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Warren to bring refugee to Trump's speech. 2/28/17

Mar 1, 2017|

What do you think of Elizabeth Warren bringing a refugee to Trump's joint session?

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106 share of the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer. Okay later this hour. He Xia calling for a Xia senator. Elizabeth Warren. Doing more political theatrics planned for tonight's. President joint address to congress and the nation. Jeff deal will most likely run against her will be on at 135. To discuss. In the next hour you don't want to miss it to wall five the Arab media is now calling it trumps Ben Ghazi. That story is it true what's really behind it why are they calling it trumps Ben Ghazi we're gonna have all of this I promised. But first the biggest speech of his young presidency without a doubt. Tonight president trump. Will be addressing a joint. Will be delivering a joint address to congress and will be speaking on meet the nationally televised. Technically it's not a State of the Union Address because he's only been in office about a month. It will be next year but it's gonna have all the pomp. And the ceremony. Of a State of the Union Address and what the president must do tonight according to him and all of his aides. Is he must present a bold ambitious. Optimistic. Vision for the country. That this is now his chance. To really he's got he's gonna have 6070. Million Americans at least watching listening. He's gonna have both houses of congress in front of them now always the chance for him to lay out he is agenda. And put a blueprint. For the first or whatever the next wave over the next two months of his first hundred dates. And so according now to wide media reports are saying about some of the early drafts of Trump's speech. It appears that trump is going to lay out the call to the do nothing congress. He is going a fraud Ryan Orion. Mitch to squish McConnell the Republican leadership in particular. To give him a bill that he can sign that will repeal and replace obamacare. He wants repeal and replace on his desk quickly and decisively. He then wants after a dot. He major tax reform package he wants that cut taxes for middle and working class families and individuals. As well as small businesses. To get the economy roaring again. He is gonna talk about how oval wall is now being concede it's it's ahead of schedule in terms of the planning for the construction of the wall. He wants the budget to fund the initial building of the wall. He's gonna also talked about the budget that he's working on. In which she's gonna call for at least 54. Billion dollars with a B. In additional military spending to rebuild. Our deep pleaded in a hollowed out military. So he's got a lady's gonna put forward he's gonna put forth he's gonna layout. Put forward. A very bold ambitious agenda. Now what he's got to do and I think there's no getting. Around it. I'm not saying vilify him in my saying insult them I'm not saying no but. Rodham not German call mount a little bit the do nothing Republican congress. And I think the question that has to be asked is a very simple one. Dice. For six years you were itching to repeal obamacare. You actually passed it six times Obama vetoed it six times but Q does that six times well now's your chance what are you waiting for. You said for six years we need the house or came armed mean more than house with the senate. Well it Canada house and the senate we need the house the senate and the presidency okay now you've got at all give me a bill. Give me your bill send me a bill. And so he now has an historic opportunity to make his case. He's got an historic opportunity now to pressure them on tax cuts. And he's got an historic opportunity to really I think really humiliate the Democrats. And just say it very clearly just be very simple in a language they say he will speak from the heart that's I think we're trump does best. Don't try to be somebody or something you're not and show you this. Why do the lives of Americans and legal residents of the United States. Count for less than illegal aliens want. Why explained this in the Elizabeth Warren. Explain this to me Nancy Pelosi. Explain this to mean chuck U Schumer. So. I was elected. To build a wall I will build a wall and I will secure our borders. I was elected to crack down on Sanctuary Cities that's exactly what I'm doing. And I was elected to deep port criminal illegal aliens and I would turn around and look at the Democrats in particular. And challenge them and say why are you defending. Convicted rapists and murderers and drug dealers why. Why are you putting their needs and their interest. Above law abiding Americans. If if he puts out an agenda like this. And America first agenda. He will crush from. He has 60%. Of the country. It will be six on every issue that I've just told you it's 6040 obamacare 6040. The military 6040. Tax cuts 6040. The border 6040 if it's war but I'm giving you at a minimum it's 60406040. In his favor. When you're winning and now's the time to play it. Now as for the travel ban. What he's got a little a very clear. That Sam might be very specific. I was elected