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Mar 11, 2017|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome to sound bad. They show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. With a less than point 5% of US population actively serving in the military itself. Veteran perspective. In Massachusetts. Hotels. Most of them feel friendly Sweeney. Coming to you for the next hour of talk some veteran news in a couple of things that are on our minds of you know one on us stay with us for the for the next hour do want managed to use my cohost John. You know we. You will we haven't talked post sports recently but David Price is talking about you know he's having some. Some elbow soreness all want to check in on knowing your health John make sure that you are not canola get Tommy John surgery and be gone for the next eighteen months. We'll. Monstrous dwindled humans from. When will always suited Johnson owners that's not count them sanctions oh. Toward. Them. We'll meet you replacement actually come on now all you know you know beyond the sound off the also you know aren't going to be a little fight through your comment in certain votes whose legal drones were some extremists and that's this is the flesh wound and certain doom and slow. And Q portion that would have to do our little spring training. You know absent segment coming up to China. But David Price already hurt and I. Like two weeks into spring training proposals considered for a Suze my rental prices wrong. On a Muslim is a disease is easier for the player news and treated at the pitch and so hopefully generate as you know many Wednesday at a price has as a starting pitcher in the playoffs. Zero semi on me. Against who wins and playoff the accountable and but and a little little little concerned over there if you ask me and now devotes a little money when some proxies who and so for a those noises of the hundred intentionally you know I don't know I know this could play tee ball. That's not. It's but the teams and yeah some of the other it's obviously Obama didn't make genetics and a second on second base yet they can. Well you know the area of the mayor's cup before Myers in between the twins and red fox woods. But it's old all right picked up. But but I Michael inches you Alessio you don't want. Open winner between the original surgeries then you know mentally ill and what I wanna mention who's who won't be too much longer. Goodman of the top four votes might gives. Old twin engine concede that Houston someway he's gotten should news. He wanted to do it logical that tough for him again Boris the Merrill poem woke up on some old six point two miles it's Eric Williams totaling about the tough for. It's going to be it's via one. It on the weekend of the marathon open now Lexington and Concord starting Concord. And it's not as incredible events incredible and what they do is a be 26 point two my houses. With with a rock on in the day and you don't have food it's for the fallen into it which has chosen. Between thirty and Serena. An opinion hasn't been an Athlon insignificant but some pretty good ways and as such it's a sell on offense are sold out on the mean people so many people are excited about a dead is seller note and was allowed just because of the limitation the book you numbers people of course when. We have over a thousand people or another I wanna do and you've got the model right you've lost their revenues ghetto for the met the Boston Marathon was under attack and that's kind of cool yeah that's my third time doing an NN and some of the PB do with did the views of the guys who a lot of them or. You know in the marathon when the bomb went off and gotten after rocket 26 point two miles and selves back and 1213. When Helton. And say hopes it lives and anything you did that did release date sparked this. What's amazing about it too was we were the names of the fallen back so it's it's really it's it's really keeps is he keeping with the name with. You know. With its incredible spirit Eagles have cameras actually write the names of vehicles to in my position we're at the names via the soldiers is able. Uncork the journal social those views of liquid natural and some points. You was to come close to six point two miles. Can. Acts. And then. There and the explosion. It became secured notes to blow on them close schools axle. He recorded the wrong fork and like Lexington. Right maybe the be me. At that target was a lot of security concerns so there's this they've they've moved it out to a carpet and it's and it's just grown it's grown the first year and we took just a few years ago are you looking at about a 18200 people to when and electric missile woman it's our sweetly and we hope. You know I'm I'm kind of biased in my life for you in the military friends foundation they were it's a military found fans friends foundation event they they they organized and they and they manage it. And now I have to tell you it's it's something she's really she's really hustling but I tell you it's it's good work and it's fun to see come together and I think. They keep going back to it it's and it's inspiring when you see all the people Golan and with the names that. The spirit of the entire event is incredible