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Will Trump’s charm work? 3/9/17

Mar 9, 2017|

Kuhner says no. RHINOcare will die.

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106 here on the break WRKO. OK my friends later this hour you don't want him to sit. Their chief chief Crazy Horse Elizabeth Warren. Is passed by and MSNBC. Anchor whoa hold on. The the Democrats you held the White House for eight years how come you never helped average ordinary citizens. You are not going to believe her response. We've got about but first. President trumps charm offensive. As you know. We talked about it for two hours yesterday. Ryan know Ryan has now released. The house repeal and replacement Bill Gates now bear. It slowly making its way through committee. Of people are already calling it obamacare 2.0. Obamacare lied I like to prefer Ryan OK or whatever it is right don't care obamacare liked Obama care 2.0. Even Ryan care whatever works for you works for me. He immediately. It has now been slammed. The left predictably were against it saying it's goes too far. In guiding obamacare they want no changes to obamacare. Don't touch it. What has shocked. Ryan know Ron in and the Republican house leadership. Has been the furious backlash frankly from people like me. From conservatives. From conservative talk radio and especially now from a growing opposition. Within that house and within the senate. House conservatives. Are dead set against that says senate conservatives are dead set against it. And it looks now they don't have the votes. You're looking at about seven. Are they gonna vote for essentially. Obamacare 2.0. And they believe that Ryan. Is living in a fantasy world. They believe that Ryan is deluding himself. Into thinking that they're gonna be corralled into voting for it because it's the only option he believes that's on the table. And sol Rand Paul leading the charge. Ted Cruz leading the charge Mike Lee in the senate leading the charge. And now Ryan is desperate. And so he is now turned to the president his former arch enemy. And so now president trump. Is engaging in a massive charm offensive. To try to persuade and convince. Row locked in or critical Republicans in the house and the senate. To put aside their differences. The bite the bullet. To trust them there'll be staged to no end stage three. And they're gonna like more and more of what they see down the road when they put up up put out more repeal bills. After Obama care is replaced and they repealed and replaced with this current bill. That they're gonna light more and more as the year goes on. He's now referring I kid you not to Rand Paul as my friend Rand Paul. He's been on the phone with Rand Paul the current they've had a long discussion on non. On what should replace obamacare. Rand Paul is calling trump now his friend. And he's saying that he's done not only is is cherish trump trying to woo him he's trying to wall trump. They says were both trying to persuade and charm each other what's so there is is everybody is trying to out friend one another. Dropper first Iran does his buddy ran refers to him as my good friend. He met a trump met with Ted Cruz and his wife. For a dinner I just a couple nights ago. Wanting to patch up when hop injuring the election. And trying to slowly work over dead crew is massage him a little bit. To be more amenable. To Ryan no care or Ryan's bill. He also met with a lot of house Republicans at the White House. And all of them came out and said he's one of the most charming men they have ever meant he wound on. He made them laugh he was there was a lot of bark swapping going on. He was giving people high fives in fact did not so good I kid you not. Not only were they eating and drinking band during together as she worked the room. They actually went and did some bowling. There's like guide him on as a bowling Alley inside the White House. And some of them said hey we had so much such a good time they actually did some bowling. And they came out saying they sold loved yucky yet not with trump. That they wanted to do this almost every week they wanna make it almost a weekly thing. And so trump was schmoozing there room. Working people all over. Saying I hear your concerns we're gonna make the bill better we're gonna work harder on the bill this is just the beginning is just the negotiation. Talk to me we can add more stuff in the bill we can strengthen the bill so. Prize Ryan Ryan know is trying to tell people would stake it or leave it trump is doing everything possible. To work on reluctant Republicans in the house and the senate. And say what are you want. We can start adding new revisions to the bill shape it massage it and may be naked something even better than what it is now. So trump now is being there negotiator. He's being the Wheeler dealer. And the question is will trumps charm offensive. We know now his personal Entergy action in Davis will it be enough to rescue whine don't care. Listen now. To senator Rand Paul. Who says I like the president. I believe that Ryan according to Rand Paul I believe that Ryan is pulling the wool over trump sites. That he is convinced the president that this is a great bill and that he has overwhelming support for this bill. That the Republicans will back this bill. And that conservatives will fall on their swords. To make sure it passes. Just to knock out obamacare. And Rand Paul believes that Ryan has been misleading the president lying to the president as he put it. Pulling goal over the