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Mar 12, 2017|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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You're listening to a wicked place radio the only place that lets you beat the critic and Sundays ten. WRKO. The voice of Boston. Yes there is Dennis snapple forty years this showdown today. It's called. Blockades tides. And a collective television version of the show Mike Sears got everybody here everybody here watching Brittany on TV is better bet because. We take the radio worry. You get to see a lot of the things that we shot a best mentality we have a few things here to tell everybody have they gave detectives do. Social. Media. All the best was to go to his FaceBook dot com slash with it bites TV that's ruining lives and that's it that's it yeah yeah. I'm on the on the on. The equipment and as that'll coming in today. That's his I don't know that it happened but invites. You pay what you buy TV on FaceBook we live stream the show every Sunday morning here at 10 AM. And of course Scott and I do pop ups throughout the week usually on Wednesday or Thursday evening. Talk about that week's fun foods but it went about bringing it to restaurants I love the idea of reimbursement it's been mentioned more than a few times this past weekend. I'm thinking about the horseshoe. About the mass doing it there on their bar one day but what did you do dues you don't mind. Well I yeah they like like children do flights of the year's first and then we'll see what happens I'll flights of Beers I'm item now right at something to do it is but it's a lumbering enough that it's important to go on to FaceBook you have not a FaceBook member. Think it's still watch it I mean just. In the search up on FaceBook capsule comments on FaceBook and likes and FaceBook really helped in the conversation going. And I noticed couple weeks ago when I did the show. There were side conversations amongst the FaceBook folks and during alive either try to find what pop overs. In items like that people suggesting things that you could do that on FaceBook and time time will read them on the this program about away don't oil. If I was ready to go Mike you said Michael I don't. Three it this program's regular Regina. Great pizza bastards in the entire world Boston's a brick oven pizza world famous since 1926. Guys are okay. That's the location data on factory street in Boston's North End any truth that you opened the first location. With. Well now. That's called. You would have worked here how long that you can think it. Actually I have the keys so it's really hard to get rid of me net. And battle laity they open up like that apartment three years ago near Fenway Park near term partner at thirteen thirty boil Austin history in Asia closer wonder. So there were attacked and actually go in with their families I would hope so in this yeah these are actually not just threats are so I I know there. I think the Bruins go to cup I mean yeah and why it's one of the most. When we talk to the players you know we do bump in the players and Tom Tom I don't care what sport you know who they all. Have a and experiences Regina it's yeah a lot on enough I did not know that annoys second baseman goes and there are a lot when this fan. Does he do well not right now she won't the spot right there but but but he's got a partner at this very minute by the way I it's over. But that's a great articulate. No the patriots have won on next year Super Bowl oh. And it you read before the break him a hero today it's all over what did you see like they picked up an incredible receiver first time I think brings that real. They receive their throats and law book. Cook from the saints who's who's used to catching a lot you know which were breezed out there and I think like thirty million under the salary cap. Yeah it made him yeah to a government Reuters. They get who so why not Google Google a little I'll say well anyway. Or the television show yesterday. It's was one of the best TV shows who evidence I want to invite you Mike. The we did in the moment it was about diners and yes I and the MySpace last month with him. And I. As a result they edit email wanna know if could you guys did touch touch on Maynard BK. And then a couple of you wanted to know if they're in the diners would recommend. In May indicate an. I don't know what it looked. Open that up to our audience today you know that they complain waiting go to Maine or McCain but yet we went to was stirred to Providence. To New Hampshire. The Boston it's always and everywhere it's when he miniature. It can only goes so leave it there we've done the maimed or via the main guys protect remained under comfortable on walls mean that we've done now when that's on YouTube page. Bill are. Goes their life going to be and yet a lot met back telecommute. What is the either very famous broadcaster who does the masters and he. Oh I can't think of his name on MDC and well car he's done he's a football is done Super Bowls. He grew up in that part of me too he goes to the main data recorder along with Louis tee shot in the Stanley. Hello Louis Diaz got a dish named after his guns may get a derivative witnesses that over a million people too many people since 777. Million people at this diner on there. It's wells Maine I believe yeah yet for the route to Kennebunkport regret and wells and Eric or a case of this one. Now how about to cape. Now I wanted to aren't you guys that this year is going to be divided into two segments today it's okay we've now it's not well okay then a mind. It's echo. We're we're going to go. Looking around for diners. And the other used to be a dynamic on every corner. And you know in New Year's copier as there were about we have some that we're gonna talk about today. That. The last thing they need is more people. But. Every time we do a diner can manage this mobbed out at what time of day it is no. When we were at Marion started their new locations in New Hampshire were shot main body of the Shelton. We got there are. 1 o'clock 130 you. Crowd died down an idol and I mean by dying down. Maybe the cut in half because there's a line out the door. At around 230 and it was picking up when we left just about for dinner and it is there that's your location out of the Marion diners to open for dinner. I. The south street. Dire diner and Lee went there instead. And it they said that deer busiest hours from right one to four or five and yeah I mean when you're drunk and hung over an Indian company we get to those on the show this week then it's it was so what you do is Mike special to move in new mall that. There's a line. And they go outside take ordered nine. And and we're gonna have a snowstorm here Tuesday act it's going to be kind of interview thank you no matter. It's if it's amazing that they're they're busy at that hour of the Morton that because we were there when they were. Who I got there late in the afternoon there were packed yes and it did settle down a little bit nobody knows yet that's not the way too silly to 3 in the morning and as under people out. Absolutely and they egg and they go outside take your issues united to a when he innings standing remotely asides that are more notes now and announce soon as the place to visit Boston cream and K it is now. That looks ridiculous who. I mean that big evidently I don't I don't even know if it looked him in nova is. It looks at it looks good and looks good chocolate syrup all over it like a gallon of cattle answer Apollo over it. Those are big pancakes to it was it was like three layers of pancakes with a notch in the middle. And then. How evocative chocolates are on top of it really a bucket underneath you don't see the blanket no I the food channel. Was it which you know not report it and yeah ordination were like like tiger foods especially who's in that that's a recent thing yet it's an Esquire a lot of other international magazines victim is that we. The top diner in America and they just this little spot by the transportation building I mean it's kind of hidden world and around forever absolutely he's the only 24 hours seven days a week license in Boston. Yeah but I but the one might that is unique to see the one in New Haven in a province Robert violent him haven Brothers yet and that actually gets poll. Becomes diners on wheels and how when they open up early eighteen hundreds. Eight the old west the drugs the eighteen hundreds they traded in their there's two horse and buggy for a diesel truck. And they've been born up in front of province City Hall he said since. The nineteen teens someone 1913 so like and a villainous a parking ticket every day of the since them. No that's the price it is nowhere in my could work in that moment I I couldn't I could barely sit down and with Obama ahead. Yeah as well that certainly eight to have and I try to squeeze back and make a burger with him in the kitchen it was just like. Aren't we are maximizing every inch of space in here so let me let let me see if I understand it is adding quite cases from a TV show of though isn't paying intent. The so. They have trucks and they're a truck or they have a truck a true. And nation and that truck out and it's you know thank you go to the trucks in Boston in places like that is that what it is in status similar Barclays they only go to City Hall. Oh they don't go to City Hall yet they've. They're part of a 5 PM park rip outside city hall and they go to a pro before fog in the morning because there's times that you won't get ticketed. After five won't they won't. I think there or they're deal now and again that's another place that gets really fool around 1 in the morning yeah. That's what really acts when we were filming the most common FaceBook comment was I haven't been there before 2 AM and have been sober. Could that I felt the same way when I was with him and there are now that is and their famous for their shakes. The great six and there also famous for. They triple. Murder burger triple murder murder of which you which you hand this is. It was the vicious it was messy it was great it's it's the perfect type of late night burger for. You know they. You don't he had to edited for time and all this year we're finished the thing. My burgers only things that provide more items but should the good ones and I had single her murder burger so I I just have one homicide. Who noticed amiss amid the demeanor. And below the extra. And down zone one chance to make it Joseph gonna blow at him a misdemeanor and a misdemeanor. Look at that event live good that looks good. In a way that a lot of places that we wanna talk about that we went to this that the guys in and Lee went to. And you're gonna talk more about them a little bit later because it's a lot of other stuff that you don't know if you if you thinking about going out to a diner who. There as stated there aren't as many as they were once before. Okay. If you have any idea is is where diner you would like to talk about. Would do it this hour. We're giving away on today's program a 100 dollar restaurant gift certificate to. Home yeah spender big big spend where running is you got to use of one dollar at the time ahead. I got to do is to go to FaceBook. You vote on FaceBook somehow again mind. FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV look for us streaming live right now and that the comments section