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Recreational pot may get a look from the Trump administration 2-24-17

Feb 24, 2017|

Sean Spicer alluded to the idea of the Trump Administration looking into the issue of recreational marijuana yesterday.

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I'm like yeah Boston got a point that morning everything. Our net. Industry as well. I I hold in my hands there and I will not needed because I don't. The old TV would be. So excited at what pisses. It's a bait oatmeal Costner. Which almost like heartbreak and putting in part you know classic hoster. It was a little stronger on top in the custard is key chains and. It's it's. What a lot of diners is they all have something unique now our sales staff over there is fueling. This cinema in the promotions excuse me and some III. I apparently offended by bad I don't know why it. We're all salesman you'll understand. All selling. Sales assistant right now our sales assistants and their responses I don't seem to sales staff here is her appointment. But they are killing this in a bond ranged house. And he got it they have now sampled now needs to get a new one around it because. Of what you know ordered. But the senate conference that was really good. I don't think you'll see this thing anymore now that they don't cost I'd never seen that. So what do I just had a bite of it ended the used to die for that I'm eager to I was a lot custard back and Alex it's fantastic it's. That's a dessert. Yes about their great specialties here at the entire town diner. It's been great we can't folks coming in who have been listening and stopped by UCS and were thrilled that you're in area. We would love for you stop that byword units August this main street 3.5 main street in August. Love free to come by Christine if you're taking care of us as it is she loves that cost she got me a lot of constant materially had a decline very much. So lob it so we transition here a little bit. Yesterday I am watching the press conference or the press conference call that is that the press briefing with Spicer. And I don't even remember PB how big. Their conversation came up I need someone obviously out something about Merrill Juan legalization of marijuana in the number of state including. By the way our state right here of course where we vote last November. To legalize their wanna recreational league. And spice of respondents saying. I'm trying to I'm trying to respect Dave he told me that called spicy. And he he he responded saying something that I was very surprised by. He responded by saying deaths. The trap administration's position on marijuana legalization works in the state federal conflict like this. Actually that is true distinct issues here medical marijuana and recreational. Any medical marijuana. I said before the president. Understands. The pain and suffering that many people go through. We're facing Texas terminal diseases and the comfort it some of these drugs including that marijuana can bring to. Wanting congress to rider in 2000. I think put in appropriations bills and the Department of Justice. Wouldn't wouldn't would be fun to flatten it there's a big difference between that. Recreational marijuana and he did when you see. Some the ability addiction crisis. Blossoming in so many states on this country Latin we should be doing is encouraging people they're still federal law. That we need to abide by. Recreational marijuana and other drugs thanks so I think there's a big difference between medical marijuana. Which date I beat the stage works and accordance with the appropriations rider Passat for the process to administer. And you know. Can regulate. That usage vs recreational and it's a very very different site. So Bibi this has been the issue. All along that hat it is still illegal. Under federal level. To sell and to smoke marijuana. When it's not medicinal. And we know a bit. Colorado in hand town Washington and organ or wherever it the other places like if it's organ right that this it's legal. This has been a problem. And other drug administration saying it is our. I've found this fascinating peek who laws on the every few days. When they are championing states' rights they put the federal hammered. But I don't know how you can be used this is a blatant hypocrisy from me of the administration and I don't like. Right not for legalization at all. If you're going to champion states writes wouldn't this categorically yet states' rights issue. Well it would I guess the difference. Here and I agree with you I agree with you. And I think they're gonna have to resolve this but the difference would be that it is actually a federal law. It's not a federal. You know if were to use the bathroom bill there there is no law regarding that federally they've said states need to deal with that. There is a federal law that exists at says it is against the law to sell to grow to smoke. So. And this has got to be a shocker. For. A lot of people of this state who right now are holding a license to open dispensaries. To. Two you can do it for businesses that that our candidates. Based. And her so hot money out there. That is being invested in this to now find out that you may be held accountable in a federal court of law if you're involved in the industry. For a lot of us how you would opening dispensary right now in Massachusetts. Because Spicer told you yesterday. We're