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Rubino & Liang 2/26/17

Feb 27, 2017|

Just Don't Lose the Money is devoted entirely to the financial needs and challenges of retirees and those nearing retirement.

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The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment advice Richard Rubino is Sam Langer principles of repeal online LLC and LLC with a mass broker's license 1783398. Either Sam rich nor repeat or lying are registered as investment advisors and do not give investment advice this shows a service of Rubino line. This is good just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam lag. For over twenty years rich and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life saved. Richard Sam's highly regarded and sought after guidance has been. Featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazines now your host could just don't lose the money guys from Richard Rubino and sales lag hello we want to welcome the. Just don't lose the money radial arm Sam Lang and in today's. Show it's a little different. You know semi cut right off and where is Richard B you know while rich is actually sitting on the beach. In sunny Florida. And I gotta tell you what I I feel like we're not that far behind with all those warm weather that we can happen in February bodies are absolutely it's been beautiful so that the lovely voices my assistant Bobby. Embodies them with me geez you know gosh from like twenty years is not known as the office manager right office manager and when you listen to our radio show show you'll hear her voice from time to time in between segments and bodies here to join me this sort of help us. Give me a little little cute little crutch to lean on today because. Am I gonna do. Do richest dropped to you know. But I'm in the matter at hand is very simple it's to help you follow ala two rules rule number one. Just don't lose the money and world number two don't forget rule number one she says I even better than rich chances about a lot of blood better looking. For richer than rich to anyhow. Where action this rest of the day rest of the sun Sunday and I hope you're having a wonderful day I'll phone number is 877. 6308787. If you need to get a hold of us. In fact we have lots of phone calls lots of questions as a relates to sort the uncertainty of the world. I don't know what you guys talk about you America's dinner time. We talk about it a lot these talk about it a lot yes all my friends as well be you know sort craziness itself there and and I don't really care. Where you live who you meet as many people I talked to Tate's is sort of had this extra worry that didn't exist the year ago so again today we're gonna help you. Retire comfortably that's the reason why we hear we're gonna take our first question. Our first questions from. While want to read a. OK it's from Dora and Charlie and they write dear rich and Sam. We are concerned about the next four years our new president is doing what he said he would do and it seems like the country is more divided than ever. We went through the 2008 crash and want to protect ourselves going forward but don't know what to do not. Pretty good question this reminds me of a couple that came in from Winchester not gonna go oh yeah I had the same concerns. Well you know they're worried because there in the real estate business and they said look you know. We've been in the real estate business for forty years we've seen real estate prices go walk and they don't always go up sometimes the state level and then. At times in the certain year periods of years where we Hussein actually ghost town. And that sort of one hand in hand in 2000 they've also everything went up. With the stock market sort of unknown as to why and then form the bottom fell out and the last thing you really need as you get closer to retirement. Which is really the the segment of people that we serve the people that. Come to us of people listened to us chances are they're close to retirement or they are retired and the last thing that they really wanna I wanna sort of half happened. Is there a bow legs to their portfolio the legs to their retirement savings it's not though from underneath them. And that's the really scary thing so I guess the first thing that I would think about it if I was store and Charlie is. Yes you wanna protect we have but. What to what degree you know we see a lot of people sometimes do extra things that they don't need to do. And here's what I mean by that the first thing that you really need to figure route is how much money a person needs in retirement and but your your little bit about you you are viewed you know you marry yep. Spin on the weekends you don't think about work not at all so you go out to dinner you go to the show you go to a play. And he's he's sort of happy if you have an idea of what. You can spend no more you can't spend right right and right so that the first thing that you need them to know is how much money you need every month. And it's not kind of like hey you know what I kind of show expanding. Twice my paycheck this month nobody would in the right mind would do that. So the first thing going into retirement is to make certain that you know how much money you need each and every month so what I mean by that. Let's say you need 5000 dollars a month. Let's say from guaranteed sources you know you're gonna get Social Security units Torii 500 dollars a month therefore the simple math you are short Torii 500 dollars. Now if you have a million bucks in savings. Torii 500 dollars a month times twelve. Give or take bets thirty grand so give a million bucks in savings are you need to do is earn 3%. And not ever touch your principal. Which is I'm not that difficult to do. So sometimes