president's eyes because he says the opposition among conservatives. Is real. He's strong. He is why he and it is very deep. And that Ryan in particular. Is misrepresenting. The substance. Of the bill. Listen now to Rand Paul goal right after. Ryan know Ryan roll it. Gerri it is a conundrum that's why we should vote on the one thing that we all agreed on about a year ago we voted on clean repeal. We don't agree on replacement ball which have a separate vote on Medicaid expansion. And I'm guessing Democrats and big government Republicans would try come together and find that they will expand Medicaid. Many conservatives aren't gonna vote for that mainly because. It doesn't work we're word dishonest in the accounting we can't pay for the current Medicare is 35 trillion dollars in the hole. The current Medicaid is is unfunded and then we're gonna add new entitlement programs of that. If you really want to have Medicaid for everyone and all these states. You should be honest for the people and you should double or triple the state income tax and double or triple the sales tax not not for that. But that's what it would take if you were honest instead we sell federal government's gonna pay for. Federal government has no money we borrow a million dollars a minute who's just dishonest accounting. Senator your conversation just referenced with the president can you explain your position on the health care plan. It's a pretty detailed and complex proposition no matter what's whose friend you're talking about. Do you think he's fully grasps the details and complexity of this of this. Plan. I think the White House the administration and the president understand that there's enough conservatives and they can't pass obamacare light. That's why this week what's going on behind the scenes look charm offensive. Every conservative that's come out publicly opposed to this. Has been called by the White House and is being cajoled and wooed by the White House to give end and if conservatives stick together. If we stick together we will have a force in negotiation. And we will talk about clean repeal horses replacement if we stick together because I don't think they have the numbers to pass this at this point. Bingo he's right they don't. They don't get five Britney was just telling me in my ear as you're playing the cut. It's pretty much now come out is now eighty house Republicans. The DC did there's no way did the Democrats want vote for so if you have eighty house Republicans who were dead set against rhino care it's dead. Obamacare light is dead. And Rand Paul touched on some of the key issues. He said look. They wanna kick Medicaid to the states cocaine basically you know through the attacks refundable tax credits writing everybody 141000 dollar chat. Put in there are basically a mandate except you're not paying a penalty to the government but to health insurance company they 100 billion dollar bailout fund. For the insurance companies but essentially that is why keep expanding Medicaid that's the game. Throw it to the states and keep expanding Medicaid and you don't put as many people long to wanna be in short put them on LaMont put them on. And supposed to be the federal government's gonna pick up the tab. And his point is we're going broke. And there's no more money. We Social Security Medicare is already bankrupting us never mind Medicaid. So the whole thing is based on smoke and mirrors. And that's what he's trying to say like look Ryan is trying to fool us into thinking. This is a viable replacement plan. When he clearly isn't. And sol Rand Paul's point and I think he's dead on the guy couldn't be more get on. What do we all agree on Obama care Sox. It's that Titanic. It's going to be heeding the ice Bergen a boat yeah. Rule four or five months. So repeal it just repeal it we all voted for repeal we repeal it. And then get a second replacement bill. And then let's see what's the best available alternative. Now if the Republicans won a Porsche expanding Medicaid or cutting 141000 dollar checks to refundable tax credits. Let the American people see that alternative and then able to saw eight. I'll put my free market plan against the big government plan and then see what the American people want. But instead they're trying to rush this thing through and basically just replaced replaced replaced replaced and get it was quickly as possible. Hoping that somehow well if it's the Republicans. It's got to be better than Obama care. Bad is bad is bad. And this thing is back. And so here comes congressman Jim Jordan. From the house freedom caucus he's one of the conservatives. That is completely dead set against it. And his argument and I think it's an infallible when it's irrefutable. Fifteen months ago he says every Republican in the house and in the senate. Voted to repeal obamacare. Now it was vetoed by Obama. But we all voted all of us unanimously there wasn't one defection. Guys was the problem. Just scroll back grabbed the 2015. Bill dust it off. Get the largest us that I hear his or get a little dusty there. Okay nice and ready to go change debate that's right we're 27 penal came whenever march whatever it is. Did that took the 2007 theme let's go. Listen now to Jim Jordan saying I don't understand. Were all united on repeal. Were divided on replace. So forget replace. And just focus on repeal. Roll it. Jerry you know you legislation especially legislation you call obamacare like what are you gonna do to stop it. Well look at it you're you're right came up 36 