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Should you be able to buy pot with EBT? 3/2/17

Mar 2, 2017|

State Rep. Shaunna O'Connell joins Kuhner to discuss a loophole in the MA marijuana law that will allow EBT card users to buy pot.

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127. Here on the great WR KR OOK my friends you can text that says always. 68680. I just got this tax the couple minutes ago I'd like to share with everybody this is from 203 hey Jeff. My dear friend Jean RB IR KE EI RK. Passed away last night. He was an army airborne. Served multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq he was a disabled veteran. Who was injured when an RPG round exploded. Within a few feet of a Mason every wall behind which he was taking cover. Jeanne Burke of Easton Massachusetts. Another. Another. Another US army war fighter gone to glory. Jeanne Burke who rest in peace. 6172666868. Okay my friends. We don't have pot shops yet. All that's going to be I think either early or middle of next year marijuana is legalized but Spock shops it will take awhile for them to be able to get going. But however technically now according to the law. There is a massive loophole. Sean O'Connell who led the fight to prevent buying lottery tickets or alcohol or tobacco using UBP cards. Is now leading the fight again. Because according to amass law because of this loophole. People on EBT. Could go to these are chops I'm not kidding. And by. All believe they want. Although belongs they want. All the marijuana they want. Yeah I mean all means good stuff from the home Meehan gish really hits the spot mean and are Kim and I'm flying in Meehan in compliant. And it's all covered under EBP. Your which means you. You who could technically now be paying for people to get stoned. On very BP carts. And so my question to you is this. We already now have legalized recreational marijuana. Should people Lonnie BP on welfare. Use our money. To get high and get stoned. I say Elmo. That discussion that's story and Sean O'Connell. On next. 136. Here on the great WRKO. OK okay should you be paying. For people on welfare tool gets stone that's the question right now. As you know. We now have since December 2016. What is called Massachusetts's. New recreational marijuana law mar recreational pot is now legal. And this permits residents of mass. To possess. Grohl and exchange. Limited quantities. Of pot. However. These so called pot shops. That marijuana can not be sold their purchase until the middle of next year. Until the middle of 2018. And so leading the charge on EBP potentially BP fraud and abuse. Is none other than state representative Sean O'Connell. She was the one that I was behind the bill. That prevented people from using their EBP cards to buy alcohol booze tobacco lottery tickets. Now she says it's time to shut this loop pulled down because technically. People in Massachusetts. If they're on welfare area BP. They could buy pot and get stoned. And she's saying stop it before even begins. Joining us now is state representative Sean O'Connell. Shawna that I essentially. Summarize your position correctly. Yes yet they get that the telling them into baton on talk about that because I think it's important that we get it out there right now. Before I'm back on here again that next year talking about stories where people have purchased a pot with their EDT cards. If we see you know that the record in the legislature on. Welfare reform. And it took us two years and years to get some of those things pass that we have gotten past. So I think I mean this we need to start now start early and nipped in the bud before it becomes an issue. Well let me just reach you quote in this story that you recited and and it's somebody who disagrees with you it's a guy called John. John let piece are from Boston. Many sesno Sean O'Connell is wrong. If people they meaning marijuana users the body ads if they truly need that meaning the pot. And it supports their way of life. Then they can use their re BT cards spread out so let me just play devil's advocate. Look I'm mom I am are you not me I'm just using myself as an example but I'm recreational marijuana user. I like to get stoned once in awhile but I'm also on welfare need BP poor Shawn O'Connell. Who are the taxpayers of Massachusetts the only it's my lifestyle is why am. Whether Raikkonen going news mighty BT card to get home. Well I would say that it is not the responsibility of the taxpayers to fund your life style getting stoned you know. That the program that assists people in need. It is for essential items in life it's not people are cigarettes not for alcohol not people are pot. And you know when we let people abuse the system like that it really destroy the integrity of the system. But it takes away money from people who actually are in need to you