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Did Obama wiretap Trump Tower? The Prez says yes, 3-6-17

Mar 6, 2017|

Kim and VB talk about the weekend bombshell President Trump dropped on us - Obama tapped the Phones at Trump Tower; despite providing no evidence. Also, Joe Gomez from NBC News in Washington joins the show to talk about the allegations on this unusual Monday on The Hill.

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Current topical and trending news politics in conversation it's all right here AMC TV WRK one hole and 937 of them HD do. Martha it is yeah yeah yeah and I'm yeah. A lot of job. Good morning everybody and welcome to the WRKO Boston doc a morning show on a Monday morning VD I would like to have some niceties with you'd like to find out how. You know your son's birthday party away and how the book club when all that I'm sorry I assume we know. You've tapped my phones I'm well naturally. And by the way have enough of the eating eat quiche with day Dave the cougars are can Friday enough for the high I was cougar book club. It's retired vixens book club let's get it right area that are vixen it's all the same there was great to the ladies are sick unfortunately so they couldn't make it but there was I think nine of us that nine of them there and that we had a great time they did have a lot of quiche type stuff and luckily I would've loved it. You would of I appreciate it read and they are almost took a picture of who we got there late because there's a tractor trailer from. And it went for the steal their man. So we had their little bit later I would have taken a picture of the spread because there would have been like oh my god I met one of your football part and but I had again and hit a grounder and we have a great about my newborn Jack and ashes. It's. The clubs are grave and there was a look I was very lucky to get my book picked by this book club in the ladies are great. Three got a picture of museums in DB otherwise halls of a pull up could be be the wise on Twitter app. And it won't. I hit the ground running relates yeah yeah it's I mean never entered. So let's do it is it true that's the question of the morning is it true did president Barack Obama. Happ the phones at trump tower it's as simple as that is it true 6172666868. 68680. Is attacks like what it with a poll you've got up. Was third ever bravura text it to 68680. Tax the letter T if you think it's true tax the letter F as you think it's false Gerri it's going to be monitoring now all day. And we'll see mine is in my own personal web site it's what's more likely that trump is a Russian on an Obama. Tapped phones phones. If the men were were sort of ad that either or deem right. I guess neither of them can be true or both gives her rule book which sets which school you which side you on what school do you believe. Were you want to believe. It's just it's. It's unbelievable might my ultimate take away on what happened over the weekend and trounced week that Obama tapped the phone to trumped hours is that. There really is nobody defending the comment. Kellyanne to great pains last night to call out some other people on fox and disable what are you gotta say about it and whatever. Sarah Huckabee. Was very combative would Martha Raddatz is good but nobody is saying. He's tweed did it because it's true he treated because it's a 100% accurate and we know when I first heard of it I thought okay. Somebody within the FBI or somebody within this yet or are strong said by the way you wanna know this phone. That appears not to have happen. No well let's back up for a few minutes here and talk about how this all kind of shook out over. Over the course of the week and we all remember that when we left here Friday and by the way. I have admitted on our FaceBook alive. Post and I'm admitting it now than I was wrong. Fanfare Jarrett actions we are not related steady to firm had a half. Jeff Sessions. Is still the attorney general. Truth be known. I think for the president's sake. It would be better of just Jeff Sessions was not the attorney general and that's how all of this. What is engaged. On Friday and Saturday but instead it. He is still in in place but. According to many reports and even video that you can see inside the Oval Office. The president was very angry about how everything that we down with sessions. Do and who can blame him and there was a blow up whiff. Ranked previous and Steve Bannon who can blame that right CBI I don't blame him for any of that right affect you you said Friday you hoped. That's what did happen right ironically you're saying you were wrong young I'm going to tell you I was right. I don't not historical. Everything. I know we rely your except that. They went around the god I. We certainly think it was a putt exactly what they went around trump knowing full well the trump did not want sessions to recuse himself in told sessions to recuse himself. And then they got screamed at Ford and they ultimately. Led to. The following for curve awful which is the trump decides to take the Twitter to change the subject yet. And they're all going to be shaking their heads going didn't see this one common particularly but got angry and to hold the to a. Then they were not flying on Air Force One he on the plane left Friday for Mara Largo and left him behind. I guess it was on Saturday after the tweeting started the band and there are reports from friends of Donald Trump's in Florida who were playing golf with him and had dinner with. They're saying they've never seen demand that angry. Ever longtime friends and and by the way I'm just not using the names those those names exist I mean this is not a secret they actually said. They've never seen him so angry. The problem is that he directed his anger in a way they could possibly get into trouble he's gone now he's gonna have to purpose. I get the anger I'm with them I don't think session sort of recuse himself I was surprised that didn't help actually to win it went down Friday. And I can I can literally hear trump. Jared -- now he's book and you sit at one of the issues with the book is that your reading at all you can do all like you do yeah I hear how we narrow reading the writing is so as I read the story in the globe today about the weekend tomorrow Largo I can just hear trump I torque steer him because. I get it took. Week you may just look weak if you don't back down you push back. They don't tell us what we're gonna you advise my back all that I thought that life is you know I get. Yeah and that through. I don't wanna