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McCain challenges Trump on wiretap claims. 3/13/17

Mar 13, 2017|

John McCain says he doesn’t believe the wiretapping accusations are true. He asked President Trump to retract his statements or provide information. What do you make of McCain’s statements?

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106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends storms spell. Is marching relentlessly. Towards Boston menuing Glenn. They're saying it's gonna be out there. Yeah I was just looking at a map but it said 24. The last 24 plus that's to be yes I saw a final pairing guy. We'll see I'll keep you updated. Keep looking at everything so I'm. We will be on live tomorrow I promise the corner man I think they've already gotten us a whole Powell. Iran molest and are on the list so. By Jared will be here tomorrow Britney I will be here tomorrow so the whole corner report team will be here tomorrow. We're gonna keep you absolutely updated on the absolute latest. Or regarding. The blizzard did they say will land ball blizzards. 6172. Is 666868. Okay. If you wanna see a poster child. For term limits. And just to reinforce the point that was made earlier in the last hour of the show. How some of Trump's biggest enemies. Are coming from the Republican establishment. That it's not just the judges although it's true. It's not just the permanent bureaucracy. That deep state the Democrat party either media collaborators. But it's the Julius is in the Republican Party. One of the biggest. May not be Ryan Orion run are Ryan's up there but may be one of the biggest is Mick maniac. And on the weekend talk show hosts. All food. He did the rounds. And the Clinton news network they didn't like him in 2008. All day vilify him in 2008. When he was running against the dear leader but they love him now. They can't get enough of make maniac. And his girlfriend laid down and loved me Lindsey Graham. Loved me Lindsay and make a maniac. They could be on CNN 24 hours a day seven days a week. And so Mick maniac John McCain is asked point blank. But what about Trump's tweets that he was being wire topped by President Obama juror rang the campaign. Who listened. To make maniacs answer roll cut one Alan. Willett president trump has stick. Provide the American people not just intelligence committee but. The American people would evidence that his predecessor former pres United States was guilty of breaking the law because. Our Director of National Intelligence general clapper testified that there was absolutely. No truth to that. Allegations so. I think. The president has one or two choices either attract or to provide the information that the American people deserve. Because if his predecessor. Violated the law President Obama violated the law we've got a serious issue here had to say the least. You know what I find incredible when I listened to make maniac. Is. How come. Now all of a sudden everything James clapper says his goal. We know respect. Now all of a sudden. But James clapper the former head of either director of national and telling he should I wasn't truly don't believe government. You mean when he lied about the NSA spying on Americans when he perjured himself. Now all of a sudden bout that admitted that known liar and perjurer suddenly we got to take his word for everything. But it's more than that. Holy war and then little. As I pointed out in my column. First of all there's very strong evidence for what trump said that's number one but number two. I thought it was forced to be an investigation going on. I thought you guys in the senate we're leading this Russian intelligence investigation. The house's leading this Russian intelligence investigation. How come you won't look into it what are you so afraid of you know it's a very simple. Just find out if Obama's Justice Department. Costs for Earl Warren from the fires a court. To surveil trump tower it's very simple. And as many media reports have come out and said. They want I didn't Jerome it was turned down which is very unusual. They narrow boarded a little bit big caught it in October boom there's your smoking gun. Right they're dirtier smoking gun. But instead. What he's trying to do these fees did CNN narrative. That somehow. Trump is a reckless trumpet is irresponsible. Trumpet is we who air oil coal. I he just studies a couple that couple cards short of a fullback. Because not playing well fullback. And of course. McCain cannot stop feeding the whole the narrative. That somehow trump is a pull them off a vise is a pool of pull. That somehow trump is an agent of the Kremlin and together. With doctor and yet. Vladimir Putin and the Donald doctor and yet ended Donald David Coble didn't. To hack feel election and steal it from Hillary Clinton. Here's