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Bigfoot searching with the Midwest's all-female team searching for Bigfoot.

Mar 10, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson chat with the She-Squatchers - the first all-female team searching for Bigfoot in the midwest. Steph, Jen & Kim talk about their techniques, their experiences, and their successes in the hunt for evidence the elusive creature. 03/10/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. You're. Every morning in his young real. And when Jason Hawes and TV Johnson the show where we talked about the normal the abnormal the paranormal and everything in between which covers just about everything just playing a lot of weird yeah so. Lot of weird but I welcome the show everybody tuning in to be on reality radio tonight we've got a great show we're gonna be talking with that she school watchers in. Midwest first all female team searching for bigfoot and their quest is to gather information obtain credible evidence. Of big foot and I'm pretty much make contact and then have peaceful interaction. Yet they want peaceful interaction we're going to be talking to the founders of she's watchers Stephanie Ayers Jenny Cruz and Kim Juarez and they man I don't a couple of years ago I guess and decided. That it when that females were there worthy gender they need to do find bigfoot because males so much the Norm Coleman at one point said. That he thought that mails a minute ceremony that might be scaring them away so who knows. Not just that but not honestly. If I mail sent intend to a lot of times go one more aggressively. If you think I under it's true and it's just late in the paranormal field I'd I'd love when I see it females actually im really involved in the paranormal field and some great all female groups out there. Because they don't win it with a total different mindset. Then and then Geist no need and it really take it and helps out of benefits the field and a lot of times they're able to get more interaction and connection than than the guys are. Yeah and I've seen and and many many investigations were a woman sitting in a room can he get a response that a man in the same room couldn't and I don't know what the NASA what you know it is necessarily it is that makes that happen but it does. It does happen so maybe it's the same thing happens when it comes to big for. May be an hour from Wilshire big Terry do live and analysts I guess you probably never talked to a woman Arthur female bigfoot stoop. I mean there's got to be women could sense to do they have the same kind of what we're trying to save the big feet fetus had it puts us there is an area that's established and we have great shows coming up by tomorrow night it will be a best of if you listening to us on a local radio station to recorded program but it's still going to be good. And then Monday night will be back alive and will be bringing will champion on the program he is a UFO guy in the thing that makes him unique is that he grew up in Cape Cod. But he moved to Roswell, New Mexico he's investigated the Roswell. While some people caught a conspiracy some people call that have been just regular UFO sightings landing crash whatever happened to be he believes it was real. And he says the people of Roswell, New Mexico are actually still scared of government reprisal. And I've heard that from numerous individuals Sulzer who ends they say they're they're terrified for her and saying anything or over and giving out any information. What could happen to them in the zone. Yeah and then twos and it will be talking with Chris Alexander and a Chris. Is a long time horror movie in horror film fan but also a writer he's written for the magazine fan Gloria. Which if you're in the horror community and you would you be like that kind of thing which I do. On debts would probably the leading magazine in the work community also writes for magazine called core zone which is kind of you know that this slasher yes sister magazine sold for about slasher and that good kind of approach to horror. On Andy's done a whole bunch of other stuff he's he also writes in his editor for a week for kiss the official magazine of the fan group for the band kiss so I'll just about all sorts of things with Chris on Tuesday night. On the Wednesday Anthony Hamilton author of mind time and power book which describes the results of his thirty years of research and how our thoughts and feelings. Shape our lives if these passion is to awaken people to the year inborn ability to improve their lives. So yeah moderates if you know you're getting hit by the storm. No Obama and it's not happening appear in upstate new York and you're so lucky we have 54 degrees today and our getting eight inches of snow tonight mile an apartment. Well fairly easily editor in New England yesterday senator early welcome to New England spring and it's just it's ridiculous and to everybody else I know there's been series wins going across the country and storms so. Our best wishes to you please stay safe and we're almost through this why has this winter slash spring whatever you're. Oracle had turned groundhog if he hadn't seen my shadow I think we would have been done by now rain isn't how I nor my dad used to shoot them or us. Since half the and we know like funky our good friend funky look who I am cause program occasionally wants to be the ground hogs like that Jessica. Should US. Totally Porsche. You know talks to my fellow let's take the limelight don't forget the telephone number 28446877669. If you'd like to call an MB part of the program you know we haven't done in a while we'll kind of throw the opens the lines open for this because I'm sure that she's watchers won't care. If if you've got to paranormal story of your own I don't really care if it's bigfoot related to anything you'd like to share with us you know call the program and I'm sure the she's clutches even though the be talking big football mind and I would love to hear what your experience once. I always love hearing ghost stories and experiences people dead and yeah I feel free gets a call again he 44687766. Night are we're gonna take a break and we come back we will be joined with our guest she's watchers he'll listen Jason. GB on the unreality. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's Gary Condit dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. You're it's. Chasing a Stevie Johnson to listen receipts were. 46877669. Like we said Jake. You can call and an eight point what's the throughout the night take folks get their paranormal stories when there's two ghost encounter you phone cutters matter McCall in China you should you probably have the story here to government. Let me move on record tips number did not affect the effect I would just say give folks know we're gonna bring bringing the she squatters in just a minute they are the midwest first all female. Bigfoot hunting group they are out to make contact. Make friends. And prove the existence of the the fell that we called big predator set squad to interview and call in a positive manner and I think. I think it's huge especially the state except. Yep that's so we've let's bring in I'm Marianne from buffalo. Marion welcome to be on reality radio great to have you on the show. And weighing very pleased to be backed mountain aligning content about got me an and they had. That went wrong. Okay I actually forgot about this. You know Clinton. Latrines. To deal about. She. Quite accurate that wanna call. Yeah I just collectors are guests for the an idea. Yeah I'm bad about me you do. When a member of brother. And me my my children need to go bear hunting in the in the night well it's 2 o'clock. I actually saw footprints. Where. There was no clots and everything AirTran has ever seen him clots and it made me question. And it's wanna. And I do remembered about. Massachusetts. I'm and it. In a car. And very deep angle and a look at toward Stillwater. And there's a school building and and maybe a black Hathaway. And I saw this huge ball of light to. I actually back I would go to comes very torn to me condense or Charlotte