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Should OutVets be able to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade? 3/9/17

Mar 9, 2017|

Kuhner says OutVets should follow the rules and if they don’t follow the rules then they can’t march in the parade. Do you agree?

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Can you run a fake news from liberal lies and insults to the working people we say. No more. He's just cool their report. Or are bone righty Jeff Carter Boston's volvos are okay my friends. Later this show you don't want to miss it. Are we heading towards war against North Korea out. Beat two nuclear bombers are now being sent to South Korea. North Korea is now warning that it won't let pack our troops on the DMZ. China is warning a body rising confrontation. And we are sending more naval carriers and ships straight the South Korea out. Is there an ominous sign of war on the horizon we're gonna have not. Elizabeth Warren goes on MSNBC. And is asked the 64000. Dollar question. Since you guys had the White House for eight years how come you weren't able to help average citizens. You're not gonna believe her response. But first. It's local. Buddy its goal win national. Saint Patrick's Day parade. In a huge firestorm. Is now erupting again. In the city of Boston. All over the the parade which will be obviously not this Friday next Saturday sorry next Friday. I would not be this Friday but the following Friday saint patty's day and as you know Boston is in many ways the epicenter. Of Irish. Americans. Irish culture Irish pride in the United States of America. There are almost as many people of Irish descent in the Greater Boston area. Then there are irishman an Irish women in Dublin. That's how much. The impact of the Irish as men on Massachusetts. And on Boston. And so of course Saint Patrick's Day parade they have won in New York they have one in Chicago. They have one in major cities. But the big one is here in Boston. And already all hell is breaking loose. According now to march oh Marty mayor Marty Walsh who claims to be 100% Irish that you have to kill six. He says he will not be marching in the in the saint patty's day parade. Seth Moulton. Sergeant the mall and I served in Iraq sergeant molten. Did you hear he served in Iraq sergeant molten is now calling for a full boycott. Of the Saint Patrick's Day parade. Everybody is now jumping all over this chick and Charlie governor baker says he will not go. And march in the Saint Patrick's Day parade Stop & Shop says it is now going to be pulling its sponsorship. Stephen Lynch says he's gonna try to mitigate between all sides and try to get the issue resolved so what's the issue. What weighted it's a nice for eight. Everybody's wearing green you see the leper con you see the Irish clover. People are drinking green beer. It's a good kind everybody's proud to be Irish. It's a beautiful festivities. That kids are around their families around. Everybody's having a good time. They're celebrating. The patron saint of Ireland saint Patrick. What's the problem. Here's the problem. The. So GB. Key Q agenda. And it must be rammed down our throats. Everywhere. And at all times. And so they are a group a very small group of talk and a handful. Of gay veterans. They call themselves out of that's that's the name of their group out vets. They were able to marched the last couple of years. But what he organizers did not like and this is why they didn't want them to march initially even though they allowed for the last two years. Is because they march. And it's not about celebrating being Irish. It's not about celebrating the Irish contribution to the United States of America it's not about Irish culture or Irish traditions are Irish pride. It's our rainbow flag. And with out of vets the sign out events they're waving their flag which celebrates. Gay veterans. Which celebrates. The LG BTQ community. Which celebrates the so called sacrifice. Of gays and less and lesbians. In many course. And sold the parade organizers. I Timmy rightly. Say well hold on now. Eat dinners that there's a gay pride month you've got the whole month. You wanna celebrate deemed a little mood. The veterans we got a whole big devoted to veterans. We do all sorts of things for veterans. But this is not about the VA eight. This is not about the veterans. This is not about are out of bats in other words veterans who've come out as gay. This is not about the rainbow flag it's not about the LG BTQ agenda it's not about you. Can you imagine not everything has to be about you. You wanna marches a gay person as they gave veteran you don't have one day you've got a whole freaking month. You wanna celebrate as a veteran not there's veterans day but this parade it's called freedom of association. This for so means they get to decide the rules. And this parade is about celebrating. Being Irish. Not being gay this Nicholas shot do you. Not opening a lesbian or transgender bisexual. And