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Mar 5, 2017|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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You're listening to a wicked place radio. The only place that lets you didn't approve Chris Sundays ten afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Hey guys so yes. There recognized his voice. At me and what they guess what I had some bad news. Already. And it started his show pollster is working to address the that caused an important that the right tactic. Both of them. She's hooked you know it is their right intact it I hope they fix it book. So. What he actually I don't know I'm making a big it's enough it was him. Number but device out of war. This could probably hold granola fourth while I'm there that the I don't know why having excuse today this programming provided they're Regina pizzeria. Boston's Rick salmon pizza program has since 1926. This is the old man what they restaurant program that started some forty years ago America's first and longest running show thank you very much. If in many happy but none of them to this day. Except as led uses men and of course we have. Anyway it was a new who have been doing it for awhile now is go to. And when you go to FaceBook look that would advise team. It's very that's all I have to do I'll do it at temple shall are very very simple and you get in if you call in and give us an information. You'll see your name and it's it would know we only know within that now as we can give them that's right okay that's right and I. But there that's one of the ways we give away there were a strenuous activities to mark caller we have a lot of things no doubt about it with you today nibble out. I wanted to out. About the television show. Tomorrow is it tomorrow or Tuesday I believe it is 2 o'clock tomorrow tomorrow PM at the encore presentation yeah I wanted to idea. That's a wonderful show that it beautiful color wise we work hard and yet both with a surprise that the well it's analysts there. And that do in the united you like it doesn't really remember the trip. Well that if that was an agreement point. We have we're going in August who and you can go what is. And might that there and battle is that yes is my Mike and Scott tried out the adult beverage package. Which we went over an hour trip that the very well I'll tell taking care demo that's in a lot of it as long as you want. And I couldn't put Mike on the all you can drink. Beverage package without the ship would run out of these. There insurance audio contacted me this and we we can't cover yeah beautiful during accelerator anyway if you don't color they went down very smooth then. And it David. Actually that that it will when Mike shot the beat the Mexican restaurant La. Los Lobos Los Lobos. That was like at 9 in the morning get up and who might proceeds to do a flight of tequila you know and while drinking a beer. I only go to bed at about 7 in the morning so I decided to you know to get myself right you know as I say those were in night yet rice Wednesday. Who inherited dogs they. Anyway I will we have some Kevin's opened for archer yes we do and if even let it. You know I don't know if you realize have fun this is guys salacious though that's the ship leaves right at a Boston Harbor in August. I take you to Bermuda it takes tag group to Bermuda. And we have so. Months fund you know have to worry about getting in the airplanes and jets and name Jason your bags around Miami or wherever. Is up in each issue beggar a land. My. At last my heart exam resist my bags in Miami and I go to and the you know in DC got to risk all that. Just go go on the ship and we're profits at sample and it's as simple as that. And that if you'll come with a as we hope that you will we had a great price and everything to everybody had to do. I'm very easy to do its August 11 through the seventeenth then do you call Carol at 866. 7451167. I wouldn't wait much longer the ship believe and I just about fall. 8667451167. Extension one. And Carol get back to you. I thought I had extension one. Oh we do whatever that reporters us. You have your extension one and is extension it is hangs up at a did that black guy that. Now you got to show today to. I do however showed today soda. Yes and that's not that's not the show that we're doing right now no no it's a Joey voices at the time of us in the North Andover ego stuff for tickets everybody. Stop talking to tickets if they keep calling me tickets left they told everybody get tickets early and they waited yet. Knowing that happens though I did today did that happen so many tests and they get mad if they can't if it do its state to get man if they. If they can't sit right up right. Yeah and it blossom. The worse it is probably. 25 feet away from the stage of his little Betsy no it. I'm now the book right now I'm out on it violated the folks in the Al will be here Damian Smith de Vito let me Boston. Yes. But the meatballs. And oh yet so we've got a visitor from Hudson match today and yes that horseshoe putt over here. It beat I don't if you bring in India's speaking of flights. It still wearing any of those flights and he's got eighty different I've PH right. Revised up to that I heard beer for breakfast and I showed a man you know. This morning I got my drinking cattle before you go into. Mike an experience last night. That he found rather interesting and remembers that he is and I didn't get because it is that Denny's dental. As an exciting day yet and you for Argentinian restaurant. The best of my knowledge it was it was it was really good it was tango in Arlington and it's expert there are mass I believe it's Massa. Yet if not it's in a general facilities across from regent theatre. And really really good stakes could drinks food they're very unique appetizers. Yet but those were very very cool. Trying to think it was like bacon red states. That were delicious. Delicious and it's some of my perfect date the half. And notably red carpet every good like that. But yeah there there were delicious that I really really well done steak but well done steak but yet well cooked steak the ship was very good. As if you know it well done steak you pretty much. Just killed in the kind of any Argentinian restaurant into view week entities. Well below the Brazilian steakhouse is thinking of I thought the same thing when it when I was looking it up on those one of those you know like on the skiers speaking of the crew is like you do that that the Brazilians they constantly put the cart to green McCutcheon meat that you meet to meet with the red and they stop. It wasn't one of those places it was a it was a no formal sit down Astros tango tango. In Arlington. I compare that mine and again my best kept secrets in Newington knows yeah. Yet now when across streets are regent theatre saw Doug church a fantastic. Elvis tribute artist he. And as. As a big Elvis fan this election the first time ever seen Elvis tribute ours or Elvis impersonator because I. I'm very critical. Especially usually go out doing karaoke is someone someone besides myself there is an Elvis song public. Come and see if you get the voice down on TV at the may yet united you don't know Elvis. This guy nailed it little nuances the speaking voice which is huge for me. Nailed it and while he was fantastic he was fantastic the people having a great great time. You know it was it was it was a lot of fun it was a fun show is that it shows there military is millions of American two years actually the regent theatre in Arlington. But if if you are so we have to go to building again. He did it was he did leave the building for a few hours. But I he has action at 2 o'clock show today so now you're in the Arlington area get some nadu Doug church that true voice of elvis' held showed tonight. He's going according to a voice heat to a about forty voices. The euphoria I think is couple new ones who wants it and took it forty in change. In the fall into it. I have outages this commercial here okay go on and Allen now. I love the TV show as you know but I'll see you guys both of you who knew quiz. About some of the shows that you've done and what the highlight. Of those particular restaurants were it would be really just kind of our best kept secrets even so those some of these are not secret. I mean if you go to patriot place that's not a seeker I write Mike and I can probably past that queries however we turn that. Tables around you the quiz to you oh I was just gonna say did you who's been to watch quick bites all weekend is that if that's been happening watches on the which provides marathon and that his. They for nation restaurant is located. Or 110 at twelve alpha street. But still in payroll align its exit 49 alpha afford any five now they are open today. I they're open later this afternoon if you like to go and and out to anymore about that time I see they open up but two assistant to the 9 PM. Nine. This is a restaurant Middle Eastern. And they won about every single award that you could possibly win. As I said their their Middle Eastern and they have. When echo the Middle East and who who Blatter. Give you a little bit of everything Middle Eastern extent peppers or school wise cabbage great believes big kid be. Lima beans and rice. If you orderly appetizer though make sure that even if you are this mall that you share with the other people because of years ago. In the U memento of the state. You miss out on the Hanik animate so a lot of other things okay. Especially the baked Alaska at the end of the media outlet that baked Alaska have any restaurants have baked Alaska. Out of line. Is it is that if fall out of favor of a causes it's difficult. Possibly Mays and it you know leave in two time and time consuming it's possible. I don't know but they still haven't. And that the Bethlehem chaps you can find anyplace is that right. Yet affiliation right about away. They have gorgeous function facility is bad effect Joel voices of the show that. Couple years ago so function the so I think holds 500 people yet Roy unit in you know they it's. Put it moves so it does you know on the you can go right all those fifty did that and your own private areas there. But anyway that Banesha restaurant ru 11012. Out of the street with bill and they relied if you want information about. Michael function hall give them a call at 978. 