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Should High Five Friday have been cancelled? 2/21/17

Feb 21, 2017|

Northampton police cancel High Five Friday at schools because some children feel uncomfortable receiving high fives from officers.

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106 here on the great WORK. All okay corner country braced herself for this once or all. Brace yourself for this one okay by the way. Later this hour. Now. In Northampton listen that this. Certain parents. Are complaining. That having the police come to this school once so weak for a little community policing don't talk to the kids and so forth. High five bingaman fist bumping. Does web. Now that's racist I swear that's story and I saw and it's burning. Did some burning rule who they've got big riots. Guests get from the religion of peace deaths from which community. This is just days. After the media blasted trump for saying Sweden's got a problem with Muslim immigration we've got all of that and an hour three. Is Milo yellow pole list. Finish is at the end of Milo we've got all about but first we got to listen to this one this one and you got to hear it to believe. So remember last Thursday we talked about it. There was a nationwide. It's part of the sanctuary movement so it's very similar to what we're talking about for the last hour. There was a game without immigrants protests. It was here in Boston in Massachusetts and New England. All across the country. And it really meant a day without illegals. But there should say it was a day without illegal immigrants. And so many illegals didn't show up to work. Many businesses in solidarity or restaurants. They closed down. And they say they want to make their point how pivotal. Illegal aliens are to the economy while the economy function fine I don't know about you why survive Thursday I'm fine. Well in Naples Florida listen to this is. An elementary school teacher. She worked set park side elementary school she's a computer lab instructor. Veronica Fleming cases in collier county Florida. By all accounts a very good teacher. Never had a complaint for early professional in the classroom. Well now she took. She went to far FaceBook. After her shift the day is non she's not only private citizen. And she lost the FaceBook. And she linked to a Chicago Tribune story very respectable newspaper Chicago Tribune I occasionally read it. About these nationwide protests and she wrote this she posted this on her FaceBook picture again. Private comments. On our private FaceBook page you'll like it feel like it you don't like it it's a free country quote. The funny part about immigrants staying home. Is the rest of us who pay for them are here at war like we've always been a looks like less mouths to feed get a how fun while you still am so glad to hear about massive deportation. Let's make America great again thanks Donald Trump. All basic players what she's saying how about us working stiffs we show up to work when I've taken a day off don't. The legal Americans. And you guys don't show up we keep paying for you all we do is keep paying for you. And you know what if you're that miserable and you're that I'm happy and you're willing to quote unquote go on national strike. Know Donald Trump's right start deporting them hello Donald Trump I'm a bottle strong supporter start mass deportations. Now. The last time I checked. Since winning is a crime to say enforce the immigration laws of the country. Since when is it a crime to sit gold Donald Trump. Ports thanks Donald Trump or should put a thanks Donald Trump. It's a crime now it's what needs a better ball up then it's forbidden. To now support Donald Trump. Well it is at collier county and it's certainly import side elementary school so. According now to the call your county public schools spokesman. Greg jerk and a he told the local paper or listen to this that the teachers post Veronica Fleming's. Did not sit well with the parents of distorted and so park site elementary. 96%. Of which are minorities in front according to the article it's overwhelmingly. All let in all and Haitian. And overwhelmingly. Illegal. Though a lot of illegals there. And so according now to these spokesmen. This is a very tight knit neighborhood school while I believe that if everybody easy legally gone all band together I hear you. That stands for inclusion. Old except if you support Donald Trump them I don't see the tolerance there but anyway. The teachers have nothing but love for the students. Anything else is not a reflection of the school. One metre whereas an immigrant mother of two read one point I mean illegal immigrant mother of who. Told NBC too little local affiliate she was quote offended. By Fleming's online comments. My feelings are hurt for our kids. I couldn't even believe it how committed teachers speak like that like you should use the F word. Where she using profanity was sheet it was used vulgarity was she using swear words. It was a simple post. She linked to a store and said the truth we pay for them and we have to work they don't they don't show up find one day we do less mouth to feed but. You know one deport all the illegals gold Donald Trump. What's the pro. Other parents said listen that is the post you knew what was coming was quote unquote racist. I was mad I'm really really mat already you mean really really as a poster really really really mad. Said Gabriele Matt guests who stole children are reforming class. I would consider it really again really what that word really really