a little bit more of make maniac roll it Allen. But there's no one I've heard who has any information relating to. The FBI or intelligent including vice president pence Sean Spicer Sarah Huckabee Sanders who has said. Did they know of any information that backs this up do you have any reason to think that this charge is true. I have no reason to believe that the charge is true but I also believe that. The president United States could clear this up in a minute polyester just pick up the phone call the director of the CIA Director of National Intelligence. And say OK what happened because they certainly should know whether. The former pres United States who is certain wiretapping trump towers. And search for what what planet are honest I think the guys on Sina. I would all due respect are the guys lost his marbles. Does this guy even read the press. So you have rogue elements in the CIA. Who were leaking like crazy on trumpet. Rogue elements in the NSA leaking like crazy on trump you think this you think is just a question of a phone. Call or careful not. You think Obama appointees are gonna its own hole while since you called out CIA director Pompeo. Are. Yeah John Brennan he we were ahead we were kind of spying on the bottle and his associates here here's the evidence will give it to you. There are doing everything they can it's a conspiracy to bring down trump. To break his presidency and bring him down there are leaking like crazy they can't even find the league curse. That's how well imbedded in squirreled away they are and you think what it just takes to form colts. Now point number one. Whereas James call me on this this system mean the key because it's the responsibility. Of him and his FBI. Two right now find out exactly. Who was spying on trump. Because the fight is a court warrant occurred under the purview of him and Loretta lynch. That could only have been given with the express approval of then attorney general Loretta lynch and FBI director called me. So what I would do is coal lease the one that's got to give trump answers. And if trump won't give up Mansur shares what I'm too far Donald Trump. I fire his rear end. Say hold on I wanna know dot Pfizer courts. That Warren application and October. By the way that's the evidence there's much more but that's the evidence. So the fight is a court did allow. And call for my computer server and my phones to be topped and surveil. Why. He signed off on why. Warmup gonna tell you fire him put him in front of a grand jury and put him under oath. That's not the problem here in a nutshell. Could at least part of the problem. He's supposed to be investigating. Yet he was part of the effort to wiretap and surveil trump. Because he's a political. He's part of the swarm. He's complicit in the crimes that were committed against trump it's so obvious. Now when it comes to make maniac too silly now nobody wants to go for the fight. Nobody wants to go and get the information from the fights a court warrant because of that thing comes out while he was being surveil. So he's completely right. So that means Obama's Justice Department was in on it. His FBI director weighs in on at the CIA would present conduct and the NSA which were conducting a lot of the surveillance you mean to tell me. But the former president's CIA. NSA. Justice Department and FBI director. Or overseeing an operation. To spy on trump and his top associates. And the president had known all Litsch. Notice do we easily answered that Obama and his staff grief he spokesman. When he was asked point blank did you order the wiretapping of trump he said we didn't order it. Well OK in all wink wink did you know about it engage you approve it. No answer from the dear leader because I'll tell you why they did do it and the evidence is overwhelming they did it. But McCain is deliberately turning a blind us now. Think of this just to show you the hypocrisy of office and why disguise you wanna talk about up a poster child face for term limits it's him. Just put his face and underneath the say term limits and that's it it's called the call. Here you have a sore loser. And that's what he's he's a sore loser. Who lost to Obama in 2008. Snatching defeat. From the jaws of victory. Rand one of the worst. Campaigns I've ever seen in my life wouldn't go after reverend Jeremiah Wright's. Wouldn't go after Bill Ayers wouldn't go after any of Obama's radical associations month one. And gave their dear leader pass after pass after pass and then we find out. That bogus story. About trumping supposedly compromised. Compliment as the Russians would call it in a Moscow hotel. Where they claimed he was being video tape with a Russian prostitutes. And they were forgive me golden showers they were there were keen on the guy. McCain is the one that pushed the