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Illegal Border Crossing is down by 40%, Governor Baker Chokes Up, 3.9.17

Mar 9, 2017|

Kim and VB discuss border patrol, building a wall, and the decline in number of immigrant crossings. Then Governor Charlie Baker gets emotional about "OutVets" not being included in St. Patrick's Day Parade.

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Who she. World so illegal border crossings are down 40%. 36% from year to year yes. Forty from last month allegedly down is on the New York Times puts it at that have after some I don't know I don't know where they get that they're. Could not be better news for trump I don't think I'm shocked he isn't tweet about it yet. On but this is all good debt and you over we did trump said some talks spleen and to do. This is a big win in this is a good sign in for me it's keep it rolling keep it going down 40% to start it's not eminently. Keep the goal I think the part of this too this is really interesting is Homeland Security secretary John Kelly says the January February or months. We typically border crossings down in Mexico are up. They go up at least ten to 20%. And it's everywhere we were down a full 40%. So that is pretty amazing. And he's attributing it to tough talk from the president so my question was hey if if we can if tough talk. And increased Border Patrol can bring it down 40%. Do we have to spend the money for the Walt can we not do wood in another way. And that's what we've been asking you BBC is not he's be three pronged. You know tough talk wall what's not adult Hartley started a out right you can't talk tough but then not do what it was you retire but I I don't argue he's doing part of that which is increasing Border Patrol and if you're bad on break who's in this country and your breaking the law he's sending your home. Let me go to Tom Toms and Revere good. Tom. O. Hello hi Tom. You know I'm fetuses. I actually touch on two issues one that spoke about regarding. Some clips per minute in the eight. A trump played it well but this first of bird. There are issues concerned. A it's physical all mayors that are not only shoot people. All our fault you know because of economics. It is coming here for what it's. We're done on our nightly candidate just called back because we we've got a bag can actually be a little over the ism in terms not complicated so you got him Aybar who wears a dog in the dark opening your yard and you you can tell them six ways to Sunday. Keep the dog off my property. Until you build the fence the dog's not gonna stay off your property funny though once the fence goes up. The Pope stops. So sometimes you have to have a physical barrier between you and that which you were trying to limit or decreased. This is one of those times but sometimes it can be electric fence and you can't see it right. If the neighbor buys that's the stop but Mexico is not cooperating in this case I mean we could put up the electric fence Robby is in Dedham good morning. You don't 11 better to build a cyber wall. You know in other words draw unmanned drones with cameras to catch them. And in the windy out seeing people come and of course the water the border control. I've people goal right there where they are. I mean what we cannot afford to build a physical Wall Street billions of dollars. Mexican government is certainly not a paper we just Q reported its its old I would be all help get things. For Republicans you are saying we cannot afford it. Right I mean don't. It built the great wall I don't know 8900 it'd go to keep out the squat it's called the great wall China and it was built to keep out among bolts. The only thing I want to give it didn't work. While I idea again I agree we did did Nick Price tag is huge. And it does feel like it's going to fall more on the American taxpayer than what we originally thought that's why I'm wondering you know. Is head of plans changed things changing if you can do it. Without having to actually spend the money in why wouldn't hit it at least that extensive money Toms and Revere good morning jobless chart a more time. You know look troubled marriage are here at this club local Arab serial comic the upbeat economic 64 billion dollars. In the war on terrorism in the law are not terrorists. Is a drop in the bucket what is the cost of several people crossing the border with automatic weapons. It'll RPG's. Are explosives. Coming from the order as they do with. Thousands of pounds of cocaine and heroin every year more importantly it's that's gonna cost sixty look. Billion dollar cost of acting percent all blocked or old prison and a prison population. Being Mexican origin. Hacked into sole issue of narco terrorism. More importantly. Anybody who thinks for 12 title woes won't solve the problem. Has no understanding of military. It'll abilities. But the wall off social. Are all putting up seismic. Sensors which ballpark probably 12100000. Meters out. As technology she judicial Arctic bolted treat unlike a plummet regarding the big won't separate Walt China. The technology change. The for. And again but it's. It's it's all part of from what you're talking about order in drones and sensors. And increased Border Patrol all of this is part of the walls that's all part of why we night for me if I'm from mom arguing. What you sorry just called for an increase in Border Patrol agents by however many