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Is President Trump backing off defunding Planned Parenthood? 3-7-17

Mar 7, 2017|

Kim & VB discuss President Trump's potential offer to compromise on defunding Planned Parenthood; as long as they don't perform abortions.

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So Kim let's talk about the Planned Parenthood story from yesterday and it's a pretty simple question. The offer that trump put on the table the Planned Parenthood although wasn't known formally or you final of that as a conservative. And as this would you wanted to you know we've heard forever and we've talked forever about the funding Planned Parenthood 500 million barks roughly they get from the government. And Wear it Wear fur ever talking about we have to fund planned parent we're gonna to fund planned parent will trump apparently. Has floated this proposal to Planned Parenthood. We're not gonna to fund new we just want you to stop. Providing abortions. For women if you do that not only will we not to fund you we might actually increase your fun. Would you take that deal as a conservative. And then. Obviously would you take it as a woman I think the answer is no way if you're a woman correct. Well I would take it is no because I am pro choice so. For me this would dot. This would not go good the president is has settled long. That he did not want to do away with funding for Planned Parenthood he's between a rock and a hard place here. He's. Trying to the peas. Some conservatives who have really supported him. At while at the seem to have I think I'm trying to support his daughter. And her ideals when it comes to women's health care and taking care of women. So he's kind of caught here and he's ever made a secret of that. I'm not surprise Planned Parenthood doesn't like this idea I love that the president wants to support women's health care. And I also understand that he's got a really tough place. 603 a lot of people just don't want federal funds going to abortions and that's why all this is about. Right am I I think it's a little more new wants an out and I don't know that. Should the government be in the business of creating the social program for women's issues or should dispute privately funded that would be one question. But two is. Do you believe this theory that's put out there by actually Planned Parenthood believes this but do you believe that the trump knows full well they would never accept this. They're claim is that they don't use federal money for abortions that's not what the federal money is used more so it's a non starter anyway. But they believe the trump has put this out there are floated this out their through the New York Times because he knows full well though never taken. And that way he can say like I try to cut a deal where those guys there were unreasonable. So is this crazy like a fox Strom. I don't know maybe. Maybe it is. I think it needs it I think that it would be a huge mistake for Donald Trump. To push the idea that. They don't you they don't use the funds for abortions but. He would continue to funded just not easy for abortions which he's never said he would do that. But I I do I think that sent a big mistake you know if your funding Planned Parenthood your funding abortion that it's it's as simple as that as long as they're keeping. Or doors open. So then ultimately what happens is this is a non starter deal which should certainly appears to be. If it is he crazy like a fox I knew they wouldn't take this that's why offered it to and so then what does he do are they going to comment. Are they going to say zero dollars to Planned Parenthood until. Is it an ultimatum or does it just go on as it is image Israel about it and scream about it. And it's not happy about it move. Kinda think I another bid your question all of ultimately gets to. Okay he blocked him now he's gonna cut of 500 million dollars from him. And look a vodka in the eye and tell her that he's doing that. Or is he got mad. Periodically have these sort of deals that offers that are there but did we just have many able to make a deal yet but we're working on that kind. Well I sort of tend to think it'll be the latter that you said. Because I think the president recognizes. I don't that you don't wanna see federal funding for these kinds of things you think it should be privately funded and I think the president also recognizes that. Millions and millions of women. Go to Planned Parenthood not for an abortion. I mean you know you knew you have women who are underfunded. Who cannot afford to go to a regular doctor. And they have cervical cancer issues they breast cancer issues they've all kinds of women's health issues they just need regular. Annual checkups. And they get those from Planned Parenthood. Quite frankly they get I I nearly there's a lot of women do get. Their birth control from Planned Parenthood. I come there are a lot of things that happened at Planned Parenthood locations that are not abortions. And for that reason I think the president's gonna have a hard time by completely cutting. Off funding another and I'll sound ignorant here all of caviar at that. All of the things you just mentioned Accenture get that through your doctor and if you have to have health care which you now do. Why are we funding Planned Parenthood if all of that can be done via your personal position. But I think you can go through Planned Parenthood. And depending on the kind of the you know