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Obamacare: To Repeal Or Not To Repeal

Mar 13, 2017|

The GOP is working on repealing Obamacare and Tom Price claims that "no one will be worse off financially under GOP Health Plan". Kim & VB discuss this and take your calls on the matter!

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She. She. From. We must kind that save Americans from being looking obamacare just. Premiums skyrocket and double digits or triple digits in some cases and has. A 160%. Increases going up a lot higher. Seventy. Com that's here it's. He doesn't trouble me that was when it was supposed to. All right so Obama care slashed now wrong. Care taken center stage this week in fact the president and the vice president and many others representing. Of the administration are going to be out in full force this week's selling. This this from this bill. And are we also are anticipating that. There will be some kind of budgets and numbers. Associated with the bill this week what it's gonna cost PB question I think becomes. You know it's hard sell and and the question becomes you know. If in fact they can't get this thing through and right now I think it's a real uphill push. Will it be he Republican Armageddon the bloodbath. That some Republicans have said it will be if they don't get it through. Nothing's changed for me. Over the weekend to say that it won't be. I'm in. Currently to me I'm in the state of mind of have you come to Jesus with the fact that this isn't and that's why I'm wrong. I've I've heard nothing in again trump you know trump going to Tennessee Wednesday to good you know I'd like to see you working at trying to but. None of the questions that I need answers to have been answered and I think I'd do as Tom cotton what do you like he's softened and announced they certainly think Rand Paul's coming around on this I. You've got to get these guys and I don't know what nothing's changed Paul Ryan's appearances over the weekend. Did not often. They they don't help in anyway shape or form a minute to really is Ryan care and I know. Some hardcore conservatives wanna call it that that we remove strand all are included in our well. And that way it's it's huge sting you want you wanna hang this on someone other than the president because you don't wanna be the guy that it's. Where around its neck when it pulls you down. But if Brian is the guy year. In Sao one of the things that I think is interesting is it. I have barely heard a Democrat even speak of this I mean they we know what else did they're not saying a word they'll have to do. Because. You know there's the Republicans can't get on board. Which is not good that's where. You know if when the first it would at first it was said that if this doesn't pass to be blood bath for Republicans have a that's an over that's an overstatement that's an overreach. But now I'm start to question that because. It is the Republicans who are debating one another. Over this bill. I think what's really tough and we knew this was coming and do you spoke of this last week. It's when you start to put faces. To. Health care it always becomes really difficult and this past weekend there were a number of members of congress who were out at town meetings said you know there were cameras vary you got people stand up by. You know I've had. Cancer and it's cost me you know they're the cost has been three million dollars in my insurance is covered in knowing me in this stage where I have to have whatever and if I don't have a woman died in. It's that stuff it's really tough and I realize that's. And that's that that's hard to it's it's hard to take care of everyone in those situations but boy oh boy this is what's going to be the tough part to sell. Well the CBO can throw the Congressional Budget Office and throw them a bonus somehow they come out what numbers that are reasonable. That will help them I don't expect I expect this is going to be a problem. Does the one that d.s still monitoring and you're Ryan could not answer. Are you going to definitively promised that this won't cost more. If you can't answer instinctively know he will not. That's a problem for you can't replace something that needs replacing because it's so expensive with something that's more expensive than you can't. If he can't answer that forget it you're done. Well and more expensive and you got people like the woman I just told you about her stand up in meetings in your mind goes away I'm gonna die. So it's tough secretary prices the only one who has come out to say how he feels about this let's listen in. If for certain that once this bill is passed no but nobody will be worse off financially when it comes to paying for health care. But tea right now there are a lot of people that are worse off right now we'll think when they're paying for health care and they aren't getting the care that they need again the pre premiums are up and deductibles are up. If you're an individual out there making 5060000. Dollars in your deductible is 810121000. Bucks. You may have an insurance card that you don't have coverage and I hear. From my former colleagues all the time. About patients who come into their office and they recommend something for them and they're not able to get it because the deductible is so highs in and I noticed you adopt me aspect of whether. You can guarantee that nobody will be worse off financially. I I. I firmly believe that that that nobody will be worse off financially in this in the process they were going through understanding that they'll have choices that they can select the kind of coverage. Then they want for themselves and for their family not the government. Forces them to buy so there's costs that needs to come down and and we believe we're going to be able to do that through this system there's coverage that's gonna go up remember chuck they're twenty million folks right now in this nation. Who said to the federal government fully. Ali I'll I'll pay a penalty or are out take a waiver I'm not even gonna get coverage in the system that we currently have them. System that works for government or insurance but it doesn't work for Pete you believe you look at. I yeah it would crisis and there I actually think prices marked and he's trying to defend something that's not even really set in stone that's always tricky. From. And Euro Euro ultimate dream right now so he's doing his best but. Again this noted absolutely. And