thousand and was that's part of the wall you must understand right. That's a little pocket right so any sensors and drones and anything it's all connected it's all part. All of the pollen right the good morning Paul. Good morning guys a couple things first off the big chunk of that money and it's already what appropriated under bush. Or a portion of the wall that they were already supposed to start to to build like sixteen. Billion dollars so that price tag is actually lower than they keep growing industry. Secondly. Do we think that there. Cost of eight big wall would you just slowing the lights it would slow the likes to allow our Border Patrol agents do their jobs in a manner. Because they were not gonna walking arm and arm from an alien Border Patrol agent. So to you all border regarded you need to have. Devices to slow the aren't so why aren't you ask him. We're down 40% that's still 60% to my thumb. What do you think that this could drop to zero and now that it adding I got a hero now would not all right. Paul you want trumpets we are today and I'm we view. Forty per since the start we still got 60% more than we need getting through we don't want we want this number to be zero. And it's not and that's why. We're going to continue to take measures and take steps its lottery and and his aren't going to be any benefits. We catcher you're going back you're not stand under any circumstances whether you have kids or not etc. etc. like. You have to keep working at this in you have to keep dealing we is. Numbers that are way too wide because for the last eight years it's been basically open. Chris is in Waltham hey Chris good morning. Hey good morning guys. So alert and I voted for probably conservative of but Trump's supportive but. I'm always very skeptical about. You know information that kind of shows up coincidentally so. This this 40% reduction in border crossings. I guess I don't want out that was calculated to quantify. Because. If somebody illegally cross the border can get away with that there's no waited. No particular crimes. Of course there's going to be some kind of baseline and then they have to be able to evaluate. We've actually truck the number of people who are actually crossing the border so. You know. Boeing but the thing is Chris by whatever metric you're using. Year old every year it's down 36%. So. Whatever. Whatever they were able to calculate last year. They have been able to calculate. It's 36% down in a year in in a month it's down 39% or so. You're right the numbers clearly still higher because there are those that she can't even register. But that the percentage of what. We know is down that much well that's encouragement to me the metric of a year for years the most important really and truly because I I would argue. That I believe once Donald Trump was. Was elected in November we probably saw an increase. Of people trying to get over because they were trying to get over before he got in to a position of power. What's he was inaugurated in January. I think the deet started to slow down and drop down so you know I I think the numbers can be. Skewed in some ways. Related to the timing but I think the year over year really is the most important it is the one that tells the story much more clearly. 617266686868680. Is attacks like either way as you said he'd be this is good news for an administration that has been. Beat up certainly over the last a couple of days and has quite a battle coming their way and that being related to the health care issue and that's not that we're gonna talk about this morning. In our 8 o'clock hour because some it can't. It's really interesting how this is starting to shake out how battle lines are starting to be drawn in while they spent eighteen hours 1618 hours. In two needy fighting over this last night I think this is going to be a really long haul. And the president it's gonna go squarely on his back apparently they're they're gonna send him out to do the dirty work. And to make this work or come at a local we're talking about separate himself they. So maybe have you ever been allowed to do something for a period of time and then suddenly. Nothing is changed on your part that suddenly you are told no you can't do it anymore. Yes have you won the in this case it's wildly inappropriate. We're talking about of course. The out vets organization. That has been told by the organizers of the South Boston Saint Patrick's Day parade I'm sorry but you've march the last two years but we don't want you this year. So you can't march up. When I saw this yesterday. I thought to myself are you kidding me that we are doing this all over again. Yeah. It's a very it's a broken record it's who's Sammons to Capistrano as Jim Carrey's famously said. We got to go because of spraying and. These guys these Crocker is in south these images won't let it go. And just have to keep trying to fight this fight it's inevitable. It is inevitable. We got to over this every single year and they've got to make. Who think he's gonna happen what is the outcome because you have two choices here one is. We can let the Al vets marched right from the start in so nobody even talks about this or two is. No politician is gonna march in this we know that especially with the current state of politicians. I guess I'm to the point where I do think this is a calculated thing to drum up support for the parade. I think they