cracking down in this is coming from sessions presumably date. So why should engine make this a they're having conversations about it what are we gonna do with the Colorado as of the Massachusetts is the world in their clearly talking about. Cracking skulls so. I don't know why you would start a business when you know potentially the next seven years the federal government is going to be against you. That you do well that your running the risk that the gonna come at a rate Juli your Indonesia help you down it generates that are like. This this comment. I mean this goes right to the top the agenda if you really got to know. What he's got to put goal in forty that we need. One way or the other and what pardon upon what drugs why I mean Charlie Baker said you know. I think this is a state issue and our voters voted on this and so we're gonna go with the will of the people. Not that simple and Charlie's gonna have to step in now would say what's the deal and then Charlie is gonna have to. He's gonna have to write another letter like he did defend obamacare does he have to depend. I think he's going to have to 617266. Charlie's enough. And bad play he's six foot 72666868. X 86 needs to excellent. What I hear what our listeners are thinking does this mean we we go back. Do we do away with this idea of recreational pot in the state or do you move forward and take your chances can't wait to hear which you have the site. BP and his work life and says carry out what I thought we allotted for hill. TV realty. Not by which said. Is it lovely ladies my kids from both Scott. Just to which was the reporting typically. That'll never those records but yeah here. Ourselves that you are long gone after all that's nice of them. We're talking pot on this Friday morning the reason we're talking about it is because the administration says they are going to clamp down. On the states that are going to be selling your recreational Ian of course that means this day and I just but it is very interesting because if you're somebody who is investing a whole lot of money in this what do you what do you think of today what are you doing. What did you think. Like we have enough on our table right now literally and figuratively it. This was gonna come out but the administration. Olmert told me the and he didn't pay attention in my at union wanna get into into the weeds quote unquote pardon upon us. While the travel bans going off on. While you're gonna do part two with the immigration and while they're working on tax cuts while they try and deal with a obamacare and what in what Venus and will ultimately bully. They're dealing with the bathroom bill apparently also have a meeting about these rogue states that legalize and. Do you think that was interesting that came up yesterday they had a music is to me I I don't see it coming you know I haven't cup date then talk and it's coming almost wondered if that was a unity. Our question which is okay and I away planted. Han exactly nrgreen on this ugly it's definitely it is but you into something all of their bodies and good morning Bob. Good morning. I mean Chad do what they called the domestic candidates eradication and suppression program that would run by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I'll motto was you grow you go so I hope Donald Trump him as these. Marijuana grow its peacock is it is the biggest scam perpetrated on the public there in it for the money. And I will bet my next monthly. Pension check. That a significant number of the people that get these kids it's other medical marijuana. I'd but they medical marijuana reduce using it recreational. And I no longer have any empathy but he albeit crisis. Because it's how much I want Brett. That we should be sympathetic to these people and telling us in the other breath that we should legalize marijuana so I say go Bart and I helped bump. Amazon think you'll. That's the crux of the issue right there and that's the discussions gonna happen is spicy scent yes. We don't think with the open your crisis that we're facing in this country is the right misses and that's the discussion he's pot. A gateway drug welcomed me into whole incident in the administration is telling you it clearly is connected the open your crisis. Most of marijuana lovers we'll tell you would get nothing to do a deal Buick crisis. Wins that debate here we go again. Well and let's let's go beyond whether it's about the drug itself let's just talk about the will of the people. The state of Massachusetts voted in favor of so. Again you get the federal government it's going to try to override what Steve has has decided meanwhile. I know Bob our last caller. Says you know hammer home well the state voted for it and that is how this system works so do we just. Walk away and tell the people of Massachusetts too bad that governor says he walked back. The State's right issue which which complicated about it we heard this must immediately John I think we talked to Congressman Lynch. What does a dispenser you with the money they raise if it is if it's a pain and federal. Product that a bank can't take money from that because it's an illegal. The legal and gotten gains. So so what do you do with it in how is it that might interest and we got it setup angle right handle this sort is one that's over. Startup bank to handle money when the feds are telling you we're gonna start cracking down on these