by the way if he did that we would still roll our eyes because the last I did that if he does mistaken. Did the only difference there was Chuck Todd won asking them about that but unfortunately. I mean even Brighton park this morning news on Draper saying that that could be a nominee for the biggest lie of the year six or seven I'll price chokes on that comment for years to come out. I think to me when I do to me I don't view that comment the weighted price parred does. But it's irrelevant how I viewed if bright part he's viewing it that way you've got a problem in this is what I keep pointing out an all of this. When you have on this station two of this three host written this thing out and they aired through huge drums Schwab's. That's a problem when you have the right part openly ripping and not just not reporting it but ripping it in saying prices a liar. That's a problem when you have guys that are hard core on your side. And you need them as allies then I don't think so. That's why it's not gonna get through your marriage night well what's what's in it for Tom content to play so nothing it's nothing and nothing is changing it's not kind of flipped. And it's not gonna I'd I'd do not believe that this will get through. And now unfortunately. I think this is going to be something that Republicans are gonna pay for 2018. I think there's a big problem coming. I think what happened here was said this we said this last week I stand by it they Russia's too quickly they felt like they needed a distraction. And they you know they said get it out there and this is what we got an ha I can now quiet they're gonna pay the price. And as far as price is concerned I think there were other ways to go about answering that question he doubled down on it. He said it wants he was asked and he said it again. He's got a problem now to six foot 7266686868680. Is a text line. Do you think that this could be a problem for duke Republicans in 2018. If they can't get trump care through. I I firmly believe that that that nobody will be worse off financially in this in the process they were going through. Understanding that don't have choices that they can select the kind of coverage that they want for themselves and for their family not the government forces that divide. So there's costs that needs to come down and and we believe we're going to be able to do that through this system there's coverage that's gonna go up remember chuck they're twenty million folks right now in this nation. Who said to the federal government fully. Ali I'll I'll pay a penalty or out all right I'll take a waiver I'm not even gonna get coverage in this system that we currently have them. System that works for government or insurance but it doesn't work for. A self tests unless I'm used the phrase pro brewery. Said truly. I think what he's trying to say there is because she'll have a choice you'll be able to get cheaper pro plans so you won't have to pay more. While there and also I don't know that we hear have been bad hire one. Your costs are going up because you wanna and ago. But that's. Who does anybody believe that that no one is going up unless you want them ago. This so many things errands into one of the problems here is that. They're finding out what the dams found out you break keep your own you wanted to own health care so yeah did it in its particularly tough. I keep telling you this all the time there is no right way a year because you can't. It didn't health care may be just so bad in this country you can't do would effectively no matter what. In this case. You could've just repealed. And then just left it. You know we're getting out of the business. And where we're going back in for a year or two there's going to be some people letters grew. He could've done that and that probably would have been smarter in they would have if they'd. Had it to do over again. Mean what now you wanted you so badly wanted to prove that you're smarter than them and your proving the opposite unfortunate because that healthcare is a losers. And of course it is but it but it's in necessity and I I mean I just I feel like there had there's got to deal way. Who did so adamant about just doing away with that. And I'm not sure vaccines are either me and you know and we should we have gone in and fix the what's wrong identify what's wrong there. And fix it I mean would there are bend a better way to go about that. It's tough it's a tough gig man and how I now believe that this is not gonna get through now and another question I have for you so win it gets voted down Ben what happens. Do they go back and keep trying and order a dangerous say oh well. And then we'd we wait for to go Bancorp or you know what happens then that's that's the next big problem is is this a one shot deal. I think that's a problem I don't you know up I live in Arizona on same what do you mean it's a one shot deal you said you can help us. I mean you will revisited but you're not gonna do it on a grand scale you're gonna you're gonna Diaw and Arizona and trying to figure out how to we make this competitive there. Mean there's going to be some form. I mean can they push the states and millions summary version DOS from version of that will ultimately happen but it's. She and this is looking like a swamp into itself tonight's going to be tough to please solve a lot of it let me go to Joseph Joe's in Wilmington this morning good morning Joseph your WRKO. And ordered. A couple of ports by a shark first first or B and I don't feel sorry for the Republicans whatsoever they had eight years to figure out. It seems there feet. They waited for a that nobody expected Donald Trump to win. So now they have to do something because they've been talking about it for so long but they had eight years to figure that so. And I don't sort of the second point is that I don't believe that the congress and the and and people in government really understand. What their regular people would cultural arts health care and until they get on the same land that we have to deal with. And they'll they'll never figure out a number care. They got to get on the same health care player with a 101000 dollar deductible. And limited coverage. Let's and much covered the same as. Real or more importantly try why did they get us what they have. Because if it's so good for you know it'd be great for me sure I can't you make that available and affordable somehow make that work. 6172666868686. It detects