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Did Obama know about spying on Trump? 3/7/17

Mar 7, 2017|

Kuhner says the evidence leads to only one conclusion.

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106 here on the great WRKO. OK my friends later this hour. That PSA. Test. Hands off my junk they're coming forward believe me. New guidelines being the issue. Be prepared for very invasive. Pat downs. When you start traveling but before I guess that that. There what people are now calling either Obama gay fives brigade deep state they do whatever you wanna call it. This story of Obama on now having. Ordered the wiretapping. Of trump the trump campaign the trump transition. Key associates and staffers of trumped. Now more information is coming out and it is damning. Here is now the absolute latest. The media is now in full walk down mold they are circling the wagons. They have to defend Obama ended dear leader at all costs. Their entire credibility. Their authority. Is at stake their regime is at stake. They covered up for Obama for eight years they prop them up for eight years. And now if Obama should end up going to prison or if his crimes and scandals. Are truly exposed. They will go down with him. So they are trying to claim. That there's no evidence. Where's the evidence for Trump's tweets that Obama had ordered surveillance. Wiretapping essentially spying. On his computer server a trump tower and on his phone it's. Well first of all. The evidence is there if they wanna see it five said the fight is a court which is authorizing these NSA wiretaps. The Obama administration. Went to the NSA. Sari to defy is a court threw the NSA Justice Department and FBI. To look for any warrant. To chop into Trump's server at trump tower. They were rejected in June. They were sold determined to go after trump. They were so aggressive. That they came back several months later in October with a narrower Warren and this time the Pfizer court approved it. So. Right to bear. We know all defies application was made. We know that it was Obama's Justice Department and FBI that passed for at. And we know that they had conducted surveillance of trump and trump server so. There was spying. That issue is now settled they can claim it doesn't it darts. Furthermore. And this is the key point. According now to their own story X. Because remember now the leaks are becoming a two edged sword. They were using leaks from the FBI the CI AEA and the NSA. To write supposedly they fought damaging stories about Trump's connections to Russia important. His associates his connections to trump important. But their own reporting. According to what they revealed in their own reporting and I'm talking now McClatchy. The Washington Post do New York Times the Associated Press. They talked about their words not mine wiretapping. Quote on quote. Off trumps associates or advisors. Or our our former staffers. So either they're reporting was false. And they were given bogus leaks and they should repudiate all of their reporting. Or they're reporting was accurate that there was a wiretapping taking place which means. Trump's people were being spied on. In other words their desperation. To use the deep states. To use these Obama. Plants. In the NSA in the CIA and the Treasury Department. In the FBI. To leak like crazy all of this by the way illegal but let that goal. To try to humiliate him undermined trump is now blowing up in their face it's boomerang against them. Don't they read their own press reports. So for example for example. The New York Times dating series of articles front page you can look it up for yourself ball take my word for it. Whereby they explicitly said that because of the leaks that they were getting from the NSA from the CIA from the FBI. That key trump associates or former associates. Their phones and computers had been tapped it. Why your top two were the words that they used. Paul Mann a fort. Roger Stone. Carter page. It leader turned out Michael Flynn. That's why they forced out the national security advisor when he was a private citizen. They were wiretapping his private conversations. With the Russian ambassador said he gave his yak. So this idea that somehow they knew that it trumps people were not being wiretapped. That's what they've been reported. You were tourists thought. In the stampede. To humiliate trumped by trying to make your bogus case. That home he's all means agent he's a pool of the Kremlin. That they would overlook the fact. They UN reported. That the government was spying. On trump and his transition and his campaign and even his administration. And so now they have been voiced deep in their own petard. They don't know what to do. If they continue. To go after trump using these so called leaks. Is gonna continue to confirm. I trumps people were being wiretapped and are still being wiretapped. If they don't continue with these leaks