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Trumpcare 1.0, 3-8-17

Mar 8, 2017|

Kim & VB are among he ranks of the underwhelmed with the new Proposed AHCA set out by President Trump. It

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He's got to wake up early wake up given DB dot com morning show. WR KL. He BM and grab one last call here let me let Anthony from Heathrow jumping here on the WikiLeaks situation get. Maybe William Gray chart of morn I want to make quick comment. For a popular ladies who called earlier it's not getting any better it's only gonna get work. Google FaceBook everyone outgoing collect more out of more time and it can become more invasive people need to educate themselves. On how to protect themselves most people go out. You could do at encryption to protect your information but most people don't these got to get people are projected. A great book I'm reading about the future and by about selling opera in New York I made it. You are well RR EKJR. Eight. The history Amaro he's in it glory and Oxford educated down. Very interesting about all of a lot a lot of light on that optic and basically. Is that people need to educate themselves because they're not going back there are no laws that are going to come up. You learn things and I think it will be circumvented. In scores. Will we are a few years ago. And we are we say page book is Lauren that those local those Amazon and it monitors money to be made by. Capturing behavioral pattern. It's gonna happen help people protect themselves and you know if they educate itself and it get out there. Maybe they'll do it but that was my point I think he'd be right on. In the other hand there is you got to remember that you no matter what you do there ten steps that you want me to. You do the best you can and then years if they get should they get you in other words. Well OK I can buy this app to protect my phone what we found out from WikiLeaks if it's true. That they purposely had a way in through that app does Korea so they were selling you basically are letting you body. Faulty go right or they are letting you buy something that was allowing them delegate by inviting a vampire in your house like. I know you like banana cream bio whatever you know they they let you let them walk right again this is so sometimes you when you try to protect your right is not need to do this and I say yesterday did you out of. He's honest with Philip Mudd was out talking you know he's a former CIA. Guy in. He's a counterterrorism guy and he was argument years trying to save it well this people should be worked up about this because there are laws in this country about. You know listening in on wiretap being. Eggs and going through the phone is going to. More Americans and Bob Bob well do you needle. Do you believe those laws or make any difference either they're just they're not and it's not that you wanna throw your hands and say. That we never going to be able to do anything about this it's a way it is but at the same time there's not much we're going to be able to do about it and it is the way it is. Unless we all decide that we're just not going to have these kinds of devices. We're not gonna use them anymore we're gonna get rid of our technology used. But now my charm take America as word for him and after all his name is mark on the wall and hit this and by the way I I didn't take his word humidity settle there's laws against his or doesn't happen well I don't believe that you know I don't campus on I believe it does happen. Speed and it does happen you can't right now on what are your devices and read the new. Obama light bill because that was made clear to us yesterday by mr. Spicer. And mr. Ryan. And everybody else who spoke about it. So it was a what do you think of obamacare. Repeal and replace I guess is we don't really know all of it yet but. What we've what you know so far what do you think goes whatever you're calling a trump carries Fineman made. So will use that the lack of a better term and in the White House tried to White House I don't do that and on earth. But it is going to get in on and patients' care isn't gonna work so what do you think of trumped care so far are you win trumpet. And you know for Tom price yesterday that everything's great and this is working out great we're changing everything and it's going to be beautiful or you we've. The Rand Paul's of the world that there in the Jeff corners of the world for example that are alike. Either Obama lied Obama two point in all more of the same whatever phrase you wanna use. And if this is all there is there if this is the there there. The Sox. Well let me ask you a question deep use T Paul Ryan talking about this yesterday alongside. Some of the other leadership. And if you did did you think he was a bit arrogant about it because. We asked will you have to 216. Votes needed he laughed and said oh take my word for. We'll have the votes needed to pass this. Which I thought wow. He thought that was a might drop moment I thought that was a Hague get ready you're gonna hear that a few more times when it's also had done. You know it was a very arrogant sort of kind of even laughing he smirk. When he said it. And two minutes later UC Republicans left and right viewers an idol like it it's dead in the water. You know this is not what we're looking forward this is not the direction we're go union. So what are your from new six or 726 X 6868. X 86 days tax on yes or now are you in a deal like what you see so far have you read it. 300 pages. Which by the way we talked about this that that's. This babies what is or isn't it only airman spice or didn't make any point of pointing this out continuously. And yeah I don't I didn't see him continually saying guns. For all the people who are concerned about this especially on on the right look at the size. This is the Democrats and this is us there is any that you can't get any Claire and her that this is government. This is not. And I think that part of the reason the visual is important. Is that when you actually look at the difference you realize this is what big government guys. Crowds out competition it drives up prices. It stifles entrepreneurship and innovation doctors leading the markets more more people not taking Medicaid or trying to there so that should concern you actually confirmed that. Visual is important but but you know for wire