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02/23/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - life in the digital age is changing the very nature of what it means to be human. The question is, "how?"

Feb 24, 2017|

02/23/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Douglas Rushkoff examines how technology affects us as a society, as families, and as humans. Do the benefits actually become destructive? What should we be doing to keep children from losing their ability to interact with other people?

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Yes we are good evening and morning gloom of night. Wherever you happen to be welcome it's beyond reality radio with Jason Hawes and GB Johnson GI tied halfway through. That season finale of the person Boca and so it was a two hour along yes or are really three for a look at did so watch the first dowry for the showed an enemy and watch the rest of it after the show mom I'm kind of excited I don't know maybe they found something maybe they didn't they always psyche up and then it's a bait and switch kind of thing that. I Lakeland the oh the sisters actually came back with the remains of that are there sister sister now is. Her ashes from blowing into a glass and that's it that's a really neat idea. I'm just seeing and seeing some. The honestly very concepts they've come up with. Doing with ashes and and things like that lately it's yeah I'm I'm not so sure I'd go with the put it into pottery in and and you know these plates and why most sought and won the they put into. Like for a tree lit little fertilizer didn't Zuma into grown tree and there's a lot of neat little conscious but I thought that was. That was really touching to see that and in on the they putted into the rock and then the native Erica consider as they were descendants of one of the regional treasure hunter is one of the guys that found the original site and did the first to dig. Yeah well here in the first hour was definitely good in the second hour news you'll be happy about it colosio's. Let's look at all you know tomorrow. A good a break they've welcomed everybody it's great to have everybody along for beyond reality radio tonight we've got a great show lined up we're talking with a really really interesting guy and energetic. His name is Douglas rush coffees or writer documentarian and a lecturer. He's written about so many things but he's a real expert on our modern media. Electronic media the digital age on technology in our lives how it's changing our lives. There are kind of up poke around and all those topics tonight and did get a sense of what Douglas thinks the staff is doing to mrs. humans. But he's also very knowledgeable on culture Crawley and Adolph Hitler. Hand there there a connection panel and a lot of things are going down I'm. Also the whole idea behind symbolism and he's firm believer that. In the Al sir Alastair Crowley was considered in the black magic guru the as sort of the double were superb back then Tom. According to a lot of the things he talks about. Alastair Crowley actually had very positive side to him and was really trying to do his own thing to a it's a fight off. Oh yeah as it is intentions were definitely. Oh against Hillary was it was a role opponent and and so now it readjusting and yet you have so we talking about that. But that you know that's our final show for this week folks but next week we've got a lot of prequel stuff lined up to today. Yes Monday we've got reverend John Paul and we're going to be talking to him. All energies everything right down to. UFO's and and more. And then Tuesday we're going to be talking when Jim Morrison gyms the author of crossfire the plot that killed Kennedy which was the basis real Oliver Stone movie JFK. Yes well he's also done some. I'll work on your UFO's the alien agenda which was a book that was published by harpercollins publishers. On and rule by secrecy. So there's and it's kind of connects modern secret societies to ancient mysteries so the whole bunch of topics we can chat with Jim about. On the Wednesday we've got to returning gasping and because honestly first and Panama and it was it was just so wildly talked him a ball black eyed children. And strange intruders but David Weatherly will be with us. He spent his life exploring the world with a strange investigating the supernatural and parent kernel are on the world he'll be back on the unreal you radioed to continue. The discussion that we started what was it about a year ago Wright talked multi hundred children and and strange intruders and and so forth. Yeah on the black children conversation was really generous and we had it and it's come up several times by other guests that we've had on just kind of in passing but mark conversation Dave was pretty cool and it's pretty. Creepy phenomenon that we still don't have a lot of information on. You know I was just contacted by a church and mechanical and too much details but on a case. And in the northern part of of South America if you're asking me to. To actually assist them on bought it and fold them having what do what they claimed and I almost to retire into the black children but they're talking about. A child with a black guy is the speaking a foreign language that showed up at some of the the people from the church's home. And was after each and it was after mass and a PS3 separate families from what I got so far and so in for more information. Had a child to show up at her home and it was all it was the same child may live in different parts of town miles. So I can find a little more deets on then of course. That'll falls under confidentiality thing but at least the those details with the jury out anyway so be adjusting CEO. Of it has an international. Yeah that's a pretty it's a pretty interesting topic and you know one of things always bothered me is that done. Would be having any good pictures or sets that's true a lot of things we talk about but we'll seems to happen a lot though you'll specially I can understand when your your down South America. It's a little tough because the technology. In some areas it's good but it's nothing like we have up here right solider resort girls Smartphone. But what happens here in the United States if you think that somebody. I guess I guess it receive child black guys policing thing in my digital taking a picture of funding that's your mind if I guess healthy if it's been no. Yeah I'm and that's that which focus. He's got a bit of slack the air if you you know here's something that pictures were taken in the floating in the Internet thinks that daddy's got pictures put upon our FaceBook page did you hear this blob this massive hairy Whitey. Big hairy blobs that washed up on a beach in the Philippines I did in today. I am I have a scenario what it is good but go ahead well several of these unusual sea creatures there have been washing up on the islands following a deadly earthquake last week in the area prompted speculation deceit creatures. Are in some way predicting the tremors but. In this case a massive white creature that appeared to be bleeding appeared on the coast in the sill plea. Philippines and some of speculated that it's the carcass of a large whale but it's really strange to scuttle these like hayride looks kind of like here on and on we without being able to touch it or not exactly sure. But it follows several sightings of typically elusive deep sea creatures. Kobe or fish in the Philippines and their residence. On the coast of the northern coast of Philippine spotted number of the thirty foot long serpent like fish. Days following a six point seven quake that killed six injured 120 morbid this particular thing is the latest bizarre scene find in recent weeks. One or Fisher really stranger people thought that they were just lent a lore but I turned turned out they were real they just they spent all their time and sub. Such a deep water. He received from the tube worms down but I. There there are credible looking creatures come. And bar is so so they think that was a well coast I'll be honest the united doing some research and throughout the years. There's meters and they say their extent that the C capital base either extinct by and kind. I know that's also been some talk on this world that some people believe it possibly be a seat tell. And and because I don't I don't really think there are 100 senate extinct I think I think there's still some Alter. Well it's that's not an unusual situation and we have there been other species that we thought have been extinct in the senate usually champ playing there right there they thought it was extinct for forty million years now and then they and then they turn up thankfully eminence that's terrific but Tom you know they've been wrong before about that so it's responsible for counsel sound hollow army sending emails on now that's it so far I'm I'm hoping that we get some type of Enola. Biologist store zoologist to visit and kind of examine and can give us a sense assumes that they'd be able to tell either it is something make this just. Looks weird and they didn't recognize a right away or something they don't they don't have a have a category four I don't know. We'll settle the white hairs off of it really that doesn't mean a lot to meet some personal autonomy ocean you know magnet mamet and will go on wall anchor boats and it's assembled pool have tied offer for days at a time and you are pull it out. And you do have a very Harry substance attached to it it's just stuff that's in the water that attaches but I'm. And it can be altered the color so it can be and a black green why it doesn't matter com CC that'll lots of them might just be from Mets in floating around. As can be did very deceiving and in fact done when you see something like dead in the water and that and that substance whether it's vegetation whatever ever it is. And then it comes out of the water looks completely different capsule so it can be misidentified pretty easily. So he