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The TV is watching you, 3-8-17

Mar 8, 2017|

Kim & VB talk about the disturbing documents released by WikiLeaks, which purport to detail how the CIA spies on American Citizens.

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Boston.com morning show from day. You RTL. All right. So it's what 704 right now compared and you haven't laughed once this morning you're gonna laugh right now and I wanna get your take on. The latest tweets from one Donald. I ask you do you think trump believes what she's just sweep it. I love this I love this to trump does this but I bet it bothers you Kim let me come first one. On international women's day. Join me in honoring the critical role of women here in America and around the world. So there's two women sitting here you both just chuckled why would you chuckle when it's so funny about that second sweep at the I have tremendous respect for women in the many roles they serve that are vital to the fabric of our society and our economy and two week. You're stifling a chuckle now well I. Feeling about that I mean I. He has Tennessee doesn't have respect for we in it. I'd fight had more pandering then his look I'm meeting at taco boy once they go the mile. It's ridiculous. And I love it because it's all over the top ridiculous. It no woman. That is actually taking part in women's day don't most women don't they don't wanna hear it from him so that's why you do it used to that absolutely it's great. And since it serves no purpose other than. Take your hand put it on the your chin and flippant forward as one of those things that is so absolutely true but it although I I think. I do think those women who are out there today is celebrating women's day in a day without women. They don't recognize that the guys that I know he has said some really horrible things about women there's all kinds issues related to women but I think he's also got some women is like he has enormous amount of respect for. Other and his national women's there's really kicking ass I I can't believe how much it's in my face Jared count myself as really sarcastically for those that I gave. Have you seen I haven't seen a woman wearing read either review to armory is I cannot. I'm not about I have heard no one I have seen nothing on Twitter yes yes I see nothing on FaceBook yet that says now. Oh creek was selling 93 was blocked off for you because the women were marching to wow us because they came through at 53 you have to wait till 5 o'clock straight out to get through will sing at nine but did it look so far that this is an only had died this is worse for. Capone vault I went out it's like any other day out if you sleep in a little bit but he yet PF Emeka coffee take it slowed and you go out and protest. Whenever I had to I had a woman. Who put something up on FaceBook. A follower and she said oh it's that international women's day good kids they're like men better. For sure if there's like looking forward to getting to work. I seeping people are start to pose some things on FaceBook but we'll say house honoring international women's day. Let's celebrate the amazing contributions women make to our world and our future but there's so this is a just sort of started that's fine just sort of a told about drums and in order to WikiLeaks app promise. This thing today is going to do would trump did win the wiretapped we. You set out something crazy. And then. You you you work at rework it in twisted into something actually somewhat substantive which is a talk about the government tapping in to phones and whatever in the WikiLeaks backs that up. Women's day is supposed to be I am woman hear me roar I got my pink hat on again and we're gonna getting your face and be offensive and shut you down. What is already morphing into Kim always today to celebrate women first all decked as I guess we don't have enough of us. Like every Rican day but I about Valentine's Day how about Mother's Day. How about sweetest day like every day is celebrated women's day but this is gonna be another one of them. They've they've gone away already from what they wanted to do because they couldn't pull that off because nobody buying into it. Well let's. Nobody violent but certainly we gotta quit we'll circle back tomorrow and talk about that they thought it 707. True it's now that I had dictated what we're just see where this goes because we eat you know we may be eaten our our words here win you know. Again 600000 women walk on Washington's mall we don't know what I'd who'd thought the day after I had no idea the day after the inauguration was going to be when it was either. And that was shocking around the world so. All day what sort about WikiLeaks. Oddest big dump yesterday and essentially what it said was that the CIA can. Look through your telephones. He'd vacancies through your TE's Smart TVs. They need to have the possibility of getting windier horrors and. You know and telling these Smart cars what to do and where to go. Essentially Big Brother can watch you almost anywhere and everywhere that you may be. Simple simple question here one. Are you surprised that that's no. And then the follow up question if I could mister Spicer yes. Hurry up and so forth which. Yeah I mean it don't you gonna change any behavior as a result of this slight. Although really this is makes us all look bad. As Americans. It's frightening. And in effect that they can turn my TV on and make it a microphone. Is very concerning. But why. Well. It's to me the fact that they could turn my microphone might my TV on and make a microphone is. First about the guy borrow I've known that was the case secondly I'm not really worried about that because I gotta be honest with via. I'm not doing a whole lot of my house or anywhere that is a problem I know I know people are gonna say I can't believe you're saying that. What I see this as is a bigger issue. For our national security I