right there. Okay it's it's that simple or you can call us and are we looking for their favorite diner. Yeah I did just that there's a lot there we go where is your favorite diner I have not been to a diner in ash 1520 years. That's what I like doing this show is a I wouldn't have gone to a diner in probably that and in my time but since we've been doing the show at an event like nine. That the. I'm problem and oh absolutely I think there's Specter and that the the best ones all close like two or three here. They do all their business book or open up a two or three important it was the thing that the interesting things though what you tot he taught you that confident. And is one Alec there you Liz says. Mashed potatoes. I'm meatloaf and peace accord meant that it. But now. I saw some of the best that can chicken fingers have ever seen in my life and who who who who demanded Dele oh at the south street and yeah what about that ms. blistered diner she made that crunchy. French toast. That was incredible. All that was you know rather get Alec Tokyo about about that later because that hazard a whole sect in OK this is the lady with a tattoos. In those and I could to. Look at it yeah Kim Kim has wanted to. At that given it. What is each one of these mean hit at a she put me in my place is that you know all you need is the which invites tattoo right and her response was. I know I don't have one. And good morning good ploy. I had no comeback from that though you're in now that's stopped him dead in his tracks and I tell us get the audience involved you know and and then the next segment to we're going to be given a biscuit secrets that can be. I can be still part of the tires you know places. I look at who my favorite best and damage in the past my favorite best kept secret all right. Personally you know hang onto that cigarette I wanna hang onto it to after the eleven talks segment days ago it is that. Best. I'm Dante Amylin then it's our best that's now my favorite Mike and I doubt the best I think we got a a new. Hidden secret that we can't talk about it as we got it beat you on the show and two all right prayer breakfast I know where it is yeah and it if you don't it be yes I good luck finding it oh I can't find it you're right I did he has addressed and we still couldn't buy right. But at that really sounds exciting and it's an interest in story behind it so be it and deviancy can't they'll be joining us tonight though I know next week. I get their red bird you're doing them moody street a lot of great and and Brittany and the girls at the liberty hotel for fashion and food that's next with an S&T V next week again so that the initial on tomorrow afternoon at 2 PM and that's. Idea that put that a mine at lieutenant DVR and I don't. That and Gomez and all right so again go to FaceBook. FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV and let us know your favorite binary in the comments right now ray or you can give us because either one will be eligible even or 100 restaurant of 100 dollar against a divot. Okay. That number to call is one triple 84346464. That went Tripoli for. Dining you know public in my Savannah where they say to the classes on stop looking so yes I have a that's about while I can't filter racist crime. Nikki have a you know I wanna say something about Nikki have and Teresa's we got coming at it that Easter Sunday. And you better remember if you wanna get into these restaurants. You had a calling it reservations now. Because we don't get a now. You wait till last minute. And you can't get in. Right especially pleasant to Reese's DNA he's got four Davies had a function to salute makes for different restaurant. And as you know to reach his prime. Is one of the best steak restaurants you'll ever go to. Period ever. And that is there 100 delegates to be we're giving away today that is a great prize were given way to a caller somebody on FaceBook so Pia get online now now. But when you go to Teresa's Pratt and and now this kind of like a Las Vegas style restaurant where you describe it early. If you like kiwi nearing an in the casino. And you're looking for great steak house. And there are plenty of them in Las Vegas and even when you're when you're out and gives you the illusion of being in Las Vegas because of that fifth. The that the Roman fires outside lot of falls. It is in there overlook. The golf courses in the swimming pools and everything is like shangri La it is ads in the north Redding and they leave you guys have been airlock I love it there and you do that a show from there. Yet we we've done a couple the bush shoots there but I I love of their loved the fact that not only you can have. An unbelievable state dinner in that fantastic gorgeous steak house. But also you can relax a little bit and good on the relenting yet they're grown 1980 that would cause you don't have the masters coming that's true being repressed watch it yeah. Here is so so make sure that you call on negated telephone number right. It's 9782760044. I noted too that our right 978. 2760044. Teresa's crime. Twenty elm street there's truth to 62. In north to rating and say hello to our friend nick yadda yadda yadda yadda are right now again this at these lines got folks. One triple 8434. Or 6460. Forward looking for it. Your favorite diner or tell us about it experience at a Diana when you with you and dad or whatever it is because there aren't as many as they used to be. I one triple 84346464. And I have a email here. From people who said the TV show yesterday. And they wanted to know if they're any dime news that we could recommend. And on the cape. Or in Maine okay. One triple 84346464. That is might telephone number. You're gonna get to the founder and after Teddy about Massa mean as Gucci units at the and a I have promised my friend polity a motive it. Surely I'll come down and have dinner someplace this is this is the smallest of small restaurants. And you go around the stage and you're going to. Polity of monies masterpiece and and it's really like this when those restaurants north and it's a work of art. NASA may knows the chino it's at the end of it 207 in the cut street. In Boston's north and how it's been a staple of the Abbott it's also won all kinds of national awards in most of the at this is what I like about it. Most if not all of the menus are from his mama. And brought over from the old country. They've been voted best of Boston magazine. Best travel and leisure and best improper Bostonians. It's it here's what the improper Bostonians that it is a great Italian restaurant they'd. That day you're looking if you're looking for a great Italian restaurant this is it. Come on by and visit masks a mean knows they got a wine cellar host about fifty people so a lot of who have parties and I've been. I've been. To a part of it was sixty people me heady gains to the people next. And Hillary crowd adaptive if they hold fifty easily get a very extensive. And if you want to very expensive. Wine list it's a one of things you wanted to do these you'll avoid Saturday. Because Saturdays it's just so busy in the kind they'll vote catering menu there gluten free pasta. Gluten free vodka and beer options and prices simply can't be beat. Lunch 695 to thirteen that Eva. The two a Mac with him my favorite my favorite is move the during. The drink is. Fresh lemonade tequila lemon Chan though there was that the industry call Italian mug any debt Allah adequately Louisville men's circle and a did you go and as. Get grabbed boos at fairway they drink Sunnis in here rag and the class to it but I Signet purely. It signature dishes most of these DC's are not on the menu which you'll find out about them by visiting Mets and you know that's like something called Virginia. Right Virginia is revealed stuffed with smoked mozzarella. And we should toe in pink sauce with artichokes possible co. Served with the result. There in essence and and I go out of weather setting a bit later on tape now they're not on the menus and move that sent but I Teddy about it and I. I tell all let me do one more time mass tomatoes could Jeanne Italian a tool is evident that got a street north in Boston iPhone number 617523. 5959. You now wanna get there today or tomorrow because. It was nine degrees and out of my house this morning okay and get a snowstorm forecast that's just Oliver RE a bit. Yes no could make basic could be in some places up to two feet. Tuesday and Wednesday. I at least is having in mid week. One triple 84346464. Allen is calling from down south in mass juices. And that would be carver Massachusetts. Cranberry country. You got it. Good morning folks. I have been great plates that. Not only did I work at years ago but at a college and all know are you old diner. And metal bar Matt. And it gave diner. And day I thought them building that they brought up at C. Is the trail from. Florida. And they put it together and it adds every seal on the world about. Like something's been hit a set it up or is our main thing. Now the owner name is Dave Fisher. And you don't want is a wonderful but I don't work there it's been many years but they all you restaurant in the middle borrow and everybody familiar with some. But that diner is amazed that you go in there and you take it back at eight. And once and that both from our alliance. And I think they have a beer and wine. Know. I doubt it and it places like a big place. It as a is that they aren't on and then it up as I would now and I'd say it may. C when he able when he side. And that and that some are you could actually sit outside in the patio and it breakfast and watch on the crap but I went by on. What is that name of that it middle borrowed. Or at the root sixer accurately remembered. Attitude I and that it. Got twenty or what are doing well. And they could be up. But it gave I don't middle borrow app I hope that someone looking on the aid but not that. Absolutely it's not. Thank you very much for the telephone got a call from cranberry country based air restaurant there. That advertise on this for years years ago one of its still there and you know I can humor of the name of it's it's a beautiful restaurant right in smack dab. In the middle. Cranberry country. Does that wearing a belt you become a nice. Kind of a little bit upper upper side of comfort food. Oh she's gone I'm sorry I didn't shoot them that's okay. One AAA for dining Val and handover is next day about. Good morning glad they went to this core noticed that. This in the pac. Some things are is some more and more like to get the guys that haven't good can he get yankees. You have diplomatic clout because some right one pound offer from up. To those send I didn't know about it and don't think so go ahead dried up as well wouldn't get forma. Well ally today it did that Teresa now there's several Teresa is a history sit in Middleton. Yeah and then there is victories his crime. As on route 62 right is right on the north rating and Middleton line. That's don't want war making a huge complex east lead early wilderness Thompson country. Or are proud delightful yet and it is well it's gorgeous it is beautiful. It really. I never knew about it and I'm right next door yeah that's an handover so we're gonna be headed out there alternative. But we wait you'll look for Darren can't speculative a little late. Yes and yes who Oreo we're looking for people's recommendations and then