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Did Obama spy on Trump? 3/6/17

Mar 6, 2017|

Kuhner says the evidence is yes.

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Can you run a fake news from liberal lies and insults to the working people and we say. No more. Is that could erupt course. I'm there on though right may be okay my friends. We are now we do is 48 hours ago when the story first broke. We are now on the cusp of may be the biggest political scandal since Watergate. In fact if it's true. It's actually bigger than Watergate. It is now being called Obama game. So I as you know Saturday morning early in the morning president trump weeded out in fact he gave a barrage of tweets. Where he said that Obama. Jury in the election campaign. Had ordered the wire tapping of his phones at trump tower and ordered massive surveillance. And according to the president this was akin to McCarthyism. This was akin to Nixon and Watergate. Are you fact called Obama a quote sick or bad guys. Saying about this is completely illegal and he is calling upon congress to investigate. And so the question now is this this is the question. Did Obama spy on trump. The Democrats and the mainstream media are now claiming there's no evidence dinner original evidence where's the evidence. Now. First a couple of things need to be set OK before I even get to the substance of the issue. When Obama lied about the attack on Ben Gaza to the media ask for the evidence. When Obama lied you want your value you like your plan you can keep your plan you like your doctor you can keep your doctor did the media ask for the evidence. I could run down the whole list. Of repeated lies that Obama told the American people. I never saw the Democrats and I never saw the media once say show me the evidence but glad that goal. Let's get to the substance of the matter. Because if it's true there's no getting around it's everybody admits that's. What was then if if true what was done to trump was a blatant crime. Of the highest order. What port talking about here is a sitting incumbent president. Wiretapping. And spying. On their head of the opposition party. Jury in the election campaign. And now it appears jury in the transition. Even now injuring his administration. Spying on him spying on his associates. Spying on his staff spying on everybody. Everybody was spying. According now if what trump is saying is correct they were all being spied on. All of trumps team was being spied on if that is the case then that makes Watergate look like a Sunday picnic. We're not talking about a third rate burglary break in. To spy and listen in on a Democratic National Committee we're talking about now that deliberate surveillance be illegal. Criminal unconstitutional. Surveillance these are police state tactics. That's what they are police state tactics. To spy on lake and on and on opposing candidate to help Hillary Clinton win the election. That's now what we're talking about. So if these allegations are proven true Obama should go to prison. Loretta lynch should go to prison James called me should go to prison. Because the Justice Department and the FBI or in on it almost everybody in Obama's inner circle should end up going to prison. There's no getting around us so the question then is what is the basis of Trump's accusations. What is their evidence and is it true that's the 64000. Dollar question. Here is now what I can tell you with absolute definitive certainty and I wanna give a big hat tip. To my friend and colleague mark glove then he has been writing this story he began it on. Thursday night and now other people are supplement being what he put forward. Here is now the evidence as we can clearly lay it out. In June of 2016. The Obama FBI and the Obama Justice Department. Went to the fight is a court what's called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court. If you want to get a warrant to spy on people in the wake of 9/11 the Patriot Act we create a Pfizer court. You need to show probable cause it's. Apparently they went and asked defies a court this secret court this is all done in secret behind the scenes. Everything that goes on there is classified. Well it appears that they went and asked the fights a court. To spy upon in particular trump tower. They wanted to computer server I trump tower. To assert conduct electronic surveillance. To see if the trump trump tower the trump business trump campaign. If there was any nefarious actions or nefarious connections activities within a prominent Russian bank called the Alpha Bank. Almost unprecedented. Usually the court rubber stamps. What ever the prosecutors are asking for. Generally if they want wiretap or surveillance. 99% of the time Pfizer says yes. The Pfizer court says yes. Shockingly. They turned it down they said no. They then came back they were sold determined. To spy upon trump and his associates the Obama administration. They came back in October. In the heat of the election campaign. Several weeks before the election when everything was at stake. And this time they made a more narrow requests. There really zeroing in on the computer server to really zero win. On apparently what was going on between trump tower and these so called Russian bank. And this time thus far is that court said yes. So this notion that somehow there's no evidence to what trump is saying is complete and utter hogwash. It is another lie from the mainstream media. The guardian reported it McClatchy. Reported at other outlets reported that it's now common knowledge. Defies a court did authorize this crying of trump tower and that computer server. This is electronic surveillance. That's point number one. Point number two so now we know all they were conducting electronic surveillance. Point number two. The question then is because according now meet media reports well the FBI looked in the connections with the Russia and the bank in looking for anything