like the idea that they can turn the TV on other phone on in Kim Jung foods. The home are living room or could prior to this. I like the idea that they can keep an eye on operatives who are moving around our country I hate that part of it is great. Have the problem is now everybody in the world knows and they know with the technology is. But the problem is when you connect everything in you what we do it this is sort of what Libyans do when with the wiretapping and where you have to take what you do know. And then infer based on what your new information is what might have happened when we know what the IRS did with the Tea Party organizations. And we now look at what the CIA is not only capable of which purposely structuring programs to do. Two people that were in no way terrorists or had anything to do with terrorism. And they want the ability to do that. We have to be more than a little bit concerned were you can see these things being used as a weapon against normal Americans that are really doing nothing wrong and that the past to be frightening to. Well absolutely it is and he would be tomorrow I would you want on help on why would you well any president would be no trial and because he was stopping Hillary and that's why they would have tried to do would try to use it on him and that's why he wins that wiretap argument. But why would you think that wasn't going on Snowden told us that this week we know this is happening what's the famous line. I don't know how to Mark Twain. You don't wanna see how sausage legislation is done why this in the makes it you really don't wanna know how and how intelligence is gathered. Because once you see did you wanted to take a shower and you're gonna feel really grow here's what's published about this. We knew it was happening we didn't know how but thanks to weak U leaks now the rest of the world knows how to and that's the real issue. Yeah nicknames math and Kim let's go within. The boston.com morning show one WR KEL. All right so BV. Do you think it may be that we Heatley stumped as I asked our our listeners right before we went to the break it was a good thing transparency. Or bad thing for the country. You think what you say what. I'm not that nigh eve to say you know any time the truth comes out is a good thing because I think that's nonsense and I complicated world. There are some things it steer a few good men speech right you need people on that wall and you and you know what I do when you don't like the way of doing too bad. I think there's a lot of truth to that. The thing about this one is in particular I do I get the argument that. And when what's troubling is that the documents that are humming or apparently gonna show used according. Right that they use in their going to spell out how they do what they do so she if I'm mice is sore from the new al-Qaeda or. Kim Jung whatever it is it's not hard to see smoked a ball at least we know this march I do think the CIA's ahead of WikiLeaks by a cycle so you're always chasing your tail him but still. Ultimately wanna get the bad guys and I am not one of those guys that does the Ben Franklin quote about you know those who give up a little bit of their freedom don't deserve any. I'm willing to give up a little mind I don't really care there was in my phone or if they're looking in my computer and I'm however when it tells me I'm crazy and a lot of the same way though I hear I believe in the Patriot Act up. And I don't mind my CA I A getting down and dirty job care they break some eggs in the process of doing that. I think in the long run this will be good because one the CIA's gonna have to be a little bit smarter about how they operate because WikiLeaks is going to change how you do business. You're gonna have to be a lot more Covert and a lot more underhanded that thing about never right when you can wake never wink when you could not never want not noise. All of that is true right CIA had better doubled down on that now. On. You've got to make it harder for them to find out this sort of stop and you've got to be more careful about. How this will looked. If it gets out in that's gonna be healthy well and that's it. You're right that's the positive in this I think you've found the positives in in this as I said before we went to the brink just moments ago. The issue is not can they do it it's that unfortunately we've now revealed how they do it and that's that is the problem. And yes I hope anyway that the CIA is one cycle ahead but the problem. Is that. This is divulging sort of this system by which they function. And their our minds that are very bright that that can figure that can't admit that coating out they can figure the way. That they go about this let me get to blow Stephen Braintree Steve. Good thing or bad thing. Well good morning I mean at this says. If this is true it's it's a terrible thing get this I don't have the problem with the CIA implementing this coding in a target computers cell phone or other device. But what what WikiLeaks seems to be indicating that they were some way that Microsoft and apple. Colluded or got involved in the actual operating system and the coding exists in the operating systems of all of these. Devices so that it's a matter of turning it on our turning it off and sending the right call to the device and not implanting it in a target the bite and that to me. Is highly suspect and we ought to be optimization come for these corporations or these coated to assist the CIA or the whoever had this. According to put this in their operating systems the food that's what's frightening about it. Steve I would I I question that we were taught and others earlier and leads the example of us in Bern Dino. You know if you remember Tim Cook was so adamant that they were not going to get involved in it even opening that phone for a guy who was terrorist. It took a. Them although they did ultimate loser what we found a way in any way. You wonder if they