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Feb 19, 2017|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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You're listening to wicket by its radio the only place that lets you beat the blue. Critic and Sundays ten days. WRKO. We'll voice of Boston. And welcoming everybody's got what. We take you home for twelve and as always every sunny mornings from ten to twelve that's what we do your own with the lights radio. And it's up to you today tells about some great restaurants it's great places to know because it's huge. The callers the listeners that help out everybody else that we could find some great places out there. In particular today I got a couple things are today about a little later on this hour we're gonna talk to a great. Good friend walks up Jerry much much healed Jannero Z period Quincy we're gonna call into the store because. He'd just taken away on Sundays drop in and say heartless without which is unfortunate because. If find it I know Jerry you know here it is Jerry came into the studio. We wouldn't have to cook for a likable who runs you know he. Brilliance so much food. Our surge is still full of meat guys we got to get through those first that we as Jerry and gas from the weights market for last week at that that I I burned my way through those those are relieved that I mean. Yeah when we were filming the segment we did a couple months back. I'd get to try animal. And I discovered her at the port one is the most popular one for but I got to try the the buffalo chicken that was very good and he comes up that was excellent play to market in the filling another closed on Sundays and a lot of folks have. On an end to hide Abby loop and the that this family over there equates market and them picking up those meat pies for lunch you know yeah. So obviously we got Jerry my touch are coming up you know as you come on around 10:30 this morning and then a little bit later on a talk tacos tacos Oca with that Damian from Yale we're told that is on schedule today but. Right now I'm gonna open up the phone lines nice and early Tuesday. Because this is something I need help wit and this is a continuation from Friday. On Friday's morning show. Under Bjork cameo boston.com morning show with human VP yeah. I did a segment on diners who who you know and we talked about some of our favorite diners at everybody has a little place that they go. And they really in jewel. And on Friday right around the time I was in the largest part of the post saying I'm telling to me about two favorite target because we are in the process now. Believe it or not filming for spring episodes of all the snow on the ground now know you know. Time he's never been announcement at times and they never radar are part but. We're out there filming right now four spring episodes it's will be starting the first second week of march it would tumor trip. And the one of the episodes that were filming now and we need help we. Is our second. Diners. Know the first one was so extremely popular. That we needed to. Branch out continue finding places Ron and so on. On a Friday is a morning show I talked about diners and I let callers texted him and they sent a lot of FaceBook messages. To us on some post move about favorite places that they go. So right now we're just kind of like in that position right now where we're looking for places. Thanks diners Bruno and we may choose that we may feature among this year's show. And if we don't we Truman this year year's show maybe the lead in first next. When we do it again next year right but to me this is diocese. This is the comfort for me. Anytime a good time for breakfast and yes well I think it would diners so is Laura diners season it's year round we're eerie out and we were filming. Last Thursday. Act in Boston. At the south street diner this you know that is one of the places that we're gonna feature on that show and they made. And I'm talking day being in Lee when Lee and that's all this out Leo assault the owner not they made a monstrosity. OK Kate I mean it's in Boston cream painted a multi layers of pancakes. In between with the Knoxville in between and then just. Hold all I would say home Mason jar of chocolate on top you know and that took that talk about comfort food right. I mean it just kept pouring on emporium on it so that's what we're. Looking for today place that do things special that are fun. You know that it diners that they could be intact that was two dining cars. As with their Oxley and we love seat in the in this was there. Yes so if you can help us out right now you can always join us on FaceBook live look at bites TV who who FaceBook like as we do broadcaster radio show. Are right on FaceBook it's on WRK on Boston eight and six it was Abbas and every Sunday from 1012 room. And we also put up on FaceBook lies so he could watch Mike myself to this morning. And you can also comment in there and who knows. You know you just win yourself he did against him if he comment his