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Feb 27, 2017|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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Don't we get by its radio. Alleged to be the blueprint Sunday's. WRK total voice of busting. And that welcoming everybody that's got today take beautiful coastal twelve than we. Great show coming up to me we really do because it's kind of like. That if he had something to put together some information I've done. Because in the 11 o'clock hour. Like we'll bring in some barbecue here a fair test I love barbecue for breakfast from the policies barbecue and peavy will be here. In the 11 o'clock hour today's the make sure you stick with us today you know we got a lot of things going on as you know we broadcast live on FaceBook live. Every Sunday from ten to twelve noon as you hear the radio show on WRKO in Boston. And you could ask questions online. I mean that's something he can do and last week I was watching people on FaceBook and they were actually haven't sidebar conversely watching people in principle yeah Iowa as I'm doing the show right so they're they're on our FaceBook live asking questions I do have a question. That I want our listeners and our viewers to answer a little bit later on for a few minutes from right now and has to do with the Oscars but guess what it's tonight it is time it is and it is tonight. Perfect it is tonight Sundays have been so boring and the Super Bowl yeah I. That gap but it seems like this year you know the gap between football. And really like baseball for me is like the longest part of the year. I'm gonna you know. But last year and this year the way this and that is the cold. No row and I find me the other problem is the Bruins play on the West Coast so like 1030 start times is just. Just yeah I came and went bankrupt. Why you could you could turn around Washington to one group that you can replace like 2 o'clock in the morning perfect even better. And it's a replay at the FaceBook dot com slash wicket bytes that's where you can watch the FaceBook like feed right now and you know coming up. I guess at the Oscars tonight and and I always find it. More of a kind of a perfect mix the kind of RP with a collective eat. And the correlation with those folks and how many of those go out to dinner prior. Two movements it's always been EU number. Well dinner and a movie comes from somewhere somewhere you know and that's why you've seen in these gourmet places these Cormier. The cinema star and pop up more and more yup and and I and that there's a reason Ford and the I think people look for the hole mine out. Instead of just paying like they normally do fifty dollars were right to tickets and you know popcorn and a large soda jerk and a large soda you drink it. He can't make the move. Now you know so if you're sitting in the movies getting really good and all you could think about. Another half hour I don't know latter had an hour and a and that's like OK I'm gonna run out I'm gonna run out so you're running through the crowd you know just to let out some of that rhetoric Minnesota. And I mean there is nothing small. Well this one's no I mean you can get them in your beer you can get a liquor. I know the one and Chestnut Hill you can get w.s delivered to your table thirty year sentence. So it's it's it's it's gone from. You know just in popcorn. You know with that with. With what is the butter they put on its not real potter it's like. Liquid gold much of what it is Texas TT cinema he I've been there and a couple of years. I can't think of the names in Salisbury. Okay. Right on the main road as you coming off the highway 495 and it's right there by the Sylvan street grill. Now for like fifty cents more who who you could have real butter coconut put on popcorn. And I did that the last time went to a movie there no and always it's heart stopping good it is so good it is so good but you know I. Knowing of the movies and and I'm not a big like my wife asked him popcorn -- we go out to dinner for you to be completely stuffed them you know Kenny another bite. But yet we'll go to movies and you have to get popcorn. Which you'll eat the majority. Well actually pretty good on all countries there aren't drinking my large Diet Coke. And it is legal for punishment there yes yes. I'd but that tonight they get the the Oscar's are coming up an amount. UI I I'm on a streak I think they're called the last four best motion pictures all right you know so I've I've gone back the last four years have called every single one. Correctly. And one thing that they did they start doing this a couple of years ago it's as bad this year. But about 34 years ago when have more movies and did you know so that was like. Fifteen movies nominated for the best movies you know we can't see them you know but I think it using it to you know they get people coming and come back to the movies now. You know now we got 1234567899. Movements not instill a lot of movies and that are going to be. And how many have you seen. A look at the way it doesn't matter I saw the movie of the year yeah I think that's the only one I've seen as well I race. I got the seat to Woody's using two of the best original I want to see. Hell or high water Coca six months ago that's CEO Jeff Bridges and Jeff Bridges who does a phenomenal job boom in there as generous and it's an advocate. I didn't like when when I went online as comic and let's go to the movies and as I was reading the description yup and the description was western. Some like you know I wanna see no western. You know and I'm I'm pick in western you know the old. You know gun smoke John going right yeah. That's gonna fit into my life and what I want that sounded and I actually saw the preview of the preview button. Now my others about a Texas bank robbery jump and it was a differ somewhat Austin's what's the difference Jeff Bridges was. Really good enough I mean better Mike if if if you do know was Jeff Bridges. Going in behind not notes Jefferson's. He's had a hard to believe he's Jeff Bridges. Know if it's a you have to see it and you have to see the it has a phenomenal job and there. But I was in. As as I mentioned not that long ago I went to see law of the land like the first week or two that came Iowa the week after your writer and and I. You wanna alike kind of looked at and it's and I want what are the movies it was a Sunday afternoon. And and now this has good reviews you know I didn't even look at what it was a good reviews you know on the rating wise. So about two minutes into the movie in my life turn. Some issues you hate this movie and you know because it's a musical and and the singing and dancing for five minutes yeah. And I'm like all I am in the wrong movie about a half hour later. I'm like you were singing and dancing in the course certificate and call like this and for musical it's really not but that little town of Hollywood and an idea it's an old Hollywood stop. But I just thought the way to put together by half hour into it's like this movement you know about 45 minutes into it I said. I really love this movie in about an hour into it I'm saying. Movie of the year maybe movie the last decade who you know is an hour and a half your question that large so. Yet this yes and you know it was is Michael back I don't like seeing a movie that Etsy. I cannot remember who the movie that's a twenty years ago I'm not some analysts at their watch again welcome. But that I was thinking like level in this plan one of those beak. Frequently I I IMAX. I. Would mind them back NC welcome you know so that mean that that tells you what I think of this movie. I think it's it took six years for them to two. Come up with the in the came up with the idea took six years then we find people that believed in the movie and get the funding for the movie. And and as you see that it has done you know fourteen nominations I think that's a record writers a title and it's it's their problem and so that's coming up as as my. My winner and it's a statement this year. Yet or their risky choice in state swept almost every other wardrobe you know what I what I did on FaceBook I just put up a poll this morning so if you go on and vote what do you think the best motion picture is on you do that on our FaceBook. So FaceBook dot com slash wicket bites could just go there and just click on which you think is the best motion picture that they include the arrivals. They haven't seen that wolf fences. And can offenses this with Denzel right yep and I know he's up for best actor from when I put him in that pizzeria Regina category. Because he's always explained it was like the Pete area Regina every time we do a show on pizza then they went so we're retire -- soon to retire. Why don't want him to retire because I think he's phenomenal and now and that's the problem when everybody off and every category unlike the we're at the top one that's a tough one the but in matter practice and is now actor and so is phenomenal bowlers yes. My actually my son said you know. Intel sign is in them in in borrowers now and as soon as you said that I knew instantly who was because of the points right. And he has pens L style. Which is just what he's just smooth label back you know trustworthy type of person. That you wanna follow it up you know so fences is up hacks are ridge. Almost bought the nom Blu-ray and I almost to normal yesterday to but I did not hell or high water. Hidden figures haven't seen it in figures is about some women that kind of because they may program on yeah I don't know if program with a Kevin Costner's. Mature Kevin Costner but or Kevin plus one might. That'd be that that lead female actress in Taraji. At some other big stars are now I actually try to see that the they've broken it just in Quetta and though lion. Manchester-By-The-Sea. And moonlight now I would not go see Manchester this. I don't wanna spend all right box and be depressed. I heard was very said. Yeah that was that is who have a lot of crying and so for me you know win best picture for it in I'm spending fifty dollars. You know just to go out with the popcorn soda and my wife and I sit there and a movie and it's and just feel bad about myself. There's a lot of sure it does and I mean I meant to sit in the dark will move you know. You know and maybe grab a ball berth if he and his stare out the window. And with a clearly the bad thing. Yes I mean that's why did note that goes in that movie. But those are some of the movies that are those are the movies that are nominated for tonight's Oscar 2017. Oster an eagle on the FaceBook. Which it bites T the wicket bites on FaceBook. And vote right now and then we'll we'll see how it's how it's still and know that I don't it's an electoral votes in their you know minutes ago but about check and a little later. But I also have a question for those of us the book for those of you watch and on FaceBook right now. Yeah after time atomic just like they have questions out there so they can kind of correspondence with their thinking. Do you think. Do you think or would you watch the Oscars if he gets really political. I would. You know there are a lot of people I think it's a poll and it's almost and it's almost like an assumption now that's going to so you know what well ISI poll that that 66%. Of the people turn it off will. You know that's a huge percentage of people that will