to keep the American people safe. And what did I say. I want a proper vetting system import in place. I need nine 200 in twenty days three months. To put together a proper vetting system what's the problem. We don't know who these people aren't Dirk coming into our country. Al-Qaeda is in now forgive me ices is now on all fifty states. There's over 1000 active ongoing FBI investigations. Do I have to remind you of San Bernardino. And Orlando. And 9/11. And Boston. And Fort Hood and Tennessee. Never mind Paris. Nevermind London nevermind per limb never mind needs. And you Democrats stand there and your grandstanding. As if somehow I'm against immigration. Crime against immigrants in this country. When I am focusing on seven countries. That are the biggest threats in terms of terrorism from the world. The biggest exporters of terrorism in the world and you're telling me I shouldn't come. We should have a proper system in place. And so I have to bow. One out of control liberal judge in Seattle. You're telling me that a judge in Seattle runs American foreign policy the president doesn't is is richer arguing to the American people he can crusher. He could absolutely. Crush crush on. And then I would give it. I would give it. And I would literally tell the cameras. I want you to do me a for a favor focus on the senator from Massachusetts folk on this. That's phony Indian Elizabeth Warren because this is now the face of the Democratic Party. This is now the the voice of the Democratic Party you wanna see what I'm up against this is what I'm up against. What does she done for veterans zero. What is she done for taxpayers. Zero role. What is she done for the workers overstate zero but there she is seeded tonight. With any Iraqi refugee from Lynn. To stand there and grandstand. And look I gotta tell you mean when I won once somebody told me this somebody tipped me off okay and and about 4 o'clock last night. Yesterday afternoon sorry for Clark yesterday afternoon that the chief. Can achieve squatting fraud can achieve Crazy Horse. That she was gonna be bringing in an Iraqi refugee I started laughing as supplies pretty funny. Those non serious or are your kidding. Your mom not getting to bring an Iraqi refugee. So Elizabeth Warren listen to this because members of congress can invite guests. She's now trying to true roll trump. She's trying to troll the president. Get under his skin get him upset. Humiliate and embarrass him send him off. And so she's invited listened and as you wanna talk about cheap theatrics. And Iraqi refugee. It's a woman her name is Tebow for rush. Who apparently. Came the arrived and Lynn Massachusetts and land in 2010. Along with her parents and siblings. And Tebow for Roger's father apparently was employed at some US backed development organization in Iraq. And in 2006. You were shot and left permanently disabled. So they eventually there for Rogers fled to Jordan they apply for refugee status. Under Obama they were approved. And the arrived here in 2000 intent. And so Elizabeth Warren like as such is becoming now a clown and buffoon. Are opera bucket war. This is political theater. These are just antics. Displays to the to Cambridge. Greatest place to the college students at Harvard. It's gonna have her seated is set Tebow for Raj decider. To show. The price of Trump's temporary traveled that. Think discrimination. Look at these poor young woman. Who's now trying a major in accounting. She's a apparently according to Elizabeth Warren she's. The embodiment of the American dream mean. And she came. Tebow came to America Elizabeth Warren sent out a statement she refers to Nile as he does have to like best friends. Hebert came to America seeking a better life. And she does volunteer work and now she's studying she's a junior at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and she's majoring in accounting. And she's actually even interned. For a Democrat state representative Brendan crichton. For the future damn. Pin while future moan about two of the future. Right there future right there how can you deny the future you racist you. When did Elizabeth Warren. I'm not talking about a Muslim refugee. How come she never invited to vet who served in Iraq. How come she never invited somebody. Disabled vet who was disabled in Iraq. How come she never invite I don't know a taxpayer to come with her and say look at this or work here are Jeff corner. We're joined by Jeff corner look at this or working stiff look there's guys. Than ever today gets up in the morning Ali does work work work pay taxes day in my day and night. The public school system sucks so badly but this poor guy has to send his kids to a Catholic parochial school. All it does is pay taxes or paying for his kids to go to school. Who scar is bust that up because of all the potholes on the role ms. poor working schmuck. Hough. How come she never you know she never invites a veteran. She never invites a small business owner she never invites a taxpayer. She never it's always and illegal immigrants. Some kind of Muslim refugee. Are stranger a foreigner. That's all she knows how come she never invites you. This what I find incredible. The hard working people of Massachusetts. We're never invited. Nobody ever says her opinion nobody ever stands up for us. What about the senior citizens what about Matthew do niece's mother who's been asking for justice. Not how come suddenly the victims of illegal immigration cocoa for some reason she can never. Ask them to show up for a big gala event but it's always for some political theater. It's always for a little spectacle a little show. All ultra Yoshi should really invite. If you were really sincere chief. Why don't you invite a native American Cherokee the ones you square root. To get that 350000. Dollar a year job at Harvard to teach one course. I mean says you shopped him so badly the least you could do was throw one seat of the president tried to address the congress for God's sakes. 