inherits from Britain Britain's gonna try to beat us and a and a little space race on on camera tower fear about him so Britton getting into the game while commercial space travel within three years. On flights to launch from Britain. Within three years and three years are they going anywhere particularly in space or just see you can just ride up into space and command liquor market thrill ride I'm really not sure amounted organ mr. mushy tell but. The thing is. The nice thing is in Britain there the government tends to work hand in hand closely with a lot of the company is in and try to help them through a lot of things were in the US. It's it's so tough to get get things pass them into a little electric company that was creating those jet ski TVs. I mean they were approved in in the UK in like six months three years they were still going through via the process over here in the US so it's so tough but dumb. Are some Britain could become one of the first nations offer commercial space travel after experts unveiled. Proposals for space port which can be built the built in just three years. A newly passed space flight bill allowed space ports to be built across the UK some of which will allow commercial flights. The space travel industry is set to be worth 25 billion Euro in the next twenty years in the UK is hoping to get its license upon. Mountain. I mean the department of transport transport said. Next stepped in vault government encouraging businesses and industry to come forward with specific proposals for space launches. In addition the government is inviting commercial space businesses to bid for funding to help. Creating a space launch market in the U in the UK. And so while we have been answered you may we can Booker text now. Yeah we you know it's sound it's interesting to see so many countries. I've and it's actually in some way a little bit disheartening bit. So many countries stepping up as the United States is gonna take him a step back in the domination of the of the expiration since. And and technology of space travel I'm hoping that's about change and I think I think it is there's talk like. It is I think investing in that type of technology has paid off in in leaps and bounds in the past. We've some children are current technology to even if it's just commercial aviation comes from space technology will. There's a sings from the use and so many different aspects of life. And if so it's amazing to see in to see badly and I totally agree with you I think in taking away a lot of money. 44. From us for doing that it's always setting us back from slowing other countries to release a propel passed us. You know and then get the benefits of it and it almost seemed to me and I know it's it's nothing cheap or easy about getting to the moon. But it seems to me with the amount that technology has progressed sense we've been to the moon it would be. So much easier to go back. Well listen at that the the original. Chipped in measles in the Apollo. Had less. Technology and then the Lincoln Continental less computing power than a Smartphone. You know well yeah and let's computing power than a desktop calculator and I mean you drive and around cars down that so much technology that you think that it would just be. So easy right. Now to look so let's hope that tone that we. Get a renewed interest is an up and we didn't give it give us some rule advances in technology but it also treated an inspiration for. Kids going into science and in NASA managers and drive for just address for everybody it's like we're we're gonna do this we're gonna. Well we're going into uncharted territory I mean that's it's amazing when you when you think about that. Are his soul while that's if we all survived Jim because Ramirez's. I mean he's you don't know. And he was in the week we could be dead according to Alaska. So mega disaster warning earthquakes and tsunamis surge could start tomorrow. Yes you heard that right tomorrow's gonna blow when we are near Ecstasy at Tennessee. Now Umpqua it was a sure. Yeah yeah I'm I'm not so miles stages pretty monster. A couple inches from there on underwater if he's zero F a are so powerful tsunamis. Causing tremors could strike earth over the next next four. Met so many nights. Starting tomorrow because of the alignment of the planet's. Has just been this new claim. Self styled earthquake predictor. Is warning of a magnitude eight or higher quake hitting the planet in just within now wants in nineteen days march 4. Quake mystic assess what this tackles and communities from afar you know bleak misting a quick mystic friend who repeats he's not the groundhog psychic he's the earthquake circuit near adequate mystic frank who ordered pizza has issued an online major earthquake warning. Amid fears a big one is on its way. Ordered b.s who was based in the Netherlands uses a non science scientific recognize way of predicting earthquakes based on planetary alignments with earth. My own he wrote on his web site. And reentry give an honest it was a and the last week of February and the first week of march there will likely be a significant increase in seismic activity with the highest probability. Oven heat plus magnitude earthquake around march 4. Who beats claims the position on the planets in the Malone have an impact on tectonic plate movement here on earth. He added these dissipated seismic increase starting around February 24 contrasts sharply with only a few planetary alignments from the last week of January. To the third week of February. Now discuss and attract her record of being correct. Are artists from the left of the and it says in December 2015 he was marked after predicting a powerful magnitude east. Earth earthquake that could change the world forever. Which which would strike on the eleventh or twelfth month of the year. Only four to fail we know he keep making the predictions at some point you're probably gonna get something right Manila hit it. So I predict that some point 2017. And here we are going to have an earthquake somewhere in the US that's pretty bold predictions you gonna stick with that I'm just equipment we should mark the state. There somewhere within the US is an annual you know you're going to governor. Can you your I don't know write that down and you write that down channel can keep track commit for an urban general Patrick I'm gonna have to compete with the lists fop he'll be here but I'll. Right that now and I also believe just like (%expletive) you says it's. He will in the lottery and somebody will you mind you know and who the (%expletive) is a bowl predictor to make before we we've got a few minutes for it to go to break. Did you realize that UFO sightings or an all time high. Yeah. Not just the Internet it's making and then others are there new numbers sightings that are recorded by the national UFO reporting center which is it the US organization their record settings worldwide. They've been doing it since the beginning of the twentieth century. And they're seeing an upward trend in the number of reported. UFO or flying saucer saucer sightings now it doesn't mean the more people are seeing them but certainly means more people reporting them if if nothing else. There are days anywhere specific well in terms of geography they say the US seems to be the most prone to UFO sightings all year round. Actually reports that 300 times as many sightings than the global average. Has been reported. In the in the United States so we're seeing the most of from right here in the US what about abduction trailer more abductions here. I would say that based on some of the calls we've had to yes but that's just an anecdotal. Response I don't know. For more cases of probing or anything like pan and doctors trying to copy yet you're you're not an hour maybe you'd like to go on so it's not on good. I know there's none of that information just the fact that more people reporting these sightings and you know I think I think you kind of did touch on and I think maybe that the fact that social media. And YouTube in the Internet has become populated with many of these sightings whether they're you know pictures or videos. Whether real or not on maybe it's just made people more. Apt to. With bases in the report or. You know mixed is meant more aware of it I'm not sure but it orally and it's a mass hysteria effect or whatever or some people post pics are something and others who might not have seen it will post a base line and it'll keep spreading. You know mom that system. And no you know let's nexus from some and we can talk with our guest I'm Douglas about brushed off a won't bring him on in the next segment on because. He does talk a lot about social media in the digital age and downed trees Katzman said on that. Now but that's interest in excess of the US is really we we've skyrocketed with the sayings and news reciting her up all over the world but the United States actually reports about 300 times as many sightings than the global average. You'll secure who wonders because sometimes fuel through history the seemed to coincide with new technology that shows up. With in the US new new types of planes and everything a year or two later. But they start talking about. Com. Yeah so I wonder if some depressive do with that. It's possible. Are possible they are numbers 8446877669. Of course we've got great news that we've been talking about for several months and as we march 6 date. You know actually will be march 7 tactically because obviously that sometimes it shows on but dom. So of course we are syndicated with Entercom right now on numerous of their great channels. As of march 7 and midnight at starting march 7 we will be also is now syndicated through Westwood One animals are popping up on stations all over and I guess a lot of them a lot of different stations are elderly ex I didn't meanwhile start caring and so on. We'll to forward this is going to be huge jump on. Yet it's gonna be great we're going to be able to get to reach more people get more people involved in these conversations that we have. Get more people considering these topics we talk about. Joining us again on the FaceBook page in the chat room all those things we do see you know the more people the better we really like these conversations to become. In many cases mainstream. Just just like ghost hunters did for the paranormal investigating for ghosts you know made a mainstream Republican to do that a lot of other. Topics to warm I just the idea we're going to be able to reach more and more people and I think that that's that's just what's important is this only ever wanted to do is talk about that's what everybody and it really looks like that in their doors is opening up for itself. If you having Amaechi get over and like the FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio page because that's where. We're going to be posting all the the news stations were or were coming up on also has announced some more on air and everything else. And if you're listening online distorted dual fuel and on on the great musicians go beyond really radio dot com click the listen live to join the chat with Hillis and Jason javy we're gonna take a break when we come back all have our guest who. Look back at us. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short fly help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. To feed your refusal clincher with us tonight dent in his. Eon reality radio and Jason and JP coming up in just a moment we'll bring our guest is Douglas rush confident we have a lot of great things talked to him about he's written so many books some interesting topics will. Go through his minis we our time will allow us the before we do that let's go into the foam mines. Bring James from Pennsylvania and James welcome to be on reality radio greet Evian shell. Eight and beyond should they welcome. What's clear that you repent you do you agree I agree I'm here I'm here weird kicker echo in the back. We don't hear especially now we don't hear what's up. Why is that a question of how the meg is okay. I return to contact mr. Johnson Arnott for awhile now. Actually about the magazine. You know be. Pardon me I'd let you know. Pediatric dress code up on trying to find out. Where my American teens are. Yeah I don't know there what we did a poster and I hopped in and forwarded a post recently around the magazine is not being produced ring now. And they did establish an email address for anybody who had questions so I'm not really sure what's going on with that but I know that they had done they had done that so. If if you party sanity you know I would expect something to to respond to be a winner when the purity Tom I don't know how long it's gonna take so. Hoping that helps you out. Let's bring our guest in Douglas rush cough is a wider. He is a an and author obviously he's a documentarian he's a lecturer he focuses on human and autonomy in digital age. He's written fifteen bestselling books on media technology and society including program. Or be programmed. Presents shock and throwing rocks at the Google books and he's made a bunch as documentaries as well we're really really pleased to have him on the show Douglas welcome to be on reality radio great to have you here. Did you hear what. Well there is definitely thanks for coming on a lot of great great topics you've covered and I we're gonna try to cover as many as we can tonight. Yes a Douglas let's dive Kissinger knew to our audience since first time we've had in the program tell us a little bit about Obama. What you do why you do it and how long you've been doing it for. Well I'm mostly. Write books about how via how the world changed you know how human experience changed. As a result of the advent of digital technology. And really our ongoing struggle is. Maintaining. You know court human autonomy but basically our humanity. As you know systems of control around us get increasingly empowered. By digital technology. You know and I I started out I was. Really theater director and English student in college and I started to wonder why it might weirdest and most psychedelic friends or if that total deadheads were. Moving out California and joining Silicon Valley terms. And I started following the mountain writing articles about them and got really hopeful that the Internet is going to be this you know massive extension of human consciousness that it would be some kind of a realization of the guy hypothesis. We would you know lighters humans together is that. Neurons and a global brain and you know it's very optimistic about people really being able to proceed to reality for the first time that. It you know that that's what the Internet did two TV. You know digital culture would would do the entire world that we would. Become makers rather than just an audience and then. Over the next ten years or so I watched as the Internet. You know became increasingly monopolized by business. By you know some form of of extreme capitalism are another. And people got wore red that happened. And people's experience of the Internet rather than it being sent kind of almost a technological. LSD. Mind expanding experience. People are going on the Internet and getting programs themselves. And using things like you know FaceBook and taking their connecting to other people and really other connecting to or the Betty and I algorithms of that of the platform. You know directing their behavior and turning us into. You know increasingly. Predictable. Autonomy to Israel and so I've been writing really trying to help people understand. How technologies can work for them and how some times they don't. I want people to think of you know putting something on there I don't insist they're taking a pill and putting it brightened sit there personally ecosystem and to. Think twice about who is really the customer. App you're using the platform and using you know whose pain. And who's that who's the product you know and whose end and who's the unpaid labor force. I don't know I think that's important what you're saying it because somewhere over the last ten years we went from using the Internet to the Internet was using mouse. All right it was weird the couple weird moments from me as I saw that happening and I really couldn't believe. It could turn so quickly it just hit one day and are on it is 1996. Or 1990. The heat gave it Netscape that main browser that tech company went pub to. Was the same data Jerry Garcia died. Kirby and Colin Powell is Liz says yes. Okay now the Internet and leave behind that's 1960s. Hippie raid values and boot into something much more like Austria. Soon so as as we've made this transition from not just not just an Internet that everybody almost everyone has access to. But the Smartphone revolution as well took to the Internet and put it into our palms. So that it's not. Just accessible it's mobile it's witness almost all the time. What are you go what to do to us says as them and as of people as humans but more as a society. You know that's a really interesting shift you're talking about I mean to those of us who are on the net in the early days when he had even. You know dial in the news a modem to get on mine. We would go in needs in the chat programs these bulletin boards and you would. Download the entire conversation and then spend a few hours crafting her two paragraph did you bent. Upload into the conversation. It was like chats by email and the Internet became this place. Where we sounded smarter and we are in real life that you can imagine that. And then we are undertaking this technology because we wanted to use it. To extract value from us this has data and do you know I haven't parliament passed around week. Turned it into this always on device we keep right on our body had it. You know vibrate every time somebody. These books dealer messages you're tweeted our Q you lived in this state of perpetual emergency in each eruption it used to be indoor only by. 911 operators are air traffic control. And when you lived in that speech of always ready to be paying you and it's becoming very reactive. You know and and we're reactive we we think of that it spontaneity but it's really not. It's just some more about what kind of got out lobby and actually all of the bells and whistles and images in our. In our devices that are devised by you know people in the laboratories at Stanford university's capped apology. Department in which they're released study at the smartest kids that we know we're trying to figure out. How do we create. Divisive and app and graphics. That really hypnotize people into submission. Well assorted guide you in and whatever direction they want a guy GUN and sort of may issue or follow whatever pass and I think that opens a whole other can of worms. Where you gotta sit back and wonder does they use the constant use electronics. These days changed well first off change the structure of of human beings and really doesn't it disconnect us from the real world and killers are our social and interaction time abilities when it comes down to. Well you know I feel like our social and. And abilities were almost already killed by television. You know television was pretty at a marketing itself from your kidding me or you know early hope to the net was that it was going to be really. Served as remedial help spur of society did at last its ability to to socialized. You know and the very beginning people in the social media even after the dotcom boom and bust. It seemed like social media was gonna have returned the net to that. Parents. Connecting social need but of course you know as we've seen it ended up at a marketing and even further to the point I think. You know people's been so much time in the east basis especially kids. It's very hard and to make eye contact and formed a poor. In the real world. That's if you wanted to area and that's that's actually one of the things that I was gonna bring up because. But one thing I've always been big on his I talked to somebody I look I like to look them