turn up the awards show. When they get too political figures I'm not amazed drinking games out of it that's the trick. Coming opposite totally how low can they go have fun with the yeah Moscow based apply to talk about you look like there's a lot of folks. Let me know what you. Turn the TV off would you turn the show off the Oscars. If they get. Two political. An award show and political. Via the kind of chunk out. Kind of never yeah so we will see tonight I mean there were already sort of getting political eyes as as you know I mean even the even the that the getting up to the Oscars they're George Clooney's out there making speeches you know Meryl street master that's an interesting question there too you know. Now Meryl Streep is is up for our. Actress. I'm sure shoes and an axis now a lot of people feel that if she didn't make that. That speech during the sag awards and you wouldn't have been nominated here. Which is Merrill Streep I think if she does anything should be nominated I saw a lot of critics then that you know that that were very hard leaning left folks welcome and actually believed that she doesn't deserve this nomination. It wasn't one of her better performances. What just mean she's not win but she again. Two real street she might as well as measures are you aware that you take away a spot from somebody else that deserve to be in this year I mean I haven't seen a lot of nominated movies like cancer and I are almost feel when you see this it's almost like never figure skating couple years ago it was it was always the same ones that one. Because they they they they the people that judge to. You know had their favorites and to two years you'd get into that that top tier and eventually they kind of broke that down when. People were winning like gold medals and that would fall down okay so I'm just wondering. I'm just maybe. So we'll find out we'll find out tonight. In best actor no. I Denzel I guess that is up for that. Ryan Gaza and I'm just wondering Brian Gaza and an Emma Stone no. You know they are up for best actor actor mr. does it do what it did in the sag awards. When news when he got a movie that so strong. That it just sweeps. Emotionally and if you're a judge you're just gonna say La La land. Every time comes up on the ballot maybe and I'm Warner degree and I thought they were good. In the moving. The two of them but I don't I didn't think they were phenomenal. Yeah it was a it was a very good movie was it a a best actor best actress movie I don't know again when year. I haven't seen fences what you put Denzel Washington best actor category they're again tiger or fire at the bar there and I'm going to look past and they'll run as if it in my community of anything with the he wins any hands now he wants one a risk along the same lines what assembled Meryl Streep it's like you put her in the category it's like. You can see the movie it's once Merrill Streep who probably is a terrible performance you know cinematographer. Okay. I I knew instantly act and I can tell you this right now it's between arrivals La La land. The lion moonlight and silence moved La La land by far. I estimate target that's net and I don't want her in this business who have but I never really watch a movie and say boy that's two beautifully now you know I always feel that. The great film production is like it clean clear. The way they filmed. Hello and and I know I've talked about this quite a bit that opening scene was shot in one take you know one Campbell. Five minutes long most amazing thing I've ever seen no you know just that the creativity. Of the camera work and they were able to do. And to bring feelings and emotion in. I've I have an I have never experienced something like that and move normally think about this or TARP you know like the truth but this time. I know that they will win. Be in that there are no I mean. Two may well and hands down. Well assuming I've seen so yeah but the that helps you narrow down. Shortly and favorite given all the awards because it's the only one I've seen so again go onto our FaceBook feed on just go to FaceBook. Which invites dot com slash we FaceBook dot com slash wicked bites even vote for your favorite picture and let's see how we do as an audience and I know I've kinda tainted pretty. Pretty solid. Towards lower legs I think it's one of the best movies that's in a long time now now. It took some calls today. But I couple things that Annie to tell you we have Kevin Cohen our psychic medium at the China blossom in North Andover. I do not call for tickets that we are completely. Completely sold and I can't even get back to the phone calls the people that call last night and this morning. You know on the line we are sold out we've been sold out for about almost a week now for his show. We will have some more Kevin Cohen shows. Probably the China blossomed early may. Is what we're looking at and then we're looking at another place made will do something in April. In the us saw this area so they'll be coming up. But next Sunday. The 5 march refused we've marcher ready. We have Joey voices. Because over forty different musical impressions of the China blossom in north and over. I I wanna say it is about 25. Tickets left for his show right now. I guarantee you're gonna love that show I mean people go in there and his rave about Joey and his ability plus he just loves doing it and Kevin. Yet he'll be doing very funny yet very very funny guys will be opening up next Sunday march 5. We joined voices at the China blossom you could order tickets by going to our website wicket bites dot TV schooled at the bar on the page and you'll see Jolie voices. Or you could just call us at 8667451167. And it's just 4995 per person will home. That's phenomenal because you gonna you know and as you know it. As in like a Las Vegas partners show with a phenomenal comedian and all he can meet Chinese buffet with primary. Genitals yet China blossom in north and over next Sunday afternoon. Food is worth the money alone it's late sunnier and more thirty write what you know what might people eat fifty dogs with who. Usually I mean I've never see it's like these people never eaten before an airline. Yeah there's just mounds and mounds of food. But when all you can eat prime rib and only can eat sushi in all you can meet. Everything and you're gonna you're gonna need a fifty dollars with a food. Yes you and and I guarantee you when you go you're gonna love the show 8667451167. To order tickets 866. 7451167. And I'm gonna tell you a couple things and never come back and Teddy some more things including a drive in. Cinema that they are working on in national. It's about a ten million dollar project. Yet is that the regular drivers. Attorney about a little twist in just few moments the exchange street be Astro and mauled and that's a unified Jauron Carolina. I love this restaurant and a Mike and I've been there we've been there several times. The food the atmosphere is is is all top notch with John did is he worked at. He worked at several restaurants in Boston Torres career yup and Johns. Goal in his business model was to take that quality of food. An atmosphere. And bring it out to the purpose no but leaving those prices of Boston. Back in the city of Boston. And he has done well when you walk into this restaurant. You're gonna notice it's a stylish. European Easter. Paris is Terry wood floors I just love that the custom is lines that lounge kinda just flows right into the restaurant open for lunch and dinner. Great lunch specials great I I mean phenomenal lunch specials. But to go on their dinner. Have a fourteen announcement about how about how about it how about fourteen ounce revised. Where their land and sea which is short ribs and scallops mushrooms new potatoes and when new potatoes well and Donald. I'll go with that I trust you. And that that's McVeigh would I would rather but I would always look at their specials big pin there the beast over there all the drama the bee's editor. All all restaurants the rule sauteed onions amok marshalls on them move on already on the beat don't have a great quality burger and I mean. I don't care due 2017. We get to win yeah it just felt a burger your warm a restaurant doesn't really matter you have to have that quality murder and they and they do these roper black gangs because it's like. You know you start with the best stuff that to the finding also those cheddar Fries go with oil and and probably best of all my guess you like this and we have over 100 different Martinis. I think I had well not all of whom we're there are a couple of close let's look at all the exchange street beast rather open action you know what I think it was Sunday brunch going until 3 o'clock today but there are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. And I I want to go and say it's a hundred John Carolina. OK when you go in a century B stroke for me. And I just talked to John the other day and that he loves when when people mop and asked John it just to say hi itself. Tea room for dessert I don't now I Jon exchange rate be extra 67 exchange street and mall than. By the way there's plenty of parking it pays into the street parking right in as a municipal lot wreck like like right next dorsett and even worry about. Parking that's not much of an issue at all that exchange street Easter. The Chinatown restaurant is and stowed in a 27 Sharon street I should I should say root. 27 on Sharon street is where you'll find that China town restaurant that's Lisa and Williams longs restaurant. And that's we got to find those Chinatown rich now there is nothing like the Chinatown. Rip. I mean there's so meaty and I'm looking for his barbecue segment coming up next hour. But it is you want something different. Picture. Picture having your own smoker Chinese. Picture that fixes. For hours slow smoking. These reps wouldn't. There me and Jews. And then when they come out of the smoker. Then they coat with their special. You know this specials like Chinese office move. When you have the Chinatown spare parts. There's nothing like them at any other Chinese restaurant I've ever experienced. And they were times that they just run out. Mean it it's is it pitched here at its four hours now you know that to prepare said the go on in there especially on a Friday Saturday night. Ordered those first yes I mean call ahead even call it make sure that they're gonna be a lot to bring them home you know the two yeah and say hi to Lisa. When you go in there such she's like I love this. Police say and we one's place its called the Chinatown. Route 27. 