the stories about these leaks then they can't get after trump and pushed their Russia narrative. There are trumped ties to Russia narrative. That's why they're beginning to melt down. And so mark Kohler then yesterday. Went only Sean Hannity. And I got to tell you key blue CNN. And MSNBC. And the New York Times and CBS news and all of the corrupt liars. In the mainstream media he blew them sky high hanging made the obvious point. Well now they're completely confused think inflicted. Do you believe. Or own reporting or do you not believe you're wrong reporting. Role cocked one Allen and yet it's only conservatives who are concerned. About what they're reading in liberal media to be noticed that. When the media is very compounded right now the rate continues I don't know whether the trash themselves trash their colleagues or what. He's completely right. So now the question is this. Because now trumpet is gonna use their own reporting and the leaks against them. She they fought the leaks work damaging showing harsh to Russia in fact. James clapper former head of the DNI. Hold shock you Chuck Todd what we investigated it we looked into which six waste a Sunday. There is no evidence of collusion between trumpet important we didn't find it. What they thought they were gonna push this narrative and you lose the leaks to destroy trump now. To their war they realize. All Ole. In the leaks we were reporting that's how we roll us we know Trump's involvement rush how to you know world war or tapping on bail or wire tapped. They work. Who authorized it. Gave the go ahead who gave you the right to spy on American citizens or prove this. And so the question then is what did Obama know and when did he know it. Now. This is the first domino to fall. The fire is our requests. From Obama's Justice Department and FBI. Which was approved in October. Obama. Must have known about it because when defies a court approves. A warrant. The president is notified in these daily intelligence briefing so at a minimum. Obama. Knew he must have known. Role cut to Alan. The US to question. He said what did Obama know we know he knows this much. Everything you just read. You know because it's in the newspapers. That's pretty big number two we know. That if they Faisal wired was secured. It's very likely in his daily intelligence briefing for a call from the attorney general for the director of the FBI. The president would be given a heads up there's nothing illegal about it but he be given a heads up. Bingo of course she be given a heads up. Of course. Now notice. This another key point. Obama's response and out of this team everybody said it's very Weasley everybody commented on it what you said wise. Are you or nobody at the White House not justice. Not the FBI. Neither I hate or anybody at the white folks. Order the surveillance. Of trump. In other words I never gave the order. But did you know all wink wink nod nod. Did Loretta lynch tell you. Did James called me tell you and did you just nod your head up and down approvingly like oink oink you know what to do with this. Now. Furthermore. McClatchy. The New York Times the Washington Post. Reported in multiple sports. That it wasn't just the NSA. It was the FBI it was the CI AEA yeah it was the NSA. It was the treasury department's financial crimes enforcement unit. That together there was a multi agency effort. To a goal after an investigate. The trump campaign suppose that I start Russia so they admitted it in stories. That trumps people were wire topped. They were listening in to Michael Flynn. There were listening in to Jeff Sessions who was a key foreign policy advisor they were listening and appall man afford they were listening and Roger Stone. They were listening in to trump himself. This is all being reported. By the mainstream media. Role. Not three and one here's what else we know. There's all kinds of based on these reports investigative activities going on. You know McCloud three courted the agencies involved the FBI CIA national security AT&T Justice Department. Treasury department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. I assume Obama knew something. I mean unless he's telling calorie app let me make another point about this. That's a hell of a lot of agency resource whose votes are a hell of a lot of investigators. And not only is a lot of investigators. But now the plot thickens. Because on the edge and look it up yourself. The January. 