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Mar 12, 2017|

Just Don't Lose the Money is devoted entirely to the financial needs and challenges of retirees and those nearing retirement.

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The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment advice Richard Rubino and Sam Langer principles of repeal and -- LLC and LLC with a mass broker's license 1783398. Either Sam rich nor repeat or lying are registered as investment advisors and do not give investment advice this shows a service of repeat O line. This is good just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam flag. For over twenty years rich and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life safe. Richard Sam's highly regarded and sought after guidance has been. Featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazines now your host they just don't lose the money guys from Richard Rubino and sales lag. Hello everyone welcome to just don't lose the money radio arms sale of wind and I'm Richard Rubino and it's another Sunday but not just any of this is not a song. Another another son listen it's too early for you to such sentences just out of the show take it easy bunker Cameron. It's. Do we get a little Wesley Tony I think we got a little sleep well you know it's like gasoline anyway so it doesn't matter you know the spring to spring forward to in you know and they say. You're getting no oh and an hour extra or an Al lessening Boston's only 24 hours in the day when there are Ager we osu graduate I think it makes notre well yen up two times during the night so you know that's what happens or not only is what's going on. Today but who literally a lot's happened in the past week or so the presidential. Address to congress couple weeks ago in the next day the market went up like 300 points and yes I mean he sounded good but then for the next five days the market went down here so what does that mean Sambo who listened really the end of the day is no one knows what's gonna. No one knows what's happened and no one knows what's gonna happen today yes today and tomorrow so today. We're gonna talk about really. True diversity which is really what you need. To help you. Follow our tour rules rule number one just don't lose the money and move number two don't figure rule number one how phone numbers 877630. 8787. Always on the web that just don't lose the money dot com. Don't rich and I've been at this north since last year. For the last twenty almost 26 years we've really help people. Try to focus on. You know if you nearing retirement what's more important keep going to have. All hopefully once in awhile you make Kelly. Really I mean it's keep what you had its Q I want you have right so that's true that the core. Of what we do the foundation of every far I'm retirement plan that we help people. Acquire in our company is geared up to do just that so while radio show. Is that really echoes what we do each and every day and we encourage you to stay tuned into wanna learn more about us our website is a great. Educational tutorial. Web site that we encourage you to take our points or take a peek out and again it's just don't lose the money. Dot com editorial that's and that's a new worth missile fancy for me yeah you're kind of fancy him sort three syllables like hi it's hard to say those things but anyhow. Janet in dawn writes in their rich and CM. We watched a president this past week with interest into wallet I'll amazement the next day we saw the stock market go up. We are both about to retire in four years and don't know how to all we had to put our retirement savings so that it's safe. You know I so more so and and it's amazing that but he says the same things that he said before but he said it like in different ways. So nobody said hey you don't sound a little bit and then and then all of a sudden like on Saturday he tweets. That he was wiretapped. By President Obama in the trumped how Michael is going on here so it's like. It because he. Looks good or looks bad the market fluctuated has nothing to do. With the market you know can not only are they still delivering paper towel to now you know evict they're company that's making widgets. Or Wal-Mart that's selling reasonable clothing. All of their. All of their pricing and and sort of you know how the company did that day reflected on Wall Street has nothing to brand. With the tweets that. That. There are present in the sentences so absolute pure fruit if you're four years away these these people for years away from retirement. And your money is still where he could go up and down by a the and tweaked. Business I don't even know I only know what tweed is our right. But I know what effect you have no idea how to do either I don't I by the time I learn how to do it it'll probably be passe. You know I just hope our new app I'm just waiting for the next thing to not do. So listen seriously folks at them the reality is this not that we all things to all people it's not that rich you know we know so much more than everybody else. We know what works. What speculation. What sometimes might work sometimes might lose but the reality is that as you get closer to retirement I don't think there's anybody that we've government that is not interest stated. In keeping what they have and join the fruits of their labor and when you retire you know and I paycheck stops. So you got to make sure that income comes from somewhere. And if you don't wanna stay home all day starent the wall when you once and why won't go to dinner take a trip with your wife for you fear me go to Disney with the grandkids all of