health care that you have. Your co pays in your pay for all of this can be much higher than what it would be if you would to Planned Parenthood but that's again should Federer that. Say that's why I find this dangerous thing where. If it's just about abortion that's one thing but I think for conservative its margin. Should the government be funding this sort of thing or to use these there were diss your subsidizing. This sort of stop refer dad come up with the Obama can replacement. But if you're subsidizing any form of birth control. Is that what a conservative wants if it isn't in this is much more than just about abortion. Planned Parenthood should be defund it period when it's your job to pay for your birth right. Well again you know what I am looking at this from a different angle I'm a woman. I am a pro choice woman I'm not a conservative in in this regard and am I never hide their socially I'm just I'm not. So for me it is very difficult to to separate this from me. I feel like. You know if we can provide these things at a cheaper rate. For winning Indy and the country wean his beak highs we're gonna pay out in some cases one way or the other. Where there it's more kids in the world that these women cannot afford to. Whether it is more cervical breast cancer that has to be treated in some way. So I would rather see these women have access to this kind of health care. Whether it's preventative you know com or treating it in some way before it escalates and gets worse. 6172666861. Is trumped up to up to a year and what is the and game we've planned parent and how is this gonna play let me go to bill in Salem New Hampshire good morning billiard WRKO. Well good morning once again hard. Great thank you so. You serve more than not anyway. Except what what. I don't conflicted on this for a couple of reasons number one might money you're departed sister. Had an abortion and it haunted her the rest of pro life. You're treated Mr. Bush is just something that she told me one day. Where's your peak fuel that came up all Friday. I should mean he'd reconsider. You know market opens students. Are we to having your or portions. I'm as far as Planned Parenthood. They make a lot more money then the money that they kept from the government. I I feel very similarly if they do a public for the public television radio. At this time. Originally a great spot to be you know subsidized. And now they're really a business and don't they don't need it they really don't need it they just want. And if they if they can't survive without it should they survive any I mean that's the argument of public television which I am we have bill on sale LaMont. There was a time when you weren't going to get that sort of programming because there's only three channels for all intents and purposes out. You can Arthur can find a home apart Thursday kids on a CR sir Arthur is gonna show up somewhere Curious George. Could probably end up a Nickelodeon if it's good enough if it isn't good enough. Why are we subsidizing. Right I mean that it's just three. It's just one forehand out to the government itself or means that the what the white it's really one step beyond. Are the old acorn folks who are still in the game themselves and they still get many and they shouldn't get a nickel. I mean you know they. But does try to have the stones to god it didn't just say that's it screw Planned Parenthood we're not banned for I don't think he dies I do however believe in and I contagious from statistics. That maybe the funding as is our last caller just said you know some things run their course or change over time. And maybe the funding does not need to be as dramatic as it's been in the past because there are other outlets in there are more women who are insured. According to even Planned Parenthood annual report. They saw 2.5 million clients in 2015. Which was down from three point one in 2006. So what we may be talking about is a scaled back. May be the president could find a way. To continued to fund for our purposes of of women's health. But it wouldn't be as dramatic as what they currently pay let's go to rob he's in Boston good morning rob. Good morning personal RC a personal choice some really experienced what frail boy yeah. Are you had a situation or young lady right Nader and and they choose to adopt a great as a baby adopted. The only thing I wanted to know where you're. If you're gonna have to find camp like on vacation don't stick in with the bill and numbered so. I'm like an audit. Of what exactly this money golf auto policies cinder blocks shown up again inside you know I'm feel in the same years. If these things are all these servicer and needed that's great. But if we had affordable healthcare we were in April compared to a great. Hey rob let me ask you question you think cervical cancer is like a goal or not having fun. I regret aren't breast cancer you think that's like going on vacation. You can't get out to three questions I just idea number one. It's what I a lot of portions correct now we're talking about Planned Parenthood as a whole obviously due to open all you know and I sincere regret. If you're gonna go out to fund have sex and impregnate somebody you paid for not a lot of faith yup on the other thing is that you get into these other services. I would say it was cervical cancer is terrible camp. But it abortions also have heard that cost breast cancer Boettcher with so. Well ore body I would go Morley cervical dudes is terrible