I was shocked and our reporter call them on us. But you do know Sean Spicer that your own president said this is phase one and there is a phase two any phase three. So shouldn't we had phase two in phase three onto yours stack which would certainly make debts that a lot of our. Also. Aren't you keeping a lot of things and obamacare which is one of my main gripe through this thing is I hate the fact. That they're allowing that kids can stay on their parents' health care until they're 26. I hate to act. I can't believe they're leaving that in there. But so whatever pages that took up and obamacare don't those pages then shift to your idea that is part of trump Garrett or Ryan care I guess you could call this Ryan care because that's really who the author is. It is it is that stack analogy is terrific and he kept doing it I was some. Now while we're gonna take a break sometimes when I say something so beautiful the music just kicks in because I don't want you to pop or maybe that's been pushing that button and make sure the music because like they are an Islamic try to stop them doesn't just give it the long haul and trust me your make your mistake. But they didn't get out there were hit. Part of our discussion about. We're gonna call it trump care governor waking up with him this new age man did TD he's unquestionably. Ball. The boston.com morning so RK well. This is point out Jim to the bulls question we realized based on where you've heard so far your take on trumped Caroline care. Hated 65%. Allotted 35%. These are problematic. When he and coltart tweets out who was responsible for this I want names. That bothers trump I can tell you it it should bother you because there was a whole lot of talk about this. And when what we saw yesterday is what we've got. First thought it's going to be three phases. Over one. So now the next two we've got to be spot on or else you'll lose two out of three right like. They got a lot more work to do then I think they hoped they would have to do at this point to convince people. There when you got Rand Paul out there ripping people and when not a good. Most to Harvard most conservatives are they see their entitlement program that you're doing that the new entitlement program which you were calling disorder that tax credit credit. Nobody's like in math and Dick there's a lot of problems are and they're not comfortable with the my number one thing is they are going to have to get comfortable with things yes some people are going to lose their coverage which because there's no way around that. That's correct your going to sit there is a cost associated with that there there is a cost limit to covering everybody. Visceral ball walk if we continue to do that unfortunately that means. In the short term some people are going to lose coverage. They have to be willing to say that which Spicer was in yesterday and Ryan wasn't yes they until they come to Jesus on that they're gonna be dead. Well and and I think they're gonna have to come up with a way in which to you answer that that suffices if they if they'd. Want the votes and the support that they they need. They have come up with a way to answer that. Ten million is what they're saying ten million people in this country if this if this were to take effect. Would be out of insurance they neither did have to throw that back on skepticism hard we've seen this in Massachusetts we do need to put a dollar amount correct. On the number of people that were not covered before obamacare came in to place. And then the beef sold its twenty million if that's the number we're going on. Put a dollar amount to that twenty million and then put it to one. So for every one person that was covered under obamacare it is costing the taxpayer. I don't know 31551000. Whatever that number is you've got to give me something that I can hold onto its able that is crazy. And then you've got to say so we're fixing it is going to take time but here's how hang in there with us. Johnson Winchester this morning John what do you think about the new health care plan. I was gonna mention two things I got to get back to work. Sure that there are if they called troubled kid that would be a wonderful thing only because trump doesn't mind changing things really get you know involved of them to make a right. That's been his whole life. In Obama won each of the Obama here we didn't do what he changes even though we saw good things going wrong in the first tier the second year Goodyear. All right it was a big changes could you ops people out of it. Because they would be at least I feel look at what everybody else he didn't change you've twenty just. If Obama grouping could so you would diminish it he. To start whining about it EPA lied about it then be when my GC at one of the things they learned here is obviously. Okay we know the mistakes that they made. But it's not enough to just not do those of us not just enough to say OK you can read the bill it's up on our web site that doesn't solve them for bill and you still it's the details. And the details are great and and. Let me tell you John the reason that they don't want to call this trump care is because. For as much as Paul Ryan can stand there and smile and smirk and say oh don't you worry we'll have the 218 votes that we need. They don't know that when you start to label this as trump care. When this thing goes down in flames and they gotta start again Ben trump care went down flights but rather have the two did 216 year to eighteen votes by the end of this fiscal year which is. G quickly if roper approaching phases of the enemy April. We're grow whatever it is that the fiscal year came to an entity and then I have once heard this they're either going to have to extend it or they're gonna have to wait till next year. If you wait till next year you're basically starting over aren't you. And I don't additional what you just heard a Republican on TV very Republican senator in us in the there's no way they would have the votes right now and I was just in a conference in their major issues that people are not yielding on. Trump tweet it out he's a hole I saw Bryant said they would to have this on the floor in the next he's anticipating within a month or gonna have to before I cannot and more than they've got us way Rand Paul trumped trying bite to be diplomatic he tweeted out yesterday or early this morning. Love my good