20 New York Times edition. Front page top of the fold. There is an article. Quote here's the headline. Why you're top data used in inquiry of trump aids. That's the piece. That actually set. They were wiretapping manna fort. They were wiretapping stoned they were wiretapping Carter page they were wiretapping Michael Flynn. They were wiretapping trumps inner circle. That means they were being spied on now. Here's the bigger point. Here's the bigger points. Defies approve this. Because the sense I get is that Pfizer didn't approve this and it's worth big Mark Levine is a 1000% right. If Pfizer didn't even approve this defies a court. Then there's not even the fig leaf of legality. That means this thing was completely broke. This means this had no authorization. This had all legal and permit her this had no a legal authorization whatsoever that means they went on dated on their own. Without even a freak and warrants. You see the New York Times is getting a voice data in their own petard. And not only in fact now the administration's lies catch up to whip. Because James clapper. When he passed on Chucky chuck taught gay chuck cute Chuck Todd asks him point blank remember he's the Director of National Intelligence. He is asked by chuck you Chuck Todd. Well if there was any surveillance. Fides as surveillance. A fight is a court warrant authorizing surveillance wouldn't Jew was the Director of National Intelligence. Wouldn't you know he said of course I would know. And that's why you never happened. Rolled that cut. Alan there was an old sought to wiretap activity. Mounted against the president the president elect to Qatar or as a candidate. Or against his campaign. Well hold on now. Now you're in really big trouble. Because not only use koppers words against him so if you weren't aware of this you mean to tell me then they all went broke. If you weren't aware of this means nobody signed off on it if nobody signed off on it that means the NSA according to the New York Times is on reporting. The NSA. This CIA. The FBI you know low James called meet the Justice Department hello Loretta lynch. All of them were involved in the conspiracy. And spy on each from the trauma team his inner circle his campaign and the transition. That is sold illegal it's not even funny does trump have the evidence. Unless the New York Times was lying. Unless the Washington Post was lying. Unless McClatchy was lying and unless the guardian was lying and unless the Associated Press was lying. Unless they meet up all of these stories about the wiretap inquiry it's. The evidence is right there. Which means. It's mine to investigate. And bring them all in for charges and jail. 6172666868. There's a lot more believe me don't touch that dial. The news reports you mentioned the New York Times January 20 I I just wanna make sure CNN and MSNBC or where this. Wiretap and data used to think we've tried base I never said. Independent of news reports. About the wiretap wiretap and data. Used in things we have front page won't. Didn't mr. clapper say there were no. Five cents quarters if you can you play that tape for me so I can comment on that I am very important because. If clapper. Says there was no fight so quarter and he was very broad and he was very definite. And he said now I gotta remember that and you'll play it later. And what the hell are we talking about that means they didn't have enough information for probable cause to get a warrant from the fights a court. So what's the FBI the CIA the National Security Agency the Justice Department the treasury department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network. Investigating. What are these wiretaps that the New York Times is talking about. 128 here on the great WRKO. That of course was Markel event on Sean Hannity last night. And he's now got immediate dead to rights. They repeatedly reported that there were wire tops of key trump associates. From the CIA the FBI the NSA. Even the treasury department's. A financial crime. Enforcement unit so the question then is who signed off on it. Who authorized that and why were they spying. Spying. On Donald Trump who was any presidential candidate and then on the transition team. This is still illegal. It's not even funny. Listen now to Markel event. Saying what we now have. Easy rolled executive branch. We now have gross abuse of power. Literally. Rivaling if not a big banana republic. Roll it Allen. I'm focused on Donald Trump and his tweet. I wanna focus on America and the constitution. The reason I got fed up with this last week is I'm a constitutional conservative. I look at this if I'm reading these news reports we have a runaway executive branch. And not only do we have a runaway executive branch but here's the bigger issue. You would think the media. We care about this. Don't shoe care. If the government spying. On a presidential candidate. The government is spying on the president elect. The government is spying on US citizens. Shortage you guys care flippant here just flip the okay. The liberals cannot answer this argument. If George W. Bush. Ordered the spying a candidate Barack Obama in 2008 when he was running against John McCain. And then it came out that his CI AEA his FBI is NSA. Or not only spying on Obama they continue to spy on Obama jury in the entire transition. And continue to do so these bush plants these hold overs