103 Sharon street that's in the cops corner shopping plaza in Stowe okay. I Teresa's prime if you're removed for a great state wild thing I can recommend a better place trees as prime it's nick you have this place. They're open Wednesday to make that Tuesday. Wednesday Thursday Friday setters of the closed on Monday. Myron I guess Ingraham it was revealed until Mozilo there is different is no good today at one lead off Monday night but most of Monday. But on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday the 35 dollar pre fix me nice to go and enjoy great steak. Or actually just don't think about states that do a lot more than two states. There are a little distance mistakes I mean they think about the mistakes and they haven't missed a triple. And that's with a on the triple. Triple cooked triple glazed bacon that they make. Although young the double thick candy bacon they got there again it's an appetizer but the bacon is just like. You lose you those of you really are on FaceBook live it's like this long it's like naked it's it's a good piece a hunk of bacon yeah it really has Teresa's. Traces the old tops and country club. Which is at twenty own street in the the result a little prettier than big ol' uncle break against us now you want a good hunk of pizza out cost averaging about. Regina as the place to go world famous since 1926. With a homemade brick oven pizza it's just spectacular like. I was at a meeting yet. That the URKO. You know we went to recover. And right and a couple of blocks. Hospitalized. Customize the location near you. Today which I Regina. Dot com okay let's take a quick break way to come back on the other side in the tell you about that new concept were dried bit and and that's that gonna gonna happen in Nashville. It's your thoughts on you that you it will. If we can make me here and drive and drive and movies in the movie. All right haven't seen any of those around him from saying I have a good night's radio and AM succeeding and our kill the voice of Boston. And that we took twelve noon and again we have barbecue coming in that's now I know what I'm saying that. I'm in the mood for some barbecue. Sports and fun we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV with pat quickly and did. This is wicked fight radio with pat Wheatley on WRKO. The voice of Boston. And welcome back and Scott with the a twelve. Wells with few minutes going to be talking about some barbecue coming up soon. The golf course don't Fraser seeing. Or may you know it's up to you would you like to talk about a lot them on the show because it is policy is that that really make. With good bye to radio all these many years when when pat was doing and I think back next week show. Start off with the viewers and listeners just like yourself appalling record and places. You know and that's what we need your help. I would do in the states are right so what will open up the lights and a few moments that number for later reference that either number doubt like to hop on can do that right now. 88843. Or sixty or 64 that's 888434. 6464. Acted join in the arbitration to think out. You pick if the actors should just shut up and saying is they used to say or just. Does that. I. Am actually looking and want to see how low can they can go to tonight and I I don't know why it's almost like you're looking at a deer in the headlight on. While. There is gone out everywhere everybody has their opinion and you know opinions are like you know what who smoke some strength so. If it's not your opinion just another drink yes now I I could tie it at your watch and FaceBook life right now. I'm sorry if you watch in me on FaceBook library hormone. Talk. You have air support and Crist al-Qaeda class. And we AAC and there I have no air condition and on this article last because the unit has been down even work on its award and last week. You know we picked the worst time of year for to go down the sun is on this angle like rate rate as the season changes. Right we get we have the hottest day in February record some like that and we were actually we did one of our life but I'll unprecedented windows we did one of I'll live pop ups on that day hottest hottest day of record and yeah it was it was a sweaty sweaty Sweden. And country cannot copy may worsen here for me but boy I am I am I am not I am curious what. Right Mike a couple things the fourth seed calls coming in just give back keep the few minutes we'll we'll get you just a few moments. Yeah I would talk about that cinema they're there they're working on in Nashville I guess it's set to open up probably in the next year not even that. They're spending ten million dollars. And basically what they're recreating in Nashville. Is in 1960s American style drive in the year. But is a little bit of a twist. You don't drive your car in there. That's the that's the twist. The cars are already in there in a dome. All right so you go in you know and you grabbed your seat and I'm I'm assuming probably the front end of the car now. And hi to home now. Keep you dry and hard no it would dome that has cars inside of it and it's in Nashville now if it anywhere in the country. Can support. You know like an outdoor the year in Nashville would be wanna yes and it was with some accessible land right and if you do it and put a dome on top. And let the people just that way if it's raining. Spoken about it just seems excessive to me don't wanna just. Not have the cars in the dome and of the people drive into the though he ever got made at all build a dome plus parking lot for the though they're gonna call it. August moon drive an hour right. 40000 square feet air supported dome. Complete with the starry sky because they have LED lights they can put put in their and the seeding is like modified. Classic cars. And the have food service with a full bar. While they go by nice. So I mean clearly stated I don't know. I don't know ten million dollars to me sounds like a risky venture to to to take but. People out there willing to do. If he got the money with the help ten million bucks from a ten million bucks not much problem well a lot of movie tickets. And a lot of movie tickets to visit our right. I'll get to because just the second 8884346460. Where that is our number. The call 8884346464. All right. Mike MC a couple of places that your audio percent we you know Morgan and I worked for for FaceBook live I am working on the audio it's a little. It's like my fourth thing I'm doing some multitask all right so what will try to be that I and accused I don't Alam on continued talk to them because they can't hear me yes I will continue to talk for you. And we'll get to the calls into the second 8884346464. That's our number here a wicket bites radio. And again you appraisers saying from pizza to more made you get into the conversation where do you think. Now at the Oscars tonight they should just. You know the quiet. And just accept their awards or do you looking forward to. Some of the shenanigans over going on tonight 8884346464. Now. If you forget about investing in rare coins. Or thinking about buying gold. Or silver. Before you call. Anybody else. Before you talk to anybody else. I want you to call my friend Warren mills records in New Hampshire. Now ward mills has been in business for almost forty years now and this is what he does for a living. He can tell you. With honest advice. Whether he thinks. What you have in your hand is worth a lot of money or not. I mean he he told this I remember the exact amount of money somebody praised the coin collection. For this person and then they praised it for like 56000 dollars and and the guy didn't do anything with a couple years Larry goes to warn mills. And asked Warren mills looked. He goes he goes you know think about selling how much you think it's worth. And and and the guy told the story. And warn goes I'll be happy to pay you the 5000 dollars that that he paid. Was our and you but it's of the coins were 28000 dollars. That that that's on us that that's somebody you want. If you buying records. Think Warren mills it is selling where points think Warren mills where chords in New Hampshire 802257264. That's 800. 2257264. Now if you want great fried clams that the village restaurant and Essex that's Kevin Rick he's place. You also find it is brother mark and Kevin's influential breach at the door the village restaurant at six mass about 45 minutes from downtown Boston. Today be spectacular data drive up to the Essex. You have lunch outside they have me out. Sort of outside the moccasins outs I think of like an atrium. And in that atrium you. You you could just sit there and and enjoy that sunshine George and great food built restaurant Essex at the Johnson threw 133 and 22 and Essex mass about 45 minutes from down town Boston I 888. 4346464. That is our number on today's program that you call him. They get open lines you'd appraisers and competes at two gourmet he could popping in and talk about some of the topics that we talked about at its best start things off let's go to David. David of Derry New Hampshire good morning David. Good morning gentlemen good morning I'll buy outs are about to go what it called the borrowed a restaurant in there. It was or speak easy style restaurant yes you know exactly where what you get it. You're limited a bit. Yes I do. It are because I looked into it it's called code exit Nashua. And which had it there it's called code in acts the letter X. So are what you have to pit crew is that there's no sign outside. At all there's no street sign there's no does that tell you what are what it is I think is that the marking on the side or walk sent into a bookstore. And then we get into the bookstore. You go to the shelf. And you moved one of the books and I don't know which book it is and we pulled up book out. The bookshelf opens you walk into the speak easy. So it sounds like a phenomenal place that. We would definitely bring our cameras on their shortly I promise you that. But it was an X that's actually on the on the street on sidewalk yeah and then the other bookshelf is very old school Batman mask media bolting down in the back to opens and except for centuries going drink yes so. Which. Well people you gotta be in that note David Bruton and I'm sure this amid a bit or via I there's a cliff notes version four. Yes I thought I'm not really sure we're gonna find out I've I promise you is it when we've been talking about it for awhile now. That we will we will definitely definitely. You bring that out and talk to people about that I did they do very much for your phone call let's go to Chris of all them good one aggress. I'm Scott Dario good of the great. He's got I want to are we in the end I try to do restaurant how it's called Marcellus. How it used to be the goal on 171000 Walter Russell the brand new arched out. I wouldn't there ride Tuesday with my girlfriend Democrats celebrate the birthday in and I'm telling you got this book best. I've ever had in this area. And I really would encourage anybody appear in this area try it is mark so rushed on. It's yet. They 97 main street Waltham I guarantee you will not be disappointed. We really has. You know typical Italian food but I just wanna make 11. Point. My girlfriend had these CD what the other deal in the end of the trip and I just tried to CD out there she with a picture was. It couldn't have been better for us for something like that and they eat you up huge amounts of Bob who would put the but the price. I gave like a king corporate twenty books. An uptrend on the other big guy like you need a lot and I orders from French Fries I could not finish the French Fries. I would never met before the (%expletive) what. According enterprise and they do something to the frauds. I don't know what we do but thought the fires are very consistent it's Christiane the outside and show them the Christie on the outside and soft on the inside we have but there wasn't a single branch. French Fries for you sarge are love result there. So we could give us a medium rare. Is that the that the. And one little you know right now this might not all of the big deal but the ketchup that they serve for the French Fries and refrigerated. Rocker like refrigerated catch up on a hot ride so put all people respect were like I am. I was really impressed with that and respect as well he's a great guy forget his name and progressing this week till the end these things come on by Ian. It's they're renovating don't worry about that to court and on the type of who makes up or shut as well that you know that. Yeah I I've never thought about having. Cold ketchup on hot rice. Well immunity to close things that are of you do it at home. Witty keep catcher behold I do but I just never noticed it had to restrict that the new want it to me what's the name of the restaurant again. We will Chris Chris what's the name of the restaurant again Waltham. Yes called Marcella was there they are at de LAS in net signed. 