and it but it took. To my laughed it sore right into your belt being here and disappeared. I expected to crash. No we're in the can and then about 2030 seconds later eighteen back out story and how legendary track. And an end. Straight up in the air and it troubled black. And this was a matter is that she said. And the second time I saw it in LA. We're like iridescent. Beautiful iridescent blue. And man affectionately time I saw exact type of thing was in my own paragraph from Pennsylvania. I am heading into the backyard. And I look up just in time seeing this same sort of ball right. And it was either at get same yellow orange. And we're headed between my house center and other house granted to a giant leap towards Islamic. And it just sent to NBC heading straight toward the neighbor across history. Straight towards her living room window and expecting intense national Indo but it doesn't it stops and a dying. Be advocates for about three concern mentioned straight up. During that the tribal crack and or a Google. The slapper from her house and it was gone. Wall Marion I honestly I think you're one of those people that should strap ago pro camera on yourself when you walk around us I mean the dog man we've got lights lion everywhere which he'll. Yeah. And you have to I had I would I'm actually not the same thing in your cap Gilroy does don't need to. Well we've talked about before there are certain people they kind of lightning rods for this type of activity you seem to be one of those. Yeah well we've. We appreciate him merry and we appreciate you calling in in and sharing the story with a certain assuming you listened and WBN in buffalo one of our. Good affiliates on the beyond reality radio network. But the ethics of the story if you got one the wanna share Augustus call. Alison and you point your 8446877669. But let's until it's got a phone lines and bring in our guest for the evening it is that she's watchers. The first all female bigfoot hunting team. And they the team leaders are armed with a tonight Stephanie Ayers. Jen cruising Kim Juarez in ladies welcome to the programs great to have you on beyond reality radio. That's the Israeli I did I'm looking forward to this so there are all three of you on with a certain. Yeah I. OK so this shouldn't. Be a good we're gonna do our best not to not to be confused as to who's who here and be talking and each other but I'm lets you when you take one at a time just. Tell us a little bit about each review. Off I and it's got an area and I am and I don't. In one of the leaders its detractors and we got back together to do region at their front. I'm Brock paranormal investigators as well. I'm and we all Mac addict and compact content and I'll act and we met years ago and it's council. We got that interest and that I. Ask bell unit now is being able. One comment from attack in the three year cap and let them uptight and he mentioned eat Alec Libya want it would take time to settle. Cards. I doubted him I had to go out with mastered that and sent it to touch watches are. They'll parrot console one at the casino correct. Yeah after captain annulment and chase and you might not only one that happened tactical and you're currently fifty hobbies. I'm. Melissa Melissa like the big easily but it did in the U I. I did attend that one time though it was I wanna see five or six years ago. I I think there's a privately expressed excitement out and our trip and it tackling turner comes like signal incident. Because you don't pop and really take time prepared on it and I like. Actress and we can't act. On these cases out there that definitely went to act like we're coming back every yeah. And that actually that something is good point he just brought up their full time being and very busy time for colonel investigators in a something out brought up numerous times on the show is. The holes seemed to really amplified the amount of investigations they comments seem to amplify during the fall and now there's multiple reasons I know. A lot of them he could disprove because people are now spending time in the home it's a score is getting darker earlier. It heats kicking on and I'm getting the moisture out of wood floors making popping sounds all the east all of these things but also. They're just seems to be more energy in the air I get more. More calls and I'm able to explain but also more calls and I'm not when it comes to the fall time of the year. I exactly exactly attacked at this time your pants on obsolete and really busy. Well relative to your account actually were swamped we have somebody hit it right now we just don't have time to. Go after that point I think it. Me you know. We have kept quiet up I didn't you know I. Want an attack on an attack Egypt has act just it's just been crazy and it seems like all of the parent Philippines. And that's stating that I acting as we don't everybody and interpret. And everybody touting things and I'm not sure what I advocate aren't crazy. Super Bowl and that's going on anti. Trillion irons and and activity and not really served at the very edge and you're this year. It really is there as soon you're Stephanie. Now Jenna you introduce yourself. Acting and medium apple. And I actually. I actually met everybody nature. And Cary. We. Shall. We get out and saw it and count me out and and the leaders are trying to get there and you know Scott. You know relax and you couldn't keep eating. I am. But I haven't haven't watched it can help in this particular episode truck and treat. Not terrible. What it evens wind making. It. Already worked well. We're. At saint. Or. Are to do treaty talks next time. At. Bank machines. We can pick. Up. To. Act. And get it. Animals. Are hoping. To console urged. Grainy and Kimberly we get two minutes for break and introduce yourself still everybody else. I am planning to do you like it and I am on out her outlook that I or. And that outlook I can't yet Jake they get their content. Tech had a kitchen I'm looking right at Altria. Do you ever get to. Please don't tell me you look at an all time please please don't tell me just on the run out of a million. Some didn't think I know you're married. Although I mean these are Democrats are trying to. Q and of course you down I get a great team hanging out. You know needing. Talk computers are calling. It that we need to do that. I had yet to do well. Awesome well for those he's tuning in to be on reality radio as Jason javy and we are talking with this she school watchers midwest first all female team searching for bigfoot. Their quest is to gather information obtain credible evidence of big foot and ultimately established contact and peaceful interaction. And I think that that's really important that sums it up because there's a lot of there's a lot of shows out there like finding bigfoot I think is is agree is a great show and my give my kids love and everything else. I see some of these other titles killing you're killing killing one and always on the things which I think really just they don't call field. They hurt the field. And we're gonna get into that a little we come back because I think that's why you guys are really trying to push the whole trying to do this in the peaceful manner with your interaction and I think that's important to get that word out there. So why are able you know we got a lot more questions coming up. Good you also if you've got to if you're on hold do you wanna chat with us still is a kernel sort of just just maintain a San hold we'll get too soon as we can get a lot going on tonight's great night with a she squatters. It's beyond reality radio Jason JB will be back just. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on. Beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Reality radio it is the best in late night paranormal. Hawk with Jason Hawes and GP Johnson were really really happy to be here to -- her guests are there she's watchers Jim we're talking big what's been put to suspend footers foot who's who is not. Think I have to if you haven't yet had over it like to FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and also if you download the show's podcast to listen favor. Head over to iTunes or wherever and just rate forests that helps push it for an analyst and I know show's been. Being downloaded incredible thing and how quickly being downloaded so we appreciate the support. Yes and the ratings have been great so far so thank you so much for that immune that's always very very helpful. And if you haven't found the chat room yet we invite you to join aegis have to go to the beyond reality radio dot com web site. And while there you click on the listen live button you don't have to listen there if you prefer to listen and a local radio station. But either way that'll get into the chat room is like going on there are a lot of great insight lot of great conversation Lotta great people. So I wreck. And very highly analysts say just a click on the gas tab and middle poll information on the gas that we currently have on the and the gas that we had on the pass in their information where you can get their books and a other stuff. And speaking of guests our guests tonight are the she's watchers were talking with Stephanie Ayers Jan cruising can Morris and they are the midwest first all female team. Out looking for bigfoot or evidence assess clutch in and ladies you talked about. Being formed. And being inspired by Loren Coleman who mourn of course is it is an icon in the world crypto zoology we've had him on the program before front doors yet. Went before you we were talking with Lauren and got the inspiration to form the group had you individually. Done much. Exploring. When it came to crypto zoology so I know that you've done some ghost hunting in the past individually but what about the crypt of zoology stuff. I asked some I'd tell my parent Democrat took an actual act. It and if so did you all the catamounts elite encrypted longitude and we have an app. A few times kept her band. Canadian border plan searching predict that we constantly. I mean that's evidence we kind you know China a currency backed. Exactly where I intend any person I've ever seen such odd. Composite pick it up at oddity here I would like it was crazy about it and it's pretty hard to get. Members instead. Patrick you don't go up to the border plan to let predicts that. Out of apparently get after. It split area we. But as and we also have an app that. Let's get you on into. Like that that one that I'm really excited about it like monster dot cap and. On. Actually how happy she thought to be like crack and now I'm at all see it here. Not escalate. Of the New York stately tam plane when you've got a chance Champloo turn it. Candidate and so you know it got to be executed it. A lot of people are Curt Schilling excite people's arms and I want to duplicate fees so that you know. So Loren Coleman and I heard that the clip or Lawrence said done Heath he felt as though maybe female investigators would have better luck finding big footer or in in some way getting evidence of bigfoot. Do you feel that there's there's a real legitimacy to the gender issue here and if so what is or any other evidence that might support that. Actually Kimberly hat that can carry. Out an action plan. And how hour acre and teach. And time to. Keep it locked and I think are getting up and our current chief eat and can't let our. Shoes. And England yeah it is a very content pack and are a lot more than I think he actually expected to. Cox but out cells wind complete and I went back up here to. Build. Catholics and political. And they're stroke in their movements and snowshoes going directly at me to answer that it was being. Nothing captain. I actually sit in the back seat in check it we need to HD. And it. As we get and then what and apple. And it got a lot of it and and networks are a couple. Gets weak and act rationally. And on but you know. Actually can cut to act was. Setting the clocks and green light. Public and that's probably. An hour. Wherever you. Are to speak out. It. Will. Now when it comes down of that where you guys weren't getting any experience or you ladies weren't getting any experience while you're investigating when there was a male presence with you. Now do you think that possibly has something to do with the whole fact where especially when your in the wild do you you always have them the males are always fighting for dominance. And so there's always that masculinity thing going on there and in the a lot of times they tried to avoid each other do you think that possibly having a human male. In the woods which you hook it creates some sort of an interference when it comes down to dealing with assess clutch for bigfoot that it's it's picking up a male presence and it feels like it could be a conflict there so it's choosing not to not to come towards you. That's possible I think that they're kind of expecting and you know healer and we welcome them. Candidate saying like I wouldn't want them to Google. Yeah that was you know and I think that just. Acting like an article that to happen that there who. Don't like and he. Canceled to date. So do you remember that their moment to take care. Yeah do you ladies think that bigfoot is a flesh and blood creature of verses and a multi dimensional creature or some type of more spiritual or maybe even I guess it would be considered flesh and blood but maybe. Alien or a Maury gorge origination or what are you thinking. That yesterday. Here's an inter dimensional being person. I think that he is act. And act physical world I think he comes and go app well. This is why we don't have to eat I'm really concrete evidence a pair. Ladies you can expand the map. I think that I you know I think ultimately it's near. The a little out aren't there you know can. Edit. It is stick shift and and kind and bat he can her in and out of our. Partners. Aren't. Or arguments. Com. And and that could be something to talk about people. It would seem that category as he knocked him out of here. Patent. When you when you say little people are you referring to elemental type activity. Good natured spirits things than it as things like that. Yes and and well and I'm detonated in an at bat and he. Asks and V. To integrate hair. Guilty about my elders there he had little people. Kicker one. And he had come helping him. And that ain't where. He was content and Richard people should look at Trevor back and try to came to act. Until there's different kind. Out and technical talk about Tony it's working our. Which higher by each column in the car and they described how. It'll keep on B two weekly column. It's kind of like they let the thickest. And they're being that people. Should see. Repair Caroline day hitting upon. And I know that terrorism when they're when they refer to nature spirits are all mental activity that are there. Classify this one big umbrella name but then they they have the you know the watchers of awards the watchers of the of the lake all the watchers of the rivers. And so there's this wide range of different types of creatures book a lot of times are referred to all under the umbrella of elemental. But you're talking with the she's watchers it is beyond reality radio Jason and Jamie don't forget to stop by the website to be unreal to renew dot com as Jason said earlier we've got a guest tab. On the menu and you can go there and get more information about our guest past and current. If they have got something available free to buyer look at it will be linked to there you can find all that stuff will be right back with more discussion with a she's. Watchers. After this is beyond me. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this is the website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. I know you radio and Jason Allison Jimmie Johnson tunes and receipts for. Or 6877669. Or guests tonight it's a group of three actually it is that she's watchers knots. The three view ladies are not the entire group of the she's like trees you're just the team leaders right Stephanie. I Janine cat yeah. He acts we have we have south and we have seven ladies anarchy and and everybody at I can't. But attacked chatting back and aren't everybody staying up late. Under then buried oh and ask them all that any mental victory that sent them out of the team. A. I have to ask you very very serious question and it's really really been bothering me a sense since they did a little bit of research on the group you're logo shows of a big foot. A convert footprint but it's only got four toes are you suggesting that big foot only asked for toast. And this. And JT. I was asking about the giant. And he kept at it see. How it out anywhere ER. So that's legitimate I've never seen a print with a less than what five toes from believe it but even beyond that I mean it's if all FEMA group when you're blaming a guy from the picture. I cannot. I hadn't. Now it's your candidate has got a little toe ring to which makes it awesome. You know one of the things when you when you go out and you actually perform your. Your bigfoot searchers hunts whatever you call them he used in the we're haunts this sounds violent but when you are out looking. What the techniques to use as it deuce camp overnight do you just he just I mean do you see one spot how do you do it. It. Well you know I can't send our parent Caremark at an eight year so we bring a lot of those same qualities to our search for eight. And we go out there with all of our parent I'm equipment first op. The gauntlet and we bought and I usually what we do it we go during the day were kind of check out. Well we wanna go work a couple of pain we've seen things here. Check it out during the day so we know it'll land and then we go there on the night Michael cannon. Just band. We have all of our all of our equipment and do the same and that's where we're in prayer in their parents. And how long you will you all usually spend in the woods shoot students are just that 198 or so many hours or. Well we're out I want kind entangled by so fast I mean you know we can start at. Eleven pounds and a and a lot of products. 3 in the morning and they are going out in the middle in the lead umpire Al in. Canada and you know we've all. We outlet and different parts of Minnesota which is what's cool about air group that we have there's more of a tour patent and it's happened happened in the an. Hour and half. Ambled out an app majority that they put ratings and I happen not what. Tell. The Gallup let air get a little more and that in Japan and the rest of that because they're closer to let suntan you finish man. You know. Same extremists. Gaylord Perry and kept me and one of them. My truck all wondering on an accident. Years. Where they might be and it got me kind of want it out and we didn't current. Or people in area. Wheatley cockpit people restaurant where a character got ninety. What before that we didn't happen and specific location in character actions. And so what eat weaker or what we knew that it couldn't get in and people aren't critiquing me. The only people artist that we can that we need a little arms. I'm gonna try to make from where I shall we can't take any. So. We were on the starting to look. We were looking into an area opt out and peaking out in one area where she is and but. I had he not gonna like special and unique and each angrily. Compact. And we get that when he actually and a decrease. And it wasn't in next. There will Kimberly and I and we found out that we shall keep actual spot where it had seen before. But it was a tight little she couldn't eat in heat from order order. B where that would still wouldn't. And it won't. So well and eerie air in and there was another area that I look at satellite imagery in this. It and how all that knee to ankle here. And Kimberly returned an excellent critique area couldn't underworld and there. These are out there that I act you know and changing current. And we couldn't find a liberal and turn around and trying to find one and aren't actually all there on the east and to us Ishikawa here and he beat all the time and run blocking. People are keen interest there and she called real sure that our partner. And if accurate are trying kicking. Get time an act of pork. OK so you and you know so you're saying that you had some experiences and a place that really people hadn't claimed to have. Have seen bigfoot. We didn't think that was the pocket he had before need a lot of ground on titans because we weren't. Contacting people who eat eat our people our. There's like a big trek guy everybody calls out the area. And he didn't call him her really testing out Erie. And we've actually done that. We. I feel confident enough now. And canal camera caught an Alley wanna tractor. And as paranormal investigators though it has myself when I when I get sent to a location. And it's whether it's a malicious type entity or so called demonic in human type spirit. Mighty mighty usually my first thing is I wanna find out. The one room that nothing goes on in the house because usually that's the rooms at the single go and stay stay in. It's it'll go through the rest of the house agree chaos. And it has its own little quiet place in this one area and that's usually where you isolate that so with it when it comes down to investigating from big foot. I'm sure you get a lot of Iraq's throwing the sounds of everything else throughout this huge area he has ever headed to the area that nothing seems to happen to see if maybe that's where it mainly resides. Well you know what we have. The crazy experience really was it was Apple's. To where the encounter had been just a month earlier but it wasn't that it was and it kept our hearts. Let them internally. Really am that. When this man kept in the big but at a debate but it was actually can crack that big but it's when he fed. It was moderately. And we were acts we were probably. Anger at least app. And tap. We have there was nothing there will most of us platter Kmart to edit censor it and to its and so we found. We do you know we have the ability defenseman spirit and there most certainly so we're hoping that we outside compatibility. In but it. Best place to stop actual hole especially it and emblem what she that she ran mediums and it definitely. Make it medium found. Well as a guy spends a lot of time in the woods myself and everything else the one area a lot of times you don't wanna be is right Adelaide just because you're exposed when you're at the water's. Edge it's when you're in in the woods here you are able to us to conceal yourself and so for the we'll get into all that we gonna be taking a break in a minute. But if you get if if you're listening to show on any of the great stations also remember you can had to be on reality radio dot com click the listen live. Join us in the the live chat oral and their big community get over their check that out also went over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And like the FaceBook page for us. Yeah yeah and yet while just a telephone numbers 8446877669. We welcome you to call to be part of the program we got a lot of great stuff coming up. Stay tuned don't go away it's beyond reality radio would Jason Hawes and JB Johnson and our guests tonight are the ceasefire terms. Chasing hard Stevie Johnson were very very happy to be here coming up in just a little bit in the program why ever guessed that she's watchers but in the meantime Jay we've got some great stuff coming up on the show. In the next few nights. We really do tomorrow night we've got will champion on Monday Monday ams are usually have had and I'm so Placer mine Monday night we've got a world champion Tom. He's pretty much a transplant at transplant from Cape Cod to Roswell, New Mexico. And eaten overcome he's gonna come or are we talking to him about Roswell which he believes that the U off and beautiful tail is a real. And he also believes that end he understands now why the townspeople still fears the government out that way and you know issues that they are and they are now worried about. But have been a lot of stories about people that is that saw things in Roswell and tried to talk about them being hushed up bird I've visited by what may or may not have been government officials telling and be quiet. The people that were on the base that said they saw things that were. Pushed up and sort of be interesting