you see people. They go out of their comfort zone out of their element out of what they need to do to restart principle just to feel like hey I'm hero. Earn a lot of interest I did better than me don't mind my next door neighbor which is completely. Unnecessary because. If we have another repeat of 2008 and Bobby you remember that time I remember that I was pretty bad and you look at your 401K statement and it wasn't good. It was a gun and X ray like I don't morneau opened the Hoboken I normally lose more money. So so. You know what's the point. So the first thing that I think people should really understand is that. What you need to have each and every month and sometimes that's and that's that's sounds easy. But you'd be amazed at how many tar respond when we when we sit in front of a potential climb and we asked that question how much money do you need a month sometimes of the responses. They don't really know yeah Oregon juice you know it's a funny question rental we know what our parents went through the same thing they just both retired and they went through what they thought they need every month and to be honest sometimes they they realize they spent a lot more than me. Thought they were spending walls if if if if that's the case you wanna know what it stands right you so we're really happy they did that that they really needed to start there. We have a solution for everybody that's listening today not only can we tell you. How to protect your money by users of financial products that can help you save your principal help you. Ernie guaranteed rate of interest but before we get into that. We're what we're gonna suggest that you need to know how much money you need to spend in each and every more adorable great giveaway I'll give away this week is entitled. The income gap. Worksheet pay income gap workbook and and quite frankly a lot of times people. Don't knew even know where to begin its four pages and we were encouraged everybody to car when. And the first thing that you need to know his estimate your expenses in retirement sort of worksheet. This is what you need the junior essentially expenses. And then you have some life style expenses like. Travel and entertainment may be golf club memberships. And then missed the second thing. Is we have to count Kuwait. You're guaranteed sources of retirement income for most of us we have Social Security. Some of us were lucky enough to have pensions mean we have some guaranteed income from annuities and other sources like rental income and then you sort of do the math. And if there's a shortfall. We can actually back door to figure out what products are available to help you reached out retirement income desire. And to get your free copy of the incumbent GAAP workbook. Please call this number. 8776308787. And you can also get it on that he our website at just I was on money dot com. A number against 8776308787. Hank and I just adds and this is a great way to prepare if you're thinking of coming in to see us which I hope you are. This is a great tool to have filled out before you come NL really be helpful for your first free consultations. Yes kind of like you know you don't wanna go into the car dealership. I actually am taken to discuss president's weekend was a few weeks back I went in and bought a car had an idea what I wanted to. No my suburban was getting older I want another. Sort of you know big clunker for door the issue would be. A gas guzzler but I needed the room in the back for all the skis and all that other crap but I can I help a whole arm on the weekend so I think going to a dealership. Saying hey you know lower commodity here with a Corvette. Because I'm gonna go skiing in the wintertime with the renewal for his distaste I had an idea of what I want it so that's a great suggestion. Anybody that's nearing retirement a boat to retire or in retirement the number one. Thing that you need to knows what is your burn rate a month and where's it gonna come from. You know how long is our money that you've saved is it gonna last you a lifetime mores and not so again for your free copy of the incumbent gap read workbook please call this number we. Cannot call 8776308787. Again that's 8776308787. You can also get it on our website at just don't lose the money dot. Com fantastic just don't lose the money dot com next stuff. One of the smartest guys that I know he's been working for me for eight years and are some talk to would've been about. What it a retirement X ray is an X ray your portfolio will come back to back. Hi I'm Bobby office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment with rich and Sam call me out. 8776308787. That's 877. Six Rio. 8787. Welcome back. To just don't lose the money and with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out for the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you protect their life's work. By following two simple rule. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the rule number one. Don't lose some money. And rule number two and don't forget number one just don't lose the money welcome back comes sand Lang and today. We have a very special guests know it's not rich it's not even Bobby. But you know early in the show we said riches too busy. Enjoying. The sun the sunny. South Florida sunshine. Instead of being here in Boston with a all of us you know trying to. Whether the weather the storm but he's probably by the gas shrines probably in the beach somewhere with his wife and he wanted to keep changing venues and mother in law. Winnie would be as mob his wife. But he's probably. Having a drink with some funny looking umbrella earnest joy into watching Mike Stoops deftly an umbrella and now entering yeah for sure so Ryan's my right hand. And there are many instances where people come in. And they don't always want safety you know always want defense once in awhile they don't mine a little bit of offense. And that's where sort of really Ryan comes and rise to win mean for eight years Ryan comes from. UConn graduate economics was a Merrill Lynch guy and then eight years ago. Came to Rubino weighing family. Help our clients really sort of have both offense and defense and so on that note if you have a question as you listen to the rest of this segment. That sort of resonates with you you think Ryan can be of great resource to you. By all means he is at your service. And you can reach him at 877630. 