to be racist. So the parents are screaming bloody murder the parents are saying they're offended the parents are saying it's racist so what do you think the school officials that. Did they stand up for their employees. And say you're in America now baby. There's something called the First Amendment may be. It may not be in the countries that you'll came from but here in America. Dead dumbo old gringo. Okay and a local all the gringo still believes in something called freedom as. Each no. No. They now have reassigned her from the classroom. Because she is now we quote threat to the students. To now simply do district administrative two weeks. They're basically kick her to the curb into some kind of a little dinky industrial up. While they investigate according to the principal. In fact not only has she been demoted and reassigned. To an administrative deaths dropped out of the classroom. But now there is a petition on change dot org. Demanding that the school district fighter Veronica Fleming they want her head on a platter. So far it has received more than 3000 signatures of support in the five days since the incident the parents want her fired. Some of the administrators want her fired. Many of the teachers want her fired. The students want her fired. Everybody wants her fired. Quote according to the petition. We understand that as a private citizen mrs. slamming should be allowed to express herself not oh come on. Know all all command mean is still a free country technically. However. Here's the however here's the bunt. As an educator at a school composed of predominantly. Hispanic. Hey Shannon and stored in some other minorities. One should always be professional. And behavior is an impartial authority figure that is held up higher standards the petition rates. In other words listen to us. First of all the fight the schools full of Hispanics and Haitians their words not mine that's irrelevant. I thought we supposed to live and in color blind to it's okay. That's number one number two. If she went on FaceBook. And said hi back that the quarter on called day without immigrants. And I think Donald Trump is an evil racist bigots. Hash tag on with power or whatever I stand with Hillary Clinton do you honestly think. That there would even be one teacher complaining or one parent complaining. She'd be in that classroom today like but nothing happened. So you see. You can do a private FaceBook post. If you're for an amnesty. If you're for illegal aliens. If your form lawbreaking. If you're part of the radical left if you're pro Hillary Clinton. Which you happen to be prolonged force and you happen to be pro America. You happen to be pearl rule of law. You happen to be paroled Donald Trump. There's not a good. There isn't all good very big. There isn't all good. Now this poor woman is fighting for her very professional life. Now let me ask you position the question needs to be asked. What country are we now win. If you're in collier county. We in America. Were we in Haiti or Mexico oral Salvador Guatemala because what they're essentially saying it's that the constitution in the First Amendment. The bill of rights does not apply to Americans at the public school system and call your county. Instead of them even trying to assimilate. To the United States we have to assimilate to them. We have to turn a blind guy to all of the illegal activities. All of the law breaking all of the criminal behavior. And now they're trying to criminal likes outright criminal thoughts. Supporting Donald Trump. This is America baby. And she has every right to express your opinion she said nothing racist. She said nothing offensive. You may disagree with her opinion too bad grow up it's a free country. She said nothing that was lewd or vulgar or profane. It was completely professional and yes she has a right to a private opinion. She doesn't have to hold the ideological or political line of the block of the politically correct left she doesn't. And so my here would be my answer if I was her this is exactly what I would say she's been quiet the poem once beekeeper draw probably has a finally depict Arab. So she refuses to talk to the media. There's only one answer. America. Who love it or leave it. If you're all the love that and you don't love the First Amendment a hit doron and Jack. 6172666868. Is the number. Let me ask all of you this should this teacher. We reassigned or fired from her job. Simply because. She supports a cracking down on illegal immigration. I music trump so Porter. Is this now the beginning of the end our free speech in America. 61720666868. To all the teachers out there. I agree. Or disagree. With what the school system and the school officials the district is doing to Veronica Fleming. And what would you do if you were in her situation. Your calls next. 124. Here on the gray WRKO. OK my friends. Big national story. And elementary school teacher in call your county Florida. Has now been reassigned taken out of the classroom they're now looking to potentially fire her terminator. Her name is Veronica Fleming she works at park side elementary school. It's an overwhelmingly minority schools according to all the media reports. Because of the FaceBook post. Saying that she opposed the day without immigrants. Saying that the you know they should all turn out the work. And it's time for mass deportation of the illegals. Gold Donald Trump birth thanks Donald Trump. And now they're assaulting her freedom of speech. And now they're saying not only is she being reassigned to a desk job