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Michael Brush (MarketWatch)

Mar 13, 2017|

Michael Brush (MarketWatch) by The Financial Exchange

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Michael brushes a regular contributor to the financial exchanges most recent article I read the headline to you know there's a way to invest and save democracy. At the same time what sounds pretty good to me Michael power. Hey are you didn't get rid predicts now. Know him. Fire up the snow blower who won't be ready hey. This is socially responsible. Investing and making it come back because like I tried this and this was terrible but he I lost money to us. You know armed. It's really popular. It's hard to measure could be deported parting. I don't care for its popular I want to make money. And got IE a capitalist he. And I'm here to make money in it. Probably use speller that there were viewed and that's okay too you know armed. But it indicates let people like it it's up about thirty cent in the years the amount of money dedicate this part commencement. So and that's pretty incredible when he suited to big deal for ideals but also Burma's. There's bubble and you don't have any money. Frank Debbie Grilli in the socially irresponsible companies have done extremely well. Well not really Wal-Mart. Now they added there's spots with Michael would you locate it the of this thing called the center for public accountability. Talk to us about that because like I was interest it in the act as if I what I liked about it was its not some about. Do gooders as it is about political capital and I liked. You know arm ever since Citizens United. Companies have much or so our society and politics and we need to know what they're doing I mean a key to invest emerged and what's happening here are. And our companies to lecture at this stuff they're secretive about it so this group CP today. They look at about 24 quality company. Two term in. Basically. Three things they look for transparency. In political contributions. Policies. Companies have policies. Can. Editors just really into it. And it strong order so and so cursor there's credit where streak according to. Anyway a company seven cents as a proxy for corporate government. Look at what that that makes a lot set a better sense to me. Then you know green investing your great you know like the U deep you know what I'm talking about Michael's that we would have these mutual fund wholesalers come in. Say well. You know you we're not gonna buy any tobacco stocks are not gonna buy any oil stocks and index funds are terrible. In Paris Hilton do well so that by the way. There's. All the ones I bought would do it here. Well you know more certain with Ornette they've looked at surge but it also act in date said that they've flag exchange your arm. A group called Arafat Arafat asset management which as an actress Oscars they're under this is the they claim you know our results and working steadily been viewed their credit in the middle but these companies that. EPA thinks I it a credit and many steady and they're ranked just. Companies and I and I think it's because of the corporate governance. Don't companies are responsible. Were shareholders. That's all the. Absolutely but the but I don't understand. How that's socially responsible and I I I I I'm thinking I would very that these socially responsible companies are one thing you're talking about transparency and corporate governance. I will eat if if a tobacco company is transparent with great corporate governance it would be a quotes socially responsible for our company right. Well by this picture you know it's always a mosaic expects to. Make investments in everything piece of the number we never buy any. On you know such engines the quality of there scored. Our. Political contributions by China but that's speakers. These companies actually do pretty well I'd hoped that the for you out indefinitely nobody's all right in a word be pretty and that's what CP. But to top it companies here up. Remarkably. The yes the over the past three hard years and remarkably mean all right. 20%. Of our sparked years in 7%. The past three years. This was an. You know endorse this now since a news that they read results could have happened for different reasons. Give us some good examples. Of companies that are you know. I have strong corporate and about. Yates they have a web site indeed split thing and they have just there and excel in the ring ER. They rank the companies by our qualities you know that they report. And so not surprisingly companies that have a lot to do our. Tend to be. Pretty transparent they want to kind of out here. So the banks bank partner Morgan Stanley and there are kind of the top of the list in a group well. But you know tobacco Altria they're there they did well. Heavily regulated there there a lot of BR. I expect so much. There there with two of the better forms bio. You know our full disclosure or. Surrogate he might do. We're gonna jump onto our next topic but I ask you did you by any snap Chad. I like that company have a boy yet common action. And I think it's gonna all little bit but oh well I think I will buy that yet make that endeavor but if. All right Michael McKee of extra time that my brush from brush up funds stocks stock come I read this stuff on marketwatch.com. As well.