so was testicular cancer I mean what's your point like we don't fund walk. There where where is my group the president floated out the idea that he would. Be willing to continue to fund Planned Parenthood. If they would stop abortions. And they said now. And our question to you as conservatives. Would it be okay with few of the president did fund Planned Parenthood. Hey if they don't stop abortion so he just sort of leaves it as it is. Or are you OK with the idea of them stopping abortions and he continues to two. Fund. That do either of those scenarios work for you or do you just want him to stop. The money flow to Planned Parenthood. That's mostly what our taxes one. Obviously bunt. Is there are Planned Parenthood in your towns camera view be where you live my guess is it isn't because it's not about the beautiful people is that this is about people who really need it. Again but did but then the follow up text of from OK so is its doors their point then so they want them to be my guess the follow up. Tax would be here the views counter attacks that would be are we already subsidizing health insurance for low or no income people. Soul aren't there already things in place for these people to get the medical services they need which is of my basic argument whether it is like any. I don't know plan burn I've never been in play impairment I've been done nothing through planned parent on what is it that they provide that no one can get anywhere else I think that it's an abortion. So then it's not as if an honest and wise trump even playing games he should just the are they gonna repeal this or not let's golf. If that's if that's all it is. Then there should be no federal funding for. Pardon me like you're from women by the way. Ladies if you're out there are 6172666868. X 8680 is attacks on. Do do do you wanna see women Planned Parenthood. Do you wanna see it federally funded Mike is Elaine good morning Mike. I humored guy. I am I had a similar argument or commute tomorrow. They're not very few birds went there to urge you to birth control. Arm but I ignored is jokes or the government there's. Are apparently no you don't she food utilities you sort of brought up a template Islamic clerics are quote what you had done. Most slogan are you at all. They got itself so that it can work not only did you know it photo credit chart that third of the popular soul. Errant also more atmosphere. That now one light Sunni. Oh disarm the notebook and server dementia you better stick. None of them like you don't like our big but that many industry. Well I. He sing anything that they're not licensed most Planned Parenthood. I don't I don't know that it occasionally I keep getting back to trump on minister where trumpet is always you know firemen Merman famously in a Republican debate where he said look there are some good things have Planned Parenthood does and I'm not for just just to walk away with a he got booed at the time. You know. I. I think companies do sort of explain what it is he does like that they do what I mean. Yeah we're all we're all for social services as grade but did we can't foot the bill for this sort of thing. Arm and in less there is a the idea what I'd like to call earlier the bill on Salem who said you know. When it was first drawn up I get where they were coming from much like public broadcasting with that those days are long gone now. These things are now just businesses that feed themselves. Except where pain in the tap on it. I'm sure did I. I get out of bako wants to be bigger for women's issues but. Isn't self empowerment the number one women's issues so why is the government doing yes. Let me go to Karen Karen in Burlington good morning Karen. And Martin I can't speak a lot of the political issues I look at that I am not in favor of abortion. However I am calling because I do understand some of the great things Planned Parenthood because I have a daughter who had to work for Planned Parenthood Ohio often on the trunk pocketing. He entry has explained to me the Planned Parenthood. Users the majority of their funding trying on abortion issue period warrant for example. She would lurking in the state of Oregon the legislature. They were attempting to help. A bill a measure that would allow women. Chu. 51. Year tour of birth control pill at a time there has been studying going. That the incidence of pregnancy unplanned pregnancy increased dramatically. When women all we have to remember our vehicle go out of court a vehicle should get to a place where they would. I. One year's supply once a year and therefore. Abortion. I'm playing incredible piece dropped Trammell the work they're doing on the other parent diminishing as indeed are proportionately. Right now I believe that that is one of the good thing our shuttle no matter what people say about it she controller itself currently control the questions there are many many many women who are impoverished. And who are in situations where they are not afford. This bit. What seemed to be simple to other people are dropping them till those that some of the reasons although I am not. And I repeat not in favor of abortion. Well so it. But Karen is funny because our sale of which call Monica I disagree role horribly in how many exact opposite of her. She's not in favor of abortion but she's in favor planned parent and I'm in favor of abortion I'm not in favor Planned Parenthood. It she didn't convince me anyway because. First of all ye. You can you don't have