those things at the end day. You need money you know only takes you so far. You can hear her take me away take it really wild similar forward to it but you know what you touched on Sam is and like true diversity no one piece of diversity. Is income like people get Social Security when they retired that's guaranteed income for life. In order to sustain yourself for those retirement years which might be thirty years need income guarantee for thirty year. Is give me an example some of things that we can help you will be disarmed a nice couple the other day 63. And 64 house with 64. He said my goal is very simple to work till I can collect. Full Social Security so about 66 and half so give or take the skies get two years three years Max. He came to us and so look when he comes fine right now. We actually did a budget in fact he called then it got the income gap worksheet. I was about a month ago so when he came and he actually have the income gap where she filled out worked and he needed abouts about mid sixties. In between two of Social Security's. He was a boat 20000 dollars in your short so we needed 65 using and get about 45. He needed his retirement savings to produce give or take another 20000 dollars. President OK so let's take a look at what you have to have a couple 100000 dollars in the bank which is what they need to have in the bank. To feel comfortable have enough liquidity to the things that they wanna do. Data fidelity stock portfolio that seem to be okay Mets who really not sort of our opinion. He was comfortable that they can keep that that about a couple 100000 dollars has a car for a one cable 100 grand. But prior to that he worked their company for about twenty years in he had a 41 K that he left that the company that's been the of the last five or six years. That's worth about 400000 dollars. So I said OK so what you want until he's a well you know the sworn thousand dollars that I left. In my previous employer. Is really making me having anxiety because I don't really kind of pay attention to it. Seems like it goes up one day down the next day. And I'm gonna. Need that. To produce in income stream form he says so well have you heard of fixed indexed annuities and how they're able to get you from point a to point B safely. But they want SharePoint. Give you that paycheck that you so desperately need. So very quickly worked up some numbers are we rolled boat that 400000 dollars over we left it alone for two years. That that accounts gonna get a bonus right up front of those about a 10% bonus. It was due and earned a guaranteed roll up rate of 7%. And by the time he was 66. That account will be close to before forty. Giving him about 242000. Dollars of income. Guarantee tour like Denny said he's seen and so that's great but. What about my wife she's a year young and her so well if you took out territory to grand a year. And you OK with taking 240000 dollars a year that's 40000 dolls is guaranteed for. Him in his spouse even though that's an IRA even though tonight rate while its exact pretty good so it's a wonderful way. Of learning. How to replicate that missing paycheck that you're gonna get in fact to be log onto a website just don't lose the money. Dot com right and that front page on the right hand side there's a red shaded blue block. That says are you ready for retirement and if you click on that. You'll learn more about what is that we exactly just talked about right below that is a picture of Susan Warrick we don't know who Susan warning is in the award winning broadcast newscasts and here. In Boston she actually talks a little bit about how important it is to understand. How to get a paycheck click on her picture you'll learn a little bit more about that so again just don't lose the money dot com. We encourage you take a few seconds to learn more about how to. Follow along to rules rule number one. Just don't lose the money and number two don't forget Romo won again it's just don't lose them money dot com one more time just don't lose the money. Dot com next we're gonna stretch that dollar. So what can do two things at once. Hi I'm Bobbie office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment with Christians him call me now. 8776308787. That's 877. 630 87 feet seven. Welcome back. To just don't lose the money and with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out for the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you protect their life's work. By following two simple rule. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the. Rule number why don't they use the money. And rule number two don't forget number one just don't lose the money around seems like not mature for being welcome back to our show to Sunday. That means only one thing rich we're here. Like are you gonna be wise and try to sing of some didn't know now I don't I don't let them but you know it's it's sort of welcome back song you know and we welcome back I'm not trying to say welcome back at the minutes show. A hum. But it's Sunday it's another Sunday you know sort of march doesn't really feel like much but. Hopefully the warm weather is going to be here shortly eighty opening day for Red Sox is April 3 April 4. Yeah it hurt so very very you know lend it to you know a month away and of course we don't of course you don't. So next week next week in the Erica fly solo goes match we taped the show. They advancement next Sunday. I'll be boarding a plane to Barcelona Spain to go visit my daughter who studied abroad there for the smashed a mile from zero to three months so I'm excited about. But I'm. On what the show as they say and the show is all about