897. Mainstream while they're being used to be be upset at funerals got so there's a brand whose. Royals at every yeah yeah. Chris thank you much of focal walk them. Is becoming like a Mecca now for a always especially at moody street area over it's just booming it really is it really is now speaking of whom and restaurants are great one for you. Massive menos cortina Italian owned and listen to being you know boom and yes I talked to Paul the Morey just the other day willful and in pop it in proper Bostonians. In Boston in the magazine yes they gave them. The best food and wine in the neighborhood of the north then that was the award that they awarded him pretty good today. It's a large restaurant it's but it's typical more bad move and I think what makes. His restaurant. Different. Then others is probably Paul's passion. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north that have become commercialized if you know when it. You know through its more like being and they bring in shaft. Unit but Paul has roots with the north I mean. Is Robert he is mr. north bend and we've been dissent these beast and it's like walking with the mayor yes it ends. It was stopping Paula street shake his incas my baby yet the seas part and we could just walk through with Paul if it were ready to go and but what I thought it all biblical on Cuba via kinda what I like. Most about his restaurant. Is he has. His great many dissidents and that we we have signed on as I've done on several items on this and move. But it goes beyond that if you know somebody non telling the listeners out there right now. Because now you know me I. Well they should know Paul issued an awful but if they don't know Paul and I you know get to know and say hey my buddies got. Says all fronts yeah Oprah a good buddy Scott. He says. He says I should go to Hoffman. I should order like what what what would they suggest that I have in the kitchen. What's what's fresh. Email to Whittle them always saying could you zoom off menu not all of V menu but off off menu off menu meaning. Items not on the man but he isn't that telling the shift get creative. Do what you do to what you do there what's rash make some magic in my mouth and he will do that. He will do that to some degree. You know to this is. Paul he he he may go down to the fish peers that morning depth and he may find someone usual. Something new or he may have something that's totally fresh. Totally different and put that together for you. Post a chef would probably appreciate it yeah he's elect agree you love to Korea especially with the fresh ingredients. So that's what I it's I mean I could recommend. You know there's the shrimp Margaret says when my spirits and it was. Or the S Gallup teeny Marcella. With the rocky. Massa mean those with just Arctic and garlic onions. And a little bit at the at Romano cheese on top well you know which is which is phenomenal right. But hey hey your buddy Scott selling this they talk to one of the way it's that same. I want them created this for me my old college chum Scott says this mess amino sketchy that's Arianna I would say what traumatic garden. The bank and a walk double. I mean it's it's is palpable one lobbyist Nevada yet if that they're located on Andy card street in the north end of Boston 207 and it caught straight. They're open for lunch and dinner iPad over the last couple days that partly at the windows open. I would assume so. It afterward they would have to build upon it all right Don sausage got leverage in this portion which provides radio you're looking for great quality steak tips. I mean incredible steak tips thanks dom sausage company they've been business for 75 years now as a full service butcher and wholesale Delhi. And again they produce the best and I mean the best marriage that if you ever had just bring home. Google in a little crying and all that matters there are those of copper and they are ugly advertising every ten minutes I thought to those. Like ten dollars apiece. The best band that ever own a but I digress. Don sausage company is coming our but let me say I did dumb forests or any member of the butter jelly family ten Riverside park involved. If you think you have to travel to the north and her fine Italian food think again for the freshest in seafood delicious steak than authentic north and Christine installation of Boston's North End for over half a century salacious as throughout the north and Q without having to travel downtown police just of Boston's neck then route 28 down them. Peddlers daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. We have them every dispute though with all the food that's famous and then I'm and then left for Collins. A friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's been pregnant daughter restaurant and hey bro and Nashua. Voices you can keep point one how Frank Sinatra there. In forty different artist Elvis personally. It's Joey voice is lying to get your tickets now. Neil Diamond to another. News rooms son romantic play. Joey knew what is Jolie voices he does a vault at a time on Rod Stewart had a now green it's kinda shake a way those winter blues in joy as that that China closet in north bend over forward Joey voices on Sunday afternoon. March it now this is an evening of pure delight. And you have a ball he can eat Chinese buffet and tickets just 4995. Per person so forty your tickets now and do not miss Jolie voices. Sunday afternoon on March 5 that the China blossom in North Andover. Call 86674511678667451167. I'd love to talk to you know batter restaurant chef owner that I know very well and have known for 2530 years. His name is in the belated desk he's originally from Naples. As a matter of fact he was actually go to BO lawyer is it that Napoli law school in Naples and decided. You know something. I really would like to be this year. So he came to America he worked here for awhile in the north and opened up his own restaurant very successful and has won every award on the planet or if okay. And when he won in 2008. The 2000 played award for the best Italian restaurant and chef in the world. And that was presented to him by the nine doors of Rome Italy. Now I'd suggest one very special this. That would be the stakes Allah pat what plea that famous radio star. It's very spicy sea entity care we get that you have to develop a taste for that night. There's the seafood coliseum the veal coliseum the stuff come a lot of I know that you will enjoy this restaurant to visit him and they relate to desk is H now coliseum restaurant route 28. Record ridge shopping plaza Salem New Hampshire. Dental break knows smiled acting as agent. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time. Dental right offers the most effective and safest to flight in available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Start smiling again where antibiotics Perry have done export the diamonds and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the wet dense Albright group dot com. We're not just for gourmets. Wicked slice radio from pizza did go warm day this is we get by its radio on WRKO. But boy so Boston. And then. Welcome back with you by its radio Scott but they have not just some of the comments yet on FaceBook live with it earlier I asked. Less likely to watch and we'll show up. Really heavy into politics and move and you know a lot of people Mary I hate political talk you know. I see a lot of that. The station of the land and well let's using hateful talk I'm just Harvard's GQ movement refusing you'll get over the election's done. You know basically good reader comments on FaceBook while we do hope we'll post our. JoAnne says political Oscars turn me off my buddy Chris I know Oscars for me it's ugly when working specifically that it. There there there is so much so some of the comments you just go out there and take a look at you can read them on FaceBook live more importantly it fatalities only my audio working again yes is yes which was nice we weren't able to reach those those. You know I'd again I'll get back to phone calls and then that we have a special guest coming in the next now get some barbecue coming and if you're looking for some great Chinese who that I will suggest China lost in the North Andover I'll be heading over there I'll be there. It says they go up here twelve noon because of the Kevin Collins so that's completely sold out or psychic medium. Who gets more dates to a book Kevin again as he always sells tickets giant lost it yet one of our artists spots that we have. And I will probably have my time my. Shocking maybe to shocking that China blossom in North Andover but to go in there for lunch or dinner and grab their liking Chinese buffet dinner has primary bar. Yes those the other day I was there are front nine and couple monetize of course but that I went on many as you do items on their me. Which is a rarity now there's Russia as an legit shock. Us in just go for the prime rib buffet so you could do that now in Aurora avenue. We're talking about Waltham area being very hot restaurant community booming red bird is fairly new restaurant to the wall demo area on moody street. And that Jeff will greet you at the door points most Greek food or. I'd cut ribs yet with the typical but at the top guy at the key part of my Dora because the air conditions not work and I'm dying and so on and that. Announced known food. And lots of food I read burden off them. Jeff is going to be preach at the door now this is their small restaurant and it's kind of just a nice little place to go and enjoy some great food great atmosphere. May sit down enjoy a great car to very creative cocktail. All the desserts even made in house this ship owner Dan you actually see him hard at work. Well. Really love when about this restaurant has talked to Dan Indians opened up many restaurants performance and I civil what makes you different when you know. You know there's so many restaurants up there and he says this time said this restaurant was for me. I wanted to make food that I wanted to eat. You know so it's not like that a huge man. But is a flavorful. Menu I would say. You're gonna expect the explosion of flavor of every pitch what do you order there there hanger stick. Or their chicken dish or even their award winning burger is not harass or to work with the burger. This is the place to go that appetizer that's addicting. The cauliflower buffalo style. You have one you will not stop. Those are chased off. Who will not stop and you can justify it by saying it's healthy to talk we answer it it it's important you dessert require our Arab desert it's your passable it's a vegetable