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Is Julian Assange A Cyber Security Defender?

Mar 10, 2017|

VB & Kim have Tom Fitton (President of Judicial Watch) on the program. They talk about IRS documents, Russian Involvement, and WikiLeaks. Also covered: A young woman asks for financial assistance through Go Fund Me. For what? A parking ticket!

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So. 686 city as the text line one of the great beds in the last ten years at this point now now. If you don't stock market this morning you've got the greatest chance. Hugh Grant is a great guy that's ever really good just I mean it. Arguable Omar you can might back out why please mark say I don't know just say it. Are we could do this. It'll please go yeah. My arm and. I'm so sorry to knock your chest and I Selanne answered chestnut all the old roommate got nice tight packs it's based properly it's all good TV. We can not keep anyone in here working with us because of all of your. Various. Stages of distant undress so whenever. You know Maria she's she's Irish you read right now she is so embarrassed Omar is in they're going off. I have barely ladies and as you know being on the Irish descent so much fentanyl freckles because they keep it covered at all times during the summer. Very well yes like will at some point. There's gonna be funeral director Goss had nothing else the guy had an chest and I am I okay. The open casket for me just haven't opened she knows she's by the way out. I diverse I diapers I I am digress digress for a moment speaking of you. Did you see what I put in my Twitter page yesterday where we're by the way we're waiting for towns that were backed game he's coming back and we just kind of felt while I'm here what for a second. Did issue a put upon legitimate now. Kkk Eric in at keiki care and folks I want you to take a peek at this to check my Twitter can't. BB there's a picture of costs someone sent to my wife saw this and she Saddam called Kim put up a picture viewer in her but then I never did get to somebody sent me this yesterday. We were in Peabody. Back on is that trip were sitting together. And I said. Crew is that guy sitting next to me wow. And I and I followed up with about a proud of your body because I am telling you you and your great cast. Little heavier than and a little better showing a bigger event. But your legs -- no there were day day did congratulations to you died just one I cannot you've got 64 early runs are we say can you put the genie back in the bottle I put the fat genie back in the ball Betemit then and you don't you know but I'm just saying do you I'm hats off to you thank you governor is to shoot that now you're you're back with me on the chest thing I'm sorry Clinton is where this he is the president of judicial watch and he is a guy who has been making news. For a long time but in particular this week. And I said the Marie yes are we gonna get him on his man this guy is making things happen down in DC she has done so Tom didn't welcome back to WRK out. Let's start with the Russian my friend because Jew who are trying to get your hands on. Some unclassified reports relating to Russia. Unlike everybody else who just wants to say either there isn't Russia connection weather is not a Russian connection. You're actually trying to do some factual. Evidence based research into this where is this going. Well we hope to get the records we've got two losses that we filed this week. What about the general when conversations with the Russian ambassador. And then secondly there's a report about Russian interference in European elections which. I don't know why wasn't released when the Obama administration. Suggested they were interfering in our elections. Probably because it shows that maybe they were his interest that it trappers. The Obama king alleges in more interest it is just influencing elections generally. And then of course we've got the planet so that we're asking for. About the crime that took place there. Are now one we've been told that. Conversation was all we only found out about it because they were there were tapping into the Russian ambassador. Do we have suspicions that may be they were monitoring plan. You know. I too have suspicions that was the case. So all we don't fully read the newspaper which means we don't know anything. Because we don't have the documents yet and we need to have the documents for the week. Have some public confirmation of what's been reported. From the government. And it's ironic because you know I think president trump is onto something he's generally right to complain about the targeting of his people and generally. And then the leaking of what worked on that surveillance suggest frankly this surveillance was for improper purpose. So here I like about Tom Fenton I know people Argo or discourage some trump lover on for those that don't know Tom fitting in judicial watch in what judicial watch does is. They get the documentation and it takes forever but they get it in when they get it they give you the truth. In the reason I like it Tom as you've you've had success in the past him in the IRS scandal which we're gonna talk about the second. You guys did that and