know get I have senior citizens back on the up. They get sixteen dollars a month in food stamps. There are the ones who need our help we need to buy food. So why on earth would we ever even think of letting people purchase. That's things like pot with taxpayer money there's only so much money go around. Now Sean on my understanding is because if your efforts to. It is illegal to use any BT cart device they booze or alcohol correct. It or cigarettes or lottery tickets. Right a number thinks tattoos. Two over the adult entertainment. There's there's that you think you know quite a few things you can use. The local strip joint. No I definitely not. So now generally are you getting a lot of push back on the is solid the plot has angry with you over the is. Well I haven't heard from them in particular but I've heard from the taxpayers. You know the people who run these programs and they're all for it. And I can't see how anyone could be against something like this when we're talking about a temporary program. For people who are really in need. There should really be no controversy at all I can't imagine anyone in the legislature that would be against. Something like this. And we can get it passed right here and now before we are on your show again and again and again. Talking about people purchase things pot which there on taxpayer funded benefit. Shawne out we're talking with state representative Sean O'Connell Shawna we're getting a lot of texts from people. And let me just three Q1 of them. This is from 978 Tellme Jeff what is going to stop these and cultures from using their EBT cards at PA TM. In other words they can get they're used very BT cart to get cash. And then with the cash they can go by bullies or their lottery tickets are jewelry or in this case pot or marijuana. So isn't this really just a technicality if they can always go to an ATM machine tent they used every BT funds for anything. Is it the problems he's right. But what a lot states that that you cannot use your EDT. Cash or card to purchase these products. So you know there there they tend to be a loophole I've I've worked on the cash issue during the Patrick administration and we went back and forth on this site sat on commissions. Tried very hard to find different ways to stop people using the cash I think that we have to go back and look at that again. One thing that I think that we can do it up and trying to do is to keep people out of the systems that don't belong there in the first place. Because we're here and a lot of people like Brooke I know my neighbors discuss that the one time they're perfectly fine and able to work and yet there on welfare. Or they you know on a home or have assets or whatever. So what I would like to see happen and you know right away defenses well that we implement the program whereby when you come to the front door. We are checking to make sort of you don't have a stolen identity. That you belong to in the Social Security number you're saying is yours. That you don't have any app that yeah that prohibit you from being at a program like a bank account a home and we can do this in check not just in Massachusetts. But in all the states there's these publicly available databases that we could use. That we could type in the program not just EDT program but also mass howl in any other means tested program that we have. By doing that keeping a lot of people are in the first place. Just a slightly pivot represented of O'Connell. Chris in new new V governor of New Hampshire. Came out and publicly blamed Massachusetts. And in particular the city of Lawrence. Saying that 85%. Of the drugs pouring into New Hampshire. Are not just coming in from Massachusetts. They're actually coming in from warrants. And he says it's time for Massachusetts to get serious about cracking down on drug use. On the opiate crisis on the heroin epidemic. And he says in particular we know all the culprit the culprit as much as masked the culprit in particular is warrants. And so I'm just curious. You have big governor our own governor Chet Charlie Baker. Who claimed he met with the vodka trump at the National Governors Association meeting. Where he says they talked about GOP crisis they talked about the harrowing crisis. He bronco wants to do something about it. Yet he opposes trumps efforts to build a wall. He opposes trumps efforts to crack down on. Illegal immigration in particular illegal alien gangs like MS thirteen. So if our governor. Won't stop the supply from coming into the country. Won't go after the illegal alien gang bangers debtor in Lawrence and across Massachusetts. Who were supplying the stuff all the way up across the border to New Hampshire. How can we help New Hampshire when we can't even help ourselves. Well how we need to help ourselves and ended it is a huge problem in Massachusetts. And one