like upgraded their system or they figure out but it is hard to believe they even had asked for permission didn't they just know this stuff. Did they ask for her mission in the hopes that they got it so they could cover their ass if and when it ever came up they knew his stuff I don't know. They should do. Are they should do that always. Do wouldn't do it nicely. Here but also do it quietly. But you said during the break cal point decide you you went to see Snowden right when it can ask is you love him. Texas he's my favorite but they show you how with some of the stuff happens and you know that's probably ten years old would absolutely Oliver Stone knows about. But it's pretty frightening me items are you wanna know what the kids doing at school of that guy that you're trying to get information on who within thirty seconds you have an all this and you have a deal. We all believe that that that can happen in some way shape or form Ali it's quite that obviously quite that clean. But this sort certainly backs it up doesn't every you've seen on 24 or whatever political know your show that you like this sort of. All that stuff does go long and and I mean I think we've known I think we have known this. Again this is less for me this is less about the knowledge of what they can do the problem is now. People much harder than I am but people in this world now know how they're doing it and that's a problem for national security I let me. Report now one thing you're 774 GB of the past eight years hasn't type of a right to privacy is Paramount I feel the past administration is blackmail extortion Daly why would you give up your privacy so easily. Went to tell you 774 is you act like you have a choice first of all right second of all. If the trade off is. Crisis can use phones TVs computers whatever and we really don't have the capability to find anything that they are doing because. You are worried about them finding UN 774. And and planting something on you. We're in big trouble like you have to take some bad we've heard some good in you've got to decide which one it outweighs the other in for me. It's all about national security so I'm willing to yield a little bit of it and I also fully understand is on I can do about it anyway you think you're gonna stop this. And I always thought this is that movie the village you got to buy a plot of land. And go back there is averaging on Wright's position you're not gonna say and by the way you're gonna stop but then either because it drones gonna fly over and it's going to be a row locate EU and figure out a bad verbs you know I didn't want to come out whether shot have a satellite object round. Think you know whatsoever have a four here's here's the other thing. I think what's unfortunate that we don't know and again national security as we kick we shouldn't. But I think if you had any idea every single day how this technology is used to keep a safe. And how frequently this technology has been used and has kept us safe. I think we also I hang. Gotta do what you gotta do because I think they thwart things every day and we don't know. Again you don't know how you don't wanna know how the sausage is made you don't really want to know. How many times we've been on the brink you just need to stoke on you know you just wanna know somebody is keep us safe. And get a bill bills of Framingham good morning bill. Take a boarding. Securely during upload all looses the advancement circumference so fast. And how do you know in five years. Or even less that some but it wouldn't be able active. Somebody's. Dash an old. Are because they could yeah and its signal that there isn't nuclear launch. At. This is the scary I can get back movies did you ever see. Ball in 24 they they took the vice president out 'cause they tapped into his pacemaker and I shut him down. But it is normally Arlington road I mean this is the whole point of on the road and if you believe the Timothy McVeigh conspiracy theories I don't. But Arlington road was basically this where there is a they. Because they need to have it on somebody right in this they do it in what the CIA that the CIA is doing is what's to prevent a rogue nation from. Pinning this on somebody here are sure to deflect would hairdo you know did your all sorts of very concerning ramifications to this. My only argument to you on all of that bill is it's weird when I grant you. But take comfort in the fact that while you didn't know this until yesterday this been going on for a long time yet. That's it yeah as I said you have no idea. The things I think this kind of technology has saved us from up to this point I will give you the best analogy I can possibly give view on this WikiLeaks CIA dumb story you ever been to a restaurant. Multiple times in fact you really like that restaurant and you've taken your girlfriend your wife there you've taken your mommy know you you enjoy their restaurant and then one day. Freedom mouse it runs right across the diner right a little while you're sitting there. And what do you think to yourself I've told you many times. Keep going to that restaurant is that miles was there the thirty times before you saw arm and you didn't have any problem with a this is the mouse on the restaurant floor it's always been there. You just act like now because you've seen it it's terrific but it's not it's the same place it's the same government they're gonna keep doing this regardless of what you now. But the problem is other people know now to. You don't want other people outside of the restaurant who haven't come before you don't want to do you know there was a mouse because they won't come and that's the problem. Now people know. How we do and it and that's not good what I don't understand is now. The government can't shut down WikiLeaks if they can shut down everything else why the heck yeah we shut that down or at least. Contain them a little bit more and maybe that's maybe that's happening as well.