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A bloodbath? 3/13/17

Mar 13, 2017|

Paul Ryan says it will be a bloodbath if the GOP fails to pass the American Healthcare Act.

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Fuel six here on the great WRKO. OK my friends it's now on. There is a a real struggle. Taking place between. Conservatives off on Capitol Hill whether the in the house or the senate. And the establishment Republicans led by Paul Ryan O Ryan over obamacare life. For what is now being commonly called Ryan care. So Paul Ryan. Looking pissed seize the offensive. Went on with John Dickerson CBS's face the nation and essentially held a gun to Republicans is head. I blackmailing hum saying listen. If we do not pass my bill. Then what will happen is in 2018. We are gonna be held responsible for the collapse of obamacare. And there will be quote on quote a bloodbath. Republicans will get wiped out in the mid term elections. In other words it's my way or the highway. Pass Ryan care. Or be obliterated. Roll it Allen the president. And as said there will be blood bath and 2018. If this is passed through the house and senate I do believe that if we don't keep forward to the people who sent us here yeah look. That most important thing for a person like myself. Who runs for office and tells the people were asking tough hire us this is what I'll do if I get elected. And then if you don't do that you're breaking your work. We. Now look now all of a sudden notice. Now. Now all of a sudden. He's now are wrapping himself around clean and honest government. Now it's all of a sudden all we've got to keep our word now he's suddenly he's all about his work. Well where is your word. You vowed to repeal does this repeal no. This is not even really a very good replacement plan. This is it's an alteration of obamacare. This reforms Obama care. But you ran on full repeal and then replace where's the repeal. So now all of a sudden. We gotta we gotta keep our word they didn't send you. To washing them so you can write 141000. Dollar checks. It refundable tax credits so people don't give people money so they can buy health insurance. Well they didn't send you to Washington. To do what they're to create a hundred million dollar bailout fund for the big insurance companies. They didn't send you to Washington. To keep a mandate the individual mandate except instead of paying the penalty to the government you paid to the private. Insurance company. That's that's not what you guys ran on in 2010. In 2014. And in 2016. So now all of a sudden. He says in order to keep our water roasters gonna be a blood bath no it's the exact opposite. You pass this piece of garbage would all due respect this horrible bill. And you ram it down the throats of congress and the American people. You're gonna get completely wiped out. The bloodbath Hopkins. If you pass this monstrosity. And the one who's openly saying this now is Arkansas senator. On cotton. Urging Orion slowed our own what's the rush. What's the rush. Let's repeal. And then work on replace. Because if you look at this bill there is they did it. It doesn't have the votes to pass the senate. And so was caught in points out you're gonna get the worst of both worlds. Which are gonna have is your going to have. The house voting to repeal the voting to replace. So they're gonna be voting on record for Brian care. Which the critics are gonna use against them to slaughter them in the mid term elections but it won't pass the senate. So you're gonna end up getting nothing. But still have the vote hanging over you like an albatross. Listened to Tom cotton. Say if you really wanna get a white vote spot and I just pass Ryan care roll it. Alan the bill probably can be fixed but it's gonna take a whole lot of carping jury on that framework. As written today. This bill in the House of Representatives cannot pass the senate since and I believe it would have. Adverse consequences. For millions of Americans and when deliver on our promises. To reduce the cost of health insurance for Americans so I would say to my friends and House of Representatives. With him my serve. Do not walk the plank and vote for a bill that cannot pass the senate and then have to face the consequences of that vote. Bingo. And I think he Fraser really I think very eloquently they're they're asking Republicans to walk the plank. This is a horrendous bill. Premiums will continue to go up. Health care costs will continue to go up and what's the worst part. Millions are probably gonna lose their health insurance coverage now they're not getting much coverage anyway. Because if you run a 9000 dollar deductible. As many on the obamacare plan have it really doesn't matter. The measures that is just a piece of paper. And I as as more zany put it on the Sunday talkies is just a piece a blast. So a lot of the coverage of obamacare. Is in name only a small compares. If I gotta pay 