and Diego apartment. We'll get there at the day. You know. And where to deprive produce who's who cares and what's that now. It probably department yours most buffalo sauce so it's good it's good good read further only open for dinner. Tuesday through Thursday from five to eleven Friday insert for five to midnight and Sunday today the opened at 5 PM to 11 PM red bird. 361 moody street Waltham against the hi Jeff. He'll reach I'd joke. Yeah I definitely will reject the door restaurant they Lucci in Winchester that's gonna find bill Leadbetter. It's owned by the roll them useless noticeably both are all the time and I'm gonna recommend. They would dish move on their on their special menu yeah it's their deal shop. And it served on the move the stuff you just stopped 166. Stuff with good good stuff I told you about that he did. Well I was wrong wasn't home who's the coaches but it's not on the regular men's fantastic there's another when you going to be in the no one. I restaurant daily Chia five dashed thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester CI the bill Ledbetter fair. I would take a break we're back with your calls and some barbecue next hour on which it bites me. Splicing the weekend off you are listening to a wicked fights radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's tended. You're listening to a weakened by its radio the only place that lets you. The blue grit and Sunday stated that I WRKO. The voice of Boston. And welcome back into the other. Like coming. We can fight radio took offense and makes me. In the on FaceBook why I say there conditions. On this half an hour and is it a dual side of the wall. It's on the we need to pare down this wall. It's remarkable hole we need a fan. But I do elected in the I think you'll know. But it would what do you what is that bailout lament for the FaceBook live folks out there will be a little special wide shot right quick here. Above them what are you holding up their stuff. Of these have. Risk brisket. That face us. We're very talking about that in. There's a hole and. Muscle barbecuing there right now. So I'm guessing copies of the road. Yes they're preparing but that the I ice started snowing at about twenty minutes yeah. And you I did talk about food all day long Newton like actually even see who. And not get hung because I'm used to it depends but it's registered smelling it. Make it tough or what they are hot that's your line you don't we going on just a few minutes. But I'll get back to some phone calls right now phone lines so. Here's what I wanna do the next few minutes on which invites radio. We're gonna open up the phone lines as I try to cool down in this hot studio Mars today. I here's what I need to do. We are gonna take your name address all of and over the next fifteen minutes so I don't have time for right now. We're gonna take phone calls. And we will give somebody a great dinner yesterday and I'm not sure what Argo finer really really solid when we have a panel backed the prize closet. Yeah I'll head on back we'll grab a great prize for you now be cool simple question very simple question for you. Is I guess want you to army again you can eat appraisers and repeat it to me all we scanned and it is it's always arm. But what was the last rests on two dying. Open you know so just open the lines very simple everybody asks please gate that's not part currently. They can and do right. Probably not and will and you inferred dinner for two contests. So the lines start bringing this to the I'll tell you when their when you get some lines that are open that you call and and when they're tied up ought to either tie with a number against an 888. 4346464. Leo that's 8884346464. Gamble taken aim and address off their first. And and then we will take your phone calls. Just talking about the last two restaurant that you timed. Pretty simple very simple art that got open lines right now so it's up to you'd call him. And on this beautiful Sunday morning. You just enter to win some great rate prices. They go on the I have great group. Coming the great food in front repeated at a at a it's going to be tough it's going to be tough and other subtly we can Miller listeners those pieces of brisket but but there and we wish we could put the mean FaceBook live folks numbers and you look at this lunch with the appointment despite a I don't live on and cut it out to the Scott should bring him into a hospital with a with a right data horseshoe pub is located in Hudson mass and they have a head turning dessert I. I loved items they're like Ted Turner's and they have a head turning dessert. They have this. Fright duo Sunday. That the fried dough with like the size in my head I mean. And that with the Sunday in top of it. And I don't know what advice from the use it was so. That was there. And I ordered at the bar. And as soon as I ordered. Everybody start or house that night as the people like from weighed on the other side. Say you know what's that what we're reading. What you have Allison wrestlers in the about its head turning dessert. It's at the horseshoe pod in Hudson mass. I want to go and say hi to it to nick Foreman when you go when their they have eighty Beers on tap which is an amazing amazing thing eighty Beers on tap. You believe that. And they're looking in Hudson match. And their food is it Castro pub fare and what that means is it's it's helped there but they kick it up. Not just one much. They can get like 45 notches. I would recommend their filet Oscar. Or one of the most incredible this is. I've ever seen before even like dived into it I'm not a big seafood guy but when I saw this this in the way the car I just stood up on the play. First the first thing is that to the picture put opponents who have. It's their electric blue card. It sounds. As good as it's gonna taste it's pain and see your blue cod. Serve with bingo and potatoes. It's roasted with tomatoes and sauteed with spinach and it's finished with a white Lemond broad. And it stands high on the play maker also go in there and get burgers. They have played in Hong burger. At the bush upon. And I know on now. When the weather's nice and warm there when that outdoor patio when they had a go the last couple days. Wonder horseshoe putt to had a neck. 29. South street you need to plug that in because it's off the main road just off the main room. 29 south street in Hudson mass restaurant they Serena that's we gotta find the Longo family Geovany. Geovany as this restaurant in Malden on Lebanon street that is just it's small it's intimate. And it's a place that you can go in the air and just enjoy great food very casual family atmosphere that full bar. But it's hard to get into the times. I recommend the deal Marcelo or my favorite dish there is a result. But it's it's it's recruited more. It's the shrimp mussels clams Carol Marin and scallops on the Red Sox. Can't go wrong in this recover it turns out great pizzas. There fresh homemade bread. And I think what really sets him apart is that take all those issues. Even like when we get to read that the mantra that if they stick it in the wood oven at the end so it gets kiss and a little bit of that smoke flavor. Restaurant they Serena eleven make that 1811 on street in Malden. They're open Tuesday through Sunday for dinner only they are closed on Mondays unless you you know you're looking for a place to have a small function. Open up a Monday just for you. They had a Geovany when you go in. Restaurant they Serena get a team Lebanon street. In Malden and on the sell short don't forget about my good buddy Jerry much touch your Janeiro is eatery in Queens family atmosphere at Stanley prices. And on Sundays the restaurant is not open except when you do take out. Or maybe private parties inside the restaurant they do pizzas that you party plotters. That's of the dew on Sunday they'll do that all week long for you but on Sunday that's all they do. They've put out like this for ports that you can have a go. I've met you want cater to surprise a lot of people got what you guessed. About getting one of their. Four foot sobs they make their own bread and this four foot roll. Asked where a couple part in the put like ten pounds same with me. In this low. In the correct on the middle and they can either bring it to an event just cut portions port. G please go and try this restaurant knew who I tell you what it on their for lunch or dinner. It's and the prices which are gonna come out stuffed. Jared leader twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy I want open line 8884346464. Let's go to. Ahead of Medford good morning and how are you this morning. Hi I love your show and putt. I'd like to tell you. It's that it's not fancy but I gotta generate an island cut all the time Jimmy's idea how. We love it via. It ain't never been the Jimmy steer house he got to tell me about it. And make people out and I've never had not to stop and try. Okay the food and create an adult services goods. We usually get the big steps scrub its delicious and delicious this stuff and on it's really good had chicken Hotmail is really good friend of certainly am there all the time amount said. On kick in the stakes that good then. It really everything good. I can't steer Alice in Arlington. Got it thank you very. After that it's almost at Lexington. And yet to be handed to veto funeral home on the same side. I'm not only to veto and if you go up not to that he ran out hunting him heights and then you see trade up. Judge how much content it's up and that and little and a they're planning a packet may have apocalypse. During the week we usually go later seven Kerry aide I'm not chipped it to wait before that. On the weekend if we go on up Friday matter if not at the issue of sedentary eating aid out. I'm not sure how it's afoot that is Smart and older crowd and now. Look at arts are noted Jimmy steer house in RO to thank you enter your phone call let's go to as it Marley and of Waltham. You're next with Scott good morning Marlene. Yes good morning good morning HO thank you I did we ever got out or I'm a corporate announcement correctly but a IE you know Ali you know end all I'm I'm gonna go with. What does it might even beyond GO OB IGI Joseph beyond. EI OK I VA you know will make up and the one common I'd like to make is that I was taken their last weekend. And dog I had my heart. On Gargan cola are over and you know from sort of they all out there you know there was these are good look at. And they didn't happen to have I guess more. They made it or. And I thought that was really denies that he owner came out and trying to recall from past time that the average hit do their. But I thought I did get it there years ago you could have been very different kinds. And I thought that no worse something fatal because in many places you go where they would created for you and I. I mean that that matches I always love restaurants that will accommodate you just make something that you want. Yeah and that is special not everybody can do that. That's why I recommend like like Massa mean doesn't north end of Boston they can do that. As garage out there saying can do something along that line was gonna say that are going to be going in today and it and they may not too happy in the. Yeah. Well but they had garden although for the salad and different and you know. I knew they had that she's so mean then it was good nice idea if they could make it I'm glad they offered to do it you know. Why are. You located. Oh it's this off of main street and you turned down from Moody's. The street mall on and it's right over the train tracks. God it went right there with a big fine and you know people likened to the good evening and up to go to with music sometimes you know. Like. I thank you very much for your phone call that's sounds like a great place Michael is the nick do you call the name of the restaurant that. How once it's in the star Mary but I could be wrong they don't have in the oh. The it's not he's not now these mappings now ATP I wanna say yeah happy is it's in the it was a Mulder Medford won the M towns in that area I will we'll check them out to have him on the show one day. 8884346464. Is Mike battles the sun sober in there so at least you have air conditioned. 