3731714. Download of the psalm Michael orbit scene though while you're there. It's 9783731714. To Banesha Mets with a that good. About a white they also own Middle Eastern. McDonald's Sampras and Agassi college called bishop's which is in the vicinity of the mass general hospital. It did and dead alive in the area does a lot of business to who. You can imagine. Nine I can imagine it's their actual tag line now the Middle East and McDonald's and that's that's not. The now official line their didn't even get what basis I don't think I can get away with and even if I tried. You got a show coming up that hopefully let things go on diameter and. You have deals coming up next Saturday morning we we we we filmed all of its all done. He now needs to be edited and that we we start off route to show for Mary Ann's diner their brand new location. In Salem Salem New Hampshire right or root twentieth by the Barnes & Noble how are you coming about it it was it's so wonderful place I mean that they leave it and the other one yeah I think I'll I've been to the one in Darren think we have three of them now and you know that's more the old style diner and you know here is that this is little. Think for its location even you know so they fixed it up men and kinda made it that retro colors is very colorful insight. Yeah who Randi Kaye tonight at the core is fantastic in retro died yet say if throwback to the fifties and sixties they get the old Cadillac car hoods that hanging from the list the win. The walls. You know all the old Blake to swap in rockabilly type music playing throughout it's a really fun place breakfast place somewhat expensive breakfast lunch dinner. The prices were all that expensive for an. Now before what they have I mean they had the steak tips the staked its its tickets are either not there they don't want to open for dinner at of all of their hands. But a Mike at the that the Jack Daniel raspberry barbecue or you I don't Barry Melrose or raspberry barbecue. Status within X. They Italy where things here we added you have Italy would you couldn't move. And yeah that's that's Lee's first episode back. It would say this is back that Lee has had a baby can we say that or we just that. I know he did that this is an international companies asked a question a general Mike a lot of people have asked you honestly Weasley I mean I don't want to speak for her important. Okay and she's back now. Now that beautiful bay. Anyway so that's so coming up next week next Saturdays at 9930. On NASA and and then we we we kind of go from. Thick that's a new newer diner move a merry hands and then we kind of kick it back in history we visit three Historic. New England diversity on nine. No no no historic darn it well but he won the war was all right because it was Wednesday was there guys ones in Boston and one's in Providence. All three diners have well over a hundred years history behind them. One of them goes even back two or somebody eighteen hundred's the old west of Providence that's going to be interest issue which does food. So we'll grow we'll see the murder burger next with salute we won't say which diner it is excuse me for a to Z. Triple murder for I had a single and killing three I was a number of them look like at the triple. The story of what you voted and the thing that. It's out. Anyway. There is an island SL and ask you to Sony would get the guys think but I want everybody to watch. Monday. If they have missed the Saturday show to see that no legion on the beautiful Virginia and then there's so in the unity and we really. We went from one size or to the other right and this start with you was desert eland okay. You obviously quiz. McCain's vote pop quiz or back on our quest pop quiz a kind of fire and and Miley says. Had that big green bowl remember the great big rainbow armed with a blue bowl was it Google him my TV it was green while we have access TV there that it. If I made the drink a look at and ended seven there I've never heard of the Ford never seen before lollipop. Chicken wings who who. Yeah. It's really unique in that CIA. Takes a little bit of work they have as those made specially for them and in and they what they do is they lollipop and so basically bringing the meat from the top of the way down to the so I guess at the trump park of leg so it's it's. You get a big. Bite of meat it each way. It's but it takes a lot longer to do so the and they do it right I mean either they're very good. Yeah they're kings polling places there's a lot of moron gets quite a few you know all over the country and they're really known for the food to. Yep and they're making themselves known for food via endurance. The entrance. A press me on. And you guys went to a place. That had fried chicken. And North Carolina pulled. Pork sandwiches. And what was the name of the play that was the porch in Wakefield near the train station move and the debt and if you really heads. People say that is seven fried but it really isn't but every now and then you go go to a restaurant that really move. And I gathered since he is from that area is from Tennessee all of this is true and blue and AM a lot of banking issues it is. Dissident. I let us so that's the end the porch that's near the train station in Wakefield. North Canada and a pull puller for. A ticket. Yeah Jonathan a group in Tennessee and the used to make a fried chicken for his birthday with I believe that his father and yet his grandmother's. Is it. Just pie recipe. On the menu very very good and I yet grateful ports and out there. I know the kings Poland where where is it. Well whereas back bay they have a number of them Winfield at home via and then it will take about a place that I was not aware was even in patriot place. Buddha find out without let that little bit later on can. But so they have some of the things it. That you guys have done. I wanna find out about. Something. Nice something nice something nice. Which is well that stood Eliot in this is days this is the only thing I know that has a chef owner of it actually medal in the Olympics. He did the six very three Olympics and they'll loop while Trinidad for Bailey and he got bronze there and a couple of years later he got the gold. At the goodwill games if she did. Noticed smells like the past that that was what I grabbed the yeah. He UN disgusting and souvenirs from shoots equipment chased me Downing Street has gotten the product they pretty quick it didn't develop craft irrigated during that no I never did. So who's still and it yeah. Geist it's it's funny there is the connection direction it's short and crap and doubt that to shore it's like it was a seven degrees of Kevin Bacon yeah it's now seven degrees at the the Russians. And I don't wanna there's one other thing that there really wanna say he he did a show again on on the weights. Points to waits the wait awaits that they never mind not a hereditary and that's why us why you can't always you are fluent. At thirty X railroad. Street in McMillan. In handy in that time in those replies in this means that they also got more views. Then any other restaurant. In the show's history on based on FaceBook yeah probably I mean you send it into a microphone it's going to be true now via the it's it's I think yes yeah I think it was well like seven iron to some positive lessons at. Half a million users that the north creek and million asked if India visit coming you know seventh if you'd hope so. In about by the way don't expected big extravagant place. It's a little corner grocery store looks like a little corner grocery store there and it's and again that twelve parking spot that about it then it's. Have been around for almost a hundred years ago they don't even know win. They opened up they were keeping ledges back then we'll the floors all pre when he walked with ethics. So if you get an opportunity. You might wanna mind much of which Obama sundin. The weights I believe they don't object. 36 road road street because it went there was Internet via holiday line and I had never did get in. I'm we'll touch you guys a few minutes the great wall. Is it 308 be great road route four in Bedford mass. All right. One of the great things if you if you going down. Route three unit manager higher root for. And you're hungry and yet nothing Chinese though that you think about allison's place. You know whether great to walls shopping complexes plaza. OK if you know that they you know where there very long restaurant is 308. Be great group root for and Bedford. I would say and you here. In and I know so many of you combines it hello to her because she is one of the nicest people that mile line she'll make you feel like. Yes I EM semis home and you know I stayed over and I there's nothing but you still feel Philly these you know yeah. He can't get it in the middle of nine the vast army you know I mean it's and I acetone. Here. You get aegis feel like you're in your own home we here in somebody else's show because of her. He's just a phenomenal human being so if you get a bio way they won or readers' choice awards were 1718 years in a row. A pretty good morning Lucia. The shredded chicken with stream being in film that's made I assume that. The great wall coal platter you know. Chicken and smoked fish say who won spicy cabbage includes five spiced beef shrimp jelly fish vegetarian debt. The median is 26 dollars and largest 36 we've been having a lot of people I would since hope can. And evidently FAA and the lunch in the face and they do have catering and corporate delivery room and opened today at 1130 day. Say hi Alice why you ask her for. Asked for Alison as round as for those those and a I wanted her to show you the TVs in their daughter of Boca. You know they remodeled the bar varied activities that are different model bar area beautifully I've decked chairs now is that. So easy is it. But you might Greg cargo and dive in TV's for the bar and a electing board of it. If you're Rambo is curve tees but but the best that forties and there is there. I mean she's got to do those shot into if mom says go buy a TV what do you do but when he's opening scene get a better at the bit of the TV and there are actually as the great law 308 to be great road route four in Bedford. Michael with the I wouldn't cost him out I'm also a kind of a loss for time and that's okay occupants the element no you don't punt the book Michael disposal that I felt that with the music. He has a music you listen to the music we get a few minutes. We're gonna Tug at best kept secrets coming up in the Nixon awesome okay I love sequels have a special to me yes we do okay. We have been coming and we have of course. The folks from ideal but I hope you stick around for that hopes so and for later referenced by the way if you get to. Is there heavily to get this short that are though you can reach as other ways. Well we were we are all in all forms of social media. We are streaming rate now live to FaceBook to go to FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV. Hit the white button so you always know when we're going live not only on Sunday mornings but Scott and I do pop ups throughout the week usually Wednesday or Thursday evening at poppa said about what that is well we just jump on our FaceBook life and we talk about the week's food topic some fun food topics. It's it's fun for us it's fun for you fun for everybody join the conversation. At FaceBook dot com slash Wiki bites TV. You know I think that can even do I bet you could I give an address crime is an injunction until 133 and 22 in Essex. Is a gentleman. Has been that advertising on this program since 1992. He call Scott wants is an elegy you know Baghdad appeared in. I'm Tug extend open on January and February. Hazard and in Essex in in the back in them. You know near the coast during news coast as a matter fact. And really associate or are these all the years we've been opens its 1956. We never open. So they decided to open in 1992 and I have a piece of copy that they've been using. That kid you about them since 10392. Testament equality right there and I have said to you one thing as today every restaurant owner. If if you wanna see this thing war you've got to remember that my responsibility stops at the end right at the door. I then it's up to you in New York is good agent. As I've seen it used it. Felt those but we'll keep coming back very after. Yes they well. So what do the bear this in mind and evidently he forward mind. They go. Fish but it. Disappearance. The that's the village restaurant jones' of 133 and 22 and Essex continued GPS 55 main street and splicing the weekend off. You're listening don't wicked fights radio. The only place that lets you do the food critic Sundays ten WRKO. The voice of Boston. Welcome