directly in the eyes because. You can read so much from that person you can understand their most you can understand what their feeling everything and they can get that from you it's that connection. But now this day and age I go to talk to somebody even from the younger generation. And they they don't wanna make eye contact ankle on floors as you're looking at them a look away it seems like there's been this whole disconnect from. For people in that game and it's a tickets it's bad it's not a good thing for us. Now it is not a good thing you know senator think chemically because when your Foreman report another person and irises are getting wider and they're handers. Making this tiny. Training yes not motions and you start breeding together. In your mirror neurons start flashing an ox Towson goes to tear to your bloodstream and you know that that ability to bond with another person changes to what you think. In human beings there are social animals acute humanity is a team sport. And it's very hard to do with how does. Without it without does connections to others you know it is very hard to do. To do so. And that's in and that's what we're really asking people to do and then we end up trying to take. Similar cues we looked at the same sorts of feelings. Online you know we we were two gay guys and how the response to supply us with something some synthetic form that same thing that we're not marketing and other people. So more looking and looking for an AI Terry communicating and connect with instead of sort of an actual individual. All right I don't think we were consciously looking through the area I don't know about Edwards sometimes but that's to me. Yet but we're trying to make some sort of a personal connection with a it was something else out there and and its non natural living living person. Right I mean in some people you know that people I don't particularly agree with. Think that there really is something out there or that you know once we pass through this singularity and machines achieved. You know. Complexity on a greater order than humans then they will be just as conscious. As we are and in some sense were supposed to pass the baton on to them you know that there the next. Cities of evolution. And human beings are really. Important at that point insofar as we can you know keep the lights on for the machines you know. That's just not in each that's not a future that that I want buying into it and for no other reason that I'm human beings if human wanna maintain. A plates are seen in this in this future. We're talking with Douglas washed off by the way to the website is rush cough dot com he's an author documentarian writer lecturer. Many many books were kind of getting into. To some of the topics they were covering his book presents shock or take a quick break point come back we'll continue the conversation. We've got a lot more questions and feel pretty common and 8446877669. If you like deep part of the discussion it's. Beyond reality radio. Jason June. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the through. Fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see if they. Welcome back to show it's beyond reality radio Jason Lewis. JB Johnson bring everybody along our guests and I just I was rush off we've been talking about the effect of while the Internet and its immediacy in the news in the form of its availability on Smartphones and what's doing to society and us as people. And Douglas someone had to point out as you mentioned. You know that that having these devices these Smartphones in our hands and having the Internet and and getting alerts. Whether it's a FaceBook message or text her in email or a new story just constantly. And I Chiming into our lives. I think I there's there's another symptom of what it's doing to us and that's the fact that now we've gotten the point where we can't even wait for those alerts I don't know about you. But I'm constantly checking my phone to see pending happenings happened even when I don't get the work. Yeah well Dem in the device is do you have that that. Impact of one of those you know a slot machine where. If you wanna keep checking it is there might become. You know some juicy tidbit you know that some good thing you know we've been conditioned to to look for it up but it doesn't mean that these you know technologies are all bad you know there's. Obviously a lot of ways we can use them to two. Enhance. All the things that that we feel like these technologies might might deprive us in the wrong hands even. You know Brady you know so people having trouble making eye contact right now. But they're not having trouble listening you know and and there's no medium more intimate. And voice you know so people are. Yeah and were using the net to do so you know there's still many ways to say to find you know. Interest seem weird little nooks and crannies for humans to to connect you know and that's still. It still provides that if you use it you know you know consciously be using it you know her former deep content rather than. In that kind of you know hypnotized responsive or react to stay. Well and I think that and that's a big factor usually you're saying voice. Because employee she can tell emotion you can pick up something but when somebody writes I've seen so many flights come out of somebody not putting. A comma and a certain place or our period on something when they send a text because text has no emotions. So you have no idea what that person sending on the other side and interest in the stand agents such is such a weird. Weird time because. There's been I've seen people fight because especially with musing I message on the iPhone and somebody will see that you eve read their text. And that happened responded and now now that's even breaking down and more it's just weird the way the whole world has really changed. Yeah I definitely I mean and it's as long as we can remain conscious of what. Biases of the different technologies are using in revenue realized OK the person can hear my voice so. They're getting sir Ben it's now. War Alan just texting them so I better be careful not to just be barking orders did this thing and it's it's hard to people stay conscious of that but. The more you do. Did better effects will happen this reduced. Douglas this a lot of this sounds like it's what you discussed in your book presents shock. You talk about of a phenomena are concept called present isn't what is that. Well it's this it's this sense that we get me partly it happened after the yeah. After the millennium you know when Ronald sort of leaning forward into that whether it was a. Compliments speculation in the Y two K there are harmonic convergence. It's collateral and when he twelve you know we we needed here into this. New millennium. And all of a sudden we kind of went from must forward leaning culture to an. A national culture what's what's happening now what are my investments worth now what's my life without now you know it's less clear we're going and where. Where our imposition of the future arrive. And the distinct time we move from. On an analog understanding that time it. From the this circular cockiness sweeps second hand and an analogue culture into this very digital one. Where. That's second isn't merely a a segment. Of a minute as much as an independent to ration it just pushed it to Paul. And so we ended up moving into this kind of post like moment to moment to moment. And we lost a certain kind of almost temporal coherent Sanofi took the ability to really heal the motion of time. And when you get stuck like that it that almost deer in the headlights. Feeling of now now now it's almost it's almost a little. A little little paranoid and you wonder just try to make connections between things and get your bearings in orient. And that too tricky speak to maintain because you're gonna gravitate to what ever feel secure. You know I'd daddy figure running for president or a brand name or an icon. He knows you're going to be much more susceptible. To. Attractive symbol. You know to get a sense of of grounding because you don't really have the kind of ground and you had you know. So want to present is them really can be one of two picnic and I can be that shocked state where here. Kind of desperately looking for a moment to ball into. War. You can. Be a little more zen about it and be present this to say here we are so it's less about where we're going Hitler Saddam goal for society but more. Hourly. Behaving toward one another now you know you're never gonna Spoelstra and ends justifies the means. At war our journey because you wanna know what what what used to human condition. At this very moment. So you can you can turn present has them into the campaign. You know you know I only. Beneficial. If you can have it be patient with it you know kind of Pete in that moment rather than just two desperately looking for the next one and don't want. Or but we all know that technology isn't going anywhere and it's going to just keep on advancing and advancing. But how how can we get to a point where. I'm we're still. Able to socialize or just make and make him human connection with each other. With the way it's going. Well I think people have to start. And really. Regarding. Their human to human time and to kind of a secret state. I think people have to hit it become aware of the way that there empowered. Body conspiring with other people you know the word conspire literally means you know to breed together into new breed together with other people. There's a certain kind of power that you. It really emerges between you did doesn't really come. Any other way so they think it has people experienced that and experienced the value of that. They'll understand you know what they can use these technologies. For end and what need they actually don't stow. Great we're talking with Douglas rushed up we're gonna have to go to our top of the hour break here when we come back we're gonna talk a bit about his book. Called throwing