helping you protect what you have. By following. A war to rules rule number one just don't lose tomorrow and Lumet who don't forget rule number one you'll very quickly before we take on this next question. You know that old saying it's not. It's not what you throw against the wall it's what sticks that counts Eric thanks spaghetti like spaghetti so one of the problems I think we all sort of face and recognize that. You know I go out today and gear in the week I make a hundred bucks. I don't keep a hundred bucks right I I keep something less of a hundred based on my tax bracket yes because we have to pay good ol' Uncle Sam. So when we put money aside for savings in May be causing gonna go to a 401K O Roth from all this other stuff. One thing that we have to recognize. Is that we don't get to keep everything. Unless. You follow rules or put money in places where you actually don't have to pay taxes up. So like a rock fire ray that's right that's right becoming very popular with sort of one. We wanna educate people. On to the different types of things and products that you can take advantage out of about the power zero I am talking about the policy that's our giveaway today. It's a book it's above ninety pages. And it talks about. The history of the US. Income tax bracket how actually we're actually pretty well right now and what what problems. Lie ahead for us in the future in if you can pay less taxes or better yet. No taxes. On the growth of your investments. Wouldn't that be something there it's amazing I mean they have to read the book it's. It's very informant we gives his Terkel perspective. And it gives solutions doesn't solutions not necessarily for everyone but this solutions for some people that really work we have a hundred copies to give away. This week only hundreds so first hundred people. You're in luck can give a 101 Opel on yup the wait for next week so call this number 877. 6308787. Army says that number again 8776308787. Ask for your free copy of the power of 08776308787. All right let's say to our next question. Pauline grip on Glenn writes in the emergency him recently. We have seen some of our friends having health problems where and our mid sixties not yet retired. So. So are our friends. One just had a stroke and the other two had a heart attack. My friend was also diagnosed with alzheimer's. We're looking at LTC long term care insurance but we feel we can't afford. What to other people do in the situation world. First don't drink the same one of their drinking you know so. And no I mean this in this as you get older. You hear that I have friends who you know who good. Klein are friends of Arnoldo Auroio employs 66. Years osu has alzheimer's and it's like she's a shell of herself. But and people consider long term care insurance. But one of the reasons they don't get it's name is that they can't afford it and and cost of long term care have been going up. Every single day but there are other things available like you know you take this technology stuff. We're gonna Texas we're gonna talk I'm always let me do now what's now available to it wasn't Avaya social promotion are like ten years ago I needed a if if I was a kid and I neither ride you call mom and dad. Today my kids my kids being teenagers. You know they have out when their phone collected in this thinks call Wilbur shows up. It cost probably less to go from point a to point B that a taxi right so technology from. Some of the things that we take for granted every single day. Is this year so in the world of finance is in the world of insurance especially in the world of long term care. Most people think of the taxi most people think of long term care insurance. Which really expensive and briefly it is and even if you can afford it one of the things I don't really care for reaches. If you don't use it does not benefit right in a Soviet pay 5000 campaign 5000 dollars a year for something that's gonna cover you. So he going to a nursing home you're okay. So I'd I assure you nobody sits around and educational I can't wait to go to nursing homes are paying five grand I've got to get my money's worth out. So matchup for a second nothing happens in 25 years from now you passed away. I know aside and say 21 and half second to the map that quickly in my head but give or take you've paid over say. 1121000. Dollars 120000 box. And you pass away you know getting back. So today the technology in the insurance world is that you can actually go low. And you can either buy life insurance policy. That page you even if you don't. Prior to death if you need long term care page you. The death benefit both write in candidates have a dollar. Covered two things together and even though sometimes the problem with that is you have to get. You have to get medically qualified for you to go to reexamine. Denorfia 79 years old. You might had a heart attack or stroke. Yeah you really desperately want long term care she accumulated against people are in their mid sixties they haven't retired yet they have some 401 k.s or retirement plans. How could they get that dollar. To do two things terrific great great. Great idea great question we dedication may be 67 years ago. Husband came to a Susan sixties he knew he had a history of alzheimer's really worried about them. We roll over 450000. Dollars from his previous 401K. Into an IRA we use they specifically designed. Fixed annuity. They gave him an income stream now he's getting about 30000 dollars a year. And if he need 30000 a year for life for life guarantee full of gas just like a pension 2500 bucks a month not to go. And if he could not perform true of the six activities. Of