you guys have been on that case and what you thought was going to be true has turned out to be true and then some. And that's why I I'm interested to hear what you say about Russia because you're in the belly of the beast you're in the swamp. In everybody in this wants an all Russian acting election and Russia has something on drug and rush is doing this. But you're saying hey I'm suspicious of this and I want to take a walk and I'm not be allowed to get my hands and these documents what's going on here. Exactly and the irony is that president trump you know what his administration comes to power finally. Will be able to release these records or should release these records so we get the truth here and I really think he has the attitude I don't care about these records assist relief from. But it's a matter of just getting the process to work its little filing lawsuits. Another thing that happened this week is we find out that the IRS. All oh there's those other 7000 documents we weren't looking for our. You had sued them and force them to turn over documents to congress. And much like an Hilary care Clinton keys to their emails we were told that this was everything we got. Lo and behold we find out it is and everything we got now we have 7000 new documents just. You know it's funny I learned about that a few weeks ago on a walk around the office sitting around thinking boy you know that help people essential and up. People are interested in this scandal bill because it's important because of the targeting your views in the IRS by the by the administration. Three years we've been fighting it's not just two years in the case the losses two years because they're fighting fighting specific on this issue. With the audit individuals who donated the Tea Party groups. Believe it argue with the Bob IRS for years. Making sure they looked everywhere they're supposed to look for records. Just kind of like that Hillary Clinton record they say oh we were looking over here but not over there. And and other records are over there same with the IRS and they finally get pressure are turning to look over there. And it turns out there's 7000 records they happen and analyzed. As there was supposed to do and who got within them. They begin producing of this week. And they say what was wolf finished producing. We can't tell you where and so they want forever as they can do that such that you were still mobility are skills to it's not a. Premier probably has. It's never over as you well know because is probably more documents in another corner of the US alone slot. That's true but we'll get more of the truth now that we would've otherwise. 978 judicial watch rocks let this guy know that so I'm letting you know that confidence as a text or. Here's my thing on all of this is the IRS is one brush or even more importantly. Do you think there is documentation that's going to show you definitively one way or the other because the thing about the swamp is. The swamp always keeps things murky enough so that everybody has plausible die ability. There's enough there that they can make it case there's not enough there that you can disprove it and we never really do know what the truth. Well like I think if you get the you know Fred is the big guys see we were told there was a video NA for demonstration that was behind the attacks and it was a big lie it was a terrorist attack and they knew from the minute. And all the documents show that to be the case. The documents about accurate virtually every document there is a very gutsy because Lisa's off. I still is planning document that says that was a protest to the Internet that he at a cost of so I think getting into the Russian relative we're gonna find documents to say one way or another. And a lack of documents saying one thing is gonna tell you that well if they were telling you that one thing. But the documents don't show it there relying. Bomb. You think a congressional hearing on this is ever gonna find out what you're gonna find out because I trust you a lot more than I trust them. Well I trust us to congress can get some get back felt that sometimes useful. Hearings will get a bit more of the truth but they're limited. You know it's funny the intelligence. Committees are looking at this. But they're bound by the rules of classifications let basic things and not be able to tell us about it. My last question for your time and by the way techsters. How is judicial watch funded because I wanted to contribute to warm keep going Tom fit in time your true American dialog via. Just just let you know. When you're here yesterday Dianne Feinstein among others and they may subpoena trumps tax records. You've done this stuff before you know while congress works. Hey. Alternately could they do that in relation to this Russia thing in beat. If they were able to subpoena his taxes. Would say yes he's full taxes or would they just be allowed to get a portion of home. That somebody else has seen its is okay this is the only thing that's even relevant to a Russian discussion what would that how would that goal. Oh I didn't know find is that that evidence so widely abusive you know how to react to it. They don't need to see if taxes. They want these