dole CIA the fake negotiate. It changed me. So here you have Mick maniac. Who's involved. Indeed in in in a conspiracy. To deliberately humiliate sabotage and undermine trump spreading free commutes. Getting his guy he took go to London to meet with PMI six agent who came up with this cockamamie BS story. And then he gets the dole CA and many bills that the only. I says I got to meet with regard to see this the Russians that they only the president they can blackmail him when he minute or black now they've got video footage. They're dirt dirt they're paying all over the guy and a bed. No all we are prostitutes. It's just it's it's everywhere. And not only that. It was a bad allegedly that Obama schlepped through and when he was in Moscow that's how much she hates Obama. That's how sick and twisted trumpets. And this was the garbage being polled by John McCain. To call me. And now becomes noticeable. Parliament elements are thought I thought I'd like this article Arnold the president talking about them Scott fish gotta put up or shut up this current report. I mean he's got. Comical form called the comical for coal under federal does hope their report feels she'll do better triarc feels good dear leader an apology. If John McCain. Was rural 110. That's tough on Obama. As he's being launched from he would have been president. He wouldn't be senator make maniac right now he would have he'd be called president Mick maniac. You want and all the problem trump faces let me be very candid with you. The media he can handle. That Democrats he can handle. Even dig deep state. The permanent national security bureaucracies that are leaking like crazy against them. Even the fact he can handle he can fight and win our three front war. But let me tell you what's dangerous. It's big Jewish Republicans. The Ryan all Bryant's. Dole Lindsey Graham's. Dem Mick maniacs. Who never miss an opportunity to come in close. We're of the same party Mr. President I'm your friend. All look at that Mr. President look at the look look at look at the American people waving that you look look look I mean and life and the life and right now back. All right. My back and beat. 6172666868. Let me ask you this. John McCain make maniac has again now come out and undermined trauma. Is he becoming an embarrassment to the Republican Party. And is she the case for term limits. Is it time for make maniac to retire. 617. 661720666868. Is the number. Your calls Max. Accusing. A former present United States. Of doing something which is he not only illegal but just. Unheard of then that that requires corroboration and let the American people do judge but. And this is this is serious stuff Jake because it undermines the confidence the American people have. In the entire way that the government does business. Mick maniac on the Clinton news network we Jake Tapper. Stick in the knife and their president from. Panel on the weekend he stuck it in deep and good. 6172666868. Is the number. This is from 781 you can text the set 68680. Jeff lookup term limits in the dictionary. There is a picture of McCain next to it along with below sea and many more. 815. Jeff. He is an evil warmonger who will never retire and neither will his girlfriend missile Lindsey Graham. You know I got to tell you really. When it comes to make maniac. They're gonna have to drag amount on a coffin from Mets senate floor. This guy. This guy's gonna be there to laundry if you live still a hundred he's going to be there July 100. 61720666868. Is the number. Okay lines are loaded CJ in Boston go ahead CJ. Yeah thanks for taking my call. Where you don't you must like the kind that accompany the it's and only open for five and actually is I guess the conversation was pretty Libya. But on the issue of the wiretapping. I guess angle a Merck was going to be meeting with president trump. And maybe what president front should do it so. Is is invites. Senator McCain and as Angela Merkel Archie felt about. You'll bomber administration tapping her personal all. They pick the distance well the government could disavow. That anything was done in including the war aren't there any why it's at if it was done in a manner. In which. Those warrants were never obtain. So they have no knowledge quite possibly what which gut feeling on that. CJ thank you for that call. You know look at. We know for a fact because it was leaked C this is where everybody's this way the media is deliberately lying. The five so Warren was leaked the one in October that approved it. So we know that they work conducting surveillance. On trump tower on trumpet and on his campaign. So the question then is what did Obama know and windy penal it. Who signed off on the fires a warrant who pushed for the finds a warrant. I'll tell you right now standard operating procedure the FBI