daily living he couldn't bathe himself. Feed himself dress himself transported south toward letting continents and your those two out of the six. If you want to stay home. Hire a nurse to come help him. Or worse yet and up and nursing home. That's 30000 dollars doubles. Too simple five years or so you know struck a fix the whole problem but imagine. If you were getting thirty grand. You needed a nurse the nurse cost forty grand a year to have. But you got an extra thirty grand a pay for that nurse by the five uses a magical number because that's a look back period putting us to protecting assets. So that that's why these companies sort of it's like creating loop or creating another app they see a need in the society and they create a product for that's a wonderful thing and and unfortunately. Not something that everybody's aware of or no vote so one of the things that we do as part of our radio show. Is I will give an hour of my time to any radio listen that's listening. That wants to either get a second opinion. Well not quite sure you're on the right track. Maybe you wanna learn more about some of these sort of 21 century products. May be you feel like you've done everything wrong and you need to right the ship. Anyhow what ever the case may be here's my offer today. The next hour anybody that calls in our world do you view and I'll hold my time free of charge and that retirement planning consultation. You know I can get any pressure or heart so nobody's gonna put in a headlock. But you'll meet with me one on one a Wal-Mart one of my assistance we hear everything you are worried about and the giving an honest opinion assessment as to if we can help you or not. And that really first meeting is to determine the shoe fits at the shoe fits great people have a second meaning if the shoe doesn't fit at least you know where you stand. So I encourage beeper take a manager that if you like to meet with me one on one Sam line you can log onto the website that just don't lose the money dot com. Clicked under the yellow tab. Free consultation ample it's done. Or you can call this number 8776308787. Again it's just don't lose the money dot com. 48776308787. Look if you're looking for certainty. Then sort of the financial marketplace. But can't find it. I'm gonna tell you way to look stay right here. You're taking the first step to a sound financial retirement. This is just don't use the money radio I feel free to visit us at just don't lose the money dot com. Hi I'm Susan ward if you're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio. And I knew cute. But prince Richard revealing sale laying of Rubino and blame the firm that specializes. In protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot. Just don't lose the money young Sam one Richard remain welcome back to our show welcome back welcome I knew that was coming down. I said to I said to myself before the show. Don't don't T rich up food so he hasn't opportunities are singing you know my life works in funny ways and that's just part of it that is. Goes back to the Jackie Gleason Show now. So I missed some emotions I was actually watching Gilligan's Island the other day and I was sitting it was like 1030 at night my wife's yellows are you coming on the better market area and there's. Fifteen minutes ways and house watch one of those old reruns on TV viewing and technical as opposed racial Hogan's Heroes from about. Good good stuff anyhow. We hear not to reminiscent not to talk about how old we are but the reality is people. That are nearing retirement. People that are worried about today's economy. We have people that are in the forties and fifties colonists that I worried about the safety. Of daylight savings. And if you want that person you've tuned into the right show our show was called just don't lose the money. Richard I wrote a book called just don't lose the money. Our web site is called just don't lose the money. So location yet not quite sure what it is that we do maybe that's the hope. We're in the business of helping people protect what they have we encourage you to check us out on our website at just don't lose the money dot com which is a wonderful. Useful educational tutorial web site that you can learn more about doing just that our water and I read this question to connect. Read our sync OK for her Colin Clara right irritants damn my wife's a teacher and retire in about three years with a nice pension. Have a 401K. And no pension only Social Security. Pension gives her certainty in my 401K. Just gives me worries. She's been. There's a lot of mine how could I had some certainty to my life that you know well sounds like I assure you wrote this question which is that's precisely what we do. Adding certainties in guarantees and predictable outcomes you know we see a lot of people. Over 25 years we've seen all walks of life and I'd say from the majority. What we see is people that come in and they have a pile of money they have some savings maybe they have wanna come maybe it's ten accounts. But basically you go into retirement. Sort of you know run keep my fingers crossed I hope I have an off and hope it's gonna last. And and in some cases it's more than enough but another cases. You know you can make some wrong turns and before you know you're off the road but if you have that pile of money and you wanna take out four or 5% a year. And you have some down years. You can run out of money you know whereas if you have a pile of money you have like guaranteed to income accounts and take out. 45 or 6% a year you never run out of money you know the other thing that I think people don't. Sort of taken