factors for Hillary. Right right that's what I want there is is there a way that they can do an end around. To get at what they want and not what they really care about which is to somehow embarrassed trump well. Well you know the Republicans let the Democrats subpoena trumps taxes that you that the Republicans suggests. And it turned the keys over to the senator the house just. Officially. Top ten and keep it up and to keep us posted obviously will be in touch as this thing progresses but you do great work on the IRS situation obviously numbering Ghazi. And I am very. Very interested to see what happens with the Russian stuff. We are you. Judicial watch if you don't know what you gotta check our judicial watch dot com six or 72666868. Is the phone number. We'll take some calls we come back. Since quickly TV does. Did the first full. Jobs report since the president has taken office being released right now and February. We added 235000. Jobs unemployment rate dropped to four point 7%. And it was anticipated. That we would add. And somewhere between a 175. And 300 so this is a good jobs report assists this is a good healthy economy. If you're gonna add in the five year of the four years of the president the first four years USA had 25 million jobs. Army needs to stay on track around 300000. A month which is really kind of cut off. But that is a robust that's good that's a good jobs report so that is the February jobs report which is anticipated. In tech futures were. Up high in anticipation of this and I think this'll do well when the markets open today. We talked about the mole for (%expletive) about the fact Julian Assange has again pressed it like to leave union embassy. I don't see that guy just kind of go his life like. He's moved through. Room to room. Warm your fed. Waters are running again and on their worst places to be yes but. I don't have much of a socialized she. Third at a higher literacy and I just think dries up element. But the question. That I would opposed to our listeners. And all this of course related that we he. Is whether. People see him. You know as several patriot. Or edit any federal defender of cyber security a defender of trance parent C. Or if you see him as an enemy of state. Because. I see him as the latter. I really do now he says you know he wants to pass on the information. That he has to apple and two Samsung into Google and all of these producers of I'm gadgets. So that they can begin to develop programs that keep the government out of our living rooms and off of our phones. There what do you make of that and our love is your love Assange. You cool would that that these tech companies are gonna get this information long before you're gonna get it. Mom. And what is the public service there lightly I guess he you know you protect the individuals. Through their stuff I guess I guess I mean I guess Tim Cook does need to know what before I need to know it. Yeah I'm gonna sit Tim Cook could find out the same time as me couldn't me well I think the point is that if Tim Cook knows it Tim Cook. Can say to his engineers and I want you audit program indicts people can switch on and off. To make sure that they don't get in now my question would be. What makes Julian Assange believes that if that program was developed. That they couldn't just break that I mean they would they would break the codes there. See what I don't like about Julian Assange and I know that this is old news but I I I agree with it. What I don't like is that. He sits over the air and that in the C. Saying that he is a security transparency. And yet he doesn't seem to leak anybody's secrets except hours. Why Tina you need to tell me the he's not that they don't have the ability to hack into the Russians for example and release their information. Why is anywhere near a Hackett into Iraq. In Iran. Why is it only American secrets. Eight Mon five thank god for Assange and WikiLeaks in my shoe like oppression. Yeah okay but so what do you make of this deal yesterday in this announcement that he made yesterday and you all in on that as well. Assigned to such. It's too tricky one. Butts senior Tim cork. Yeah so you called the barn no because I don't want any part of that's. Because the minute the U dude he senior business. Adore I don't know I'm very clear on this I don't think it's a murky thing for me. I think it Assange. He's not he's an enemy of the state I I think you're the yen is IE I don't understand why it's only your secrets that are being divulged. And I like for people to tell me why a they think that's the case and why they don't see that as a negative yeah I mean I know that keeps he's pointed out that. Did the CIA is in our business. But he's also played out to everybody else how he gets in their business what what is positive about that. And he hasn't told us one thing about how to get into somebody else's does. Yes. And ultimately the argument is it's about getting the troops out first of all which he seems to be doing second a ball is about protecting you when your rights in your freedoms. In this case I'm guessing people don't like them are fine where it is because. He is trying to protect year. He's just before I even get to uterus to you know what's