101000 dollars or 151000 dollars. Before I can you don't win with a deductible. Then what's my getting care like getting affordable care. I just have coverage in name I'm still open out of my pocket pumping up the ones who. But the fact of the matter is this does nothing. To bend down to cost curve. This does nothing to stop skyrocketing premiums. This does nothing to fundamentally changed the essence of obamacare. Which is a disaster. And Tom caught who is a 1000% correct. So you get the worst of both worlds. You end up voting for this does that this this monstrosity. Which will then be used against you. And it will not pass the senate. Because cardinal won't pull for a warmup vote for it Rand Paul won't vote for it Michael he won't vote for a day cruise won't vote for it. Now there are more people lining up. So there's no way in hell Mitch McConnell has the votes to pass this thing in the senate. But to rhyme nor Ryan insists. It's my way. Oregon highway. And so listened to Ryan. Now told John Dickerson. This is the opportunity. Of a lifetime. And if we don't do something. Obamacare. Is gonna collapse. And god forbid we can't allow Obama care the collapsed so let's prop it up. Roll it. Alan look when you're a governing party getting consensus. Among your wide big tent party. Not every everybody is get what they want but we are getting much better policy here let me put it this way. Obama care is collapsing if we just did nothing washed our hands of the situation. We would see if further collapse of the health insurance markets so we feel an obligation to step in front of the collapse and Rick paced replaces what law with one that works but as more freedom. Some people like it to be done a little bit differently at him. The point here though is we have an obligation we made a promise to the people who elected us. We would repeal and replace this law and we basically said this is what we would replace it with and now we're keeping our work. So now listen to this huge selling point and a few cocktails. You kind of you know you can always get what you want. Among your wide big tent party not every everybody doesn't get what they want you to know Joyner is getting. Better policy. Let me put this. You old quick feet his sixth you can't hit. A quick hits unbelievable. Ford. It's so now now and now. You know I mean I know they tried for seven years so we're gonna repealed. Our real we're gonna reveal we're gonna are what you can always get what you want now which is symbolism like him to big damp. It's a very broad party. And dazed and do what you want. Well I I we're not asking for this company. I'm not even asking for half full loaf how I might even as. You for a quarter of a loaf. I'm asking you. To repeal all get dumped put in the garbage. Don't rock loaf that's been given to west by obamacare obamacare is one stinking. And dried up stale loaf. OK you can I needed you weeded you dot. So just thrown in the garbage. And and asking you to give me crimes just throw the bloody thing in the garbage like you said you were gonna do. That's it that's all I'm asking for. And now kinda what you want because. T give Ryan in his do. Remember. This is a guy that's taken George Soros money. All of this contributors get paid. On this bill they all get paid big pharma gets paid. The big health insurance companies say they got a hundred billion dollar bailout they get paid. They get paid our hundred million dollar they get paid and they get paid good. They get a nice little paycheck OK because god forbid they should go under witness. Everybody gets paid. Are the illegal immigrants the chamber of commerce no problem there's you have document fraud. They can't even enforce the bare minimum on document fraud to get access to health care. Illegals will have access to 141000 dollar checks. So they can buy whatever health care plan they want on your dime. On my dine. There everybody got paid. Chamber of commerce gets paid Wall Street gets paid big pharma gets paid the big insurance companies get paid. There everybody got taken care of the good owner class gay god there's. No blank off. You'll want to put him empowered the voters the base a blanket oh what Oriole. So listen now. To Rand poll. Because Rand Paul is saying Ryan is acting like a dictator. He goes one I talked to president trump I spoke to him three times according to rod that the Rand Paul. He goes every time we talk long conversations. Let's negotiate. Let's put a deal together tell me what your concerns are he goes but when you talk to Ryan. It's my way or the highway. Young man. Roll it. Alan I've I've talked to the president I think three times on obamacare and I hear from him and he's willing to negotiate. You know I hear from Paul Ryan it's up binary choice young man and the worst of binary choice mean. His way or the highway and what he's ran to his committee is here is without any amendments. And that's a question if we get