guys that's one issue into it. Aren't they ultimately gonna do with pasted into the sanctuaries. At the other gonna legalize pot there's no money come present Charlie's real real line. And alternately then you've got to go against the will of the people once they were not legalize it and when an arrest anybody when we met to put any legal anymore. I now know I tell you I'll look again how I don't know how you do that and at a high you're should statement after the stalemate would be dead you I mean I guess I should go back to the polls in some way you can't put this back out to the people. I just look at like Colorado. We're by the way this was why that was one of the reasons why I was against this to begin with less about the pot more about the fact that I just don't see it. That we are prepared to deal with the issues that you have to deal with when he is still illegal or federal level. The state of Colorado was sent over and over. In the governor there has said that was one of the biggest problems they face how do you. How did these two world coincide. I if I have a vested. In a license at this point and again I told to I have friends who have invested elections it is a lot of money huge money. Now why. Now do you deal it's called the pause button. You've got to wait in you're gonna see in you'd better have a plan because. I think you're gonna get out of his business or what that's like yesterday get it do you do you give that money back to stay eat is I don't know where that money back on what needed to do about what you give middle of the road this one because if you just put harsher regulations on it all eyes and it's just been a problem the secretary and are not which was I thought we were against the entire hour spicy astounding ninety now BB alcohol is the ultimate gateway drug look I agree we do we ignore at a different. 71 pot was a gateway drug for me. And frankly for most of my friends. Charlie Baker told us bodies gateway Yi has zero credibility on this issue. Isn't not tell the picker never supported it Charlie Baker supporting the will of the people. Let's remember that's two separate issues as governor it is his job to support the will of the people. Six and seven to whoever gave their business license for the pot community now commit a federal crime it's always been in quick and in that picture 25 grand back from the state of 758. Nonrefundable but you know. It's. And what's gonna happen those people who were out there right now selling that Colorado who have who were grow in. I mean rate those places and they gonna do. You know Burma crop but what's happened here look I agree with this Dexter is a general rule which if you're telling us there is an old Buick crisis. You don't add more open you Lloyd's into the pool it's a lot of talk about it all the time if we can. Hemorrhage money every year with a T you don't act more like means until you get that under control the argument would be in the administration's gonna make his argument. Until we get we got under control more substances in the man I understand that that that the argument we all know the art in front. Watches being debated for full year here in the state of Massachusetts Gerri and on the other side. Is that first off it's it's taxable and it makes money for the state. Secondly the argument that Islam is you know there are those who believe that font you're selling alcohol he should be able to sell marijuana and that that two would be more equal than to say an open you Lloyd. Vs marijuana. So I mean if this debate gave that part of the debate go on and on the question to meet. Is just. What happens when the state has already passed this for the federal government certainly says well we're right in now Paul to New Hampshire good morning Paul who. You're one of the things folks. Listings site. Well we've we've been talking on a country of laws and Donald Trump is our law. I mean what is it and the week old state and it should decide we're gonna have a referendum vote aren't. Are we gonna pay federal taxes anymore or have a vote that says. We're not all day you know various federal law that have to do it you know environmental issues are pretty. Basically we got that element of this deal with our but it would off all federal law which went it was all. Well I get that pollen I do think that's the one thing that makes this different that maybe some of the other issues that come up related to toss it back to the the states because there is federal law in place. Give it it's like you said that the administration has made very clear that. They wanna support states and they want states to to be running their own show and yet at this came died. Here we are. Taking rights away from the states. I'm I'm I'm a Federalist not a states' rightists I know that's an oxymoron accurate washing George Washington fabulous but. I generally think these things should be federal I don't think you can have. Someone can get an abortion in New Hampshire can't get one in Massachusetts can when only in the daytime and Providence like I don't think that sent. However you can have a legal in Colorado. In not legally in Utah like. I feel like it has to be. A national policy on. But I don't think we're gonna get there anytime soon with in particular has to income tax forget it you'll continue to value federal income tax don't ignore that. Let's remember where trust me that two things in life