rocks at the Google+ in the 21 century. Economy. And how we might beginning some of these things wrong. It's beyond reality radio Jason and javy your telephone numbers 8446877669. Don't go away feel pretty calm on the conversation. Jason JC is we get ready to start the second hour of the program apparently there is something going on with the website in chat so driven most trouble we are working on it and hopefully we'll get that result really really quickly. Slap answering yes thousands thousands thousands of people it's truly going there as well sale listening Omnia in the numerous stations to air yet it's true we've found we've felt learn very very quickly how how easy to beat actually overload a server and we apologize for those inconveniences but it does does happen. On our guest tonight is Douglas rush coffee's a writer documentarian lecture have been talking about. How modern technology things like the Internet Smartphones affect us as humans and as a society. And a Douglas again thanks for being with us tonight I wanna go to the phones as we do have a few listener calls and some questions this is Shelly. From Florida Shelley welcome to be on reality radio you're on with Douglas rush off. Thank you. I was gonna ask him if he's heard of the condition called. Both total. Maureen well in Japan. Where. Over 541000. Young. Japanese mostly men refused to leave their homes for their computers. And apparent plant uptake here. They'd. They don't want big withdrawal whose social life and they they just stay on their computers that hole. And I actually have a son like that. And I also have friends. Who live from its end. Well let have a grand. Children a son and grandson let our elected also. And how it's almost like they're being programmed are addicted to that computer. And I'd like to know what your take on that is. Great question Shelly what do you think Douglas. Well you know I I dated chart documentary for PBS on these kids in Korea. Then it can you know so addicted to gaming. And the Internet. Debt they have people you know don't like. These Japanese had they lose touch with all people on reality but what they do into South Korea they have these camps stage setup. Where you know they bring these kids have to these camps for two weeks. And you know it just sort completely camps in the scrap piece. You know like twenty year old. I think guides had to take your seats to actually get these beautiful girl. From South Korea to rank you'd take care he's poisoning keep watching that meant and walking him around and playing sports with damned. And it just there they're like slowly trying to re conditioned them to experience. He has some majority of their body and they can smell and touch. I think they had some success but a lot of it has to do it with the markets and the economy you know the stairs. It's just like someone turning to drugs and they feel like there's you know no opportunity. Or is they have they are. There are reasons to withdraw now they have are really good way to do that you know where in the old days I hit my. You know sit alone is rumor leaked comic books or something now they've got you know a multi billion dollar industry that you know more than happy. Did you know it is a demand in a 3-D. S game you paper for one person it's just you know actually an entertainment person one now. It's intriguing that Saddam. Keeping all the same build and whistles and and rewards signatures so you end up getting those that burst doesn't work in bursts and it is just it is an addictive phenomenon for those people and really the only way to get them out I think. Is you know this to withdraw them from that and an environment even temporarily so that they can experience some alternatives. Interest in Jamie and I definitely wanna know how we sign up for a camp to see that that at a time in Obama's but on the serious no. On the Internet would truly if you look at its. It is an addiction but it's one that that seems except correct. You I mean because it's not a drug tightening you put. In yourself I mean our Pacific coast in its culture to an addiction it's a little bit more like gambling. Except instead of you know instead of giving away your money you're giving the only time you you're you're painting with your attention. We lived in an attention economy not so we realized in the mid nineties that it's human attention is the most valuable and limited saying. So we developed technologies are really really good. At garnering attention as kept grabbing our eye ball they they call eyeball ours is so. Yeah its really hard to. Can. Maintain maintain yourself in that environment currently all you can do is is. Is start looking at the apps you using him a processes that you're engaging and then decide. If stated really are you know putting you in charge or they're pulling you into all searches are situations that you'd really rather not waste your time. Thanks for that call Shelley by the way let's go to a gym in buffalo Jim welcome to beyond reality radio. Wow what a thrill I can't believe it but yeah JP. Yeah I've never I don't was by the way great charitable arm congratulations. To you're syndication. Hand I just want to college they have never owned a computer I've never been online never surfed the web. Like you're missing an ever want you do you feel like human sound an in thing Jim. No that really actually I've sort of felt like maybe that this is the kind of deity that people want they reach for that Google has. You know it and it's gotten to can have a point where I feel like it's gonna become. A pseudo deity of people and it's gonna wake up I think if it doesn't have help. But some human and it's just gonna wake up on its own people are gonna end up worshipping at count those crazy. No it's an interesting perspective him. Hand I went to a lot of debt chilled by the way back in the eighties and what he's due to promote our communication amongst people. Well as I actually handmade ample Lopes. And they were candle I can beat envelopes and companies betrayed them and that's what I did and it said it encourage people to write one another. Because you know writing personal letters. And I still get ridiculed for the stake and it still sent letters to people through the mail and I just state you know. I I'm into music and I dispute that it's just you know icing her Nazr has. Tribute who. Two holes later go to Europe but I thought it appears close the gun. You know. Fact the fact these stills and sent militiamen don't so I think that's important it's like a who I went up to the attic about two months ago with my kids. And I have a box up there and it's still has this old. Now flip over container that has every know that I wrote my wife Chris. Back in eighth and ninth and tenth grade never Roche now I know she wrote to me. And that's things that they're not ever gonna happening when they replaced their phone they just lost all their messages they ever had with it with there they're girlfriends or their boyfriends. And I and I think that's sucks because they really can't go back to those memories in time any sort of lost it. Yeah I agree. I just I get the feeling that the Internet gonna its all about. Profile I knew about this long time ago the first computer the first piece C at my friend's house. I think he's said the government wants everyone to have one of these and I'll be at the quote that but he said. And that a musician but yet not my house. And it basically in the eighty's it gave away my TV. I do I guess I didn't get into tightening so when this whole computer thing came around. I mean you know I just didn't it just didn't jive in my lifestyle and I was there and done guy. You know stationary engineer working on Oilers. Doing stuff which is to me it just it I just outside that I almost would. What can I identify with the Amish and mennonite or something you know 'cause it's like. They're they're they're more in tune with the land you know it is admiral. You said something and thanks for all day Jim by the way do I Jim said something that was pretty interesting because I know you've touched on a Douglas before. The fact that people aren't writing letters anymore in fact there's there's a an act out economic consequence that is in there. Yeah via the other isn't economic consequence of post office you know it's not a heck of a business to. To email and then you know when they close the post up to some small town that could be that. I can define the town see that one thing they've got to the metal. It was prisoners at current in eternity you lose and you is that you know it is this that virtual reality tends to. Become more important than the real ones. You know the other and merchants and that was really. And should stick to me was he the kind of suggesting that. You know that even. We get to this place you know to get to this singularity placed where the Internet is conscious or lime it might be the Internet conscious. Or alive mr. Steve where are so stupid that we think it is you know there's so we expert computer attacked attorney get better. If it's clever we get less so well and that you can suggesting depth chart. Yet they're attuned to things on 2.0 like to make and ask you about one is obviously of the many people see in the movie I think it's called mediocrity and it's you know it's a film about how. We've we as a as a society become gunned down this is this technology doing that tell us. Oh yeah I mean. If you do it could be making a smarter and certainly it's but it certainly making us dumber and others at punctures many blisters now Antioch it was not. Did not. Released you know I can get a big big problem getting released just in its may be making the picture a little bit too clear you know I never understood why they didn't want to. It is a kind of let us see that yeah understanding of ourselves but yet it's it's. You know. What we're doing really is off loading our memory. You know that was what people were concerned about as we first learned too bright and as we get