back everybody and then what they didn't visit wicked bags and 688. MW RKO Damian Smith and neo will be here to talk about them. Credit here that you did that this it's about. People analyst here. I've 600000 people yell. Wanted to hit him on. He went through that if that. And yes questions about it gets split best place to go for vehicles everybody is the only people there was good there either take on a meatball yet that's that's very true sort of they pizzas and their take on. Barbecue or exactly her wrist trying to reinvent the wheel yeah. Scott went to pro street station 53 Summers street in mall and let me clear up something go on pro street station. It's not on grocery business and that's that'll. And do little misleading isn't some history. I and what's interesting about it it's a train station who go back and eighteen anyone know be an M station you're the tree. They they have everything it's still there. They get to. Slate roof the cathedral ceiling the original fireplaces two stories high. And even though they moved did they still on the rails and you can hear the T pass constantly so it's like you kind of a throwback. That as it was at the turn of as injury that one of the things that. That act highly recommend it. Is that you go in and enjoy. Whether it would in any sporting event. Anything at the masters coming up shortly and we'll have been watching the NFL drag whatever it is now time. They've got more TVs down there have been. In I only go to pearl street from my curling activities. I can't. I can't think plays in a comparison not him. But they now a lot of Lago in Gilani in a game and they've won a first went in there one bar which is big now I get two blocks. I'm never about view and it also has some great barbecue Bartlett pro street station has at. Well I think and a backyard barbecue he should nova who. They bring the party to you guys so you wanted to over opening day baseball if you would deport likeness at the masters or the NBA finals and coming up now we're just the party March Madness is this is the Plaisted Indian doing house. Doing your banking arm program. You call for information would you please. Here's telephone number at 78132264107. They won 322. 6410. As for Allen Rama at the robot I'm sorry. Grocery station 53 symmetry in Malone now let's step. Should change is located at this 373. Lowell street and the ability anymore about sue in just a few minutes but right now that they care. Nick now I am a friend very good how you doing how how's that how's everything on those flights of Beers I'd be Asia that there doing great so a lot of via. Or show or show the crush you and investor I should de Castro yes. Oh we have over eighty of them is I remember just who do native isn't and it is and how what you start there and and that was that the needs of the director of their thrown back. Has been this is 1980 we've the probably the Beers just around in 1991. Ounce on the first was a jump into having a lot of different taps. Just built that way up from you know with three to drafts at that time moved out way up to ten to fifteen to thirty. Now to eighty. 88 yeah. Now you can share a hat had how does that work needed it you know on the flights. How many served during a fight we give you fought for a look at asphalt five ounce Beers they can try different that to Libya's me feel like come. If you want to try one wrestled him a little steps to elect Hewitt when he gives a peanut and enjoy them but the simplest and nice as you can get bored of the ones try to pin. Varieties give him a good Somalia. We do nots you know if you know what I mean I can imagine that he does with the with the beer's taste of Beers but after a while they go learn some of them he loves him now while the staff knows a lot about the isn't giving us a customer's most customers know what they're talking about nowadays Libya where unity can kick out. Year pub fare though did you when you do when you've got into the we did we can be brought it up quite a bit. Going into the Castro style trying to calm match the different Beers and boos were doing. On the menu has picked up tremendously since beast out of doing this and I guess some really nice item to try something you wouldn't normally say something you would see with little kick to your basic food with a little kick to add to it. I don't Lou there I can't who blew it there Goran. I'm trying to remember when it was you know the month there was this like last fall sometime in the late fall then over the month. Who went there and raised had suggested it that I hang out I and get to meet figure relatively new ship that yes he's only been there about a year about a year now about a year. And a lot of the this is one of the ways that you can tells something about a restaurant a lot of things this Stiller that's been with that stuff is coming up obviously just dying now with text summoned. That just left us 31 years in the kitchen and probably just those thirty years we have benevolent starting now let's can be coolant Kenyans so they stick around you today show up. He comes and yes he's in and out. He's in announced it is he'd like. Hello I was Skype can't stand it when I come into the business at all that's getting old adage about if I do that now he does a good job is it we'd like we'd like to get out the as the by the custom is today go hang out and but Staley office lean muscle I'd give me an eraser examples that some of the things it. Mecca and now I know that you have a job Ohio which I didn't hand. Is one of my favorite issues you know it creole. So do we Louisiana. Well right now we've just finished an op today we had two weeks full of somebody Graham and you do well my idea of we had about twenty different items you can pick from alligator crawfish India but the jambalaya stays on full time all the time name and likeness of a kick. Yeah it's good don't mind me the argue those pretty good is nice it is correct it's really been providing your reading it. Oh yeah exactly yet it doesn't taste that the app now. Was that the alligator again you budget that the and who is at its pan seared chicken tenderloin tennis is or should gym by McCain. I'm rain streaming news and that's a pan seared chicken tenderloin. Baby Sharon. Sausage. Celery. Onions and peppers did delays in this spicy broth that starts with a rice and then its top with the gulf shrimp yeses Neff. And it has enough kick he picked a channel seven here rabble not a lot but enough care. I loved by so yeah it's Ellis group but some people say is too with the people say it's not hot enough. But that's the best part of what we can make it feel like yeah I was gonna say that you can do that I've been back and now you have the facilities do want to read an addiction. No I think to a sandwich. As challenges and buries that and saint Patrick Remington is bigger and on the menu used about Alitalia of the Dublin pastrami astronomy is race in which that not provable we'll very very. Fleet what do you do once in Pakistan. This ship we're gonna have bringing him on the PS on the Gaza the BM we're doing. Have twelve to from brewers common and let it every two I was gonna have to new brewers come in and simply out their products giving different things the way when people try new stuff. We'll have a acoustic Italian run that night. Just. You know it's in my during the code you Immelt on our repeat this for Mike you know they get all laborers coming in for Saint Patrick's Day it sounds like. Some you'd be interest in taking in mind COM eighty Beers on tap in you're having more beer comment. Of course Santa enough I'm good enough. I'm there you go up the drag me out and that's the case set I'm up from last year that a company that come knock them down and out of. Fact that you get. You let that way because you've got municipal parking right in the back of your restaurant we do we have a really big pack like that it in the daytime it is public backing of it is used by people who work around us but. That it's a lot of spots you can find you way to get in via did tell me seven and you know I've I've done. Him in my experience with the rest of attempt something some of the unique did more unique issues that you have on the menu that I haven't talked about. Well one of the items we have bombed people like the fist coming with. Is the blue cod. Blue clouds not a very popular fish no yeah much about now but we do blue cod we do it over little beef potatoes asparagus and asparagus. Russel sprouts and any Aiken. The harms people's lives people glitz and tremendous people are loving it can't keep. The kitchen again those are pretty quick to a lot of people who listen to show you kind of a destination restaurant tonight alma. Make your body understand it. Not every so called destination restaurant worth going through my friend and true true but you have been exception to a rule. I really I believe so I hope so that they seven and I know you so cushioned the blow 37 years says something yet it does emanating its image space. You see especially businesses like yours are going out of business a lot. A lot of the restaurants are going out of business there and priced out by the franchise a franchise so the and they do hourly fees that you got to pay it just. If you just impossible to make it easy for her mom but. No customers do they keep on coming in help us now. That that soaking in it in there but they would come and if you're really know exactly a lot of other place to choose from is a lot of around the area users are telling you that if you listen to as the Boston listen to list them implement the wherever RF in New Hampshire. It's worth the trip to this place it's very easy to finance nine at bats and a New Hampshire you know it's not have an essay that was in yes he did Massachusetts yes I 'cause I got a nasty email about it. That's one thing to. There's so much today and if you're looking out funny. I'd it's a horseshoe gas stroke pub up. At 29 south street. And hats and that's not far for an modify the right off the meta data compiled them. And though as an Ito for him imprisonment and aim at president as a mental presidential family. Father and son nick in now and shifting its early or you'll excuse that comes and sees every day with us who works is that on the office ultimate paperwork. I was upstairs of his boo whatever we need be I'll do it yet and will it I'm always gonna concern because she was here. I'm every going going into varsity beautifully posts we did is very good actually yeah yeah yeah 'cause I don't go to sleep those. And in the north and and that did you meet fully poll we did he came of medicine as Ennis was nice and you know they Pavarotti. But yes it has a matter of fact that call one day. Down there round exit to. I said to the person answers honestly volleys and though he's in Atlanta when you go over there because he has a blatantly. And it was a with the Pope. And am near to us over here obviously to borrow up OK any caused a stir. It costs them the security problems. Passive but he totally fine he's just because people thought I was Pam around that's. That's that's facts and yeah it he's won and I zeal is about to restaurants and therefore that's Leonard yeah you know he's doing is to assume we're out I love. Nice people that. You know they're rewarded with their hard worker not like you and and Alito and and and folks like that that I love family businesses especially businesses it is yeah those same thing as I had this is due but. You know good people hope you know you have is there any anything and I'd united have