this and next half hour for diners wherever they may be. Especially as a request in Maine and and the cave but any any guy you wanna suggest please do. All of this that the go to the press Q&A lot and then I know you yeah. And you know I go up 133 could not stand to go which is the beautiful rapid death rate that chick lit yet. And you can also stuff than Nathan's dog house for you can it's. Well whatever you want I get to greens you get to being Syrian. I've seen them out of this World Cup but I but the means. But he app that's not a need and that takes something home. But bring get crow learned it go up that way and then when you get that or am I believe that's who probably. Yeah I think it is too. We have mr. right I'm not quite sure about the sound mind that the it's throughout it's very easy accessible for that 18 at school prep for the top of that to either get through one. No one's old case felt you know I have got a computer in the house you know people who would make up this phone so at Columbia HCA. Have you paid them yet where you're comfortable to. That would only meal then you're probably the way that for Pretoria you know my dad did they were that was the last night here than analysts. My kids use these civilians but the kids. They spoke for. They don't feel right thing to do it. It's where they used that they believe over in the Agilent diner. Has it 1520 years ago the Angola. And that is and Rothstein we'll be back with a telephone calls and a lot more. Here on wicked provides an average one triple 84346464. You know let's go into. Wicked bites TV on FaceBook and post. Place that you would like for our listeners to go and concerning diners to plot next Monday tomorrow. Will be doing Baghdad ratio on this and television back and is set. Sports and fun we've got you covered. We get by its radio and TV with pat quickly. And this is wake advice radio with pat Wheatley on WRKO. Both boys of Boston. Hey guys loved it and they get their FaceBook TV and you and me synchronized tears for the time being out on the radio audience and tell do. That said this program is presented by Regina B Syria vacations just about every place world famous since 1920. And I can ever remembers when he sixth when he says that dream that I've been a long time okay. This program has also. Parent they show over to you. And as their results you can win a 100. Dollar restaurant gift certificate. But get old era and 100 dollar restaurant. Gift certificate. Got to participate in our TV show this week is featuring diners. We'll talk a little bit more about them later in this program because there. We have after four of them are just sensational and almost one of the world famous. And the only guy here that's open 24 hours. In Boston in Boston in Boston. And so there that in my. And there's some very unique things on their menus to. So you'll see that again 2 o'clock Monday. Saturday morning now we did it yesterday at 9:30 AM on we advise that would let your participation we turn it over do you. We're asking you to call and tell us your favorite diner or that last night in the UN to. All right they would take your name and address of the air that's how we give at a dead against is having its. Or we will out how we will be awarding act. Grand prize a 100. Dollar restaurant is sit there it to finally staked out she'll ever go to. Okay. A can't lend you don't participate just let me know where your favorite diners far. Here's the telephone number if you call one triple eight. 4346464. Bit to one triple A Ford dining in my tell them how to give in on the social mediated to vote to. I go to FaceBook dot com slash with the bites TV that's FaceBook dot com. Slash wicket by its TV look for our live video feed we do every Sunday morning. And drop a comment of your favorite thing to have liver and eyes I'm sitting right here and I am looking in as they come in I get a read a couple of shore. Completely emperor and oh I am so I am sorry. The commitment in a house that I know what I and his plea what you're doing that intimate dance in the phones one triple A Ford dining. And it added an air rule you know when a 100 delegates period. Kevin recommends uncle Charlie's diner in South Weymouth. Let's see what else we. We got a lot of recommendations for taco though which is outstanding operated diner but a late mighty important in. Also a comment on wearing the same clothes from last week which I'm not it's a hoodie and a pat them down. The book that the we'll look at the satellite Italy beat up but at least in Niger issue this week not only the addressed the TV show yet there's this is my my Sunday morning where they have the temperature. And the other new Riverside diner. Winners in the Riverside and let me see here Hummer. Drink it. Your victory then all you coastal lol. And in marsh field them move and Susan what do you prefer the stuff. I can't read our lives so let's do something else Melamed. Yeah amendment they animate an enemy now madam and a great deal of it yeah Mehmet. Now I would like to pause for a moment here and talk about horseshoe club. Look at the windows college there or she above anymore because there horseshoe Castro put up. You should know about this. If you're looking for great neighborhood restaurant that's what this started out as being. And it grew and grew and grew and grew. And Alice and it turned into a gas troop that serves over eighty Beers on tap. I don't know if there is it any other place that has over eighty Beers on tat tat you go in there and it you know your fight. And that if in what they do is say they have that the Barton is Alex sommelier is here. They'll actually match your taste of what it there is that you may have voted menu. This is a kind of place it really is worthwhile. Going to. Even even if you take so long derived. The horseshoe Castro pub is in Hudson mass not New Hampshire but hats and masks. And what they did is they panicked when Nate. When they went over to that that Castro aspect of the restaurant they also got a chef and they really kicked it to millions. Negative VO Oscar. The Atlantic blue Qaeda. The New England fishing ships here's something that I know you will those it's called. Or shoot jambalaya. That horseshoe jambalaya pan seared. Pan seared chicken tenderloin to baby shrimp sausage celery. Onions and peppers did delays in this spicy broth. Tossed with rice and it's time to open gulf shrimp. That's campaign of picket channel seven in Iran have all but it's worth it right now they all match then they give you fight appears here Michael condemning. One actually about five Beers what's that 4564. It's four. OK so they bring for you pins suggest four and they would tell you which one would go with that fish. I've but again eighty. I PA. Jambalaya that's what I did the relationships and bad though. They have the Devlin pastrami for sandwiches and burgers Turkey burger felony on Bergen the most incredible dessert. That you will ever. Ever see. Is columns. They're fried dough ice cream Sunday. It's bigger than my kids and as you know Mike has a very large head. McCain. Via it at all like I haven't had it I don't think in order. By. If that's your thing man you gotta go to this place in and try it okay were at least take a picture of it. OK so say I had. Pass him until family any members of the of his Amendola family. I nick or how a shift Davey. The nick of courses on the show was it last week in the news. Just Disco there annual rate and by the way they have set there really coming up special for Saint Patrick's Day here I mean they've gone all out with a all kinds of Irish Beers. Cutting it. That's a horseshoe putt 29 south street in Hudson mass the telephone numbers 978. 5681265. 9785681265. He got out that one other thing this is something that I know. You all know about but I tell you anyway you appear driving. If you're gonna and if you. If you get a snowstorm coming you're going to be candlelight. In the cabin for a couple three days. Audio channel blossomed today. And that's Jenny dressed up the list let me tell you is that just in the Chinese restaurants and I'm good caddie here racetrack man you know look in the kitchen see what they're doing they added that for a behind the bar. They also serve if you go in there today. All the prime rib you can meet. Out dramatic cross. All the primary and you can eat. Okay and then a stop there. All the agro duke in the all the king crab legs you can me all the feel any tramp you can eat all of the sushi in the all of the Peking duck you can plus all the other goodies. That you see in the buff matrix. It's a make this is an amazing place been there since 1960. The Chatham assay data Richard Kiley we do a lot of our shows there. Richard Connie brew won 25 and North Andover and it's very near the alliance airport the China blossom the critics' choice. Best Chinese restaurant north of Boston how can you go wrong when that. Here's my telephone number one triple 8434. Or 64 or 64. And you can go to FaceBook. Get assigned would advise TV it's that simple in the next hour. We're gonna talk about best kept secrets. And the sky can't tell you about his or my out thing because. Well hold that as this kind of a secret until we do this and are able to the TV show we've already devoted and the filming it it's an amazing place. Johnson Carson let's go to John now John your next NW RKO. My pick is so messed Wakefield. Diameter. Wait field New Hampshire. It's right enroute sixteen. On the way to ski country. And the only thing I ever and I get it everytime that I enjoy it is just saying like. The main growth from the other and that's them it's just it's a nice experience. Yet and there are not enough of them anymore. They're certainly very. Our Kate's car although Wakefield. Diner miss read it feel the weight room route sixteen in Wakefield New Hampshire on the ladies' ski country. We're John thank you very much for the telephone com. Denzel to announce his name and address for of 100 dollar restaurant gift certificate in this segment for the next ten minutes it's all. We're gonna ask you to tell us about your favorite diner when is the last time you went to it. One triple 84346464. Let a couple of seconds here. You you might find down sausage you'd be surprised here inside some of these diners. The is bad effects on their. Retail wholesale stores. Down south he has. You'll notice that many of the stories say a week carried down sausage to a patient says well. If we Cary. State tips from downs because they have won every award that there is and this is kind of an interest in place because he's been open for almost eighty years. And I almost you used to be able belly. I tend Riverside park and moan and and it grew and grew over the years. And now not only is it a very it's very small restaurants I used very modest few tables. But so everything's fresh. If you go back in the freezer department is about twenty below it there. And then they take that in May distributed because they're vendors to restaurants throughout New England but here. You can have a rather there. Okay now cancer ramps and said just like he did eighty years ago. There. You know human hot Latin coal. Portal bro wrapped serve burgers or salad and daily meals specials youth in need in a week and Perry delivered. You know out of there are no necessity take out or have it delivered. OK so why in the middle of the snowstorm. That at Oakland