to printing press. Lot of plots percent of the world are floating an increasing amount of our memory to. You know. Two others say you know what does it mean we don't remember. And now we're. Actually able to do that in Alex to the point where you know he we don't know anybody stone number we don't know any all of the steps that we used to have in our memory we're now entrusting. To this trick that they need big memory hole you know on and and it makes it harder for us in some ways. To retrieve what really happened and what didn't you know in the last election cycles you know from all sides to this this just. It inability to remember quite well what happened but it did they do this and that and then. You can just say what happened in the past and it may as well be true because the only way we're connected to it. Is true you know it's two words in electronic databases it's not really true. Our our own. Why were and I read a report not too long ago about com actually the use of electronic devices. Is actually killing our memory as human beings it's it's just taking them. Pretty much the need for it away and in a lot of a lot of these medical journals and report. It's showing that it that the memory of the average human being is actually diminish. Well what we would hope is that both all of those you know those unused circuits in the brain can get used. You know for our fertilized processing almost as if we've taken our resources away from hard drives and you know and we put it. You know when we put it back into active ran. No that would be would be kind of cool I mean I don't yet to see people you know operating intuitive it's super consciousness now that there you know based readout does memory banks. Yeah it's almost as if technology has advanced so fast and as sort of and done that but we haven't adjusted as human beings because that that's something that's gonna take forever for evolution to kick him. Two him sort of meet and on the same level. Right so right now in every time he swiped your phone your Smartphones getting smarter back EU and I think we're just looking dumber about it. We know less and less about how it works and it seemed to know more and more about how we work. And Douglas and his wanna touch on one more thing to Jim said because I thought that was a really astute observation. He called he used the word deity he will use brought religion into this. Are we at the risk we and the cost of of looking at technology any religious sense. Well. Many of the leaders Silicon Valley. They do you know when you when you look at Ray Kurzweil. You know chief scientist to Google heat. Police in this singularity you know he believes in that. Coming agents spiritual. Machines you know Peters fields you know that philosophy at and Andy had a class B he was too hot. At Stanford. If our argues that human beings really are the problem you know when Google also has tempered guy that went Google says you know don't do evil you know what they really mean this is don't be humid and noted that humans are. The problem. Ended well you know big east either human error in operating machines are human greed that out rhythms don't have to you know and it. Computers and programming and systems are solutions. To human frailty. And that's you know. That's where I think it does become. Religious aware where they really believe that. Consciousness. Can somehow you know. Will rise from McChrystal took matter into some other you know dimensional reality that's that's. And it kept going now plays that were condoms credit card and then you know that they think that they took its trans each patient this it's you know it's what. It's what happens every Sunday in in the the Catholic church and we now organisms are due to ourselves. No you be brought up Google and one of your books called throwing rocks at the Google+ really takes a look at that our economic model and maybe we're looking at things are doing things. An and obsolete way Mumbai maybe that's the way to put it how would you describe the dip approach that that book takes. Yeah I mean obsolete as it did work for it you know what I'm trying to argue is that these problems with technology. Are not you know some evil people deciding to do some evil thing in the not too not you send. This sort of natural expression of additional technologies. Would it really is. Is any marketplace dictate in saint I kind of a market that was established in the late Middle Ages inappropriately as a way to prevent the rise of the little merchant middle class. It it is kind of capitalism the kind of that that you know the British east India trading company practiced what you can seem to happen and how it's an intricate history lesson in that. I mean right up through Wal-Mart where they you know go to account and extract all the value and really care. You know what they're paying people don't undercut local merchants put them out of business or even so things about loss in order to do that establish their monopoly. They'll get. It's that way of doing business that we. Internalized is the only way of doing business so now we will look at and by we I mean I guess our business community people look at. And digital technology as a way to extend that model. Got a very extracted. Wrote based model. And it doesn't really worked for these technologies because. They hit their limit on them now is not productivity to limit on them is how much time and energy that we human beings have. So you get a great company a company like Twitter a Twitter. Which is an app I still like obviously was huge and it's it's very important these days. But you know Twitter. Mixed two billion dollars. A year and they're considered an abject failure by the Wall Street. Not because they're not profitable because they're not growing they've reached a plateau so a 140 character messaging app is. It's not about to make two billion dollars a year. And consider it to a successful gonna have to settle or change it or do something soaked acts why these apps and and platforms and extracted. As sticky and trying to get things traumas that they've really don't deserve to because they need to grow each week. Aren't they they're not satisfied the investors are these companies are really not satisfied with these products just doing. What we need them to do for a they have to grow into ever you know. They are become greater and greater presences in our does that line. And they tried to advance with things Lloyd adding video or adding this writing of that to try to relate like FaceBook college students they started the FaceBook lives saying and they keep on having these other things so they can keep on growing. Right power weakening our what metric and we find its increasing okay. You know hours seven billion users you know spent an average of 40% more time on our platform this year than last year are. Now how are you gonna get. Are you gonna get 50% more. Next year to you have to grow and get to accelerate the rate at which you were you know and the irony here is that part of the reason these companies have to grow so that. Is that our stock market is running on judicial steroids. As well yeah are we just have to stock market which was already an abstraction a regular market people are buying and selling shares. And then now they and so I'm derivatives of shares which are kind compressed. Shares and so derivatives of those derivatives and derivatives of conservatives and really only algorithms and ultra fast trading mechanisms. Are are able to operate in that sphere. And we get to the point where the New York Stock Exchange which actually purchased by its own derivatives exchange and I saw the stock market. Was consumed by it by its own abstraction. So all of these companies are really running on digital time and a digital scale and that makes them. You know so much faster and more extract differently more devastating. In what they can do you know and and Rupert can do to a marketplace and a couple years what it used to take decades to accomplish. Yeah and it makes him 401. Or many maybe many steps further removed from Austin and the human touch in. We've got about the men and half four F two to break here but. You know we talk on this program a lot about artificial intelligence and how there's something to be feared from the increasing presence of artificial intelligent but from what I'm hearing you say. Algorithms are form of artificial intelligence in their already controlling a lot of what we do and what we see and what we hear. Yeah and the big danger is not how complex there currently but how simple mail it. Did danger is that they're generally program just to do wondered two things and then everything else. Kind of post by the wayside. So an algorithm sole purpose is so instructions to get money from me or give time for media day and and that algorithm develops and its abilities you know we're we're. And letting these these other quality these other things we might wanna do not fall by the wayside and that's. And we end up in a very simple side extreme version. Of the society we might want Oliver. And there's one thing that's really really impact fullest I'm sure there are many but one that comes to mind for me is when more and more people rely on a social media. Companies like FaceBook to get their information and you've got algorithms deciding what they will or won't seat that becomes a bit of a dangerous and problematic situation. Yeah I know I mean everyone's concerned about Satan is and now he's a FaceBook and Google are gonna use you know right out of prisons that somehow we doubt the state news nearly. Used to be a jumper human editors right exactly it's real and what's not you know my computer. Or someone else's going to be telling me what you really on this world and what's not. Then our surrendered an awful lot of authority over my reality to two people on mechanisms like maybe shouldn't be trusting. Yen or we're talking with Douglas rush off and we're going to continue their conversation after the break don't forget his website is rush coughed. Dot com you conceive more about his books and all his other work on the website will be right back it's Jason's and now. 