you served in the military and good for you. But this is now about being Irish. And it's a vote what the Irish went through in their struggle in America. And their pride of their pride and there are. Their belief in being Irish and the sacrifices. Of being Irish. And the contributions. Of the Irish. And what they've given and and contributed to the United States. In every aspect. So they want to wave the Irish flag the American flag as well because it's part of what the Irish contributed to America but they wanna celebrate. Irish symbols. Irish heritage. Irish culture the Irish flag that's why it's called Saint Patrick's Day. Now the organizers have been crystal clear about the it's crystal clear. If you wanna be gay put on a green shirt celebrate being Irish no problem. If you're a vet and you wanna celebrate being Irish no problem. Hell if you're Chinese I'm not kidding. If you search help if you're Croatian okay. I know some of the organizers Jeff we want you to show up but I don't know of a drop of Byron blood in me. For one day just come on you're Irish for one day Jeff. Put on his green T shirt material upper Conor whatever I do or order or the Irish clover. Come on down have a good time. So if you're Chinese. And you wanna say claim your Irish. Come on down and have a good time have some orange beer eat some corned beef sandwiches. And for one day everybody's Irish and let's have a good time. No problem. But if Jeff corner tells the organizers rule. Hulk the coalitions are represented here is Rick faith are. Are are the Bill Belichick Eric Croatian American he just won a Super Bowl for the New England Patriots talk only look at the marchers Croatian Americans how come we look at the wave the Croatian fly and how come we don't get to talk about Croatian pride and Croatian culture well I'm sorry Jeff. Then correct have a Croatia America day. Do with the Greeks do. Do with the Coptic Christians do do would to China news to. Do it the Italians duke used to be called Christopher Columbus Day that's a day for you. That's a date to celebrate your particular ethnic heritage and culture and contribution to the United States but this day. These for the Irish. Period full stop. Once the problem. I'm looking around our goal is to send freak an argument every year I gave this I give the same freaking rebuttal every year. And they won't imported through their fix schools. And so Marty Walsh much show Marty. And I know Marty Walsh I know his kind if you know anything about Irish history. OK but Walsh is where the warns that collaborated with the British. Remember. The oppression of the Irish people could not have occurred if there weren't some traders in their midst to collaborated with what they called the castle. Okay would be the queen the king the British. Bill Walsh's. Work traders then under traders now you have to hit it. And so now he's coming in literally saying well we're one Boston. And we can't discriminate against anybody. And issues discrimination. We are one inclusive city yeah except if you're Irish. Except if you're Irish. To their parade. You're telling them how to run their per eight. Now notice notice or flippant and just flip it when they have mobile will not one day. The whole month gay pride. Tony do they allow Irish Nationalists to march in the gay pride parade. Do they allow to a come in and set an all free NORTHERN IRELAND 26 counties down six the golf. Do they allow them to wave the Irish tricolor flag and say remember Michael Collins. And remembered the Sunday Bloody Sunday. And how the Irish have been mistreated in the potato famine. And we want justice for Ireland and we want justice for the homeland do you think that gay pride marchers allow that sort of stuff. Or do they say get come out hey. That's for Saint Patrick's Day parade we're talking about being gay or talking about being lesbian we're talking about coming out of the closet. This is for us. So why can't the Irish have their own parade. Now it's not one of the. Members of the committee. Who voted to keep out to vets in his name is Ed Flynn they recently had a vote at the council. Called the allied to South Boston allied war veterans council. Ed Flynn now is everywhere he's a media darling. He was one of the few that voted to keep out to vets in the operate. And according to him. He said these are people who have served our country put their lives on the line for our country. And two Dem prevent them from marching in the parade. With their Al vets fly again their out vets uniform. That this is discrimination. And he will not tolerate discrimination. And this is exactly what Marty Walsh is saying this is exactly what Seth Moulton as saying. And that's why they're saying they're not gonna participate. And are even calling for a full boycott. So tomorrow there's going to be an emergency meeting because now there started caved potentially under pressure. In which the committee. The organizers of Boston Saint Patrick's Day