going on I'm trying to get the people to stop them at the gates. You know it. It's like you know. For lack of a better analogy it's 1940 foreign Rommel trying to stop him at the beaches when your living back in Munich or something. You don't need to know what's going on over there until until we take care of it he's trying to go to the beaches here which is Samsung and apple and these companies. Then then we'll let you know but I don't get to them first. I think Israeli gonna be interesting to see what they do and whether they they get involved and I'll I'll cook does that in particular. When he takes phone calls from Obama daily any stock. Trump apparently you think Sidney let me ask you something you think that those companies are gonna. I don't know I am again to six want to have a 2666868. X 86 days attacks fine. You think those companies are getting gonna get bed with the likes of Julian Assange because I think they run a huge risk in this company in this country. If they do it we don't know what our stances on a size though it's like what what is the country's view on this again isn't it doesn't put you and Romney did say love the guy. The wrecks it guy just met with this idea and we know trump just that would have wrecked it guy recently so. And here's what I'd like it does a president of the news much today after he's divulge the kinds of secrets at the president needs. To find out about other. Other countries. I wonder if he loves him as much. Yeah and now it. I'm more I'm always a clean up your own backyard kind of guy the question is easy cleaning up our own backyard or is he making it last year. And that's unclear and there is a lot that does come out as a result of what he's doing in that information is helpful. There is also some things of concern and there is a getting in bed with the original line down with dogs you wake up with fleas aspect of the thing is well. That makes it very murky Ogden. Yeah I. I don't know I can't imagine how I think it's going to be very hard for. These companies to embrace. What he's doing here arm and believe that they're going to be able to do business or not feel the repercussions. Of Washington when it's also done. I mean IE you know life out of the will ever know what those repercussions might be that might be held in confidence as well Brett. It's. I think he running huge risk if they get in bed with him I really do. Why is about WikiLeaks its interest thing. Where where does WikiLeaks goal eventually and what do they do like this did yesterday was a V stay movement. I didn't see that common and now he's actively. We're now fight and we're not just getting the information out we're trying to stop that. More than just through information it's literally going to companies. In saying day. Let's go let's do something about this. That I wanted to see change but it's definitely a put your foot on the gas pedal rule. And we'll SeaWorld we're gonna have to find out who wants to get bad weather. Now this isn't this just a big circle here and I'm trying to figure out you know where this circle starts and weary and Jimmy we've got the we've got their. You know the mole the whole team other trying to find out who's a leak in this stuff so obviously that. Proves that this this can't be good thing. You know we had a president who stood up and said that he thought weak U leaks was a good thing I don't think he believes that now today or there wouldn't be a search for the moles. It we've got you know accompanies. Then at. Are claiming that their work and for us meaning apple in the bringing us the latest. Of everything now we got a guy who's saying hey will give you information so you can be the latest. And yet they're gonna have to feel the wrath of the government if they get involved I think it's just really it's a tangled web is really a tangled web well plus. You were you trust readers security and government are apple like hit. Tim Cook doesn't always stand for believe in what you believe and we know what these tech companies sometimes do when your information from any job without your knowledge or consent so. Boy out there who might supposed to root for. This is I bet I did this is what I'm asking who do you root for who do you who do you think is their hero in all this I don't know. And gore the losers in all of that I'm not sure. 6726. Or 6868. X 86 needed attacks on. Where we've been. Give them some exclusive access. And additional technical we have. Sort of it fixes. Can be developed. I would doubt that people who you and then once this material is effectively. It's. Fire off by removing critical. We will public. It is going to be. About. What has been her the five spot where. That's Julian Assange yesterday. Has a little. Press conference so I think just a press conference you know can ask questions but he put out that video let me go to Abdul he's in Manchester this morning good. Morning your W working out. Market. Share. You know in all at the beginning we they go all out go back and everybody knows. I think this guy is very simple. Or. How it. Okay and sell it or have you got more quickly. Which is gonna make money off the court and and more like you all the rest and I. However. You know transparent