note to. Us that wants to implement. This could feel I don't know about knowing you're gonna hear it but it's on April 15 and and again even though it's sold out in terms of participation. If anyone wants to come on you know cheer people on go to tough for us got to work. And check it out it's an incredible event and keep. I think that the you know the funds raised its its just an incredible. Incredible. Think your partner go. Tell your young recruits next week and it just lose it work Betancourt. He. Hump. When it did choose to put govern our own slew. For Google would moon actually won't go Puerto hospitalized. For rule. It's a tough one. And we we attended the result of decisions that are you know it it certainly is 26 and I'm in value and the marathons have you run. Three yes he sets and I've never run a marathon and I able. I'll defer but it's it's just to cool off populace I don't buy it you know. In terms of play policy averages Ron and we don't like it and a twelve minute mile. I don't tickets as that big of an athletic feat personally. Because you just it just hurts. Did they these people ironic you know six minute mile pace at their political ploy yeah you've run Amato marathons allies have wanted that before our final hour crow. It's just mental toughness and just you know can you project head down and just kind Iran and hope you have good music on yeah well you know let's. It would be tough trek to somewhere around when he mouse sort of gotcha moment it's not really a twenty miles an item one a marathon starts when when you took to Wellesley do you want them to some local boards. The yeah tough you know my final days on the spot in what's hold true. Well you know on the though nobody go by DC and are often an imperious you know to sue has it. Every cirrus if there was some woman she gave some guy kissed and that is marriages on the it's difficult night partly out fighting and control did not go. The Merrick had to go to one. Yeah look at it and yet it's April 15 million yen and the marathon that we and the whole thing it's a BAA to go back to Padilla. Tough practice habits of BAA sponsored event and that's how we get the marathon medals at something else. Sort of does. I just wrote a book John I don't know it's you know are futile bully for an all fuss and strong and it's it's. They've legend Casey Sherman they wrote that's was inspiration for our own. Patriots in a movie. Bill which I sort of very good. But it was Zaun you know they they have a whole chapter about that night they talk about the phone soldiers though it would go on a tough frog can. You know Collison Modano is on you know why he was at the finish line up particular guy. So was very very interest into a lot to read that perspective and views as you see the picture of him he's learned tough structures yeah it's it's there's just so it's you know it's kind of kind of insane old everything kind of goes full circle and bruises and and you and you get to see that's all. But John. You know you want dual vocal they go who you know I was I was I was what I had to move to of the club. Me and I think we should. Now it's that was one more suggestions for the this year it's not Toyota's own. Well and I do you think it's always going to be running on split. Yeah I know it's tough public color books and radio John but you know them. You know you can bring on to me our work and overwhelming and upon not that the north hill a refrigerator and we'll be true. Let us know as it was fine to go back to that it was it was a tough. You know those moments so we're tough to read in my Nam but there was also some things that they talked about the book that'll. You know they want on a cruise and and and France would a bunch of the survivors and it was on. It owns things I hadn't heard of those pretty cool it's very very interest thing you know something a lot of Bostonians and and Americans who think would be interest and and general. Photos guys on seek a quick break because we have a very important guests on next segment has become since even winch. I was gonna comment talk about DNA and trump on Schoen. And on some of those things going on with the military's so I don't want to show tireless in the sound off from the New York you know and succeeded voice of Boston. The sound. How total loss of a cohost on the go friend Mike Sweeney will come into from our studios and bring in Massachusetts and now right now are honored to be joined in studio by congressman Stephen Lynch off from the if Massachusetts congressional districts so welcome to show congressman thank you Kyle thank you John thank you Mike thanks for having me and and for all the work that you do on behalf of veterans is much appreciated. Did you quit and results will conduct. But I Minnesota different ways a wanna go with the with the conversation a lot of love to get Samir thoughts from overseas what was in the military deal with. You know on all. Mike and I both Afghanistan veterans we see ourselves but don't feel like to give us some of those things going on VA health care and being in general saw. Who won we start with a you know when you're on armed services committee and some of the things or use our overseas and I know you've made multiple trips