parade they've now scheduled an emergency meeting a meeting. To reconsider their votes to allow. Out vets to march. Now. Here's the question I have for Ed Flynn and I don't mean this to be insensitive but. Let's let's be men let's be men here. They serve their country yes. Can they march no problem. Who stopped him from march and many vets are gonna show up put on a mainstream T shirt saying I'm Irish will put on a leprechaun or whatever you want coming in March. But they're not marching. Such people who were proud to be Irish. Their marching explicitly. On behalf of an LG BTQ. Gay veteran agenda with the rainbow flag. They're marching on behalf of a separate agenda. With a separate goal which separate objectives. That have nothing to do with Saint Patrick's Day. That has nothing to do with Irish independence. With the Irish contribution to American society. Nothing. Nothing. So what you're effectively doing is is allowing an outside group done hijacked Saint Patrick's Day. To get more attention for them. And it's it's no one else has the guts to say it I'm gonna say is. I'm gonna say it. What is it with these LG BTQ people that everything is always about the game. Every no matter where you go it doesn't matter very agenda. House to be rammed through again and again and again. This is borderline totalitarianism. Now look they have their rules their rules are clear. It's a beautiful parade it goes back centuries. We never had a problem for centuries we never had a problem. And now all of a sudden. Because they're just saying it's a date to be Irish to celebrate being Irish top honor our Irish heritage and they don't wanna do that. They want to hijack it for their own gay. LG BP Q agenda. Do we jury gay pride. Do it on veterans day. But don't do it at the expense of the Irish they have suffered and been oppressed and off. And which are selling them and I'm choosing my words very clearly. Is that the Irish are soul. That they are so marginalized. That they can't even have one day to themselves. Well you know what I say blank off. To the politicians who don't want to show up pony zoom. My argument to the organizers would be this. Who needs Marty Walsh. Won't need Stephen Lynch who needs Charlie Baker won't need Seth Moulton well. It'll be even better a parade of politicians that get up anyway. Let it be for what it was intended to be. Further of people. I agree disagree. Should be out to vets should be allowed to march in Saint Patrick's Day parade. Marty Walsh says yes. I say no what do you say 6172666868. Your calls next. Pull out there guys. Very Irish today. Somebody's got to defend them. 6172666868. Is the numbers. Okay my friends. It's the corner country poll question then. My good. Only speed Celtic. I would say you know of the day in in in Celtic and get a question along with the day. Out eight. Question all the today. Back at. Should the out of events be allowed to march. In Saint Patrick's Day parade should they be allowed to march in the Saint Patrick's Day parade. If you believe the answer is yes. Next the letter made the 68680. If like mean era absolutely. Hell no. Com if you want com is being Irish but were not here to promote LG BT is shoes are gay veterans issues or whatever. That's a separate parade double month in fact. That's another time for another place to be respectful. Textile mill Nextel letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. It's okay this is from. 413 if you want attacked in six or 8680. A man (%expletive) How much almighty. To kiss our Blarney stones. At. 617 Jeff I'm a lesbian. You're absolutely right we have our own parade. Best part no baker Walsh lynch and mold and. That's what I'd be telling you organizers. Knew if you don't want to show while it's going to be the best early mover. This is actually a blessing and talk about the luck of the Irish I just fell right into our. 6172666868. Vick. Our goal ahead nick. Page up a 100% right I'm a combat marine up here in new report. And you know what these guys can wrap themselves market why would they don't want a marked art why they want a martyr to the gate like. None of a spot under the gate lightly automotive market. Let me just say yes. Organizing rules evaporate. Is it no there's no group can chain display. And sexually explicit. That Israel lacks so I can not march I did that Playboy party flag. I cannot march and to those who huge ally. I kept that would I have to comply with that rule but to homosexuals. All have bad habit. They away he can't be OK to go along with what that heterosexuals. All doing. They are special just like animal. Animal farm they were all equal but some are more equal than others. Very well said Victor. 