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Should AG Jeff Sessions resign?

Mar 2, 2017|

Democrats are calling for Sessions to resign over talking to a Russian Ambassador. Should he resign? Kuhner says no.

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Assistant in Iraq a fake news from liberal lies and insults to the working people. We say no more. He's that could erupt course. If there is any evidence. That anyone affiliated with the trump campaign. Communicated with the Russian government and of course this campaign what were you here. So Franken I'm not aware of law any of those activities. Have been called a surrogate and in term of truth in the campaign and I didn't have not had communication with the Russians. And I'm unable to comment. Sessions under siege. That's right my friends. Democrats are now demanding that Jeff Sessions who resigned. I'd amend a mom they are calling for a special prosecutor. And right now trump is fighting to keep his attorney general here is now the absolute latest. The New York Times and the Washington Post after first essentially getting rid of or pushing out Mike Flynn and what can I say. They're gonna cut off the president's left arm. Then they're gonna cut off his right arm that they're gonna cut off his left leg and his right leg. Well they got their first kill in Mike Flynn now they're moving on to the conservative attorney general sessions. And so. It has now come out that Obama intelligence officials. How I've been feeding leaks to the New York Times and the Washington Post. And now the latest that doc is on sessions. And so the New York Times broke the story it is now been picked up by everybody. Fox CNN MSNBC. You name it it's a feeding frenzy right now. Whereby Jeff Sessions. Twice. Last year. Met with the same guy that Mike Flynn met the Russian ambassador Serge. Is stuck. Once. They Heritage Foundation speech. Where there I think 25 or thirty other ambassadors. He gave his speech. And the Russian ambassador short sessions as hand. And thank him for his remarks or whatever. And then the second time and this is the key one now that the Democrats and the liberal media are gunning for. He apparently in his office for about fifteen minutes while he was serving remembering September trump wasn't elected. Sessions was an informal advisor. But he was also the powerful member of the Senate Armed Services Committee he was also a high ranking senator that dealt with foreign affairs. And he met with numerous ambassadors who see this is what the media is not telling you. He met with the Korean ambassador with the Canadian ambassador with the German ambassador with the polish ambassador with the Chinese ambassador. Well one of the ambassadors that he meant. For about a fifteen minute discussion. In his office. Wise. The Russian ambassador Serge just react. Well. In his confirmation hearing as you we just played it coming in Al Franken asked him point blank. Did you or the campaign have any contacts with Russian officials. And what would you did you know anything about this. And our sessions is answer is look I was a surrogate and I'm telling you I'm never gonna whenever Matt and around complex with the Russians I didn't want involved with Fulton. They're now claiming that he lied under oath. Then he committed perjury. And by lying under oath and committing perjury because they say well you shook his hand at a Heritage Foundation meeting. And you did speak with a guy for like fifteen minutes in your office. Derek you were you misled members of the senate you lied under oath to now they care about lying under oath but let that go. And you committed perjury and it is time for you to resign. Listen how to sessions. There was a media scrum they caught up to him this morning. They are already demanding his head on a platter listen to sessions his response roll it Britain. Well I have not met with the media rice and David anytime distressed city political campaign. And those remarks. Unbelievable to me and I'll call us and down how everything up to play about them what I backyard. So he's basically saying look this there's no smoke there's no fire there's nothing there's absolutely nothing. Well ballots. They're not taken no for an answer. They now sensing blood in the water. And what Timmy is most remarkable. Is that big truck you know they're not just politicizing. Or sorry criminalizing politics. Now they're trying to criminalize speech. Now they're basically trying to set the absurd bar that if anybody associated would trump spoke deck. Anybody associated with the Russian government no matter when no matter how no matter under what circumstances. That it's so fact or proves a massive conspiracy between the Kremlin and the trump. And it trumped team to interfere in the election undermined the election and steal it for trump I mean it's insane. What's your witching what you're watching now is an insane witch hunt. But they're not stopping. Listen now to Elijah come since. Now the Democratic Party they got rid of Mike Flynn now they believe they can get rid of Jeff Sessions. Here is Elijah Cummings speaking on behalf of the Democrats. Saying. But he claimed he never spoke to anybody in the coming from the Russian government that's perjury that's lying under oath. He lied he lied he lied which means he must resign resign resign. Roll it Britain. It's down like he did not tell the truth and a lie about lie is a lot period. So some kind of way we've got to come to grips with bad. And then Nancy Pelosi just a couple hours ago held a high profile press conference. We're now she has come out and saying her position the position of the