a feel Oscar not that that can be something as maybe. Would that be one of the upgrade you're talking about when you upgraded with the problem here stroke Lebanon we realized there was I don't do. Still remember those layouts here. And blame the play we have in that was well we always carried a play but the way we present it it was a little different now and we are make emerald big French Fries with place on top of this I guess in the middle. And it's it's a nice dish looks nice guy a list maybe the best the last. Yes. That everybody about the user to act out with this vote here does and it's okay is gone to go out and listen. We have first we have we have a lot of different desserts but one dessert that we have that's been very popular prize is the fried dough Sunday. We used to take it would make Errol right now. We shape into ball within put. Ice cream in it. Philip with all different kinds of sauces chocolate Vanilla strawberry the works whipped cream for little sprinkles on top. Can't go around. On camera I've wanted to go. Tell everybody one more time about things that they stand while you guys say that if they were going to be doing that twelve different brew is coming in to be too loud is going to be given way out kinds. Paraphernalia prizes simple on all Libya's all day long night we'll have a a top player at nighttime acoustic attack come on down enjoy yourself in we'll see of their. Might it be nice and that's it I mean isn't nineteen degrees out Masso. That I didn't get nine last exit. Yeah last throws in we have the snow the other night in and get down to zero and now it's warming up on since nineteen now but is gonna warmup so maybe they don't. Let's say they want us at the patio this week ago but maybe next week. That's our hope will be ready parts of pricey make you celebrate saint patty's day active and I you'd never know just don't know right this is finally New England you have to bring trial I don't know what we like spring training for spring. And don't forget now the most incredible deserved. Fried dough ice cream Sunday and I just told you about the fried dough is the bowl. And is the size. Of your head. Actually. Is no hit the right here big enough so we see this happen this size of Mike's head again. At a practice are mostly casual those crowns on that that's it that and optimize human there. Nick thank you so much you can that you hadn't and I have folks go out there. Knowledge is Travis place if you have not. Do it for your friend pat wood yeah. Course this is these are again it kind of restaurants that we really like to get behind because there as I said family owned and that is the user. One of the more successful of the family owned businesses around and most of you are seeing you gonna FaceBook. So about a bid from the on this have been opened for over sixty years I was so short closed at its raison it is and it is unfortunate more of them out there might things that happens time Sinegal and it's important. Your local. Especially you might think Castro clubs you've got to support goes absolutely mule born well. Yeah right up my Alley and Libya and on single guys they more beer in Google it wouldn't you know because in tablet to flavors of the beer I'm sorry. That was eighty of them is eighty the only two hour show it to you want you mean we have a fire that's assault that. It you don't like it only gave up is Italy via. When I go to a place that has that many Beers they usually because I'm assuming knowledgeable bartenders of course. I like to go in just Felix up a flight viewers' choice you've gotten on and it's it's just that easy and NGOs that audio Watergate ordering these in these abilities of this would go good with and they don't go to the net. I think at the shelf work his magic as well as there. I Skoda horseshoe. Gas show. You know it is just our fruit and excuse me it's just our fruit for 95. At 29. South street Hudson. Out of affected you know that it blows street addresses Scalia obviously you know really into it quickly it for good GPS GPS thing in the world used used to say route 28 right but where Tony ethnic ahead of but here it is 29 south street night tonight is my GPS founding just like it okay. That's a horseshoe toward an eye in the south street Hudson. The old timers out there and of itself. 97856. Day low 65. Thank you are right there and I have a safe trip back that's mass choose and we'll make you. Peddlers daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. Of them beverages you know it would all those who got famous and then I'm and then left for Collins. A friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's still in the restaurant and hey bro and Nashua. Oh get back to more wicket by its radio panel what the injustice second now now if you're looking for great butcher. I have a place that you must must try it is sensational. You gotta find Greg and he got to find Tom Doyle there the place is called Alpine butcher it's located in lol. Right off of route three men practice that you take PX and on route three it's right the base of route three cannot miss it. Since 1913 this. This butcher shop has been a business for generations and going strong. It's an old fashioned butcher shop we go there and talk to the butcher. And tell you exactly what you need now on do it. Is plenty specialty products that make any meal perfect and they really specialized in specialty products from around New England. Now you're looking for steaks. And marinated meets think B Alpine butcher even near Hamburg now. They use black Angus beef men attracted to top like. One and a half percent stake quality of beef quality. In the country that's at they have there I mean your the state it to get there. You get at some of the finest steak houses around the country that's the quality that they have and even hamburgers. Are Mazen. They used the trimmings. From the realize that the there's nothing like. If fresh ground burgers they covered several different price and could bring home some great food and don't forget they have great seafood also. But they only have seafood on certain days of the week because they don't wanna bring in the fresh as possible it's called the Alpine butcher Alpine butcher remember that name. In Olsen Heidi Greg. Or Tom Doyle and you will be a customer for life I promise you. Are the coliseum restaurant Bridget this portion which invites radio. They'll look at route 28 in the Breckenridge shopping center and that's funny relate to that step in to find just about every award imaginable. That line the walls when you walk him doping about Pat's. Favorite dish over their stake our up at Whitley it's a little bit spicy but it's the best day that money can buy its prime New York. Sector cut. State and it served with broccoli rob the coliseum restaurant route 28 record shop and center in Salem New Hampshire. Looking for the best deal and now. From lazy dog. Lunch specials Monday through Friday Saturday Jeffrey. By former schoolmate also Donald marinara sauce three you buy. Our quality more flexible ones like him lazy dog and mark downs and lazy dog anyway. At the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American taverns Salisbury. Eric Young American tavern. Jerry leave hungry. Food sports and find that we've got you covered. We can play its radio and TV with pat with life. And this is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WR KE oval voice of busting. Yeah. And we'll look gone back plus. I don't know my screen. Who screamed actually that we have bad. I was you can still call it looked at your phone number and I go over. What do you ever hear yeah I think that. Obviously I don't have. I disagree about something. Come to the likes. Helms oh yeah and yet. Got a big show today at Chatham lasso it and enjoy the enjoy voices that. I'd idea steadied bill calls got the guns and so African. It has that we are a couple calls this morning Mike and I had a column back then and that in mind can you help. It was this. Thank you get people. Restaurant. That can get like we still and a restaurant with. What you call the weights if it's their news market could mean some are most of which must have actually supermarkets specialists and market has been there for almost on to use it. Somewhere bush in what 800000. Views via our FaceBook. On that on the segment yeah. Mankins got Alice you both this question shoe 1800000. Personalize. It and get that all our oil oil diner Al's diner. Also on lol they get their around half a million. Why. Causes people to go and in view those numbers like pure and unadulterated. Excellence that is with the bites. That that we are in the words Mohammed Ali but great. As well it would help to it wouldn't when folks watch our videos on FaceBook and mingle and like it and particularly comment. Personally knows AA we weren't there Edgar would like to see this more I mean that helps getting. It getting to the message out some of these plants now that now we just had a horseshoe pub and Hudson mass on as you know get a negligent. How about. But there are up about what 8000. Maybe 580 famine summary in there I. If you get an Afghan gonna see it because I've seen it move. And just interchange fees is now the dessert when he's in the desert the alternate that should address that legal most of no no okay but it's it was song. Oh. So they just go into it buys him. FaceBook to accomplish when it bites TV. Apparently by Steve and him battle you can watches right now. Yeah they are. Ever watch us like in my screens around so the regular what are jugular right actually we we don't want you to be watching you we want them to be watching what is interesting because you do not know what Q and they don't and that's the C is it slow because. Our taco locally and what I said goes up ten seconds later you know all these years were finally teaching about the way. Yeah. At that echo the use of an idea put. Yeah but who just that there watch himself trying to do the show and that's how we used to do this Williams what makeup and hair for the Italians to do do they in the old days you take the tape we'll tape. And stirring it around a whole bunch of staff notes that he takes eight seconds for it to get to the plate. It's so much more sophisticated now. All digital and they'll do all digital room. He had back into the details to at least to spice things together. It's fun to what you put it raises c'mon gamblers on the radio. I'm doing it that dated Elvis. As a music. It but anyway I want everybody trying to push it and singer. Owes about. Clint ballots that say well we have a say ultimately it is cruise ship done via. Tell him about it about how to get in touch of that and don't forget. You've got an adult beverage package on us right that we you know. Have to worry about you wanna sit by the pool. Haven't on the Marguerite and other. One of those coconut drinks that they have their pinnacle of the painkiller the painkiller. Finish the it might get in on nice it is simple and you don't have to worry about it's going to be like fifteen dollars each time every drink which in care well. Fiat now the next series fourteen Obama Mamas for breakfast you wanna have a glass of wine for dinner. You have that plus a one note judgment in Italy that we also have they pre cruise dinner on. It's yet restaurant they fully bode Boston we always do with that we get to meet some of your fellow passengers and travelers and I'm looking forward to because it's it it it's justify and time every time we do wish there one of these that cruises is just. On it and it you can do is