to get pregnant okay you can. You can engage you whatever your activities are without doing that the number one number two if you're going to do that you can do that safely in smartly. And either very low cost or no cost my guess is if your low income you can get that free. If play internally is gonna want anyway. All right you walk into a clinic now I don't know. I don't think you can just walk leave your feet I guess I'll get a about it to all our would be my guess now I know a dollar can be a lot to people but then you've got to put you've got a risk reward what are these your do win our is that a realistic is that realistic though is it realistic at all 500 million dollars this company has so they cannot condoms or pill. Maybe it's not realistic to given 500 million dollars but is it realistic to just assume that everybody's gonna do do those kinds of things. Or for that matter are gonna be checked for the kinds of cancers they could cost all of us more money when it's all said dot Vivian is in Weston this morning good morning. Good morning. Thank you for taking my car just me. Planned Parenthood is. A thorn in my side. People think they want people to believe but because it's a nonprofit. Without government funding they would not be able to provide. Care Ford their clients. If you Google. Planned Parenthood in annual report which in my aspect couple. You'll find them page 34. That they have in excess revenue over and says 58 point eight million dollars. They also spent 67 point six million in under racing. That's not all knowing that the they also add another three point eight million dollars. In refreshing remembering him. That's an awful lot of taxpayer money going out the door. I have no issue whatsoever providing. Well costs you know costs. Health care. To. Any individual. But this is just you know taking money from taxpayers and spending wantonly in mind. Right in dating good call I'm glad you called you know and again it's somebody said real early in this conversation BB. The unit may be Planned Parenthood had its place but now it's become a business. And that taxpayer dollars. To the extent that they are paint. Needs to change as well and and I'm not sure that the president should be giving him 500 million dollars we used taxpayers'. Should not be doing that 500 million dollars is a lot adult. And I think it is a nonprofit right but trump the easy interesting part of all this again and the art of the deal right we keep him back there was this guy and how does he operate in what is it he's trying to do. He's got nothing to lose by this thing yes that. He throws up does offer it plays well Alter the Mary in Londonderry is the base right. Like I told Planned Parenthood stop with the abortions an off onion. They turn me down fine. What is he then do. Right is that enough and he just leaves it at that and congress funded there what you want me to do or Z gonna pick a real fight Wear them if he cuts their funding and half. You're still funding abortions now. So yeah it's you are all non right there boom easy going to say zero federal dollars going to Planned Parenthood totally final agree I got his back if he does it I'd. Cannot anticipate. Him ever doing that. And so I think this is all the art of the deal. You know aren't our ticket car a couple of quick shots here and see if I can get them to do anything in if they don't while I got to the fish fry in that's how it's going to be is my guest so all to military is much ado about nothing. If Planned Parenthood plays it Smart. I I agree drew is in Redding good morning drew. Good morning. My point and they go to their belief. Roe vs the way it's federal laws so I'm real I'm an independent that broke Republicans but since then the one part of the party that just. I wish I could get over it. It's what we really should use its settled law. David George you and I are both conservatives who believe in abortion rights. Current do we believe they should be government funded. Where I get. I'm I'm a fan I just I you kind of get the audience do you need to provide health care for low income. And tax dollars do you go do other medical research other medical things some more air so maybe it's not. It's a tough one and I think it goes to where the flight it'd. Someone doesn't want how old law that abortion but wow right it's so loud it's settled. Off the mat. There aren't living it settled law that lets have a conversation. Right I agree we're gonna we're we're at some go to get a question you know the only place I would ever think would be planned or you feel bad for case. How is how we make the law says that's always available. But so for the purpose of our discussion under when I said let's do word association I could you know do this with a hundred women when I say Planned Parenthood which the first were becomes a listen there's no question the first word that comes everyone's mind is abortion but so forever on this defending it saying it's about social services is about education it's about other things that they can't get provided. If none of those come up like you go to the family feud you go to the board Planned Parenthood and the number one answer. 