consideration part of when we meet people for the first meeting I spent a good solid 1015 minutes getting to know that person. One of the questions I always ask is hey. Don't don't think this is a crazy question I know yet you know sixty years old but he parents alive. If they say yes and he says are you are you know three out of the four parents lived beyond 91. Thing they need to consider is that. They might have a pretty good probability of living. Having her all along we timer so you know what Social Security was invented quick quiz rich. One more Social Security event to do 1936 open I think it was 35 of the first chuck wasn't cut to close enough to see what he corrects me I thought it was connected there's a private matter whatever it is a GR we are right 'cause close enough. It's close enough. But when they put that into place there wasn't really designed. To help you in the timing it was really designed to help you in the that he lived too long right that's why. The average age at that time the average life expectancy was in the early sixties. And that's why they have the cutoff age. Of 65 for you people collect Social Security. The problem as it we stand today a lot of people still think they you know so secure to beat it to mean and I'll be okay. Well even if your Macs on her Social Security which is give or take 2500 dollars a month what do -- 5000 miles it's not quite enough. But imagine for a second. Imagine if you had to Social Security checks 2500 come from the government 2500 come reform private sector in need to five grand. Well this you're certain to survive grim measures are each and every month so that's really true diversification stand to cover. Europe bases cover your core expenses. And then if you wanna be in the market the market doesn't match up for goes up and down we just saw a person the other day very very typical of a client that we might see. Fifteen or almost sixty years old they came in and said look I have my saves a lunar mining and higher. Life savings. In one place which is my 401K plan they have a little bit of money in the bank but other map. They saved money like most Americans do today forward K for a one occasion every week. So these people had about a million dollars in the 401K plan which is great. But let's face it a million bucks today. Is not like it was a million dollars thirty years ago so they also recognize. His income taxes and at the end day. They need this thirst for income was not that great it was about 25000 dollars next to greens so mom put. What we ended a tour not that we talked about sort of options have talked about it worries. Talked about different solutions. They opted to take half of that money. Do an in service distribution what does that mean opponent's service distribution is. For somebody that's still working that it has a 41 and over. 59 I have yet generally the rule is I you have to deal with 59 and half so they just made the cut off. You can roll over some of the half of that all of all of a mean switching to a different. IRA you can you can take no taxes yet his own taxes do you take some of them money in this case we rolled over 500000 dollars. Out of the 41 K. We set up an IRA OK so the 500000 went directly. To his new I raided the cut the client didn't touch a money right so there's no income taxes due to go to Uncle Sam. But in that. IRA. What we used is not just you know this fond of that fun has gone out of business we use they fixed annuity. To help this gentleman. Get from point a to point B point B being 34 years from now. And that money will be allocated to give him a guaranteed should have been all right so now life like a pension and so all right so let's say he gets his first check Sam. And he has a heart attack he has a stroke he guy's got to Missouri so money is not the case why apps for the rest of the money so. If he has this post and he named his spokes the beneficiary. He or she can step into that person shoe. And continue to gonna guaranteed income let's say you spouse pissed away whatever balances left over will go to additional beneficiaries may be their children thank you don't go out to them. Right that they keep cantor being come after comes along so I guess that follow those two rules won't number one just don't lose the mine road number two don't forget Ruble was it does you know. The reality is that. In service distribution IRAs 401 k.s in Moody's this so that. It's not always the right choice and you know. Part of what we try to do is to educate people on what the right choice it's. One of the things that you can take advantage of this and about a month. We're going to be having some. Workshops well workshops are and Wednesday April 19. This could be a 4 PM start. At the cafe escape drill in Burlington on those that it says hey you know what I can't get their during working knowledge this is you change everywhere Ireland itself. Again on Thursday April 20 which is my daughter's birthday. At 10 AM. At the Hilton hotel in Denham so April 19 April 20. You could sign up on our site yes just will lose the money dot com if you listening you between the ages 655 and seventy. You getting ready to retire just recently retired you have some money may be assets of over 250000. Dollars. You wanna make sure that you're gonna have enough money. Be comfortable and not run out of money. In addition Tammy if you wanna protect if you feed him maybe you wanna if kids green kids who protect that or maybe a looking for ways to protect. You and your spouse in the event when you get sick and go to a nursing home. This. Workshop is for you we can tighten that the well our retirees survival workshop and his rich said again it's on April 19. Afternoon 4 PM that's in Burlington in April 20. 