director is always involved the attorney general is always involved. So no one is gonna tell me what a straight face. That the president of the United States at a minimum didn't know. And not only did know when he was told about this piece say don't do it under schmoke great point blank could go ahead and do it. And you touched on something very profound CJ. Because the media sync but Obama would never do that Obama never wiretaps anybody really he wiretapped Merkel. He wiretap Bibi Netanyahu. He wiretap Silvio Berlusconi. He wiretaps Sarkozy. They wiretapped Cheryl Atkinson. They were going after James Rosen. So I can show you that numerous people were it's been shown beyond a shadow of a doubt. Who Obama wiretapped. So now they're telling me all of a sudden. It's very bulletin to even suggest. That he was in on the conspiracy to wiretap trump. None on and home. If this story if they're serious about investigating this Campbell. And this really gets the attention it deserves. What Obama did was show you blue eagle. It breaks so many lawless. It's not even funny. He won't have to spend the next 500 years in prison. And that's why I'm calling for trump to appoint a special prosecutor. You wanna get to the bottom of it. Let's get to the bottom of a 61720666868. OK coming up next. Bombshell. Revelation from the Kremlin. Does this blow all the narrative. That shall romp and Russia or colluding. You're not gonna believe. What the Kremlin says. About Hillary and her campaign. Got story your calls next. 138 here on the great WRKO. OK coming up in the next hour you don't want to miss it. Paul Ryan now warns. Of an incoming. Potential bloodbath. We've got that story the latest on Ryan care believe me a lot of fireworks. You don't want to miss it. But first the Kremlin drops a bombshell. So. The heart of the media's narrative. At the heart of the deep state the intelligence community's. Attempt to go after and bring down trump. What the Democrats have been peddling now relentlessly really since the day they lost the election. Is that Trump's campaign. Was in bed with the Russians. That the Russians. Were colluding talked during yet Vladimir pull them. Was colluding with the Donald to interfere in our elections that help basically sway the election. From Hillary Clinton to drop bat has been. It's a completely bogus story there's no evidence whatsoever but that has been the relentless. Drumbeat daily propaganda. Just repeated. And repeated and repeat it. And at the center of the storm. Has been the Russian ambassador to the United States. Really a very chubby guy if you ever seen pictures of him he looks like he's gonna blow at any second in my getting Gil looks like somebody's inflated from an inflated them or you can. All lot of vodka. And a whole lot of caviar. Believe it you looks okay he looks like he's about ruled six months Sean talked a serious heart attack Sergei this yuck. So. Any connections. The city gate kissed Jack. You meet with city gay kiss yak you've talked a city did just yet you phones sitting gate just jacked. Tell you share a vodka with Sergei kiss Jack you just looked at seven gaelic is chubby face you look at set a date just yet. And that's IP so facto proof of the conspiracy of trump associates. So they were going about how they got Mike Flynn. Said he gay kiss Jiaka met with Jeff Sessions. We just found out by the way that visit would Jeff Sessions was actually orchestrated by the Obama administration. Dave were the ones that urged his dark to meet would dance senator sessions but let that go. Kiss yet met with the Obama 22 times. Doesn't matter that's more proof that the Obama administration was colluding with Russia. Everything apparently go through this debt everything through Saturday. That's so you meet was set a date thus prove a conspiracy he talked a certain date best proof of a conspiracy. Well guess what. Sergei. Wasn't just talking. To the trump campaign. He wasn't just talking to advisors near trump. He wasn't just talk and Mike Flynn. Or Jeff Sessions or god knows welts. That Kremlin came out and said. He have a job. He job is there ambassador. And embassy there is how do I say Disney sizzling diplomacy one on the you embarrass or got to talk to where everybody. Is still like for example. He ordered US ambassador rational amount that national. I hit talk all important people. He would talk to the opposition. He bought that he's droll p.'s job is to talk to as many people as possible. Will ditch war. Yes said he gave you said he met would hear lady's campaign. He met would be in my deserters with people in Hillary's campaign. Did was he easy job. That's what he did so we didn't join us to meet with times associates. He also met with he goodies associates. Listen now I kid you not. To Kremlin spokesman. Dennis. Shedding