8787. So let's talk a little bit of a solo chitchat a boat when we see somebody. Typically I don't know maybe they are in their late fifties maybe early sixties. They're preparing for retirement and they come in NC north Sam Ryan I'm really worried about. Losing money I had this. I have this 401K are at this portfolio that I built its own so can you take a look at an empty and typically when that. Happens what would you do. Yeah what we do we do the arm portfolio X ray Sam and portfolio lecturer at some streets. We take a look at all the client's current holdings and see if there overweight underweight in any given sector. Overweight like me overly quick tour is not bad too many cheeseburgers are age take it easy. But what we yeah we take a look at what they have to see if they're up over exposed in any particular sector. On especially given their risk tolerance and as you know we we specialize in defense but a lot of times some people want tomorrow office. And that's where we can kinda become a player so while weigh in on all things all people were so we try to cater to those that are looking to beat defensive. But once in awhile they need to have. A little bit of their money saved in the in the stock market was where you you come into play absolutely well what it is it's it's. In essence a stress test of their current portfolio we go over the fees. You know when there's too much and bonds too much and stocks were whatever might be but we brits in complex port portfolio announced and that's also if you do want to touch it it's not something that's up my Alley. Because all I know is to help. People follow these two rules rule number one just don't lose the money of course. Rule number two. Just don't forget rule number one so. You know what we have a question here in this question sort of goes. Similar to some of the people that we see. I'm Peter Kathy writes in diligence and I think a pretty Smart guy when it comes to my investments but the closer I get to retirement. The more I question myself my ability to make sure that I'm okay. I do either checked up without any pressure. Where do I go and certainly they can come and see us so they came to see just what one of the things that you would look at. It is what are they paying too much of fees may be too much risk actually too much stock market too much in fees is a lot of different things that we take a look at some of the portfolio analysis and you can generate some of the you know like for instance you take care of my equity portfolio. Yeah. I got this report from you was what it was like a Morningstar report yet the blue Lee reports so on and so every Sunday all of our clients that have bombed. Accounts without us they get a report every every sounding you know how they did the past week whether it's up down whatever might be. And there are reports do you view may money be lost money yet and you have all your accounts and it's it's anything. He's so I held away accounts 401 k.s whatever might be that's pretty nice to know that. You can have sort of at your fingertips. Where everything is I ya you. That is just them I'm management tool and even though I say to people you know I'm I'm fifty years old 51 now. I'd I feel like almost. I am setting aside my money and investing is a bomb like seventy because I take on a very. Very little risk and I don't wanna see a lot of gyrations in in and one half saw more interested in making sure my principal safe. I have. Safety of not own my principle we guarantees an income. Like creamy and pensions so typically when somebody comes in sees us maybe they have a million bucks maybe there a year or two away from retirement. And then after we do. And analysis and we figure out what the income shortfall is. We determine. What amount of money needs to go into someplace safe like a fixed annuity. To generate that shortfall of incomes so. Maybe of their million bucks we only need to set aside 500000. Dollars to get them through each and every month sold out and often come to personalize. Now they might say there was one or two ago five to 500000 dollars and that's where really you come in capsule is so we want your needs are taken care of what that. Initial 500000 dollars the income needs because it's more flexibility would that other 500000 dollars or we important in the market because. If you did happen to lose some money when you will lose sleep tonight shrinkage you have your needs your income needs men. Each and every month in other people that come to us like comment on an index guys so I'm I'm not. Just give me my index. I don't wanna really think a whole lot I wanna pay as little fees as possible. But you have other things called tactical IN tactical on NASA management is our approach here it's an act of style. In it what it is it's some. We will each sector differently in reason multi manager approach so it's it's very diverse active way of managing your money so you might not here. You're Portland and going lockstep with the market. On what madame market will all perform almost anyplace so that's sounds complicated to me tactical all this other stuff but it just sounds like it's. It's bringing good