617. To a 666868. Let me ask you this. What should trump saying tonight in his joint address to congress and the nation. What do you want him to say what should he say. And Elizabeth Warren. How low can you go. Now vis both former senator the calm. 'cause invited a Muslim refugee. Is she serious. Or is this more judged cheap political theatrics. Is this what you want your senator doing. 6172666868. Your calls next. 126. Share on the great WRKO. OK were about seven and a half hours away. From president Trump's first joint address to a congress shall be speaking to the entire nation Elizabeth Warren. Is going to be bringing in an Iraqi Muslim refugee who arrived and she's got citizenship by the way. Arrived in lane in 2000 and hurl family has citizenship. So there I even affected by the trump travel ban the temporary travel map. So I mean coming to you and talk about just pure grandstanding and showboating but but let that go. You wanna see the difference in priorities so the chief brings illegal immigrants. Annum and Muslim refugees. Trump will be bringing Scalia as we know. The league justice Antonin Scalia and the wives of two California police officers. Killed by an illegal immigrant. So he's basically going to be putting Americans. And their victims of illegal aliens. He's gonna bring them as his guests. And achieve well now it's the chief Stephen Boston go ahead Steve. Good Bonnie got good afternoon Jeff I'm not used to target in the app than normal law in Gatwick and that they're cheap I urge you believe it happened to go on the oncology going to be a close call and let that call them. She these refugees that quite a while I just got up FaceBook and head to gentleman that we're Billick I opened the veterans you know two different veterans groups will have to curb from the same thing. Saying that she opened she doesn't. Veteran she hasn't helped one beverage yet done any passed any legislation without the veterans and yet here she goes she wants to protect the illegal immigrants at all. And we have that problem once it people post because we have this bill but once. The storm want to depress somebody got it should be like Donald Trump what they didn't like Donald Trump. They voted for Donald Trump because it was sick and tired of these Democrats like Hillary Clinton and older but the warrant. Telling them what they should do what we should do. Look at this moment has got to go she doesn't have the brains to be a senator cheat lie cheat lie that she loved like a guy. You know she by the broad consumer protection bureau all the equipment gonna become a big bureaucracy. And did it it's a big bureaucracy. They spent 25 million populist and a beta build and it's not what 25 million Bala. And they didn't even by agents went. Sorry that you also put them they go out of Iraq. And then she says they can't prospect of people. That would get credit check out it never gets stuck in the predicament but I do every once a while uncle and I each and those are quite. And keep critic apple didn't toward ATM machine that shot duke and politic got out. You couldn't put what. I honestly I miss you you're a regular on the morning show great call. Britney I know we're up against that when you wanna weigh in your regular brilliant year in a little fat since yesterday you know if you watch FOX & Friends the veterans assisting veterans were on FOX & Friends and they. Where attack gain as Elizabeth Warren's heard not doing anything for fractured supplying illegal immigrants first Hewitt pick after that. She did say she reach out to that men invite another and to best. To the speech tonight. Now I'm get a refugee from one. I mean that's the chief it's amazing. I think so you're right these are massive veterans right veterans for Massachusetts. Some of them homeless some of them having no care whatsoever at the VA saying I'll commit chief isn't talking pillows calling us representing us. And instead of worrying about the veterans. She gets some Muslim refugee from land. Who's already been here six years and as US citizenship exactly to show us a priority issues they care about fame veterans on the American people by the people of Massachusetts. Blank you'll. That's our message in order messages tonight you the people of Massachusetts. Blank EU it's time to vote her out. And the man coming up next may be that guy to do it. State representative Jeff deal weighs in. Don't touch that dial 136. Here on the great