and you know senate so there restaurants. I was somebody. And after one of our recent snowstorms in the heat he said. You know our businesses of the take out. Percent of our business is through very well could only do it in their town. And he said oh we actually have when there's storms and everybody's in the house. And can't get out because is best not to go. We actually act can go over. And delivered everybody's home and everybody's happy and so early Nelson of catering. Now they do backyard barbecues. If you want more information about them. Call haven't talked to any member of about a Cilic them. You started down about a chilling himself junior or senior. That's downs sausage company. Ten Riverside park and mall and you know also go to dom sausage dot com. Kate down the sausage that come track and ego like it now if you happen to be. Going toward the end. Well. Going toward the north in a Boston. And you say yourself. Hey. It's tough to park there. I got a restaurant for the about it she missed on Hanover. And that's one of those restaurants. Now is is a line and it's very difficult part. Is to a political try to ruling. Owns a restaurant congress that mountain which here in Winchester same folks. Same folks. Five dashed thirteen Mount Vernon street Winchester all the parking don't worry about is all the park Muni is right there. The post is bill Leadbetter. And only a first met that I've fully oppose and in Boston's North End. Now he is. He is the the boss. And you'll see Philippe around there all the time he's added all of his art work. Inside this restaurant to that downstairs that repeats upon. Nine if you have not tried this place of oil may be needed some idea of what they have. The Apollo Francesca that's chicken breast tap with her she too much around us spicy Mariner's fresh mash mushrooms and blackouts and try to make you hungry and they have the Marco Polo. As seafood to lie made with shrimp clams mussels fillet of sole Al Mahdi and scouts. And a light marinara sauce served over linguine and he is plentiful. The lord said there will be plenty of who food. And news. Then they have the Lucci the boneless chicken breasts OT with artichoke hearts and mushrooms and a light lemon sauce. I just like Dennis commerce federated with all of these wonderful things that they have the veal chop Validus no I'm saying that right. That was this time now. The right to me now this is there's on this special menu. But this is between you and me and quote don't know of Libya now. It's a bone in. Sixteen counts. Sixteen inch long fresh veal job. Step with Spanish. Latino cheese. And spices. Insert either breaded and fried at hand up and baked or grows at TI preferred. Fried. Rated in it and pride in the okay. It's way too you they had delivered to you and if any it would spend look at you all right this is true authentic Italian cooking. Rest that I did a Chia five days thirteen Mount Vernon street Winchester sale of the bill Leadbetter would you please OK Fran is calling from bit of forward bill differed MAME now hi a friend our real. Top commodity at Patrick day it's about that time of year right. At his I'm calling about this Portland diner are marginal way in or. They actually should have called this diner that Phoenix because it was derelict. In a corporate guy from I'd only it was New York got sick of it and came in and bought it. And moved it to marginal way which is a really busy area. Don't go in and fit even have to leave not being satisfied that polluted straight. That wait staff is terrific and the best part it's always been diner. And they have the worst a clock over the Iraq. Over the counter. And but they also built out on the unit so you couldn't actually sit at tables. Other than votes but they have all the original Worcester. It you know basically we're still dying you have what figure everything on the million. Oh yeah are you're talking you're basically you know you meet a low. I mean you you can't. I street he put it pieces of meat loaf. And then of course you're year old you'll part. Specials are all on days. Again the best part all skull is the wait staff. That just terrific and there have been here for years they know your name when you go in. And you don't leave hungry. I act that it now mattresses in marginal way. It is in Portland Maine and is called miss Portland diner that's easy to remember. And from Portland Maine are better for Maine thank you very much for your call. I that members want triple A Ford dying or go to wicket by Steve aids say this is on FaceBook and tell us about your favorite diner that way okay. We still that this hundred delegates period we wanna get away. Gentle bright note smiled back dated. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time dental right offers the most effective and safest flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again we're into the onyx Perry of onyx orthodontist and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Four visit them on the left dental bright group dot com. And this is Scott with the US in the wicket by its radio with pat with me today don't forget about Alpine butcher in mole. They are located right off a root for rate right at on the exit you see them there. They have been in business. Since 1913 that turned 1913. For generations now and going strong and now Greg and Tom Doyle or at the hell. And what they specialize in is just top quality. Beef and I do mean that. All of their beef is black Angus which is in the top. That one and a half percent these mistakes that you got to find. At not only great restaurants but the best steak houses in the country that's the quality that they deal. And best of all all you have to do who have assaulted apple on it and it will come down. Perfect even if you put them like an electric grill this time a year it's gonna come out perfect. The Alpine butcher and don't forget about the Hamburg they of that fresh round ever to do it every day in the actually use. Leah strip things when their car occur in the meat. From their room. Reply yeah that's right that's why it is so spectacular. The Alpine butcher. 963. Terms or street in all pleased with every you do see so I had a Greg and Tom Doyle porous okay Alpine butcher. In lol the coliseum restaurant Breckenridge shopping center in Salem New Hampshire to unify in the late today ESCO. You're also gonna find items like about. How about my favorite dish. Do you call a C damage to milk that deal conflicts that are paper thin and he really doesn't pound them a you know we do a deal. He buys the highest grade veal possible. And he has the cut paper that. And then he stuffed it with pursuit of black pots around the bit of Palmer genre. The little Romano cheese and diesel touching garlic and Bridget and sought tees it with mushrooms and sharing one's thoughts. Really cut into it all that goodness just blows right out on to the plate the coliseum raster 128. We're accurate shopping center in Salem New Hampshire. Can't peddlers don't her restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining with the problem. Of them beverages you know with all those who got famous and then got them at leopard Collins. A friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know they're competitors don't the restaurant and hey broke and Nashua and what. A lot more. It pandering or. Whether there are falling and injure himself for. Apartheid movements and know what putting off our flag was our lives this moment for answers from. Franks who funny and can't. The counselors the longhorns. Big rewards sale. Scores and find that we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV with pat with Blake and this is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRKO. Both boys of Boston. Welcome back everybody in Spain pat wood lay and this is. In my if you turn credits that kind of kind of makes sense Dennis last hour vine. Pulling our resources and we'll start now and company hasn't and combining that that listeners and viewers. They have what their recommendations for guys in middle for a mass days' time. Right so my day featured. I miss Wakefield route sixteen in Wakefield New Hampshire in just now miss Portland diner and Portland Maine. And dead the analog what's you evidence that. Gag on dire it's always I have to my drug might have never been an. I am I go by its fact I drove by it one night. Late at night about 10 o'clock at night and it actually has cut and went to the village restaurant message that. On a up Friday night and I drove home past the dot tag on diner had to be about 1030. And they were still alive and you know. Mike I can't read the Facebook's more I'm sitting right now not on and John cocaine. Yes recommended to place. He did it's actually not around anymore it's his dad's old diners and no way to go there and I know there's not just just have the memories a few days ago there was the old hailing the diner in Denver is said it was his father's business and it was where he got his start in the food business. Taylor highland. Island Palin violently I think highland Halen now. I the end that you yet Alito of identities about members in many instances. Now you what you guys did though you started the show at Mary Ann's diner or home and a brand new one which is a retro 1950s. Diner yep. Look cars and on Iraq a lot of collar you know and and and I would you know they have and I. Is that they do they do that was in an old pick for his location yet remember that and victories did really no business there for a long time in and Mary hands are remembered seeing drive by there that they were taking it over. And I wasn't putting together Marianne because they had a couple locations in new Deri was one of them as another location I think Wyndham Wyndham. And that Alphonso as merry as it seemed like it took for ever give them open to about four months for them to remodel. Now they the it replaces his per pearl Karl Collie flower. I've got to try and tomorrow collar collar Florio's purple and yellow and green now they serve breakfast so today and they have a something really special. That night to go intra. Jack Daniels raspberry barbecued steak if snakes yeah really good really really tasted yeah. I think they did not they did not last long on the table there I'd they they did it like they didn't know and. Ed and that they are there and ignorance and they had on earrings that had. Oh Banco Paco quest there in a pickle. Breaded onion rings they were delicious and their French Fries really really now acute if we have a time here explain what this French toast is. Out of the Worcester miss Worcester diner they use bran cereal brand flakes cereal and went to votes ya honey bunches of votes basically is what they'll use. That's the official name of it and and they think code these French toast these Texas toast. The code with that and in the deep fry it. And they put on. Just pure heaven it's absolutely delicious and their biggest seller by far the missed most of you can see it. To march 220 yes on national gay and bag you'll say why in God's name is an act. And take remember grosses you took. How can I get there is now now I it is miss listed diner is 300 south bridge street in Worcester mass will be back with best kept secrets just a minute. Catch it all new TV episode of wicked fight this Saturday morning at 930 got any SN. It was until we get flights radio. Replace delay it's you beat