of the things that that I've been working on is the issue that the RNC. You know we know that a lot of these drug dealers are coming over from other countries they're stealing the birth certificates. From American stared instilling in particular. A lot of Puerto Rican birth certificates. And coming here in the United States as particularly in Massachusetts as well. And going to the RNC and getting. Driver's licenses. So this enables them to also get benefits. And deal drugs in our cities a lot of these guys to drug dealers and I'm so you've probably heard of opposite James Scott inside its. In deep got a call them postures that still leaves identity and going to get driver's licenses. So them working together trying to work with the guarantee as well to get them to get on board and stop this from happening because this is where a lot of our drug trade coming from a lot of our drug dealers in our city. And you know. Where handing them that the golden ticket right there at the R&D. And that we need to stop that right away to stop these guys can end and I got to tell you I don't believe in and Sanctuary Cities known things. We need to really crack down on you all types of illegal immigration and especially these drug dealers that are invading our communities. Shawne out we're up against the but I wanna ask you one final question. Is Charlie Baker on the issue of opposing trumps border wall. On the issue of him not wanting to crack down on Sanctuary Cities. Is Charlie Baker the wrong on the issue of illegal immigration. Well you know there's there's some places where I disagree with Patton and I'm not I'm not sure about him being opposed to terms. Or a law like if I'm not and they would entertain that's. But you know I do now he has said look we won't be a sanctuary state. He's. Kind of not putts Sanctuary City thing. I I personally think that we its Sanctuary Cities hurt. The rest of the people in Massachusetts heard our community. Make us a magnet for illegal immigration and and I would prefer that we understand that we do not tolerate century city and Massachusetts. We have been talking with state representative Sean O'Connell. Am represented at the O'Connell and we if you want this 11000%. Let's close this loophole and pulls a fast. Except pre K god bless you aren't daycare so let me ask you this should people on. EBT be allowed. To get stoned. On your nine. Should they be allowed to purchase pot marijuana whatever you wanna call it the I'm marijuana brownie whatever you should they be allowed to purchase up pot or marijuana. I say if you wanna get stoned do it on your own dime. Do it on your own dime but don't ask me and the taxpayers of Massachusetts to pay for it. Technically if you're when he beat Pete that means your indigent your pour you panic you know you're you're struggling. Then fine you wanna buy fruits wanna buy vegetables you wanna buy food that's something else milk or whatever that's fine water does find. But the last time I checked. But was not. An indispensable me for the pot heads it is but but is not some kind of an indispensable. Ingredient that you need in your life it just it isn't. It's a luxury. It's a recreational thing. And I am sorry you wanna get spawn that's your business. But don't ask me to pay for a six once and don't ask the taxpayers to pay for it. Agree disagree. 61720666868. Chris from the great sanctuary city of Somerville. Go ahead tennis. And if you yeah. Someone co founders and that's used in this form coalition. And I got a data Sean O'Connell. Rival. I'm surprised this what is in the bill to begin with you know something that you a lot of people don't realize. That the UB key card will technically speaking that can be just students but they said let. Cash and its audited well. Long story short is that I don't know it was like I had to go and when you PG cart and sort of having physical on stamps. Because you couldn't buy suspended or anything else other than food but long story short is that. I think what she's doing good under the contact with the because I think. Some other than to be included in that bill as well. But people and EBK cards yet should the law should then god. Insults. That they're in support system in place to help them meet their necessity. And extraneous. Expenditures. Are part of that. Bingo bingo thank you for that call look marijuana is not an indispensable necessity it's not. Now look I think the whole cast system I would get rid of the act whenever it's. Raising so you give a tube personal welfare he BP carding blown ATM machine and pull out couch we'll take a bite. It's cash they can buy anything they want put the cash. So my own. If you any BP card and there's only a list that you can buy from dot cart and it should be don't call me crazy. Milk find eggs okay water. Brand let's say neat fruits vegetables. Debt