8884346464. Ball victory and we're looking for the last restaurant that you dined at and given with some great theater gets to be its. Two callers in the next few minutes and then we have poppies barbecue dvd they'll be here 888. 4346464. At Saddam are legit and. Good morning Bob. DeMarre among. Our restaurant yeah I would Burton in there will be street try to put in the kingdom. Yep that and that's what I believe that's the regional Burton's and hang them. And spirit yeah yep what your favorite dish over Bertans. Well I'd like bad people especially those that fear pressure and wage. And my friend that likes that Mediterranean shell that. And I'm so I'd Bertans. Curtains and hang them in the shipyard believe that's their located thank you very much for your phone call. I got an open line 8884346464. That line is waiting for you you appraise oozing from pizza to gourmet. And again I mentioned earlier you're looking to invest in rare coins called Warren mills a rare coins in New Hampshire he'll he'll be out he's a guy that you can trust. I personally by silver from Warren 'cause I can't afford gold. And I started by and I don't know what they have enough and the case of Roman. As are by and about a year ago from from from Warren and there are like 360 dollars like case. Of this that beautiful silver coins. And I now they've gone up to like 420. Dollars or so so it's like a sixty dollar improvement and like any. Less than a year turn around. Because I felt and mourn felt that it at that time and and we talked him out talked him. Well I'm I'm mean on the shows and a where he feels the that the market is going right now. You know that that corn market and what I should invest in the goal just want the inside trek I want the inside track a wanna make money. So here if you have a rare coin collection that you think about selling or buying. Or buying gold and silver call Warren mills rare coins of New Hampshire 80225726. War. That's 802257264. Regina pizzeria brings you this portion which invites radio. They have you you know about the region pizzeria back to street Boston started out in the 1920s. Maybe before that. As they have bakery. And they they baked blankets. That's what they do it. And from that point on they say you know let's take that that the that the bakery products that we have. And that's make a pizza or gas was in 1926 and start in the competes with back to street and north and a Boston. From the bakery. Now almost 100 years. And they're going strong. Arming. I think he'll be open about 11 o'clock that history. And on nice days or even argue day like today which is the deciding it's but it super breezy. They will open up and they will have a line that wraps around the entire bill before the open up. Now you don't have to travel to the north and Boston and to get a great pizza. You do not have to do that you can find a location near you where the year in elaborating depot in the sports the old sports depot. You know and that's that is a Regina pizza there now. Or if you're at one of the cores and the pro cars early in Wilbur songs they original pizza made in the fox would resorts. They have Regina pizzeria you can try it there you can grab when there and a few new B got to turn achieves burst the fine that location near you go to the website Regina pizza. Dot com. And the Bilge restaurant and at six mass bout 45 minutes from downtown Boston. I'm answering and find the Ricky family. I they're black and blue Sorrell and Tuscan chicken and pan Asian chicken stir fry just to name a few seed don't have to go in there. And get their fried clams or seafood you go in there and just enjoy great black and blue Soro. This blackened Saarland he spice rough seas and it's charred Grogan it's topped with their bacon blue cheese butter used tests. And no one. Kevin's a big my tide fan. In action as my ties. At his restaurant they don't go in there enjoy the great my ties to build restaurant Essex. About 45 minutes downtown Boston the open six days a week for lunch and dinner. Six days we closed on Monday it tea be a great data but have much in the sun's out sit there and a little atrium. Toward the sun thinking Summers right around corners and that's that's great weather. The village restaurant say hi to any member of the Ricky family well aware that that restaurant has a lot of history they opened up and 1956. And it has grown and grown and grow and grow. Yes I 8884346464. That's our number to call an open mind waiting for you. And we take calls for it by about another seven minutes is so so. We're just looking for some help here the last restaurant that you dying dad wouldn't take your name and address off there. And somebody's gonna get a great in a gift to make it 8884346464. Let's go to John. I'm Newton good morning John. Yeah I don't shout out to up Fiorello in Newton. Good Italian restaurant. And as good as any restaurant and what sent him down serve an unbelievable they haven't wavered. Their billfold from Boca is the best you know I've ever had. I PV. Underdog we're the McDonnell that they put a played of that front of me I would still leave it it's that good. And yet you know the houses had a lot of praises. On the show as of late and I think it's that I think it's road trip research time. I mean I'd say but they have won the Belmont that's right my pizza with the and I get direct on the street from North Atlantic now right yeah yeah so bureau or browse. The original is in Newton and their expressed location is very duster from him. I object of that good stuff. At Jessica I'm gonna take you were reports that sounds like you're great stop and a lot of people are talking about praising. It's. Bernama they expanded in this still not enough room. I think everybody again where where this location is not the express one might missed time at the one you're talking about. It's on north street in Newton right on the water it's how Waltham line. God I don't know the exact number of north street but it's armed. Right behind calvary cemetery. Fight at it's it's close enough. That's close enough yet I like our John thank you very much your phone call let's go to Sam of Revere your nexus guy with a good morning Sam. Thank god I don't. Very good. It is not just wanted to tell you I'm in my way after they went to a placed up inept in New Hampshire and and it's called prop open it. And it just hang up or was that in Newbury port. But it's a bigger and better one. You know I have up. I've been the pop overs but the pop overs location that I have by dying dad who was the one in. They kick that Portsmouth right so this is. Right well same but there's one not been not acting New Hampshire and a brand new wound up in our. Up 10 wind. Yeah I now I want to cakes and everything inside. Oh yeah it was excellent. And actually attract such gentlemen and then French toast. We're done strawberry blueberry they whipped cream I'll. Up apple. It. Yes Eric I know the name is pop overs but it's not that's not really all they do in the I. Every time I walked into the Portsmouth location they have all that you've displayed counters. We've all the cakes and cupcakes and cookies. They have that it still would like epic victory. It's just something you're gonna sit down. You can sit down and Boone certainly didn't breakfast and luncheon specials everything at all. It's gonna come up than an enlightened you'll ever met in New Hampshire awful I don't want they call votes. Up to check it out sent thank you very much for your phone call. That's up top down a new report will go to market morning mark. That we lost mark at. I will get we'll get to market just. I would look at the market just a second I trees as prime restaurants located twenty elm street in north that Redding. That's gonna find nick you have it's the nor shorts finest it really is it's when the new spots I think in an upscale fort upscale. Dining location to steakhouse and when you walk in. To this restaurant particularly at night when it's dark be of this waterfall outside. And the waterfall has this big fire. Talking. And the lights it's gonna feel like you walking into Los Vegas. And you go in there and enjoy great rates climb beef steak. But you go downstairs and talk about this enough downstairs. Actor Teresa's. These trees is grilled nineteen which is more casual. Basically Teresa's version of a sports pub basically spotted out with some really good creative some really good food. Talk about it enough to go down there and casually to sit there give B is this television's all around noon that circle before. Because at their average Arkansas is a very popular spot as it should be. It's it's about the middle of as much around no matter what till Thompson country club so that they had a lot of wind to work with that and it. Spent a lot of money working this or tuna and getting these menus right but I would recommend going downstairs and and trying. You know the room nineteen absolutely. It's not. Not a bad restaurant even if you just going down for like a preview if you're going to primed for dinner going on there were pretty no drank and drank exactly set the bar enjoy a drink and watch over the games on them waiting area then go upstairs in the view alarms to corpus. Susan never Georgia's. Yeah he can't go wrong to Greece's prime. And that traces rule nineteen. Twenty elm street in North Reading that the old Thompson country club salad tours restaurants there are located and over large efforts Boston ended Boston's third district. Lunch and dinner seven days a week and I always recommend hi Lee. Ordering any item office there. Chance playground section of their menu because every. Each location shoots has their own. Menu I all rolled just freshly ground yet you know and it on that section the playground section of their menu. It's with that ship at that location again it wants to make it's always good to elections be creative they enjoy it and you usually reap the benefits well. I hate to say I I have a very very different. You know that's it that's in the restaurant business has been an arrest numbers for many many many years. And T prepares a certain style mine I'm gonna say what type style food that makes OK but you know he's been doing with decades. And I have been too personal. Private. Things appears. Including his house and you prepare you would make things on some mysterious what you put you departed are on admit that he doesn't cook every day. And you realize his talents just. So fast. You know and it seems good to look at when your at a restaurant near the cook