pick out. I would say we probably had about an hour about a hundred comments are so maybe more than that about diners to brighten. I'm gonna pick out a winner. Today took it from somebody who commented on that particular post and I'll give my dinner instantly Hauser you know to them. And then maybe go up while grab somebody who posts on today's live feed more going to be on the think mr. And when they call it dale enter them into another chance. Two when Oprah with these gift card yet get a gift card and after about it looked like gift card or which way cart like your but it. In the next week signs guns and get a book that. This man but at the wrong week ago and I so if you help us out diners diners diners diners where eagle right now. I want to know they could be featured on with it bites TV on NASA on Saturday mornings 930 art if they're lucky here is the number to call 888. 4346464. That's 888. 4346464. Now your first time caller please you're really are I are really much you'd call it. You know I talked to so many folks out there that listen like every week and they've never called the Schobel for all we skirt. Oh man you're just talking to Mike and myself that's all no one else is listening where Mike now no one else don't don't worry about that it's like you're having a phone conversation and you you you're an expert your expert as you know I mean you meet you eat and that's the place that you go to and that's the place that you wanna talk about. I 8884346464. He is in there he's gonna take your name and address off the air that is just for us. And what we do is we'll have your name and address and with the callers at random every hour. We'll have your name and address our radio many and a tank yesterday to those lucky winners pretty easy pretty easy 888. 4346464. C'mon it's gonna step up and be first today again I need your help. Look at for diners. Diners where are you going 8884346464. And like I said they may be featured. They just may be featured on this year's niners shows that we're doing on absentee possibly. Would that be fun I'm fine place to they would go out there we tried. And we love it. And we show or ready else and they get to go out there and try it just like that I 888. 4346464. That is our number to call the guys step up and be first today on the program. I restaurant they Serena I hope but you get an opportunity to go out and try this restaurant its owned and operated by the Longo family Geovany you'll see Geovany is always. Ney is always a Coke and you'll see two budget deal is es like that the skinny ship in the world. Nick he's always running around the restaurant. And just having fun I mean that's what he does and it is at the small restaurant it's it's not a large restaurant restaurant this arena in molten. I'm but it's special and Geovany. Grew up in the Calabria region of Italy and that's where he kind of was taught really by family members. You how to how to you know to attempt to make things that are special. To him that he has now broadened over. And to this country. And economic instances where you began it's a small intimate restaurant. They have a full liquor license. You know it is to Stanley owned and operated the make fresh homemade breads. They have a one of those those would ovens. And it's one of my favorite things at who who would opens because you get a little bit of that smoke. What taste and all that the food that you put in there for you there for a few minutes. They put peaches and what what you need to do. Is go in and experienced this place we says say Heidi Geovany when you go win it and the the probably always are when you talk with Geovany. The best thing to do is eat first because we're talking with him just the sound of his voice is gonna make you hungry. I mean it's it's it's that special. It's restaurant they Serena. Eighteen Lebanon street in Malden. Opened Tuesday. Through Sunday for dinner only their clothes on Mondays over Monday's they are available for private parties so if you can replace reprise the party. On Monday afternoon. That restaurant this arena alleges that in their for dinner enjoy it. Today they gonna open up at 4 PM restaurant they Syrian eighteen Levin on streak in Malden. And I. You know pork chops and Rick Workman. You can you know and one of my favorite issues. Restaurant based arena again eighteen Lebanon street in moment and it's gonna step up 888346464. This on. Where the call is much. If they sleeping in this morning turning to their coffee like I am not let let's get them over 8884346464. We need help diners diner diners come on 8884346464. Our Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926 at home a brick oven pizza brings you this portion which invites radio. You know they have several locations the finding a location near you because they open up at 11 AM stopped forty minutes from right now. Discuss the website Regina pizza dot com. And a place to go stopping and tried how to Fenway location thirteen thirty boils and street in Boston. They opened up again at 11 