first guy ever reply doubts in the last five day stay out there want to follow up. Yeah I mean it's that they're out of it and Kevin yeah and I went. Kick backs from politicians out there it is up catalog except for except up. You know. Well I gotta tell you bill I mean they blew 34 million. All of unplug for a lie if somebody and they out at night tension that we get paid far that they make out like we gonna get we gotta pay the bill the same all. Got to tell you regard called Valerie and 84 million dollar small fund and there was only once or before the inaugural require. I pick and I got bill I gotta I see the same thing so one guy has got a while down and there's a couple drugs behind and they've got a while up. And I do see him. They're single they're they are gore camp in a circle there they are a rocket of those hours maybe. 6172666868. Both killed the job. German Malden go ahead Jim. Georgia I'm I wanted to column nonpolitical reasons are practical use via. I'm the whole back up app that city I don't know how old I am a huge generator and only spot in Atlanta great to carry. You're very lucky man June. Except maybe not the one thing might set the light which is Canadian white bread and let me out of eighty lights. Dim every. But you don't actually think about it all. I'm never diluted our power the city but damage to generate cannot help market at that. You know non union and certainly the company in an unemployment in my opinion. Are you know like Jim I may have to start going on market basket more full time because yesterday might Stop & Shop. They reminded me of mother Russia under communism. Robert got split accurate look I'm all alone. I don't get. It out when I. Very different cut off all so quote I mean really it was like good luck finding eggs I mean it was almost like an egg hunt. The dog is looking for some legs and a good luck milk there was almost Momo clout. 6172666868. OK my friends what are you seeing out on the rolled right now. It is starting to come down. And storm Stella. Did the media overhyped. This storm. Again. I wanna hear from you 6172666868. Don't touch. That dot. Here. Floors on WOR KO. Voice of Boston. And 2016. Most of us on tapping on the weekend. So it's easier for us to manage the storm we had. You know we had try to set to send it to kind of clean up after the storm this happens or rush hour so it's a difficult storm. The only thing different between this and the last from the last one. We were expecting a bigger storm what we always knew right to the very end even meteorologists are saying this it could change in the kind of change the very end this storm that's coming we are we getting ahead. Really it was that was significant amounts of snow. 1255. Here on the great WR KR OOK my friends you can text us as always. 68680. This is from 978 Jeff. The sign says don't cry elbow plow what's freaking while the. 603 Jeff it's coming down here in Londonderry New Hampshire. And it's coming down good I don't know how much know it's definitely starting to come down my friends. But look elder saying about a foot of snow in Boston. May be a little bit more than that outside of Boston. I mean is just a small storm. All in all okay it's inconvenient don't get me wrong but. Yeah they're acting like this was gonna be like the blizzard of the century and and higher state of emergency. And god knows people could start dying in. Drink the hysteria to simulate that just Halm down a little bit. If you're out on the roads please be very careful. They are not putting salt on the roads the conditions are very slippery very treacherous. Please drive slowly. And most importantly. Put all lot of distance between you and the car in front of you trust me dots how accidents happen. Britain you have a quick up. Eight for us is at tractor trailer feasts in the wrong way on Boston's seek Cambridge. So if year heading that way. You're going to be stuck in some traffic try to avoid as much as you can. Now apparent there are power outages in Malden right Brittany Ellen Reeves Gary what are your son. Doubled down on squire road against oral pull went down on squire road so that's planet I was saying that marker basket is open in the back their generators. 6172666868. Eric on route 93 go ahead Erica. Bear out that will tell you lyrics and not bacteria are giving guys an update on drive and are not. I'm 93 I can't really see much in the way of editing around me. So what I did see was. As I did see a lot. For a while. I Mayo a mile and a half following the breakdown lane. So I just wanted to let people know albeit driver on 93 you wanna hold up. And that may be look personal wallow in the trees you've got a nice clear path. I slowly out. Eric lowly broad. Now Erica if it would be Rhode. Buddy let me ask you this are these are are the conditions on the role is their white out now is it hard to seek. They're pregnant they're actually they're please be safe be very careful my friend. Right no problem drive nice is saying nice and slow will be out there all that well yet. Yeah shall we the plows I'd love to see a while just one well Eric spotted one sold. At least or cleaning something if you go to WRKO FaceBook page out of the corner ran bulldozers out they're plowing snow. That's a fun little thing earlier traffic that's. That's about the only blog editor received today that's it graft. 6172666868. Jim you're up next go ahead Jim. Yeah corner Mandy do you see the press conference yesterday yes. They get a good guy looked terrible so I mean I agency. If there's no real conflict though there's a real problem you don't break it out like a like a fourteen year old all blunt trauma from the temple and everything because she. No I don't you look what is the goal is he wishes you were trembling. KL. He would Palin in the cruel Bynum didn't know conference held if you had been trying to. What did you see the one guy that came out and said we're gonna wait for all the snowfall. To basically then tell the plows to start really cleaning. I'm like what odds you're gonna wait for the smoke to fall first all bent and then before you start cleaning the roads are you serious. Heidi I yank him I yeah I CIA boss then we will survive. Coming up next we'll Ryan care survive. This could be the final nail in it's coffin dot story maxed out.