the blue creek Sunday's afternoon on WRK you know the voice of Boston. Guys welcome back I'm taking a look at. Thanks and I'm getting I'll. Are and it's set up the volume on their hello I'm so very. Cash. So when you go on the radio it's best to turn your radio them. I knew it's gonna privileges need to lastly we touched him like you have 672 delay and now we we're talking about Veba. Axis says hi I say they Chelsea diner in Brandel borrow Vermont. Is the best. Always busy great food not I just your typical diner food very good service in their coffee is great. And that's important you have to have a Rica. There at a diner the Al diner. Christian radio Reza gore and lol you guys have been I'll dire I was at. The only of the history but all their omelets are named after streets animal. Yeah and how their customers are politicians so they got that out of yeah in the fighter. Notified yet what are Mickey want Mickey woody his wife still works works area at the diner overload yet that's from the picture it was an M movie. The firefighter. Marty Laura Adams and Mark Wahlberg it was a phenomenal move. This one's from and Jenna. The fifties diner in Denham is pretty good pretty. Pretty good but not very not very good to glowing endorsement there I and bill. This is this catching up on a few past which invites I have on DVR. Do you ever go to western mass and Berkshire's areas that too far. We always look for suggestions when we travel things we have usually do we looking for suggestions for everybody out there I'm gonna probably wait. Until warms up a little bit because western mass that's a lot to do during the summertime and fitness and we will do. It's not just skiing anymore asks a lot in the Pacific risky country yes I'm thinking about maybe doing an episode Mike and over the summer in Vermont and imagine why not now that's now like a lodge. There's no and it's like eight rooms and and maybe we could features that area or Burlington Vermont. So what we're thinking about that disease is especially says just like we did we were on the Norwegian dawn we dutiful yes so on the crucial period highlight certain areas. I am golf courses over. I am suggesting strongly that everybody catch the show. With it by tomorrow at two on NASA and it could you could see on of these guys that we've gone to. This kind of recap and quick they would get yelled coming up there run on them a merry and Sam U mentioned this as their new 128. Yup yup. And I'd I didn't get that he'd TP SEC obit for it is very near the mall yet it's on. It's it's it's like three of that memorial veterans highway just route 28 it's right by it's right in front of Barnes & Noble. Okay everybody on the and bear in mind and they have a Jack Daniel raspberry barbecued steak tips with it nets out accurately. That delicious I know they my wife cute movie review it's not horrible. Not really a copyright or. Now like something that's not horrible. That on the air there's a lot of men. They went to Boston and went in the south street diner which is open all night 24 hours their busiest time. It's from one to 4 AM and you actually stand enlighten. And they come outside and take yours sufficient table turned there yeah but that's one to 4 AM and he's gonna work. Work off those whose Boston cream can pancakes for about. Two years you have to see it is. It's it's the sorrow Yahoo! who wants it they saw it shift these Noah sat down mood he still owns owner. Our early years fairly here's 178. Needle in the street in Boston. Barricade that there is there and wood to the mid western diner 300 south bridge street. May French toast there is that tank killer. Really recruitment and whole menu boards and and I got to mention promise one more time than his brother you know that they haven revenues twelve Durand street. Which is at city hall of ruptured heart rate outside City Hall right can't miss it OK it's over a hundred years ago people should get there now that's hope Luke warm up soon. And want to pull in at five by a third rate of 5 o'clock I don't really kind of a neat thing just watching a dire Poland to a parking spot but I cannot emphasize enough. Ladies and gentlemen. That you watched Tamar show it's an excellent show really it and and what you its its its majesty remained low. And and mashed potatoes places the minera really unique over the years. Are right. So triumph and a going to FaceBook and see what that people have launched here is still coming in on FaceBook. Yeah FaceBook I just joining us on FaceBook. Joins the conversation on our FaceBook like feed right now we can bites TV on FaceBook are waking continues dives but we also would like to take a look now. It's okay. Now some new OK right at trivia but the idea. At no out of this California that it that Kenny outweigh Yelp and wait OK go which are about routine that. Yeah which otherwise routine but. You'll find out. OOT alone I see okay. Yes dirty mind of yours if pat pat pat pat pat and anyway. You can get a cigar right now as we also do your best kept secrets that this has always been since the show started almost forty years ago my favorite. Restaurants that can advertise. That image is too small to advertise. There used these storefronts. They're lucky to have ten tables sometimes. And at this time of year especially just keep the doors open they need you were visit. So if you could. Would you think for a second and then call in your favorite best kept secret restaurant. These people really are pretty to business. One triple eight. 4346464. Again you can go to FaceBook. Go to we're invites. TV okay. It takes a cause Louis going from Peabody halo welcome to the program. IPad I don't get it good yankees. Very good a column about bad but Tilton diner it's been not Tilton New Hampshire yeah. And guys are part of the carbon ring group is one of their restaurants. And do you drive up to what it right off the highways we drive up to it and the front of the building at a diner to classic diner in your driver on the back. And it is a big restaurant to in the back you can have. You have to make Sunday brunch there you can go into the diners sections so that the that the schools rated the color yeah. The food is fantastic feel full well I'm I'm menu to have beer wine and all that stuff. And the food is it. Have stated they give good stop on your way to lake when Pataki at some point package to get off the highway right of that exit. Bob and have a nice meal before you go to the lake. Was got to begin it is part of the common man. Oh yeah I would it is and that did a lot of like classic Arab memorabilia and I don't yeah. Posters and stuff like that throughout the whole restaurant diners are really didn't like it hit the food is fantastic we've been here a few times and it's great. Rights Tilton New Hampshire. Yes it's about 61 Makoni erode. Until New Hampshire. And their phone number is 603028622040. The new appreciate your college usual thank you very months there. Rosemary got a from a Philly hey Rosemary. How you do and how are you doing today could that be do a better ruse that you could feel excellent excellent thank you very much. I love to go to dream diary entries grow. It's creating for Middlesex road entries grow. Very in depth presently in all I believe. They are open seven days a week seventeen killed they have. The best part she never tasted real life. Non. That cook then there she is I was maybe so much about the pot roast I ask you need to cookie sheet came about became a big. And meet all the best step ahead. It is cheated did just sure it's a wonderful if they of one everything is just wonderful and then this core. Is that fit these you know you know James Dean type of. Elvis. No they got Elvis Presley arrive there someplace and here. I'm sure I'm sure it would not so does it bit error my smile not too busy so it did delicious. I'm a wonderful place. The idea I give everybody an instant near physically mall I know where this is now. It's glad got it treated for a fixture at Titanic is broke yup and would you like fit well number I booed loudly from 978. 64 guys that set as their own minds seven. In Queens Borough. Tonight you head out up there and you tell everybody that Rosemary since you. Thank you Rosemary I read of Lexington is next halo Irene. On how I cast. I have a they picked up an at bat before and Kenya there's one thing I wanted to thank you plaque yeah. I was listening to your talk shows how many many years ago somebody how adopt the saying that they loved to this Chinese restaurant. And I think I think that that. We launched your your restaurant show your but any way we listen and constantly. And my children will learn and we went to so many other restaurants that were recommended in just had a great. Can I thank you that restaurant was wales'. Raising our case and pursue ninety. I trauma my husband has passed away my children her Paloma coop yet. I do remember those wonderful times than I want to thank you. OK I've got this recommendation for want Jim street gang and it's influential state. In its 721. Jump street cat I don't know if you've heard of it when you just stay. And it's open for breakfast they have really good breakfast lunch dinner. And then we go to economic up or lunch now because. As you can tell how the yes I'm a little older. So my friends and I only go for lunch again and Brett dressed but they do you have wonderful wonderful. I'm breakfast and lunches and they seem to be like me pride that the only kind of place because. What I'm trying between they had debt Turkey dinner and a menu and that's what we want it. And the owner set on silent added Turkey but my mom's cooking line I can I can run down the skating together for you in a little while. That sounds like just really Stanley Iran. And is this the first time ever thought that gap excuse me is this the first have you ever call me OnStar lesions. I think. No no I called one at that time that you weren't being I think attracted back okay. And they didn't tell my story had a parallel and I told this story you know that Baghdad here in new they get sick I connect him give me the name and address one more time please. Share it the war on June. Streak diner. And the address is seventy you want constraint in when she won't stand. And down it's fairly ma how lonely and guess wonderful food. Phone number is 78 Latin. 