6172666868. OK before we go to break I am a Britney wanna read a couple texts just one it's really got 978 Jeff I'm Irish but if I wanted to enter a Second Amendment float in the parade Allen brightly be refused what's the difference here bingo. Bingo. Brittany I'm just curious so we can just reset the poll question into results. Should be out vets be allowed to march in the Saint Patrick's Day parade. Walsh molten bay Kirk all of them say yes. If you book or side with tampax the letter eight to 686 Sadie. I say hell no text the latter beat the 68680. Brittany are you an a or B I honestly don't care fame march just follow the rules that's at. She won a march march just follow the rules of toad no rainbow flag you're not there to promote gay veterans issues. You're there to be Irish and celebrate being Irish right. 6172666868. I agree disagree. Your calls next. 1237. Here on the great WRK. Home. Okay Jerry you aren't you wanted to weigh in on this he said there was some. You made a very good point about poor little Irish American kids itself. Boswell let's just arrogance of of Charlie Baker and Marty Walsh and sat you know sergeant seven dog knocked in a march in this for. The average Irish kid who's there it's they get cotton candy watch a parade maybe it like an inflatable dinosaur whatever like. He really cares if Marty Walsh isn't there are lakes and feast. Orange haired wig like McCain and on freckles like a giant shamrock ball like. Doesn't carry it don't we do is read it yourself attack acts act nobody cares if you're the parent cash cash apps apps apps. 6172666868. Okay my friends. Boy oh boy V local state a leads are now cracking down on the organizers of this saint patty's day parade. They are saying that if a group called Al to vets are basically metsu glove come out of the closet and out. They gave veterans. Who march with a rainbow flag and they promote out of bats gave veterans. Talking about the honors sacrifice. And they wanna be recognized as gay veterans with a gave veteran agenda. And The Who organizes the parade of sentinel look you won a march march. We want you know march but. Celebrating our Irish charity each. We're not here to promote the gay agenda we're not here to promote gay veterans. That's not what this parade is a buyout well now they're being called the bigots is discrimination. And unless they're being allowed to be part of the parade Marty Walsh much Marty wants show up. Charlie Baker will not show up. Stephen Lynch may not show up he's trying to negotiate something and Seth Moulton sergeant mauled the sergeant Seth. Is actually now saying it should be a full out boycott. Now Britney I'm just curious. As somebody who is. Very proudly Irish. I mean you know you're almost forgive me it was like a stereotype of an you know why I think Irish I. They're red haired -- red freckles. But frankly a little bit of the Irish temper. How do you own. I mean how do you feel about the fact that now. They're trying to basically run over Saint Patrick's Day parade they're trying to hijack and co op Saint Patrick's Day parade. While it. Seems like the people that run the radar not letting them do that. They don't want them to have the flag. The rainbow flag on. Was that the banner that they're gonna am marks left so I'm not really think they try their while they're trying to yeah but. They're not hi Jack king and at all just they have to follow all the rules if you wanna march you want a marked as of that trend. Fine I don't care if you're gay straight transgender what ever I don't care. If you wanna be Irish candidate shall I join us where we killer probably drunk anyway we don't care if still you know. Lou Keener and it just all old little rule mobile app acts are the rules say no we don't want that they don't do it. And did at the. Six to a 72666868. Luka said Salem New Hampshire go ahead locus. Jeff why is it that you want and would prefer to call welcome to seek re the reason that you hear the reason I'm calling. Is because as someone who is gay conservative. You know young adult first informal I think it's important to note that. People you know on patrol told reporters are you who beat her. Earning legal. Reference saying. I totally I'm all about Smart you can read. If they don't if they're not opener promote Erica and their airport if there are out there without their flag and marching you know at veteran. I think that's absolutely you know totally acceptable. And arm I encourage you to Portland whose Irish guys are yelling at you all false glass in all my parents and we. Our senior from Ireland I think are. Rip them out in the flags and promoting what they what they hear what they want to mark. Four that are developing the right in the fear in Patrick. Thank you very much for that call Lukas I couldn't agree with you more. Look really honestly. Gave bats look to me or gay straight lesbian. Please march. Your veteran please march. But it's a day to celebrate being Irish. You know I mean look I you know look my parents are from Croatia OK we have a day not a big gay but we have a day. Look we have a very. Now it's funny me and everybody should have their day this is their day. Wouldn't mean honest to god I wouldn't dream was singer very bill calling a Bill Belichick. Bill