much EU law with us or don't even see is that. And what's so great about this and it's a beautiful ship these in the millions of dollars renovating the ship's okay that's cart correct word. Record. It. Or order of things that you I think is the biggest selling point to a lot of people is that you don't have to catch a plane to Miami transfer and no man. Not easy to do now that follows the Miami anyone come to Boston. It is. And it and you know latency. Ships pesos here Iraq back and forth. He ships to noted that now entirely different. For more information call 8667451167. You got to take his. But not it's almost full I'm not our space pirate ships we need to get. Quick August 11 seven day cruise out of Boston 8667451167. And remembered you don't. Package any year in fuel. Helps Iraqi leadership you know we'll be back cover that meatballs from. You're listening they'll make it plays radio the only place that lets you beat the food critic Sunday's tended. On WRK though the voice of Boston. Yes there you get this when tonight Stevie is going to FaceBook game. Let us know about what to think. About anything when it comes to food. Braves series Ingram leads to divorce rate all you can ask questions and we'll get answers. We like questions we sure do now. And this program is right here in part by Regina. There always busy and we can move on Friday pack there. And of course Michael's favorite. Place Alston David Alston to keep up. Maybe. If you're watching FaceBook right now the good with the boys TV on FaceBook and hit the spot for the kill yeah. It's gigantic green screen that we have here. My head. OK death like technology you'll be delighted this is on FaceBook to get it you go to do it invites. It's a consulate would go by Timothy it's as green they put them down. I got its two Regina it's. But it isn't it to get over here have a legal had a little warning almost indeed pose a bit as duplicates of gays and that's one of course the big when is it that history. We originally got the and it's a little big. Guys right there and that behavior right did did you do we have to get engaged love those pitches and just the line ramping down that history wait for that pizza perspective what that they opened up that much from him ever but he's always analyzed soil line right now yet in that go exactly yeah. And they that it foxwoods casino they are foxwoods casino they invited me down. The Q I know I know that you guys that then they beat him but there. And a program looks. I'm gains and so cleaning it just kind of gave up isn't it worse than in hinder us paint you as you know thing comes out over here on the radio like Ivan Drago if he does it the as the sun is. Out of me I can't wait and Natalie. And I. Dobbs message averages got this portion of the Asia. And they are located that they've been in business for about eighty years. Eighty years they opened up as. Little family. Wholesale valid as its way to explain it. And is still doing that about a jail with them is they didn't attend Riverside park and motor where they always lord. Now. They are retail and wholesale business and you'll note. A lot of markets sell. Downs sausage they sells this is the steak tips in particular I just wanna tell you about them but you can go any of that again you can get old film deals here. You can go and get the regional state tips that they created. That's marinated in any kind of slavery along and they sell bottles of their downs original marinate if you wanna do it yourself they got that. But a full butcher shop through this it's cold and Patricia. You biggest goal that is probably actually probably. Though Warren and the butcher shop that is that is in New England yeah I think it's a little warmer in the butcher idea that. But if you go to back we'll cut some meat to warm up freezers at the right below zero I. And that's when they keep its everything so fresh and incomes that was veteran butchers are always there to assist you and any your credit needs. And don't forget their famous us capsule that is why they call it dumb sausage company. Yet there in the level and state tip dealer in New England movement came and they should they're delicious absolutely. All right dom sausage company go to dobbs sausage dot com. Ten Riverside park in moments they had narrowed to damme. Senior or junior with a whole bunch of them the body showed them great great great folks. Scott sitting here for a reason ethical victories away besides trying to. Trying to trying to take it down and who didn't see anything is. Death by green screen how often does that happen in the movies which is doing really reality. We're actually the green screen that does take him out now more writing wearing red so thieves do you see that enough now that's what happens you start talking about the old days of radio and splicing insult let's stuff this and technology didn't want just listened to green screen Killian and the our our ally and what are you know lots and hasn't FaceBook like you miss out on all the missed some excitement polarity Stan go on. That added news IE we see him up there. You know it until Mike. Looked up and it would look at that made this is a gigantic screen okay in Israel had fallen on me. Yeah. Next week could be this go boom throws a game out to talk about a couple things. Mike and such as it's been excellent in the as something that that you espanola tenement in Worcester you know it and we was an attempt out about what stuff was sent me an essay hang over pub out name now they actually have a meal is that stance. That helps Shiancoe they have a bunch of meals and open angle. Really every every meal has some form of bacon and every every food item every drink. They were bacon into everything they make their own bacon right there they smoke a security duel this bond stuff with it. But just it's really like. It's the ultimate in comfort food there. Because of course bacon is very much comfort food and most people but they take it to so to me different levels like. You get oysters raw bar and they they reduce the bacon down like a foam. And just lazy oysters with a foam. Foam right who led to a and it's it's a folk amaze if I actually know what it's legit. Yes you can go and watch it on wicket bites TV but I love when a lot like the blowtorch and national yeah. That they can then just like a man candy in India and England and that is is it their main part of what street at one haute to green street. Disorder in the downtown areas of watcher that's sort of the restaurant sections as the forty restaurants around there yeah our right right in there it's not a huge place actually the have a it was an open and run it's actually pretty decent size because they I think perhaps the restaurants like a function you know. Well they have three rooms and a lot of music there and do a bunch of fun stuff so the point is known this move if if you look for someplace it's really unique move visited that place to go to capsule currently. Now there is another place I don't I don't philosophy they're only open for there pretty sure about the and it they opened for breakfast together handle echo hangover could net Netanyahu and pat what time and there are an up and act we'll probably know their audience and know they know they're demo is usually come up around 4 o'clock may have gotten so. Most people I'm gonna say something it. I'm my given name forest and had never heard of until you went there OK I've yet it's in patriot place along. Howell of the moon column how how at the movements like the wolf. The and it kick I never I never heard it mentioned before their a lot of famous restaurants there that we live a number of locations both moons is pretty you know spread out. Not only here but I believe they have a couple of new York and yeah maybe Florida lose there's a few there's a couple of them but it's on the play vessel tells us a little while a lot of it is different. It's not Joe's question than in big not show's big burgers wings it's it's. It's pub food but like you know large portion pub for but if you wanna go I mean you know I'd go to and is a game obviously. It'd be out of business but you're going time and it's court is it new patriot place. Rate in patriot place I know that criticize or whether restaurants are you guys don't take your places if you're if you're rebuttal malls they have Blake who knows directories human nature plays has those type of directories. Most almost like every twenty feeders so so if you ever get lost he'll be that you are here in my. Somalis outside you that could you just see those stares as you walk down into Gillette Stadium was really kind of a neat thing. Mutiny look. And but you know you could drive up there today it is really not much zone traffic. Area parking I know wouldn't go during the game because there's no way you can even move. I don't give you one that this got. Help me with a little bit and I guess. New experiences to I'm Mike has the sun yeah yeah I'll I'll deal with that you wanted to bring no is great and hope I didn't pull my now over mileage this. Hafiz hopped barbecue I know I I came in like two or three days later after happy civilian uses as some leftovers fridge and and you know it's not a bad thing to have. Barbecue is really done properly okay desperate to have sit formula you know them. Grille that was that. Best barbecue I've ever had in new Inman has bold statements that are I don't know you know me I am from down south we have all kinds of mustard based in vinegar base of America exists at. This was the best ever had and and do what was your reading on. I thought I had left over imports and I was too busy this eat any of it when it was here yet so I came back in the office lasts was last Sunday right yeah. Where around 6 o'clock might put a lot of into the fridge and a half a recorder in the fray and there was a lot of it they they brought basically what what you soar in the fridge yeah. Double that it's in my fridge and amateur are open the office doors button and thus now it's not so good here. Yeah let me tell you one other thing that they didn't bring just their ribs it. No they had wing does have been the Europeans who are that best means you they were barbecue beans were sensational. Day after we after a beer they are telling us how they may think is that they actually they get maple surf from Vermont. And it's like pure or you know real deal maple syrup and they mix that in with their beings they get their beans for a special place and I I'm I'm with you on a percent best best barbecue beans are. Coastline Betty they've been it was pretty damn dude get a little bite afterwards in not so where is this place PD it's in dvd. At and a little tiny. Little tiny shop. I'll I'll get to more information on. The end at least. There is doing agility on the phone right now no we won't a few minutes we gonna tactic he actually lent. And if this were not a restaurant owner Xeon line and I got I got the OK call him back as a correspondent I know he went there hurt here. Now I'm gonna see how he felt about it out of the one other restaurant owners go to rather other restaurants naturally have to actually. But at this particular line is as you know one of our favorite restaurant mood of all time. And we're gonna find out how this particular restaurant owner felt that hobbies. Absolutely poppies barbecues or issue located. It is that 38 forestry in Peabody. They're closed on Sundays but they're open eleven to eight Monday through Saturday. And their phone number is 978278. 