10 AM that's in Denham to get more information please log on to a web site. Just don't lose the money dot com. If you click on in the workshop tab can sign up right there you do any reservations. So again just don't lose the money dot com why you doing that. If you're on our web site. Get Powell give way to date the power of zero it's a book. That would show you as you set aside money for the future how to not paid. Income taxes and hopefully paid less the Apollo of zero again just don't lose the money dot com. Max what's the most important legal document you couldn't possibly have. It's not a trust we'll tell you what it is stay right here. Hi somebody office manager of the you know in lane I don't regions and schedule better than I know my own and their calendars getting ball. If you'd like to meet with rich and Sam call me now how could you let the head of the line but promised not to tell. 8776308787. You call I'll answer it 776308787. Welcome back to just don't lose the money and with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam who. I love the name of your show just don't lose the money. If you are as it all right but that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement nest egg and that's where people if you are so important. Now acted just don't lose the money went Sam Wang an attorney Richard Rubino. Just don't lose money on the same time I'm Richard Levine and welcome back to our show to Sunday wonderful Sunday. We guess what each and every Sunday we're here with few. Sharing ideas. On how to enjoy the fruits of your labor. And follow. I'll want to rules were number one just don't lose them and move number two don't forget rule number one or just very quickly again in a lot of times we hear people come to us and on the C north it's great we must indeed for many many years from now once in awhile somebody calls us and they've listened to like I have to show and that's the first time they've. They exposed to us so part of what we do. Ball we're not all things to all people so you're looking to strike it rich. Or you hoping Sam has that magic. The magic pill or rich has a magic potion when I'm gonna talk about the magic pills aren't known to him that night and I have a magical girls but. How to quickly W money or how to quickly grow your money that's not what we do I shall make no mistake about it we're completing on the other spectrum. Which is about how to. Keep what you have to. But I don't live a stress free return at all not worry about things enjoy the fruits you labor. So similar I read this question can I author Pam Wright peerage and Sam we're in the process of redoing our legal documents. And we're given I'll put a list of things to put together some of makes sense but something doesn't. The lawyer we went to spent a lot of time on trusts. What about the things we need before we used to trust. I mean I think they're really good thing as a great question you know like the Frank Sinatra song you got to live Little League before you guy bottom of the war I know that word of this on an even know the name of the song you and how it goes that's why you well did you let IE it's in my head and I you know you've lived before you died and. So that's a great great. Sort of observation and question from offered him because ritual with you and I do these workshops part of what you talk about is trust you have. Part of what you talk about is you know we rob Goebel trusts and how you can put your house and then after five years nobody can take it you go to a nursing home. And then once in awhile people take a manager while we plan retirement planning consultation. And they might come in and across the table are might see somebody that's you know in the mid sixties the first thing they wanna talk about is is nursing home playing in. But before that there were just tell me about how they were in the you know five bowel 44 and a half while Boston Marathon so these people are gonna live live live. Wade before they don't trust is gonna sort of taken to a fired merit if you have to pinpoint one on the most. Important. Legal documents that you can you would do you would tell client to have while they're alive in retire more that. Well they'd probably be actually this to over one as a Powell returning. Power returning. Do you push somewhat crucial give someone. The right to make legal decisions for you if you can not make those legal decisions. So legal decision sell a house over a stock transfer this account. You know this and we talked earlier about people having a stroke of people not able to do things well. There's still life and our debts of the trust doesn't come into play who comes into play. Is the power of attorney to make legal decisions. Also the next legal document as a health care proxy that's the same thing but for medical's Wheatley had we had a friend. That is brother there watching a patriots game brother has a stroke. Most of the hospital. On Mitt on all kinds of things they do have to decide to pull the plug on the I 68 years old guy terrible. So health care proxy allows his wife to make those health. Your decision for him I would say rich and in my opinion I'm not again I'm 51 I've never had to use health care proxy thing goodness. But I use my power returning my wife and I used defeat each other. At least half a dozen times you know we've we I remember last time we used that we refining install mortgage a few years back. She was on the cape. The closing wasn't Lexington she's like can you go into the closing yourself well guess what I