WRK. All okay my friend you joining us now. State representative. Jeff deal seriously considering running against Elizabeth Warren. In 2018. Look Jeff I got to ask you right out of the gates. She's making a fool of herself again she's behaving like a buffoon. Now her latest antics her latest political theater theatrics. Is to invite an Iraqi refugees. Living in Milan. I tonight's address by the president did the joint address to congress. How does this advance the interests. Of the people of Massachusetts. He gets thanks for having me on and you know I've been asked that question for quite awhile now about or seen senator. I mean first of all I am hardly ever see your current state. And look at some sort of rallying against certain people. And you know for the most part and she seems to be all across the country fundraising for other Democrats and. Actually surprise you run for the chair than the Democratic Party that they just elect the other day but anyway. You know she's going to be doing what she always does and grandstand type of move here but she's been. Criticized rightfully so for not working dealt veteran here in Massachusetts she's been called out for a mister McDonald. From veterans assisting veterans. You would think that the first thing she would do would make a call them evidently she has even called his office you can get maybe she might consider bringing the veteran. To this event so that they can you know have a chance to listen and see where the president plans to help them but instead. It seems like it's another grand stand move movement which it was smearing her and her colleagues senator Jeff Sessions when he was trying to be confirmed her attorney general so. No surprise but it it certainly seems like she doesn't seem to understand what people of Massachusetts wind here and that is. How are you gonna work for us in DC end to it to that point at a well. We are talking with state representative. Jeff deal republic and seriously considering now challenging the chief in 2008 team. I'm Jeff I've got to ask you this. I think is the 64000. Dollar question. Do you think. And I know it's a liberal state I know it's Kennedy country it's a blue state. But is Elizabeth Warren now becoming just too extreme. I wanna put words in your mouth but who both Cornish. Even for the liberals in Massachusetts. Is she going too far. Well guess first of all you have to look at the context of what is she done from Massachusetts of questions past zero legislation. Zero bill's chief sponsors pass McCain in the years she's been in. Chi she beat Scott Brown who in just two years ago at three bills. Passed in its sponsor great that she's done that again I mention she wasn't even hadn't been in the state other than raising money for you know Democrats across the country but. You know what it comes in Massachusetts we had a chance for her to support legislation that would have helped. The only people with cancer okay and in cancer research but also jobs for Massachusetts because NIH funding in the as the national institute of health funding. There's a lot of you know work with our research hospitals here and in Massachusetts in Boston she lured against the bill of the 21 century cures act. Which actually would have helped Massachusetts in every other Democrat. In her congressional delegation all nine congressmen and women. Senator Markey they all voted for this way that a good bill for Massachusetts. And she voted against it and it you know the thing is. What is she doing to help people like you keep saying. Here in Massachusetts and I think the fact of the matter is even people in Massachusetts where Democrats are looking better and saying she's not delivering him but there was a poll not about a month ago. That's said that she is basically at 46% of people would rather see any senator in and 44% would wanna keep her she's upside down in a hole. In Massachusetts. When nobody even attacking her right now this is. Purely. Her own doing so the fact is I think people in Massachusetts are Smart enough to know when somebody's working in Washington to help them and went semi down there. Just try to get ahead of themselves. It looks like right now she just wants to run against Donald Trump and 20/20 and intact with the rest of us here in Massachusetts. Jeff we're talking with state representative Jeff deal that Jeff outside. Of the college campuses. Outside of say of Harvard MIT whatever. Her message. Her constant obstructionism. Her opposition to trump. Her over the top hysterical shrill rhetoric. The bull horn the protests. Logan Airport to Boston commons a fund raising across the country taunting trump. A mocking each romp trolling trump. To the union guy it's. Q suburban soccer moms to struggling working families in Massachusetts. May be they historically vote Democrat but they are looking at her. There she offered them. Anything. Well let's just start with the fact that Scott Brown actually won this state we back when he was connecting with. Like he says union workers. You know Stanley that just are struggling to get by. He connected with them. Because she understood what they were going through he knew that the health care that he was the 41 vote