while Obama was president. There would be hell to pay. They would lynch George W. Bush. Listen to Markel and then. Saying where is the media. Where is the outrage. Roll it Allen. I don't know who knows what and as of today the media don't appear to know who knows what which is exactly why have been calling for congressional investigations that question has. Why aren't CNN. CBS. NBC. MSNBC. And all the rest of them why are they concerned about this lark would rather than mocked the president and his tweet. Pay attention to what your own reporters and other reporters who sent. Bingo. And let me tell you something. If Marco van won't say it and he's doing a phenomenal job I'm gonna say. Obama's fingerprints. Are all over this. It's time he'd be investigated. He'd be indicted and his skinny little rear end. Be sent to prison 61720666868. OK deep stage gate. Should there be congressional investigations. Is strong right short all bomb on now be investigated. And does he deserve and his criminal gang. To be indicted. And be sent to jail I say yes what do you say all of your calls next. The question is why aren't CNN. CBS. NBC. MSNBC. And all the rest of them why are they concerned about this war whatever that mocked the president and his tweet pay attention to what your own reporters and. A reporter does that. 138. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends I just wanna give a huge big shout out. To our marquis gave an incredible water drop. Core water or Mikey are you like a core once course CR CEO RE. I've tried this before it's my favorite water it's incredible. It's it's it's pure it is pew wore clean refreshing water. It has electoral lights as well so kind of replenish is you really rejuvenate you the pace I'm telling you is phenomenal phenomenal. You can find it I urge everybody mark is a big supporter of the show. We should be supporting one of our our fellow conservatives here fellow conservative products. So core water you can find it at Shaw's. Stop & Shop market basket 7-Eleven. And that's I think pretty much ship right Brittany and he said Kiki is down the street here and sound just in Brighton and bright new Carlisle did like Kiki snapped. But it's it's it's incredible water I'm telling you. It's clean there's no sugar. It's it's really healthy for you to taste phenomenal it's got electoral rights. And it's it's a conservative. So we're helping ourselves it's it's a phenomenal product six once I urge everybody please if you can get some pore water. 61720666868. OK so here we haven't. You now have the mainstream media trying to dis own their own stories. Because they now realize. Their own stories make trumps point. That these renegade elements within the CIA EA DN SA the FBI. These Obama plants. Were illegally. Wiretapping. And spying on trumpet and Oz and on and on his entire team. I thought we lived in the United States of America. I thought you know we're not a banana republic. We don't stand there and spy. On fellow political rivals. On presidential candidates because we don't like their political views. I thought we didn't do stuff like that here. I thought we didn't have silent coombs. We didn't use the national security state to overturn the democratically elected will of the people. And what you're witnessing now from the Obama regime. Beginning in the summer. Continuing through the fall and now into Trump's young administration. Is a conspiracy. A concerted effort. By elements of the deep state in collusion with the media and the Democratic Party. To overthrow trump from power. To undermine him to cripple him to destroy any authority or legitimacy he may have. With their ultimate goal to get rid of him and drive him from office. This is what banana republics do this is not would democracies do. And so if congress is serious. If the Republicans are serious. It is time for a wide ranging investigation. Of what did Obama know. And when did he know 61720666868. Is the number. What are you wanted to go to first Brittany. Any and Quinn Z go. Wei head and I just hi I'm just thinking out loud trying to try different style and he is second now we're in to CIA doesn't need the quite a large. Then perhaps it was them. What why did you try and make reporting back to. President Obama. Maybe the CIA acted Democratic Convention in May use said that does they can make it look like somebody else to. And they did that and try to make it look like question into a very good job. This equality was very quick to jump in almost like a waste and this is ridiculous strong client not you to refute. And I just wonder what you think. Any thank you for that call tell you why because his rear end is now forgive my language but his rear end is now in the sling. You know he came out he actually he's not that bright I gotta say how call me. Is still FBI director is beyond me knowing all they have tenure terms. But trump could have easily asked them look