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Kim and VB go at Kellyanne Conway 2-28-17

Feb 28, 2017|

Kellyanne Conway dominated the Twittersphere for the way she was sitting on a couch in the Oval Office.

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So we're inviting you to check the pick. Pictures out if you haven't had a chance to see him at WR TO dot com fax slash BBC and Kellyanne Conway he didn't. The Oval Office she is on one of those two how she is. That said the error around the coffee table in front of the big desk. And she is mealy on this couch in her high heels taking pictures of the president. With. African American University. Presidents and and the like. As we. This pictures all up and the reaction to what is. I'll just read a couple of you know. Things that showed up on Twitter we just when you think this administration couldn't shock you anymore. Rarely if I. The only time I ever sit on my couch like dances and others when I'm watching TV at home. You don't do this in the boss's office this money this is off hauling and I'm Kellyanne and says someone. Never. Torture the on the furniture. Mixed hockey says what she what was she really doing on her phone. And and it's. John picture getting your picture coming off of the phone. Talking to African Americans for dummies because obviously the Trump's trump and Kelly are racists would be the implication. But everyone's this picture is been seen by a way more people than any Oscars pictures proceeding I would argue. I asked the question on Twitter Kim if you showed mum. Fifteen man this picture in that spot the faux paw would they be able through. I'd be honest with you I mean I'm not so worked up with a slight. Some of that that. Tweeters and textures and FaceBook folks are except to say that. I just think it's incredibly. Unprofessional. No I don't care scattered shoes on or not the fact of the matter is she's an address she's curled up like almost like you know I don't know what on the couch with all these people in there and there's. Absolutely no reason why she needs to be doing. She could be on her knees in front of the photographers were taking pictures taking pictures it's. And then on top of it sheet there are photos of her not taking pictures and she just remains they're sitting there in mr. Russ on her knees. It's just it's inappropriate behavior to me. For the Oval Office and certainly we do have a group of people in there I know that they're going to be people who are gonna argue. Although there are pictures of president because if you look on the Daily Mail they go down as pictures of President Obama with his feet up on the desk or whatever. Well first off he's the president that's number one. Secondly he's with the advisors this is not a room full I mean there's there's there's 2530 people in this room. And she's doing this and she's completely oblivious to it she really as she's oblivious to the idea that this looks a little inappropriate in the. Oval Office. With all these people that that would be. Which if your boss doesn't care as a matter though yeah it's about. It does to me if it does he get away with it. I'll do whatever as long as I can get away with a here's the thing you a clear and do you wanna be cast as an unprofessional person though like she's being cast. I think they're just mocking or I don't think it's gonna affect her reputation any in any forms off likened. Jump up and down a couch it for just for fun and the president is gonna give me crap for. Wanna do it. But we have a series of moments. Policies. Things that happen when this administration where the second happened here OK you can tell when. Side you're on what your year with your lover. When you're just trumps all when the bureau Elizabeth Warren marketer return based on what this is. In this case. For slice the lead story on the Daily Mail the big story and who knows what the picture shall go ouster but that's for starters than the the the first line in the thing is that people were quick to mark the ill advised pose with many shocked that the lack of formality in such a formal setting. Then you add this the next line. Number following commentators noted how casual she appeared to be considering the administration was making an effort to reach out to the black community. In areas. Such as somehow that's ridiculous. They're trying to tell you in the Daily Mail that this is somehow subliminally racist in that tweet that I just told you a note right there. There's subliminally racist when in reality what happened most likely was. There's such a large group of men there. Kelly and jumps up on the couch to get hired to take a picture of everybody and then after doing that she just drops down. To get a different angle of same picture that's my guess as to what happened. Well let me probably half and we are essentially is worse that's worse. And she doesn't need to do that that I mean but she's just steam being on that couch in those heels had to do had to aren't all right. I don't. I don't know what she's doing it's too it has actually nothing to do with a racist as far as I'm concerned it's got nothing to do with. The administration. And this is all about her before accessible Internet does not bother I think. I think it's just unprofessional. As a warming is sitting on this couch doing as she does not need to do this she can bring down on the ground right there in front of all these people and take that photo. Is she feels so compelled to do so why she feels she needs to do that I don't know there's a an official photographer in the room. You know Kelly does need to be the official photographer. So to me is just and it's just it's controversial and it is completely reflective upon her. Not on the administration. And not on the people there hosting there so there's that six point 7266. 