hours ago and and they're gonna market up and bought owning committee today. And the American people Melissa is seen at 36 app for 36 hours and that in their representatives and only seen it for 36 hours so let's do this right. And more importantly let's do what we told the voters we're gonna do that's like today I'll be introducing legislation which is says clean repeal. Let's vote on the exact same thing fifteen months ago. Every single Republican in the house every single Republican in the senate voted on we put it on president Obama's desk of course he vetoed it. But let's put that same legislation on president trumps desk and then work on the replacement model that will actually bring down the cost of insurance I don't think depending editors Justin gonna bring on the cost. For working class and middle class families took. Bingo. Bingo but what are they afraid enough. She now if you noticed Jim Jordan he touched on it there already marking up the bill Meehan are starting to Europe. You know I'd provisions to it and get moving forward 36 hours. Not even to peace. They're moving this thing in the dead of night as quickly as possible. Exactly the way they did with the Obama Keener. They're trying to move but the speed of light just Russia rural Russia are Russia through ram it down our throats. Before that people can really find out what senate a a hold your horses. Is Obama cared disaster yes repeal it. OK then what I'm all work on replace. Step one step no. You go slow. You do it right and you do it the right way with full transparency. And honesty. Let the American people have their say he. I agree disagree. 6172666868. Should trump be listening to Paul Ryan. And should the Republicans just repeal obamacare. And not replace it. Your calls next. Do you what we told the voters were gonna do that's like today I'll be introducing legislation would just says clean repeal. Let's vote on the exact same thing fifteen months ago. Every single Republican in the house every single Republican in the senate voted on we put it on president Obama's desk of course he vetoed it. But let's put that same legislation on president trumps desk and then work on the replacement model. You had me act hell all. Instead of rushing Ryan no care obamacare lied whatever you wanna call it through. Why don't we just repeal obamacare. And then take up a second or third or fourth bill. And deal with Brooke the repeal it piece by piece by piece. And let the American people decide what they want to repeal obamacare width. I think it's a great idea. I agree disagree. Minds are loaded Russ in Boston go ahead ross'. Hello Russ. It. Hello OK what should forget Rouse again. Stephen pops field going heads the. Yeah I agree urgent and the attorney. And I just can't believe that this is what the Republicans are answered you. Trump you know I'm a strong from the order I was with them from the very beginning. But you know I think one of the things he needs to do is he needs to. Telling you as well on all of EO should look a little bit to the doctors. Into the patient's. Help here CEO's. They're very good at scamming the system and reaching all the money into the bent of the patients. So I think he really need to find out what the problems aren't they held here. The other thing that you have the build up encourage grass it's who the market. Is the market the people who have jobs and are getting insurance from their employers. Is that more people is that people with no jobs. They need to explain exactly how is still what's gonna help all these different segments of the market. Brilliant brilliant. Doctor Greg Greg did you my doctor Steve cut you go by. A doctor Steve. Harvard medical graduate any job actually are the law school graduate the same time. I don't understand those 127. Pages. I yeah yeah I uh huh. Doctor Steve let me ask you this then. Rand Paul is a doctor I understand he's in optometrists but he's a doctor his father was a medical doctor. Do you think you know because they have a medical background like you. They understand the health care issue let's say I held a lot more than some policy wonk like Paul Ryan. Of course and no they don't get system he's too young to really had any experience what that well. I know we had a mother who was on medic here or why. You don't want to see now. As doctor Steve can you do me a favor don't get stranger call again. Well thank god bless you thank you very very good call 617 and selling because doctors we get surgeons calling the cod calling the show I. I only got half of and nothing but but creme de La creme here 6172666868. By the way are there any good general positions out there 'cause I could use one. I'm just saying and I'm getting his back pains like I don't honestly I don't know there's just because I'm 47. Or if it's anxiety years stress or whatever but. Anyway if you wanna call the show when your GPA you're taking new customers. Primary care physician is she gonna pack doctor during active issues Jeffrey you think so. Yeah I cannot say I can give you wanna have won the or you know a good back dot Ideo OK 6172666868. More of your calls Max. And we will talk about clean repeal vs replacement if we stick together because I don't think they have the numbers to pass this at this point. 136. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Rand Paul has thrown down the gauntlet. And it looks like the numbers according to multiple media accounts. The numbers back him up eighty house Republicans. Say they will not support. Obama care two point dole Paul Ryan's obamacare light planned. There is now a growing caucus with in the senate senate conservatives. Saying no way Jose. If he doesn't have the numbers. You dice. It's a dye ace should they then go to Rand Paul's option. Will repeal. And just get rid of it. And then war on replace. Bill by bill by bill. I agree disagree. Let's try ross' again in Boston go ahead Ross. Hello Russ they're real loss for us let's go to our chief go ahead Archie. I guess you would scorn on it. And it is that Dell filed by not reputable guy in is that the way they'll try to delay triumphed. And out and actually distillation. What would not treat thinking you don't know one. Try I should do it but the other in file is all. Obama Kia along with. That tax cut that he wants. Top congress I want the tax cuts passed by June 30. Because what did don't want (%expletive) or it's light weight belt text ignore it. In and you ought to vote for what it's like pick in the skating rink we do at Tora its apparel. But I wouldn't choose appointment. Easily won a 48 it and that that Hillary Clinton Barack virtual thumb up black bloc. Think think what DR what the tactics and confirmation. It all the late the late currently. To root out emails he Obama what situation again it's true he's not gonna get control. The Republicans because they wanna belly and they wanted to be unsuccessful. All these guys they're on the same. Seen by different tensions in real life there. Archie I you know I agree with you and thank you for that call look I think Ryan is his mortal enemy. Ryan if you just look at the substance of the bill. It was written by the donor class. He pharmaceuticals. They get paid. The big health insurance companies they get paid. Illegal aliens. We'll have access the health care under Ryan don't care any illegal alien as long as they can have a phony baloney. A phony Social Security number boom they're eligible for 141000 dollar government check. So when I look at that role open borders. Global list shill for the chamber of commerce that is the weasel Ryan Ryan Ryan. I tell you this he gave his contributors. There everything they wanted. This was a bill written by the donor class a benefit the donor costs. So if I'm I'm looking at Ryan and I'm thinking neither heat. Basically trap Strom into supporting this and they call it trauma care. Which means then trump gets weighed down by this he takes ownership responsibility for it. Or. Conservative cited confided in fighting. And then the bill goes down and then there's division among Republicans. And then they got to come back again. And what he's doing is he's delaying. He's delaying and preventing trump from implementing his agenda. Because if he repeals obamacare. And puts in any kind of semi decent replacement plan. And then gets his package of tax cuts through a look we'll take my word for it. February job numbers 300000. Jobs. They're now saying we're starting an economic boom. The stock market is booming the job market is starting to really take off you'll put in big tax cuts. Double. Help small businesses. Corporations come back almost trillions of dollars they have parked overseas. Dot wealth comes pouring back end. Middle class people get a big can of 35% tax cut workers get 35%. Tax cut. You're gonna see in 1980 style. Economic boom. So if you have a roaring economy. The border is sealed. And our healthcare system that's first class again how does anybody be trumped. His approval numbers will be at seventy. Are you always have a third of the country rapidly against them. But essentially he wins he wins the mid terms he wins the next election. It becomes his party. And the Washington establishment. Is essentially sent in a permanent exile he's crushed and defeated them. So what are they doing dragging their heels dragging their heels dragging their yields. This I believe is a land mine. Planted by Ryan to blow trump up and I think his best friend on this boat they may have had their differences before. It's Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. Stick with the conservatives. And trump will wind and triumph. John in Needham go ahead John. Jeff are you go and I'm done our huge hook. To me it looks like. Has put it flowed into the swamp is already let's check out a lot to say. Yeah and I think he's either rather he's still that. Guarantee you he has not read the because even. Something the size bring about Nat would know that this is no good. And I think the steps two and three is like when the state. Build the Highway Patrol in the slums as stated if they're gonna remove the tolls go I sure. That never happens that would like that land deal push it through pushes throw get a deal any deal any deal. And what happened in the bad. He'll I think is an angle it. I don't know I lost if you put one another election today he'd lose big time. He's not doing what he said he wanted to I don't think he understands what he's doing. I either dumb. I don't know Javon frustrate our blocked completely. John thank you for that call look I wouldn't I look I honestly I think keys. I think he's doing great on the travel band. I think he's doing great on the wall is already being constructed. He's awesome very important executive orders. We're starter regained control over immigration laws. Already review regulating the economy considerably. The economy's already heating up we haven't had 300000 jobs I think ever under Obama. Ever. So look you know this is a bad bill and we're gonna have to try to make sure he