100% of the votes is abortion. More than that's why most people on the conservative side want this thing to my numbered. But here's my argument for that she and she was exactly right it's settled it is settled law. And the fact of the matter is it's not just people going there who are getting abortions so if you take that are out of the equation and the federal funding needs it is the place is essentially goes away they knew if you've penalized. People who use it for other reasons. And abortion is settled law. I have no interest in an abortion discussion has tried this is why I'd tread lightly in this topic period and I keep trying to bring about to trump. Had best some would say abortion is an unsettled law. Hey do you think when Mike Pence is vice president abortion is settled. Really right now do you think I was seventeen absolutely right now I noticed I don't know any control abortion right I don't think it's subtle you know. The commitment that we don't have to have an abortion conversation because you're right because as of today and down marks the seventh of 2017 it is settled law so. Andy if it exists and it is what it is the question is the issue that the president is facing about funding a place. That is doing something that is lawful. And if we're providing. Medical services to underprivileged women what. Ever goes to those services might be and they happen to include abortion. Then then why are we cutting it off why are they why did you people wanna see it cut off. Daddy is the law you can do that I mean maybe there's people out there who don't believe in. Pap smears I don't know I mean there's other there are not an earlier ruling served. You when you're doing disservice when used these subtle larger reviews some laws settled until it isn't. I mean that's just how it is like slavery were settled law until it wasn't my thing walk off than we could argue no no law visit there in law and settled law unsettled law is that condescending. That's been decided honey so we're moving on well. Things are fluid things change in overtime things change. And I don't think abortion is set in stone in any way shape or form when you do it once it settled before 1973. Well it's been settled sit seven already attacked. Tell you that you can see they dreamed that victim we're not gonna let you know African Americans use the same. I drew a foul and got you know is that not settled law means. Technically that is possible I don't see that ever happening in my lifetime right and again I would leave the Republican Party in a second although attacking women enrolled if they ever did. Do we with the Roe vs. Wade but that's irrelevant with Mike Pence as vice president and some of the administration. The people in this administration to believe what they believe if the Supreme Court goes to let's say Ruth RBG passes away this year in trump picks the next two. While in two years it's not hard to see how Roe vs. Wade would not necessarily be the rule of law anymore. And then things are different socially saddle again is it is is a red Herring argument of. Ever there was one. I don't think it is I think I think that you couldn't. I think you could argue that a lot of things synthetic cork changes in Gary lot of law that this country that could change the fact of the matter is since 1973. This has been the law of the land and it has not changed and I don't anticipating is going to change for exactly the reasons that you believe the Donald Trump has troubled. And as of today it is the law so they're providing services to underprivileged. Women. And so why should the funding go way and if you don't like Planned Parenthood then youth I mean if you don't like abortion and you think. It should go away for that reason but as of now. Finish it it's the law of the land. 60726668686680. Is attacks lines airs in New Hampshire good morning Sarah. Good morning camp I feel comments. Firstly. Every eight my sister than her and Pennsylvania and the underprivileged people. Tango and get a medical card medical card when you go to your right your doctor. You're pap smear their Harvard for free. Your birth control of covered for tree. Anything may you properly could mean whether it's not a female weathered the mail all of that is covered elite paid for. So are taxpayers were also not only are we paying are Planned Parenthood should be aren't dead. But were also piggybacking on our backs. All the other service says that these women and men are getting at their doctor they beat go unpaid Coke paid four. Now I'm I'm not comment and then I I do vote Republican and I am I'm against abortion and just Wear religious belief however. You know there are other places to get an abortion besides Planned Parenthood and I personally have taken a friend that you get an abortion at Pittsburgh in five and fifty dollars there's plenty of places that dealing. And I am I'm just I don't understand why ache if they can get free. Birth control shot whatever the case may be why are we doing that. And we're still paying for their abortions or paint ball so for me. You know I mean if you're at it your your fifth abortion and why are we paying for. I don't think your on the fence I think your ball a 100% for the funding Planned Parenthood has as a MI even though we differ completely on abortion that's the funny thing about it. I don't think this is the government's job number one number two I don't think they've done a good job of explaining why it is. That this can't be provided any private or applause I parred the platform. And I don't think they've done a good job of explaining how they've done a good job with our money because they haven't done a good job of our money. For all those reasons I don't wanna fundamentally more but I don't think Trump's gonna pull the plug on.