on all that and you know our goat a bit our our our government. Agencies to look there's doubt. And no. Have better some but I think it's just that deal. You know role and to put it on paper that we can Lee showed. There CIA can do I think everybody to. Get. Before it. It. Can be a little bit people aren't naive about that you know what is you know could get it on all reach an old. All we have got to delighted call girl we know it's here and didn't like you're you're making. Seoul. Right I think I mean that part of it I think these are I think the good thing that came out of our hope anyway and maybe it's already been rectified we'll never know this either but the big one of the good days it came out of that dump this week was he actually a bit. Not only is it all there spelled out but they kept in the same place and he did say that over and over and a lot of people have acknowledged that that was. A huge security. Breach really to keep all those documented everything in one place where you you've do you get in there man it's the mother lode. Their front seven is Robin Hood hero or villain Eminem that sort of is he gets exactly right. And and I'm. I have a much clearer understanding of Robin Bennett do resign is that that would be my story there of these. Assange is trickier for me even Robin let's put it that well I mean for me it. I ever pretty clear I am a little clearer with Assange I don't. I don't know I just don't think that. He is his first and foremost goal is to protect the American people I don't I don't believe that's true I don't think that's what he's do. I think that he's he's playing it that way in an effort to keep some sentiment in his face you know like like our last caller just said is a sales pitch. But I don't think that that's his first and foremost goal I don't think it's because he is so into transparency. Mean I think he's got a vendetta and eighties trying to have. Play out pretty girls on model model laptop right now I'm results on next amenities and the second I touch it. That's gone and they got out and just I just know that going in men and whatever else comes of it that's on your. Well put a bit earlier on camera right. Do eighty Enron as the averages don't do anything stupid in front of any of that you know any moving more stupid than you already do but. He used to be as a kid you'd say you know don't doing you know when you Graham and now or you don't want your mom to know or wherever it was that you didn't want them now. They know now. So. Forget that lives in new day it's a new wage and you get a deal within. And we'll see we'll see where this goes and we'll see what happens here it's going to be interesting Z with these tech companies do was this this. And from my share offer I again I might guess is they wanted they won't. I don't think Apple's going to be calling him I don't. Help well I don't think so either I smoked again did they trust him to they trust the information do they. You know bid dated debt. Sean Spicer bad ass now two days in a row. And he is he's very clear that we will not. Support or deny. We won't we won't confirm or deny. Anything related to this example even know Vick to what would you head down that path with him not even knowing if this is for real or not yeah. Yeah I mean you sorted you wanna if someone's you know breaking into your bar. And somebody does you they know who's bringing in your bar you generally do ask him out today. And where we gonna meet in let's find out like so apple knows that there's a weakness in their phones that they are not. Figuring out in someone's telling you they have information I'd usually you do. Check when those who are so I don't but I just it for you charged when pageant that. Apple isn't aware and Samsung and all these companies are not mean these these brain surgeons who gave us these devices. They don't know where their weaknesses aren't they don't know how there. How does not. It's the Ford is due to closure into your nose to spite your face and sometimes you can. That's for you can have the best security in the world and it's always great until somebody swims across the bay and San Francisco on characterizes an inescapable if that's firm again another one of our. Wouldn't you like to know once and for all of those guys did make it or not kind of thing and now. Well and that's I guess that's why whiteness outed to further and that's why I don't understand why Julian Assange only is interested in hacking. What's going on and always apparently. Has the capability of hacking what's going on in this country doesn't. Others and he doesn't have molds and leaks in other places side that's why I question whether he's so into transparency. And he's you know the savior for of transparency to me. Little questionable. Becoming governor next our by the way at 930. We as we approach the weekend we always love the idea that we talk about food. And of course outwardly joins us to talk food so we're going to be doing that coming up at 930 let's go to Bruce in Woburn. Hey Bruce good morning your WR camp. I love bake you do. You do this let see what. He has Graham was in your. I know you it no matter really who I ever saw to roll aren't I good he'd be saying going on that