in that little sliver of a window shore and it and it's particularly like we have. Excel which was to multi locations yes there are so there's a segment. Moon and we get set menu you have the coconut style. But this sect separate section playground section of the menu. Where they get to explore their creativity to culinary creativity that's right. I'd sell the tours again at several locations and over enlargement for South Boston and even license it all right we're entering Britain. And that we're gonna talk about all of this in the seat glances over at the streets of mean it's. All this. And let's set up against their ridiculous. The course legal Briscoe right there poppies barbecue is in the house and take a quick break that Lincoln heights radio. And yet again at your. Going to turn it wasn't that we're completely sold out Kevin Ellison do not have to. We're just going to monetize that point yet to look at it he gets. But. Haven't you so sure like Daniel as the wicket by radio and AM succeeding WRKO the voice of its. Spicy weekend out. You're listening to wicked by its radio the only place that lets you be the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK elbow voice of Boston. But back with the bite radius up with the and here right now is. I would I would introduce my. The group that helps. At the moment. Away from from poppies poppies are. You know because you know as much like to see you. Elected the first at that point and I like this immediately. The ribs and ribs. And Chris fight from the lazy dog has been raving about the ruling is been raving about where he's good man so I mean I'm looking forward. Into this head not to mention the words that I project the last couple. Hillary should we might have you ever seen anything like that nurses. In our studio in arts there's no. Now let's break it. That's that's. That's obviously pretty good numerous Sunday morning at an advantage. And you know I know Sunday's. We'll see what happens to me. Well at I don't know if you know what you know I grew up guns and you know. I grew up in Memphis. You know I was child to Memphis and when I moved here forty. 35 years ago something like that or thirty years ago and who are what are what for barbecue for the first time. I went to the 99. You know as a kid when I came here thinking I'm gonna get. Memphis style race it's not you know back then what they do is they basically took their ribs and they just burn them. You know the growth and they thought that was barbecue. It and now I know for years we used to talk about particularly radius particularly back in the for a 2000. Through all the two thousands of up to about 2010 we used to not the barbecue places because that just wasn't. What I would consider. Real. And then all the sudden. You know I eat it's really taken hold here in New England because it's not. It's an art should and is it it's an art it's it's it's a labor of love. When it to a barbecue. And you know I do it you know us. Hack around as a member drivable smoker my my my backyard during via drink beer is an all day event. So you gotta get up you gotta get up early when did you you know learn. Bar the barbecue. Well. I were beginning invitations to people's barbecues and they would burn the food. And guys that are bringing tools and so and one Q after another by the Q and then I started roasting pigs in my backyard and and then my wife's best friends as you know maybe you should strays little catering so used to do catering on the side on the weekends. And a one thing led to another. Way of a restaurant yet. And that's how gently down south how it starts I mean I always would say because when I came. You know more than twenty years ago here barbecues restarted fuel barbecue restaurants really expensive yes you know and and down south it's not. You know it's and I always I think they're closer to the slaughter houses FY. Especially in Texas for the brisket and in August lot of houses are right there these biscuits come out of Kansas City and he's a decent cut now specifically almost forming. Well we talk about brisket I've done brisket ones. On the smoker just one time. And it was so good for about. Five minutes I mean mouth watering so juicy so tender. And it just drives around this and how how I mean Heidi is how long does that take. Hello when you start smoking that Pristina was fifteen out its. You guys they started yesterday at 5 o'clock wow. Well yeah and and it's just the mosier good barbecue places down in Texas because Texas is known for brisket. That's basically there there in what they sell has a lot of brisket and down. When it's gone it's gone right yeah did you see just can't. You don't have another fifteen hours and at that customer sitting and every day when this is gone. It's gone from an do you sell a lot of lot of I do want almost 28 pounds a day. Just risk it. While some days I'll do I'll do 3035. Who and it it when you do it right. I mean I just admire folks that that that do it right and I've always had problems now because neither my own. That I go to some barbecue restaurants and haven't tried viewers but I develop my own taste in my own style and you know everybody out I'd like for me. Not for Briscoe broke rips. My ribs almost come out like candy. You you know and but that's my style actually put like like brown sugar and honey. On top of it and a little bit of you know that little bit of expert with some apples analysis and Apple's lightest I've. Rub that I use here does is peppery could go all our insult. Salt pepper. As a little cayenne pepper to it. The sauce is almost the same Lotta sugar brown sugar and molasses. Boston. So I as a little zing to it not bad it's miles any and again all. Barbecue places seem like they have their own sauce their own staff I have moment. Not all of them all home so moment when I go five follows the dinosaur barbecue in Syracuse new York and they put the same sauce on everything. Policies I'd like. Everybody has this that I can report on myself everything everything has a difference us and this is a zesty sauce has lemon ginger. Freshman. And the wing the wing sauce is actually it's my pulled books off real I wanna holding I don't think. For. Easy there the efficacy in the air wings like I have now I mean what a I'm experienced that with everybody else I can smell of the smoke coming off but you can lose those are smoked for half an energy problem. Wow wow I mean but that's it's a liberal love when you do it yes you know because I like. You have yet actually go along and again by your drive and five and a half hours are always trying to find that. That mix I think than I drove to New York. To look at smokers I drove to Beaumont. Went western part of the state for smoke and I've go my own and Kazaa and is to be obliging him by trade the thirty years and like I said he did this on the side. Well are you build your own smoker no my own smoke and people almighty website and it. What's what's. Poppies barbecue dot com perfect wanted to trick I don't know what what what customizations would you see made to your smoker. Altima bureau all right refurbished a lot of used to stack out of a camera. I used the pistons out of a dump truck that. On the way to it's awesome that I got episodes of that front handles. That's been telling it I mean everything on it. Causing job all you. All in all my girl's mind rotisserie Ares everything is made on time I was thinking about getting one of those big green eggs but sadly that's just have you built your barbecue pit for the year with the opponents. Is he beatable by one unsolved down out yeah ABBA yeah. And etiquette it's it's the customization and it's all part of his law went when you get hooked in the to make a barbecue you get hooked into yes issued and you know and I love it all. I down south I mean it's easy to do during the winter time. But now here in New England you can do endorse. With with some of the test all went along I shovel to my girl. Yeah I that this is the first year I'm on Thanksgiving night we like it smoked or. And I didn't know how it was gonna come out so we had two turkeys we had a regular Turkey united my smoked Turkey which only took about. Three hours so I Coca a little bit higher than like a ludicrous behavior via side. But you're not severing an over my mind my mother's house and we had two turkeys and of course the smoked Turkey just looked. For novel I mean just just look for novel and it was gone instantly. Yet an end at and the difference I think is I mean they were basically prepared. The same it's that little kiss that little love a smoke yes that that goes around them. And it's kind of like is the moist excuse some moisture a smoker and the smoke. Right my smoker I still. I can't get a smoking room and the boys might smoker I built. I can get a smoke ring corner entry through it. See that it's a different and I don't use apple would. Now the Turkey bikinis maple. In the use of maple on maple syrup. For Wayne who but you also use a home your sugar the fall or rob the yeah up that you do that mixture yeah I remember whether the office so good but but the stick with all maple. The turkeys was also good it's like but my mother system basis so I don't filmmaker Turkey for Thanksgiving duo pulled pork. Like I'm Michael Gordon up like I did getting out but what I know midnight to get full Portland Atlantic yet noon the next day for us. But if it's if it's just everything takes time. Perfection takes time and guess what I'm trying to say. But it just sounds like out. Your fun place it sounds like a place that you that you guys are more comfortable you're you're always having fun preparing food I can't wait to try these wing. Switch right which produce air which we just came up with Monday it's called the redneck burrito. Always final minutes and I coleslaw baked beans. We pulled pork barbecue sauce and Monterey Jack cheese wrapped up an imperial era. And it's a beauty. Well while could not a whole point Sunday. It sounds similar but at least a burrito when you take a bite you get everything you get every yeah everything a bite of everything bite of every like a and I had is a little Mexican restaurant and Peabody and he came to show me you bloated budget Dennis from me. So we came and showed me how to wrap one so we wrapped it for himself. And he said it was awesome he loved it this is from a little Mexican placed on and so not only be it'll good flavor in there but now we have authentic rapping as well yes and aren't exactly how these barbecue you're located at 38 forestry and now. It impeded. And what are your hours so that folks are driving around today you open on Sunday Nolan so you're not hope runs I think is gonna have to wait. And he's gonna have to it would it would. What daisy OpenId open Monday through Saturday eleventh day. Eleven days and you do catering is that we really don't know yet and what's your what's your restaurant like as it. As a casual place to yeah England during going sneak issue it's been commitment to student died as a man than me yeah I take it all stone. It's as though only barbecue restaurant that is so much don't work that is beautiful. And I got granite counter tops and I can see sixteen people. All right so not a large place which like that's the best place I only eat my barbecue with a three piece Armond and general bush and Bill Clinton in that event tomorrow. The only thing I dress