and administrative job. But she should be fired. Agree disagree. Jeff I request as park viewer park side elementary. I my understanding is a spark side I just an air park set elementary now is that a public school is that deprived from my understanding is that they public school. OK then they can't fire her that is why heavily on constitutional. The First Amendment guarantees the right of the government not to censor you and if this is a public school. Then it is government funded it is technically government run this is direct violation of precisely. What the First Amendment allows you to do so no they shouldn't have no. Grounds to reassign or it. Changed classrooms or fire her out right I mean that is that is these suppression of freedom of speech at the media is trying to throw on trump when he. When he blasts them for fake media that that's insane that's ridiculous to me. Now I mean I agree with you obviously Jared back. You know if she used let's say profanity the F word or something else well that's something that's not being professional that's right eye of the storm that's something else. But that's FaceBook I read that post there was just a political statement. Yet if you fire people for political statements on FaceBook guess what we're off on have a job I was finishing the feeds lately I can't get away from it now you can't do that I mean she's. I know she's not a quote local government employee but government program it's protected you can't. Fire her for that bingo body bingo he nailed it Patrick employment Europe next go ahead Patrick. Age. Technically Garrard. Every contract would have something stating that he brain. A negative light on the on the employer they have a right to terminate the Contra character closed right. But that's not what I wanted to say originally. What's going on right now we're actually seeing it elsewhere in Georgia two teachers were fired or maybe not throw from. The statements but they were fired for not exactly. Be against Hughes. Is traveled and. And they said so openly and class I get to some like that mean these school department had actually came out whatever Presley is saying. Yeah here if you're gonna say anything pro prop them and a buyer but it is that we're seeing all over the place last week. Not to actually get this comment at all because I run channel on and on YouTube but. Big YouTube star went twelve million subscribers. The mainstream media Wall Street Journal started hit piece on him that was picked up by a couple of other. Publication and he ended up having Disney's take away the that partnership within YouTube's partnership and and you've outlook. You know a significant chunk of money and checked this week my little you know couple was hit by. A key piece that was Steve's. In theory months ago. Peaking at several things that he instead out of context on pod cast make it seem like he was pro and it Celia. And he's had his book deal. Taken taken down. Spanish is no longer doing it. Right there and pocket right Archimedes firing him are severing ties. He was supposed to speak at sea -- this year that indication and rescinding so and you these huge crow. Rahm nor ghetto doctorate (%expletive) we're gonna do mile or 205 the whole controversy but look I don't wanna get caught up with Milo because that's. You know sex with thirteen year old agreement. That's something very different okay that's that's not even here you know even in his own FaceBook post fiset who. You know I could've phrased it better I should of phrased it better that's a different kettle of fish. What we're talking about now is just a simple FaceBook post. I'll buy him a sex with kids or anything we're talking simply about a link to an article in the Chicago Tribune the day went out so called immigrants a day when Audi illegals. She's basically saying look we show up to work and we pay for these illegals and you know what they should be deported. Period full stop thanks Donald Trump in other words I support Donald Trump. How is that a crime. It's if if the First Amendment doesn't exist to protect happened the First Amendment literally has no meaning anymore. So Timmy the school officials. Should be ashamed of themselves. Isn't it crazy Jeff that you can get in trouble for supporting the president of the United States who was elected freely. What's going on I mean that you nailed it who won the election. Like Ference where. One election won a majority of Electoral College or just these incredible. Okay my friends but that middle school teacher that would go to Berkeley with my allowance are beating on keep on pepper spraying everyone she can still average Paula they love her. All day love her that's right here right. The middle schoolteacher who was caught on tape was caught on T being supporters of Milo we keep our job male lover she deadline analyzing or don't wanna giver trophy or medal right. Well Tom don't mourn back America 61720666868. OK speaking among bats the now listen Dennis. One short haired white social justice warrior woman I kid you not. Has now ended a program in Northampton. Where the police came every Friday. The game high fives and fist bump to students. You know why. Because according to her and among bats. That's are re assessed. That story next are my friends this this is one this is one for my memoirs I gotta tell you this one are not gonna believe me. Like I'm just telling your right now. Meridian Jared how often don't believe me because believe me because they saw the story themselves. Or else they wouldn't believe me okay this