5014. This hobbies BBQ screw hole will tell me it's not open we still got about. Fourteen pounds of Pristina and near her or. Military medics in street beast are pleased at 67 exchange street. And Malden Massachusetts the friend John is there he's gonna restaurant open opensocial OT about their little bit later when he tells us it's okay. This. This is the best selling. Item oh senate tech could possibly use Boston atmosphere. With neighborhood prices there in Malden if parking right across the street. This is truly a fine dining restaurant. They sell land and sea would you short ribbon scout as mushrooms new potatoes. As opposed to open those kerik prearranged. Wine. Red wine and grill salmon. Can watch out who who. Eat healthy grill seventeen Los salad artichoke hearts cucumber fed and Cahill a rubella. And chicken you. And can't get a fourteen after about which ahead of us tomorrow is there to grow rack of that crested rack of lamb. The apple pork sandwich for the management menu beer battered near batted. Christians. It's Friday panic too. Until it Bennett nice fried and deck. They're serious Fries coleslaw. Hauspie tartar sauce. Pan. And they have an extensive wine list and they have over 100. Martinis. Beautiful function rooms to. Beautiful functions. And find out more about 22 fighter against exchange street baster rose 67 exchange street in moments at a job and a telephone number seven at one. 322007. Line exchange street beast Joseph dot com and he's gonna mention China by some very briefly here because China blossom. It'd be hosting are doing voices 4 o'clock this afternoon. Scott will be there. And that they have that all you need prime Burnett if you. If you don't have tickets for the show which you probably don't have because so. You can still go and unity. They have something that I know your goal line them. All you can meet primary and all you can eat taking debt on TV shram argued he king crab legs are you can eat sushi. Many many other eyes of course that gigantic Buffy tray tables. All at China blossom or 125 a North Andover. And it easier Richard economy please tell them that and what they. I'd say this guy wanted to go to that you probably be says hello to the new weird general primed to to mention them and I do we have against him. Them than I do oh I'm sorry Kevin Ricky is that you man. Qaeda. Morning I do about it do that. Our fine a point or about year years back announcement time about. You're experience after listening to this guys from poppies in Peabody UN there what did you think. I've been wanting to go could I yeah I've been hearing about it and then when I heard the show last week at an honest stops on Monday. I would meet in the carrier and I got to take out. And act act you would really good it's really unique it is not a bunch of burned meat sugar side right. It would it would really special there everything was wonderful. Did you get the greens by any chance. I didn't party you know it's a wonderful but I'm. We knew we had to do you know league we came back here and out considered favorable political and I'm going to get fit this is true and accurate. He's really good. I know you wish you ball more to. Chuck and hopefully we had Paniagua a little everything. His wings were were awesome there were they slocum and then triumph. And they got a really. Kyra Ellis saw after the kind of vinegar based instead instead of overly sweet sugary. Right right. Yet a terror and as you know that's out there all kinds of these vinegar based is mustard base and out that it ever bases. Four barbecue. Nobody's corner what state you and it's intense to a block hero. That's who and that's what I like about the south as the sun goes. But it's. It is the best barbecue. There's a very famous place in Cambridge and not knocking that because that's pretty good too. But this is the best out of hand here I've never had barbecue. Appear as good as this place. It was unique I'm not you know I'm not from down cells so I. And I've had I've had a lot of it but I don't I don't know that particular. Types but there it was really unique effect I get a clear what. I tried the wing and it took a final Winger went. To highlight this because it was so striking him in a way I've in my brain what you have to Courtney. But that picnic if you have with the G you better like I like it. And arguably it was really good. And it it's great spirits were up a Wall Street it's about a minute from 128. I got it I got to step in myself. Like I said at some leftovers as far as I'm concerned that is as good as any. Any of barbecue it could have beaten fresher right there at the table and it's had good so I I strongly insists the commercial I as I Italian. This is just oily feel all of us our eyes so unique and so different sort of like the old this is. This is why would come out. Sort of like you can't our remember the first time I ever went to the village restaurant and I came back and say it is unique in different and better than any other place. As back in 1992 and I'm still things. Or are again but I mean you know so my thing I. You'd get something for me I think. But the last time I was every time before that he did oyster Stew. Is that on the me all the time did you do which is just for me. We we see we had error and years ago and we brought it back. Fairly recently. Pared some older or try Harris I was talking about that we're summary entries were. This morning. It was something my grandmother used to make him we we didn't have a prolonged time though we have it back on the menu regularly you know. That's great sort of like you have coconut shrimp for a long to merely had to work. And and you working out though. All right I think it's better Alia. But you are you more about it for a couple of years. And Ellie we just couldn't what what happened was the coconut products that we used to make it it was discontinued and I tried all over everywhere to try to replace and not work actually we had that kind of come up with a different. Differential thanks you know that I I think. The reason we're unique is. Air and almost everything we have it's. You know so if you want he's gonna have to come there's not like gee I feel like it's our. So go to somewhere else and get it we are so many and distinctive items on the menu. Think that's kind of work term. Yep now. With all of the success that you've had over the years. I unit you know rivers sent back a few years ago whenever. This practically destroyed the street in front of view it from ever act. Three ruling clears it wasn't funny I know. It was so difficult and he had that movie company and everything nearby not a movie stars came in there but. He opened up in ninety it was 56 was it. 1956. So it was a sixty years last year were six he wants. All along and yeah I think between us we we get over a hundred years or we don't. Absolutely do restaurants and had everybody always says is for seafood aggressive toward Oregon and I'm Italian I'm saying this because I mean if my hard to villages just. The people a great. You know it's ye you spent a lot of time with them if they want to do is talking and it there's so many. Artifacts I guess at its day in the bar in places like that where you for instance you have. The was a National Geographic. As the the clamor. That damn near a river near you and its and it's probably only live clamor within fifty models that act. We actually get a lot of clamps. From him we we do buy them but the photographer was looking to do a study on a clamor and I you know I get chased the guy for. So we have the only the only prions. Before he sold a mining I think I have upon happened doesn't get a bring it to a kind of a little art gallery Kazaa elected trying to collect the old. Vintage. KeySpan are so we have keeping an Orioles and water colors all over the building wherever I can find anything like. Now one of the things you like to fine. Is maybe some baca baca house help. Here is that and I know that I you're you're not the only call I actually sell you on FaceBook but you're not the only call I've had about that from restaurants. The Tet tele. Whoa this kind of place and if you if you don't learn. And you'll their would be around really solid people that'll teach you. And making hone in on your talents and little a little bit more and day show some of their secrets. The village restaurant would be a great place to work so what exactly do you have open. Well I think edible looking for right now is just you know solid experience like Kirk somebody that you know I've been around a little bit. I was what they're doing. You know over the years I've and is that a lot of names you know. And a number of people who have come through and work to devote even or when I was a kid you know people what I worked where and when I want to do. This to stay where that an interest in. Yeah it is it really is this right. Right to Berkowitz told me Yemeni people have you know legal seafood have gone on to open up their own places the same is true viewers. Do you think you and I sometime we'll get like a statue of madame two soldiers on them or not over well. Yeah well I don't know about you but I mean entering new early relic stages now look at that right there at the actor. And out of it go to videos I get some seniority. I'm gonna get that best podium that there is it managers those. Listen have they get in touch with the. Well you can call. Seven 9787686400. That to go get the it front desk so you get a name armed nation climate. I get that number one more time it's a village restaurant now and Essex mask but give them a one more time. That did not remain. 97876. Rate. For 400. Kevin is great. Act out act of folly on your vacations. At. Net and on FaceBook thank you so much bloody nice talking to you again I'll see him. You never get in Turkey. They have edited this and they've been airline 1956. It was European restaurant is there route three a 75 princes street north Jonathan. Eddie April space. Now. They are located. One of the most picturesque settings define inside historic brick mill house in North Chelmsford mass. Broad New Hampshire on the atmosphere is very contemporary and elegant but at the same time it captures a piece of doing is beauty. The gorges Burke walls high ceiling in large windows that overlook a Stony Brook they're open for lunch and dinner nine dollars and eleven dollars. News that would be the price for lunch and sixteen to twenty dollars. Put him. Beautiful beautiful city of Stony Brook where it is the waterfalls and all April's European restaurant 75 Princeton street that threw 38. In Chelmsford mass. I have to say something nice about my buddy political for an early. And fully opposed restaurant. He owns about here you know GA it now all of those restaurants he knows. And I didn't work and I hope they're listening right now because of their town and went and barely talk about them and Phillip Owen and go about to go to Carl I shenae. They pulled out of line is to hear what I was gonna say about that and was one thing I want to say about Philippe of course he got some great restaurants are right knows that now for them. There are open for an affiliate pose is that the gateway of Boston's North End any as the cheers. And the main part of the head north and and of course the cheers that moved him into Winchester. From the Taurus announcing that if you are. Going to hold a function you wanna hold it a convenient place in a beautiful place in a place that overlooks in the second overlooks. Bonus there's a part of your house but now no the other way oh in Charleston. You can see. The monument she conceded constitution USS constitution. Sylvia. So this movie theater and this is where we have our recruits dinner about a list here. But they tourists and 92 lady street causeway street Boston's north and here's his telephone numbers 978. I don't know where guys that never front please don't resent. Erased 617742. 