7219. Mom trying to read about 9866. I know that feeling very much in the last number is always blurred thank you so much via telephone code depreciated rated you really really really really do. I just Fargo and if break here you know Krispy Kreme is gonna open up a new stores in New Hampshire. I I believe Scott mentioned that a couple weeks ago to me but. I mean they've tried this game before it didn't work the first camera that now NA there long one which is there really is a right now that's was like yeah Tibet and guides. And it it's it's that I guess the bank to get overturned vessel and then donuts on route one and Dunkin' Donuts and not on our turf it's in the work okay. That's that's kind of an amazing analysts guys had just been. One point eight billion dollars well. Good for the chicken. Well now little. Burger kings in the choking game a GR Allison attic Kevin repeat all right village restaurant. Jackson went thirty's or into right to an Essex is not an area nobody like him noble and is our entire family. Now I said a few moments ago I wanted to tell you. About a restaurant that the this is my best kept secret restaurant low I went there yesterday and we do ago yes a fantastic and it's cough copies Barbeque. You are familiar with it when you've not been there no. But they were here I had brought in here yea. And a left of that bit for me I'm okay. And when I bit into. And I mean tennis. This is is good or better than anything I can have ever had them so that's been passed and I promise can't. And have had their Vinocur I've had a mustard day isn't it tomatoes you name it. In is an interesting story behind it because this guy you he told you he used to be injured in the car repaired this. And says somehow he stumbled into opening up a restaurant a negative that it McGahee and AZ your income or the main news and notes on apartment. And it lasted. How did it so room and he's it Trout and there you can go to any school wrap it up he's been down south and a but I monetary right now this is the best barbecue. That I them ahead. At this isn't a commercial was is how I feel OK this is a plea she went to eat just you know I didn't even need to Edmonton meant meet them well. Okay what you had their food in here yet yeah. Yeah and there it. You needed GPS Fisher are in this case right in the neighborhood used to be an old convenience to whom. Sites at 38 forestry and they're closed today is don't go there today and 38 forestry in Peabody you know you go to copies barbecued dot com their open Monday through Saturday eleven to 8 PM now. The only open up in August. Another brand new via and it Kevin Ricky. If you used himself who. He owns the village restaurant. And he agreed that it. You'll you'll have been hearing you know and they went there and tries its best buy it better than. Certainly to receive our Q you know those kind of places X rose said barbecues you're from is it this is it. This this could go and be a big successful restaurant in meant. Say they really are the developing quite the cult following our friend Chris play who's the shot over the lazy dog and Lyndon was very excited to tell me about their wings and Chris is the wings guy he just phenomenal wings of the league has ever and yet you've got yet you've got to. And he's like they do unbelievable wings so of course we had to have bring wings and and they were they were fantastic wings. No one of the things out Nokia. They have baked beans here they're beings are. I. I've never atom undescribable I've never had him that there was an eight day after we went off the air they tome a story about how they. They can they get like maple serve from Vermont and all these different secret ingredients and special recipes in the it's like you said they basically they created their food to their own take stands on trial and error thing so it's it's the type of food you asked how he got into the gate. Basically it's you know if you're if you need a job and you know how to cook just find a place to do it in Asia and also they did. If they get Trout on air travel and Aaron and you know eyes something that you can go pick up let's say let's say going to be snowed in when my game. You can go pick up what they call a pig straw you know okay its search for people to get baby back ribs. Four barbecued chicken times. One a pound up pulled pork or brisket there brisk it's phenomenal one pint of the baked beans. One pint their choice. Your choice in four pieces of corporate move it. In indicator. I didn't notice when they cater to. And I you know you it is code that and try to sample of but I am. It's. I don't discourage you and it's it's hard to find a place to park you know especially it. It's easy now because of that and then they're closed but. And it comes upon you rather quickly but. I don't usually get this excited out to idea how this show that started that lady said if you let's go way whose restaurant and that was the first MI ever tasted sensual on food that was almost forty years ago and cut. In the hot and sour soup and a foreigner as Clinton who and I started telling people about who would the sponsor you start telling people about reverend. And they want from bankruptcy. To having four or five restaurants and and course they expanded to fact too far too fast in speaking of shangri La he they built it on the hill clearance glory down. But that was those long time ago but I still stand by that it was a great great rest for the same here. I'm excited about them the barbecue here capsule and if you're listening to me down south of dynamite. Oh yeah and some comments mine these case listening and watching your forgetting about how good the barbecues and Alabama it's better just a little better and this is better when you go located there which he says that's exactly what you said the sorority again. She says you're forgetting about how do. Come up here now take it is restaurant there you go okay now the rest has been in a fan I always said though that Barbara great barbecue restaurants are. They're not big they stand on their food deregulated gussy up a restaurant seven giving kind of trashy it mattered fact it okay. And this says. The history of barbecue. Is that part of a history of America the slaves could really created it moved this was that last reduction and anything Boehner who's there to run it right and and it it is same as his grits the last reduction of corn you know. Four is for poor people right by and large okay. And down there's a lot of people who try to copy. But I wanna tell you right now if she came up here. My knees and turning it back up here anyway. Alex Eckerd in this place and I can guarantee issue is simple this is as good or better than anything go. I'm so that is your best Gypsy or if there ever poppies buy ever must be even OK Carolina pulled pork sandwich is. A wanna say barbecue pork ribs brisket. A bucket of ribs chicken died there. Isn't a permanent reminder now on who the good in. Our rights it's nice the the big tall fat small we cook it potato decades golf copies Barbeque. All right it's at 38. Forest street in Peabody go the telephone numbers 978. 2785014. Though there's 9782785014. If you have a lot of to and calling or did coming in they are sued twos on a cruise a lot of darker issues and move so always count that the best places are absolutely. I said that's mine. That's my go best kept secret too often think of one that's not going to be on the shows and we get that secret one that that is on the show right so are the come up with something else in the next up this is the most do you average a lot. I tell him anyway. They've been addressed rat so thank you very much giving her keepers got a man out Boris and I do appreciate. Now if you happen to be that kind of Cora and. Stone. There's a Chinese restaurant called Chinatown. It's at route 27103. Share in street in stone it's owned by Lisa and William long. When you walk in this restaurant kind of interest in because for a behind the hoses UC. You see windows that look into. The future. You see how. It's boxing news David thanks so. Beautifully give clean as it the love you know. I'm like we go in the Backus and Chinese restaurants you don't wanna you know an app for a year really don't point at hand and that's why in those it's and dangerous as that. Have glassy and look again and if you notice it huge catalyst as. I can't say out how low things repair or they have accrual shifts. All cooking at the same time and their walks in the big east just do a wonderful job they're known for their Chinatown spare rips. McCain Chinatown spared you get a full rack is only one problem. All right the big problem to Iraq now. That's how popular. Because usually Chinese restaurant any ketchup maker may spray the media. Not that these folks is is a real step paid at closing at that fishermen still ID geragos chicken the Marco Polo all the Marco Polo. It's a boiled. Boiled. Homemade noodles banded with Jumbo shrimps and beef and a lobster so fox. Then that's good. That is really. Okay please when you get in there say active leases or William long you'd tell them that pat would resent cube by. Would appreciate it. Their route 27103. Share in street and stone. The phone number seven a 12973886. At seven A 129738. 86. This program today. Is being brought to abide our friend. And a great friend Warren mills who makes the show partial. He's been advertising here for about ten years now we Sina. You know he's he's my coin dealer. You know one of things have found that you've got to go to somebody could trust. It has been in business for as long as that pressure should have been on the air. He is already on TV shows all over America if you want somebody took Frazier coins estate or otherwise. Please give him a call. If your bank. You ought to call him as misty you're selling gold because he has one of those NASA machines. That can look in to see if it's authentic and I. And don't think just because you go to reputable. Dealer. These days that the goal to devise a real stuff. They say the Chinese have have duplicated copied. Many of the gold coins and even experts can't tell man included foreign marrow. So he went down to NASA that I Houston. When he found out about this particular machine that they have that they can look in wasn't designed for this that they can look into the gold coins to see. If indeed there are real. So if you would like. And you have to go coins but it by the way if you bottom right before four years ago don't worry about it that's okay. Anyway you want more information you call Warren mails telephone number is 802257264. That's 80225726. North and I will be talking and a few moments. About. The help they will be here did love I'd tell you what's got two of them I'll be back this. Spicy weekend up. You're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Hey guys welcome back and this wicket by sensing Cheney KM WRKO. America's first and longest running a restaurant program. Our Q this segment are Cuba RFO Salomon's. 282 beacon street Somerville and 151. Century and in Berlin that. Brand new that the occasion and bring you. The owners are rich and Rick Salomon junior and seeing it as fathers obviously. You know they I didn't know that there were a few days they do over 400. Hamburgers every. Kid debut lives and their burgers are big they are. Flacco but it turned baseball sized burgers are but bear in mind this is coming down hard it is going to take awhile for a long way to repair my torn anyway when he when he. Yeah it depends on how you wanna quote but I mean it as as richer. Solely as as we've come gnome has said that you were there is rare well done as well done they will cook it to your liking is what. Yes you know they won number one birchard Boston. Boston magazine day one mumbled Berger in my stomach at that its own accounts that's that's the more important I am absolutely. They have the black and bluebird house burger creamy blue cheese burger and the black and over hours at the blackjack is my favorite. And cajun rub on and click creole hole spicy real salt Simon really tasty bird this is not the kind of place this Israeli and neighborhood place it really is adding. And they look like you're neighbors that are like their neighbors and a and they root for their Red Sox and they feel like a neighbor's jackass jackass legal abortions aren't that aren't apple settlements to 82 beacon street Somerville. And won a 51 central as inland. Say had a rich rhetoric