we got to show some Croatian pride here bay beat. Let's go to the Irish day parade put up a big colorful Croatian flag. And you know what let's talk about the cause of the Croatian writes in Bosnia. How come the croatians in Bosnia are being properly represented why isn't the world focusing on the plight of croatians in Bosnia. And let's talk about Croatian writes in the Balkans. You know and Erica we're gonna do and we're gonna crash to Saint Patrick's Day parade what would they tell me. It's not discrimination he has been Croatia Croatian American they say the law abiding listened to bill. We love you but we love you five Super Bowl championships we love you know bill he won a march when a green shirt abducted and more mapped to march when a green shirt. Known that you can have the Croatian flag. No we don't want the plaque Kurds about what's going on back in the Balkans week that's. This is Irish it's Ireland Michael Collins yes NORTHERN IRELAND yes. Whenever. That Irish potato famine yes that's part of our history it's why we came to America out of three that's fine. But no it's how does not discrimination. It's just called freedom of. And so look how easily. They pushed this politically correct agenda. Always pushing a politically correct agenda in the name of diversity but what's really going on its famous. But what you what's truly diverse a beautiful Irish parade. A beautiful Greek parade. Are beautiful Chinese parade are beautiful LG BT parade is a natural diversity. Instead they want everything to be the same while I say no let the Irish have their day they burned it. Steven has struck go ahead Steve. Good Marat could happen or job hot lips and then you have the Puerto Rican parade they have. Like Caribbean parade they have the Dominican parade. How come these there's this group has been trying to weasel their way into the street parade because you're and probably have many angles so that all wrapped them. Trying to. You know work their way into this sprayed. And honestly the politician to the luncheon at I'm going to be there whether they want to be liked it not. I'll be watching Matty might not be elected instead not certain jumps at the orange jump. One at a site has been so much heat. At all. Account for some bracelets I thought my bottle out in a much shaking hands. I'm of them that I beat all these other groups have been the game I have a beer all right why isn't church big deal. That these because we're still white Irish people they are we so bad it's all the equipment and and it does hurt but you know we're getting tired of it. But white people the why the Irish people didn't talk to be pushed around. The fighting Irish now that's ST I'm with Felix I looked guys you gotta start earning your nickname. It's time to be months and fist fights but there has got to be the fighting Irish. He's got to start fighting insane no. They don't know how do you say knowing them like you're an Irish way. And Richards just know just moment when gale lakers such as that's what can I do knowing enough and it all looked like it try to look I want now forming here but anyway you know it's like you know I can do Nyad I can you want to do many things because my Irish. So well look if you're completely right. Now let me. Just say this this needs to be said this needs to be sent. Saint Patrick's Day it's about Irish pride its about Irish heritage it's about the Irish contribution to America to beautiful parade but. Its Genesis. It's a beginning you know initially it's a religious parade started off I know what's now a nationalist parade a patriotic parade of pride for parade. But saint Patrick's. He's the patron saint of the Irish he essentially converted the Irish who were then begins in two Christians and the Catholics. So there is a very strong religious element to that it's okay if saint Saint. Patrick's Day. The Muslims throw their operates. Have you noticed the LG BTQ community out vets talk only number one on March in the Muslim parade. How come they never wanna say non endemic and when you guys are celebrating the end of Ramadan. We wanna be in on that action. Today when there's not a Palestinian day when they're talking about Palestinian rights not. And you see all those Muslim me moms out there. And you see the women in the Burke guys and the guys with the big fake beards pocket I don't see they gave veterans out vets there with a rainbow flag. How come when it comes the Muslim rallies and Muslim parades cool. How come it's always one it's an explicitly. Christian parade. And because they know home. Christians will turn the other cheek. The Irish will give in. Just like the Italians gave in just like everybody else gives him. 61720666868. It's time to say. I'm Irish and I'm proud. And this far and no further. Marine in south fee go ahead marine. Kinda screwed up I couldn't stop watch them like how life is like to immediately have details that nonsense. I talked to validate that all the time they act