I won a letter of resignation I expect a letter of resignation. And I will accept her letter of resignation basically all trump could push them out if you wanted to push amount. But the cold he's not that's marked. Only himself admitted if this is true. That means the FBI engaged in illegal activity if you can't do insinuate that. Well now look see the more they get into this is like quicksand. The deeper and deeper they get dragged down. Because now we're no longer we're going beyond the fight is a court now. Now hold on so. Defies a court authorized this while the fights a court didn't authorize this wall of the fight is a court and didn't authorize this and this is completely illegal. I mean this doesn't even have to physically if you can't even say well. You'll get Democrats are trying to claim there was probable cause and that's why we had to look into it than it was a criminal investigation and an. Now you guys went completely off the reservation you guys went completely roll. So which isn't. If the fight is a court. Did authorize the warrant then call me. Call me at a minimum you in fact at that level he probably how to how to make the application. Or somebody under his authority how to make the application. So either call me is lying. Which is very likely here. Or most likely he was in on it all the way now look. I wasn't born yesterday. Comic guy from the neighborhood. I grew up on the streets of muscling I'm pork but Negroponte a working class neighborhood. I know what life is like I'm not stupid. They say what everyone about Jeff corner the last thing my mother did was raise a stupid boy. The president not only knew. The president how to know and not only did he had to know. This could never have taken place. With out he's clear authorization. Without his clear approval. Especially. In an election year. Between trump and Hillary Clinton with everything that's at stake. And they want us to believe. That there were surveillance conducted of the of Donald Trump his computer server at trump tower. Was being completely spy don't. And they're claiming that somehow the president I knew nothing I've tried to remove I don't know what's going on. Bull you know what to get a BS. He did in jets know. For them to do something like this he had to give the big green light. And that's why I'm very different than others. I'm not just asking for congressional investigation we need that but I wouldn't. If I wish trump. I wouldn't put my cards embed on congress. Called for a special prosecutor. To investigate. All bomb allow wiretapping trump and the trump campaign. And the person that should leave this to the independent investigation. Should either be take your pick. Featured either be Rudy Giuliani. Or. That the former and the governor of New Jersey Chris Christie. Take your pick it should either be Chris Christie or it should be Rudy Giuliani. Period full stop and if you have a real special prosecutor. It's all gonna come out they're gonna fall like a domino hopes David New Hampshire go ahead gave. Page you have. Let me show Friday thank you do the best. Since I got an air at all that meg out of a long time ago and has had. Never had a bill as their religious signature. Are you you aspire bolt. Okay and it was somebody and hear the dialer and great guys at least those prepared he wrote some of the other stuff that god. It never came from the Russians remember a Julia turned you can bet so that the only time in history nearly every bit of the circle no I did not from the rush. OK. Now it's all come out because. That's what or I I I foretell a are at revolutionary. The FBI in some of these fear it along. Speier anyway that's supposed to be illegal. What. You know you fire all K that's what he was too and the Ireland. Episode and the same way you're so that your hopes. Everybody the other. It broke the law and they did it was and we cannot accuse OK into specific court. Well they would do what you want to. Dave let me ask you this is obviously making a lot of sense mic and a very Cogent argument. The wild card in this I wanna get your take is Donald Trump. You know I understand your point about the IRS. But this is not John Boehner. This is not Paul Ryan this is not image to squish McConnell this is strong. And from what I've been reading he's very angry he's livid and he says Obama will be fully exposed. He will fight it out I have every. This is why did the part I'm enjoying it the wrong course in jail the truth will come out. Also you think all I get a date so you don't think trump your odds are you'll think Obama will go to jail. You could try we'll expose Obama for the world to know. Exactly retire in the way sure all the completely destroyed. And what he'd give the Irish we know it. Course where she retired in luxury on the tension on dvd review the contention. And or other at the golden parachute on the outs I don't care. I'm Larry Obama are the