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Wisconsin federal judge blocks Trump’s travel ban. 3/13/17

Mar 13, 2017|

What do you make of the judge blocking President Trump's travel ban?

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Can you run a fake news from liberal lies and insults to the working people and we say. No more. Is that could erupt for. Under on the rise may be twelve most six year on the great WRKO. Okay later in the show you don't want to miss it. House speaker Paul Ryan is now warning of a bloodbath. And stunning revelations now from the Kremlin. But why won't their media report on it. All of this so much more but my friends say everybody now obviously is getting ready. For the another calling it may read this storm of the century. So apparently a big blizzard is coming our way. It's gonna hit New York first then hit all of New England here in Boston. They keep up paying their projections. First it was a foot. That'd sixteen inches and it's eighteen inches now they're saying could be eighteen inches to 24 inches now it could be as much as two feet. They're saying winds of 506070. Miles an hour potentially Arctic like temperatures. According now to a lot of the local media they're now saying people could die. So it's gonna start tonight. It's gonna start at about 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning watch you tomorrow night the east Pacific tomorrow morning. It's gonna start Tuesday morning 3 to 4 o'clock and it should continue relentlessly for at least twelve hours. And what he's saying bring it is gonna end what Tuesday afternoon. I was watching the weather channel asked you back obsessed with this like given watching the weather channel for hours yeah and they are saying it'll start at 3 o'clock in the morning tonight or 4 o'clock in the morning and I are either list tomorrow morning at 7 o'clock to 3 PM. But it will continue. Until 3 and 4 o'clock in the morning on Wednesday on Wednesday. So this is going to be like the mother of a nor'easter is yes and. The wins a B fifty to 55 miles how are and the pavements and has been so cold. I'm just tell you it out heard on the weather channel that if that patent is gonna be so cold that that snow is gonna stick. So it's going to be crazy when everyone has to garden shovel and snow blow. Pat morning guys through Arctic like temperatures yes he's very cold yes so was it NEC and that was saying people are gonna be dying. All they really see it right well there's or Lindsay diets of like life threaten life threatening storm life threatening blizzard emergency situation right. They're probably gonna tell everybody don't go on the roads tomorrow I know we'll have Charlie Baker out there or does little press conference saying. You know like Deval Patrick make sure you have a kid open are a flashlight. Gloves batteries a radio. You know make sure you dressed warmly when you go outside now I almost got killed in the last storm. So I figure on this wind either I'm gonna be sleeping here tonight at the stony all. Or may be will have you know somebody Mike Siegel or somebody fill in forming from. Anyway have a fill in Rome via remote. It's Yassin you don't divers I don't die this time because the last time I almost didn't make it this time I just I mean this could be a forming this. I'm just here Sissy Wyatt. Market basket shot Stop & Shop big why am on Wal-Mart. I'm curious to see you at all of these places look like today. While our guest today they say in other news that it was a complete zoo everyone does gravity Milliken branded bags and everything. Well that's what I'm gonna do tonight a margolick got my mind like a rapper. Tonight I'm just honest I was gonna clean out the shelves nine now tonight Eminem get milk and they did seem at left shaft well that's the thing I'd like the old Soviet Union there's nothing on the shelves anymore I now. But if there's any comic take all the melt a lunatic rags. Brandon. If the brood of milk everything. The brunt of the bigger the moment and I got to almighty god he's the brother no Madonna got broken a guy does it. Snow. And not Karl can I think we're all got to go IE. I don't wanna always says look like. Says. So much yet but I'm gonna get water I'm gonna get branded a minute I mean honestly just how would it. I mean this thing that. The way they cleaned snowing this state Ike we could be in the Bunker Hill Libby could be snow until Saturday not seriously. So anyway. We're gonna find out exactly what the corner Manning and Brittany are going to be doing where there. The tour for gonna be on the aired tomorrow or have a fill in we'll see what's gonna happen but anyway my friends. Half Britney wants to stay home tomorrow. Now I'm I'm telling you right now if I hear of if they can get somebody via remote. On when a comeback I swear to you and I'm gonna sleep right here and a freak in studio. There's a fight get a hold held down the street are much getting out of the hole though. 603 a drive for our market basket it's Armageddon at our stores. 