six. That's okay peanut butter jammed okay I'll give you jam that's fine. But not can be not chip's not chocolate bars not boards. Not lobster. They're not prime rib mono. And not stake. Not stake. None all you want a little ground beef for something that's fine okay you you wanna know what ever that's okay you want a little chicken a chicken breast that's okay. But no not lobster. Not a T bone steak not prime rib. And certainly not cookies. Are chocolate bars charge champs soft drinks sold out. Bullies. Alcohol tobacco cigarettes. At lottery tickets. And no pot. No cocaine no heroin just I don't care what I don't care how legal you make it in this state know. You wanna get stoned. You do it on your gold get a job and the angle gets don't. But not on my dime. And not on a taxpayer's dime the best Jeff corner 61720666868. And the more bats call me. The extremist. 156. Here on the great WRKO. OK superfast. Corner man's progress report on Trump's first hundred days in a nutshell that is nomination hearings for attorney general. Jeff Sessions. Did not disclose that he met with the Russian ambassador for ten minutes in his office in September. As he met about 25 other ambassadors. And now they want to impeach him essentially for meeting with the Russian ambassador. They're claiming it's perjury whip. Ultimately they're just trying to criminalize the fact that he met with the Russian ambassador. So everybody out there just don't meet where Russian. Because then you meet what are Russian they could get to in big trouble. 617266. There it is there's your progress report 6172666868. Pot. Should people on welfare. EBP. Huge their EBP cards to get stoned. On your dying. I say no what do you say Robin Dedham go ahead rob. Well see what slightly installed despite the restless. And passion wind instrument a story. I whipped it might be partly to mostly local rugby or. On the air assaults on why you go to the grocery store write about it or not so. Oh yeah. Not modes and booklets and Matt. Autograph that is a I'll I'll Madonna will have a are. Are they ever did the did stumble like every now. No third element that are. Popular and and the gentleman that brought out the Arlen but it got in about the yes yes I was I mean that does well I'll art or what the preferred to congress. A cat. I mean quite some of that aren't. I don't think there are people that respect them but they're out there and chat he got up and look pretty embarrassed. To go and so look at where are you I would never wanna and so. But but as. That. I. It's important. Would that congress. That's why they keep order and that some. Digging up money I don't count. By eat an alcoholic and Donald why we need to get stricter. Regulation. I won't qualify. I'm now exam with few. Look honestly if people really need social assistance. I'm a Christian I'm a Catholic I believe we should help the poorest in our society. But you know it's for fooled. You're home milk bread eggs whatever and that's what it's rare for its object for your feed your Arabic. I mean look you wanna get stalled you wanna get drunk you wanna buy lottery but that's cigarettes wherever an artist it's a free country but you know not on my nine don't. 61720666868. Is Shawna O'Connell right. Should we close this loophole. Your calls next. Two or sixty air on the great WRKO. OK my friends. It is legal in Massachusetts. For people on EBP welfare. Who buy pot or marijuana out from the pot shops when it becomes available in 2018. And Sean O'Connell is saying no you can't buy booze with the BP you can buy cigarettes you can buy a lottery tickets. If you're tabbed by the and jewelry and impact to lose and other things then you should not get pot now. He. Is that marijuana is now legal recreational marijuana. However it cannot be sold or purchased at these pot shops until the middle of next year. So you can possess that you can grow it you can exchange limited quantities of it with your friends or whatever. But you cannot go to wait pot shot yet they pot shops forgive me. And purchase it sold. What they're beginning to do listen to this is give the marijuana out as a kind of freebies. So listen now to this stories is in Springfield mass. Apparently a pot shop was. Was forced to shut down. After they say it was selling marijuana illegally. Mayor Dominik saw Arnold's administration issued a cease and desist order to Mary Jane makes your heart saying. That it does more than make your hard staying at a if I let he me in. A I'm slowly Meehan of flying and are right officials say owner Charles Christian this and that is. Through our racket was charging twenty dollars to fifty dollars entry fees. So you pay of three point eight dollars fifteen dollars. And he's says that goes toward the purchase of store items like electronic cigarettes. Pipes again as belongs. Rolling papers other smoking