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White House Gate Jumper doesn't go to jail, 3-14-17

Mar 14, 2017|

Kim & VB discuss a Judge not sending Jonathan Tran, the man who jumped the White House fence, to jail.

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Boston.com morning show from day. You are KL. 617266686868680. Is attacks on how you doing out there weather wise folks. Love to hear from you we here in the Boston area right in the city really not get anything at this point. I'm although we've already gotten it. Wrapped up more than a dusting here it seems you have slowed up I'm looking a reports on a wash our honor New York. And it's high Aileen optic in New York already. And I expected to begin in earnest here in the New England area by about 10 o'clock or so. I don't know where you are but if you were getting snow we'd love to hear from use we get a sense of where this this storm is that the. Poor wife has an injury maybe can still see the grass around what little is collected on the ground that's up north where we're supposed to get to plus feet depending on who you listen to fish is is still coming down now it's not a good moment. But there's my guy issued to crew says we were promised four inches by now and we've got nothing he's even texted me a picture of the city. Because I'm working in the city so I need a picture of the city to prove that I guessed. Should too. If you've learned nothing from me over the last couple months I'm memo and a falcon fan or Kenny. And at halftime of the Super Bowl highly literally left a patriots Layden Super Bowl party and said. Good night fellas this one's all up up up up okay stop telling me this is a fake news snows are not when we're not even at halftime NRA. I also need to tell him that I don't know we do well over the news reports that he was watching that said that we would have four inches by this time of the morning. I didn't see that at all I never saw on the. As actual quote was. My dear even really wanna hear this I yeah I'd. At this point I was promised four inches and is not even one inch I feel like TVs prom date thank you should you I appreciate that. Yeah how old. That is oddly on Mimi the guys. Not dead and I don't know how (%expletive) up I should point out to read DB the why as a duo my question is what's worse on March blizzard or Elizabeth Warren. It's currently 95%. Elizabeth Warren there is that staying steady at 5%. That says no no this is worse than she. And I question the sanity of those this kind of why did this poll is a wanna see how many of them are out yes and by them I mean the people that accidentally hit the wrong one. By the way our FaceBook page. Which you can check out W or KO FaceBook page. And on mine because I put up our live video this morning. So what is addressing you hate VD don't dis the cape we got snow Friday in the nor short missed it. I agree a lot of data safe today I love that image didn't bother me that you were upset at me then I'm turning the tables I'm not pleased with you guys. Sales owners however reverend Wright's it to be and says I stayed home for this. Six on seven arm Agnew manager at two inches very slippery it is not on on these roads right now and I and wall slams is seven anyone. Two inches and west boy will stay in says minds a man like it's. This is an even the calm before the storm the storms just sort allay some mop it narrow right. Right right and green you said the coming up at 9 o'clock we're gonna get an update ABC news and updates are excellent got. And that's probably come and out of Washington or New York so we'll get a sense of what the storm is doing as it moves its way. Up the coast so a lot still coming your way this morning and I certainly will keep you updated and we yes you do the same thank you for the texts and phone calls. To keep us abreast of what's happening out there meantime let's talk about this. I'll fence jumper in Washington DC and a review guess on this issue they've been a federal district judge. In Washington. Let Jonathan to free and he's 26 year old who jumped the fence got all the way to the portico door. Last Friday. At the White House and the president was inside by the way. Let him out of jail yesterday. With the idea that he where GPS. And has all kinds of restrictions related to where he can go work he'd go and all these kinds of things I'm actually very surprising to me I'm very surprised that this guy was let out of jail I mean at what. Oh goody keep in jail if you don't keep this guy and. This is one of those were like army and it's not set in stone that's it you're going away for ten years. Based on where you were in what was happening. On the other hand. I kinda feel like I thought they took this seriously in this sort of sends the messages not sincere right. I don't know how when asked to do are you supposed to be where you are sir you say yeah I have a meeting with the president. And that sort of gives me some sort of psychosis she Oprah but I can't over the fence today equipped. Yeah I feel like he made mistakes dvds observation if this is not sick days of hell's observation. Offense I don't know what is. The guy was held for six minutes right. I'm a little surprised to hear okay so the situation is that apparently his older brother. Jonathan trans. Older brother may be younger I'm sorry anyway his brother was just doesn't put out there. He made a statement he said that his brother Jonathan Tran the 26 year old. What is. And did deal with some mental issues that he had been quite distraught over having lost his job. At some electrical