71 just love Stop & Shop Britney it's a nightmare. It's like the end of the world's. You know I I honestly gonna 170 just came back from market basket lots of empty shelves. You'll get honest to god I don't get that look again at oh my god Jeff seriously though I was what's the weather Chile SA I'm like where it's not literally of the with hockey. It's. We like the apple where they scare the crap out of you know and maybe ever run still are. The debt that people are gonna get there rice and their stands at nice mountain their stand they're gonna get. You know their shovels amid their get gas there's snow blowers everything. I eBay Google crazy ADV literally pick they're gonna be stuck you can have power outage and batteries that make sure that my cellphone charger magnitude injury laptops charged. I'm gonna do. And that's my generation went out their cellphones of their cellphones diet that's high on Ohio actually the reading news or are they gonna do rear bar and you don't match. Go figure could go where they. You actually talked to their parents and their family. Have one on one conversation so we're gonna do it down and bullet. So anyone market basket in Burlington as a made him right now. I mean look really just even if you look you obviously wanna have some extra food I got that you know batteries in case you lose power again you wanna be prepared. But you know look is gonna go on to what Wednesday morning. It's go to be over by pretty much we don't Wednesday afternoon on the plows are gonna be out there people are gonna be shoveling. Worst case scenario it is very back to normal by Thursday morning right exactly so you're looking at 2448. Hours tops inconvenience. And you would think Arnold the Russians are invading. Well you think Putin and the red army era but that across the northern border from Canada should blame the snow on gluten actually. They at this point they blame everything on important why not why not blame the blizzard on potent. So anyway my friends. Obviously WRKO. We're gonna have complete coverage journal exactly what's going on so tune in starting tomorrow morning I promise. We're gonna have all everything that you need regarding this storm in terms of the latest now. There is some major breaking news that broke over the weekend. These rogue judges. They have just struck again listen now activists. Now it is not a judge in Seattle. But it is a judge in Wisconsin. Judge William calmly who has now decided to block. Trumps all revised. Executive order. So as you know in response to a judge in Seattle judge robards. And the ninth circuit. They revise the temporary travel ban. No longer seven countries but now from six countries the largest exporters of terrorism in the world. And it was revised. And they basically said look people would visas from those six countries they can stay. It'd dressed every concern. Of the ninth circuit and of that liberal judge in Seattle. Well it doesn't matter you can address all the concerns till the cows come home. The fact of the matter is these liberal judges are determined to balk trumps executive order no matter what. And so now a temporary restraining order has been issued by judge William Conley. Of the US district court for the western district of Wisconsin. Against the revised annual executive order. And the reason why you listen to this. It's because she wants to hear the case. Of amana Syrian man. Who has a family member in Syria. Because he and his family were able to commas. Requesting asylum they're refugees but there's one more family member Dey wanna bring in from Syria. And so because they wanna bring in one more member of a fight of their family from Syria. They're saying that because of this temporary band is travel ban for ninety days. They're claiming that infringes upon the rights of their family member in Syria. They're claiming he made god that person made body. And so because of this. The judges saying they have a case he wants the listen to the case he wants expedited legal briefs. And now trumps executive order. Again has been put on a hole. Which begs the question. Who is running American foreign policy. Is it the president of the United States and the executive branch. Or is it now some rogue judge if it's not in Seattle it's in San Francisco it is not in San Francisco now it's in Wisconsin. Who who is this judge. Can now walk. You lawful. Legal. Legitimate. In order to keep Americans safe and to start putting any proper mechanism may betting system. To prevent a potential terrorists NG artists from coming into our country. So who is running America's foreign policy. Is it the president or is it does judge. Look how the judiciary. Is constantly usurping. Trumps power. Constantly usurping trumps authority so now what they're essentially telling us is that any judge anywhere in the country. Essentially has a veto on anything the president thus. That this president would they will not allow him. To implement. Any kind of vetting system. Any kind of a temporary travel ban to keep Americans safe. They are saying essentially forget the constitution. The constitution. Be damned. The powers of the executive branch be damned the powers of the commander in chief beat damped. They are gonna ignore the law. Ignore the constitution. Ignored the separation of powers and essentially