paraphernalia. In other words you buy everything but the actual plot. And then once you do that. Customers then on their way out and as a kind of a gift as a little extra something. For shopping at such as they were given a quote free gift. All won there three grams of marijuana. Aura marijuana infused chocolate bar does have a column brownie so I guess so they got either are one to three grams of marijuana. Or are brownie. And they said mighty cute cute cute he can't do that you're effectively selling pot we're not stupid. You're having people buy all the at all and the bong Cindy and and the paraphernalia and the rolling papers and the pipes in a but you're really selling the marijuana c'mon we're not dumb here. So. Technically. If ease using easy BP card. He could be buying if you wanted to do we could actually purchase the rolling paper. Or other of the smoking app paraphernalia. And get you know get the marijuana so which shot O Connell is saying is we won't. No. You wanna get stoned you pray for it but that's not what PBP card should be used for should be used for basic. Mr. necessities and essentials you know like fold and milk and eggs and things like that. So I agree disagree. Look you know an indication by John float. With her I'll be honest with you I would ban junk food. You don't want to pick the kids the McDonald's it's a treat brain what's junk food on the healthiest thing in the world for you but the only taste very good to treat. To meet chips I'm sorry it's a treat soda I'm sorry it's a treat. To me I mean not in our community everything from hard liner on this but. Known only basically Richard Jewell was seeking to Jews you can get water you can get milk you know hand you can get bread. That's fine. But I would even ban junk food the preciousness. There's another story. Out of Boston as well where this guy has a license to sell bottled water. He's selling marijuana. Because there is another loophole. So sincere and good. So all you all right water Sarah I want. Let's say is hey I want we'd write so I go to this guy his name's Jonah Hill I don't believe that's his real name but okay joining help. And so it's a Poland spring Watergate so ice sand and add Biden that water bottle off the huge gaffe. The poll of forty bucks for forty bucks for a bottle water and I forget we. So it's like like a bottle is stuffed with sleep. You get the bottled water in the weeds he technically designed the we. So there's little loop hole. Amnesty it's narrow law outlawed that no luck and you can do that with the BBD card. I can do with any BT card but I mean my thing I brought forty dollars you to buy out of the water bottle off the religious summit the lead. I'm not kidding I just printed the story that is unbelievable that is unbelievable. I yeah I that's is humble and so you can you buy water out inexpensive price you gotta side of reply. He really is opponent. Another thing so I drive a lot obviously as you detail. I seen these signs. Like from when you're going from Lenin to seal mom when you're in on route one. And we've maps it's called the sign says we've maps Serb their wing maps big. Billboards. OK we'd maps and it's an app if your phone. To find. Like I shops or your local dealer yes seriously. Don't you can become like Denver you know let the Ball State's gonna become like Denver we're gonna real estate fullest owners. On that does that it's not gonna be indoors anymore I'm telling you it's going to be outdoors. It's going to be the pot shops. And so ridiculous I mean I can't wrap my head around us we have a huge heroin epidemic. So legalize marijuana legalized marijuana that makes perfect sense. Trust me when the moon bats are done they're gonna say legalize heroin. Darryl that's coming all down if they can Paxson and make money off of it that's coming so bad about. Live 510 years away so like Charlie Baker's outing Allen met with the vodka trump we talked about the heroin epidemic. You know I want more money for people to go to treatment everything how we Kelly dull old school cops back from like. 1988 race exactly what the rank and until that and build a wall. But the Phillies cut off the supply. And maybe you'll start seeing less addicts on the street and I think about it. Nothing has changed since Deval laughed for Charlie Baker Neeon listen to Sean I'll cop O'Connell online no aches. People going to their if they are not legal they're gone they're stealing people's burst into McCants. To look at driver's licenses and the iron is like yeah no problem. It's so ridiculous and it's he went through BD card as well it's so ridiculous when we need to crack down on the stuff. 