hear a word for many of you if you're a parent you've done this reject his reform barely meeting in the news out of that quiet night. They shouldn't yeah I don't want me here for many EU and then you've got your speech you know how this went down. Although I think there were words that you're not using that we're using that may have them up about that I know the scores a lot of room to go out there are below our current stock picker. Interestingly. So I I waited all Saturday and in the sonnet is there a Cabell who's gonna defend trump cited this in and there weren't a lot of it did the true best things he's got form is Mike McKay easy saying it did may have happened the old bush guy. Saying yes something like his may have happened is they've concerns about somebody on Trump's staff. And so they were looking at that but he it was more general learning. John staffer although former Obama's speechwriter who said be very careful in defending what Obama said. Yeah he didn't say it didn't happen. He says he didn't order yes now fab girl is very B understands how. They speak and lay out hey guys you know Washington people. He knows full well that Obama was very careful or war or what's being. Put forth as Obama comments it's not directly from the president but what Valerie Jarrett said she was she's now is remain we know. Be very careful in how they worded what they said. Ever are always the best thing you've got to hold on to right now if you're on and on the front side and is which is fabros telling you they're being very careful. And on the obamas I'm sure. So that that's something but. I think you have to be very careful. When talking about this period because some of this gear there's no doubt. Found this is classified information so because the they're the fact of the matter is there is wiretapping going on. And the Obama administration was wiretapping people now whether they were wiretapping. Donald Trump and more importantly whether President Obama actually called for it that becomes what's in question. Do you then believe that the president who clearly thought Hillary Clinton was gonna win on homer for Emory. November 9 November 10 and November 11 whatever data was immediately went to be judge or had his Justice Department go to a judge. Since start tapping his phones right now and the judge said you got it. You believe that happened. I don't do not know is on I everything is possible. That Norris. But you know there's been no evidence whatsoever and one of the problems with trump here for value Kevin I would think is that. For Geiger decries anonymous sources he citing articles that use anonymous sources number one for guys talking about big news. Is putting forth a story as factual with nothing factual behind it in his staff has been unable to come up with a anything factual. In about 48 hours now. Politics then what you just did. Okay they Dade hacked into jeans grosans computers therefore they tapped a body trumps. All night. I mean wiretapping like I said before the break wiretapping is it's not a secret that that goes on. And certainly goes on with leaders from other countries egg goes on from ambassadors to other countries. Q and that doesn't mean that American citizens are intercepted along the way. And there's no question that we know this already we know. That there or were people on the transition team who were intercepted. While talking to. Some of these world leaders. And these representatives of other countries. Who were being tapped. Does that automatically mean that trump tower was capped now. James Kobe of course is come out and he says he can't he's asking the Justice Department to come out and and knock this story down eases it's not true. He is issue is that it makes it appear that the FBI has done something illegal and he wants it known that that is not the keys. Interesting use said using James Kobe himself why go through the Justice Department why not you just come out and says we never tapped. Trump tower. Don't know what did I who knows right I was telling hands. Comment last night on fox. Hershey's you get some assailants and combing the stop telling other people to talk one on cute talk movement. Because again a classic Washington the then they want somebody else on the record quickly and nobody else seems the wanna put their name to we saw that with rubio a little bit yeah isn't that like I wasn't on the put this and everybody always wants to make sure there CY aid first. A bomb. Don't want that has clap or we know trump hated in May those two have a little right war going Bonnie clapper is gonna murky history himself one of the things about this. Is that there is no one that's untouched are on stained or doesn't have some sort of baggage and so everything's murky in DC and did finding the truth is always a tough if not impossible task. This is a wave bolder statement and probably was needed if you're gonna wag the dog on for in the problem where it is. This has to be fleshed out. You have to deter right yea here in May whether a sitting president. Was tapping the phones of the incoming next president that we have to know the answer to that and that's where they'd this may have been a little crazy. Going to fall well and this is. This again for me. Part of the problem with this president is that his fuse is so short. And he's used to being the CEO of a company where he can say or do whatever he wants but as president he can't. So Sherry was angry I and I understand why was angry and we're not surprised that he was angry because it was made very clear win numbed. Sessions last week came out and he'd. Recused himself. Eighty yard have been very clear that the president did not want him to do it and we saw him on the aircraft carrier he was angry then. But to take it in this farm where your angry and they knew lash out and such a way. There are repercussions. And me and choose to do this this is very troubling and there are repercussions for this and I'm not sure of the president at the time was thinking it through. 