over. On to Iraq and Afghanistan so would love to hear your perspective with the what our troops are facing. Sure well most recently. The the situation in Iraq obviously we do we're trying to take all full so we've got. You went with congress a bowl of Seth Moulton from Massachusetts myself. Senator Donnelly who's. In the US. Joseph Donnelly great guy solid guy. Democrat but. Also moment a couple of other Republicans Columbus as well to McCain the former candidate a you know so McCain. Who ran with with Hillary on her ticket. We had a chance to glow with some special ops folks and a deeper. And met with a bunch of Sunni sheiks who actually work with us to try to. You know pass by that area. And and and take the take the initiative away from I shall. The problem we've had recently was worth. President drops immigration. Order which prohibited people from Iraq. Upcoming years and and response I got a call from. Speaker. Something knowledgeable Horry who's actually impala line. He's a Sunni speaker of the Iraqi parliament. And he actually came here and had dinner with me it might my cousin Robert restaurant then number nine par upon upon Beacon Hill. But he knew he was he pretty upset he said that it was the worst possible timing here we are. United States. Special forces and and we have some some artillery spotters as well. Trainers. That it that are working with the Iraqi military and all of a sudden the United States rules so this sort of this base are anti Iraq legislation so. They're they're parliament's. Yeah just to be fair they banned you US personnel from going in Iraq so we've got a lot of contractors and and NGOs then people let it cool they try to do the right thing for all right reasons. And so they were banned and so so I know that that president trump yesterday. Rescinded the ban on Iraqis and I'm anticipating. I was offered an invitation to travel to Iraq by actually marketable Horry. Sort of as a guest of the Iraqi Government to get around the ban. But the you can see how sometimes. You know in this case the actions of president. I don't think really thought through well enough. Because now he's he's removed Iraq from the from the list of bushel help a lot more about our cooperation there. I've had a vote I think. Larry my last trip was my seventeenth trip to Iraq have had an idea I served in Afghanistan the only upon mine so I got ketchup on. On his line my Afghanistan trips but a little tougher to get to. We have fewer assets on the ground right now we used to have Seles sometimes as you know I got to sometimes they have defied commercially to Afghanistan on there act so. He'll put Dicey they always give me you know he really is is the Marine Corps time and so our. On some army. Liaisons. Actually travel with mace on them pretty good pretty good care. In terms of traveling but I really do appreciate and I've had so many conversations with young men and women in uniform. In Iraq and. Can't stand and I really have come to deeply appreciate. That the pulleys. And the the excellence. The courage and Jeff just you know that the maturity. Of our men and women in uniform. And the dedication. And you know. You know. It's all volunteer army so. You know these men and women are choosing to take this on themselves we don't have a draft so everybody over there is there for the right reasons then. They're trying to do the right thing for the country and you know he sees some policies that are adopted that actually have a negative effect on on. You know the position of arm and women in uniform you're perfect example when president trump came in he adopted a policy on hiring freeze. And the federal government now lot of people thought OK he's it is wanna have a big government he's putting a freeze on but. They don't realize that that 30% of our federal workers are veterans so we right now we have 632000. Veterans that work for the federal government. Now they work for the VA they work for us State Department Defense Department those of those are big agencies that are really they those as the veterans preference that we put in place because we we think. Data from mineral on puts on the uniform of this country. And and steps up. That there should be some benefits that flow from that in appreciation in the flow of flow from that. So now we've got this this freeze of hiring freeze that says even though I have 9000 open for acquisitions at the game. And I got three. Big VA hospitals in my district that was rocked re Brockton and Jamaica Plain. I can't get a veteran hired at the VA for a spot that we need to have failed IPO. You know might be at therapists are all over at the the Veterans Benefits Administration the BBA. I of people waiting eight months nine months ten months a year sixteen months for four benefits or reevaluation. And I desperately need people for the most part to reduce them away time can you know you know that you deal with you your Brothers and sisters in a formal times as you appeals. Yeah. Is unbelievable so he has refused to another person at the veterans. Administration benefited. Desks so. You know that's a huge problem so I I drafted a bill it's HR 1001. And a 107 cosponsor so far. And what it would do was just simply cover all veterans. From the stand