plain old parish ordered not. We've got to turn in the slot he got a fire like everybody can even think we can work with a lot less a week ago. So that's what program I'm open confident that that's what he's gonna do that adult tribes say you're fired. Dave thank you very much very good call Eric I think in his car Eric in the car go ahead aero. Higher data what good are you. Pay out I just made it out of all of that coming up the patient I've spread after trump was elected. And all these weeks static coming out and be heard publicly. He does not Knoll. Who it is but you believe it was someone in his inner circle well. I'm sure yelled at all the people in that circle and maybe a walk in any event that once despised. And that's why everybody knew every move you make. And I also wanted to make and another point if you look at the photograph of wearing him and Obama shook hands. Look at the guilt do you look at Obama's states. It said the million words right there. You know Eric that's a very very interesting point and thank you for that call. Obama does look guilty as sin I said there's something wrong. About his body language. His I ease the way he's looking down it's almost like he's a bit of shame what about Michelle Obama's face the whole time during the inauguration. Or Childress was at a funeral. Yeah. Knowing you can see it on her I mean honestly it was there was like a death in the family or something. Date they did not see trump winning all they didn't see god be becoming no look. I am convinced of this. I fight I know the Russians had nothing to do what docking. This is the biggest fake news story of our time. I believe it was this affected Bernie people at the DNC. Who leaked this stuff to Julian Assange. I think there's no question about it they were teed off that killer we stole the election from burning. And when they saw how corrupt Hillary was remembered the one thing the mulberry people. Is they hate the so called 1% Ers they hate the Wall Street crowd and when they saw how Hillary were swimming and drowning. In Wall Street money. How she was bought and paid for by the big corporations and the big banks and they saw how they stole that from burning basically sibling Q. They said blank Q I'm gonna go to Julien a staunch. Because a song was crystal clear on one point he said look I'm telling you. The leaks did not I'm not telling you where they came from but the leaks did not come from the Russians. And now we're finding out the CIA. 'cause the technology to hack anything. And then to miss direction. And what they put they put a piece false fingerprints to make it seem like it's the Russians or the Chinese or the north Koreans or whoever. Something really deals chicks bare phrase something is rotten in Denmark something is rotten in Washington. 6172666868. And that's why I say. Drain. Small hole free Kim Schwab. All of a 157. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. As we do always at this time the corner man's quick progress report. On Trump's first hundred days we're gonna dual law more on this tomorrow I promise. That house Republicans. Have now unveiled. Their obamacare. Repeal and replace bill. In fact HHS secretary Tom price is holding a press conference as I speak essentially defending the bill. It is obamacare light. It is better than obamacare. But I don't think it's a good bill. It's full of tax credits it expands Medicaid. It does not to repeal obamacare he tries to essentially Alter or fix obamacare. Rand Paul says it is dead. Ted Cruz says it is dead Mike Lee says it is dead if those 3-D effect it will not be able to pass congress. So my advice the house Republicans. Do you camp appealed to are you campaigned on repeal and replace. Or repeal completely. And then we'll talk about replace. If you wanna hear more of these podcasts you can go to wrko.com. Slash 100 now. Speaking of the leaks. Loretta lynch clearly was involved in the fights a court Warren. Has now her role in the spying to spy gate. Begins to become more public and more known. Listened to her pinning hostage taking video I kid you not know what will will play after the break I wanna rush to us. She comes out. With a video to senate Democrats. I swear to you. She looks like in my exaggerating Brittany she looks like she's an like an hour hostage taking video. She looks like she's been no hostage yet Unita and exaggerating are engaged she she looks like someone's got to read gunpoint. And she calls for violence. She calls for Democrats to Rio to basically go back in history. They had a fight they had to use violence they had to shed blood to achieve what she says are the ideals of the founding fathers. And maybe it's time to go back to the streets again. The former attorney general. Calls for violence. Now that her neck is potentially on the line regarding spy gate. And the TSA. They're gonna come after you. Dole stories. Don't touch that dial next.