balance would you say it's at yet balance across different sector focus on that note you know there are a lot of things people. Can think about and I think traditionally people tune into. Just don't lose the money radio you've heard rich and I talk about defense defense defense. And that's really important actually the foundation in the backbone of any retirement plan. But I think it's also safe to say you don't put all your money in all the eggs in one basket so there's nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun. In the first meeting that we meet with people that's where we determine. What is it that you need to keep safe in what is it that you are OK with may be taken on a little bit of risk. To try to achieve a little bit better return when Imus and hate his wrist that goes without and that's something again. I don't deal with rich doesn't deal with that's why we are flying here. Later on the show you who you gonna have a member guest John Conley. But I think the first thing that people can consider doing more to parents number one. I can't tell you how many times. We've. Met with people and we say hey you know what when you retire. How much money if you think you're gonna need. And I say may be 2030% of people just don't know they don't know how much money they need while I can I think I need 80% of wanna spend. Well that's not really the best way of approaching in fact the first thing that people need to do is to figure out what their essential expenses are. And then on top of that what they lifestyle expense Zoellick entertainment and travel. And then from that point on Figueroa they guaranteed sources retirement income may be Europe lucky enough to have a pension maybe your you're collecting Social Security. And then the differential but delta what we call is what you need to have. Sort of us help you with take care to make sure that yup that guaranteed income and then on top of that. If they are you have some room you have you wanna play a little bit that's where rice comes in. So the first thing is that. Are what could encourage anybody listening if you don't know what you income is. Please call this number for your free in calm GAAP retirement guide. It's it's a pamphlet that rich and I put together would like to share that which you free of charge 877630. 8787. Again it's 87763087. 87 or on the web that just don't lose the money dot com where you can download your own income gap guy. Why is serious service she can do portfolio X ray for you for those that are listening. I hate this. What I have isn't any good well. Let Ryan help you determine that and get that portfolio actually you can reach him at 87763087. 87. We come backward talk. With Bobby alluded that we may answer a question from a single woman who wants to know how to make sure she doesn't run out of money. If she needs health care she gets secure retirement specialists and stay right here at. You're taking the first step to a sound financial retirement. This is just don't lose them money maybe you feel free to visit us just don't lose them money dot com. Hi I'm Susan ward if you're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio. And I knew cute but fridge Richard revealing Sam lane of Rubino and blame the firm that specializes. In protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot com. Welcome back to just don't lose the money radial arm Sam line and this is Bobby otherwise known as the office manager office manager yes you know it's. How times have we had phone calls. From people calling in and saying. Hey while that offers an in your body's gonna really cool voice I wanna talk to our first a lot that a lot 51 and they want to talk to me I'm sure anyhow. You are listening to just don't lose the money radio sort of that in no AKA as rule number one. Just don't lose the money and world number two don't forget rule number one we had a little chat with Ryan marshland wanted to sort of a shining stars. Of so assuming my world in little background on Bryant has seen on the morning embarrass him when he was in studio but back in 2008. When we had the financial crisis. He was in the training program with which I'm Merrill Lynch. And at that time after a sort of thing you know everything's fallen apart. Within three months when their four in the war when Wall Street itself was fallen apart. They did away with all the new guys it's so his boss who happens to be mine. Parred his best friend Joseph called me one day sensing Samuel look at this great. Great. Smart. And he's got but he he's got at all. You should consider hiring him and then since then he's been with me for a almost nine years looks like a baby when he came here dead but now he's really grown into the part and you know a lot of our our clients that are not looking to just safeguard all their money. They might wanna have 20% 30% of their money. In places that can grow the woman take on a little bit of risk. Ryan. Is the sort of first contact with those folks. My other Wright years and join us in in the end the show John karma he's and talked a little bit about how we sort. Sort of put everything together and on the one how she can have offense and defense so Ryan thanks very much for joining us take on that note. We are here to help you protect your money in many times people as they get older are concerned about not losing it to the market. But losing and if they get sick saying we have a question for you are going to ask. Joan wrote to us and she said I'm planning my retirement and 1 thing I am considering is long term care insurance. I would not have a pension so I need to have a plan that guarantees income for life. I'm single with no children and needs some kind of money safety net to cover costs if I start losing my faculties what do you think of