6860. Let's check in with Steve he sits down Steve good morning did you see the pictures. Good morning yeah a couple. Why it's like I've. Ever surprised that you are by what it means you media winds have been greater problem. And I was prepared here elect app eight get out out I had so impaired orbit that. You know she's Smart and sexy and fun. At. Outlook and I mean I don't care be it physical bolder Saturday to get it may be arrogant and out of whatever it. That media again and we're out credit equity partners. Steve I think it is. Com personal Kelly and a scale and and she doesn't by any rules and she just does what she does. To me if you criticize her here and you know like. You're one of them and by that like so you're reading my book now Kim you were reading an injury during January there's there's chapter in their rock brokers and brokers are the old call art that. Look you know puts the glass it's the library and that puts that the glass is down and looks at you like how dare you behave like that in here it's caddie shack where in. The caddies running in the pool area and they go scattering because they can't believe that they are Lonnie and. Your wanna like. Roy acts as he said that nobody's seen anything inappropriate here. Couched didn't get ripped which is one of the apparently that all the haunted couch might have got ripped while it didn't and so wanted to do it anyway but it didn't. Well to me is here's that here's the thing for me. At first off I'm so tired of a moon so and so doesn't play by the rules so that's okay. Well that's always OK okay I don't worry I'm. Number chill. This setting yourself up for this kind of of BS spell setting yourself up. First of do you think if that was demanding they be making a big deal and anyway probably not. The issue is you are a woman in your held to a different standard we had this conversation we're in the diner Friday. Mean you know winner just held to a different standard just just set yourself up for this stuff Kellyanne. You know it's just silly but very relieved and just really changed people right you want him to be who they are and stay true to you don't want the office to change them. In my mind Julian is a professional and that's what she did here was unprofessional so this does change her her. My view of horror in that I don't I think Italians very different than what I think she not a sore winner and a winner. A I like to bet Kellyanne I don't necessarily like this one Dennis is in Woburn good morning Dennis. All right Jack thanks good portrait I'll try a little taken back on the economic so we'll go. Assisted single autobiography on our culture is it appropriate. Yeah but nobody ever called out Obama but aside he was on Air Force One leg up on the C. Any child. Just try anger out there and all the women on the as they have no move move move problem that's not appropriate. You want this to Chile and is who she is in the Y yes yeah. Because they don't pull any punches do what they gotta do what they would be sick. You know I just appropriateness is a little bit not decided yet and that's the big trap. Well I I I think this thing is you know sheik. Which you're known that this happened in would this be a big deal if it was one of the meal what the men and the answer is no. So I mean. I think sheet. We just need to recognize that. The only irony in an is that you know. Trump called out K 63 likes law so. Etiquette mattered in that case apparently it. You know what's what's the next door oh my god she used the big four for the salad delight. When did she go to finishing school nor should she have it's all right it's the league deal from South Carolina last night. And a jury of sixteen is seated in a double murder trial of Aaron Hernandez opening statements of for tomorrow jacor WR GO news. Can't buy. 60 you can that's correct and goal that is that is not heed my mother's always said that there. But she's just you in my class class is not whether or not you're sitting on the couch which. Column. Isn't this. That's ridiculous it is. I sit here and defend what being digitally publish my flight back. If you're not we're not talking about she's not a home. She got over it gates' house which either going out of 1850 artists act like a lady wore what does that leave. Kelly and acts like a lady she's she's partly running the country. I gotta give it matters whether she Wear Steelers so at Donald Trump but he's not a lady wasn't used to bucket truck what are ever done that. I don't love how pocket trumpet is probably had as involved in running this country is any but I think of mark waksal to straight sometimes I I think that she sold rehearsed in so concerned in so wrong. Paul I don't want my people to Paul I want them with some orphanages I call him still worried Jillian got plenty of those Paul is in your brain on good morning pol. Good morning guys hey all I'm a little disappointed in you this morning. I think this goes back to our went and bought this conversation from apps week. It is you know it's. You sent a super guy onshore totally not sure this is a guy who had. An agenda which was to take some pictures. And even let some silly out it is way so you have to approach it the -- we needed it to extra. Except Kelly and Arnold it's all of a sudden now is gigantic folk pop. And actually collapse isn't about how people interact. Fox's about the person who. Called attention to her is the person showing that they don't app pops up in this situation. If you. If you look at this this is just a gigantic testimony of the fact that we are not. Judging. People by their actions we just kicking it every opportunity we it and now. I know exactly what went on around the pictures well I don't but. She didn't do anything inappropriate she just was trying to get a picture. And she did which he