nefarious. And they found nothing they found nothing. So now they're claiming they did have though that these defies a warrant they did conduct surveillance but they found nothing nefarious. Because there was nothing nefarious but then they just walked away. Well that's not true. That's now the second line. Because what we're now finding out and this the New York Times in the Washington Post they now got a voice stayed in their own petard. Because they were now the beneficiaries of all kinds of leaks. And so as they were leaking on trump jury in the transition. As they were leaking launch from injuring his presidency. Guess what it's now come out in their own stories. You can cite him in their own stories. This CIA the FBI. The NSA multi agencies. Now using the Russian connection as a pretext or justification. Began to spy and conduct electronic surveillance and wiretapping. On Trump's key people. All manner forked. Our advisor Roger Stone. Carter page. In other words Michael Flynn when he had to discussions with the Russian ambassador. So now we know they were going after US citizens. Spying on Trump's key associates that's also been reported in the media. So what we have now what we have is a conspiracy. At the highest level. From the Obama administration. To target trump. To spy on trump. To spy on his inner circle. To spy on his staffers and his associates to spy on the transition and despite on his campaign. And when the media says there's no evidence there is nothing but evidence. Because the New York Times reported that they were going after. Paul Mann a fork and Roger Stone. And Carter page. And that they were also spying on Michael Flynn and there were spying on other people now we find out there were spying on Jared Kushner that came out. Trump's son in law. So what you now have. Is a conspiracy. At the highest levels of the government. From the Obama administration. Including people within the deep state intelligence agencies multi agency. To try to get damaging an incriminating information. Either from trump. Or from his top associates or campaign surrogates. And the question then is why. Why were they doing this now this is the key point okay. And I don't wanna get lost in the weeds which you have to understand this key point is this is the key point. But I think it's gonna break this story wide open. The New York Times and the Washington Post have reported. That Pullman a fork was being spied on. By the NSA by the CIA by the FBI. As well as Roger Stone as well as Carter page. As you know manna for first time which Trump's campaign manager before he got let go in August stone is a senior advisor. Carter pages another senior advisor. But they weren't spying on important connections. They were going after men of fort because he was a consultant. He was a consultant to a basically important puppet government in Ukraine now this may be unsavory. But it's not illegal. Well why were you spying on home and a fort. Over whether he was consulting for the ukrainians. When your entire allegation is that Russia was hacking the election Russia was hacking the DNC. And trump was in connections with the with with all these people it's not connected. That means you were spying on Trump's people for the sake of spying. Now what this means in plain English is this. It now appears there's no getting around us. That Obama's Justice Department and is FBI including James call me. Now you know why can't call me squirming. Now you know why he's twisting in the wind. Begging the Justice Department to reject Trump's claim it's because he may go to prison. Vague illegally passed fight zone for a Warren. Date illegally spy and conducted surveillance. On trump. On his inner circle. On his campaign. On his transition. And on his administration. The only question now is this. What did Obama Knoll and winning these you know it. And let me tell you this as somebody who has covered Washington for over ten years when I was at The Washington Times. There is no way in hell. In hell. That you are spying. On the leader of the opposition party presidential candidate and the president doesn't know about it. There is no way in hell. Pitch you have the CI AEA and the NSA and the FBI. Doing a multi agency surveillance. Of people like Paul Mann a fort and Roger Stone and Carter page people close to Donald Trump. And the president doesn't know about it. Impossible. Impossible. Impossible impossible. Impossible. Three things now need to happen. And I am urging Donald Trump to do this he's already halfway there but he's got to do even more. Because now this is a war which are now seeing is an all out war to destroy him and to destroy his presidency. Number one. He needs to release the 25 exact port applications. The one in the summer that was rejected in June. And the one that was accepted in October. Who asked for the fights a court warrants. Or who asked for the judges to to to allow this surveillance. Which would which judge said yes. Who it was it was it Loretta lynch was it James called me how high dated goal. I don't care for its classified they need to be declassified. The public needs to know number two. Congress needs to formally and fully investigate. Obama gate. Forget the dealings with Russia important that's not the real scandal the real scandal is that Obama spied on trump. And his top people spy on trump and that then comes to number three. The Democrats have been demanding a special prosecutor now for a month fine goal all in. If I'm Donald Trump you wanna play poker you've got nothing I've got to I've gone out our royal flush. All the chips in everything in. Call for a special independent prosecutor. To investigate. Obama. James called me Loretta lynch Hillary Clinton the NSA. The CIA. The FBI eight. Fides up all of its. Because the trail will lead to the ex president of the United States it will lead to Obama. And when it does he skinny rear end is gonna go straight to jail. 61720666868. Let