you know Texas and a. I welcome back everybody. Buy stuff. If you have lots of thought I'd see it. And I'll. What do you happen. I don't think that classifies as a tomato mushrooms spinach and broccoli that's a salad with that. That's not an. Outrage we get some dressing for a moment. Well there's no it is no. This is this is what he knew it would be a great dining and it and. I know you can get with the times but man has got some type while you do have a little bit of I had a vital I didn't buy it or don't you worry. We go to while super fast 1 on the morning of your data that it can't there's I don't drink tea or have popular profit. By the way. Just it just to promote something quickly were eating some unbelievable listeners today so you do go to WRK dot com slash diner yes you can find at world. Okay girl out of your dock on the fly line this is so fun we have so many folks are stop that in and it is creating regular a lot of. Seats a lot of who lot of Roland years isn't one of those tiny. Have to wait you mean mean you'll be our 3.5 main street in August town diners mines he has the let's go to John he's environment that morning John you're the you're out. More guys doing a couple point. I'm pressed the wrong I believe curricula that Ritalin those those are gateway drugs. I government marijuana. But I'm. So I wanna know what the case like. Lol. Israel lol that's owned epic ever not one block. I don't might pull back. And my idea I know people marijuana Automask. They can you ever gotten hurt posted at one mole. Off. Colorado. They've sold one point one of rebellion don't opt in to about sixty. Where the parents must be run that. How the federal government not already. Been some I don't sit in I don't. I'm Wii U I'm unclear on this. Supposedly. They are not to take any money raised from this weird is that Colorado money. It. Well they are yes yard yes or bank and not asking questions OK I accident to a certain extent guys I'll here's the deal. First off yes for the longest time people were just talking in the near an uptick in in robberies beacons. He wouldn't take too long to figure out who owns the place to sleep at night with cash you know it's essentially a Brinks truck go home. So that was a problem then began to open. Independent banks. Were not regulated by the federal government so for all intents and purposes and mrs. Wild west yeah it is so these independent banks are essentially you're you're an investor in this bank. In using that Lee and you invest in the and it's a place to keep your money it's not under your mattress. Now it's not FDIC. Insured obviously enough money in the nineties that your not exactly so at this is how they've done it I think in some of these other states but this is a huge problem is. And I'm with the guy. Like. The guy being the last caller right Merrimack you can't be aware. I don't know how what's the animal I don't and that would do one right. Balls and yes. Now how long that can go on which is why is the next step was going to be we have to do things. The authority take it can't help it can also do do people that run a dispensary pay federal. Can guess you do declare the income I mean earlier Capone even write it legal that's completely gotten dirty money you gotta be. Do they claim in on their federal tax even though they can't and yet they're not supposed to me. I don't know that my question is though. You don't how far do you think that I mean Spicer made it pretty clear they are gonna differentiate between medical marijuana dispensaries and those in that Canada's business. Verses recreational. I don't know if medical may be someone and unfortunately am not in the spot where I can look this up that I'd like to know. Can medical marijuana dispensaries can that money be deposited in the yeah that's all I I think it opinion that doesn't go against federal law because medicinal purposes is legal under federal level. So it's just the it's just the recreational site. In Johns shows you but he points out the obvious craziness and all of this witches it does anybody in our. Problem. I think you know on track fairly level when you prescribe. More or. Everybody's cool with that I missed I mean he's the prescription drug problem that we just continue to be light. Nobody wants to touch it so let's just let people continue to get addicted to prescription drugs. It's odd to me is painful more broad. And by the way that is the gateway to openly that's where this is all gone over prescribing prescription drugs by the medical community which is ultimately. Hooks people and it would be no longer of those prescriptions that go for whatever they got do you give peace in South Boston and morning giving. They grew and got solar. I mean midge who you talk Obama does so I had a golden Duncan and but well good free. Every who do visit President Obama so I am. Politicians know better and I ask this politician. That supported these evil people. Actually was employed by this every radio station. They don't know who to try and help them back to have I record percent. And our general told us that he knew better than us. And he didn't. That I am and that's why would restore its extra sense that we're supposed to go back the five point two elder president. A week to us that they know whether that. Successful guy it was right they stopped it before the fine now in the final is the second that I'm crazy. Deadly precedent and