needed to do we love you and local prompt they're not about. Oh it must follow this to this step to this definite shake these guys in in this order. To also. Well let me ask a quick question I would ask the question. If this was exactly the same situation but instead that was Michelle Obama on that couch she was in a skirt just like that she had her heels and share phone out she was taken pictures of the president. With these black leaders would that be cool with you. And would you say yeah that's all that's a problem she does what she does. She just didn't let this Kitna went suggests that we. Like about Obama would not cricket. Give me an example did you see Michelle Obama up up like doing this just did did you see that. Well how about the pictures at the bit at parties and added that they wish Obama would do pretty dumb. Suggest the thing that both sides to an area Michelle Obama some of these rallies some pretty things that are pretty lady like. No I'm asking you I'm asking you if I sorrow on that Paul no outs and yeah. So it's not exact thing I keep. And show but not Kelly of course it didn't know weeks he of course you can't but we can just keep going I mean you know. They do blitz that I can start on some of the things Kellyanne is done I mean and I'm not try to do that as I like Kelly and my point is just. Do you see this because you love Donald Trump and you love Kellyanne let this change. Or daughter I have a daughter and I don't expect turret at this live up to a different yardstick and her brother. It's unacceptable. That we help the world where we weren't at school are holding that girl's sweet different federal rules in its. It's garbage. Not czar Paul I you're going to announce so unfortunately now we only leave you there but dot. I just I think. I think if that was Michelle Obama on that couch. People would be calling they'd be absolutely outraged that if that she would be on that couch and that she went to an. Its eyes I told you two started series or hater lover now if the roles reversed generally. The rules for personal view of from continuing to Obama's right. I do law of the tweet where. They're putting up the faces of the Oscar's people that are realizing pivotal moment to realize the wrong when it's of the Merrill Streep right president addresses a joint session on them. Charlize. And so they've got they've got like twelve of them in the you know celebrities are reacting to Kellyanne Connolly sitting on the couch. That is asked I. I it. It's such an nonsense thing in the fact that they Tryon tied into it deep disrespect to these and that's an American. Leaders. It's just nonsense she's quite the opposite what she's intending to do. Is show complete respect I wanna get as many in this picture is like and she you know she's put the ball inside he's. She's back although she could be at the other end of the couch against. Every texture on our attacks Lyman is pointing out that something worse probably happened on the couch and use a lot. Listen I agree. I agree I don't. Again I think Kellyanne Conway is a really Smart really savvy woman. No I I think this is just inappropriate behavior and I wouldn't your it was Kellyanne. And that's me I just think it's inappropriate behavior because. As a woman I I would not have done that with all those people in the room because I know the kind of scrutiny that you would get. And I just think you I wouldn't do it anyway because I just think it's unprofessional I really do Jimmy is in Dorchester KGB good morning. Warnings of Phoebe hope ya gotta what you helped. I'm not happy eightieth vacuum you'd get a good idea or another friend of mine. I'm Kevin from Randolph he thinks he's got a sexy voice. Think when we got my voice can cause I'm not a. That is. It is the point I want a break. Nobody criticizes Obama when media cheesy at a white also shouldn't be traditional with states and around that he was in the lyrics. Coleman also know what you're made possible that. Well I don't I don't love it it certainly love having Jay-Z there and all that singing you're mostly right about that but. The one that's most analogous is a bomber at the funeral was that the Swedish prison. In place and man everybody made a fuss about it you completely inappropriate not. That was way worse that was that if you wait whatever is. This is your team where you're fairly comfortable. You know this workplace where you spend a lot of hours. And you're trying to get a picture these guys and you just jump up on the couch and then is your tweeting at rather than kick the legs forward you can come underneath here. Not the end of the world now what if Nancy Pelosi does this tonight while the president's talking I I'll be a little more. Did you just kind of hit the nail on the head and we know about how we are comfortable in a certain place. Ky so it's surprising that she's comfortable there. Uncomfortable in his studio and I'm you know sometimes you sit there you know my legs up in this chair. But when we seals. People who come in. And they bring clients what we all sit up and fly ready because it's just the professional right thing to do right I don't. Well I don't do anything professional and those people come I have zero respect for anybody but myself. We know this about you gave that we just can't do you know. We just get I just think it's you know there's just certain right time aim is for certain things. And I don't think that when you got all these people in the White House and that the Oval Office and near there with the president that this is necessarily. That kind of thing she is at the end of the world. Not hardly. I come up next we wanna talk about tonight's big speech or help president addressing a joint Tehran congressional. Bodies for the first time since he has been president and what we anticipate is coming.