is not a controlled this is not some kind of a spoof from the onion or something. Again. Even the people's republic of mark's a true sense we always have to I'll do the moon bats we always got a you know it's the moon bats moon bat state and we always got out moan about everybody soul. In that liberal Mecca. And by the way I did not know this they Sanctuary City I did not northern North Hampton is a Sanctuary City woman out you know. There a Sanctuary City then so liberal stronghold. Yeah I Sanctuary City. So. In the wake of all the race riots. In the wake of black lives matter. Why has black lives matter. And what have all of these left wing community activist been sent one of ailments. Black community policing greens bingo. Lesser rests more community policing so. What does the North Hampton police department do. They go hey okay you want more community policing. You haven't sold they install a program they implement the program. Called quarter on quarter much getting high five fried case. Whereby the students in this is that an elementary school in Northampton. Gillick a little much does that come off the bus. They come on man. And the police officers are there and they're nice police uniforms either fist bumping I'm getting on ice hi fine. And it's a way for them to kinda. Talk with the police officer is a little bit the police officers get to know the kids a little bit they get them home on a first main bases. They get to interact with the police not fear the police Almonte the French police are your friends they're not sure and I need. If you have any problems you can tell the police the police are there to help today. The kids love. Not one child complaints. The teachers love it. And for the most part the overwhelming majority of the Lawrence Lovett who wouldn't want it I remember when I was in school. Once in a bull won a police officer with coming to explain his draw who's an authority figure we'd love listening to the police officer. And we'd ask questions don't usually always I've never fired the gun. Do you use the time. How many bad guys if you were arrested. You have like car chases like you do want TV all of anyway. And he would laugh and smile and answer all our questions OK and we got to elect a police officer and fight their Melrose in the fifth grade. At the end he walked demagogue the police officer at the end we said OK be good listener data teacher. Don't however I don't wanna epic comeback kid Eric is the teacher calls rubble more good morning central with the police so. It was nice. One woman. One woman. One moon back. One I'm staring at a picture of her right now I wanna give a big hot tip a turtle boy Chris turtle boy it he was all over this one. One woman her name is high eighty Norton Smith. She is. A white. Short haired woman. And pool our social justice warriors she ought she's black lives a matter. She's for Hillary clan moon. She's a rabid fan and as you name a big supporter of the LG BTQ community all kitten double. She complaints. What's your complaint. She's got two African American children and apparently she adopted. Who are not an elementary school. So they're not doing the high fives with the police during an element we school. In fact I'm looking at pictures of her with her two kids they're way beyond elementary school believe me okay. But because her kids happen to be African American guess what now. She's gonna use that to play the race card for the rest of life. And she complains that the police chief of Northampton I swear to you. That cherished ruins of quotes which he set shortage of color. Undocumented. Immigrants. And other school children. Could be quote unquote traumatize east. Biden I'd fight being police officers I guess hi fanning is now too much community toll since two match. She says it's too much you don't understand the perspective of black kids or illegal immigrants 'cause the illegals are going to be scared because they think the police are there to arrest them. And the black kids what they think that all cubs are Nazis would badgers who can just short of bed at any moment so. They're frightened and they're traumatized. And because they're frightened and traumatized. Not all you can do this you can't have community policing weekend you'll have to get rid of high five Friday. And Scioscia brought up a couple of other parents I can enjoy all of this is a racist so now. Our great program. That embodied community policing. Gone. Be terminated the chief says it's not worth the hassle. So I want you think about this. Black lives matter says less arrests more community policing. What I'm on the ground. Let him meet people let him shake hands let him talk let's get him home they do exactly what black lives matter sets. And then they claim by a high fight being on just our fist bump. Now the more children are dramatized. And scared of the police. I kid you not. I kid you not. Liberalism. Is a mental. Disorder. You just think that you know someone would teach their children that cops are friends and they're good for the community and everything and they're not bad people and I thought you know liberals loved community policing. And then when there's actually instances of community police think they don't want any moral that ricin is made any sense at town realizes the care of the kids are traumatized Britain you have to understand I mean. Your experience. Is very different from I'm African American school child's experience you see when he high fives a police officer. He's that the mid he's gonna go to the gas chamber. While