Democrats. Is that because he committed perjury they allege he lied under oath. They are now demanding. That Jeff Sessions not only resigned. But getting special prosecutor be called. To investigate. Trump's alleged ties to important. And raw shot and how they coordinated. How they were hauled in a conspiracy. To interfere in the election and steal it from Hillary Clinton. Roll it. So the question is to them what are they afraid of in the tax returns what are they afraid of in the investigation. Of the impression involvement to undermine our democracy to repeat that in other countries to combat here and do that again. What does it say about them that their chief law enforcement officer at the top cop in the country. Lied to his colleagues in the senate and to the American people. A person who himself knows about. Prosecution and knows about the law and knows about perjury and this penalty it's so what initiative that the Republicans that they want to. Hi did choose to American people I call it stonewalling. Look they're sensing blood in the water. And I said it before. If if trump gives in on if he gives them their return if he if he gives and his attorney general he's finished. He's finished. And so they are out to destroy him. Now a couple of things need to be set OK because already now Republicans are starting to break ranks. There are already petrified in front of this assault from the media and from the Democrats. What's the crying. I need to me forget I understand he's saying others Goodman or screw when there's smoke there's fire there's small fire. There's no smoke there's nothing. So number one it was a Heritage Foundation event there were thirty ambassadors in the room literally detention at the guys and now. Just like what that they they subliminal messages had no role. His role we stealing the election forty toolkit Jeff you shake my hand this week stretch my hand if you agree. I mean this is getting ridiculous and then what a fifteen minute meeting in his office. From what the most powerful member one of the most powerful members on the Senate Armed Services Committee. Huge job is to talk to ambassadors. Now he was asked point blank and what is answer was obvious look as an official of the campaign. You're never talking to the Russians that's what he meant in his absurd so lobbyists. But they're trying to take a little space meant that he set and taken out of context. And somehow blow this up into a lot. In to cover up. In two stonewalling. It took perjury. And before you know it sessions has got to go we need a special prosecutor. The whole the whole presidency has to be investigated. Ultimately they want trump. They want trump to either resign or trump to be impeached and they're gonna they're gonna go through him by going through his men. This is the objective. And so now Republicans won by one are beginning to crumble. Listen now to our house majority leader number two most powerful man in the house. Kevin McCarthy this morning on and with Mika Brzezinski and Joseph Scarborough on morning journal. Eased these apparent there's going to be an investigation. At the Justice Department was gonna oversee in terms of the alleged Russian ties to trump. Now McCarthy is saying. Sessions needs to recuse himself he's become painted. Roll it Brittany mark. If we he didn't say he would virtues Beers are accusing himself he said. If it comes appropriate Turkey's how to talk logical way but to let me ask you do you think he should recuse himself from this investigation given this now disclose meeting no. I think it is I think he had the trust the American people you recuse yourself in the situation he should you you say you would urgent driving himself. I don't have all the information in front of me I don't wanna prejudged but I dislike for any investigation going forward. You wanna make sure everybody trusts investigation come there that there's no doubt within the investigation is that if you are easier that requires refusal congressman. I think it be easier from that standpoint yeah. So now McCarthy is saying that session should recuse himself from any investigation. As if he did anything improper which he didn't. And now Jason Chafee instead of the oversight committee for the Republicans that never trump perk he's now saying I session should recuse himself. But love me Lindsey Lindsey Graham on CNN. He now he's now saying and it's time for Jeff Sessions to recuse himself. So already now Republicans are beginning to break ranks. And there are starting to crumble in the face of this liberal media onslaught. And so my question to you is this it's the corner country poll question of the day. Should Jeff Sessions will resign. Did he commit perjury and should he resign. Like the New York Times wants the Washington Post the Democrats and the entire mainstream media. Is it time for Jeff Sessions to step down should he resign. If you believe the answer is yes tax the latter an eight to 68680. If the answer like me is Elmo. Over what to resign over what. Text the letter B to 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. 