4143. W at the horseshoe filed retirement Zimmer and or issue against hero. 29 south street Pat's and you can't go wrong. You can't go wrong with you Travis plays I guarantee this and it what is there. We'll be right there. Sports and fun we've got you covered. Wicked place radio and TV with pat with Blake and this is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRK oval voice of Boston. Hello everybody and welcome and I am and what I am. In my basement here briefly and we got yelled coming up until about may balls in just 12. Right now here's what it might even do. We've got to slow it is mostly for that I apologize. I do apologize. And I wanna make sure that a couple of things happened today is this place is copies of everybody hops on that path. And sometimes are suited to their yhency he's that. OK so little play on words but real honest to god. Seven this is it. I'm in his may have will be in Charlotte. Short or at best or Columbia, South Carolina Lauren lake Charles Louisiana. National. I miss it taxes. This is a good step. It made it evident he's a little place so you know we're gonna hear about here. Since then go hop. The located at thirtieth forestry in PB phone number is 978. 2785014. They are closely but they're open Monday through Saturday 11282 I'd do that one more time they address telephone the address of poppies barbecue 38 forestry in Peabody. Phone number is 9782785014. They are open Monday through Saturday eleven to eight and they do hater. A lot of things that I have as you do today or we have participated in his ass. We have talked about some of the places that we have done on television this week on NASA TV OK like. Some Ting nice being nice wage is. If you like Jamaican jerk chicken move. You don't love this place that the guy. Actually as an athlete that with men and couple of Olympics yeah and has won and been medal he medal in the Olympics which everyone in the eighties was the Summer Olympics. Went that we didn't have let her know I ask you about I saw him I think he's with Scott though. Spraying. Yet the chicken was beer and a packet in a shakes the bottle out there and just see those as that is growing red stripe. It is at bases they say that's really really really good dinner it was delicious chicken yet it's a twister injured chicken from Jamaica Mon movement and another thing says it's it's a Caribbean style restaurant yet at says some thin some are asking NASA sting nice and it's in Somerville is it is okay. The at a place sell it to mention was. The that the harsh at times aren't harsher. The hang over prop and western you know. It several start for me you. And because of the bacon and the hangover recipes and issues that they serve there they can and everything he can't so. Those I guess you could of a porch move the court Wakefield was during his southern fare yeah you know the new great fried chicken pulled pork sandwiches. Good good stuff to jump off the train grabs so the sandwich and had backed were re going. One of things I would love you guys to do right now is to give me a call one Tripoli for 346464. Are right we'll take your name and address a fear move Neville weren't right. Coloration so they could call you or anything like that we're simply going to. Have a accessed here address that we continue our restaurant gift said that if we select unison Diego. I and other words dinner. For two will be on us how about that now I would like for you this year with a state guys have any idea what we looked foreign with advice television you know. I would love if any of you have any places that you would like for us to send their TV crew to. Which consists of people like Mike. Okay. You have a shot story we've we've been at a young avid Schatz goalies Washington to act. But he'll be there at camera crew and one of our very tricky and ladies. And gotten whomever whoever. And they'll edited out like next week you guys going to be doing a show on diners dips the most historic diners in New England we very very interest in some of these times over a hundred years ago. All three of them that we know when the show are over a hundred years old one of them was even back in the eighteen hundreds. The old west of Providence I'm all right so. Give me a coward Matthew also place it's unique and different are best kept secret. You know it is kind of small storefront type restaurants. That there are really unique and different. Give us call right now. I want triple 8434. Or 6464. The keyword is ma. Five people on if the place is fun and unique and the place has personality personality goes a long way you know we get something imminent nationalism but I can't tell you secret practice secret just just for just for in the know he had just four in the people that are in the know which like three. That's right out you know it is that can just know it's in Nashua. Our but it knowing if you can have as out one triple 84346464. So you give us a buzz. And do it right now cannot tell a known name restaurant absolutely how low do it's I don't know name restaurant Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy. You know sometime this pressure has been open since 1917. NK it in the lodge has not changed you know it's like it was like it always will be. They have the best seafood chowder I personally have ever had but don't expected to be a fetish Nancy's seafood restaurant please this night. It is what it is. One of the things you'll like about in the seaport area fish can't get a UCL a fish places right around them fish can't get any better. Then there any fresher than the known name restaurant they have free parking guys in this seaport area. You can't beat debt. Free parking and the seaport area an area what you got to do now. Is this from my friend Jerry tell him tell Jimmy the don't ablaze though Jimmy pad what they should you and I would appreciate it okay. I'd known name restaurant fifteen fish pier Boston's historical waterfront. The number 617338753961733875. 39. To air phone calls guys that I can't really tell. Arcade. All I can do record to New Hampshire and not doing art winter ball late for dining if you can help us out okay. We're going to New Hampshire. My friend Warren mills he cells were going. He also appraised it were article points. And he'll buy him right there yorba if you figure that seven worthwhile it is to come to your house you have estates and things like that. McCain rare coins in New Hampshire. What are things about him I guess he's been business for thirty years and eat you'd need people of integrity here in people with experience. He has been a radio and television shows. All over the United States. And with the Chinese evidently do what they're doing and duplicating or copying gold. And platinum. They say that is gotten so good the last four years you can't tell. And so the people. That are reputable. Coin collectors. And sellers. Have been fooled by this fate by this. And we're going to New Hampshire. It's been a lot of money went down to NASA and they got a piece of equipment. That actually can. I don't know how or is that very big and those are expensive and he invites banks or anybody else is dealing goal the goal going to make sure. That you go and put those coins under this detective from NASA. Again. The best looking. And the most experienced people in the world have been fooled by the he's going its gold coins so make sure that you get the real thing. Call up Warren mills and he'll tell you how works okay. That's rare coins of New Hampshire Warren mills is the first US as for the members 802257264. That's 802257264. Let's go to Joanna into that is colonists from Marie via a Joanna. Good morning pat. I have the played I don't know if you ever heard a bit of Anchorage of Stanford street in Salem. In. There are. It's always ask you both able. Happen anyway and prayed that and so it really. Reasonable inquiry on Friday pick up my stamina. Really could guide for the ship wrecked so wonderful. And the places I would act like it once it wouldn't it safer that way I don't know if you ever heard about it. No I am not the Michael also says it has to be a fun place. Obviously. Is it well at tapped into the W than it is I act people I don't know what you mean but find that people like to see there. And it is always active out you couldn't get up a seat. I give us a name and address from more time place. Sacred spot on bridge street I really don't have the address right that's right when you go over the bridge their husbands who own. Are we going to before going into Beverly. I know exactly where it is now I've even seen it but I have not been there. But I passed by it. And the food you know read them well there really and and I always try to make it kind of writing for the Islamic that the so big it's so delicious. And how does that really doesn't early nice. And I thank you very much appreciate call. Rest that I did Lucci is at five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street Winchester. I'm sorry in the way they say it is the village of chest. The village the men shall we interest it is about flipped over early in the family. They have the code Rosen they have a cup off how money. I hate it crispy its series with a spicy too much to sell us. Whether or surveil and then. Now Monday through Friday 11:10 PM Friday and Saturday eleven to eleven days ago the game. That downstairs. Impeachment of fine dining mountain and the pizza place ousted. Lament some pizza okay it was a it's a very good about it may have demography to pizza. Tomato sauce mutt today at a mushroom ham pepperoni. Fresh peppers and onions owned homes and you know what's so great about it what part right there Aaron fraud in not to worry about as you do and if you go into the north and do. I it dressed and acted OTF five dash Mount Vernon street in Winchester. And April for federally and our friend. Who used to be like the bartender and the assistant manager of flip bill O and better yet he's gotta he's the big boss there now love bill and I got to go and see ago promised him I would that I've yet to. Go there's since he's been waiting with bated breath. For you walk in the door and a and to bill adds I'm here now most of all is right to Mostar the that the ask him if he's if we still want our ability you know people. If purse on it by no anticipation. Of still being physically sure you want me incident. At a as I guess it's not too. Padgett folks it you know whom Damian Smith and meatballs and it's those gotten out. Okay pat thank you very much stormy right. Now is Damian Smith from Yelp and I understand we have agreed topic where my favorite topics in the entire world because I love meatball subs. And that's what we're going to be talking about right now meatballs. Maybe the meatballs made by Obama and that you got April oh. Yes and it it's a great little appetizer I I see a lot of restaurants that Mike. We'll have an appetizers like one giant meatball and they put the wrong like marinara sauce and a little bit of parmesan cheese on top and people global mobile. The bat you know what it's sometimes. I am a big and summer go to burger joint bolt ever called our. So but yeah. And every time I look at their burgers I think this is basically a meatball with topics and I could be happier so yeah