long term care insurance. My opinion a long term care insurance is I think it's great as long as you can afford is is one of those things that's very expensive. To have a me who who wouldn't want to protect their assets. For their loved ones that they. End up needing home health care or needing long term care. Most people the first and think of as long term care insurance and our soil works. But I would say on average they get to you get two things against you one. If you're in the seventies she may be an innate decency and I maybe it's time to think about long term care insurance maybe have some. Health history that prevents you from getting you have to medically qualified. The second thing assists comes down to dollars and sense it's you know 56000 bucks a year for insurance bill that really nobody wants to pay for. But we all know how important that can be my mom is turning 95 and about two weeks. Luckily we have the resources because my sister's. Moving home from Texas. To take care for her in lieu of a home healthy and mortgage payment system to be had to be at the house but not everybody's a fortunate. Sometimes people go into nursing with. Bob Arum yeah grim about my grandmother when the nursing home there was just no one able to take care of her and that bell was unbelievable and we went through. A lot of her assets beat the average cost of nursing home. I think countrywide is like 141000. Mark sort of like thirteen rushing us I mean that's been our own clothes and. That was a year and a half two years ago so today. I just had a client tell me that. They're gonna go in there is so the good news is that these people have a lot of money. The bad news is these people are a lot of money so they have the pay out of their pocket in the Panama 151000 dollars. A month to be in a nursing home that nobody wants to be. So one thing that I would encourage people to think about especially if you're single. Especially if as rich always puts it if you're in the row boat alone. Listen nobody's gonna save you you you can't depend earned. Your needs to take care he received got to take care of yourself we've been able to help people. Not. By long term care insurance not spend the money that they need to every month. Or maybe some of these people have health history on conditions that prevents them from getting the long term care insurance we can use it fixed annuity today. That you can take a portion of your money. Put into this fix the noon because you need. A guaranteed stream of income wolf when she trigger that's guaranteed stream incumbents kind of like setting up your own pension. But some of these insurance companies understand. How important it is for people to sort of have a if solution to long term care so they create a product sets and he looked. We're gonna pay you and let's pretend for a second that guaranteed stream of income is 30000 dollars a year. We're gonna pay 30000 dollars a year for as long as you're alive. However if all the conditions are met. Basically if you cannot perform. Two of the six activities of daily living. McCain can't beat yourself. One of the Fiat can't feed just solve toilet saying that moving from woman to one room to another chance to order Medicaid's current tenants those things Eddie Cantor to those six items. The insurance company knew more than one of the cases a wanna be examples. They would double that income. So instead of getting thirty grand a year they're you'll get 60000 dollars a year don't do enough for five years. And then years sex they'll go back to paying you 30000 dollars and you for the rest of your life. Now that might not sound like a whole lot but think about it like in my mom's case. If we need at home health care. For the next 345 years. And we got an action thirty grand to help pay for that bill made the post forty grant me the bill stripped the grand but apart connection thirty grand to help pay for that they'll. Would not be fair test had to be amazing and artificially help are you a huge help it's kind of like having a built and insurance mechanism. In your pension plan and and I got to tell you folks it's really important to think about. The things and nobody wants to talk about you know awards talked about death taxes and arsenal but. It happens to the best of us once in awhile when you wanna make sure. You have some things in place to make certain. That you follow all tour rules will number one. Just don't lose the money and rule number two don't forget rule number one so one of the things you can do if you listen right now and say no one. I never explored that option I don't even know where to begin one of the things that you can do is to invest in your own retirement. Take a couple of hours on you day. And you know what you what time is valuable Mike time is valuable but here's one or more and do for the rest of the show. If you feel that. You need some help he needs some guidance arm and off you and power of my time no obligation. There's no charge. You won't know you would not get. Any hard sell when you come in to see me coming given all of my time to give your retirement. Analysis and assessment of sort of way you are. And if you've done a great job Porsche can Spanos and you start a great job but I think nine out of ten times. We see people that there's room for improvement either small medium or large sometimes more to mobile home. But that our viewer turn your best sound best who do you view. The level of comfort that you're gonna need if you hate in my in my okay retiring now can I retired three years. It's my money and alas all those questions will be answered for you so for your free. Consultation you can call this number call. 87763087. At 87. Again and that's 8776308787. Or you can go on the web site that just don't lose the money dot com. There's you big yellow button that says free consultation on your to do is click on that in fact when you filling your information. Guess who gets out of commission I see information and audio contact juice at the time people come and see us. And we'll give you again an hour about time you bring in Ari stuff will look at it. And I'd say you know 67% of the time. There's something that we can help you with absolutely true to sort of better your retirement intent not not worry as much lots of craziness going on out there so. Just don't lose the money dot com for your free consultation or call 87763087. 