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Amb. Bolton says its possible President Trump has been wiretapped. 3/10/17

Mar 10, 2017|

Amb. Bolton joins Kuhner to discuss North Korea flexing their muscle as well as Trump’s claims Obama wiretapped him. Do you agree with Amb. Bolton?

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106 here. On the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning up all liberal bowl okay are my friends we are just waiting now. To get into contact with the former UN ambassador John Bolton. I was you know we discussed this briefly on yesterday's show. There are now clear wore signs potentially developing. On the Korean Peninsula. A president trump has now sent. Several B 52 nuclear bombers. I'd as a deterrent against possible North Korean aggression OK we have him now he's joining us. Ambassador John Bolton thanks so much for coming on and welcome. And directed. Her. Ambassador the big question obviously is what is happening in the Korean Peninsula. And are we drifting towards war we now have the president sending B 52 nuclear bombers. Navy ships American navy ships are now heading towards the region. We are engaged in war exercises with the South Koreans. North Korea recently just launched missile tests off the coast of Japan. They're making very bellicose statements. About attacking Seoul South Korea American troops on the DMZ. They're threatening to test and an intermediate or long range ballistic missile that could possibly hit Hawaii. My question do you is this. Are we drifting towards war. And if you had president trumps year what would you tell him to do about these Stalinist regime in Pyongyang. Well I don't I don't think we're drifting toward war at this point but I think all those things that you operated all of the are fairly accurate Cho were at a very dangerous period and what what has really caused a lot of concern I think prop that this spooked by the president with the B fifty twos. Is that confluence goats of this annual military super US South Korean military super and the constitutional crisis in South Korea. You're blisters is seen overnight that the South Korea traps to court remove the president from office is now acting president. Election Day there were riots demonstrations riots last night in. At several South Korean cities couple people killed. Every prospect that. That the passion that have been at least by this impeachment will continue to run high so the risk of course is that the north Koreans and the Chinese. Sing this disarray in South Korea. They try to take advantage of it and I think that's the principal explanation for the demonstration the tangible demonstration. There were gonna stand with the people of South Korea out all that having been said I do think yeah the odds are at the moment we get past that. Current tension at risk and uncertainly but it's that count your main question which is that the North Korean nuclear weapons capability. It remains that is growing as a threat. As South Korea and others in East Asia but also after the state. What the risk very short period. They'll be able to put it nuclear warhead on a ballistic missile hit targets that the United States. So I think we've wasted a enormous about it over Republican and democratic and straight alike could ask. 25 years try to negotiate with this machine which has no intention whatever voluntarily giving Gupta. Nuclear weapons I think we ought to go back to the policy of trying to isolate the sanctions but back on the list of state sponsors terrorism we just saw the outcry at the end leader or create half Brothers that it is Asia. I but mostly we've got to go to trying to say look we're not got it does hero says you people say you don't want North Korea with nuclear weapons. By the enormous leverage you have and let's see what we can do about that at the north Koreans said over the long term. I think you've got to see the two Koreas reunite you cannot allow that North Korea. Which is look let's be clear irrational. Or did you edit at the airport view but airport you. Iraq's dangerous that regime can't be allowed that deliverable nuclear weapons over the walk over the law. Ambassador. What is ultimately Kim Jung irons long term strategy is it just to keep his regime to preserve his regime. Does he wanna overthrow. The government in South Korea and may be reunify the peninsula but under Communist rule. I he recently we louder made statements. Against the Chinese leadership for temporarily blocking coal shipments. He's almost biting the hand that feeds him. Is he completely out of control. Does he want a war what exactly is his end game. Well I'm not I don't think we know I'm not sure knows I compared whose father. His father's mentality since Hitler in the bunker. And it goes to the point I was making that they're just not rational and our terms I think he certainly wants to maintain his team at our door. I do say genius status land that you list since he thinks he can reignite the Korean Peninsula there is rule. And I think he based on history thanks seat and he can be MP unit that China and and not say that are so. That's one reason why China is so important in in this equation and under Obama we had unfortunately eight years of what he called a policy of strategic patient. With North Korea and what that means is strategic patients who sent him for doing not. So and another aspect I think. And Java is testing the trump administration the C if they're gonna follow the same policy. So this sending the B fifty twos and other action taken that last spot that app as well. I think demonstrates her latest South Korea who we need to reassure Japan and others. That we take the North Korean threat much more seriously bad about Africa. Ambassador just a pivotal little bit trump made big news over the weekend. By saying that looking at press reports and others. He believes that either Obama or the Obama administration. Wiretapped. Him or wiretapping his campaign and those of some key people in his inner circle. He is being demonized by the mainstream media saying he's paranoid. He's lying he's making an opt there's absolutely no evidence. What do you make of Trump's wiretapping claims is there anything to wit and should trump have weeded out. Well I think he hit it looks like he overstated it I'd say that cut back because they expect that extreme heat here saying that because there's a press spokesman. Can't can't indeed give us some evidence of what he was thinking about I do you think it's possible. That he was looking at the coverage his campaign god in your watch post. These constant leaks from law enforcement and intelligence sources all probability. About close ties between some of his associate ad. Russia. So somebody was getting bad information. This thank I have my older or so they're. Been better advised to say we think Serb bailed. And you know it doesn't necessarily have become Obama himself but it's obviously the administration. That would be taking these actions. So it's it is it made it maybe orbit after that it he'd cut but obviously now. The burden is on trial you is to try to demonstrate what he had I think he's done. The rights saints say look let's have this whole thing investigated but to. Committees perhaps set committees that are investigating. The overall Russian issue. Put that on their agenda and and but after a thorough investigation to see what they. Ambassador with how many years you spent in the George W Bush Administration the Reagan administration. In terms of your widespread government experience. Does it defies any possibility TU. That Obama's Justice Department and or FBI. Could have gone to the Pfizer court not once but twice in the second time got some kind of a fight so Warren. Two apparently surveil and monitor. Trumps computer server at trump tower. And the president not be aware of this does that does that is that possible in your article it. It's it's hard to believe and I think that. You know the last administration politicized so much of the government that people are naturally skeptical about it I would say also. When James clapper on Sunday denied it there'd been any application that besides the court. He talked in terms of trump and the trump campaign. Very narrowly crafted answer. Because what could have been under investigation for people associated with the campaign supporters. But we're not actually part of the campaign. They Harper's answer was was was buried. Limited in ended the dial and you know it's this hot the art center of words like that that leads people to think maybe there's something dark ought the garage area blisters or just we're just not the position so. With any degree of certainly what the real truth says so I'm not I'm not sure we're ever got to be satisfied but again I think trump right by bank. Let's have the congressional committees take a look at it it's got Democrats sent out of the dark there. If there's a chance to get partisan agreement it'll be fair if there's disagreement both sides will be laid out the people who make up their bonds. We have been talking with former UN ambassador John Bolton ambassador thank you so much for coming on the corner report. And have a great weekend. It's always a pleasure utility electors is well. God bless you daycare 6172666868. Okay my friends coming up next. Paul Ryan that's right right nor Ryan. Now are a committee are far funded group linked to him now starts running television ads. Not attacking Democrats. But conservatives. And Republicans. Our whole boost to ride in care it's all out civil war and rise in just started. That's story next.