to sue Willis to say about elect. Have you ever been through Roswell no I haven't. It it's a different different place as it is it different because it's. Kind of tore steam now with the U with the Elliott I think you know I mean there's some really weird Al skirt. Places. How we look to take a road trip and see if we make it home but I. Yeah well I want to go through some well we've been talking about that we've been talking about bill going to visit the bell which site to answer and do it in there we are in the process of working out a trip in September to the moth man festival yet actually broadcast from him that Jimmy interest got to be really cool. Ominous response we've wanted to visit as we said we're gonna have to get the beat are our beyond reality reduce touring bus hopping and can talk to us in just you know take six months in and visit on these sites travel around the country. PR tore across the usaid dump it straight and what do we got Tuesday. ITunes and we've got Chris Alexander he is a horror writer and when I say that I mean he he talks about horror movies in them magazine he's the editor of the magazine fan Gloria which appear horror movie fan you've probably heard of on the he also writes for its sister publication Gore's own which is Mormon slasher specialty publication. He writes for and is editor of the magazine for the Q it's official fan club. And he doesn't hold much other stuff that he'll be talking about you know very some what do we had mr. low ball on the show remember that discussions lot of fun if you're horrible Wi fi and an. A classic film fan know when it comes source of fuel you'll enjoy that conversation. And then Wednesday we got in the Hamilton author of mind time in power a book which describes the results and his thirty years of research and our thoughts and feelings. Cheaper alliance if he's passion is to awaken people to American born abilities. So a lot of great shows coming up arm. And ended. There was an article came on an amateur if you saw this because it was harness science alert but Harvard physicist just propose that you know how we keep on picking up as mysterious radio bursts. For yet another space and space yeah yeah and they they proposed that those bursts are literally powering healing and spaceships. Really. Yeah. How cool is that Tom all the on explain things in our universe fast radio bursts are that are definitely some of the weirdest if you think about it. They're some of the most elusive an explosive signals over detected in space and while they last mere milliseconds some can generate as much energy as five. Hundred million songs it's a whole us to who who actually figures that Matthau I'm a little rusty and I guess she just take us. Or nary a you measure how many aren't that many of multiply it times the greater area and you get a number like that. Wall last year and I think humor me talking about this researchers found sixteen faster radio bursts are coming from the same source beyond our Milky Way. And now Harvard physicist who proposes signals like these could be evidence of advanced alien technology. Yeah we're a lot of weird stuff that we haven't gone before not just dumb and receiving radio waves or seeing things that we've never seen before. In a lot of this is so is some kind of odd timing giving effect of Voyager missions her leading our solar system which is a first. A lot of. Lot of cool stuff in space exploration these days faster he'll bursts are exceedingly bright and we haven't identified a possible natural source of any confidence physicist at the lower of the from the Harvard Smithsonian center for astrophysics at said. But it artificial origin is definitely worth us checking out Tom. But he didn't they're talking about. If they couldn't figure out a way to generate these things because look animal into utilized and was spaceship they could travel with the using obsolete no fuel. They can make it to Mars within three days. He imagined. No I can't answer I mean that's that's the title think we'll go to Mars will spend the week and that will be back on Thursday who was at that we had on the program very recently there was talking about we all these things are possible we just haven't developed the technology to doing yet in this is the type of technology we're talking about. As much people on of their starter recently. Adherents are accused government name is very and Stan Friedman and our listeners and I was stand Nina in a socialist. Take a break when we come back we're gonna bring our guests in the she's watchers of the first all female bigfoot hunting team. They are in the midwest and they are ready to talk big foot beyond reality rare chance to. And GPS phone numbers are 844687766. And if you knew the program and you listening and local radio station thanks for doing that you know our effort here is to bring. Interesting topics of conversation summer very very strange summer even more strength and at. Combo would like to talk about a mall we listen to all points of view and we try to get the truth out is really what we're trying to do all along here. Really to have fund only answer we poke fun at ourselves a subject to terror and we have and we have a good time and everybody seems to enjoy themselves so hopefully have a few news show he'll enjoy it as well yeah and if you bomb if you give miss an episode it is available for download on the website beyond really reviewed dot com you can listen to past episodes there. I'm also on iTunes of we do encourage you to listen live to that vision opportunity call and participate on the phones are in the chat room or anything but speaking of fun. Our guests there she school watchers with a side it is a Stephanie Ayers Jan crews and Kim Juarez and we've been talking we're we're talking about bigfoot tonight and one of the most exciting things about. The hunt for bigfoot. Is the Paterson filmed and I think it was you camera that I've talked about. The Paterson film being the biggest influence on our new increase of curiosity that you decided to to pursue this right. Right it's true that cracked I can't keep up on out that the kid as a matter of fact and I look like. You know blunt wage at I seen a big foot and our email I lived in California originally and I am from California so. You know that's probably at the top about in California went about it for Matt. I think that would 91976. Or something like that. It was before that it felt I was before that yeah I was his before that the steamy scene and senate seats but he has been for the as a which mean. Yeah and then it was a documentary. That about the bigfoot in the nineteen that it means even said that he will light arms. You know on a grandstanding. Somewhat gloomy and I don't know I. You don't want the police told me about that I was just so bizarre and I'm like how I don't wanna I wanna join the U girls you know I'll article looking for being perfect you know especially out and vitamin a fullback you know. So that we're trying. I'm sorry I just one of them revisit the Paterson film a lot of people. You know there's so there's people on both sides of the argument Lott saying it's itself forgery it's a safe and lots say it's absolutely legitimate forty guys fondness. I actually being I I don't you know we don't know preacher you know and everybody had these stock you know. Beyond that video and pictures and tax dean and all of this. You know how can we not say there is some type of bigfoot out there. Truck that we you know I don't we know the creature with. I'm not an American argue that point for sure but I'm curious about where you think about that Paterson film itself. You know some people say you can see zipper in the things and say no you're crazy can't seem zipper that's got to be real fortieth and where do you think forty fall on that. I think I've I thought it was great. I thought you know what I you know when I saw it I believed it Yunel right at a nag means. Who knows at this point but still many people maybe I. You know leak scene of bigfoot. You know what state not to say you know the film itself yet poodles you know we don't know pressure you