gay yea Mitch desk off. Tell Fareed Zakaria. I don't not Italian lists but he's the ambassador. And he wasn't just talking with Obama and he wasn't just talking with Trump's people. Doc. He also speak. Week he'll lady's campaign. Roll it Allen. Did you have similar meetings with that Clinton Campaign officials say a burgers I don't know of any. Yeah well not if you look at some people connected lives. With Hillary Clinton. During her campaign. You would probably see dead heat. He had lots of meetings of that kind. But there were no meetings about election electoral process. There was no way it should be intercepted as interfered in electoral process. If you look at it with the intention to demonize Russia he would probably assume that yes he was trying to interfere and you Hillary is dictated it. But it would be nonsense because this is not true. Do we have more is that it Allen. Okay because there's a part later hours on the floor laughing I gotta tell you I was looking at the audio this morning. And their video on the audio that came with the package. And I'm laughing because he's going on lecturing for reads the carrier you're an all you go to embassy in order. He's going in Moscow and book everybody. He would talk to important important spot the ball position by these people lean being tanks advisors. He put everybody. Did it's the jewel of an ambassador. He's football ample ample. Bits he's globe. All city did did was he's job. And now all of a sudden you try to demonize Russia would base. In other words. What an icing on the show several weeks ago I said I'll bet you dollars to donuts. OK or in this case. All of our rubles this are sorry I caviar to Robles. OK don't you're sorry error rubles the caviar yelled at your rules that every. That vision that this guy. He was meaning when everybody. He was meeting with Hillary's people why is there to Joba. If you live in Washington. If you work in Washington. That's what ambassadors. To. They have a mother expense account I'm telling you and they write down expense account really art. Okay you've got that cut OK with that if so he's now basically is sympathetic. You have to have a spokesman over Russia. Lecturing. I suppose it holds on CNN. One ambassadors to. Like dishes the Indian ambassador does does the Chinese ambassador does does the French ambassador late. The German ambassador to Canadian ambassador to Japanese ambassador dot. Way he did is went ambassadors to what what what what's the problem here. Roll it Allen and this is his job. He was talking about by the excellent relations he was thinking about. What is going on around the United States and we have a better understanding in Moscow. This is what is being be formed bite every ambassador to. Of Russia have brought it if you can bring ambassador. Of the United States abroad including in Moscow. Because. A bit more ambassador to two people. In his country of residence. The better job he does pick. If there are very thorough like Willie built thirty treats patients who say that's his job. He you comment to a new low conspiracy. You come into his office. And he says how audio and then use that to check you out is like it in the classroom students that they promotes progressive book store events that smoltz. Is there a drug. That's what Biddle. I mean to see honestly like we must look like such idiots on the world stage I gotta tell you this. Every time he needs somebody whom. What was she doing meeting with Flynn oh what was he do we need session Paula to prove a conspiracy all Michael would seek to what are the extension what was settlement. She's drawn up. You know sessions met with one. T five other ambassadors. On top of kiss got in his office. Because she was a powerful member of the Senate Armed Services Committee that she's drawn out. He sessions was doing his job the ambassadors are doing their job so the question now is this. Why is it proof of some kind of a conspiracy. If they're Russian ambassador good ol' Sergei. If he talks to Trump's associates. But when he's talking to Hillary's campaign must not a problem. How come all the media isn't jumping all over this like now all the Russians are trying to influence Hillary order Russians were trying to extort Hillary ruled they had blackmail on Hillary or they were trying to influence the campaign to cut through Hillary entice the Hillary. How come they're not jumping all over this. If this guy is some kind of an extortionist if this is the length of Vladimir Putin. How come it's so bad when he meets with trust people but suddenly when the crowd wants is Guerin he met with Hillary's people how come that is our problem. You know why. Because goal hole trump who wouldn't Russia narrative. Is their biggest low of BS. The biggest non story the more debate that. You wanna talk