41 to his usual you are using sources unnamed venue say trump should shall prove what a joke. Well the president is using sources unnamed yeah I don't know where your. Feeling is on this point too but the president isn't using any sources cannot unnamed he has not while Spicer says he's using the right not our rob and he yes Spicer says that the presidents. In this horse is that he's using and where he's gotten this is from bright Bart and from peach street and it mark article about those of the three. And those three they got something to lose here if this stuff turns out to be inaccurate is one thing never website and run a story says crazy conspiracy it's another thing when the president runs within. Again I think it's it's not whether it's not whether some is criticizing. Trump for using anonymous sources are not using sources it's the fact that trump. Says that's the great evil as that other team right through that in years he's doing it in this particular case that's a bit off. Joseph Gomez joining us from Washington DC Joseph we had a caller just a moment ago who said all of this all makes perfect sense to me this was all sort of our preemptive strike and that everybody. Everybody's in on this and it's a big plan is that this is you get Washington. Well be there's a lot of people have different opinions on this but particularly when it comes to. You know whether or not to the Obama administration was trying in some way shape or form to sabotage at a candidate from from. A winning the election did feet tapped trumps phones. Bibby to be an advocate for a tap up the trump tower did. It clear that bar to legally get a wiretap I think could be fairly high. But the same time. Didn't the FBI have a transcript of lieutenant general Michael Flintstones called with the Russian ambassador it wasn't that phone call me at the trump tower so. We go there could be it LO litany of of excuses that the administration could've used to potentially. Get some evidence. It didn't get some information other trump tower guess. One thing's for sure Joseph when we heard the president say that you know he would be in contact periodically with the former president because you like to and a secret accounts pop pop pop up I feel like maybe that's not going to be as frequent now. Yeah I I I play. But probably not go a minutes this is an interesting study to be in because you get like you know two different presidential. Entourage is going around because Obama Alicea right above all lives here. And does notice obviously president trump most of the week conservatives and Valerie Jarrett apparently when it's tough Valerie Jarrett because he's. She's running out of a yuppie by the way Dylan but not too far away from Mariah Livan and kitten in the telegram a neighborhood and a in DC and then down the street from them. Vila a lives at Ibaka prompt self beat Alabama neighborhood of very busy bustling I have friends that stuff. All the big names are living their that is for darn sure Joseph have you read the top of the list my. Hey is anything get done today Joseph I mean you know all of this distraction to what's going on in Washington today well. Like today I think the president is going to unveil his serve revised that travel ban and that's probably going to exclude. Legal residents and it sounds like it might even exclude. People from up Iraq or you know or Iraqi. Immigrants and mrs. After I guess that he got some push back from. I've general love of Mattis about this is Defense Secretary but that. That's supposed to come out today and otherwise yeah who knows what's going to happen I can't wait to see what John spice is gonna say about a this afternoon person. We'll barely saying you're behind closed doors so that'll be very interesting Joseph Gomez thanks so much stakes. By late in the one of the great things about this is like the ancillary characters like Barbara Streisand. She's put on the trumped Juanita we've heard about sixty I just can't stop eating pancakes and may serve because after she hears the news around. David Letterman who doesn't talk to anybody about anything. Went on some crazy rants there was a New York magazine last night because he's just. This is risen to the level that David Letterman must speak I mean look we're talking about ours is is Amir how the Letterman it. But really you're you're gonna went in they knew you'd think that Letterman was I'm. You know Edward. But there ought to try Adam here as well what happened really who can you do your important evidence have you be and mr. tough guy when it comes does send a resident in your chair is. I never saw that interview Letterman by the way just Joseph Gomez. I just wonder. Clear one was saying. I think that wind fully and with having that conversation he was standing on a beach was any. Was that the reports Phoebe back in December I think he was actually on a beach in the Caribbean when he had a conversation with the ambassador. Sele wasn't spinning in trump. Power so let's get to it then based on the fact that we know that they were listening to Flynn. Well they were listening to the ambassador OK but knowing that moved. Knowing the younger warmer called Netanyahu. Who tapping our friends is situation knowing IRS have. What percentage do you put an ad that. Obama may want it to tap trumps Collins in V actually did it. I put it I still put it very low and the reason I put it low is not not the part that he wanted to. But that he did it in the reason I put that low is because I think Joseph Gomez is actually right that's highlighted a very high bar to jump over to get a judge. To say. Yup you know what he's the incoming president so we should tap his phones. This thing you have to remember when you talk about Angela Merkel. And you talk about Netanyahu. And you talk about the conversation with Flynn there's always a foreign element in this. There's always someone from outside the country. I just think that bar is very high I cannot have unless it was done illegally and it is Kobe who's saying. Don't point the finger at my eight at at Miami. My department because it wasn't done illegally we did not break the law. It's what 72666868. The answer to our our our brother the ethical questions not the answer we want it from you. Do you think it's true. Yes or no and tell me why on both sides of it do you think it the Obama administration. Actually called for and was successful in wiretapping. Trump tower. You know six basic series attacks on text TV thing is true references and it's false calm. Again. We know that Bernie for example. Was monitored din was they were getting they were keeping and I shall we say do we ever know the full extent of that. I don't put anything past anybody that's been in power in DC. Would Trump's claim is always a costs remain in the hole like Obama go to jail kind of thing. This isn't you can just make this claiming go we all know what wink wink nudge and note well this now has to be. We do have to sort of drop everything and running process and that's. Not you're going to have to prove what you said in some fashion other than what I read in the papers.