say no because for more about liberals. And because we believe an open borders and we disagree with trump on this. We're gonna impose our liberalism. And our policy preferences or over the out of the president of the United States. This is a recipe for anarchy and chaos. The president won't be able to do anything. If he doesn't stand up to these judges once in parole. And this is why what I think the president now needs to do he's got to go full on nuclear. And the way I would do it now is this okay. You want a claim that this is another Muslim man in god forbid we can't ban Muslims. Or discriminates against this refuge jeered but by the way. Since when does a goat herder in Syria. Who is not a citizen of the United States a complete foreigner. Now he's got the right to come to the United States. Where where does it say in the constitution that anybody from anywhere around the world has the right to come to America. Because that's what this judge is saying that the rights of this family and this one a refugee in Syria. Trumps the security and safety of the entire American people. In fact trumps the powers of the executive branch itself but let that go let that go. What trump needs to do now we say fine this is the way you guys wanna play it. I have all the lawful authority he cited all the statutory authority or it's setting congress specifically are. Did. Delegated to him to express powers to be open bar people from coming in if he believes it's a national interest. You don't want a full congress you don't want to follow the law you don't wanna follow common sense you don't want to follow the constitution. No problem Awami go. I band everybody from coming in. What he should just do or say fine if you guys can't accept the constitution. There's one thing you guys cannot stop. In temporary moratorium. On all immigration. For ninety days this whole affect everybody. Everybody. Until we get a proper vetting system in place shall we can prevent potential terrorists NG artists from infiltrating our country. That's exactly what I would do farm trump right now. Say forget it. Amok in a fight on appeal and fight on appeal and fight or an appeal where you judges can trip me up and obstruct knee and block me at every turn. If this is the way you won't bounce wanna play it with your out of control judges. With your out of control rogue judges. Basically liberal fascists and black robes. You want judicial tyranny. You want judicial supremacy. A tell you what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna call your bluff. I'm one imposed. A temporary. Moratorium. Is temporary band. On all immigration. For ninety days in affects everybody. All religions. All races. All creeds all nations. Everybody. Nine deviates. Here's my ruling and nobody can stop me if I'm trump. That's what I would do because my friends this is getting ridiculous. My question to you resist. Now trumps executive travel ban order. The revised one has been blocked by a judge in Wisconsin another liberal. Is that judicial branch out of control. And what should trump do because obviously. Liberal judges will not allow him. To use executive orders to implement a temporary travel band. Is the ginger sure very are these liberal judges now. Out of control. Is it time for trump to stand up to them 6172666868. All of your calls next. 1247 here on the great WRKO. OK. We are now on the cusp of potentially a huge blizzard. The corner man will definitely be on the air right just got word for management so I will definitely be on the air. Tomorrow and Wednesday I will keep you posted on all of what's going on Britney will also be with us obviously so. Stay tuned to WRKO. For the absolute latest I promise. However. I'm not their role judge strikes again. Trumps revised executive order. Which almost every legal experts said. Was all was was bulletproof it was perfectly tailored. To address every concern. Of the liberal judge in Seattle and then the ninth circuit court of appeal will gas swat. Because a Syrian man and his family. Have one more family member whose applied for asylum in Syria. Says that that person's going to be adversely affected by the revised ordered ninety day travel ban its temperate only ninety days. Any judge in Wisconsin is now issued a temporary restraining order ball walking to revise the executive order. So what we now have is one judge in Wisconsin. Is running the national security and foreign policy of the United States are these judges out of control. And what should the president do Craig in his car going head crank. I'd get just one quick point they must be so we can do the people who put. Donald Trump and office. If violating our rights so I'm wondering if you have any ideas of what we can do. Other than violence I'm not a violent Christian I don't believe that but there must be some way we can go to court to stop the judges. Craig I gotta tell you eat into these judges have to be ignored. Mean there's a certain point no really there's a certain point. Where I think congress needs to step then and look. The judge the judge did the judicial branch and he's a liberal judges and frankly the Supreme Court. Keep you sure paying