me ask you this. It's the corner country poll question of the day. Did all bomb on who you think. Obama spy on trump. And if he did. Should he go to prison. If you believe the answer is yes next eight to 68680. And Iman a all the way baby. Or if you believe the answer is no text the letter beat the 68680. You can vote vote online at wrko.com. They're calling it now Obama gate if it's true it's bigger than Watergate. Where do you stand your calls next. The president of the United States is claimed that the former president date. We'll have required wiretapping of his campaign. Last year. I don't know it's true or not but it. Illegally. It would be the biggest. Political scandal in the water here. 1227. Here on the great WRKO. Do you think all bomb us spy on trump. This is what the president alleged in a series of tweets it is now ignited a public firestorm. Agree disagree. Pairing in New Hampshire going ahead. Good afternoon Jeff thank you for taking my call on come on come and its auto I'd say this correctly. What an absolute abuse of power by Barack Obama. You know line finally something really exposes him. But for her for what we've been saying about him for the last eight years. Here's the thing about trop okay. What would Donald Trump you want everybody work together any other one should be directed he's seen that our government can't work properly. If we are to bite and I respect that. At a certain point you have to understand that. That you have to start attacking them when we elected trump we thought that they'd be a C they would have to answer from things they've done like that that Barack Obama. And that is the perfect. I diving board the perfect platform pregnancy really started in big on the big fish. That's the great opportunity for trial and as a great opportunity for a really slick that I've been show the American people what they are. Aaron looked thank you very much for that call look this is what they're calling game changer. Now remember that what's going on here is obvious. What Obama has realized what Hillary with the media has realized. They have to destroy trump before he destroys them. They committed so many crimes. Under the Obama admit regime. They have to cover this up. That's why they can't allow sessions to become attorney general. That's why they couldn't allow trump to win the presidency they couldn't believe it when he won the presidency. That's why they've been leaking like crazy during the transition and now entering his young administration. They have to strangle him in the crib they have to take him out. Or else they're all going to be exposed. And so what you're now seeing each trumpets calling their bluff. I peaking out at. He hired after Mike Flynn he touted after Jeff Sessions in fact he chewed out points pre biz since Steve man and this was reported. At a very confrontational fiery meeting he did not want sessions to recuse himself. And he set I've had a this entire city is out to get me and now instead of the swamp swallowing me I'm gonna drain the swamp. And I'm gonna start with a dear leader 61720666868. Let me ask you this. Do you think Obama spy on trump and if he did. Is this such a gross abuse of power. That it warrants the former president going to jail. 6172666868. All of your calls next. 1237. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends like wraps. Abandoning a sinking ship. Now all of Obama's cronies were all on the talk shows all weekend. Trump is lying trump made this sop there's no evidence. This is all make believe this is all baloney. And they guy leading the charge. Was in the perjurer himself. James clapper ahead remember who went under oath he was asked about the NSA surveillance program. Pace and are you spying on Americans. No. Not willingly. And it turned out he completely lied how this guy is not in prison is beyond me. Talk about you want a while lying under rolls that was a clear lie with the intent to deceive under Roaf well. They brought out the perjurer. They brought out the liar disabled are we never order anything on trump. Roll it. Allen would this be something you would be aware. I would certainly hope so hard I cancer autism I've. I can't street officially anymore but I will say that for the port of the national security Jeff were understood our oversaw as DL on. There was no sought to wiretap activity. Mounted against the president go to the president elect to Qatar or as a candidate or against his campaign. The FBI for instance had a fights a court order or some sort for surveillance. Would that be information you would know or not yes you would be told they would know if there was a fights a court orders on something like this. Something went through central and at this point you can't confirm or deny whether that exists. Art can tonight. There is no fights a court order but not not to my knowledge of anything at trump tower no. That's a lie. He just lied again not under oath but he lied again and you know why he's lined. Because his factory or Rand is gonna go to jail following the skinny rear end of the dear leader. Because he was in on eyes Coleman was in on it as Loretta lynch was in on. Now it's very simple if I'm Donald Trump this is it you gotta you gotta buy the console port now put up or shut up. What I would do now is released the fire is a court applications. At all. That's a whole. The one in June that was rejected and then the one in October that was accepted. And hence that's what launched all the spying and the surveillance. That's it. Our Emmy because it came out that there was a Pfizer court surveillance. So he's lying. Unless the guardian is making it up unless McClatchy's making it up unless Andrew McCarthy a narrow is making it up. Unless people leaking within the intelligence community. Dave leak to the fight is a court applications. Unless the leaks are completely made up. He's lying through his teeth because that's all this guy does. Either does it underwrote. Or