so we understand. Well I Arabs a Bob I know you you didn't really go up. Totaled in the beginning but I know in the end you will and it just two years ago the American people yes. Old days. Well I just wish that you would change it to just so. I'm all charged I don't like what you need to do you need to get dealt with him and sit and have dinner. What would do him and his wife's. And he beat and his wife for honest and just. Just or Ronald table. We don't irony is I need to be invited for some bowling in the basement don't you think. Can do a chat. Opportunities again candle and that's for sure I can absolutely. Davies. Yes like he and I I need to be invited along with. The conservative portion of that Republican Party Al conservatives are being in but is it all conservatives being I don't know sought. Just some key conservatives maybe write all doable off review but only at the White House. Well first just says let's upped the stakes here in my purse is a win in a bowling off near you. We would. Much like the South Boston parade we got to do some negotiating as to what the rules would be an hour would weirder versions said he thinks that there were that the president should invite you and cocoa and bring Indian the White House for dinner. What with you in the Lonnie which I I thank you Bruce that he thinks that we would have that kind of we do. But totally going on right us and then we can go down personable I tell you how that would go all that you would let him mortar for you I would not. I would absolutely. That would be one of the first things I've always thought that about the way hesitancy at bowling Alley because they just don't. Hell is a bowling Alley doing at the White House I get it right why it's only and that's just that's just I don't Nixon like my whole variety. Try to put kids through the years they've been able imparting their own we're only as they're hidden ball machines. Is that okay a dream I don't know is terrible I think there's a pool tables kind of an arc is there a box Elaine like. Why is a bowling lane there are so weird because it's because I was there that it's gonna stay there for this well not necessarily I'm not sure that I think it's gonna stay forever I mean there may be a president who comes along I think it's just probably worked out well. Like I say people who've had kids and those kind of that they can't have a regular life Sofia of access to things like that. Gives it a regular life if I can get in there I'm going to have assured me that says. McKinnell and conservative. Talk and I will protest the factor silently protest the fact that they don't have a camel and land them they only have big balls because I find that exclusionary. You don't wanna take on my husband by the way he's an excellent Fuller. And he has Salinas you know when when that things are on the side. Now he didn't ask him about. It's either you get confused that was me that was neon that claimed he was on the one next act at a there's a story by the way when we come back and I think you're gonna wanna be in on it involves each year or is she not a snow. And okay is this next on me you're not on me this is she being this woman and I'm these urges young lady sixteen actually. Who wants you to pay for something that she did. And she's she's gone to the papers say they get off my back this is why I'm doing what I'm doing so where do you stand up. It's been an issue so called him slowing in the city that you don't know. It erodes this guy's gotten brighter but I now cannot see this city at all from here which I was not right now. Mockery of this to be careful as you point out WR Kerio dot com. For a number of reasons of recent posting up articles in. Videos from stuff that we've been talking about today. In my latest column is up there are brought him Kerrigan is on the by far the strangest thing that happened this week with the trump administration and you may not even known about it looked if you weren't it's even stranger than the bowling. I realized oh absolutely I I. I I it is stunning to me that this happened in that somebody went along. Go to W earlier dot com and you'll see my column on that thing now speaking of this is quite a story here TV. It's our only answer later yes. Manchester sixteen year argued the back story of rebellion and we're gonna talk about this sixteen year old girl. Parks are car goes does whatever it is she's doing comes back up ticket on the car. Turns out she's in handicapped. Space and doesn't either doesn't know it or fight she doesn't our regular it. To what does it is torn fifty dollar ticket 225 votes out of things to fifty. Com. Upon getting the 250 dollar ticket. She had to go fund me. And puts up a little thing that is how they help me pay my tickets. Since that time she has been gotten nothing but ripped. Yeah on FaceBook and everywhere else the Richmond just Manchester chick. That's the phrase that I can use and other phrases we can't use right to sixteen year old girl. Because she's put up a goal fund me about her wanting to pay or have other people pay her apartment. In fact I mean she is being attacked like you can't even believe you know. If she says it's just crazy that people are judging me they don't