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Like technology and all it amounts of Dudley technology that we are having problems and hoping that they are getting results for our chat room looks like we might be back Jan. Click here then go to war veteran now also number that's a thing or technology electric company no regard to listen to it and we've been talking with a Douglas rushed off. And we'd be we'd I think we've we've just become so dependent on technology. That is it's ridiculous. It is and and went to problem it it's a big problem and and Douglas again thanks for joining us tonight on we were talking before we went to break about. The dangers of having. A simple little blind couple lines of computer code and on the form of an algorithm. Filtering what we know what we don't know end and we are not just tiptoeing toward that we're actually sprinting toward that is it as a society. We have one more sprinting toward it and where we end up really at the mercy of the business plans behind the companies making paper algorithm where responding to the bank. I've really. I'm as thrilled by the possibilities. About the rhythms to do our bidding and I am concerned about our ability to do if someone else's bidding. And so if the world that I get to see online that that links and articles that come to me to my knees speed. Are the ones that they know will you know trigger certain kinds of responses and make me into a better customer. Of of what they have to offer. Then none that is not. Bringing me true picture. Of what's going not you know I'm a person to who shouldn't be told about war sake I never clicked most. I'm gonna lose touch with the fact that it might be a worry in going our. Yeah and that's that bad changes everything. You know gone are the days where. In the newspaper arrives in the morning and you kind of bread what you what appealed to you will be your presented everything and I would just not seeing those things anymore we're gonna quickly run at a time and wanted to change the subject to the did you know you wanted to talk a little bit about you know that they Hitler connection. And after I'm gone or did you and the question I don't know let's let's let's go ahead two grown that we only have about ten minutes left and I'm wanted to make sure we get to send. Well and I end Douglas and did wanna talk to by no you'd written the Boca. Alastair and it off cracked. Right there yet it just came out you know dead and you talk to and a lot of the you'd done a lot of research and pulling. True and true history of historical facts out. Of this then four for the book that you had written talking everything and pad down to Alastair Crowley and how he'd. And he believed that he developed a powerful symbol to counteract the Nazi swats a swastika and and so much more cracked. Yeah you know aren't in a kind of started to the book on a whim you know this work incur. Peace keeper could go to time and that I found out that they had some rule that was arbitrary but. You weren't allowed to have a superhero and Jesus Christ in the same panel. A lot. Because there are other hurdles that OK I'm. Capellas due in a viable thing and so they've they've warned me about that part of a camera disgruntled testament we won't get in trouble but then it. It's started giving me think it would be be sort of the ultimate kind of superhero double. Battle and I don't probable wouldn't be Alastair Crowley you know it was eating his magic against Hitler's or you know a cult is in the world worked hill and started pitching that is a block Chris I thought wouldn't it be cool to make that. That kind of the burst of the American advertising industry. Had help corporations learn to diss visual magic can treat their logos and implement and so. And then as they did search rotunda. Debt. Yeah Crowley was was in listed by Ian Fleming you know the double O seven are there to do. A COLT counters digital to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis match. You know he supplied them with apple decides to our charts so that they would make you know blunders could they were doing troop movement based on the stars. He you wanted to develop. Sort of a counters symbol to. Hitler's slot because of the developed is that he its first victory sign at Winston Churchill started two years. And he did all of these dunes ritual around it to charge that. To charge its original so I just it was it was a on with a look at. Lead analyst Crowley's magic act as. Warm propaganda performance PR. Yeah in and I I think benevolent foremost almost all mind control and Tina contrasting that Hitler's government match which was you know two earned six net. In changing it in order to power its is is magic in order to empower essential. Well and that was a belief that Alastair Crowley has that he was executing the Jews and hopes of him at wal. Creating more power for himself on that whole thing but didn't he also writes something about. Didn't ouster right that I have never met someone so demonic as it off Taylor. You have integrate core it was that. Yeah and he says yeah I hear that someone's a demonic as Hitler. And down you know Dwight he can spend so much time with him you know and he said you know there's there's a do nothing and nothing and haven't America that can beat. You know they can beat this guy. So he was he was you know he was. Fascinated by him. He didn't think he would do that it wasn't like to know Hitler was to please the crowd Ichiro. On you know you really did see him as as the rat you know and he he denounced in black magic all the time even though he was. You know considered the wicked this man. In that in English and Nicky he saw his magic is as a benevolent. Extension of the human well you know and it there's just the opposite as the subjugation to kind of like to. You know two approaches to technology we were talking about. Before you know one is intelligence augmentation where the technology extends your ability to do used to ask and the other is artificial intelligence where. The technology itself is that thing that has the. Oh well and but Alastair Crowley was also fought. You thought to be this mean this negative type entity. So just minority individual I should say but so. Does that and seeing he was all so opposed to things of Hillary than goal in some weird. Strange ways he spoke almost as if he adored Hitler for a for what he was able to accomplish which is just sick of discussing arm. Does that mean that. Alastair Crowley was sort of misunderstood them as an individual if if he was so so opposed and thinking that in all Hitler's magic was of the dark arts his was not. Well I mean I'm not secure currency saying it you know. Sally obviously tired you wanna spend that much time with the amount. Like Ali and what would be months or guarantee that basically what it's scary dude. But you know I innocent scary dude who are actually you know. You know. Sweetie ties inside that did. The edits that they are benevolent amend it affected the way he treated in other women in his life and some of his fellow explorers going up Mount Everest didn't come back along with a himself. I've been feeling he didn't have the best social hygiene. Black. No but it is his. The magic that is really he got much more as a way to empower people you know to a extend itself to note is that this that the will of other human being this thing the should be. Respective and he you know railed against the kind of systems of control. A but yeah I do think people who think of him as the evil piece you know are surprised to find out he was writing patriotic poems are. You know England's victory in the newspaper. And end the issue is that you try to devise all of these. You know I. You know of propaganda. At two schools for you know for the. Why aren't war. And the big along the big sign that he came up with that he felt could. All against. Of course Nazi symbol. Was then he corrected. Right divvied busiest for victory in it was funny after he did that and its mother stuff happen you know root out tests the I just don't dump sites you're. In Nokia. Went to Scotland and and and apparently. Crowley front him and question him and no tried to bring him onto the right side you know and there's huge amount of controversy so that when not a Crowley came up with his next time it was he thumbs up is what he thought should be. And Winston Churchill next time in the produce stomach. And you know he was ever able to get them that message could still wanted to talk to him at that point but you know I jumped in the in the graphic novel but that comes out finally two. We got it on FaceBook keynote there's the little thumbs up icon and look powerful. That you know that vigil has become. Douglas we have we got a little at a time left and wanna good draw your attention to something another historical incident that you put a lot of weight on correctly your book called media virus. But the OJ chase. You talk about that as being the very very pivotal pivotal event in in media and American history. Yet suggesting I mean in some way to look at the. At DOJ election as the did bookend to that. You know is that the culmination of that but you know the OJ chase is really the. Bursts of you know what we might call viral media tickets as mine is my terms on. Well to cause the earth that it has that they that was so cool that the OJ chase is not only that you know. Are those of us sort all not remember you know everybody was watching that is weird slow motion chase. OJ Simpson in the white bronco going on the highways of Los Angeles but it was happening slowly past and on enough cameras that. People in Los Angeles were able to go outside. They would see it on TV and then go outside and actually. And turn shop. And be able to be indexed it to be in the news I just going I didn't in the motorcade comes by. And