from the freeze. It would if so we have an open spot the VA a Defense Department or State Department and as a veteran who's qualified to fill that position then yeah. And ensure social 70% of the hiring over the it would still be frozen but at least the 30% that hires veterans. Will will will flow again. And in line I think I think it's on the right message to our veterans it's it should be a big thing Q thank you for it for your service. You know like I've got elevated. Suicide rates among my veterans I've got. Elevated homelessness. Among my veterans we've got. Elevated substance abuse issues with the people and then all of the other assortment of of difficulties that veterans having transition back to normal civilian life and takes awhile. And while there there are great groups and in New York Yor show was one of those vehicles tend to help people transition back. And and help with that that that process. You know to have this freeze in place really hurts it hurts our ability to bring sons and daughters home. And get them back into you know civilian life. I knew I was in I was in. And Helmand and Kandahar Province and at that camp leather neck so with treason transition a lot of pro put people back out of Afghanistan back here and you know I I Kennedy. Swearing in ceremony citizenship ceremony we nineteen. US personnel mostly Marines by a bunch of army to. That we're taking the oath of office from twenty different countries so these these young men and women. In US uniform who work for our citizens from nineteen different countries. And you know so they're gonna come back the United States and then I face this. That this you know hiring freeze in. In the single largest employer of veterans in this country as I said before we have 632000. Veterans that work for the for the federal government and we've put a preference and fought them so that they can come back and yet. I don't wolf if presidential ruling baathist rule so we're gonna try to work on this bill. And get rid of that freeze him and in a welcome my sons and daughters on the way we should. Congressman. As you want and while time for. Clark and or are you wife hello flood my wife. Certainly inaudible that's the group's told us 200 more slow. Thank you John but that's what's with the real calls shots yeah she's the boss and arguably. People would want to root them and obviously. News. The bigs accept them them. Who's good you won't subic Clark incidents in more people's. Words towards thank you and I think that Russia. One files and one of veterans that one for protection act of 27 Phoenix's principal ovals and special encore and silence. And you're showing loyalty you go and you hope. And protect bulls won an active too sure when you. Equipment in two. Policies employees that they need to do mission. But I'm wondering. When some actual Shull thank you we need to be careful here. Isn't so this time for. Its employees. Can we need to entrance but we also need to care for consumed by. Right. It's guys spoke. Well yeah but to help them get the precludes what these incidents of people for compensation. And it old school so we need to please people we principles. Animal's true obstacle. Follow and help students schools and that's where do you science of climate science. Trump's hello Louis thank you endlessly willful and the new one you can all the plea deals shall go makes. Off thank you I appreciate that I did have a navy veteran in my office. Ball was about ten days ago. And qualified gut pick up some good skills. To his military service that are relevant to. Two you know civilian life in the medical profession looking to go to work. At the VA and and you know I had to on the bad nose now we're gonna. I got a great relationship over the I was mentioning he's the you know he's there's and one administrative good guy good guy. And so we're trying to work or this work around this thing. But the issue what help we would. Get this bill passed and you know let it clip because I'm just dealing with my share of veterans but their four on 35 congressional districts without the people. Dealing with other situations while that might be even more drastic than mine. You've done and you know could chew up and we're retarded comments thoughts and solar. And so are we model we'd fall. And it's been proven to work because of veterans go to. Our complete and total was our expertise to the Jamaica Plain view their role and you would just worked in an awkward true control room. She is standing up. If I could just give a plug them to my VA so I've got I've got great. Men women and you'd be surprised at the huge number of veterans who work in the VA in every position you know doctors nurses. You know therapists. You know physical therapists. Psychiatrists. And maintenance people every every level. So when we we had the bad news out in Phoenix and and senatorial vote the quality care dropping. And so. We have an assessment team. Gore around the country and basically. Did a whole review rule now on VA hospitals. Took a couple of years tweezers from facilities. And then they finally put grades so they post the grades on. In its OnStar system so once dollars the lowest in five stars of his highest rating. All three of my hospitals. Jamaica