know. And that's why aren't wearing the work that's what we're trying to. Find out you know doing his researching that are these people are economic like at least thirteen and that's like that how do we know picture. That even a permanent. No you finish it where you're sacked. Then it even people that hated it other. Footage strictly as well so we've you know we don't know you know what what is really how it might release it. Europe old gold you know all that extra. It's I think no matter what no matter what footage you put all their evidence you put out there there's always going to be two sentences him to decide that believes it's going to be decided that. Tries to tear it apart. And encourages thing is. Especially in the all in this day and age especially because they're so mine is so many different programs and apps many people can create a ghost in a picture just on the net and using their phone these days. And it doesn't benefit field that really it really sets the seal backed. And it opens up doors to to adjust everything being. Over scrutinized. I. And I think the only piece of evidence that's going to be absolutely. Irrefutable and convincing users have they come up with some kind of remains and that's the big question ladies who mean. One of the things a big foot detractors say is that what the heck of the remains why haven't we found. One of these bodies and I suppose the inter dimensional explanation would explain that giving a series. Yeah that's a good question can we now we have asked. I have to Turkey let them feel for a lot of time back in question you know where are these Armenian case. Cavities app dying right and much barrier depends on Mac really ticks carry an idea. You know what gays and people are saying that. When he diet they're just taking care of by the forests. Creatures. You know like for example. Or you relate John and gagged Adam. Walt you know maybe it at the year that you really don't find each other creatures so why what is the scoop on Matt and hot and heavy lacked in the lead and actually found one of the art. If anybody here on the lip a lot have you. Lot of crap you know. Our I had known I can. And and abroad brought that up in the past has an idea bear and all that stuff they break down so fast but even and even with some Bonnie come as a whole other issue okay lake I'm sure you ladies can remember back in more than 2008 or whatever where this terrorist the so called. Bigfoot researcher Stephen Coles. Said that he had found he had had this corpse is traveling around telling everybody how Israel and come to find out it's only a rubber suit showed no cool. Yeah. Yeah and that that hurts the whole the whole thing there I mean that just goes back and and it makes everybody researching big foot look bad because of you in the stupidity of this one individual. So shall have any of you ladies actually seen a big. Now what I had it. Well I met up at pebble I didn't eloquent and I hit it but. Yeah. These have you ever and you know he's ever seen. Now. Shortly. Oral. You know one of the things when we have we've had other bigfoot hunters on the program people out searching for bigfoot and we've had some that claimed to have come face to face of these creatures and they've been terrified. Are you do you ever worry that if you actually have that opportunity that time fear ruled bull you're the ruling emotion of the moment. I have a oh and we have got talent out accurate being expedition. And destiny is normally. Let them out her novel groups get touched she would care. Our main outlet and you are going to hurt and now that like looking at Indiana and. That. Aren't the only. Kidding we're capped let me tee and looking at around. You're in or. Let freaking out that he termed normal camera in. And slashing twenty Albanians and and yet. I'm asking me he can pretty well. He is moving toward long. Skipped and moving to. Getting closer we should have been able he and and thinking that Q. Well it's got to be a scary scenario so you tell your right now GG and I went out little guys were were pretty big guys in the fact of the matter is that were in the woods we come across an eight foot. Hairy creature standing there. Chances are we're still gonna be terrified. Yeah. Well especially at night I. How often do you ladies actually go on your your search and your investigations. As a relates to bigfoot. Well a lucky you know I had a team we really wanna get aren't hired came together. May be part I can see here. As individual groups out of the team look so we go out quite apps and and especially in the second round because air up extra air up there are all this activity is happening. Janet. Nicki actually we're just count last night them. Apparently gonna happen and you can tack about that Jan if you wish the weather's been really bad so. But just careful. And actually from a bankrupt or close to American nation and yet. He troopers Sheen but girl and we we. Went anyway and out it was him. Disappointment there expressed now and and so it kept it had made it. For you know look around could just park in its current round you're excited outback. And I'm looking back at a neatly into one area. Where. A ball. And we know all. The Indy did that which is because card because it means. And and it just eager to. Canyon. Need to tell you can be done here at nineteen happened actually they're meant he could carry in England and our. And it was like our team time like cocaine that's pretty normal I don't think crystal peak in. I'll let you know we're out of the drug trip it's not keen. You can't control. Alexander and as I've heard people investigating. On the wooded area is again dealing with nature a spirits elements and so forth and having better restraint as. Well. You've ridden that support them. What I had been to that area in the sport. Which a key can meet here and it had started show being in sport but I kind of wanted to kick to keep it there any thing. Big committee. It would be really get. Habitat you know out things and it meant to be like remote. And it Antonin. Not to place to hide my animals so it would be perfect. And that whole area field. Don't eat it in a good way to kind creepy sometimes you know I. Check. Calm. But when our when our equipment trained. Candidate or an out. Let's get back to the car. And her own equipment and you're in Koch Brothers are. Unfortunately that opal I bet that we could meet in her car sliding down. I. So a lot of respect and lack. That it can deliver it time and I don't care anything. To. I we've got about two a little less than a minute before we have to go to break here and I just had a question that float in the chat room and you may have a longer rants in this who can always hold over. But I know that you've got some psychic abilities on your team. I don't know how many of you are you feel it here is sensitive that way I'm but the question the cherub is have you every used that ability. From your selves or anybody else to help locate big toe like they might like law enforcement might do to find a missing person. That's exactly what we're doing that kind of thing before we didn't contact and that could be put people in the community that everyone else when contracts. While there in an eerie looking toward big trip we didn't contact and I wanna compete correct me if I could. Locate. Big foot in you know having just a general intimidation we could find him which attacked and and and he Rick. And I I actually now multiple times in weakening view that. Okay great art. I'm sorry can I got a pitch up there as we do have to get to bring people picked up the conversation we come back it's beyond me out. 