think this is good press because it's at least press. Otherwise maybe this parade starts to fizzle that's the only thing I can possibly give them credit for because they're going to let them march they realize that. They know that tomorrow they're going to vote this they gonna change it in they're gonna let amend the Ghana. Why don't they have a choice I'd Nadal this is according gone to the Supreme Court back in the mid ninety's his whole issue went to the Supreme Court. We we have gone through this over and oh forget now what they're trying to say by the way the organizers. Is it because these veterans this veterans group. Where Ers and logo. On there may be jackets. And has been our rainbow flag on it. That it is the outfits that are inappropriate. For the parade. Because there cannot be any. Kind of sexuality. On this on display in this Saint Patrick's Day parade. So that's that's what they pin this on. I don't. Particularly look the I'd dear of the old vets group. In this fashion because I think it is purposely designed to. Well listen political statement too by the way just that to me that's far right like I don't know why you feel the need to separate yourself. But since you do. If my choices are you were these core workers that run this parade in south even. Just clean to the south you fifty years ago which is gone and it's our way or the highway. Obviously Yemen aside without fat that being said. Really Charlie Baker. Really in front of me full press conference this is this is so personally you it's gonna bring you to tears. Kamal did you learn just the solicit. Charlie are you there. That's bringing me it is a parent. A giveaway it will give just a second. Did the governor says he won't walk of the veterans are allowed to walk obviously there Walsh's said he is not gonna walk we've got. You know all all of the politicians are saying they're not gonna walk which I'm not sure of that but that organizers. Maybe they don't care the whole point is that they're making a statement that this is unacceptable. I think description walk I think this group will walk I think it's ridiculous that we go through this every year but here's here I will say this. Outlets. Is an organization that is making a political statement or they would just be like you said veterans who were walking. So. I do understand that. That the organizers. May not love the idea that anybody is in the parade making a political statement. But but we're past that it's already been decided. So this well I say. Titled science they can dig in boulder parade for the ball they can reorganize his parade in some fashion and try to do and do whatever way. Or they can get tough which is with. Here's my thing do you guys. Either beat Hoff can get tougher don't. Either tellem there Rowell Intel baker in Walsh in lynch and everybody else pound sand. Or their Rian this is not a gray area or green area I guess in this case. Those are your only two choices in you know wade right from the start in doing this and around about they filed later. We don't want that it's it's a how big the signing me is or what they're wearing an Olympic now. They're either in their. How no bearing upon as not that that's not the case. They are in period because the South Boston allied war veterans council for decades pot legal battles to keep gay organizations out. Even when he a landmark US Supreme Court decision. Backing their rights to all I'm wrong about this. I apologize for this ticket. I apologize or at the second 1995. In my mind that had been decided by the Supreme Court it's the other way around I apologize if I'm wrong BBN totally robbed. They so they can't tell them to go like. Yes they can absolutely but they can't be in my mind I thought that was the other way around I apologize the reason why they can't do is because they've heard from the community and by the community I mean their leadership now since that time. Lynch lynch or Walsh that's it game over yep if you're not have the Boston mayor of Boston America. And your congressmen. You have a big problem in you've known this for years which is why it happened last year. Without vets marching that we said we got to fix this. In other words what was the big column below. When they were throwing arms to me dad how are okay. It's state giving out pamphlets on how to be gay. Right what was that thing or did they just march it was fine. Except the U Wu. Can't get past bright bright bright arc. Again we can do the pandora's box argument all day so what's next to zero BGT veterans go to march or whatever. OK but this is the society we live in now so you have to ultimately decide if and when. You're gonna draw the line. If you draw the line I'm fine with it lucky you have rules you've got backing up. It your talent these guys too bad we don't need you because the parade is about SE Charlie Baker you're not from south the Stephen Lynch you are but we can live without you Seth Moulton your not we can live without you. Then make pets thing didn't beat talked about a six foot 7266686868680. Is attacked slide. We wanna know what you think should this group be allowed to march or is it time for this parade to go away. Maybe it's just time to do away with the South Boston. Saint Patrick's Day parade. And me. Good approaches. What the doctor about it he became emotional lift. And veterans groups mobilized to march of that bridge for whatever reason. That