6172666868. Anthony in Michigan go ahead Anthony. Doctor colder weather really wanted to know lawyers in the Massachusetts legislature they all got stock in Frito from all these donors didn't cheat codes. I they're like follow the money you'll find the power. Well no I'm not a resident anymore but no I'm not afford this but it was an interest in light and actually the things I've been to look Colorado. And see the implication of people in the middle of the streets in the intersections. You know what the signed up and donate money to what you find out later is they picked him when you're probably one of our blog are you. GM down. I again I live an interest relation and I found out recently up to a foreign to her usually let. That they have a relative that has got a ball well. That they purchased to rub off on a joint. Elect like we've joint pain in the marijuana added if you can hope a great deal. So what they can Christina Massachusetts ought to do instead is get a waiver from the federal. Rules of not being able to experiment with marijuana from what I understand Israel has and their armored this'll purposes. But what is moral hazard state of Massachusetts perpetrating. On the general public I mean if someone gets hurt by this. Our current legislature is in is essential oil all. How brilliant are some very interesting point that's a very very interesting point. But look Tim mean. You look at Denver we've tried this if it's a disaster in Denver. You've bargained or they're getting they're getting high in public. You can't walk down the streets with your kids anymore you can smell it everywhere hair look okay had a conversation with somebody not to he was doing drugs. But yesterday he set I was with my you know my my my partner whatever. And they were out walking around the streets of Boston Common in downtown Boston. And said you can smell do we eat everywhere and I don't mean like people smoke cannot. Actual weeds of the marijuana. And Britain go ahead leg or. You know the other day when it when I was a gorgeous day out and I haven't when does at a Mike you've got to be kidding me all is well was beat. You can't really want to send your car in my because everyone a traffic there is smoke a blunt. I mean it's ridiculous. Is that what we want. Now when people presented the case for legalizing marijuana what they said is what a person doesn't know behind closed doors in their living room or their bedroom is their business. OK to smoke hitting your home. That's one thing but the start getting stoned on the streets. On the street corners or bring your cars or in front of the kids. And then we're gonna have like these pot shops everywhere. So we're in those little Johnny and Audi comes out what a brownie. And then on top of all if we don't get this loophole closed we can get the welfare deadbeats now going emitter. I'd say nearly flexible here's my ABT cart and how much you want to Graham two grams three grams of that you want how many brownies you want. You wanna get stalled the Pope a build tonight. Like how how high do you wanna go you wanna forget your human exist because we got some real potent stuff from the back. And I got an seriously and I get up every day at work and I got to pay for you got to favor the not in Jeff corners America. Eddie and Quincy go ahead Eddie. Hope you have cause I think we're missing and all of what did you the art simply want these or media exit the state of interviews so. But they're gonna need more EPT that they if you would like arbitrary or ABT is Connecticut the munchies and and and eat waffles. That is sure oh yeah I don't feel like. Nadia bloom until the day I mean. Yeah yeah yeah. It oh. Yeah trouble is it's a correction yet. Our current. And oh pull out a way. Dark art ball or anybody who are becoming yet. Well I was so good good good color your. I was wrote you wanna do that boys that was rob you know high school that's exactly O rob you did so much drugs. I certainly got. Nieminen. Cancun and matches and used book that went on the roof the roof for the school. Instead of I'm flying. I can. And I jumped off but he we're talking we're trying to talk him down signal lower Robby don't jump on jump. I was replied I think you did ass and I think it was while more than arms we marijuana only think but that's that's or I got the holy man. Come fly in men and quotes from Robby in acts will. Eric did is it behavioral. Are actors it's misspelling I smoked weed as you guys smoke up the matter what. All right go ahead Eric. Sure annually spot on this but I heard. It has where did. The Vietnam. To look at me or any formal well. You know what your options and shut up right here. Thank you thank you America mall for a I had to get drug tested when I got this job. Young regularly drug tested I north to Washington times I was regularly drug tested I could not get that job without being drug tested. So if employees have to get drug tested if athletes have to get drug tested of a lot of people have to get drug tested. You're on the you know you're on public