all we've got from Ryan obamacare light he will not have the votes and we have to get to that point before true negotiations begin. Right now I think there's a charm offensive on on everybody's been nice to everybody because they want us to vote for this but we're not gonna vote for. Let me ask you this. Is Paul Ryan right. If they don't pass if the Republicans don't pass Ryan care rhino care. Will there be any bloodbath. For the Republicans. In the mid term election. If you believe the answer is yes. Text the letter eight to 68680. If like mean you'll be normal mole it's the exact opposite. You ram this thing through you plus Ryan care and your majorities in the house and senate are gone. Off. By by U. Tax the letter beat the 68680. So is Paul Ryan right will there be a blog about. If the Republicans do not pass obamacare light if you believe Brian is correct text the letter eight to 68680. If you believe Rand Paul palm carton and Jeff corner are correct. In other words Knoll there will be no there's no blood bath if you don't pass this monstrosity. Dex the latter beat this 68680. Has always you can vote. Online at wrko.com. Allan let's play a little bit more that music all of a sudden now this is is this is his new song this is his theme song. For Ryan care you can't. Always do what you were you wanted to repeal. You're just not gonna get it but you don't want. A few well. Few okay. Always. What she won't among your wide Big Ten part of it throughout. It's. As it will be a bloodbath when he's seen this is. How's that I usually don't or. The the most important thing per person like myself. Runs for office and tells the people were asking hire us this is what I'll do it I get elected. And then if you don't do that you'll break. Through 26 here on the great WR ago today. Ryan on the talk shows house speaker Paul Ryan says you know. You don't pass obamacare lied we don't get this Ryan care ram through a we're gonna get slaughtered in the mid term elections. Good by Republican majorities in the house and the senate. It will be a blood about. I agree disagree. Who can Harvard Europe first go ahead look. Yeah yeah I want to wonder about you it. You do the Russian accents so well on the limit thinking collude with a look at how. Aren't we all do falsified the way I talk a different now in my songs you know and fat for my Internet. I want her. Orion is that you upload center filed useless. We're gonna meet a third boy if it thinks terrorists are too much we need to grow Beers on the. Well Luke you remember in the 2012. Elections when he was Romney's VP. And how Joseph Biden just cleaned his clock in that debate that vice presidential debate I'm honest the guys a loser. He helped to rock healed from the gold down in flames. And now disguised telling us if we don't follow him supposedly to the promised land we're all gonna get white vote. It was the first went around front for one try a little. You know women are now learned a ghost and women and how they donated they're nowhere to be around now. Go on that plane that. Trump talks amid an appropriate that's right he's sexually assaulted them on one. And we couldn't he was wrongly did actually it was worried about it seat is like a Motorola Morrison. I have to defend my honor front and smelled bad that I. Luc ferry to prevent call. I swear I've never seen a bigger coward not really I think this guy's afraid of his own of his own shadow. But you know there was a though he loves to work out things in these power work out a gold plate as he doesn't do shadow boxing. Does this guy looks at his or shall not commit this guy that's that's that's that's a bit and I've never seen somebody. You know you wanna talk about the war suffocation of America. If John McCain. Is the poster child for term limits. Paul Ryan Orion is the poster child for the was suffocation of America you put you put his face you go warts. Garrett is definition of what's there it is. John Needham go ahead John. Hey Jeff how I don't pump are you concerned that proud of that dance tango what I would I would trumpet says the judges will have a a beloved first that I can do this like condemn all world I want took. And if you wanna change so log go to congress and change it until there on the bandstand Chad Toppert golf. Story out of Hawaii input to what so that expects. Obama kid that killed the Democrats. And it's about to kill twelve he does concede yet and he's trying to gold medal of the world be everybody's friend. Get a deal nobody. Blah blah blah blah you know what happens when you go a little erode. Yet Ronald. Thank you very much for that call John very very well set 6172666868. Is the number. You can text that says 68680. This is from 603 Jeff. He's lying in Ryan. At. So another six 617 Jeff as for Ryan. What is he talking about a blood bath he hasn't done anything for eight years now how it's gonna be a bloodbath. This is from 712. Jeff. The more I looked into this bill more I'm starting to get convinced. They don't want Obama care can be repealed at all. This is all smoke and mirrors. And in the end the Republicans will end up doing nothing and Obama care. Stay in its. Interest thing. There any more B Ian interesting. 