against obamacare. He knew that that was just of a terrible terrible health care plan and proven out to be so it states. Nobody anybody in fact it's costing people tons of money either have to buy insurance of coveted deductibles between. You know what what you know cost is something is and what the high deductibles are like 141000 dollars in some cases anyway. But the fact is a lot of folks. As has learned that you know the Democratic Party especially with a strong campaign. In Massachusetts is 20000 Democrats unrolled to be able to vote for Donald trumps the minister that. You know Donald Trump would work working for them he wants to make things work for people in America and Elizabeth Warren was like you say. A strong voice against Donald Trump and in you know really just the ironic thing she's constantly lecturing us. What's good question and yet she herself is clearly one of these 1% is that it's what's good for me is not good for the rescue. Like if you know again these veterans that think that one of the things they said was hey let's give us the things okay you guys get. In in Washington DC and it means she got to learn to talk to him about this sort of thing so would what's good for her is clearly much better than what's good for the rest of us. So I think that yes this is the time when. Massachusetts can actually look at it as an historic moment and say you know what it's time to replace senate that's not working for the people in our state. Jeff you sound like a candidate. You were coming across like a candidate are you officially go announcer candidate. Yeah I got what it occurred. Pushed me but you know the fact that matters is still a personal decision. I wanna talk to a lot of folks as I spoke with Scott Brown today action as a matter of fact because I just want talked about. You know a lot of the demand of this race I haven't a Stanley and I want to make sure that if I do this I'm gonna do with the right way Evan go. Full bore and and really take on you know a machine in the state and it looked a legally use an underdog if I make this race. But the fact of the matter is I think the people of Massachusetts are Smart enough to know when somebody is is just grandstanding for themselves. Or they're actually trying to get things done for the people and looked. I've been working on issues like the gas tax keep that from going up every year without a vote that helped. A lot of middle class and lower income families and you know it takes a big portion out of their income. The Olympics wanted to come here in recess for about ten billion dollars. And I worked with some colleagues on Beacon Hill. First into the chamber announcement came at a block that from happening. The blocking these pay raise for two years and fortunately it went through but. At least save taxpayers about 36 million in the last two years I wanna do what's right for the people it's not about being popular on Beacon Hill it's not about trying to do. Anything other than what's good for the people that live in my count they represent and the state of Massachusetts so. If I make that decision Jeff certainly innocent like. I do Jeff I know you're busy but I want to ask you one final question is the ultimate question. You're Republican. You're. A principled Republican you've always been a principled Republican. What do you shaded the argument that he's principled Republican. Just think of the cool look at the 2016 election. Where trump was handily defeated by Hillary Clinton in Massachusetts. That in such a liberal state. Eight pure Republican a principled Republican like you huge just can't win what he's seen that argument. Well like as hill long first symbolic that Scott brown and the fact that he was able to win when nobody thought he could. And you know as far as Donald Trump in Massachusetts there was unique circumstances we didn't necessarily have a governor pulling in the same direction that I think that it changed the dynamics somewhat. But the fact of the matter is that there is nobody that is unbeatable when it comes from running for office I mean. And again I think the people messages to or are Smart enough to know that there are people that are working on Beacon Hill and working in Washington DC on their best interest. And there are people that are clearly just out to make a name for themselves and I've never seem to have been in office than anything to try to you know. You can get personally and in any single way been taken off the committee's. In the house I'm my own party. Because they butt heads to them I'm just gonna work with people of Massachusetts decides if I make this line and a successful. I was looking for people of Massachusetts. First and foremost that entire time. I don't wanna put words in your mouth chaff but are you saying that essentially Elizabeth Warren. Is only intra state in making a name for herself well just she's all sizzle no steak. Let's just look at the fact that the deet which he smeared attorney general attorney general sessions. When he was still a senator fellow senator to smear him in the senate chamber. She's in new book that they had just come out and was announced that same day so. Let other people maybe connect the dots as