just take a look at it meatballs and how many different kinds error of Greater Boston. Why helpers are talking about a so much. A lot. I'd like this started of five now aren't we sort of an upscale and the speak easy crowd but would really high intrude. That's around park street near downtown crop up comment what a bunch of government used it. And what the only things that sort of stays fixed on the U irritate so much is it chicken king Juan meat ball but that doesn't sound like it or fruit and I don't know what does. But people love that you can keep army all. Five. And happy art says that it had this kind of scrumptious sweets basically album that made her mouth water like Niagara Falls and McNamee has got me so. Right well. Maybe maybe you I mean I'm a picture in like a great meal with. But I I don't know I don't know I mean I think I know she's going with it so I would take it as the incredible team law meatballs that would it is. Big chicken key to walk me volley up that's all that's different sounds a little fun too I got no place. Yes definitely what let's go and extort tit TI Trout and Arturo actually have a very. Specialized or rotating meet Bobble on the comment on their menu. Is beef while rob need all cared so let basically. Take for a crime Chapin GO ball I don't know how it gonna come out but found EW. That that those people are among about that they've ever had. The company tried capture. They're big and fancy now with meatballs and sounds like what. These restaurants are doing. I mean if you if you wanna go live like classic styles had ever to be a Harvard nor that they've got the ball lighters on their menu. I mean vetoes kind of take a sport our courage to north and Italian cuisine. And or you're gonna get two really great casual crew and the need both fighters there critique guest says they're perfectly lately he's end. And they basically let the pressure he'd do all the talking but he is an exam the mildly to at the Bob as well. Yeah but I I think kept. A meatball sliders sounds like a great great little meals through. How totally a starter and here right now I I'd even call it that they're a bridge a lot of lips and the courts. I'm its peak at about what we're working elected to not standard deep balls he got a head over to brain pose. It tap room they're known for kind of bringing while deep into the game. And at that there's no difference repair meatball dash. Which is aboard meatball. It seemed that Becky he ordered up alongside a blt Brussels sprouts played and some channel opened by intense. But she's pretty much eating that do at this stage but the poor meatball. Highly recommended and she said in addition to the meat balls themselves every other place that she got she did everything has stopped that accompanied belt you call. So it's not just the meat ball the proper profit comes with that tried to board meet all that I imposed a cap for a. That's sounds like you're gonna need a ticket to the zoo to get in there. If big career got sort of aggregate it yeah that I put aboard meatball. I've never had that and I hope it's not for ring. No night live I think it would get what that that would go great helper he can't. Black comedy about it to shut out through it stoked wood fired Pete. From their brick and mortar location there actually have a smash meatball and Mercado teacher I check out the breakdown of lawyer gonna find numbness he generated. These oil besides. Mozzarella packer now. And what not G calls cult favorites. The meat balls of Angus beef should know what belonging. Roasted veggies and Romano they get a little he can sneak a little vegetation and with the meatball I'm actually bomber kind of keep it still would fired up. Now that sounds great now again you could go right over the opening its search fees and write your reviews and it's really important that. That when you go out dining that you head on over to yell. And write what you think about that restaurant good or bad because that will help a lot of potential customers decide what they wanna do with their dining dollars. You've got it the more we know the more that we can share with the next fire up there the next consumer the next truck Merck. And you know the better landscape of restaurants and stuff there's the depth. We look forward senior views on no. Hi Damien I will talk to you next week have a great weekend. But he's got a picture. This program has been very active buyer and our friends and Michael. The Solomon Messina the phoenician restaurant went 1012 out mistreatment though and they remind you know use that time about the prime rib and things like that. I talk about their function for some of these very briefly give me the never call. Weddings etc. etc. etc. the Venetian restaurant is a place to go OK here's the number 9783731714. 9783731714. We'll talk about the end that Norwegian dawn and our cruise next August and opening you com. Just enough. Quality about. As for the those two reasons I'm in north stores finest dining experience we will not compromise any. Issues. Finest selection of Brett prime beef and the freshest seafood looks sure to delight I don't hear what it cost me. To make you happy that's what we'll go there isn't a knife and goes. Then I don't touch everything for two reasons I'm route 62 North Reading my name is meg yeah about. Welcome the trees as bride part of the Teresa's family of restaurants. And this is got what they will return to more we can backed radio with pat with the in just 12. Now and walk them there is a phenomenal restaurant Waltham has become now. Server restaurant Mecca especially a moody street and there is a place that opened up about a year ago that you. Must put into your bucket list tries called red bird spoke you know like I said a moody street 361 moody street Waltham. Many analysts are you walk in it's kind of stylish. And it's kinda you know Connie hip has that hit five. As an open kitchen has a wonderful. Lounge that kind of just flows right into the restaurant. And men are attracted to sit there at the launch they have very very creative cocktails. So if you want something a little bit different will be trending. They have craft cocktails. And just asked in the make you suffer especially can do it or you call the red birdie again and wait T a try there food ownership Dan. Is just amazing he has won the most addicting appetizers I've ever had in my life ambling and on it's a vegetable it's called buffalo Collie flower. It may with a little bit of buttermilk blue. Who have a salary little bit honey said Roger buffalo sauce on top. You have won by cannot sharing it it's that good and there are many who has everything from swordfish steaks. To chicken breasts. And they also have a red bird burger. That ease out of this world matter fact it it won a lot of awards they brought on to their man now they're only open for dinner. But it is a must it is a must. You be greeted at the door by Jeffs say Heidi jeopardy walk in there and again just enjoy some great food and great cuisine right there on moody street mall them at red bird. Salvatore is restaurant there's several locations including and over mart's efforts South Boston and in Boston's their district. Go for lunch and dinner don't forget about their ships playground section of their menu. Yeah that's where each shaft at each location decides what he or she wants to make. And it could be addition they love or could be a dish that they just loved in that area. And you'll find it in the shafts playgrounds action itself towards restaurants and over large sniper South Boston and in Boston's theatre district. I was belonged to cause. Jeff Jarrett of Jim Merrill's eatery in Quincy seeing people smile knowing that I did that is no better feeling. Traditional north and recipes family fortunes at family prices come hungry leave happy Jannero teetering. Twelve Blanchard Ro Quincy. What about all morning. Ed Henry for us. Whether their loved one went and that drives I shop at target movements and know what putting off world. Our flag was on lots of what was playing answers from. Drinks fruit fallen and can't. The counselors along words. Think rewards sale. Spicy weekend up. You're listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRKO. The voice of Boston. Welcome back everybody. You've got me on with it right now tomorrow. On NASA and television at 2 o'clock AM Michael you guys are on the Norwegian on on the way to Bermuda that we are. And seven days and it's the heading to Bermuda. And you have no one you have luckily there is court document at threaten the and Mike. It's listed for maternity right now those represent him whom don't know. Okay but it has to be. Captains law you know C law TO we went out we took it to see. If you get married it's him. Intently though. You have to humor about it happened. And well then. I'd I thought my life I would ideas as secretary ceremonial effectively romantic and I believe there's very few things that are illegal and it's it. And does his implication yes and I if artists. At that that was dramatic baskets he does get married a fairly here's again. You ought to. Nazis or else you ask ownership sort of view at the wrong answers to this with. Listen guys we love theater come so this next cruise it would that it sat out of Boston Harbor. On it and you know legion dawn we have very few cabins laugh. We also Michael you can attest is. Part of our package. Yeah me get this anyplace as guys. Is an adult beverage package included and excluded are and I still say dependent so as say you know that more than a prettier to let me tea. I says he would like to come with us we have just a few cabins laughed. On the wicked on that this August the wicked Dolan. That's what they've done it a rebrand the ship with that but you know that would be it is. Lincoln dawn we we get the get some of that rap that the usually do suvs for with a with a whole ship would you buy it ship. All right I get it is cause as for care they go 866. 7451167. Hours that said they go day extension one extension and a death blow by. Well it is that's we filter all your calls and that's why Carroll always treat you so nice allies that is she gets you or call 8667451167. Called now call anytime you want to hindered us. We don't. A couple of things or remind you of it today show. Horseshoe popped up 29 south street in Hudson New Hampshire. AD. Fights of the year. I. Eighty Beers and a Beers that they would say oh whatever. But eating get a flight yet again a flag is set off lightly okay get a return flight movement that acts. But he did they got a great Saint Patrick's Day each common there. So were Beers and more and interactive remembers you know saint Patrick. And this is a lovely place in a fun place great place to park to. And they kicked up there. If you've been there in the past they were an acute that their menu because they now are. I Castro problem are elevated or shoe canister of Bob is it 29 south. Street. That's in New Hampshire this is a Manto family. We had nick here on the program earlier and now of course his dad probably around two. Government numbers 97856812. Was 65 that's 978. 12682. Posts I'm sorry 9785681260. At. I can't read this thing take the market take 3978. 56 day 1265. Don't argue it anymore and sit listen and thank you so much that don't forget. But your DVR sick. Your DVR. OSS appropriate music for weeks ago. We have utilizes sadness in 2 o'clock tomorrow duke I guess it's close and accurate. Big Jewish relationship this afternoon it's kind of lesson that it's so that. And then whatever my ex bad bad.