Plain English rock premium Brockton Kaman was five stars because quality care. And that includes waiting times. And then how comes. Access you know all all of that and so I'm really really proud of are people at the VA. That the one problem the bond the chief complaint I have is getting an appointment with a VA doc on getting appointment at a VA hospital. That's been the problem. But once once veterans around there. Care. If they really appreciate what what's going on and so it's it's a good it's a good. Dynamic there and we should be very very proud of VA personnel. For our for our veterans in a listen to what can they do. There in terms of reaching out to people who get them to support. HR ones euros or one. You know well. You know if you can call your I think I think the whole mass delegation has signed on I think. And maybe we encourage. I've sent a marquee or. Senator Warren. To something similar on the senate side. And we don't work that side as well. You know I I've talked upon you Republicans who understand exactly what I'm trying to do and they support it so. This I you know I said the other night on the floor I said that should not be a partisan issue. You use you know Vista should be an American issue if you on the leadership as listeners. Welders and he is a deal so it would it would overturn part of trumps. Executive or wrong behind trees. And I you know however presidents and has a honeymoon. Is a few calls this is I'll align with the threat I would say that if there's any reluctance I think they don't want to tip over. Trump border. So quickly but you know I mean. And the best worldly which is reversed themselves and while it compliments opens in Kokomo and so we want to give the ski actually programs when he said who gruesome in his in his money would open yet in his speech the other night I mean on the floor. When he talked about a veterans in and his words were I think is to quote him he said. You know our men and woman in uniform have delivered for us we need to do all of us are out of state run so. You know fees if it means that here's a here's a good way that I think would would would address that. And one of the things that's come up in the last during the honeymoon. It is. It was a confusing for veterans is when you see that the returned it to look like a compromise candidate to be the day at a 25 million veterans in the country they couldn't find a veteran to run it yeah. And I think that was a little bit. With the inside part and this and be big fight of more than a the pace Werth was gonna get it's that and one that it was not the key issue seem to be about privatization of this town and so. We're now it seems a very competent guy but he certainly not a pattern. And I don't know what when that concede that it doesn't means it just seems to alive avoided that we're gonna get veterans. We care for veterans and he came and veteran run the VA and I think trump. Now her appointment again did it wrong home to me when he was talking about how he's gonna put veterans group places and even put the veterans around them yet. Now well so I'm on the oversight committee in and part of my oversight is of the VA. And I have to tell you that. A lot of the pressure to keep the current secretary of the VA came from. Number one VA. And then number two from. Am that the other W. Major veterans organizations because they saw from an organizational side. That he was in the midst of this real world that. That they bought into and they thought when actually improved things so I think it's an issue of timing. I I think they would like to have a veteran running the day. But I also think they have a program in place right now that they all believe them. That they that'll get us to a better place program medically and facility wise. And then he's not going to be the VA secretary forever. And then the next time you know sort of 22 is it is yet you continuity is you can't do these fits and starts every four years of GM and president Hillary years. You've gotta you gotta hear everybody on the same page so. All everything I heard was was in favor of continuing the sort that secretary in place. And then completing this program for four veterans facilities right now where struggle we've got a little bit of a problem on a little problem the problem. Colorado in Denver. So until we get that straight though and that's gone over I think three times 300% over cost already. Had the name there. And so now. You know. So to the next hospitals in line. Brockton and one truck for so this is almost a billion dollars is going to be spent between Brockton and West Roxbury. Under the under the current schedule so. I would desperately goes to happen Brockton and all the facility I'm sure you know that. Same thing with Russia from my truck adult facility. JP's relatively new compared to those two but. We have got a technical upgrades and you know if it would designed you know sort of with this Second World War mind and so we've come a long way from there and some of the services I think most demand I'm really. Net by current configuration so give us an opportunity to to do some great things. That's what's good. And I know we we do it took a quick break but we'll get right back at after these