power that do not belong to them. It is up now for congress to step back and in some ways and say look you were exceeding your authority. You're not allowed to rule on this you're not allowed to stop the president you just can't do this it's it's it's against the law. And I think we're trump needs to do. Is that come out now and slam discharge. And say here not only are we gonna appeal. But if you guys continue with this is a look at Aqib for writing this executive order again and again and again. Because summer refuge he somewhere in one of these six countries. Once that come to the United States I have to put the security of Americans first. Now if you guys want to play it like this. Where if I single out several countries which by the way congress did and the Obama administration didn't even pick. Those are the most high risk countries in the world. If I can't even do that find. A moratorium. Will be imposed a temporary moratorium. On all immigration. On all refugees on anybody coming in for ninety days. Now fattened the judges are powerless to stop that. Got aegis institutes right away. Because you know you can claiming discrimination there's no discrimination everybody's affected. Now I don't think it's good for the economy Marco why do you get off about a qualified doctor or engineer or whatever their wants the come to the United States. Why are we hurting ourselves but if this is the way the liberal judges wanna play it go nuclear baby. In other words it's time now for trump to take the gloves. Off. 6172666868. I agree disagree. Our jewel liberal judge has now just bull law trumps revised travel ban. Is the judiciary. Are liberal justices and judges out of control. And what should the president do 6172666868. Followed your calls next. After almost 25 years and thousands of meetings with people like you bill Kelly bullies were entering a new economic phase. Do not be caught off guard marking the opening of Kelly financials mutant offices in the next ninety days. Bill is sponsoring the greatest series of events for retirees. In his entire career. Call now 88881881. To attend their high net worth investment series. The changing face their retirement. People rave about these events they have seated thousands joined them at Babson College Brandeis. Wellesley College than you'd marry odd Tuscan kitchen cafe ask a drill for a series of meetings workshops in gatherings. Like no others ever held. Call now my friends seats are complementary. 88881881. 88881881. 1238 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. But I've just I've got to say this. In all my years of covering politics and as an historian. In all the years I've studied American history I have never seen a president. I don't care if it's FDR. I don't care if it's Truman or if it's Nixon or if it's rage in I've never seen a president. Where the permanent bureaucracy. Where the powerful vested interests. Are doing so much. To obstruct him undermine him. Try to delegitimize. Him at every return I have never seen anything what office now. It's not just a Wisconsin judge is broke over the weekend has now issued a restraining order on Trump's revised travel ban. Because listen to this. Because a Syrian refugee family girl and except for one family member. And they're saying well way that the woman would want that family member to wait for ninety days god forbid the person to wait for ninety days may be dead after ninety days. So all of American foreign policy. All of our national security has now been hijacked by one judge in Wisconsin. Trumping the constitution. Trumping the rule of law. Trumping. Executive power and the legitimate prerogatives and powers of the president. For one non citizen. So this huge march. Is now saying he. Interest if you want the specific name judge William Conley so judge William Connelly is saying. That basically he runs American foreign policy and not trump. Well it's not just the judges. As you know there are many Obama appointed US attorney's. And as is standard practice in almost every administration. When a new administration comes in for example when Obama came in. He asked further resignation and caught most of the resignation affect all bomb. From bush appointed US attorneys why he wants his people he wants his team prosecuting cases. In the courts across the country it's standard operating procedure. Not what it comes to trumpet. And Seoul late last week. US attorney general Jeff Sessions. Asked for 46. US attorneys all of them Obama appoint peace. To basically handing your resignation. You work for the executive branch. You work at the leisure and discretion of the Justice Department and the president who oversees the Justice Department. It's a new administration it's a new president they're all Obama appointees almost all of them are partisan liberals partisan Democrats. I'm sorry thank you for your service but we want our people and 11. They all exit handed in their resignations. Except for one. Brief but Horrow. You may say who is free bar. Three to Barak. Is a US attorney in the southern district. Who is a rabid Obama supporter in fact he was an Obama campaign contributor as well as a Hillary campaign