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You know use of the female artists for the she's collectors. Edition of beyond reality readable and running on and it didn't have a whole lot of of the singles a walk like and he did not agree one that's agreement and there's a whole bunch of good stuff and I just wasn't quite prepared that was kind of a last minute thing up and we should be having all female bumper music because you get the she's collectors on an. Dario and I as an opportunity now ladies I have to ask you this because we've been struggling with a all week every time we go to say she's watchers we kind of saying seized watchers in sincere structures I mean do you guys have troubles me and I'm not just she squatters who is she squatters who simply look it up on my comeback this seashore they found something completely inappropriate when you sort of that it was a bad. Slipped into. A shame. Not all but that's par. Part of the charm of Matt. Surely. It it sure is let's let's big change the subject just a little bit. You'll all have done. Paranormal investigating outside of the hunt for bigfoot. Give us maybe ticket turner to hear in just give us some of the more interesting places that you you've gone and investigations. Well. Well we've we've gotten. Part of investigations. And I thank them remember about it memorable ones in the air and a big. We've got a lot of big old health care facilities like all speculative hospital things like act of college crazy active crazy wild salmon what happened. Which is him on I passed away in the location uses and singing a slightly in Waverly hills that's what it afterwards 64000 people there. Right we were at Eric. No he got stopped place is incredible I I you know like as. As well into the fact that it planned a man that we drove entry about it's I came down a bit. Tremendous headache that I have the entire camera there and it is because. And Ricky there's just so crazy image is so much happening and the minute we drop out it was just comment app or the greatest thing ever but aptly. It's crazy. We have another and it turned him on that compound patenting and it appeared to and it just it's. Terrible terrible shape it just opened up. For people to come and investigate and our team on apparently Kamerion alt and to not there island. And played with. Pretty loud we're gonna go to an overnight there in human and I. We've been trying to get in their Cracker Barrel were excited and excited that it is I am very active to Derek Holland yet. Apparently. That aren't so look it up. Am Latino clearly has her competition on. She does and actually that places them is saying because they took on bundled on over the years it's kind of the same app wing. Architectural design but they just kept adding on so every every time you think you're at and the holing there's another padded doors at all. And it goes on another half way expect music. Now to clean and also have the summer winds. Location that we tune. I'm not Atlanta at have a homeland only we talk to somebody wins against India summer winds its yeah its near lake up that way so. Flooding in time out so I wanna I wanna ask. Someone who on revisit this psychic idea in this and is it applies to the hunt for bigfoot because. I know how. Law enforcement uses that are sometimes uses its people would psychic abilities to help locate missing persons etc. but hunters come into play in the hunt for bigfoot because. Modestly I don't even put any ideas near you tell me how do you think it works. Or appoint her or you can no interest. In paranormal kicking. I'll change it to work act like human genes. It shall mean what if there. And you know like engineering and country going to be doing an investigation and you know and cheering at me Acker. A KP. To place from Mubarak and from our Maltby and basically. And they can't get making it into. And I'm you know that pregnant. Tell you what do you watch for are to be excellent he psychic abilities. Is I would seeing like hone in a bill be looking at a location Amkor were on Google satellite image. If I can also use that keeps trying to. One's thinking and acting out and Eric competent or. Okay so well but it but it has if you haven't seen one yet obviously this more work to do what Heidi how do you find that ability. Well even though we can see hand me the gig having you're actually brought we Arctic but because I don't think our normal girl. And they don't stop and all they there was and throwing. Like little three inch rack and Eritrean coming on and dropping three feet and armed to the relief well. It was very grateful and he can it. But we couldn't see where was now night and different. People and some people say shut up into the trees from time. People have seen them in treatment you haven't done. And I. And can settle in and that's one of you and that's a common thing. Late getting right back to where you're talking the little people bullets and stuff. A lot of times. You're always told looking into the trees to shall see them going from tree tree. Couple of years just just as a monkey would jump from tree to tree branch to branch. And the Lotta people don't realize that to look up in the woods are always focusing down in and around with things on the ground. You Jen Jen you mom you are psychic medium and you also believe that to bigfoot has strong psychic abilities. What major I mean I. That would have been the place I started in the hunt for bicker with sub it's something must have given you that idea is to make you believe that what was it. Well and it didn't and we don't mean that tanker from ending. In an. Internet. And meeker and he's got something very interesting to me about aren't people recording. Feeling like they. Physically pushed down by an energy. And -- and overwhelming and next year. I bet didn't feel like initiating coming from Iran and how many people are recording Matt. And me that you're describing a calm and not. A company like apple are beleaguered and actually can't. I'll watch it. I am an impact psychic Ashley to the developed and like each of you just feel that people. They can control of people. You can project how much. And correct term can people caught were caught but as far as. But they what I am hearing begins I had in me that would be rocking from here control. I don't come home warranty strap in and Portugal on your merry way to actually shut me and they are I think he got threatening about it by preach. Yup which we have heard before. Giving off some sort of in for sound or low frequency vibration. Which. Well because people there it's proven fact that people can pick up on these things the government uses them for different purposes and people can pick up on and on certain low frequency tones and vibrations and and things are quite that. And they're used and they used to keep people away from certain areas sent in there are animals shelters that have been able to to do the same. The other credit that we were doing apparently investigation. Bury her location. A couple of years ago. And there aren't they got amateur that our children and little or brown and Kate should meet your early read and he said he couldn't believe it lethargic. And I went in the air and I feel the energy Mary and I could hear it people cheering. It was very well rumble. Around and it bribery that ol' party. Is it energy. And the gravity got heavier car. Gravity would heavier rain and acted on Tony Akamai in columns and I'll tell you a little. And basically what had expected to own energy here or wrapped. It tree and that. I am and then in Q did he reached court this your key leader and I get beaten peca or acting in his. Brief. And armed air and can be that got me angry. They can get from here. Actually I am only the only teenager. In anger problems and actually in Ingrid. This to a car but it Lugar and I can and he Nat and he actually need each aren't. He Aqua connect each year in and it reached an act. So. And longer communicate I am not. I'm. All affected dean. Couldn't you wished sounds he scared. And beyond you know you need it's been increased. Yeah you. Can. Well but explain this to me it's 2017. I mean we got endless technologies thermal imaging you name it. Whiny and everybody's just marks on on the M why haven't we been able to get a good video or or good solid proof of these things being out there. Not I know the pain will carry weight and then explode and and our need American. And out in Indian story. Well they current and and people. And comparing them is ignorant on because how much in my team each and millions and but they all. Heartbreaking kfar elbow mean particularly