commercials so I don't touch the titles and it's not often that we are killed and succeed the voice of Boston. Poor old. Since the world according to chew on the segment we discuss benefits and services notebook from some freedom song today. Clarkson who will vote Massachusetts to posture of the 1:15. PM every slip in to them call me and so. Veterans sort of a slow person who can help you would. Fear reduce benefits and services you fund natural world medical chose advice. Don't as the bugle. Local sued her own all in court to conserve lets off a slow what the middle what. Wobbled world situation you face him and what that for veterans groups Apple's help and while. That's the world according to chew on our two next week. What about the sound off on coast on solar co host on the pilgrim McSweeney you can sound off to us on email sound off at gmail.com. And also on FaceBook and Twitter it's I don't know from the bureau pale. On FaceBook and Twitter. So we'll fully left I know all my can kind of put you off and good question with a little horrible VAN. So precious typically no it's not vote what we're joined in studio by congressman Steve McMichael a total of some of these issues that are affecting veterans home. Don't know it. You're you're really associate with the oversight committee you really do see a lot more what's going on behind the scenes of the VA a lot of decisions have been made. Privatization is a big issue for the VA nationwide now. The VAU in response to the scandal out in Arizona congress and with the toughest choice is passed by congress soon afterward. While it's a good idea for people who were in and a lot of situations there's a lot of concern. Where we can find that downstream privatization and and partnering with people because some people. It's it seems that the language it's use interchangeable. And I didn't know what you had if you any thoughts or what would we you see maybe the temperature on a capital will vote where the view will be going in terms of finding partners in the community your wholesale privatization when he Siegel. Well I think in you have to be careful I think that there are. Some examples of where. Working with the private sector has enhanced the quality of care for veterans on your perfect example. The way we train on nurses at the VA is a wonderful mentoring program but it's tremendously expensive just to try to. Trained. Being nurses so we're looking at a model where. We work with them mashed general. Tops. You know. Lahey Clinic called these social hospital rather than everybody taking on the cost of training her own issues include the day. If we could collaborate. And maybe get the he only one facility where we all send honors candidates there. It would you know by. Five collaborating and sharing the cost I think it would reduce everyone's cost and still produce great her shoes you know we will blessed in this area. You know in the Boston area will get mashed nurses association and they get. Tremendous nurses at an all of our hospital so we're we're blessed but. I think I think the VA could be helped if week. If we collaborated ruled that more with private sector in terms of doing that. I I do wanna say on the other side on the show that same coin. Is that how we we've tried in the past I remember when we had a huge problem with the with the bettering case backlogs. So we have like 181000. People on the the waiting list for for appointments. Backed up in Massachusetts we have probably 40000. On the list in in Florida are. Because you're so many retirees. So we had major major problems so one of the responses we had this when I was back on the VA committee goes on through the VA committee in congress somehow on oversight committee. But we actually. Had a a provision adopted. In an amendment to the VA appropriations bill where we said OK if you're on the waiting list you can go to any doctor you want and the country. You can go to a private you can go tough she can go to Mass. General you don't have to go. To be seen at the VA now we've got this would reduce the backlog of people what analyst. It may very little difference in Hawaiian when I talked to people. That we're awaiting. They said. We don't wanna go to a private hospital we wanna go to the day. And where veterans and we wanna be seen without the veterans we wanna be seen at the veterans. Administration hospitals. So in because they believe in the care they believe in the institution. They have relationships through with the doctors and you wanna go anywhere else. And it can also have a tie it. Did I believe that there is. There's a quality of care and has there's a medicinal benefit. To being seen in that environment without the veterans. I actually believe that there's a there's a holistic. And benefit. That comes to veterans. When you see how you know one slam one dead ones lay on the other. They're Brothers you know they've they've they have that. That common bond you know made that they might have served in different different. Theaters but. You know I see that and I think it's a real tangible benefits to veterans being seen at the VA and I think there is so. So and there are areas for us to collaborate with private sector definitely but you know I do think that