that's not the only time that and the holes one over right gonna go away constitute an article in the eighties I believe and he knows the 2000 enemies it was 1980. So that deadly precedent. With which unprecedented about it QB is it. No one has any idea. What are you gonna do. From administration you can have the that's what I envision raiding houses when the guy is leaving a state license to grow. This is what my vision I think that's what this could come to ICE. You know people going into. What does that establish audit like Lotto in that as opposed to going after heroin dealers and. Cocaine drivers do they want them going into my eyes. Growing fifteen ounces of. No I don't. I don't but I had. I think there's going to be warning I think there's gonna be rules out and then I think if these. These people who have invested these astronomical amounts of money do not follow those I think they run the race of the DEA showing up right here at their home or. Or in their place of business. Rested raided the business is going to be closed down. And then there's gonna be lawsuits unlike any we've ever seen this what ultimately then I don't know is it up at the Supreme Court where Cisco. Protection of the it was a poignant break. The issue there. And what about Gotham. Again trump says that those need to go back to the states and nation yet to decide bad but the key insight on this from. This is where it all gets a little record. Certainly does let's go to Scott he's in Weymouth that point Scott. Hey good morning guys. BP you do still have me laughing for about ten minutes ago when you call Kim are just hours with if Eric. By the way she killed I don't know what I would that's not on the market and buy what you we used to call it. That's not. Think we've we've got to get you guys who are moments also ups like a puppet for itself with certain things oh. Hey it was like I work I would harass we are going to bring tree next month. Well I will be there are 100 very we know it's gonna be seventy in February reminded on those little sooner brutal right. I don't know you know I hit some funny a couple of friends Hamas I'll get my putting him and if a grip of the times your opponents got a a couple of my friends. I'm hooked it about a month ago the round and actually flew yesterday component what I looked up it was 66 in Boston to rival we have money. I'm that it could drive and you know. Let's not let's not kid each other though we both know we all four of us know normally aren't they'll call late march. In a massive storm which unfortunately dollars. What is the beauty of knowing what you know so that's in there people. So quote we flashed drugs I believe it should be a federal issues something a series of drugs not up to the states. I'm like that transgender issue he's kicking back and making an issue I think drugs is serious enough where it should be a Federalist. And we class drug. But where I'm going what does justice to be a Federalist so excuse me a federal issue I believe they should back off. Not Nancy Reagan with the battle that will never be you want. We needed so these of this country's problems. It's never going to be defeated and not below with a scary and they. You know much like prostitution it's never going the way this stop trying to defeat it's never going away. Well one thing I'll. Say it is the difference between the bathroom the transgender bathroom issue in the wheat issue and why you did the administration could defend. One going to the states in one not is is money. There's no money there's no taxis is no banking involved with the transgender bathroom. So. They don't have to get involved they do have to get involved in the whole thing I'm with the guy. It should be federal. But the mood of the country I think is that. Botswana. Well you're right. I think the mood of the country is that pot is fine I think that we too many people who sold hot where you jails but you know forget it I'm not interested in that's enough of all of that. But I do agree with him I think anything drug related should be federal because just because. It is difficult to say that you can sell and to be grow. And and make money off of marijuana here in Massachusetts but you can you know when you cross the the state line if it becomes very worried if he becomes an issue for Steve to round do you. It also becomes an issue because now we have this influx will have this influx of people coming to Massachusetts specifically. To buy and smoke marijuana. It just becomes I think a burden for the state that you're in and around so if you have you know federal laws related to. Drugs in any way. To me that just feels like that is better for every one other certain things it should be steeped. Decided and should be in that jurisdiction I'm not sure that I think drugs are. I'm not a pop person so I'm not all of me or my problem here is just that has. I am of the will of the people person I if you put it on a ballot people vote that that's what we do because that's what this country's about. So now my problem is just now where we go. The will of the people here in Massachusetts with legalize. All right let's go to Marianne Marianne is in Londonderry this morning Marianne good morning. Good morning that government a much better than running and it's not because they're hampering your brother Jack but because of the weather. Then the letters are from spring fever all around