it is treated this kind of self reflexive. Just it struck me as. A new direction and television media where we ended up which kind of shows that shows screens within screens from. You know beavis and butt head right on through. You know South Park in black leader in the step DC today so it. So to me like that that. That initial between that and India and the Rodney King tape which was you know the first real sort of home to root. Piece of media that then spread. Rep the entire media space and I liked as a polluter Selma to happen overnight. I don't like that changed really the quality of our media from being this top down corporate control. You know content shuffle. I'm into this much more viral lateral unpredictable. Place. It definitely had a major impact may even have been. TV which seems to be the dominant form of television these days. We've got about fifteen seconds for a good break and and women bring you back can you tell people where they can get a hold of your books find out more information value. But would you say reality TV was an offshoot of that. Oh yeah it was an option to that moment it was partly that net in the writers' strikes people want it cheap stuff but. It was it was really the blue. What happens when you move into a participatory. Digital age is you have less tolerant sort of long form drama for these. These fictional narratives and you want it whether it's got that facts or news do you want little you know little tidbit of information. Right OK we'll be right back it's beyond reality radio I'm Jason do you. Another couple chat rooms you're gonna do conversation about my thumb accident and and just. It's fun a little bit funny that always comes up always comes our guest tonight has been publisher rushed off the web site is a rush golf dot com Douglas thanks so much for not only joining us for sharing some great insight with us. You've got a number of books I think fifteen best sellers. I know we had links on the beyond reality radio dot com website and our guest tab. But tell working people find more information about the books and some get the work we've done. Nominee is these these places restaurants dot com ticker links to all the books and Frontline documentaries. And graphic novel and stuff there. Maine the last two kind of released sum it up this book throwing rocks the Google blessed to have you know treat his birthday today. Kind of my understanding of digital technology and what it's done and then. The economy and what's empowering it and why this is happening. And what we can do to get out of it. On and then this book you know I don't think it's very dirt listeners today show that there ouster teed off book. And really looking at the way. Looking at the way he's. Sorcery and witchcraft and ended up being really embedded in corporate America in branding in those sciences. I think it kind of visceral. Hello menus and things like that. Jack gray have you planned and I can desolate area see exactly where he's coming from on the so yeah definitely people should check that out. But I wanna say thank you so much for coming on the talking with us some and we deathly and have you on again at some point in talks more. Paul thanks for having me on an end for what you do on. All right thanks so much Douglas rushed up again new website is rush cost dot com that's our US each KO FF dot com. Looked links are on the beyond reality radio website if you go to the gas tab you'll find them there but we boobs certainly encourage you to visit his website. Lot of great stuff there I spent a great deal of time and at this afternoon and found a lot of great work there. Yeah I did that I'm I'm interest that I get a read them more up on the Boca. Ouster and it off on dom. Right I cannot CEO officer as an individual. Targets are designed to not see him as. But yeah seriously he did he did right says Hitler he said that Hitler was. He had never met someone so demonic as as it off. And it was it was his intention to indicate how evil he was surgeon and hasn't had just he believes that he was just such a negative individual but. The problem is Al most Alastair Crowley you almost look at Alastair as. You know. Looking up shoes somebody lights. It off which is is disgusting and then how am I saying he did but you know I think a lot of the reason why he might have. Gotten involved with this whole sign and everything else was just because he knew that he wasn't from Germany so. In doubting government if if they won he was screwed so he couldn't he couldn't make difference I don't night that you know might have been had an agenda that he's just too bad individual. I know there are a lot of people in the thirties and actually did not see the evil of Adolf Hitler at that point and they actually thought he was. A an effective and of leave that to banish your shoulder at one point had a beneficial. And but the leader of of a country that was struggling in Europe after World War I and it wasn't until seeing all the atrocity atrocities and no you know on the entire war. Displayed itself did they realize how wrong they were the people like Charles Lindbergh were supporters beta filler Beckham thirty so what and fooled a lot of people for a long time. More than when you look into you and he really started dating in two you find out how old. He he was having young boys taken Norman were leaving their home at certain ages and going to these camps where they're returning and learning that pretty much. Wife was in Germany first and you know and your family second part of laden being out there was was getting into fist fights with each other trying to tell. So is it it's just kind of crazy. Crazed society I'm I'm German and so. You know my eyesight look at it like office just a piece of history I don't now and play their interest. Bush whale. Now while made it Daytona slide in the key is not to let a repeat itself on these so we've got a lot of great stuff coming up next week America beyond reality radio and don't want you to four get to join us for similar shows. A Monday night privilege reverend John Paul old join us he is. Go to guy he's speaking at the 2017 UFO congress which actually just Kurds will find out. About that he's also says his house is haunted him intrusive to hear. Spoken a haunting you think. He has in this homes on campus is over it is the resent. I don't get your key business occupancy costs and the senators are ranked in the the and then Tuesday we've got Jim Morris. He'll be on that he is the author of crossfire of a plot that killed Kennedy which was the basis for the Oliver Stone movie JFK. Among other titles is the author of an in depth investigation. Of UFOs alien agenda. Which was published by harpercollins so we're gonna have a lot to talk to with him and then we Wednesday we've got. A past guest David Weatherly returning actually he was on but a year ago. We have spoken with vulnerable plaque right children and strange intruders he spent his life exploring the world with a strange investigating the super natural colonel more around. Around the globe so are we talking with the mama. Yeah and Thursday night Kelly coffee will be joining us she has a YouTube channel called Kelly in the raw. She it talks about being psychic talks about the paranormal. She also talks about topics including health cooking nutrition clothing makeup hair supplements. Relationships and anything else she can think of to help support people. In becoming their ultimate best and I'm really curious to see other paranormal fits and all that. Telling in the ros that we got that whole idea in TV in the streak you're talking among. Now knows that was GB filming Jason streak that's he murals are used to weigh its slow from a nightmare to a two. Hegemony and that kind of frequencies it will impact the putt on nine and so if you haven't yen may Chia head over and like FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And I we're going to be loaning a bunch of news stations coming up in about a week week and a half on that and again if you haven't please head over to the iTunes and just two rates in the area of the show beyond reality radio it helps push it forward. It's a lot of people know where they confine the show and it has helps so greatly to us so we greatly appreciate you guys saw after the show. Whom got him another minute here. I'm gonna go watch the second half of the season finale of the course of look around and just tell me in my you know. Walk away from that saying man now I gotta wait until the next season or other uses his or some resolution some of the stuff. Alone. And I think you're gonna feel it. I gestured as just an hour and and our eases there. It's stuff that's love I'd like to show I like the Brothers I think they're they're great and the genuine in that they really are but com. Yeah I think that there there really trying to tried you know really trying to you know men and it shows and it's wearing a lot of people I have. Anybody I've talked to about the show they always been like yeah you know it's. I was Healey. Yeah yeah that is definitely the case have heard that a lot I mean the mystery avoca island there's always intrigued me in and in the articles that those Brothers talk about reading when they were kids. Well I had a science teacher that brought in the class known handed out one day and said he can anybody think of way to solve this and that. Hooked me on the story back in in and it was only after school or middle school or something like that. Well big shout out again to our guests tonight Douglas rushed off and thank you to everybody who tuned into the show. You'll have a great weekend we look forward talking on Monday it's Jason NG EB unreality radio I. And the only media is produced by sticking ignorance include produced by Alexandria Johnson for Entercom radio. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow upon where you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep getting. And that's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.