up for a barbecue. But if it deserves that much respect us who. It was tough when when you walked in around quarter past eleven. And I have Mike the door to the studio open because the air conditions or to hear. And trying to get the cool air from what Mike is all working in there into this room and and the law for the smell. It was like it was like the barbecue pit was like right here. You know it is is just amazing the smell on. Like those old Tom and Jerry cartoons and she put the pile on the windowsill. And the smoke and afloat and also Angola prison those things are excluding away important basically how to deal of real life version of that. I'm or take a quick break and I wanna. Cut in to this brisket OK we've been we've been saving it might not cutting into a concede that few minutes. But we're about to. Lula also be watching on a FaceBook live FaceBook accomplish what to bites TV. And maybe. Might keep in mind open pollution outside. Yeah our affiliates a money opens are definitely some money a block party here in Lawrence that. How pleased barbecue again a baby is in here this is Scott with the lesson wicket by its radio. We take a quick break we're back on the other side will wrap things up and done. I want folks to go online to an end. Kind of voted out poll who do you think we. Has pitched its luster and its Oscar night. FaceBook dot com slash we keep bites him. I would take a break right now it's. Congress century mind Manley is serving in Merrimack Valley the highest quality meats money back. We make over forty different products in the house from pastrami the sausages not to mention the Burger's right revived. We stuck variety of local products complement many. We have beer we have wine and the freshest local scene when you can buy. But come on down the outline what your lol I'll take the 3130. What feared hitter expert but we're here to help. For the juicy burgers. It's horrible Solomon on the fifth over by new report from the pulpit and also our brand new location down 41 of the best burger. There are half pound burgers might take a little longer club but I guarantee you will love. Our hope moments where rare grass and well done is well about. Writes are you looking for a place in the waterfront to the about a placed a lot of history. How about the no name restaurants Obama friend Jimmy it's been in the same family since 1917. That's back at Specter wool war one on the ward end all wars now. They get great food and what's so super about them. Well let me read you this quote from Boston magazine in the low price seafood couldn't be fresher. And the kitchen knows what to do with it displaying considerable finesse and batter fried clams. Seared scallops and buttery chatter. You'll Leavitt you really low and by the way free parking underlined that. Free parking in the seaport area the node name restaurant fifteen fish piercing Heidi Jimmy forming okay. Looking for the best deal and and lazy dog anyway at lunch specials Monday through Friday that it got pretty. By former schoolmate also Donald marinara sauce fat free Aggie guide. Our quality or price well once I get lazy dog and 1000 lazy dog anyway. Pet and I sometimes you can't make it to than not that the Boston's original brick oven pizza but we got. There are seven Regina locations Peyton boss scenario. But you're walking around annual fall when it I was stationed at Fenway. Over Boston erupted at that we work our tails off to make sure that people that you get anywhere in town is just as great as the when you get. Nothing else you know last night he has not been if you can't please. One just up. We have. Food sports and fun we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV with pat with Blake and this. This is wicked by its radio with pat Wheatley on WRK oval voice of Boston. It's. And don't forget about a restaurant that. His way to Boston's historic North End over seven days a week from lunch and dinner but did you go upstairs restaurant they believe vote. They have a function room that can accommodate groups from 2235. People and your many possibilities are limitless and let's. Always that kind of how you and I mean authentic. We've seen. Why do functions are there events of that restaurant that we both elected and the stuff. Who have like ten tables of ten we do our roots up there and we'll do lunch table. And also. Their entertainment license allows them to permit. PGA's. Up to nine. Call 6177424143. I think it's a large response from the entire north 617. 7424143. That the Haitian restaurant. Is located here wrote him a route 11012 office street in April. Record with a one line that's gonna find us on the open a particular 2 PM today they are famous for that three pound. Baked stuffed lobster where they're famous walnut stuffing. And their prime group they kick up Margaret. Is is no way there's no way no way in the world one person to finish. My wife and I split. Couple months back and we still took it home and another meal with each of us out of that it was that large. Yeah. The prime rib thing about it and Saber producer he can't have baked Alaska that finish at a restaurant. On route 11012 I'll mystery in April easy to get to offer of root for an ID five just take exit. 49 and you find them on route 110 just to cross back over the bridge in the right there. Also the China blossom in north and over are we heading there just a few minutes. That's we get that all can Chinese buffet we have Kevin Karr when there are psychic medium and completely sold out show. So we've been calling us all morning get tickets I can get back to just so busy at the moment. But we're completely sold out while another showed they're probably coming up in early early part of may so get your tickets early. Just keep wicked bite dot TV for earlier to information. It's got it ordered tickets early early early. We have joined voices that are speaking ordering tickets. It will be their next Sunday at 430 and you get that only can he Chinese buffet with the primary it with a dinner show. So that's coming up next week what are your tickets at that forty different musical impressions plus a world star. Comedians will be there. It Costello movie Costello very funny man yet protect its just a wicked bites not TV or down to the Odyssey Joey just ordered tickets there right on line. Or call 8667451167. And ticket to just 4995 per person that was it to the tax and tip. What can you can't beat that Sunday march 5. Snacks on that Jolie voices 8667451160s. All right how is barbecue was here and we have just cut it or less than we I'm taking credit force. And you can't its line of on FaceBook they want you not do anything with president and a night but. I'm taking it in an and I haven't dipped into my R&R about your about that I hopped just cut into. The ports yes now how larger piece of brisket is this O eleven pounds eleventh congress. Wow. Side it started out. Fourteen. Fourteen ounce of muscle does it Loria and there's a lot of ways to brisket what you're 5% I always thought brisket that a lot of like. My my thing is I was thinking like barbecue meat sometimes not the best in the world know. It's patently on top of a lot of times yes so when you smoking for like this 112 hours is at 1515. Now Christina it makes it so tender. And that that does breaks down. And and gets into the meat yes and when that happens it's like goals to Kevin it it's. Oh sweet smell a vision here at. It's. Killing me right now so this the burst in its a simple rub salt. That is all right poppy is Barbeque at the located again appear to be on forestry 38 forestry they're not open on Sunday's today on Sundays open. But six days a week for what designers that regular agenda yes and you do catering yes we do care. Says that's not a bad habits are booked up well all summer long. Now. Well I I will be no of them now that I yeah I don't have my memory did you of so you're on your regular day job but I have no other relatives more than regular enjoy. Went. Just like the fact that you can make your own smoker to him. Yeah and my grills in my rotisserie is a rose gigs in and rotisserie chicken roast five different things you the Pope lines a lot of tenderloin beat underlines that relies. Did you ever it we're talking about you know. What this is always a crap that you are learning and trying to perfect yes and a lot of times from down south yes it was kind of passed down. You know from family you basically you're your father and grandfather in just kind goes back and they all had their own secret methods. Did you plan and we talked about this earlier are you planning any road trips to go try to replace. I have tried a lot of places and yeah. No no scenario well nothing is planned utterly we called owes me occasions you know wise because I put this all day long. I can't wait when you go home have a peanut butter and lots and that's all I mean. I make barbecue like once every couple weeks a couple of months it is depending on whether time. Do you smell like smoke when in Rome yes. Yes it's an exhibit. You buy this machine AA can't get an idea I just dictator and an innate you know what I'm guys. It would take like two weeks worked commodity head Olerud Alia. And I would be at its out of Losman and over in a few minutes. You know for the Kevin Cullen show I'm probably gonna smell. Like barbecue dinner is there that are still couldn't subtle beds Nolan of blowing worst things you could smell like what I've always had this problem. Always had this problem. I can't bring home. Take a barbecue because when it's sitting in your car. This now just. In golf's the car and you rushed to hungry you can't wait and it. It's not open you could just pull out of the box in the bag and eat yes that luckily I thought given a bag of chips in your car. Huge it's it's a little different when you get a brisket in your car but yeah we're gonna died and all of this that I promise you. I promise you that none of this is gonna go to waste and I thank you for very much for coming in Nicosia absolutely does sharing some of these these was our Chris spikes at these. From the ladies are raving elbows those are things I've been looking forward trying to be solos and enemy is a guy who does really good wings you got to take his word on phenomena. Much to pass the from myself that I would you do different flavors of wings what he's gone way right now on I just do that one flavor but I'm doing growing competition in much theaters. And on the holy ghost and dvd forum. For cancer for the police department and now I'm gonna dual buffalo smoked. Buffalo smoked. If you want to experiment sends them every week we'll tell you yeah we're good customers with it and very good we're good barbecue testers out there and protestors amino no no no shame and our game at all today. I hop is barbecue again on. A rector and forestry 34 street. Peabody mass thank you very much from and then accused drunk and all that all this goodness what's sauce and has more like big feet. It means I'm having to dig into all that it's. I would do that I have a good week everybody don't forget about the TV show tomorrow at 2 PM at the encore presentation on this and and that Saturday morning 930 investments we have regular show. Duke crews episode next Saturday in New York. And then will be back here next Sunday from ten to twelve. That. A good week everybody. Wicked place radio would pat Bradley is a presentation.