to whether or not she's really trying to promote what's good for Massachusetts or whether she's really just trying to promote what's good for senator Warren. But you know Jeff I look I hope you run you know this I hope you run I think you can beater I think you will be here. And when you do beat her next November I'm not saying if announcing when when you beat her next November. You know I gotta say Jeff and Oklahoma they tell me she's a great house flipper record. Maybe we can send literate tyrant you could do some real estate in Oklahoma and flip some more homes. How does that work out for people with you know in distress in selling their homes load she's buying them up slipping in the making a profit off a bank if that's they get that would consider working. For the middle class town in Washington DC. Where she spends most of the time that kept you know you're bigger points I need support of the people of Massachusetts if I'm gonna run in the film gonna win this race so. If folks want to know more about mediation go to my website which is Jeff deals dot com GE OS that. DI EHL dot com I really wanna hear from people as to whether or not they think it should run because honestly. It's gonna be everybody who it takes part in this campaign is it'll be. The work of a lot of great grassroots folks and folks and you know I wanna represent. You know if if I'm if they decide to go forward. And I need to help to plea that I know people caught weigh in on my web site. It's Jeff dear old dot com GE oh a half after deals DI ED HL. Jeff thank you so much for coming on the corner report you're always welcome my friend thank ship but hey. Chart recorder that god bless you buddy take care bear thing gold Jaffa goal. Or you don't it Jeff deal he's the real deal I mean you can just see the slogans just coming right out of the mouth not a real it's as. This campaign is gonna run itself. 6172666868. Jam in Medford go ahead gem. And they go boy jumped. After the un actually. Vegetative might call you usually what people like jokes bombed. I think got a lot and I don't know what the word meant but and so election didn't is that what they do land on. Democrat I mean I'm just typing problem nugget of the boat you know we're gonna do this we're gonna get him in. You know it. Well it's an audition like yeah. They are no luck Jeff look sorry Jim but Jim look you nailed it their domestic enemies. And that's why I say bring back Hugh whack bring back the house un American activities committee. I think there's no question about it Nancy Pelosi Elizabeth Warren. Chuck U Schumer Maxine Waters this is sedition. This is no melts sedition. And they are to destroy this president. To impeach him to get rid of them to play isn't the only thing. We look first you got to commit crime to put a guy in jail right well this days they want him impeach the guy hasn't done anything and the biggest. Fraud on Capitol Hill I'm telling you is Elizabeth Warren folk contests. And he owed Jeff Diehl is a classy guy he touched on it she's a plug in her book. She's out flipped in a homeless. Let me tell you if the people Massachusetts you know and I'm gonna make sure that Jeff you if he does run all we're gonna get this message out. She as a multi million dollar mansion in Cambridge did you know that. And not only Schiavo multimillion dollar mansion she is sold sensitive because it is so gaudy its sole luxurious. That for example reporters at the Boston Globe were boston.com. Or all the friendly media outlets. When they do interviews with her outer multimillion dollar mansion. Off the Iraq occurred it is off the record to report. On the Italian furniture. On the chandeliers. On how the paintings. This woman is the 1%. She's the biggest phony and listen. She's the biggest phony and fraud in this entire and that's saying something in this entire country. Okay I'm more native American than she is if that's possible. Because somebody 5600 years ago for my ancestors may have come to the new world and god knows what ever had relations and a worn almost okay. And had some kind of illegitimate child with an end. Hormones I may have a little bit more native American blood than she does that's what kind of a phony she is. So I'm looking at her right now. With that multimillion dollar mansion. She's now worth at least fifteen mil if not when he 25 Mel she's a house flipper she's a complete fraud. She's the 1%. And you claim to be part of the 99%. Vs the 1%. When all this woman does. If she's not flippant Holmes she's peddling books. If she's not peddling books she's lying on forms claiming false. Indian ancestry to teach 355000. Are of course forgive me one course for 350000. Dollars a year. So take your pick your poison. She can be unmasked. In front of the electorate in Massachusetts. If somebody just has the guts to do it. 617. To a 666868. You know spend less time with Muslim refugees and illegals. And maybe cared just a little bit more. About hardworking. People of Massachusetts. Just a suggestion chief. 61720666868. Let me ask you this. Who do you think Warren should bring. It tonight's address. And is bringing a Muslim refugee are appropriate or is it more shameless. Grandstanding. And showboating.