let's look at other community policing coffee with a copy go to the local coffee shop and you sit down you know caught coffee with the cot. So. You know living in a duo at that too that's too much community policing to at this sit down avenue donut coffee with the police officer act now he must community policing to. If you don't talk you're racist. If you do community policing your racist he generally game's played now. If you give a high five your racist if you don't give a high five your racist. So OK I guess what's her answer really you want a rear everybody to become a big Mike Brown. Everybody's got to become big Mike. Everybody what does it the only answer now when you see the cops is da bum rush on the I mean everybody and I was big Mike. Or needs to grow up to be like big Mike. Again. Here's the problem. We allowing small very small militant Wii U lunatic minority the lunatic left. To dictate our schools. To dictate our culture. To dictate the job forced. To addict a meat to dictate everything. Now the fun police chief and frankly if I'm them at the school board. Lady get. You've got too much time on your parents I agree with you why do we lack. These liberals dictate to us what we're gonna do widen the police chief say no this is good for the children's book that's why we do best. And if you don't like it very simple really if your kid is sold traumatized when a hey high five at a fist bump. If that's terrorism event reminds them of big Mike OK and they're gonna short term execution style of their lied about. I need is goals right around the police off dessert and doesn't that the police officer. That's a you just don't I've five German bonds has bump on their diets too scary for you how's that. I mean you know am I wrong 61720666868. So when Udall community policing you're racist when you dual community policing you're racist. This the other game is played. Paul and he's Boston go ahead Paul. Good after the own job who had been Leo I don't know ahead liberalism is a medical does sought out and these people not a ball rebel houses by eight of the local police car companies Boston. Not only would skip over it you go about it but then it drag you by the backing it yes Papa. In make sure that after they gave pupil you're probably keep you want so. These people wait a big world out are up what what kind of upbringing as a woman like this out. Which would all apple cause and effect everybody else. That the good that comes out of this in the discipline and and and the idea patient that comes with a it's just it's so normal it's been all on. In sort of because in the amid all the slaughter because it's not the logical. All are no recent book conscience can be quite even these people. Are the you know the ball look you know I thank you for that call. You know honestly how many. Kids. Students. Seem these cops every Friday and it inspires him. You me the oppose a wanna be police officer just like him. Just a short and I gotta say this I'm sorry I don't want you know it's race race race I think that the how does a white woman forgive me. How does a short haired white woman. Social self your question calls on the social justice warrior other open she speak for all black it's. But how does this happen. And then it would just woke up able okay. I get it you adopted two black kids OK god bless you. Are they an elementary school know are they high five and no other fist bumping mall so what's the problem. So what's the problem. So what about you speak in my in my behalf of all blacks all the suddenly you know what are going through it could isn't it it's saying. Look honestly. Sometimes the only answer is the middle finger. I mean really sometimes earnest. A board meeting Ileana. Listen look honestly in my middle finger more missing get lost debt in life Margaret just you know what excuse me miss what all due respect get a life. Don't Gillick spotted owls to savor something Bruce symptomatic of go ahead Bruce. Page captive to into britney's question is never gonna end. Until the conservatives. Of of the EIL. Organizers a conservative ACLU. To start standing up for our rights. And that is what's lacking right now there's no legal representation from the conservative. People any people out there right now Dorgan we walked all over continuously. Until something like guys for. Bruce you know you're right he's not. Going you know. Group that nobody. Nobody and Bruce but he suddenly conservatives you're right don't get me wrong. It's the majority. And I mean the overwhelming majority who are presents us. We saw even conservatively just really the overwhelm the war overwhelming majority of the parents and distorting at that school love the program. They love it but cops loved it. The cops love it distorted Islam that the teachers love that the parents loved it everybody loves it. Except one short haired day. LG BTQ social justice warrior really I Hillary Obama bot who's perpetually angry all the time. Just looking for a cause to protest. As she shows up at a school board meeting and that's yet gone adios I mean guys honestly. We where's the backbone this pathetic. Here's Jeff corner the guy who's running the school board meeting really. Partition ratio edged the black kids are being tracked and I have excuse me hi what's your name again missed. Yeah might be Norton Smith coliseum hyphenated last name another one of those okay I Heidi in Norton Smith. From need to you blank off. And if you don't like did you see the police officer there in the corner. Escort her out front tall.