I'm not feel sorry for Republicans at all out on the open I mean I agree and easily charmed by the way based on time but there's nothing has been happening here that's been moving the needle in the positive well Paul Ryan makes it out like they've got a rushing to the floor I think I'm hoping that what's gonna happen. Is as more and more people get out and speak to the American people the president the vice president Paul Ryan needs to get out of Washington. Yeah Washington go out to start talking to people. And find out how people feel maybe they'll back off of this before they try to take it to the floor vote. Two questions your best answer or else don't go public trump don't go make appearances Ryan stopped on on TV. Can you guarantee is. That no one is gonna lose coverage Ryan couldn't answer that is that what you're sitting there for until the answer is no get back in our room Q pork and second question is can you guarantee is that this is not going to be more expensive than obamacare. In a new if you can't answer that right what we do one go back in the right it's just that simple until you can as those two questions don't even. Robinson Quincy this morning good morning rob. And good morning and it's like I'm my own health mr. what you're go early exit talk about your thought spoke to help you or your company yes. A patriot I your brother benefactor part right. But we're partnered orders 83 two following. Purple everyplace is either or helped it get up that spot and I guarantee either beaten things happening. All these coming up he all these prices be going down. In the people. A good job you know what helped you or arc but what it really talk about other mourners picket group the last eight years and I'm glad my heritage current. People like you'll get a tax benefit that I never got. That's the first B. And you know you have to work is being backward because you're a Democrat rate and you gotta take it piece by piece hot iPod in at the end of the day. And it helped ensure that the people are forward accepted the big screen using health insurance that helped record an issue so that night health health care. Developing a perfect electing get health care the health insurance that you're making complete and all the goodies we'll go well. People that don't have not happened by the by your all insurance well you know automobile insert fight you don't helped me. Damn I believe me Alex got a concert in Raleigh hair and a very beach I don't Wyndham I. Device if it were me and you could structure and all over again and start from scratch which in theory you could do. What he just said makes a lot of sense to me and I have all result competition would be great you know my number one it's just that people mind that that. Kids can be on their parents' insurance till they're 26 I hate that. This is part of that where at some point we need you to grow up and understand your in the real world sciences target when he won your paying for your health insurance. And you are paying for your health insurance. This is the same what he's talking about where if you'll have to actively go out in by it and birds are you gonna be a little bit more informed I get to work well you're right. You gonna be more informed us you're gonna know the true cost of the thing and you are going to get more affected as he said. Then needs to work in their take out more on an even as I know it because I don't see it in my paycheck and global block. That all makes us but it's never gonna happen no that it's not gonna happen John is in now lol good morning John. Good morning article or foreign chart on that piqued our trailer Democrats are enormously. In public in their current eight plus years. Obama Turk are of course they're. Are there and if they can't come up we are a real good player. True and they come up with prayers it just shows seen openness of the the Republicans and I'm not afraid of the Democrats but this. This just proves to Republicans is an idiot because they've had all this current to just developers analyzer come up with the data. And this is what they come up with yellow oil market makers you know there want to say yup preexisting conditions. Well thought I've been able to read and it may be more open the Coast Guard is it looks like if you go uninsured or sixty Palestinians. The pre existing ring goes off what. What's the our data is saying you know what to wire co opus sixty it is why. Right why does it have to be anything and nature shows that. This is what Republicans or this player is trying to undermine our U arguably. You. Problem where how much doctors do they. Is the fact that. You know this is off or property industry and how are you ever gonna regulate. Brenda cause not for profit industry. We now really fair market competition. On the competition issue we absolutely no question about that going back to Republicans how I thought it was telling and I I don't know. Men and give more credit I think the president understood it was a very complicated. Situation that very telling when he said you know. Well you know health care is is a very got no kidding it is complicated and most Republicans who were. Have been in congress for an extended period of time knew that he knew I think our other caller was right I don't think they thought the trump was gonna get in office and so nobody cared to get this. This plan in place or in motion. 6172666868. Did. Obamacare has failed the people of Kentucky it's failed the people of America and obamacare must. Go. That's vice president. Then it's talking about obamacare this is a big week for that bill let's get to bill is August good morning. Sorry guys good morning and it's a figure out those two questions. Beat these certain answer for the first one that he said was was. Are people gonna lose their players love him and where it all we've all Ryan answered the question. What he says we can't have people have a championship their throw so. It needs to me that there are of course people go to those reply distribute it beat them choose to because once this is what I don't know why they can. Say that they'll look yes when you when you break when you upset the apple cart. Something's got an in in the short term for sure. Mean people are gonna be without it we're gonna our job is to keep those numbers as small as we can. That's the that's the statement that I would issue none of them seem comfortable saying that for some reason it. Tripping over is