engineering company. And that the job had been extremely stressful for him to begin with. And that he and his mother earth meaning the brother and the mother were very concerned about Jonathan. That Jonathan had resorted to living in his car. And eating. Junk food. Now how do you take that leap from bad to. Who literally leaping over the fence at the White House and going to the portico I don't know. Hi we asked in court yesterday and whether he had taken anything prior to doing it his answer was no. If he had any mental health issues prior to this he said no does he have a job he said now we said he did not have children these cities in Europe car or home. And he said he was an American citizen. So he's been sent off with the GPS tracking device he can't believe he can't go. Outside of 100 mile perimeter of where he's from and San Jose. Chris tickle near the White House. I don't know I'm I'm bothered by this I think this is somebody who should be held for further. Evaluation. He champion DC except to appear in court but do you wanna be on that cross country flight knowing that the guy there was the fence jumper is heading to DC on that plane. No. Multiple times who apparently have some depending on how this goes. Be cool nicknames Matt and Kim let's go within the boston.com morning show one WR KL. Without clearing it Jonathan to free and is not the first person who has breached security. At the White House. But. It is amazing to me that he can do what he did V beyond Friday and be walking free this morning. Eight but I'm going to do something that I don't normally like to do OK and I always get back to the bad news bears quote blank or are we dealing with a not fearing men without you bringing race into this but I'm remembering race in the best. One context of points out. 603 to be specific if Obama or president this guy would begin life trumps president value and had a home not from what check and regulator. Is that true. Beat. I always remember. Marlon wins the comedian in one time and and there had been a White House jumper. And he says I love this story because white guy jumps the fence and it's like I c'mon in we got some Danish just out of the government thought I jumped a fence and I'm shot in the dogs are eating meat on the White House lawn. If this is a black guy. Would this be the same treatment I ask that legitimately. Well I don't know I mean I'm looking at some of the worst breaches. Of all time bowl whatever defense this guy has a look have a bad day. Lost my job how donate a lot of junk food. If a black guy says all of these things to adjudged as a judge say. You can go cross country and will put a GPS on you in a week. And we'll check back in my. I don't wealth I don't know I mean I don't. You don't. Are you wanna take this one I I don't have a feeling you are here's his mission because I I'm looking you know I don't. Do you think do you think Omar they wouldn't be like out. Now I don't think so of course they wouldn't know its get out all over again now let's face it. I was thinking of a heavily I would have made it outtakes I don't think you're a lot of I think this guy had a book I'd be in the night how low side would be absolute lock down and you would not like this guy look we're which is no worse for Wear. Do you think that a White House fence jumper would at least have some marks for the effort EA board today he looked like he just wanted people have been taken down beaten up on traffic calls that look you run on us anyway and you get to your horses and I treated. The country. A lot less stuff yeah. It doesn't though I gotta tell yeah there have been that should look at some of the worst jumpers right so in 76. Armed with a three foot long metal pipe Chester plumber. His day he was thirty years old climb the eight foot fence advanced toward the White House in July of 76. And after reportedly. Menacing. A security agent fair he was shot in the chest and was dead within ninety minutes. So Chester plumber Burton jumped the fence in which he paid the ultimate price for doing it. I. I would assume. To mean if I was going to jump that fence I would think there is a 75%. Chance that my head is going to be filled to land and I'm going to. I think dirt as I was when you never know you think there is a 70% chance. This whole story they just casually walked up to the guys and hey you supposed to be here is supposed to be there now of course he's not supposed to be there. And then they just sort of calmly talked to GAAP. This is I did tell you this is what's so surprising to me about this because if you ever been around Secret Service. If you imagine that they walk up to someone who's actually approaching the portico and say are you supposed to be here because. I was with a photographer one time. Who was standing there this was this was not in Washington but instead. In in Des Moines, Iowa. And you are standing there and a Secret Service agent walked up and said what are you doing. And we were waiting for President Clinton and this photographer said. I'm here issued the president. Yeah me and here's surely they gun Lehman I'm here issue with the team rock when you're issued the president. That hit the ground so fast I mean honestly I was standing there I've never seen anything had happened so quickly in my life. Doubt he wins he is in costs. In the notes kids. That we all the White House law I did CNN and why not. A lot although I understand the phrase geology I do blame the two. Does the same cameramen who were at the airport when asked how's the book going to bomb like gays in how we did