money now. That's you know it's like your money. Now and you're living off public money public assistance as a taxpayer dollars. I think we have a right to know whether you need help not because if you war on drugs maybe that's the reason why you're on welfare. So no one sorry I think we have a right to demand the people who are on welfare pitcher clean and sober. And so to me I would definitely drug test. Rentals and if you've got the money. To go out and say buy cocaine or heroin then what are you doing on welfare. And that's another way for me to go after that the scam in the fraud in the abuse. If you can spend 200 bucks or whatever getting your crack cocaine or your figure your heroin every week your fixed. Then and you know what obviously got a second supplier money coming in. So moan you don't need the welfare then. Six once a bashes me 6172666868. His team and then there. Should we should we use Steve Reid teed afraid for we need me and I say yes we need him. When does America mean and pro wanna get stalled me and it's my right knee and it's like you're right it's my right knee and places donor nations me and listen to a BB donor nations and I'm flying me in a quiet. Learn each and moss then go ahead run. Just the type of good friends Friday said that call Bernie. Are calling you from the. Green and I mean green. State of Vermont doesn't just. Or one horrible accident. That would mean to move with some luck with them the more people hear a pop with garrido should accept and carry itself. It got. Up by point one campaign slogan that that make America as Big Apple ID and. Burger burn baby burn. 6172666868. Ron in Walpole go ahead Ron. Yeah. Or ignore it or get. It among my pleasure dollars million and a general. Or call it. So so abominable and honestly I got my. Ryan buddy my pleasure palace is so disappointing it's basically about who 101000 books. Okay and Erick OK you wanna break me down he broke me down what is small fridge I've got a nice little by a Coke in there. Bagger of dare read o's and I love barbecue chips to continue our real. You know like all man and just say you know it's my man cave rather my pleasure palace no because it is my pleasure palace it's I love reading I love drinking Diet Coke and I love eating chips and a pleasure palace sounds a whole lot of. Like I'm error after watching I'm not X rated video exists and not re eating you might be reading like us. X rated magazine not you know ice reading I. Spreads a true story so you'll cooks he right before your real cooks right obvious public so this was when he was the executive producer the morning show. And so are you on parliament pleasure palace and I don't see it I see you. He kept bugging me does. I swear. And when I assure you pay him he's like. That's it a go he's the man look at this a biography of Napoleon a biography of Hitler look at his history of the United States like that there's look at best. And then I show my stash. I've got their real is that cut relays barbecue chips and got a couple of nice one liter one leader not the two leader but one leader. Diet Coke. Which are exposed to not have it's a stylish graces must post more even have this but will let bad goal. I bet your stash is now rated I doubt he's doubting your play out is really our eye and I know I slam match gets mad at me she was on his sleeve (%expletive) obviously. They're doing everything I can't help you or your diabetes. Anger drinking Diet Coke and eating chips I honestly. So good luck finding a ball sits like and this XX 6868. Jamie Lynn Quincy go ahead Jim. Why did you have a lot. I'm doing very UG analog and I thought it all. You know Eric I am only able boy he smoked wait. It's all out of all. You know our I want to bring art is coming back to what you're talking about earlier I out right. Do you actually know it's very wary weary body art. Sorry pull out deadline always history when he got his life where I start. What was the comedian can not a very funny one. Or already. It was a sentiment life. Or it's. Well sure I'm bowler actually open a rat all of and you're hot you're like 00. Jeremy I know it's your sand a little bit up off off there as well aren't. Last play such a joke on the senate Georgia. On that's a good one Brittany that's a good one so either headline that's why he's such a joke Brittany I'm impressed okay my friends. Coming up next I kid you not. They dear leader now vows to be the opposition leader to trump. He's now created he mentioned being mentioned. Five million dollars. Two miles from the White House that he now vows will be the nerve center his words of an anti trump insurgency. Should the former president. Do be doing what he's doing to do you rail his successor. Is this presidential. And what should trump do to stop Obama 6172666868. Just what you thought the dear leader was gone. He's back.