was able to because I had a power returning my wife right. Here's here's an example why are Powell returns very. Very important we had a situation. With a gentleman came in say hey look I hope he can help you get really and do this. So they did some. Stuff maybe 34 years ago. She was transfer of power on his wife's behalf under the power of attorney who wife was sick. And in the Powell returning that they had it set specifically. He cannot be a beneficiary. Of the account if you use the power of attorney. So long or short of any chances the account. In the it just as into Rome he names the kids. As the beneficiaries. Which really the money was gonna go hand and says because pop turns it could names and that write the names of kids. It's done before he could switch it back to himself before the wife gave him the ability to that. She died. Are you hear me Sonoma money's gonna go directly to the kids inside whoa hold on a second but that was by not our intention. And the reason we wanna go to a to a kid it's not thought out we don't love our kids. But you know my son is married to this woman. The more reason I think she married remorse for his money right so usually worried about that. Well guess what he couldn't do anything they happen literally. So it was soon as the wife the daughter in law found out two days later the poor guy was served papers to be keep it to be divorced. There were in more the story was. The wasn't chump change is like a million bucks. So having the right type of power overturning it is buried in the report. You know when bad things happen these people get sick people have a stroke. There is no. Hi and that that's gonna happen it's gonna happen Thursday to clock it happens any time you look unexpectedly. It unless you have your ducks in in order. Those things can happen to you with my best described it ducks in order. Its value actually saw dark in order when I went to the Boston public gardens okay docs so worried about my community. Dogs in order accounts in order. Famers both ducks finally each other all I get a chance catcher I think so when there's a size daughter. OK you're at I'm good and you read a book make way the dumplings room I probably read avoid every awesome for garner itself anyhow just don't lose the money dot com is our website and. On that website is wonderful. Wonderful wonderful complex XP but it's very educational. And right in the foreign. Is the ability for you determine on your Rome 24/7 at the comfort your host if you are gonna. BOK and retirement you're prepared for retirement it ran a front page on the right hand side you can click under MI ready to retire. When you what what you'd end up doing is watching about a four minute video you'll be able to take a self assessed test to see if you're on track. If you are not. We are at your service in a couple of ways one. We'd be happy to sit down with you won't give you an all round time you'll come and meet with me was stunned that our. Getting to know your problems. And at the end of that hour you gonna no fear in the right place and hopefully we can help you. Give you some level of comfort in that retirement. Second thing you can do is to join us for seminar. April 19 on the job or workshop Berkshire April 19 and April 20. You can learn more about the workshop right on our website at just don't lose the money dot com. If you are close to retirement like you know 55. To seventy. You worry about oh do you you're on the right track you have a few bucks you wanna make sure you're comfortable. You need to take advantage of that workshop in fact we're having our first afternoon workshop. On April 19. At the cafe escape drill confirmed to that such a 4 PM to learn more about that get more information on just don't lose the money. Dot com again just don't lose the money dot com we'll be right back. Just so is the money radio will be right back. If you have questions I would like to schedule and no obligation meeting with attorney Richard you know or Sam Wang please give our office would call at 617. 6308787. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder how rich and Sam get all their work done if they start by calling me I'm Bobby office manager have a feeling. You can secure your financial future the same way by calling me if you call I'll answer 8776308787. 8776308787. Just go through the money on San Juan Richard will be thanks again for joining us is wonderful weekend hope bridge and I was able to shed some light. Either a big spotlight or little flashlight but any any daylight if any beam of light is good on how important it is. To protect what you have. Will live and a sort of a shaky world to cool world summit even even put it. So it's important for you to follow. I'll look to rules rule number one just don't lose them and a number two don't forget rule number one sweeter don't forget Powell give away this weekend if you like the pay more taxes don't ask for. If you like to pay less taxes. This we have a wonderful book entitled a power or. Susan Warren talked a little bit about it previously but the power of zero is you must. Just don't lose the money dot com is website log on to that you can download fuel and power. Thanks a listening. Have a wonderful week. Saying goodbye on sale mr. rubio takes care. The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting catcher investment advice Richard reveal itself playing principles of revealed like LLC and Ariel insurance agency. Seeing the the past broker's license 1783398. Divers say I'm rich nor receive delay are registered as investment advisors and did not give investment advice that shows a service of her keynote.