so I know you don't like the bark but use a different you know it but you know I now know is these guys you know when he just says usually. Never thinking it was a problem where should the president of all the phrases. Leg reruns of those reward that and if you I mean he wasn't approaching the pro that the portico at the White House but my only defense of these did Secret Service three meters we do remember the story was Obama to the techsters that if this is Obama awarded these same. The chairman of the guy that was in the elevator Wear them. Member of the guy idiots get a gun to he was a security guard. For whatever mall or was that the president was Indonesia's walked onto the elevator with the guy. And ever is there what hell did that I just getting the elevator with the president of the United States for. And it was all sort of like Laffy far I eat right but how did Saturday that funny no it's not funny at all. Paulson reign of good morning Paul. Mourning her today. You know what I wanna know is where the snipers because. Ari since. I mean you won in our language I mean he was not armed. I mean he wasn't armed and and this was no big deal but you don't you don't actually got to correct me to Kansas many economists is that did you consider that armed. Slobodan even you know until he could've been carrying something that would have made the White House rubble. For now we noted that type of thing can be small enough to smuggle and that's the case anybody who cross that line. You need to go down sell ammunition relay. Inaudible what would have little margin incorporated 2319 and all the important thing to jump on yes there should be no question. He injury potential written into that one time. Think I get across don't exactly make you overweight or portico and then boom head shot. You well know what and shoppers. You bet on it I'm shocked I'm shocked about then you're so right about the sharpshooters because. If he'd ever been at the White House you know their everywhere if you've ever been in Washington. Is indeed the inauguration. We actually. Saw on the mall there were actually. The military. Armored. Vehicles. Which sharpshooters. Standing. On top of them. Why do with great big not killers like almost like a caricature. And the other behind didn't though weapon prepared to shoot. I have again based on that when we were down there and again I know it's not the inauguration but hide. I'm shocked about how he was treated like I'm shocked that he was able even walking under his own power and I were never mind. Not even have a scratch on them. Don't you assume he gets to see the White House bowling Alley if you know what I mean like they take just into the belly beast and give him a little going all over and then. I'm shocked at this is just like okay you're at home you're not feeling well outside you get some good home court can and you'll be right as rain and those guys know you weren't wearing a vest. Bottom always does not made some sort of drug transmissible disease that he's been injected with a by terrorists and he's stranded. I may busy one too many 24 is bit. He's trying to infect the White House I got how does how do we know anything right I do it's it really is it's very surprising to me let me go to Scott he's in Winthrop good morning Scott. Good morning guys they're too big well sure. So hey good weather report first the end of down near zero at its people that he built. The way to Charleston. A little bit better if he goes down and get a little need to cut them. I thought that they were buddy about this joke there greatly if you should the president not out this year to go live with a. Also crazy I Harry Brady play. Yeah. Ultimately it's ordered bit electric spirit surrounds storage to keep their sheep were born. The property and edit that JP attitude you'll get you'll get a little why did they don't do so that little bit to say that there's. If little grip to it that they feel a little sick. Why would it look simple brick. Yeah I think the problem with that is that you know again if you've been to Washington you know people walk up to the fence all the time I mean you you walk up the little kids grab hold an enemy NC. Kind of seen that sight in my head. You know you just walk a bit you're looking through and you're looking at the White House. Now at eight during the Obama. Administration they did it. Fixed it I think part of defense has been extended. Move and I think that should be extended up all the way around it's only a portion of it I don't know why they Ericsson and all the way up I think he went up an additional five feet. Arm on that dad to. Black wrought iron fence eight and in addition at the top of their. They put almost like dubbed a barbed wire kind of thing. Along the top of it so that if you do somehow scale this a very large portion of the fence you hit that before you come over. I know how this guy did it I mean when you seat. This security video you see him running around the Arab tutor. He was clearly not affected at all by any way that he got onto the grounds it almost looks like the guy just they opened the door. It's just crazy aunt and I can't imagine because I have been near enough. They can't imagine how you could get in the air the way he did and that everybody CDs casual as they did and now by the way. These these out enjoying the sunny weather of California there's even a major communities are so I mean as you know even at the most long's this summer and what is gonna happen again well it goes back to court in April. So how. Well I guess time will tell will see then.