he can't you can't go wrong very simple IE book before Gaudio NN Cambodia I promise that case. Hours are at the Venetian restaurant and who they are open today at four. Right now when he get when you get there. Well who don't know yet what they have primary urban and Middle Eastern cuisine they okay and seal bishops it this year us in all worked. At bishops knew and when bishops clothes they retired. Base it can we take over higher recipes 'cause they're pretty much as the years anyway they're from. I think it's tire arrears or these terror eleventh political without. And in addition. To the add that to it to the obvious amenities include they have three pound bombs and lobsters that lobsters but lobsters. The bombs there could go to a and it's app this 1950s through neighborhood that. I would bop around the clock. Anyway three brown globs of voter bake step with the nation's payments to walnut stuffing. And have the rose prime rib of these and so many other things but some then. Something. Is different here. They have the biggest function facility they are across me Merrimack River. Of the biggest function facility illiteracy. Severely weddings or anything you know you gotta go here it's the fit nation restaurant. It's owned by a Osama Michael and his seem of that. We're of their wives of the box. Okay should know that aren't. At telephone number is 978. Threes have surgery 1714. And it's 9783731714. Now Michael while we are going to be taking out. The breaking and it's gotten to some were Leo no point you to pick out the 100 no winner from the show who lives out of the zone either FaceBook. As a matter of Olbermann and if you didn't win. It's Mike's fault and a and bring it I think it's got amnesty and you wait that was the way pat easy at the gas there again three to lie. Hey it's gonna rule the elf but right now I think almost it is. I pat thank you very much and joining me right now is Damian from the L but I understand we're gonna talk about. When I would say is one of those late night foods that everybody loves to routine. You got it what better way to treat French Fries that you basically double Chris about our cheese curd decree be a tea pot spot that are tournament kind of put the unique setup. And you're not adding any more calories is that correct. Zero calorie added that at that I had let's start up which had number five spot now again this coming from the uses of Yelp. So Jack it's really like the short rib who achieved at the bee hive to be I've been located in the south that. And what the beehive is gonna due to their critique is supposed to jetBlue cheese curd degraded they're gonna talk a little braised short rib as well. It's available on the brunch menu and a lot of helpers are talking about operated that. All right that sounds that sounds really good that's a great way to start things off. That's the beehive in Boston. You got it right next is movie shine once safety to their moonshine want to teachers get a with a little ways. Asian fusion spin on all of their dishes and the routine is very different person ball hitter trot which he. But sort of person gravy. Green onions Chinese sausage in chopped weight she's on it and dish out ask asks how do you think it was I'll tell you it was amazing. Last two different shad Rashard wants refugees cater to try it. That's number four number third. Number three let's go over to the veggie galaxy. You're wondering Turkey galaxies and all vegetarian Indian restaurant. How could they have particular venue well somehow they do it and not only is that other venue it's totally Guillen. I Hillary Al says that begin routine is out of this world and lawyer there try to deserves as well what our diversity. When they do that. I you know there's somebody in the air that magic. Maybe maybe somebody sneaks over the bacon and some cheese through. Don't let the diners of edging out there are a number two. Ever cure we're gonna head over to the gallows this is back in the South Bend down to gallows are wonderfully eclectic and uber cheap major always gonna find out at you. It's very simple version upped routine which is really the basic traditional Fries with gravy cheese Kurds but then they also have. Sort of a out. Next level special pre teen age David gets a little crazier if it were achieved almost every week so definitely check out that sort of back level routine that's available at the Dallas. Sorry and now the moment we've all been waiting for an anxiously waiting for. Number one as far as yup reviewers are talking about as far as routine is. Number one we're gonna give that medal has sought boxes the Belgians street food restaurant that located near thing you'll call. An addition to the classic Belgian style freed British sale which is that a great craft Beers collection and liege waffles but let's. Think it back to the fry what they view is that they did a traditional cheese Kurds are really great greedy and they have an out of control. Cuttino also Gannett. Have to begin on top because what does that mean better at bacon to definitely try to make crispy crunchy. Melky could really lead in. Routine that saw him in all. Our idea who and I think this bike the next kind of big trend. In the restaurant business because hamburger start about five years ago and everybody had to have a great hamburger now. He had a pimple the Fries and what better way in the computing with it. Vote no doubt and stick around because next week I'm actually gonna talk about a really tried you should they are its way to the East Coast. Great ice game and I look forward to that we'll talk to necks on the gay mean from yup thank you very much. But the and so I had never heard of the term Diana and I have to plead ignorant here. Who team really. Well that's woman favorites. I always talk one on on the TV show it's it's big in Canada. And whenever I would go to the Bruins game in Montreal. You could guarantee about 4 AM RB pour myself in global routine by pouring himself that was of the words might we use it for we'll funeral mind. Yes but but but but again Mike if you had routine when you're not like Odom over wolf thanks to the show again that this show is show is that there's always let me go to all these places sober right now we're south street diner answer yes it is I didn't triumph will be as good there you know who's gonna let that I was in like a gravy over that yeah it's it's French Fries with gravy and cheese Kurds. You'll let it really good one hangover poem. Columbia Melissa with the Friday in the bacon and it I was impressed that you really wish can't have Horry was to. In that restaurant strip community that there were only open for dinner giving over but if you like they can. That's what they have bacon drink drank if they can have everything. But it actually after eight Cooke they've they've flame and again oil. Portugal I think they play with fire at mailed out they they have blow torches and alcohol nothing go wrong with that that's Smith and now they want to look at how it's into the mix and yeah with the it really you can say that to a rerun or you get there again. The urine FaceBook and follow us on FaceBook we put from time to time you'll see those segments will run them right on FaceBook C got a join us like us. And particularly comment on our videos and let us not into thinking now what you might steal FaceBook knows that this thing we received like 700000 views. I'm glad for them and out in the they've panel lotteries on on their they've got a lot we don't know yet. OK people it's that sometimes thank you very much and they don't like this will hit the like button right into the somebody. You know we're narcissism and you know it the do you in and night both have the same best kept secret that you want to tell anybody on making in my experience. Renters so yeah. It mics we'll have this really is if there and I really would see you found it by accident though when he's our caller actually recommended on the show. You're with that you remind you we are there at all my JPL's come appointment Jaffna. It got us to be addressed but then that took a couple steps of you know problem solving to figuring out on on to their Avago writes exactly. You know that when I can't wait a look at two weeks two weeks from yesterday are you on TV Sunni weeks. And I told there were working on a marathon in April that's needed them and I told now. Which is trying to figure out what Gary Gately Iran in the marathon this year. I feel comfortable ethnic that's what it was there was no deaths and are strong and her baby I I I yeah lovely antsy. I'll never forget when you crash cross that there in the finish line. I thought she was gonna collapse at the airport and a AG and you know it was the sixth that's the line after that little. Beatty Faye god bless her rights she's active time. That was a sex there are and her last. Yeah actually I was doing I'm not who's running this year we've been running the other striptease segment from strip tease wanted to leave and his running the picture completely and again to move back to California. As in training for the marathon and she's gonna run it this year than you this year you know Brooke you know but in about a shooter has Brittany. And she's an kind of sports. That's America she's going to be I think that's a better place going to be a TV. Ram and we are marathon going on NASA nixed that it's a little easier to America and can booed me coach the last family did we had a phenomenal ratings. Yes it did yeah. As it is two hours of two hours that we could bites again where it will look at the Red Sox and bruins' schedule. We want to wrap around. You I wanna say probably around mid month we're trying not to compete with a Red Sox yankees game was they zealots don't want to do that on the Red Sox yankees is yeah I would be very wise. All right you know one of the things that when you do best kept secret and now we talk about bodies though places. They can't afford advertise more and are remembered it was one called worse than Donte' Serena in Malden. And I. Somebody went there. And fit patchy gonna go. So it to you and dad met the Longo family. The restaurant was as tiny as they make them. You did a TV shut down there you really made it more beautiful in spacious than it is in the TV show okay. Well it's it's beautiful and it lights that everything's on it's not a big rats notes they're lights like so beautiful and everything that. The shedd who is the owner. It's spectacular. And at cloning and as a result. The business gets over it is is advertising that separately here yeah and matter of fact he comes down and does that have to beat culinary tennis every year for us and he's hit his voice. When he just talks you sexy. Knowing or based on the passionate assurances from with a six if this makes you hungry now. He's from Calabria. In August who practice he had a sure do do those lead us now in Europe. Their hours to see through Thursday 49 PM Friday and Saturday 4010 Sunday so there are open today at four until nine. Okay. Now this is a taste of Calabria it's a very small restaurant. You can actually see him if you look around a corner of this door that's open and closet you can see him as an open Putin yeah yeah and they have a bar of it to you any. But it Jabar Wright did it take reservations and we were called they to I don't know there's parking it in case it street parking but in case there's. Some