6172666868. Lines are loaded. Andrea in Rockport go ahead Andrea. Yeah and ridiculous. You know they crumble and everything black music and I have act. A million activate him in my. It turned around and thought that you've been deep that are not at. I don't know I can do that go out and you send it back and unhappy Hillary thank you know not uranium a process. And go after and Robert and President Obama did during his presidency at Aaron. Talking privately with the Muslim brought up what you negotiate an equity doing it game. I'm not. Billion dollar deal you ivory and in helping them get any nuclear weapons I think that's what happens yeah we don't know after that and Obama did. Yes. And we don't they act and I don't know another investigation and like what they walk then the lawyer and ridiculous. Andrea thank you very much for that call look. When Obama new dubbed the mall was no problem. Where knees when he sent them money in in unmarked bills it's. When he sent them 400 million dollars cash and back and eventually a bit over a billion dollars cash no problem. When Hillary Clinton lied under oath no problem. When daylight about Ben does he no problem. When daylight about the servers and email gate no problem. When Bill Clinton sat up playing with the attorney general Loretta lynch. Did Dave before James only came out and said there's going to be no charges but charges we're not gonna prosecute over her. A discussed mishandling sensitive classified information and all no problem. This guy shakes and ambassadors and this guy meets with them as a senator in September. That as he meets with how many ambassadors. Enjoy the most powerful senators in congress that's it that's his draw the all fifteen minutes but the Russian ambassador no. Why didn't she Shea got a demeaning all might argue what hooting your confirmation hearing you didn't shake our issues perjury does that obstruction of does does does does does does does the end of the world. My friends did say naked naked witch hunt. Than if trump caves on this. I mean it's I mean then forget it they're gonna go after everybody in his administration. Should Jeff Sessions who resigned. Should there be a special prosecutor. And let me ask you this. Did Jeff Sessions commit perjury as the Democrats allege 61720666868. More with your calls and Ted Cruz. Toms those sessions as rescue next. Senator Franken I'm not aware Pall mall any of those activities. It had been called a surrogate Evan Thomas truth. I'm not aware. Have them call a very good at come through in the campaign and not get there and not have communications with the Russians. This outright he did not tell the truth and a lie about lie about Iraq period. Twelve point seven here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. Sessions under fire really under siege. By Democrats are now calling for him to resign. They are calling now for a special prosecutor. Because of an undisclosed. Contact that he with the Russian ambassador. Once at a speech that he gave and Heritage Foundation. And once since September at a meeting in his senate office. They say he didn't disclose that in the exchange with Al Franken jarring his nomination hearings. Are saying that amounts to perjury. And he's the top attorney the top law enforcement officer for this he must goal. While Republicans are now running from sessions. And the Democrats are sensing blood and the media. Ted Cruz. Stood up and defended Jeff Sessions. This morning on MSNBC. Roll it Britain. I say this morning that is bill Leahy question and answer wasn't as troubling because. Of course it was about campaign. Are you concerned though about the Al Franken. Questioning and answering where obsessions seem to volunteer that he never spoken with a new Russian officials. You know gallon I'm not concerned about that a guy I think what we're seeing is is a lot of political theater. Could could Jeff had been more clear in what he said yes I I think it. That was unfortunate but but I think context matters a lot Jeff was being asked about. The trump campaign communicating with the Russians I think he understood that he was answering and in that capacity and and then that is perfectly understandable. And and the reason I say it's political theater. He's the underlying meeting you know this this morning everyone's and hide dungeon about about this meeting the underlying meetings. Isn't nothing burger eat it's what senators do. Every day meeting with foreign ambassadors that's part of the job and and Jeff is. Eight was a very hard working senator amid very hard working attorney general had site to get real is getting all worked up because a chance to beat up the attorney general and beat up the president. But but I think the underlying meeting is simply doing his job. I think it's more than that I think I mean Ted Cruz I think he's dead on but I think it's more than that. I think they wanna morally paint Jeff Sessions. They want to undermine his moral legitimacy. And that's what this is about I think. Bill in New Bedford Europe next. I just I don't you could present first at home Jeff Sessions should not resign and president challenged stand behind him 100%. Because you know develop I do if he resigned pentagon they're not gonna stop there they're gonna it's gonna be out feeding frenzy. And what they should do and I totally I talked to a couple weeks global this station put that pressure on Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton gore on the offense. To be investigation. Squeeze them. And I don't. And consistent this supposedly there's enough evidence there to convict them and then have them play ball the Justice Department to bring him ideal leader. Because he's he's into whipped up to his neck. Payment. Amen and I think one of the reasons why the New York Times the Washington Post the Democrats the liberals. Are going after trump and sessions so aggressively. They want trump to play defense. That magnificent speech he delivered a couple days ago they don't want him implementing his agenda. So it's attack attack attack. 