that we can't hate mail. In palm can't hang it up on them in everything they outlaw early in the let people they expect. No we don't want to in the parade. You know and it's not about people being today it's about ten caddies today and evacuation day I'm just so look at these people. Why did you say no call it stupidity I'm. Marino I mean to be fair to them this stoppage sharpest pulled out a sponsorship. A lot of these other beer companies are going to be pulling out their sponsorship. So financially they're gonna cripple him. See that's how they work docile the elites work. They have this they have these pollute they they have political correctness. And in the use it as a weapon. To go after people they try to shame mom ostracize them call them racist bigot and when that doesn't work then you bring in an economic boycott. Well look I'll tell you right now OK I wanna speak for bill Kelly final two years ago when this issue came up the first time. Bill Kelly proud Irish American his family fled the Irish potato famine so he knows what it's like to be Irish. And to be Irish in America and how hard the Irish had to struggle as they made their way in America. And the discrimination that they faced they don't whine about it they just moved on and became successful. He said he was gonna bankroll the whole parade. And so I'm honestly for if I'm organizing the parade and say guys from now on use only private donors. Don't go corporate. Because then they're gonna play the PC line and try to use it against you. So another gonna try to save their funding that's how they put pressure on Beth. And Alabama was. So happy to talk to the crooner and I know exactly what to say to them GAAP pre and it gaelic. Basic helped compile them all of which means if my you know why. Apps apps apps apps. That it is an agenda consider getting gaelic. Oh I got my home I mean why you know why on love it out. My tank Q bath. Much almighty. Sergeants that chick did Charlie. Tell all of you out there from meat to you. And all the Irish people in Boston. I've got my home. 1256. Chair on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Who later in the show you don't want to miss it are we drifting towards war with North Korea. Trump has now sent B 52 nuclear bombers. To South Korea North Korea is vowing to attack our troops at the DMZ. And China is now warning about rising confrontation. Huge story we're gonna have that later in the show I promise. But first I wanna go back to the phone lines should out vets. BI allowed to march openly as gay veterans with a rainbow flag at the Saint Patrick's Day parade. Unless they're allowed to. Walsh. Seth Moulton governor bakers say there should be a boycott of the parade and they Wal-Mart show up. Is this political correctness. Run a mock. Brittany I'm just curious what are the poll results. Thus far OK here crunching up the numbers. I if you believe the answer is yes faxed a letter they the 68680. If you're like you mean. Elmo. It's a day for the Irish let them have their parade leave them alone. Next beat the 68680. Brittany what are the poll results so far. 80%. No old 12%. Yes I could get your your big no. I may follow rules if you follow rules I don't have an issue but if you are not gonna follow rules that I'm sorry you cannot march you can sit. And the crowd like everyone else and watch and watch and get drunk. Bring some green beer yeah so you both streaks and get Aniston have some fun there are are are so you're right you're beyond this one. Hannity yes and a role since don't mean go ahead gross. And that's how it happened on it became ill and different things that I went I believe a lot. I don't know writes yeah I'm about eight you know right and it definitely gonna meet. I thought that I cannot be involved I appreciate that eight in automatic up or want that thing right there and that woman and man. Out on the and the outlook as they would like for somebody to make you okay. Well and typically you. My companion. Panic and they were allowed you know LP GT calamity initial. And when they look at about a two hijacked at Saint Patrick's Day parade. Opened that door and now. I'd point that Al upon our bit and I can truly believed that that you're not. I'm right attention that this is just a well I'm christianity. I'm with you I think you're right rose I think they're trying to send a very powerful signal. That they can delegitimize. Any group any Christian organization. They can branded bigoted discriminatory. Racist and there's nothing Christians can do. It's anti Christian bigotry dots witnesses. Gerri I've got thirty seconds. Go that bad. Jeff this parade organizers they set the criteria that they paid for the mid stage ever they have a right to do whatever they want. And gave your point on the board was we couldn't squeeze it out. But do you think this has to do it Charlie Baker's brother who happens to be gained. And you know what I agree with you comrade okay that chief horrors. The next.