87 you can ask the operator you want somebody call you back. For your free consultation would do up until tomorrow so next a conversation with my ranking jarred Karmi. About the market about the all the chaos and really at the end of day how to control your accounts. Hi I'm Bobby office manager of you know and laying. I know reasons and schedule better than I know my own and their calendars getting phone. If you'd like to meet with riches and call me now I'll put you at the head of the line but promised not to tell 8776308787. You call I'll answer 8776308787. Welcome back to just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam who. I love the name of your show just don't lose the money if you are as it all right but that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement nest egg and that's where people if you are so important. Now the acted just don't lose the money went Sam Wang an attorney Richard Rubino. Just don't lose the money radial arm Sam Wang welcome back generally this is where I say. On salmon rich comes and says I'm rich buy it and you know you have been listened to the show. Rich is in Florida let's make no mistake about it he's had way more fun than I am today he's probably sitting on the umbrella. Holding hands with his wife on the beach somewhere singer into the ocean and join you and I hear sharpen in the studio has been talking about. Money stuff how fun is that. It's a lot of fun it's a lot of fun you sure about the enough to exit we threw down for you know for sure sir John Johnstone exposure to that I clients you know John is. For those of you that have. Listen in the past you probably heard me rich reference to John is but John is my right here. John's been with me for is a twenty years or little Tony here so it. That I forget to give its one year gift. I think so I I think I did chartered a reminder but John spoke with me for over twenty years really just supporting our clients in every aspect. The days and I'm sick Johns here at Obama for. But there are instances where people wanna come in and talk to us about really true diversification. People that listen to our show no what were all about but just don't lose the money now. But defense about defense and more defense but once in a while you're gonna bring a little bit of offense and into the into the picture so that's where it. John comes in but we do what an innate. In a in a very different way what do will almost serious fun you talk a little bit about what card. But again. One of the things that I think people need to. Sort of just understands that there's there's so many different ways of keeping your money safe and on that note we talked a little bit ago. Deal with clients in the past. Where they let's say they have a million dollars they they keep safe you know 7800000. Dollars but they want who. They wanna have they continued to pursue a sort of say they want the other money to be in the market. Something that you do for them I don't touched that's not my specialty that's not what I do. But they want to. Have the money go whopper when it comes down they don't want to lose too much so you work with a fine call welcome. Correct so talk to us a little bit about what to what it is how works. So wealth currency portfolio monitoring system. That helps us. Give alerts when there's a an event in your portfolio. It triggers an exit strategy from investment strategy. Or reallocate shin from that investment strategy into another area. To protect your assets. Oh so so that sound so complicated. 39 know what you're talking about desire wealth guard. On my own personal pull food that you won't mind how we managed but recession my wealth god says this. If I lose. More than 10%. Of my high so my opponent hundred grand. And one of 240000. Dollars and I came down 10% of a 140 which is 141000. I get this alert thing that you're talking about. Correct so when the wheels. User walled garden number of 10% okay with an individual has an account that has 100000 dollars as a portfolio value. We know of their wealth card numbers ninety files. Would that 90000 represents is that. The 100000. All the portfolio down should never fall below the ninety focus. Not necessarily network but you wanna make sure that we protect the 10% number got you okay. So the outlook the outlook I mean I know us so much craziness going on Wu talks specifics. But this market uncertainty this political uncertainty there's. To us sort of we have a divided country one's going left one's going right everybody's worried and today. We really don't see anybody that's not worry so stay away I read this thing would would make a lot of sense for them. Wrecked so what it does is it it has this trigger so what you mentioned earlier is that if you're count. Has it 10% while card number OK in the account value size to drop around seven and a half percent. You're gonna get an alert I'm gonna get the alert that's gonna make a sit down together. In take a look at the account. So rather than being reactive your proactive in terms of how are you sort of go forward would do with maybe. Maybe it's a little pick up or maybe it's a crisis there we're gonna explain to what's going on