61720666868. Okay. Ryan throws down the gauntlet. It's either Ryan care. Or the Republicans get wiped out mass occurred in the 2018. Mid term elections. Do you agree with Ryan. Or is this just more fear mongering. 6172666868. Mort your calls. Poll results. Next. As written today. This bill in the House of Representatives cannot pass a sentence and I believe it would have. Adverse consequences. For millions of Americans and it wouldn't deliver on our promises. To reduce the cost of health insurance for Americans so I would say to my friends and House of Representatives. With him my serve. Do not walk the plank and vote for a bill that cannot pass the senate and then have to face the consequences of that vote. 238 here on the great WRKO. That of course was Arkansas senator Republican. Tom cotton really speaking truth to power our reality check. Telling Paul Ryan O Ryan and the establishment Republicans. Ryan care rhino care obamacare like whatever you wanna call it. Will not Haas this senate. Soul you know who's walking the plank you Lar by voting for it. Because if you vote for this monstrosity. Dole voters are gonna hold you accountable and you're gonna get slaughtered in the mid term elections. And so the question now was this it's the corner country poll question. Visual work of the day as the French would say. These Paul Ryan all Ryan Wright is Ryan right. Will there be a bloodbath. If Republicans. Do not pass Ryan care. Will the house and the senate will the Republicans lose their majorities in both the house and the senate. If they do not pass his bill. If you believe the answer is yes Ryan is correct. Text the letter eight to 68680. If like me here with corner Rand Paul Tom cotton. You pass it and there's going to be a bloodbath. Ducks the letter beat the 68680. In other words no as always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany I'm just curious. What part of the poll results thus far. 83% no 17%. Yes. Are you. An eight year B I'm with you on us now. You think that if you don't think will be a bloodbath at all now not all if they don't pass this thing. And I'll there won't be I mean those are bloodbath that Blair versed are Republicans first the Democrats of past eight years Null. So why would there be a bloodbath between the GOP. I'm just curious. As a young libertarian what I'm just mean Ryan says he reads and Rand. Ryan says he's a real anti government small government guy. What do you think of Paul Ryan Britain. I just honest they just think he's an idiot there's no other word for him. You know he lost the election law helped lose the election with went. Romney. He pledged that Medicare. And he has something with health care that he wants to pass just want to get paso daddy at that thing going after her Medicare. And I just don't understand why you wouldn't take into consideration. Rand Paul's. Plan seeing that he's a surgeon. He knows health care like the back of us can't he knows what the people want. So honestly what I suggest is I think people should call Paul Ryan and save you don't repeal and replace obamacare and then you wrote Angola the Rand Paul plan might. Interest and 6172666868. OK here is Paul Ryan. Saying will you don't understand where the cavalry. Obama care is gonna collapse. And if we don't prop it up if we don't come we don't want my replacement plan. We're gonna be blamed for Obama care collapsing. Roll it Allen. Let me put it this way. Obama care is collapsing if we just did nothing washed our hands of the situation. We would see if further collapse of the health insurance markets so we feel an obligation to step in front of the collapse and Rick paced we've place is what law with one that works. Why. Indeed this is to meet a 64000. Dollar question and let it collapse. He's right on this issue on this one point Ryan is completely correct. Obama care of its own weight is not gonna collapse of the system implode. Either happens at the end of this year or if they're lucky they can drag it out one more year in 2018 meet meet. Salute to collapse. If you're show freed. To repeal. And then come up put a good replacement plan and just let it collapse. Annual wash your hands of the whole thing look not one Republican voted for obamacare. Joy eternal on Salem bull look at us the Democrats basket Obama signed it we warned you this was gonna happen. There it is if it's if they wish if it was such a great thing why is wiser collapsing. So in other words very own it you don't own it. So collapse amounts to repeal it's gone just collapsed. So fine and then from the rubble Gusmao has been repeal of the collapse then you can come up what a replacement plan. But instead you