cars there you depart in about I've never I've been a couple times I've never parking issues on the down there aren't problems. All I can say if you're looking for a great restaurants is partly why I love the restaurant program. We often give the free things to people when we think they deserve it you know actively do it the hopped barbecue I'm sorry I think that it is there that had good at that negated. Rested on T Serena the same thing and I know you in my give them his name's Clinton. For a lot of these two new wind at his advertisers because Dominican team in Israel. That's what happened restaurant they Serena. If you get an opportunity in here and there and please look up. And remember a lot of family in town that pat Scott my X and Q it. They have a champion has 2695. Mussels clams come money scout shrimp and fish. And some kind of sauce and a very short pass sauces but at Martha home one day does is it possible offensive. So go on track I know you like it and then say hey do would you please to the owner you vile name. Rest and anti Syrian that eighteen Lebanon street and Malden. And I now. One place to like this is Janeiro was heater down and south of Quincy. And Jerry I know you guys like to go to because it's a kind of place. If you go they've been really hungry you don't leave hungry. You can't no matter Fred Hartley sitting there over your shoulders do not knowing enough I've never seen a man. And all the shifts and I know that this is passionate about cooking is here. He has that smile and I know Mike you've probably seen to what he's cooking and and Europe dining on its food and he just has that smile when your. I've never seen that any other he just wants to make you happy. Right does that what he says in his TV commercial it and again it's true it's apps which rove never met a more genuine. Person and it's families and your family. Here. There were there long is it there's one bad thing about this restaurant. If you're hungry and they don't have a very big lobby area. Oh all right at a bakery and since Susan baker to the adds up early in the morning. And he makes spreads in the Italian pastries and also pizzas in that they're in that little waiting area again so you're if you're hungry in his away. Try to yet toasted ravioli which include. Can but my favorite Rick Tony mystique Allah but that's. That he's already have a vodka the presence it's. All the chicken pen. The address Dinara Z period twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy mass sanitary for would you please. Looking for the best deal and now. From lazy dog. Lunch specials Monday through Friday Saturday Jeffrey. By former schoolmate also Donald marinara sauce just read Maggie by. Our quality more flexible in its pocket lazy dog and mark downs and lazy dog anyway. And we'll get back to the final segment with the rights radio just 12 doping about red bird and Walt them it's a phenomenal restaurant. It's only open for dinner but do not miss that put this down on your must list. Who must mr. rise. It's called red birds are moody street in Waltham and that's reunifying Greg Knapp who greets you at the door. And when you walk into this restaurant you're gonna see it's just in the beautiful space along the lighting we've hangs down through these tall that. The that the ceilings are like up to stores so the lighting hangs down into the dining room and his. Is that that sexy kind of you know incredible feel when you walk and the food wow you gotta try this there buffalo cauliflower is one of the best appetizers I have had and it's a vegetable right. Buffalo Collie flower. It's made with a little bit of buttermilk blue with celery and honey so Iraq Jeb buffalo sauce it is that Lynch's helper dinner. The GP you know sever Cisco style with clams mushrooms cal Mari shrimp crab. And a little bit of stewed tomatoes and garlic bread along sites that you dip up all that flavoring and just enjoy that these to its fullest if hanger steak. And they have a great burgers and award winning burger they have on the menu in menu changes seasonally this is there restaurant that. Asked to go like I said on your mosque was to try to how to Greg when you walk in. Jeff owner Dan the coliseum in the open kitchen cooking. Red bird 361 moody street and wall them again their only open for dinner. And Salvatore several locations including Andover Lawrence Medford South Boston and in Boston stated district. There are open for lunch and dinner and make sure you check out their shifts playground section of their menu. Each of their individual locations has its different shifts playground section on their menu. So the ship there decides what the issue would like to make and that's what's on the menu for it's it's and hand over right now they have short words of the Iraqi. And in Lawrence. Have lasagna with many meatballs Salvador's. Andover Lawrence Bedford South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. What did you hit murder it's horrible Solomon on the fifth over body work a little bit and also our brand new location down. For one of the best burger. Hillary are half pound burgers might take a little longer cook but I guarantee you will love. Our hope moments where rare grass and well done is well about. Wicked place radio and TV capturing the best of new England's food sports and fine. You're to the wicked fights radio on WRKO. The voice of Boston's. During the week out battling. Casey guest today joining frantic you've been to a minute two hour did a great show and I'm sure they were sleeping. Let's diners. I don't give my best can't see grid. I'm living my life in the fitness and now now guys delayed after around the city together originally. Into an argument. Quite sell it to next week. Next week on the TV show them we're gonna be in Bellingham. So it was a little driver to tell him mess and we found this place that does roofs. Sweden and the most incredible thing about him is his so tell. There's so juicy and it's just three dollars and fifty cents. They have one size. So you see that we're going to be at river which just mentioned a moment ago give us tomorrow nominal Rosie Greer on the mystery. Is that Bagley own. In Ipswich you know who see them and then I know Brittany is set to have Boston fashion and food and I have. One of the most colorful people in the government a long time and the egg roll lady and was. The so that case. That she says she looked like she is going to be avalanche she is so much fun and choose kind of word about doing the interview you almost cancel twice this. Because she is wearing that you could and it's our there's one or two times were good understanding of artists get so excited just that the passion. And she makes it world. To get her off in a little further yeah we've and we've been talking about people who would just overly passionate about their their food and what they do and she. Is just a prime example of that and I'm gonna mention this guy's name. But there is a shed. And Boston very famous shed and you approach. That in Asia. And Afghanistan or he says. Which is in great ways to use it too much to drink. Because then you start understanding and if there and then you walk straight and cruise ship in and were seized via an. 86674511. 67 and right we're probably pretty much done by the end of this month apartment last year about a from us who are who we'll be wrapped that'd be who have died do. Yeah it's eight August 11 to the seventeenth Boston to Bermuda and so if your interest income and we had a great package based event that the that has not expired right the you know about average and is that expires and stuff. And so it's about to stop so. If your interest in coming with us you call Carol should get back to. August 11. Boston to build planes involved who and we include specially restaurants work. In opposition. To the the alcohol that's yeah so you just go down to the steeple area and get on a ship that it that we can go on go to Bermuda. Come back and get off the ship you know I have the word vacuum bags nothing nothing at all I mean it's just so nice to just pull right up. And you're there you're on board are you the number to call is 86674511. A 678667451167. By the way. We got. If you're stepping if you wanna go to public Devlin yes best place to goes saint patty's day if their friends at the peddlers daughter Leah two locations at. I'm Arab or alien armed when he went over Aaron get married. Have you been to these newer location now you have to go there. Is it nicer than the other than the other the other guys the other one feels like you're you're in Ireland it's almost sit down and basement I mean that it on down an Alley. That's what we're dining and in Ireland feels like the one in Nashua. It's spectacular view of the water. He put a hole with the team since. Great food that's Michael and Heatley right now I think it's one of the best I mean. I would put up there with the top. Irish restaurant. Now they have award winning pat please beer battered relationships and very good and I don't like fish and chips apple it is sensational with whom they catch up you know make it to open and homemade element artists on served over and that for an for a they have again it's braised beef Stew that's when I had while I was in their last. A it's a Guinness. And a lot of these do. This time of year where it's so cold out right now mountain we perform via at this point oh is nine degrees in my house at. Agassi that's one of the suit is so that it's not finish those out or anything like that in Ireland is used dampen cold that and they have fabulous soups. Every place we went in every town we let. We Otis suppan is excellent excellent islands is green companies green causes chemical well it's never would agree to gored. Yeah I can't always cloudy overcast with a lot of green grass that they have there potato leek soup. And I Alaska today indeed oh can you buy that helmet hit him on camera I don't think he can but. He does a lot of is like homer tartar sauce he does a lot of that is especially stuff and gets offset that new. Wonderful atmosphere. I should tap of the morning to Michael and easily at the predators daughter 48 main street Nashua, New Hampshire and 45 Wingate street and he wrote a whole. We're gonna have the winner coming up might get the winner of 100 delegates to divvy it. Known name restaurant fifteen fish pier Boston's historical waterfront now which is simply known as the seaport area. It now friends is a tyrant district and and in some it's beautiful down there. That was set to adopt. When our first game do you think I may not that long ago it at it was it did probably just meant to benefit the user top probably okay. And now all of these swanky restaurants and beautiful high rise office buildings there overlooking Logan although not done either Noll or bill them for his daughter and I don't know where or the car cars are gonna go to get out of there because it's it's apparently okay at least some of those constructions are going to be garage is camp park. Can learn in you know wind that's good. As a no name restaurant they have their own free parking Leo by the way if you don't say it's fifty bucks. For known. Fifteen dollar. Erica if any of free make sure you stamped OK they added Jimmy form it would replace Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. Had known name restaurant. He added fifteen fish pier 61733875.