the market why the accounts active when it is full roster and remind you when our pre determined plan of attack is. If you count every his then magical number of 10%. Of commonwealth guide no contest there are a lot of so and I know folks are you listening as saying hey you know what. I I am I heard rich and seemed talk about you know fixed annuities are heard them talk about safety and heard them talk about how I can get guaranteed income. How I can protect my house of are going to nursing home. How we have hopefully discipline left door rollicking passing on to allow a with a legacy to my ears my children and grandchildren. But there's that part of me that really wants them parent you know for lack of a better word roll the dice a little bit wanna take a little bit of risk. But how you know I don't wanna lose my shard of things go wrong you can really helped them could you correct. In what happens is let's say the markets tested taking detours what do reassess your risk. Risk tolerance ought to say so you're a moderate conservative investor. In new Wii which is probably want a lot of our clients are Muzak assessed at 10% number. So far all the sudden we hit that wealth guard number would get a drop down two different things. Classes down to the conservative got you. Gotcha you know we talked a little bit earlier with Ryan and he talked about the portfolio X ray he is John not talking about this wealth carts stuff many of people about a listening including myself a few years ago. I'm Mike what does all this stuff how I I don't make money would be left alone device it goes down I'm a big enough boy to it to weather the storm a little bit but I someone who's my short. They can really help you if that is something that you wanna think about. So there are few things that you can do to be proactive not reactive first. As we talked about throughout the show the first and probably the most important thing is to figure out. What you need for income in retirement and if you don't know that number of folks you need to find out what that number wrist. Again and we have a great giveaway it's a great tool that rich and I have developed is entitled. Finding your income gap it's a worksheet. That we've put together we help you determine when you're essential. Expenses are and then we layer that would your lifestyle expenses we essential expenses are you oil bill you gasp billion cellphone bill. It lifestyle expenses are your vacations. The luxuries you may be too golf membership. And then from that you figure out what it is that you taken from 40 so security may be pension. And it does a shortfall. We will show you how to take a portion of your money maybe it's 50% maybe it's 30% maybe it's 80% who knows a portion of your money. To give you that guaranteed stream of income. And then the balance of the money is something that you can talk to John and Ryan about to happen to really round I know. Your retirement. Plan so on that note sometimes groups into short sound great but wait a white go from here. And one of the things that Jong offer Iowa awful rhyme offer is that we will give you an hour of our time free of charge does know sort of hidden agenda you know I can get a fast talking and manner and a quick sell. We are gonna give you are now about time that's our promise to you. To see if the shoe fits what I mean by the seat the shoe fits the CEO of what you need is something that we can help you with. Come up with some solutions to your way reached in on that note you haven't done that. Please take us up on offer I'll phone numbers 8776308787. You can call tell the operator you like somebody call you back. We would do down on Monday to set up Pataki to come and see us or you can book your free consultation. On our website at just don't lose the money. Dot com John hey thanks for being with us again and have a wonderful day to all of you. We'll be right back. Just go with the money radio we'll be right back. If you have questions I would like to schedule a no obligation meeting with attorney Richard are being our Sam Wang please give our office of Paul at 6176308787. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder operations and get all their work done they start by calling me I'm Bobby office manager that would be doing. You can secure your financial future of the same way by calling me you call I'll answer 8776308787. 8776308787. Just don't lose the money thanks so much for listening today on the same line down Bobby were zero office manage our national energy issue are. Yes so rich again just an army times are gonna rub it in the sweet she is on vacation but. Where you hone down before in fact. So well that we won again share with you followed giveaway which is entitled to income gap retirement workbook. It's I don't want to workbook to worksheet. Four pages there will help you really determine what it is that you need to have as usual monthly not if you haven't figured out how to do that way diminish. You have to four page booklet. Call this number. 8776308787. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com you can also download did prove worksheet you'll learn what tournament yes OK right on the web site. So again just don't lose the money dot com. Click under the downloads for the income gap retirement workbook. And you'll have been in there pumped up like so on that note thanks so listen have a wonderful day say goodbye on the same line. Taking the information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax and investment advice Richard being sampling of principles are feeling like LLC and Arnelle insurance agents. LLC with fast broker's license 178339. And I understand reach your feet away are registered as investment advisors and not give advice. This shows a service of The Beatles night.