going to be immediate threat so that they salute those words from out and all this to be used for people eat. We told you people go oh they get very mean and that's why that's an affluent. As far as as far as the this RBI is going to be more expensive. I don't see how can be more expensive I mean we will force you to trees have insurance otherwise Luke going to be fine. So I mean we get it's been our own insurance plan or aura are catastrophic trial sort of look. If this is no way it should be more expensive then. Then what Morari you know what would be what the doctor I don't myself. I mean my deductibles so hard right now I'm getting bills from what I dislocated my show two before Christmas it builds. Now the hospital. That world with their ridiculous and that company that this company can do about it. Well I have I would argue though I think it could be more expensive for some people it could be more expensive and I think that's where. You know an end maybe if you if you've chosen and I don't know how works because I don't have I have a throw my employer but. If he's chosen package a which is they. You know package they may go up in price and so you may be forced to take package be if you were stayed the same level for. On the expense that you put him but I think for some people because of while there may be tax credits some of these. Well that's a part of maturity could be more expensive for all of us we'll be right in the sense that if you're gonna expand. These entitlements that come along with the it will who's paying I was obviously it's rare hang on it is so. They're there is an overall price tag although you never may know what that number is. And by the way. Are they gonna spend 77 million of our dollars to promote this thing like Obama did last year alone because. That 3-D if I was trump I would between that story all day today going. Look how ridiculous and wasteful this. Well I don't think did he should be doing that they'll be be anonymous like playing there one yet because I think it's gonna take a lot when you start to roll this out if they can get something through. You're have to go out there them promoted to make good things and hopefully I am afraid we've seen that so union had a 67 million is that how much 177 million of works for health. Money. I mean tiger well part of the problem it's been 77 million which that by the way I would argue that if you look back over the life of Obama care. They spent a lot more at all seven million lonely because it took so much to explain how we get all one of the program. And what you had to do and the program itself it was ridiculous that that whole campaign. Was outrageous and then remember how the connectors didn't work and so on and so forth. So you know I think they have to be careful because it may take a lot to explain. How you ultimately work. And use this in new health care system Thomas and sharing good morning. I high OK you know that is. This is crazy every different faction of this you know. Doctors wanted to make a million dollars here's CEO one of extreme billion dollars a year or so what thirty bucks an hour. Lawyers are sore and everybody insurance companies are making huge profits. There and put it that happened trump could speak yet. Everybody from all these different factions. Hospital representatives. Doctor representatives. Bob beauty peca lawyers sooner because politicians and there. Everybody needs to sit around and a national health care conference. At a huge table. And everybody for your grievances out and everybody try to compromise a little bit and get this going on there may not even people call it being panic at all these people boom and compromise and drug companies get a compared to. Everybody involved. And so I'll and trump. Sit there and be is reading and do what he does best which is the art of the appeal. Of that in the announcement from the drug company I know everybody in that room when you're not gonna. You're not gonna talk surgeons in the cotton salaries I'm not I thought hospital administers and there's a reason why did some of these hospitals unions are already against this plan. We don't even really know what the plan is yet to already did it because they're not doing that. Drug companies are where if you're gonna start somewhere I feel like drug companies are wearing an upstart that and that has so much to do with insurance the cost of drugs. Whether you're going bullet his this has always been announced. Working on that part specifically some Wilson had a part that needs to be worked on that phase three I think but. You know we haven't heard from on this is Trump's personal physician I need to hear from that guy it and number him. And a campaign. The guy who talked about his way you wrote his physical on a napkin yeah basically like what'd you think of all I wanna hear from him because then I'll feel more confident six or 7266686868680. Tech slide. If this goes down will this mean that the Republicans are in trouble in 2018. There those who say it'll be a bloodbath. Let me get a Joseph he's in Revere good morning Joseph. Guys are you doing super thank you sir. Listen I want to say one thing I agree with the call before oil last one. I agree a 100% with them. Do Republicans had all this time to get some project gets something ready. I mean I wouldn't say that well they didn't expect would try to win well that's why you run you would expect to win. And they should've expected if they won this year that had something already did take care of this themselves well. So it is no excuses are I believe I'm conservative. And I blame the Republicans. I don't blame anybody else but them they shouldn't have had already did go. And one of the things if I can say Kim I I was on the beach where you guys were talking about it if you just can be effective on it. The game but I pride parade I know a lot of people that go to where it and it's not that they're worried about the gay people you know what they're worried about. Just what I BP's BP said. They're worried about it. Actually there may be Dem candidate with a bikinis in the two little kids yet haven't watched. And sexual lacks the will go down the street that's what everybody's wondered about that it's kind of ballooned into that. Now don't they they then they'd then maybe they need to get tougher than if you say can't be a part of it if you say that's not part of the dress code didn't stand by it. And not be swayed by the money.