doesn't approve this year about as I Colin another leg of the dumbing down America. Compare the two. You've got to Tony three heralding college studying for exams about the timing yeah and then you've got kids in the basement playing video games token all day. I want my son to be the one in college. If marijuana legal in my state and not allow my children to have it our market and a friend of smoke in the basement in my house because it's a few options expense among masses. Don't come through the 21 century here. People would use javelin that it's supposed to be recreational. Well without a rocket try saying you know speech writing when your under the influence of anything. Reforming the wrong messages in each hand and I'm all four of you know shutting it down and hey stop. Phillies and the government can't do it in convey our Mike Beebe said into it because it beat writers you'll need them probation. What was cannot be convicted tax alcohol fit your ills of society you look what happened of people that I look alcoholics most at Stanley the home that. And very bad situation in the primary we get are either with gambling is well. Which is what a lot of money and thinking. It's outrageous because these people you know about it act smoking marijuana it is a gateway drug and where are really behind you and the studies that whether it indicate wage earners not and I think that was pedal on the public at all now became. It's okay you're never gonna go the next stat ball tuck anybody you know rehab facility about how these people started with trucks. My. The only way to. Go and what is the other drugs. I mean alcohol aside it's a separate things went right so let's take pot. Lot of people a lot of people say it's the I was just gonna say a lot of claim that tobacco is a gateway drug. First years of Okinawa are now for years and conversations we've met over the years but. It somehow that's gotten stuck on in other drugs are in heat wave that's when I know it is like the definitive. You take that inning you've got to ratcheted up every other drugs you know I think yourself and we need to be ratcheted up or just is in different. A well that I I think that and I I'm surprised we have people call this morning who is defending the who are defending this and I'm not a defender of marijuana. But. I think there's a lot of people who smoke may want to do ratcheted up wheels excellent sentences to all this lady meaning Mary and almost every single college kids at least a bong in the day she needs the week off well I wanna say my humor that I think that's probably I actually think marijuana is used a lot of campuses almost more than alcohol. Fuels seven out copy media Lou I'm looking right that you worried about you. Copy is that you withdraw all three actually in human Jones and on this often. Let let's face it you know what we're drug addicts here drug addicts it's it's not a funny subject there's nothing funny about any of this. I'm I'm looking at this from a point of view of the business person I know I know people who were in became of this business in this has to have bad. I don't open it was a shock because I don't know if there has been rumor in that world that this is where the administration would come down. But it was a it was a surprise to me and I know I read in the paper today in the globe. That there are people in the came to this business who said yeah we're rarely concern today we don't know where this is going we don't know where our money it's gonna end up. As a result I feel like it's all connected and paints his comments he practiced conservatives this is our time. They're taken on everything in there gonna roll back a lot of stuff and this is one of well for them but it middle America. I'll use paint to do this ahead of that movement. Not New York loses Indiana. As it used Ted Cruz. They don't like pensioners in the bathroom they don't want pot legalized they don't want any of these things and they are not joking about it. And when parents as this is our time will we judge the actions. The actions are this is what they're talking about up front in the first month of the administration this is the stuff we're gonna do well listen I think they recognize that. You've got to make hay while the sunshine because you don't know in November of 2018 exactly where you can stand. And you know as we watch more and more of these these or easy demonstrations at these town halls. You'd have to recognize that there is a movement out there are afoot now whether that movie's strong enough who knows. But there is a movement afoot to make a change in 2018. So I think we will see a lot of changes a lot of changes in the next. You're now this particular topic he's gonna make it very uncomfortable for a lot of leaders in and others not someone comfortable Marty Walsh I guarantee you. Movies and bring it on let's go I'm happy champion this cause to. More yearly same thing to make so much and Charlie's up for reelection anxious I say Charlie's in a bad place but there's a number of politicians using all lines like rate. I want this to rights like. There's a lot of people that are going. As Mike Pence at this is our time we're gonna go. Six was 76 it's 6868. X 8680 is the text line eighty Carville he's standing by in the good morning. Good morning Jim good morning everyone out of metro west by eastbound delays right at the rams to one's wanted it to slow again.