friend Rand Paul I know in the end he'll be witness has a real city you know with the Jack in Braintree Jack good morning. A war. I totally addition through Ryan's plan and patient do what did you 2000 Justine Shapiro that. And make sure the question everybody else on this day as the repeal means as the school year. Thai woman on the total repeal where it goes away and they have 21 affectionate by the way this fiscal year ends September. And Ryan was talking about having it on the floor polished proper floor of the senate. Oh. Yes. Let's go to Larry and Larry isn't swells got good morning Larry. Are you good morning looked I and outside courts and I don't like come. Iran proposal but you eat we we have to really look at the politics I understand what he's saying because. If you repeal their. Obamacare right away the only way you can do does her work budget reconciliation now all that means that you take the money away but it actually there and tell people always and like Jack just said it's true that you would have truly is in which to come up with the new law. New rule in every problem is event at that point now you need sixty votes to clear that that clear the senate. And I think the Republican either part of that deep political problem and that's Democrats aren't going to allow them to do what they want. And that's what the real problem editors that EU guys you know get to a point where. In the media will be on the Democrats side that people are losing their care aptitude he has because hoopla. I would stripping them the money. Then it's going to be a political problem for Republican speaker gonna look like they deny care to through and to what I'm. Americans out there when the orchestra with Goldman a real problem is that the Democrats are really won't be allowing him to come up about an adequate replacement. Well I think there's. That that could be a scenario plays out. Spice serve for all his fun and now we love almighty and he just didn't do we great job of explaining yesterday other that in some platitudes of competition. Right and then year old we're gonna work on getting drug prices down and when he was called on Matty didn't really yeah. They're not they're not doing a good job of making me understand why this is good and I think there's a reason for that. If you can't put a shine on a sneaker as the old saying they want either going read. So you know I know the end zone just once a that's the old Scott Brown offense once you re right Billy you'll understand why did but I didn't think that never sounds to tellers in Westfield. They weren't beat we will look good. And got a good point what Scott Brown said at an actual member. This debate question if they're cutting 10% of Medicare and they're they're gonna give vouchers. Yeah wiped out about is are basically monopoly money and have nots just where they can take the vouchers give it to you without keep the miners spoke to do view it. Again this is certainly a step back Iraq security alarm can get out an adequate number the term putting lipstick on a pig and realize that. Bait and switch is very MR so it'd according to a history they're gonna get. A little worse be a little greedy here and give us an ice cover story which you need. A hieroglyphics map and the PGE and detective work to figure out who is going to be punished if they can actually correcting. All Iger at chase through the launch of phase two whatever that is going to be fascinating to see and we industries to just being nice to. Kids can just go to the floor without phases two and three. I still did you have Susan first to about regulations so that some part of it has to do with what's yet to come this is part of why we also don't know that this is that this is the main vice. This is already called potato it's not like. We presented this but then phase two comes in two weeks and in peace recover three weeks and then we brought him no we're voting on this. And there's going to be a tough sell for how this how would you vote the whole. All of this week you don't know phase two and three yet well because you know if I'm you know that I understand and that I get. There's good text though from what is 617. Just just call it trump care because then many of the hippie liberals won't sign up for it and that will inevitably get costs down because it alive Trump's name. That makes some sense and that's a good that is a good cost preventative like that Mike's a New Hampshire Mike good morning what do you think about the new proposal. Good morning. I'm not sure people I think we lost focus so why insurance and it. Insurance that transferable it expected the company gambling that you're going to be healthy and you gambling that you're gonna get back. And if there's no guarantee that you're getting guaranteed issue which is that your you don't app that you and I. Somebody because the pre existing condition could no longer insurance. But insurance they want Medicaid if you're not sharp. Medicaid is for people who are sick and an up or because it's too expensive because the government have been Bob anytime. Our government subsidies which is what he tax credits are. Any time they are subsidy if you look at any articulate any platform that makes her so that come on anymore and that. A total aren't yet I'll the way health insurance will never come out that it might not there. And I Medicare part is the is one of the keys because if this is gonna go back to the states and you heard spices say it is maritimes as a word we're sending it back to the states. We know in this state but it's an almost all states where. It will collapse without federal money. I mean because of the amount of people that are now on Medicaid as a result of first Romney care and then obamacare. It won't sustain itself here in Massachusetts without federal money subsidies. And breaks money whatever you wanna call it money. How are they gonna do that and how is that going to lessen the cost like without being some sort of shell game. I'm still in screwed either way. Because I live in Massachusetts and yet we're still have to foot that bill why won't just be in Massachusetts because ultimately if this goes it won't matter where you live 'cause he's gonna get pushed back. That's the thing. They tried to greater good they're gonna grandfather people in if you rom before when he team and that's one way to do it they gonna sell that a lot harder.