doesn't signed his bad bill. But I haven't given up on trump not by along shot not by a long shot. 6172666868. Is the number. Okay. They're very important next 339. It because. I wish to play the audio but they're letting go only to Jeff on Tucker Carlson's show last night and I saw that. Paul Ryan was interviewed by Tucker Carlson the tax continues. Tucker specifically. Asked Ryan what about the wealthy donors. Making more money. And Ryan shockingly said that he's not concerned about that. I know I couldn't believe it is well. The EU whose name it. All in all this truly benefits the donor cost his bag of benefits to big our pharmaceuticals has benefits the big insurance companies. Al illegals they got a sweetheart deal out of his chamber of commerce must be happy about that. Boy looks like you're donors and contributors are. On this bill they're making out like bandits on I don't care. Bob I don't care. Well that's the problem. Cool who rules Washington. Did owners. Or the people. And we when we sent from we sent the message loud and clear it's not the donors it's us the people. Where repeal obamacare. Will root and branch. And then we'll talk about replace. Rob in nor would go ahead rob. And I'm good how are you. I'm great X gets a better understand I don't understand why. These senators and congressmen. Vote or for cost the taxpayers. Lets say all air act it is. That they themselves enjoy since we are paying for. And why other erratic what are they slope and you know it is seeing crops that he enjoys the same order expense accounts. That same taxpayer funded vacations. To the armistice Saudi pot smoking. Almost about. You know and my feeling right now and it's completely nonpartisan or you hate you senators all you congressman. Can take any to form the ya the worst impacts through sound like just me ask. Kissed my axe that's come from the bottom of might scratch. No I'll tell you why. You know why this is too expensive if if we went to members of congress and say you all tell you what. What what's your health care plan me okay for everybody does the same health care plateau for everybody. And Apache right. The taxpayer funded travel and all the perch send him meals and everything being expand stem the expense account and an all of this. Which you'll have the paid vacation time all the benefits band bowl IE healthcare everything. That's that's the plan everybody then has the same plan. We would be bankrupt so fast you wouldn't believe it okay we become Bolivia. Overnight. But you see for them. No laughing but the best nothing but the best for you know. Take your pick Obama care are obamacare liked. But everybody Smart people making the deals that we don't have Smart people making the deal with Donald it's time for you to start making those deals. Or are frankly you only get your hands dirty little Rand Paul made the deal for. I mean he's he's an ophthalmologist. Right highly educated man and his father himself was a medical doctor he knows what he's doing. So if you don't want if you go to the stuff on your plate again that you got North Korea you've got Iran. You've got the border you've got quite get it there's a lot of stuff going on okay. Have a good negotiator. Get Rand Paul Hill negotiate for you a great deal and it'll cost the country. Nothing. Russ in Boston go ahead Ross. Check out I'm sorry that they'll lay out what it was like Asia that the ramp outside of that. Why am I not get shot. I'm Donald Trump you gotta be kidding me let's not forget. I'm emitted champ and a out of them. Now. I don't deserve this they are repelled that Jeff. Unfortunately. There was not practical and sure yeah absolutely. You allege you couldn't I don't know it's. It takes time to read them and you have to play some insight from our not a so you can't just cut. Drug bust and an end and that that. Don't. Let this thing can be changed. What did you guys out there each and every moment. And I do we need. The rioters and the dimension and yeah I'm. Am at that than try and Israel sulfur and even less. Good good luck trying to submit your goal. And history as a as a great American violent. Patent act anything or anyone speak and then in the climate. And a friend who actually aware of that. I'm with you Ross well look I gotta tell you I think Rand Paul is start to make his case and thank you for that call rust. You start to make his case I think the conservatives and our pushing back very hard and look the simple fact of the matter is this. Indiana comes down to arithmetic comes out the math. Either you have the votes or you don't. And as things stand now running is not even close. So I don't know what he smoking on a set of fees on crack I don't know what years. Good for him to be going around as he did yesterday and still this morning and he's telling the president I've got the votes I've got all the votes are need. Hello what planet. Unless the unless there's a secret plan for Democrats the blackness which I don't see it. You've got eighty house Republicans against them. And you gonna are a strong contingent a core of conservatives in the senate led by Iran ball against that. This thing won't pass by house this thing won't pass the senate. This thing won't pass anything. Six once so we're back right where we started from. Sold let's go to appeal. If we can't do replaced. Let's door appeal. 61 set in my wrong 6172666868. Okay Mort your calls and I AM chief spreading ball here mean more. Yeah got to listen. To the latest from Elizabeth Warren on MSNBC. Are we who.