expression if you break it your own X look. The Democrats broke the health care system the only. Boy you by no grabbing the face. And putting in your own substitute base Ryan care and very breaks guess what now you won't. You're transferring see this is the worst part of the bill of his law it transfers responsibility. For the implosion of our healthcare system from. The Democrats and Obama. To potentially. The Republicans and try. It's the kiss of death. Or stomp caught and put it you're walking the plank. So why would you want to walk the prank. I mean if you're if you don't have the political call home ex date if you don't have the stones. To repeal Aetna awards in ramp all throughout the guts to do it. When a collapse. Would obligation. Do you as the Republican leader in congress why you gotta bail the Democrats is just not settle the finer. Where you got a point there just must let the buyer. But a collapse. The price listen we told you want the process he apostate. Obama signed it what can I tell you it's their plan. We'll come up what are replacement plan after obamacare collapses. So. What are you should do if he was a man of honor and integrity. Vowed to build that you guys that repeal bill that you guys past fifteen months ago. Dust it off. Blue chips dust it off. Okay changed the date on it. Take it from whatever was 20152017. March 13 OK just before and a blizzard here we go. And you pass the same bill. Repeal unites all Republicans it's what the country wants. Now. But what about the blow back from what the freeloaders. We're all due respect that's Obama's base. You pass Ryan care they're going to be angry. It doesn't matter with you pass Ryan care are not going to be gunning for Republicans in 2018. They're gonna be blaming Republicans no matter what so. Kearse. Were repeal. And then replacing it with a real free market plan. That has real personal responsibility. Real cold real competition. Real choice and here's the key. Will really drive down costs. That's the Rand Paul plan guys what's the problem. You've got a solution. Staring you right in the face. So what Ryan is really doing is this. He is essentially hijacking the whole process. To reward his cronies and his donors. And it's a big pharma. It's a big health industry the big health insurance people and the political elites. And the chamber of commerce fair everybody gets there first. And he's acting that's your thing he keeps acting like this is the only like what the this is the only game in town. But Mo durst there's multiple appointments. Are we gotta go with your plan. So first on your commitment. Repeal. And then let's discuss what's the best competing plan out there. But no. Ramming through ram it through ram it through and that was exactly the criticism against obamacare. I swear do you. When I look at Paul Ryan he starting to morph and commence people's. I look at bull I'm like they do it's it's been almost becoming indistinguishable. I just I can't tell the difference between the 20. 6172666868. And to president trump. If you sign off if you say it's my way or the highway. And you throw your full weight behind us. And you and somehow it makes it through the house and somehow your ram it through the senate. And you put your signature promise. Mark my words you're going to be a one term. President. Because this shafts your base. This shafts small business people. The middle class the working class. This doesn't fix the Obama care system this guarantees the perpetuation. Of the Obama care system. Mike in new. Go ahead Mike. I'd go out. You're out. Well my my current year go all try to get ya know I don't rotten log I think that this guy to West Point guy. We're all very artist guy. I'd say so in Lyon. In my opinion of the guy that goes into the boss's position got in this sit back at big cheers. And they say this and kid. You'll get that opposite give us what we want lunged enemy. In the quiet sit on Bloomberg strike air water and that they saw a kid it's good enough. You go in there and threatened people talk while bloodbath we don't care what console you deterring assault into kid. But you'll realize that what we watched it and abortion Asia it is yeah pharmaceutical. And did everything else. In it and throw. It's open smut and millions. He can look at what this guy had a bad guy I think you eat is it you're only god can help the big blossom opportunities mystique. And that's what it's telling him Gordon yeah. It's slightly aback because. You don't act. We don't get a unity oh what a great. Michael look I'm with few. And not only in my with fewer Britain you wanna win and I think you're dead on I mean I apps leaguer Mike why can't drop step then and say you know that people don't want test. This burning issue and I've noticed this a task a couple of days that we've been talking about this ever must talk obamacare. And you know I think. Trump shouldn't be aware that no one really all of his voters