know me and they don't know my situation male thing that I'm just a spoiled brat. And we learn more about her situation you learned that she is not a spoiled brat or it certainly doesn't appear that the adults in her life think that's a case. She goes to school there in. Manchester in Sheen that she plays basketball memorial high and basketball coach says she's just a terrific kid. She's hard worker I'm sure shoes and her then you did you learn more about her mom bright. And around single mom food stamps pretty 5000 bucks a year she works at a shipping company they've adopted the five year old cousin. Whose father could not take care per. So I mean she's got this spoiled chick. Who says oh gosh mommy and daddy don't wanna pay my tickets so how repayment ticket. On the other hand there is a personal responsibility story line here are right. I mean you did get the ticket and it's your job to pay that tick off. You're clearly somebody's paying for the gas that was in the car in varies some money there to be bad. And it's your deal in the fact that you immediately go to go find me is I mean is it would go fund his four I. I don't know I've never done gulf I viewed now you either of you ever done and how fun me. I I think that's another point of any of this actually you know the kid goes to go find me. Because she scares it was a driver's license in shad have 250 box and she needs the car. I don't think that's the issue here because really that is what go find me is set up to do I mean it's setup did did asked people if they will help. You pay something. The issue is that people are cyber bullying her in the way they are which. I think is gross I mean there's just in my estimation there's never time to cyber bully never you'll wanna go funder don't go funder. But this error is an art expert you I feel like she's a little bit naive I get that she's sixteen but isn't very little bit of when you sub ago fund me or you go to any social media teamster grams snap Chad FaceBook Twitter whenever. And you you're saying help me pay parking ticket aren't sure suppose isn't they're going to be some backlash to that. I mean isn't Tom with the talent. Orient op may be but she's sixteen and she's. Again like I said Jenna to learn the tee box and you don't know what to do when she's fraiche it was a driver's license which she will. And so she's done this is that I mean I'm sorry she. I understand that we need to amiga one of these social spots and you put things up there which I say this to my kids all the time you've opened yourself up for anything but. Cute to be so nasty mean really as adults. One of them more to do with your life here's my health. Question on 607266. Excused six did you have any sympathy for this girl and she's a girl I'll say sixteen girl she's she's a child. She gets a parking handicapped parking ticket and Shia scope on me to pay for it meant she is ripped on line I mean is that not the essence of the story by some things that they're saying is like people put out there. That she created a porn video to raise money now to another or why don't you with. One suggestion yeah or they suggested that she go to an amateur night at a gentlemen's club to raise it. Not stick really distasteful it up on call or a cyber bullying though or is that just. People being Smart tests I think that's been cleaned up by the way. For the newspaper but that's just being Smart ass is isn't it and I don't wanna I would never send those kind of messages but. I feel like there's a certain snowflake element to business end. And you've got to know when you ask somebody else to pay your pardon to get other people are gonna going to wanna you do we yourself. Sister first of all in and second of all we all we see it every day year Kim I mean that's why we have attacks lines of people can say those sort of things cause I know we're not sixteen although I act like it sometimes. But I. Much. I don't feel like she learned her lesson if people just pay her parking ticket former I actually think the union leader is hoping that. Happened my putting this article there because they're garnering sympathy for her wait a minute minute minute minute. What big lesson is there in life that she has to learn from this park handicap spent. You think she's earned it anytime soon. It's George. Parker put thirty bucks and there because he knows she works or you know what off that she made a mistake he's turned to help a sixteen year old kid in fact that's a perfect example. If her coach thought he can give her thirty bucks he clearly doesn't think she's a kid who hasn't learned from a mistake or. Or did this on purpose 'cause she's a spoiled rotten back your kind of the idea that because she needed help that she's spoiled. Would you ever contribute to eagle fund me account to pay some and parking tech so let's start with the that. I'm not I don't contribute to go fun because I never know what's going on the other end is for real or not. At a lot of other places I would put my money to help people that I knew was legit. But do I think this kid deserve that or we should immediately stereo type Burton now. 672666868. X 86 a is a tech slide is she has spoiled brat and could you speak it book which if under.