not under oath it doesn't matter now. Listen to the great one mark cooler then. Say what I have been saying about the NSA for years. This is a soft police state. It's like the Stasi. And it was this year. Originally to go after terrorists remember after 9/11 well government bureaucrats. Politicians. They hijacked dipped. Tools spying on Americans. To spy on us. And as he put it when you look at fair everything Obama's people did. During the summer during the fall on the campaign on the transition team all of the spine that they have now been caught red handed doing. These are police state tactics. Roll cut one Alan. The evidence is overwhelming. This is not about president trams tweet this is about. The Obama administration's. Spying and the question isn't whether it spied we know they went to the fights a court twice. The question yet. Who'd they spy on the extent of the spine. That is the trump campaign the Tron transition. Trump Sarah gets they were so aggressive they waited for five months ago. At an October weeks before the general election they now other request all of a sudden we have leaks coming out on plan. Now we have a all horrible meeting that took place between sessions in Southport and I'm telling you is a former chief of staff and attorney general of the United States. In the Reagan administration. These are police state packed a. You better believe at the police state tactics. Have been I've been saying this for years. I've been saying this for years. The question now is this look I'm telling you this there's only one question now. What did Obama know and when did he know. And if you look at his response because his spokesman gave an official response. It was so we easily worded the response is essentially this. The president never authorized. Or order this surveillance of trump or trump power. Now notice the wording. He never off their race he never order. That's very different. Dean Knoll wing Wayne. Why is she aware. Was this done by his FBI call me. They Justice Department. CIA. And as say. That whole gang it's been leaking like crazy cool week like crazy during the trump transition. Of course seen you. And I said this to grace we're talking about this over the weekend my wife I go listen look I'm telling you. Look at every but I'm gonna I selling used the most extreme example to make my case okay. Look at every biographer of Hitler gave. No one says it's. We have the smoking gun piece of paper or Adolf Hitler ordered the massacre there genocide of six million Jews. Okay it's the same thing which talent. It's the same thing with my feel c.s they never say do they hits here kill six million it doesn't work like. It's a wink wink and a nod nod. And McConnell added being home and your surrogates do it for you and that's how it's com. It's never done naked Lee explicitly. That with the paper trail I want you to do this. The fact of the matter is. It was his Justice Department. It was his FBI. It was his CI AEA it was his NSA they were all in on it. Now. To show you how Machiavellian. This once. Not only did they did that defies a court authorized the surveillance of trump and trump tower. Not only do we now know. That they were also the FBI and the NSA were spying. On key trump associates Paul Mann a fort. Roger Stone Carter page now we find out Mike flame that was leaked. But listen to this. Several days before trumpets to be inaugurated. All of a sudden. Shows them the new York times of all places. Who reports. That Obama greatly expands the powers of the NSA. To share all of their intelligence. With Dan everybody across the government. Everybody. So now all of the damaging so called allegations. About Trump's ties to Russia. Can be spread everywhere disseminated. Everywhere. So we can be leak this. They were moved to privacy protections of US citizens. So they can spread is much innuendo and smears about trump and Russia and Paul Newman Bob Bobble block. And then spread out across the entire government so you can find to delete cars are. Because now you've you've set it up everywhere across the bureaucracy. You spied. You try to dig up dirt. He couldn't take come out during the election because there was no dirt so you continue to spy injuring the transition. And then you leaked and you leak and you leaked annually. And then when you have to go out you make sure you spread the leaks and the information is far and wide as possible so no one leaker could be caught. With the ultimate goal if you can't beat him in the election. Bull this government blew all the trump regime's sky high it's a silent cool. It's a palace school. Directed by Obama and his national security agencies that's what this is all about. To overturn the election and the will of the people. Except it's a bloodless coup it's not the military like in Latin America you do it through the deep states. It's a deep state who. And Mark Levin says there's no evidence my god there's nothing but evidence. Roll cut to. Alan. This is all I'll head straight to separate sources would links to the counter intelligence community have confirmed. That the FBI sought and was granted eight Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court. This is spot. In October inning counterintelligence permission to examine the activity of quote US persons. In Donald Trump's campaign with ties to Russia. Because aren't. Now what I'm gonna do is this my friends okay. I'm not gonna sleep tonight I'm telling you million an hour to. I'm gonna put together a column on what are right they call mama keep it short and tight but I'm gonna write a column and I'm gonna lay out. Did devastating. Overwhelming evidence. That the Obama administration and his surrogates clearly spied on trump. And his staffers and his advisors during the campaign entering the transition and even during into his administration. And I'm gonna lay it all out there the only question now is this. Will the dear leader have enough plausible deny