that. The veterans deserve their own system if they if they choose to go there they they should should have that opportunity. Congressman and anecdotal. One's nineteen so I go. My injuries would among humans consuming them girls. While woman school I work for. Him and in some. Kitchen. You know if you want to eat food today can cook but Lukas the 400 people how someone you like and food and water don't just will be for 200 people and them. And asking him to stream that stuff like. But that was slightly for parts. For quote we would. From the war absence of and what's dark and it's with a lot of four and are the work. In it wouldn't be there would be stork tunes that had speaking English. And we patience that you know apple and you know intellectually. Psychologically. You know. Being able to move the walls. You know say what you have problems. Thursday. All this is for peace when you're away. You know I think the quality of care. The staff for ten people were completely it's improved immensely I think people at the no actual story you will slick. News approach but you can form a veteran with veteran. And the staff themselves wrote dedicated to the effects for fair point yeah. And the problem. Is one of the Vietnam and certainly view it from the poem was it him. In it was. Lieutenant Ronald still reserves a public these in the yeah I'm looking at the funeral I spoke. Problem. All the time that problem or. You know we make phone not at all. We have it we were badly over under when Johnson and Korda is is by far of the latest I mean you know the government Kennedy now with law. Fumble movable while you know what anything we do run. I wanna talk to. Sell the rules from the fact of sleep after it's excellent for. To pinpoint and as as some on what was last payments and valid and channel avoid the let. But when you talk all agree what you impeaching. Him. States. From Boone sold us that you won can you laments routes lose sleep experts. The lose the record everything what it's like. Well. News. I thought there was count on fair and just because you get elected. Senators remaining years you know you can dual volatile acted following they'll all just audit honestly. Professional comedian. You know news. Thespian. So yes. Highly the intelligent and wonderful job so it was put a little awkward to thank you thank you but I have to admit now that I'm a member of congress and now we whose states there. And she does a terrific problem I'm much more comfortable doing three minutes the trio you. You know anybody else any of our veterans have some good jokes. That they kid recommend to me take about remember we have the the nuns and the priests in the first Roosevelt. You know that enough knowledge and Upjohn up. Or rather between. News but thank you. And a happy Saint Patrick's Day out there or a veteran Q. So that I'm been known around five K. Before before hand and then. I make a flawless calories I burn you know unless we have that we is after saint Patrick's and a paper and in fact it. So that's why yeah I feel that. Mellon in the recovery road result he'll wakes up kind of perfectly the way the race than some times you know its range Tony yeah Atlanta via via its that. The problem job alone you know the. Wind and short of what. Troops and veterans themselves. Are always point oh to put them for search engine. And it's three and six Olsen. Twins. Yeah and I assume it's. As soon hundreds. Of veterans council. In the week but it. Should welcome its. Culture change in addition to. If physical and some corporate and the committee transportation. Emissions and slick. From emotional. Just roll photo for consideration. While ago maintain that flexibility and a M and also foresight you have to anticipate our exchanges and and and respond to exploit yeah I think that's great and I. I want to thank. Kyle John and Mike thank you very much for all the work you do on this program men and elsewhere in your regular jobs. And caring for a veterans were very very fortunate to have via the benefit of your. Advocacy on behalf of veterans thank you. Well thank you. And all. I don't Johnson appreciates you know fitness has taken over John Warren is a parent silence. Maybe navy. This isn't a record for the latest that you did that. Play at the consulate of one I want thank you so much for coming on and bill. You know something that was talked on the show is that you know maybe if we feel better off with congressmen and you know politicians like into blue collar ranks and you yourself from it. Rare and they came through louis' steelworker and threw them through the trades and I think they'll let you know use of a lot of things that think that. You know the common man would would who would agree with a I think that's finally got them from Phil thank you we wish there were there was some morally Q. I think especially from the veteran influence. You know who are hypocrites if we say more punishment from office now I think you're right acacia. Thank you now with Ankiel and you know and and and as always wanna say thank you to all those who were listening we veterans and as well as you from the members. Thank you futures tour the country on councilman Booth and the sound of your you know and succeed was well.