I will probably do something else. You online tool marks bridges. The changes. Okay all right if you if you really hear it there yet to actually see him to know. You know that he got teary eyed lips quivering tune you out like he's literally like he's going to cry. Because Al vets may or may not be allowed to margins seem badgers are parade. As if that's some sort of affront to any who the hell cares. Well what is Charlie want a march in this parade. Who held care Rachel okay that's that's your take on it and I get where you're coming from these personally I just think that this thing should go away it's become just such a booze fast and I mean I'm not against a booze fast but small enemy just it's just enough. Retirement Saint Patrick's Day. But I just since he'd pray go way back to the freeze gonna stay. There's absolutely. Nothing offensive. About what this group wants to do which is march and have. A little emblems with their rainbow for their rainbow flag is on it but it is not offensive what part come on Donald try. Are people not getting here were looking for general's not foot soldiers okay. Take a stand leaders of this parade. Beat trump if you're gonna do it duet. They're not march in and anyone who's got a problem without meeting in March that includes you governor that includes you mayor that includes you congressman. No you won't do that why because this is a big look at us look at how important we are moment for you it's a youth for some reason. You need those guys there I don't know why you feel like you do what you do it's a you're not willing to be tough about it for baker. Baker what are you re tough it is it's gonna bring you to tears rush say I want this settled now forever more. There reiterated their out I don't wanna go over this every year until it's clearly define that they are in I am out. Nitpick if it is you know just a day ago we had this conversation and I I'd forgotten in 952 ruling but you and I were timer off the air. This has the courts numerous times. And they have been told that they are. Our breaking the law all wind keeping these groups out based on the fact that very day. Mean they he had but died. No the super that they amassed just JC said that the Supreme Court did not say that in no trump supreme court's gonna say that either. Date they've wanted to they have legal. Keep it going through this over and over is these groups are gonna keep taking it back want to tell nor Pakistan when either now Warner. Don't tell Leo they file Lynn why isn't because that's now what is wasn't for the last few years ago that he went all the argument is that they caves in the Walsh the last two years and for some reason now they tried to do an end around on it. Which was that they filed late sorry and then Walsh made mistakes and no very and I don't care when they filed. More now rightly that they broke the rules last year but as vague as to give people the organizers. Are and of out vets have said. If we broke the rules nobody ever told us my again my ultimate argument where demoted to calls or promise is that. What happened the last two years that out vets was in this parade that really bothered your debt deadwood soul like oh my god that this is worth. It's rejoice in this op for the fiftieth time. Villas in Sudbury this morning hey bill good morning your WRKO. Hello good morning I think they agree with you Jim I think that in no way the rain I think a hundred years ago so what what an Irish area. Not legitimately got if they were quick. Move out you've went past twelve creamed corn wheat crop so. I mean it's completely changed. And that you're right they look foolish Evan despite every year and I think the other the steadfast. Opposition to having a lot. Come out of the Catholic church's opposition to gay. That's that I think you're absolutely correct and I think that borrow of people is getting smaller and smaller insult me. What's a little more complicated than that of there's no other separate vet entity. Others in gay vets that a Marchex it is it is very women's veterans only group or do the women march with the veterans for example. Veterans and that's what the Supreme Court ruled nine nothing they're not arbitrarily pulling people out in saying they camp march because they're gay. Their saying and this Supreme Court backed him up on this in MacKey she was gay Irish but not not out yet but they are saying. This particular group can go because they are specifically pushing an agenda correct they could march within the parade. But they can't do wit too pushy sexual orientation. You could argue very simply now vets is doing the same thing but don't we easily tell me it's because they files. No it's just what are we got the original argument was this year is that they file that's filed late that's why they're not going to be. The blood now they've they've they came out yesterday after the yet another meeting about it in the they're gonna have another win tomorrow. They the organizers of the Perry came out and said that it was because they had a wardrobe issue and the issue is that they are pushing like your saint. We are pushing an agenda because they have that flag that little tiny emblem and by the way it's small it's a patch it's not that they're wearing. Where you know rainbow flag outfit so why are they so scared to have this parade without politicians and what would that but by the way Baker's