6172666868. Should Jeff Sessions resigned. Poll results more. If there is any evidence. Anyone affiliated with the trump campaign. Communicate with the Russian government and of course this campaign what will you do. Senator Franken I'm not aware Pall mall any of those activities. Because the Department of Justice should be above reproach. For the good of the country. Attorney general sessions should resign. 1238 here on the great WRK. All okay my friends. Now every Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee is demanding that sessions or resign. They want a criminal probe dismissed a criminal probe. Into sessions this comments to congress during win your nomination hearings. You heard the exchange between Al Franken in him. And now they're claiming he perjured himself. Well it's pretty obvious. It sessions understood the question rightly has looked. When I was acting on behalf of the campaign. Did I reach out to the Russians know that I speak to the Russians know all. Now as senator obviously. He gave his speech of their Heritage Foundation yes he shook the Russian ambassadors and as Wallace thirty other ambassadors. And yes in his office when he was a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee in September. He met with a lot of ambassadors and one of them for fifteen minutes with said the Russian ambassador Sergei tis fact. So I'm tired what's the crime here. I mean did did we talked about much ado about nothing. And what's incredible. Is this had initially been reported by the Washington Post how were among for gall. But so the New York Times we cycled the story. And then they said who we've got Mike Flynn. Cool let's get a let's just ratchet up the decibel level. Pretend overall really outraged. Manufacturers. Scandal create a crime out of thin air. So he perjured himself did they perjured himself and let's get rid of the attorney general. What Tim knee is incredible. Is that how Franken. The guy who stole an election. From Norm Coleman I hope and I'll stole it from him. And he's the guy leading the pack against sessions ball police. 6172666868. You phonies you fraud view. Trump is gonna be speaking in Virginia very shortly. If the president is Smart he needs to come out publicly. Swiftly. And I mean unambiguously. Unequivocally. Back his attorney general because I'm telling you. If there's even just a hint. That trump may cut him loose like Mike Flynn sessions this finished. Now Britney I know you wanna jump on. Before we before you jump on very quickly. The poll question is should Jeff Sessions resign. She did he commit perjury should he go. If you believe the answer is yes stacks the letter an eight to 68680. If like me you believe this is incentives through this is craziness this is lunacy. Optional lunacy to excel letter beat the six no sex the letter beat the 68680. You can vote has always wrko.com. What are the poll results. 96%. No 4%. Yes. I am in the no category. In L. The Democrats have had a problem. With Jeff Sessions cents. Top amounts of user to be the attorney general they'd want to block him from being attorney general. So any little thing that comes up they're gonna try to get rid of them. But take about it Hillary Clinton recently had the reset button with Russia right so what's the big deal. If sessions is shaking the hand of the Russian ambassador. Air. During and during a eating. And also all got knocked remember and twice twelfth when he met with Medvedev. And what happened to you said you know I'll have more flexibility. Once the elections over with gluten. Soul why did the Democrats investigate. Why and why all the sudden. Are you wanna investigating have a special prosecutor like chuck she images sad about Jeff Sessions they have a issue with every person. In terms cabinet. So here you can't. Truck passes stand right behind sessions he can not let them when any should've never. Have her let them start with general fallen. Because now it's going to be a domino a fact and every single person that. God forbid talks to someone that they don't like they're gonna go forum and they're gonna try to get him out of there. You know that Britney you nailed it that's why I said look whatever you think of the merits. You don't cut off Mike Flynn because now you've embolden the media and you've embolden your mortal enemies. And now now they're trying to criminalize speech. I mean now I listen as Jeff. Don't talk to a Russian that's my advice to everybody corner country I don't listen read my judge she's my girlfriend none none none none that listen but took a low. There that this is like the new McCarthyism. There's it's as if somehow the greatest crime in the world now is to talk to our risky it's unbelievable. 6172666868. Okay lines are loaded Jaffe in broaden ahead of Jeff. I've got outlawed them but they're not you know everybody unpopular here in the great. When I pray everybody can be held accountable echoed both Democrats and Republicans I think he got for you here. We cracked how every single candle Obama infantry held accountable. And I understand that often although there being a political pulpit. You know you've got an inner circle the wagon but we are ultimately led to perjury we would be held accountable and get back and god didn't think what the Russian ambassador about comfort and reflect what really didn't speak with Loretta went. About Hillary's proposal pending investigation. Now that we wanted to bring the law or to order and corruption. Lyon. Is bigger than usual and be safe. Jeff let me ask you this I mean senators meet with ambassadors. All the time. I mean he was just doing his job. So let me just say just for argument sake just for the sake of argument. They were talking about the election in September Hillary was up in the polls everybody was predicting a