contributor. They AT and Cooper partisan Democrat. Who was the one. That oversaw the prosecution. Of Dinesh D'Souza. He was the one that pushed for d'souza to go to prison. Because of alleged campaign finance violations but really because he hated d'souza is conservative politics. And especially the fact that d'souza had been so outspoken against Obama and Hillary. And so reap a horror listen Davis refused to resign. Essentially telling sessions you want me to go you gotta fire me pencils sessions set okay. Boom you're fired you're out the door. Well it's been three days now. The Washington Post the New York Times the Boston Globe CNN. At MS left BC they're acting now like this is the crime of the century. That's somehow what Jeff Sessions did. Was illegal. It was an ethic Cole it was unlawful. It was criminal this is some kind of a purge. Trumpet is implementing a fascist on top you should see the crazy things coming out of their wealth. And I'm like hold on. Clinton cleaned out all of Bush's attorney general's. Sorry all of his US attorney's. Then bush clean Bill Clinton's US attorney's. Then Obama cleaned out bush as US attorney's sold on trump can't put his people him. Trump doesn't have a right to put his people and even though every other president has had that right. And more than not. Agreed to bow horror works for the executive branch. He serves at the leisure and discretion of the Justice Department and the press and the attorney general and the president. When they want Chu what helped. You go. It's not an independent fiefdom. Did the dishes since when did amusement it's not like this guy is somehow. It you know in that he's not some kind of an independent counsel are independent investigator. He's a US attorney. Who works for his boss. And his boss in this case Jeff Sessions said. I'm sorry your partisan Democrat we don't want any more partisan Democrats were cleaning house new administration new blood we want our people. Listen now to Elizabeth born us into this. So what is something Scholl routine. So matter of fact. Shall obviously league goal. Constitutional. Pellets almost procedural. It's done every 48 years. There is nothing out of the ordinary place in the sky is blown. Listen now to this. Elizabeth Warren this in this look now they're gonna politicize even that's news flash. Actor real Donald Trump. This senate confirms US attorney's. And you're not replacing real prosecutors. With cronies without a massive fight. You can't fire at the rule of law at real Donald Trump. You can't shut down ongoing investigations. By career prosecutors. This is unbelievable. This is unbelievable. Not real Donald Trump wants people like attorney general sessions. Or loyalist who lied to the senate about meeting with the Russians. In the Justice Department. Well no chief. EU you know if you knew anything about your job if you weren't so busy with the bull horn. And you weren't so busy holding rallies you would know Obama got rid of so. You can see you know it doesn't matter if they're confirmed by the senate they serve at the leisure and discretion. Of the attorney general and the president. Now if they wanna fight this they're gonna loose. But who gave them the right again who'll gives Reid Baha are the right. To basically. Violate his oath. Usurped power that doesn't belong to warm and all of a sudden now what he's in their for life. Because the liberals claim he's in their for life. So now he doesn't serve at the leisure and at the discretion of the attorney general the Justice Department the president. Now what they've just created a new entitlement. Now if you're a Democrat US attorney starts a lifetime appointment. Since when did you become a lifetime appointment. Because you and I said so now. There are planning a very good attorneys. In the southern district and many of them are Republicans. And this is what they do in every administration manner I want somebody who whine all will be loyal to us put that talented guy in there. What's the problem. Really what's the problem. Everything he dumps. Everything he says it's. He's going to be blocked. He's going to be interfered with. Is going to be undermined is going to be Sabbah polished. Trump did the exact right thing fire every single US attorney and if you wish marked. I go after James call me in the FBI. I asked for his resignation. I would clean out the Justice Department I would clean out the CIA. It's time for a four roll house cleaning. Either you drain the swamp Mr. President or the swamp will swallow you set in Hanover going head south. Paid yet and I'm coming in now that your comments about what the problem is because actually I knew exactly what the problems. And guys like you maybe you know it is being not saying on the year the problem is that the liberals. Down at Washington as we know what they are all about just a slow walk everything up to their tactic the next four years problem is the so called conservatives. That brought. And on track side obviously. In migrating over the the court that looked at lining for years we can't gaining down because of how we had a pile of bills on trump steps that the weakest. I think for years including maybe