there. Baker's gonna get heckled he's gonna get harassed that I don't know what statement he thinks he's make him he has an already made this ought to be fun for anybody. Those guys let me go to Jim in the suing good morning Jim your WRK out. I could take my sure. Guy with the kind of a complex issue the alert field voted is that. I support the people we gave veterans that they should that they should be able to march in the parade however. I'm a traditionalist and a conservative and I'll also practicing Catholic and I think if the organizers of this parade to not want them we have these actions. They have a right not to and I am proud of them for fighting it I'll tell you why. Too often times over the past forty years. Conservatives in traditional would have liked with nothing and should fit all we can't fight this anymore we're gonna get bit in the path of west resistance. In this tough little grew opened felt leak this thing you know what would not put up by hand and help for that reason I support them you know type business. Jim a Catholic defense for one like boom let me start with the simplest what do you think the hope would say on us. Do you think the hope would say out vets is out of the Pope would say that out that's zen. So if you go to the ultimate Catholic which arguably the Pope is right my guess is that the Pope would say their rent. So it's not that simple to just say you know bids to Catholic thing I'm I'm a Catholic so I'm against this because Catholic. Catholic philosophy on gays is changing as we speaker at a solid release trying to change it so you are you picking and choosing wood journalist. We were losing partisan gap in right exactly. Let me go to Jack Jackson can work good morning Jack what do you think about this parade. Hey good morning well I diabetes just rep and something which I wasn't aware of the Supreme Court. Try to distinguishing and finding it and that's my purse my it's my perspective is. This isn't it I. EU allowing all these different subset. To be able to attribute to veterans marching the boy scouts of much the girls got so much and it's not the Boy Scouts would have Italian heritage. Sub group and then the Girl Scouts from. Mom I would just ate a big. You are not worried argument for us to bring argument is that true and even though it. But it Lamy jag is that true you don't think there's any I don't know the answer tennis again I don't go to this parade other sub set of other groups I don't know. And if it's. Victory. Give I don't have an agenda here other than just say I think the challenge here what's happened is we've allowed. The gay community vehicle they basically houses were racist if we don't want them to define themselves as gay in every walk like. The point is there's sexual orientation shouldn't be that thing that defines them. Constantly in public we all have our different subset of our our well we are not make up but we don't represent ourselves that way every day. Your point is well taken night I agree with what you're saying there actually I do agree with that. But what I don't understand. Is why. This this group was an offensive to these parade organizers for the last couple of years and suddenly they do but once it. They warm but well you just can't that they allowed them to march so I have to go with that. All but sometimes you end up holding your nose on things just because I mean everything that happens in your workplace are you all on board on a terror. You just sort of you go along to get along and then when you can do something about it you do something about it there argument would be for two years ago bullied by Walsh. And there was a there was a different dynamic at play in those years and there is this year. This year they got new leadership this year they get people that are willing to make a stand and so they're gonna make it. Although it doesn't look like you to maybe is at a meeting last night at the they were kowtowing and got a meeting tomorrow and we'll see what they go. Jimmy is in Dorchester hey Jimmie good morning. Why wouldn't be beats. Seat in Kim. It's a bit with tradition from the humiliated and jubilation. Of children. Greet children between tackles parades and you have a lull coming across from Massachusetts police already you don't want to watch you took it to treat this year. It's a family values. Why can't we have that Nokia bought a politician. All all you know we're we're BP to pick up bake is crying big government law shall all cry at movies but they're not really cry you know what it's doing so what it can't from what speech credible what trump on. Pretty immigrants at a border in February. We'll watch you were it is is in Charlie's case. Charlie and like to make tough stands in fact he almost never does he's making it tough stand here why. Well you remember with the bathroom bill where he took some crap because. He did he was a little wishy washy on a waiting to hear or do you got a darn well it's all all right you've sat here Chris just a bit but where are we want it really solidified an easy social liberal and this is the so this is the tough stand he's taking which is not a tough stand and anyway she performed. In the tears is trying week too hard journalist since one. 7266686868680. Is the tax line should the parade in south be allowed be out vets didn't. Or should they kick him out and do you like this parade anymore should it go away.