Hillary victory. So sessions a shooting the breeze with the Russian ambassador what's a crime. You're wolf now that it's coming out of the Clinton administration. I got a Clinton victory and we're all yelling out. The crime and is it didn't disclose that now edit them. We can map footwork and we can play you know background and so he didn't that it happened could you should clarify themselves the other city declare our. Now that you know that could open. There are out about an hour ago I wouldn't I wouldn't drop it. Directly how it city's current equipment nobody pop up so I'm quite sure though that that's been the quote she could have. He couldn't believe that there's nothing. It could affect you partner up and leave these people and I met with a longer because you can and that's what the outlook event are. Jeff thank you very much for that call I appreciated. Look honestly Jeff. I'm. I look as I lived in Washington for over ten years I think I met with over may be as a journalist I must have met over 67 the ambassadors. From all over the world. Half of them I forgot I even met him. I'm just being on they're coming in they come out they come in they come out. So after awhile every one teams just blends in with penal than one after another just tend to blend in with one another. So look when you listen to what session set let's talk let's be serious. He said when I was there head of the campaign or when I was advising him were speaking on behalf of the campaign did I ever meet with the Russians yet. Now for him to say. Who but at that one time I gave a speech at their Heritage Foundation. Was that his hand that I shot among the thirty ambassadors. All when we were running all these ambassadors through my office when I was running the Senate Armed Services Committee. Can I have a ten minute briefing want him to leave without him or was that the Belo Russian ambassador or the Ukrainian ambassador. What that does excited that the Kazakhstan ambassador. I mean this is what I mean. We're trying to criminalize speech. Now let me flip that Chris did Democrats can answer this question. Tell me how many Russians and Hillary you meet with. Our youngest are making the obvious point how many of her top people met with this Russian ambassador. I will bet you dollars to donuts in September. When they thought they were there are already picking out the drapes. In the UN in the in the Oval Office I will bitch you own dollars to donuts he met with Hillary's people. Keene met with Hillary he met with our top national security advisors. Because that's what they duel and like the whole thing is bogus. All free can story is bogus and I don't mean sessions I mean only Russia connection. Look was one vote changed in the election because of so called Russian interference and all guys was a scandal. All but the Russians were acting well first of all notice notice that it's okay. When he came to Mike Flynn and we said where's the evidence at all they gave us the transcripts. They were transcribing your hair here's what Mike Flynn said in a private conversation with guess who got more. All ten they had everything laid out if you say where's the evidence that Russia interfered or hacked it DNC or not John Podesta is. Our emails where's the evidence. Bullets are unanimous the shuttle seventeen agencies say it's unanimous okay fine to me evidence. While we can can why can't shoot you David for my plane give the evidence released the transcripts. That shoves. Dumps hopes soared to reclaim his daddy went straight from Vladimir Putin's personal computer as they claim that Vladimir personally on the computer was tracking. Straight in the Kremlin office that's what they're claiming where's the evidence. They have manufactured. Bolt hole Russia connection out of billionaire. Because they cannot admit that there gal their candidate lost. And so now they're trying to criminalize. Everything. You've talked to the Russian ambassador. Of a conspiracy. You didn't phrase it the right way and hearing perjury perjury perjury. James clapper. Lying under oath. To the face of the American people about the government spying. On all of us. A politician ride that was the liberals argument now with this guy. Well known I don't know. He said he never met one man who met as senator he had a ten minute meaning noon. Went and walked. This is such a non scandal it's not even funny. Fill up in Portsmouth going head Phil. Yucca. You know assesses certain resign and it should stand his ground and then there it is this what probable. What looked attending the commuter school will vote conservative knowledge they got them out there always steal your thunder. Sorry can you repeat that last bit fill up. It's just a matter until 200 countries will not at all if you just under all the work. I'm. Over out a couple of we'll go ahead Philip bully you gonna say freeze it in your own way. China already said that while the results of both of those amateur coaches and our political will go out. It didn't they didn't get it. When you were also hurt hurt you meet the president or quitting when you're associated put out campaign to achieve. Our bingo bingo. Do me a favor fill up I love you in Fella I love you in a non sexual way you hear me I'm sick I'm a straight guy Demi wrongly let us for my wife. But I haven't been ineffectual. While it all I was the only way to find out it's usually aren't unheard of it is they do all of our car. I was so so loud and I don't know what you don't do little yeah. Gupta wobbled a little bit yeah. I do an entire group unless you can elaborate. I saw my life flush your front in my eyes. I that was going down Charles