about garbage. Their biggest fake news story. Ever and ever. He usually. When there's smoke there's some fire. There's no smoke there's no fire. There's nothing. Jackie and Boston go ahead Jackie. Jeff. I'm and Qaeda began. We can't just talk about there's we have the praying for a crime like we've never prayed before that what got him elected that people got him elected and we have backed ago. It'd evo like a previous color red and it's it's evil. The highest form and we have actor at our nation. Take a day and just pray. And that's my suggestion I I it's it's beyond beliefs. Hey Jackie what you tank cover Kremlin now coming out and saying that good dole Sergei. He also he'd do his job. And he'd talk quick Hillary's people as well as a Donald's people. Yet and it got pretty good make it different and at least got the enemy and our Argentina. Eight enemy our bet that McCain target LaRoche the enemy we're the only ones that are the enemy can get the wonder trying to straighten the whole thing out. I mean Hillary Clinton can't you know you can deal with them or get into your aunt can't. You gotta do something we've got to do something. My car bingo Jackie as the Russians with what it you let the faux into the henhouse. If trump made one mistake. He let a faux into the henhouse he should've gotten rid of called me right away. He should have realized at the rhinos were out to get him right away. He should have hurt the CI AEA the NSA. The deep stage right away. That was his only mistake. Russ in Boston go ahead Ross. You know how Jeff what today's headlines generated. Russia against trump off the hook again. In the current John McCain's concerned he definitely is the poster boy for term limits. And as far as these bulletin judges. That. Legislate from the bench. I blame the spineless politicians but hiding behind the ropes. Because they gutless. Weasels won't do the right thing. Arrests. Dollars and we've done yet comment. On radish 61720666868. My friends there Kremlin just look. That that that Russian Abbas that are he'd do his job. I mean meet with Hillary's people like prompts people so what's the problem where it is because it is C. Although I must say sitting is says the terms people not this chip facilities people. Once you know I know this may form the rough cut when you go out with Hillary's people we always bring and they. And me and me. 6172666868. Mort your calls next. So what was it that the Russian ambassador say it gets here was talking to so many of Donald Trump's associates about. And it does his job. He's doing his job. We as a result he's with the ambassador to he's doing his job. 61720666. Feet six feet eight unbelievable unbelievable. Unbelievable. This is from 617 Jeff. That you've got it wrong. Hillary and Obama always made the Russians for everything. Including the vodka. Trump wants this split the bill you know what. That 617. I stand corrected your writes the app after app. That. Bruce in Hartford go ahead Bruce. Did you order a love your show. They're partly for me to correct you. Because I would love to Egypt called out of there. He didn't check your position. That he should not be fired for an intra party super stressed agent. In respectfully decline. The only way we removed from optic. As for high crimes and misdemeanors. Are pleased convicted of a felony. That is up as a ten year appointment. Bruce are you sure that trump did my who. Absolutely out at trump asked for his resignation. Any any reason GQ respectfully. The decline. OK Bruce let me look into that Britain that's that's do some research on bat thank you for that call Bruce. My understanding is that he didn't ask calling for his resignation. Now you could be right them and I could be wrong Hamas thing I'm infallible on these things so we're gonna just we're gonna do some research look what I would do is again. After these wiretapping. That once they came out that they went to defies a court. What I would ask homey I called into the office they hold on. Did you sign off on this fire is a court. In other words you were spying on me how could you have an FBI director was spying on always been spying on you as a presidential candidate. And was involved in the conspiracy. To prevent you from winning the election. I mean if that comes out if I'm trump I demand. Call mis head on a platter. Okay my friends. Will take more your calls and coming up next. Paul Ryan speaks out. And now he says it's unless Republicans do exactly what he's telling them to do. There is going to be a bloodbath. He is now warning. Of that house Republicans and senate Republicans. Getting wiped out in the mid term elections. Is Paul Ryan right. Will there be a bloodbath. The latest on Obama care you don't want Imus said Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the old liberal bull.