ability. What did Obama know and when did he know it. Because I'm telling you right now disclose all the way to Obama I know what I can feel it. Disco Loretta lynch James call me Hillary Clinton John Brennan James clapper that whole corrupt gang. And if this is conclusively proven if we can get all the information out there it while we say some white is the best disinfectant. You wanna disinfect. The Obama regime and their leftovers. The Washington establishment. Here the Washington cartel expose it to some light. Just expose everything just let let just let everything out into the open full transparency. If you're caught spying. In this country. EU border prison. There's no ifs ands or buts. And I'm telling you if there is justice in this Obama spends the rest of his life. He's useless stinking life in jail. Mark in New York go ahead mark. Brittany jet thanks so much for taking my call a long time caller but I gotta tell you get EU either. You really got a little extra tell all that great report metric doing the the typical bank reporting accurately and oddly feet on out. You know. You know whenever I hear James clapper I think about George Orwell's Greek. Where I'll work animal farm member of the character Wheeler the minister propaganda with a laid out there talking talking nonsense trying to. Support the leader. You know to fully understand trump wiretapping we understand what Bill Clinton and the readily which were talking about on that tarmac. I mean did find the court order happened in Q it was denied entry and all of a sudden there's a meeting in June 26. On that tarmac and then in October it's approved. And and that infamous Billy bush. Comes out in up. So I mean it was a very well orchestrated conspiracy. The CIA and analysts and former government official Larry Johnson he has openly implicated John Brennan and James clapper. As working together to undermine and destroy the troubled presidency. And I had not been for admiral Michael Rogers who would after it leaked the information to mr. trump once mr. trump has been elected. We would never have now. About how deep this conspiracy was seen on thankful everyday for the patriotic men and women that we have serving in our intelligence. Service and. Mark thank you very much look. That person who leaked defies a court application to Warren that was eventually accepted by the finds a court and October. They did this country a big favor. I don't know who that person ends gospel to be classified. But he looked at this and said they're trying to destroy trump known there were spying on the garden here's the information. Pier they apply for narcotics they try to enjoy and he didn't get it went about an October and they got a and to respond on the guy. Now I gotta say that's a lot of techsters are coming in saying. Jeff trump should have fired home bingo he should have been the first cannon fires. Yeah I agree with you Brittany so much so much for draining the swamp. He should've fired home he's the first guy what do fired maybe L fire and now he should fire now. Call me is now running around like a chicken went out ahead urging the Justice Department which is not gonna happen. Quote to publicly reject Trump's claims that Obama was spying on trumpet. And you know why Turco calling openly senate. Because it insinuate the FBI was doing stuff that was really goal. But of course you were doing illegal stuff you just got expo is. He's got a goal Loretta lynch has got to go Hillary Clinton's got a goal. James clapper yeah I mean all of a brand and they've all got to go to prison. 61720666868. Okay my friends. I wanna ask you this. Do you think Obama spy on Donald Trump and if he did. What are the consequences. What should the consequences beat your calls next. Confirm or deny whether that exists apart from the night. There is no bicycle for not smoking morneau anything that somehow. No this fall off paved street to separate sources was linked to the counter intelligence community had confirmed. But the FBI sought and was branded a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court. This is fine. Thought in October 8 inning counterintelligence permission to examine the activity of quote you're a person. And Donald Trump campaign with high Iraq. Sallyann Denver is you're up next go ahead Sally. I thank you for taking my call a little different take. I had a different take on the everybody is chasing that high tech or if they're all looking for the documentation in the paper audit trail. You know I don't know people realize this that the NSA collects everything that's digital they already have everything every phone contact. Transactions. By keystroke have everything. They work for the military and they serve the president. There is no order or warrant our paperwork should somebody in justice. Or the White House wring out clapper and saying hey. What is strong enough to and they printed off. Sell your point being tapped her. My point being is that I think. These types of court. Is our routes they actually did go after about but it will be on the basis of I don't know hey you know some kind of transaction. Any trouble does include the Russian banks to write. Correct the pastor Bruce I really think. The real information is coming from what NSA a lack. They can. No not it watches now I mean you could literally phone them up and you could say do you think Donald Trump. Servers in the building and I want an all digital transactions. We don't what it contains more wet what I'm giving everything up of the cell phone give me everything brilliant landline. Brilliant brilliant brilliant. So you can just keeps buying in spying look. The NSA has to be abolished. They are out of control we have we have created a Frankenstein's monster. And it's it's spying on everybody. And now it appears it shows they spied. On the president elect and the president himself. Incredible. Okay my friend I've got a lot more believe me don't touch that dial.