by corona said this is that this is the end. Okay Britney and no work or I know were really up against that your. Can you just play the frank concessions exchange does this is like this is there smoking come out against sanctions so here it is okay Chris Phillip mailed it. Sessions actually answers the question. Go Britney. And if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign. Communicated with the Russian government in the course of this campaign what would you do. Senator Franken I'm not aware Almonte opinion those activities. I have been called a surrogate at a time the truth and that campaign and I didn't have not have communications with the Russians. And I'm unable to comment. I was speaking on we have a big campaign I didn't meet with the Russians. I didn't talk to her until we didn't meet what the Russians. Now. As a senator in my office. One kind I don't know I gotta check. No I met a lot of ambassadors that date guys really honestly do you unimpeachable for this one a a blank off. You're with the cougar man. Boys across. Hard jail. Plus the Department of Justice should be above reproach. For the good of the country. Attorney general sessions should resolve. Judy in Waltham go ahead Judy. Had started account because it's a little lack and it's adversely Republicans had I don't seem to be cool quote they. He did lengthened. To better and help. In the camera at this absent the impact and I believe in him it's and a plan to continue that. But I go to trial and take a trial I don't call on and on yeah B I kept many bad. But he'll have eminent death can't hit it actually bid. Campaign. I can bring to court called spark. I have a life I want tragic turn around the country and not let. Yeah and couldn't have been more. Talent and the truth I have looked at Olympic how about Clinton had about a bad back they never actually did anything and they hail. Won't. Bingo gender Korea and has said it better myself. Dave in Boston go ahead date. OK so I did not have sex with that woman miss Lewinsky. Well bill we trot out that he did. Well it all depends on what you mean by his word is that teens. Those Clinton was splitting hairs and the Republicans went knots rightly so because he lied and oh. How would suggest Jeff Sessions scandal in different thing he did not me saying he did not meet with the Russians as quote unquote member of the trump campaign. There's also splitting hairs because the question assumed any meaning not just to senatorial 10. Brussels worse and who. Don't will shared still eat with succession had a. Well I mean number one I mean honestly they look at an ambassador is in meaningless position. And they're trying to make it's in the can ambassadors a top official it's not. I ambassadors are purely ceremonial position. That's number one so meeting with ambassadors is very common it means nothing but number two days if you actually listen to the tape. Al Franken asked him specifically. As a surrogate of the campaign. Well as a surrogate of the campaign he mean what anybody. Soul OK now you wanna find out that he met with an M and by the way on that day that he met the Russian ambassador again belonged to senate want is clear. He met with 25 other foreign ambassadors. So you're telling me. That you know what five minutes ten minutes San yea okay you like are you I don't civil marked okay good old days again and as life's a game. Then all of a sudden that rises to the level that this guy should be impeached. Or resigned from office I mean we are we are we serious error. 6172666868. More next. WR TL. 106 here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Ball came my friends. You knew it was coming. Then chief chief crazy or is Elizabeth Warren is now calling for sessions his resignation they want him to resign. My Q a lot Ed Markey I guess he got up its or just past known. So 106 probably got up got the talking points Sunday issued a statement. Saying that he also was calling for Jeff Sessions to resign it is now a drumbeat. It is a drumbeat that's growing into a course. And what were also finding out is that the Obama administration including our top intelligence officials. Word not only behind the leaks. To the New York Times in the Washington Post. But that they deliberately left information about my that I shot. So that investigators. Could find and they could continue to use this as a club. To beat trump and his administration where if. And so now they think they have their smoking gun. Jeff Sessions delivered a speech at The Heritage Foundation about 2530 ambassadors were in the room. Afterwards they walked up and shook his hand thanked him for the speech. He was asked by Al Franken. When Yury campaign surrogate. Did you ever have any contacts with the Russian officials. Well you forgot to disclose that he shot the guys and then there was a second meaning in September. Where he had met with numerous other ambassadors. And apparent they met for 1015 minutes in his office. And they're claiming by not disclosing bad meaning that amounts to a full perjury that he lied under oath. And now sessions they're saying must resign couple of quick points and then I wanna jump back into the fall months. These are the same people. That had no more problem. Where if Bill Clinton meeting with Loretta lynch on the tarmac. Did Dave before James called me announced. That he would not prosecute Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information. That was my problem. Bad wheel that's okay that's okay. These were the same people. Who'll win Hillary lied repeatedly about the emails. Server gate. Receiving or sending classified information will no problem. No