one on. You know trumps executive order on immigration why not pass a lot in congress but controller in saying network and I am. Whatever. And that the law. He year comment on that and he died like over north course in view and Iraq. The handling that. The airwaves and saying hey Paul and where does that feel you've been promising on action because the bill and this static at budget. Put on my desk and exciting and that's that's possible. Sets can you do me a big favor you know don't be a stranger call again. Thank you my friend I was a great call look Ryan is a gutless yellow liver coward. Look let's put our as the Germans would say well let's put our cards on the table okay. Ryan is part of the establishment he's part of a small. He has a wanna drained. He never wanted trump to be the Republican nominee he did everything possible to stop from becoming the nominee and then winning the election. And so what he's desperately trying to do is he's trying to undermine trump he's another one you're completely right. For years they've been telling us all we've got so many vehicles all just get us. We're gonna cut taxes were gonna do packs reformer and a regulatory reform and repeal and replace obamacare organ. All much we just got so much stuff to do we don't know where to begin. And it's were halfway through trumps hundred days hello. Hello all. Now look at the travel back in its overwhelmingly popular. Why can't congress just stepped in and say well listen look I'm sorry you know what forget the judges we're gonna hear is going to be a bill. For ninety days. We're gonna have a temporary ban on these six countries. Until we put a proper vetting system in place. That's what the president campaigned on he campaigned on more but. That's what the president campaigned on that's what the people elected him to do we're gonna fulfill our promises. They won't do it. Because the GOP establishment. Is as much an enemy of trump as the Democrats and everybody knows it. 6172666868. Is the number. Com. You can text us. 68680. Of 50 Ager after its pleasure not leisure well I've heard both term bouquet they serve at the pleasure. Of the attorney general under president these US attorney's. This is from. 781. Jeff regarding this guy freed but are these democratic pack. Jeff there is no such thing as a career prosecutor. On the executive level. The chief needs to look up the word administration. As it applies the government. What Elizabeth Warren is sank. And what the liberals are saying is that trump is not allowed now to appoint his people in in the administration. I I've never heard of argument like this in my life. Obama could load up on his US attorney's. A bush could do it on his US attorney's Clinton could do it on his US attorneys but suddenly now if trump does it all. It's a fascist porch. My friends. It is more desperation. And more lives. To the president. Key house cleaning. Scrub it from head to poll from the attic of the seller. 6172666868. Let me ask you this. Should trump tough fired freak Marat. And should and can you liberal judge in Wisconsin. Boy law trumps revise the executive order. Are the judges out of control and what should the president do on his travel ban more of your calls next. 1257. Here on the great RKO. Bracing ourselves. For May be dumb mother of all blizzards. Stores called storm sell off Stella. Stella OK so it's now they've already given it a name that storm selloff though sorry storms now allow my about it. Storm Stella. And my friends we will be live tomorrow the corner man Britney giving you the absolute latest no matter was. I'm over going to be sleeping in the building up and over sting at all Powell I don't know what management is gonna do but we're definitely spending. The night nearby so we can be live on the air tomorrow Powell in Boston go ahead now. Yes but most need to speak to one Jeffrey corner ups go and now. I just don't look Fred Upton were not meant to. How are you Abdul I commend. The court chip traveler then very good. Not what actually not quick thinker I'm open I can do about it it would book Grey's. Social can be in my I think but I before it goes into effect Jeff. By the way chip if I'm going to take that play cracked a brick it was me tools I need someone to milk quote yeah. We need to get I don't know orbit it just. No problem but yet. The dimmer than a call Abdul. What you call. Messiah mollid come my friend. Might give master go ahead Mike. There are just. I couldn't hear me. Hello you might. Get all around here go my friend because you're OK okay Michael line we do here is some kind of a phone in the background let's. I saw I turned it down okay Mike. Quick and went on to say that I found that previous. They say what we do. The lancet article five initiatives state. And two wanting. You know one year when you try that this can be struck that culture. According to Max this critical theories. You know they'll stop it now. And while you're right they're not there and you see it right now you know what of one of the text or suggested something when we cut off does judges' pay. I'm just thinking. You know maybe it's time we drain the swamp another way okay a lot more don't.