they voted for you trumped it because you say you're gonna repeal creep fest. So why are you letting. Paul Ryan have an obamacare light and play and we don't want this. So I think he should step and but I also think he has Mike Pence and this year because my parents. Paul Ryan or buddy buddy and I that's not good I think trump really needs to stand up to parents in need to stand up to Paul Ryan and say my voters don't. You nailed it look what which trumps what was the set central promise of his entire campaign. That politicians are dom right. Right don't trust the plane addition he's bad people. Making bad deals bad I feel like I'm doing now he's allowing Ryan a consummate politician. That Condit you want talk about the art of a bad deal that's Paul Ryan. And he's allowing him to quarterback. Really the cornerstone of Trump's administration. Of his legacy which is this. To mean that's why we hired Donald Trump. We wanna businessman we want your common sense your savvy your acumen we don't want Paul Ryan. MI wrong 6172%. Want it Brian when we ever an amateur Romney and that's you know that's. You know that 6172666868. Is the number. This is from 41 to you people are so blanking dom. Trump didn't run on and I think he's trying to say didn't run on repeal and replace. That's not drown yes absolutely of course he did I completed paper a thousand times. He said repeal and replace this is from 617. He gets rid of the mandates you dummies. No we doesn't. Read the free can bill I did. It replaces one mandate with another mandate. Instead of paying a penalty to the government your mandated to have health insurance. When you enroll if you don't have health insurance and you pull out of the market and you come back in and enroll you pay a major penalty to the insurance company. It's a mandate. Another taxed. The first child that dies because of lack of coverage they will blame trump what's wrong with few people. What are you talking about. Every health every hospital or health care provider in this country if you go to one emergency room house to give you health care. You have to be taken care of if you go to one emergency Rome or you go to law hospital. No one's gonna die eight. This is exactly the kind of fear mongering that Democrats and liberals excel in. Look no one's gonna die. Nothing's gonna happen. Worst case scenario if you just do a full straight repeal we go back to 2009. Hey where people buying on the streets in 2009. Where children dying because they didn't have health care before Obama care. Have we forgotten already. My friends. This is a poisoned chalice. And I'm warning trump Mr. President. Tough deal with your presidency. You drink this at your peril. Let me ask you this. Why should trump trust. The very man. Who just two months before the election when the Billy bush paid broke. Said that trump doesn't speak for the Republican Party. That now Republicans should only focus on downstate or down ballot races. And washed his hands of trump. In other words he stabbed you when the back. Why back you Ryan all Republican or trust a Ryan all Republican. Over constitutional as conservatives. I it to mean I'm telling you this one I just don't get Mike in marsh field go ahead Mike. Jail. I'm like I do and I'm scenario. Good got shipped an internship I can't take all the time anymore for a year and a half of them. Having nightmares about the Jack Vijay get rid of it he's like Lou you know are dumb on the issue at least these. Just a warm manner you know I'll tell the world that they. That the Republicans pick this guy had a baby. The speaker I don't know and I have all the a lot of the Republicans to relive it Marcia you know we have no representative or senator here that. Anyway. Column and in no not among gen jet answer why in the world is the speaker. What if he'd ever done. To Betty you know. And they need to rebuild it replaced Salem. I'm with you Mike I'm completely with you 6172666868. Is the number. This is from 412 Weis said trump ran on replace and repeal no he didn't. Rand Paul wants to repeal and then rely on Democrats to replace with nobody covered. After their appeal you worry blanking liar I can't stand you for lined. Always listened TU. Ride he ran on repeal and replace idiot Rand Paul in these idiot conservatives. One repealing it Democrats to vote for replace look honestly 412 we have no idea which are talking about. You trump ran on repeal and replace where's the repeal it's not there so that's point number one. Number two Brian care is garbage. Is garbage. So. Millions are gonna lose their health care coverage under Ryan care costs are gonna go up under Ryan care. It entrench as a major entitlement money that we don't have. So if you wanna fix health care the only guy is giving you the solution. Is Rand Paul. But you know hey what do why no six I gotta go my friends okay tomorrow. Double his third of those century. Will we survive. My body. And and.