problem. When Eric Holder lied under oath about fast and furious I'm not talking about you know shaking a Russian ambassadors and and maybe. Saying sweet nothings about how good Russian vodka it's okay. But about even legally. Running guns into Mexico. Which then came back to get Americans killed he lied under oath no problem. No problem. So you see when Democrats lie. When Democrats commit perjury that's not a problem. But. When I senator. Answers a question directly you're asking me as a campaign surrogate that I ever meet with aren't going to remember the Russians following me what the Russians. Now look here I'll tell you this. Ten years I was the one of the top editors at The Washington Times. Do you have any idea how many ambassadors I meant. Do you have any idea how many of them rolled in and rolled out. If I didn't work on the trump campaign. And somebody asked me. You know did you ever meet with the Russians. Were you in cahoots with pooled and my moral. Don't why know. But in 2000 in mind or in 2012. There was an editorial board meeting in which the Russian ambassador was bare and apparently you said sweet nothings what do you mean you are you guys had lunch and there was a ten minute conversation okay. If you say so libel okay and what's your point. Well you should have disclosed that you don't understand. And this is why they're being sold disingenuous. Okay. They all meet with ambassadors. Day all forget the names of these ambassadors. They can't tell you the difference between the Russian ambassador and the Ukrainian ambassador and the Belo Russian ambassador and that does expand ambassador or the polish ambassador. Because if they're being honest with you. They saw kind of bland then they've all got funny eastern European name it's. And they all speak what I eastern European accent the thick eastern European accent if they're being honest. So let's flip flipped the Democrats can answer this question. You're singling out meeting X. Okay leading X. You're mentioning it was his draw to meet with ambassadors. You don't wanna mention all the arm other ambassadors agreement OK let that go. What Hillary. September. I bet I bet she met with the Russian ambassador. I'd better pop campaign teen met with the Russian ambassador how come we are not investigating that. Talk a little as part of an effort to interfere in Russian elections according to U. Now think about it just think about it logically OK just stand back objectively we know this for a fact. The very same people. Who hacked Hillary's. Whatever the DNC emails and John Podesta is emails. Try to hack into the RNC. They try to get into Wright's previous his email us. The only difference was they had a better security ball. So if they're out. How females. To help steal the election of Hillary Clinton why they're still election from Hillary Clinton on behalf of Donald Trump. Why are they trying to hack the RNC. Why are they trying to hack into Trump's emails or rights prima. Says emails. Genius. This. Is much ado about nothing honestly this is garbage. I mean this is such serious garbage this has no remote connection to reality. None. Here's the other thing. If he supposedly in bed with who and I can destroy this argument all day. John Kelly staunch anti Russia hawk Homeland Security. General Mattis staunch anti Russia hawk secretary of defense. I mean I could run down the whole list. His new national security advisor staunch anti Russia hawk the. Only one. That's cat named of diplomatic when it comes to Russia is Rex Tillerson and even he came out and said. The wounds got to give back Crimea. Is gonna get out of eastern Ukraine. Is gonna stop dealing with Iran. I mean even he's pushing hard line against Bolton so. If these guys are all in bed with potent. How come all of them all welcome. Our visceral. Anti Russia hawks. How come they're also want people and anti Russian. Hell 061720666868. Should Jeff Sessions who resigned. And do you think that the Democrats have something on sessions did he commit perjury John you meet him go ahead John. Yeah yeah I didn't on. Good he'd better not back down from the lovely little up Google down a laughing stock all presidents he won't get anything done. They'll have him Bible Belt. What I would do if I was down. This throws the ball he attacked planned right away the only one minute got to change from 35 to twenty. And the rest can come a long way to do that health care. Get the media the public back on its side and then the other thing airlift troops that the weapon Hillary like wanna be previous caller that and van. Pull out so a lot of these senators and congressman. On the Democrats side you don't you'd think they go a lot of dead bodies buried somewhere and get Eric Holder tried. Well a lie around the world. Stop prosecuting them then they'll shut out. Thank you very much for that call John in fact we'll just to echo what you're saying. A lot of people include our country or texting and guys wanna pick out one tax 'cause they're all basically making similar points. This is from 603 Jeff. It is an absolute disgrace what is happening to the attorney general trump needs to speak out on this and defend him. I would tell them if I was trump that if you continue to do this I'm investigating Hillary again for the Clinton foundation. And polo season hiring practices at her husband's home pal. In other words you know guys you want politicizing criminalize everything too can play at that game. Allison in bill Rick are going head Allison. Hey get I don't like to call you you actually beat me here that you mentioned Loretta lynch amenity cattle but I wanted to say that the Democrats