in. Not just couldn't handle. That they correct is more than that peek at it a Big Brother to our. That he lived between dimension. And that peeking I can tell between Friday if he wants to peak in shall I. If you want to or he can hide and kinda like kicking much credit and Eric and the ache they can tell me. But it politically more in a natural. You ladies Romo set time I have one more question for you on before we have to let you go in and meet you misstating your mission statement that you are looking for peaceful interaction. What happens if they're not peaceful creatures what do we do then. And and in the just give Matt. I'm. Not a regular faster and I don't be happy to ride it out. But a little bit detained in all seriousness in all seriousness have you ever has Z have you are you ever talk to anybody that's that's more concerned with that possibility. Why you know the big but playing that was up and that area that we have on these past their actions laps honor actually that was kind of an aggressive. Big Bob Costas big what's preventing him from landing well that night and he would outcome anyway cut somebody actually came and scared. You know became a flashlight whenever and that big fat gram. But something act. Beijing going there are reports that the aircraft and dramatic shift a chance that we can't act. You know like we're women I don't think they're going to be a couple of. Well. He's still got to be really careful I would imagine. They were at a time that I run time and thanks so much for joining us nine and you have via some events and stuff that you do and we've got some things going on what do anything you wanna point people out to me your website. We have our website at WWW. She's actually attacked and we will be at. About themselves. Common not to actually believe that competently prepare policy act April 8. So come the end. And that's she school watchers not she squatters don't go there and he's my. Can glancing back I'm like I'm at but we have hit a page to sell. We're out there. I'd awesome thank you ladies thank you so much for coming Lionel and I look forward to talking you again great to have you on the show it's beyond reality radio Jason JB or telephone numbers 8446877669. If you like to common share paranormal experience. Texaco problem. Back to the show it's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes JB Johnson and again thanks to the she's watchers for joining us there website is she's watchers dot com stop by and say hello ma'am. And it coming up next we will tomorrow is gonna be the best for Friday nights that's what's gonna be and at tomorrow we will champion. He's pretty much from Cape Cod these transplant to Roswell, New Mexico. Nor are we talking to him about Roswell. And he's really into the whole conspiracy and and all that we're gonna also be talking on ball why the townspeople still fear the government that way. Yeah it's pretty common that the folks are still concerned about that benches in that we're talking with Chris Alexander he is via. The editor fingering a magazine will be talking all things or movies we like to do that in October a lot so. But just little preview of that that little literally. And then. Wednesday it we're going to be talking with Anthony Hamilton author of mine time and power book which describes her results and as thirty years of research and our thoughts and feelings shape our allies. And it these pessimist to weaken people to their own in born abilities so you know at the worst thing in the world to have happen to you if you're a lawyer. Well I guess what this is as large purposes and lower drug violence and not trying to be funny this is. Is that your pants burst on fire in the middle of the trial. Well that would that would. Be bad for anybody yet but there's a defense lawyer in Miami who is in the middle of defending a case with closing arguments in front of a jury and his hands spontaneously. Burst in different things like the whole liar liar pants off I go well that's. That's pretty interesting his name is Steve beat terrorism he was arguing this clients. Car spontaneously combustion and was on intentionally set on fire this guy I was accused of setting his own car on fire. He's saying no intentional or does spontaneously to bust him while he was talking about that. His pants. Smoke started billowing out of his pants out of his right pocket and is his his appearance on a fire he ran out of the courtroom. Everybody's kind of stunned what was going on the jurors were Russian out of rushed out of the room he came back in. His pocket was seen Steve get put the fire up but he insisted as everybody thought it was some kind of staged. Effort to you know to prove a point based on his defense he said it was not it was in fact picked. And. Here that's been happening to a lot of people have seen a bunch of videos with that they're going on right down to some people having amend their bags on planes and it's crazy. He has so I mean he he he denies that vehemently that it was any type of stunt and it really was just a coincidence that it coincidence that he was defending and our Sid gays. When it happened and I'm not sure how the case turned out frankly but the officers did C seized the the if he had done that I believe there's some there's malls being broken arm Sharon Sharon is how can you imagine that. And especially defense lawyer I mean yeah yeah. And also I don't know if you saw this but the Airbus company the company that kind of competes with Boeing and produces commercial airliners yup click and yet. At the Geneva motor show which is the major car showing Europe. They introduced a flying car. Flying car gets based on drone type technology impact looks like just a giant drone but it is a aerial vehicle that's a personal transport vehicle. It's fully electric obviously has no emissions because it's electric and they say it's designed to relieve traffic in congested. Crowded cities and it's going to be available for commercial sale in five to ten years. While wall and then they do the whole story a couple weeks ago about Dubai how they've got that hold drone. Set up now for engine and a drone taxis. Which an amazing when it's in the technology they're using these days. You were gone farther and sort of listen we're gonna try to get one more call in here if we can this is Mary and she wants to to add some into I think the search tools a little bit earlier Marianne from buffalo welcome back to show. And hello. Hey. No okay could be inland. And it is I've seen the last change. How handler. Being grant program for. Little play your lips. Travel insurance sounds like so your soul. You know maybe twenty. Never sat through and it's you know they're here who have worked. And then. I am like chips and brought them an early heads. 28. To Alec little flat. Don't know where Atlanta or somehow once in my life. What is welcome to the near. Yet they're they're hard to find you know that is one of the most compelling. Arguments that folks will use when you say why am we found bigfoot remains. It's because they are very very difficult to find you can't find like people say bearer and he reducing deer quite a bit but dear. You know a lot of times 'cause they're of the side of the road and get hit by car or whatever but the other are defined in and so I don't understand that. Thanks to call. The aren't so again a big thank you to this she's watchers may she tune in tomorrow night it's a best of episode. And then next week we've got an a week full of great shows if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio like the FaceBook page. And also if you download the shown plate umpire caches to us a favor please rated on iTunes or wherever you download it from its assaults moving forward. But thanks to and everybody is Jason NG vehicle can chills. Yeah. It's. I. Just finally released the PHQ hustling and say hello it's me on really reading only worrying if you. Information you want us to follow along or anyone to being Gaston beyond reality revealing email to sleep any. Now it's swinging any ED DO line mad beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.