didn't seem to be. Two upset with her meeting on the tarmac for fifteen minutes Nady. Jeff Sessions although these very. Great man that you could very well respected would never do that. But maybe he should take an idea out of her playbook and said that he say that he is spoke about the grandchildren and playing golf for this. Alison that's the other thing look I cover sessions when he was up in the senate. Keep that he couldn't find Russia on a map puppies and uneducated remains a very educated man but. He is so Alabama. He is such an American. He is such an America first turner. That this guy would have anything to do with the Russians. Anything to subvert our country. East's sole rigged its sole ridiculous. You have seen us hitter think and they all knowing it because they all worked with him. Exactly and an effort furthermore I mean we never practically didn't and Loretta lynch never recused herself. They never been pressed her to recuse herself much let's were done in clean it hit it's it's. How old blown up to this too such extreme. And I'm just hoping that the American people. See how ridiculous. That fits I'm hoping. I'm me to Allison looked I think trump is gonna back them I think trump should back them I think trump learned his lesson from Mike Flynn I'll be honest with few. But really enough is enough. And look I'll tell you this we're gonna get into it at 135 okay. Should people be allowed to use their EBP cards to get stoned. There are Ira Sean O'Connell on in the state of Massachusetts. Technically now because of recreational marijuana has been legalized. People aren't EBP are tight they're allowed to go and quarterly Spock shops and Bhutto by pot by marijuana. With there EDT carts so should you be paying for other people to get home. They were trying to close that loophole. But one of the reasons why the Democrats are gunning for sessions. Is he wants tough laws against marijuana. I mean he's a law and order guy would you agree or disagree I'm just telling you he's a law and order guy. So he wants tough laws against marijuana he wants to enforce the immigration laws of this country that's what's really that's the big story here. He's the one that wants to crack down on Sanctuary Cities he's the one who wants to start deporting a lot of these illegals he's the one wants to secure the border. Everybody knows attorney general that's exactly what he's gonna do and frankly if anybody's gonna pull the trigger. On investigating the Clinton foundation. Is Jeff Sessions. So. It's like they like a mafia crime family. If you've got to put out a contract. A political hit that guy you got to take out is Jeff Sessions. And so they're looking for anything. Literally. Anything. And now they think they found it. Bill in ducks are very go ahead bill. Yes I just on this guy has a joke. I'm telling you it's like a child movie. The Russians are coming. It's a joke and what the long story short they trump is not gonna let sections adult I would tell you 100% you will not. In the second part of it what makes it worse than do Republicans. Comment on this garbage. Delicate game and I they've got to (%expletive) that's now they've got the Olympic Graham and his boyfriend. It maniac. Also that the Republicans to amplify it. The childish. Attack on the Russians can be so I can make notes. The real little clarification because dissect something. And it was a good not to buy it might have met with via Russia to. But it was only in part of my feet it could've fixed in a little better by you didn't see anything about that would have been met what's the big deal. So the point is my point is that a lifelong Republican. Why don't they always gave you an important on the outside the anti trappers the other trying to attack until they're tremendous speech. The other day all of a sudden. They have to come back with a stoppage of Russian sorted. I'd Bruce does sorry bill I thank you for that called bell you've touched on. He had that magnificent speech. And his numbers were going up and even the liberals had to say wow what a speech. Taking it off the new cycle. Make people forget about it and always then called back to Russia whenever you like their race similar hole. We're gonna take something off the news site. Go today dry again Vladimir Putin and that bad Russian ambassador this guy should get his own show I'm telling you Sergey Cusack. He's involved and everything. Mitchell the Americans hire him hire him to star in the show the Americans this guy apparently he's he's everywhere he's going everything. Bruce in awhile burn go ahead Bruce. Hey Jeff active the second might call it. Well I grew OK from your collision haven't targets since then but what are the bosh battered the bought sort approach. Party approach the French. That's so we guess you'll just to get its people OC one of the biggest liars on the planet and you get Janet. I mean I'm not Janet Reno bribery and leverage them she resembles in the ring helped shoot another big liar they live a life changed at all. She lied about being maturity maybe. They torture option. Childress said he was you know. An Indian. Honestly if he stood there and set our I don't know about the Russians but I can just tell you I'm I'm a native American jerky. A I wanna be the first. Cherokee attorney general. Quote can't touch them. Somebody put him 250000. Dollars a year. We are living in means seen congress. And it's time for Republicans. And trump in particular. Tough fight back okay. EBP cards for marijuana. Should people on EBP. Be allowed to gets home on your money 61720666868. Those stories Sean I'll O'Connell. Will be on at 135. Don't touch that guy.