AM I have delivery and catering is available at that location. Of course they serve their world famous Regina pizza but they also salads and cal zones and in the knees and beer and wine. Regina pizzeria. World famous since 1926. But their home made a brick oven pizza. Yeah I'd never seen in this mine. Work it like no who is known care. Today. Throughout the diners problem there rat the diners. You know. Normally it when we start doing the show. The first part of it. In the show. It teaser negated because we just getting going and lines start tying up with and but today. There's no problem negated the sleepy so thank you it's asleep and sent him or. We're working yeah 8884346464. We'll get your calls in just a second step up we need to help today. Hi help us out I had a great wall restaurant that Alice is placed in Bedford mass. That the readers' choice. For best Chinese cuisine in their area for at least fifteen consecutive years and running. And what makes him so special. When they have professional chef Sam and that's the that's the one key thing but they used the freshest of ingredients. And they make fresh dessert that even compliment their daily lunch and dinner buffet. They were full menu. And you could dine in. You can take out you could have a little catering parties or platters put together new name you can do it. The great wall restaurant I recommend their crispy beef. Where they're happy famine which is Jumbo shrimp chicken scallops and a little bit of pork in there for thirteen 95 my favorite dish over there. Is kind of a simple this but it is one of my favorites it's shredded chicken with string beans. And what is. Picture iceberg lettuce that you care delete should take that that the iceberg letting her and make it into like leaks. And make that into like a little pink because you're the trade string beans and chicken and put that into the middle. He ruled that on out. And then bite into. And to get that wonderful crutch. It's. Fresh it's delicious and I happen nothing like it but they have great dock at the great wall restaurant. And they have you can get half duck or hold duck it flavorful juicy tender you know the great. Wall restaurant please say hi Alice when you go and again they get up they have an all you can eat dinner and lunch buffet. There are dinner buffets Sunday through Thursday from 53830. PM Friday and salary from 5:39 PM. And it's around sixteen dollars yourself. The great wall restaurant. Root for in Bedford mass at 308. Great wrote. In Bedford mass I might never call coming in here. And a second whistles chronicles 8884346464. Again you can always join us on FaceBook live and director comments in there that when we can we can look at them and read them and you know will and you also went to dinner for two practice see a lot of comments coming in Warner read those in just few minutes coming up. And again coming up at 1030. Why have turn much talk Chia from Janeiro is eatery. He will be in house or election be on the phone. And tell us about some of the special things that he does over the years that's coming up just a few minutes right now we're talking about diners and I see. That depth. And Fran a bitter for Maine is going to be first of the restaurant programs are they good morning Fran how aria. Did you guys. Very gut. I liked or recommend the what miss Portland diner. Unmarked you don't weigh in Portland Maine. I'm miss Portland and right. It's you. I know what you're dying and that that they can be years. And they moved it around the city now got a permanent out place. Practiced a fantastic. Plenty of food they are are along side. 290 side. And not marginal way home aren't great and one of the best part about it I guess it was an executive. That's sick and tired of the big city and in came and bought it immediate access out and it. And that the white staff are terrific so. I think if anybody is looking for good meal would wreck that it would be missed Portland diner what remained. Isaac Portland and I see that their open. Today and he opened up at 7 AM they open up to 3 PM and most of the diners that's it I mean they really open up for just a short period of time. And they're done I mean that's. What which is nice that only do dinner. But you go the great. Rival you go to their have a big launch and that is that could be your dinner especially if you push that 3 o'clock down below. You won't have to worry are the Portland I miss Portland diner again as it is are marginal way in Portland Maine. Great great Fred thank you very much your phone call you know a place Mike that we have film that the last year I did a thing with past Friday's fast that it eighties. I should say in. Hampton in a wreck their group want and that's kind of an interesting story because it's it's it's not like it was to card data but to little dire. And he has set. He looked like Johnson and Wales yup to be a fine culinary Shia. Move and he just after you graduate just had the opportunity to go win it. And if an open up this this little place and kind of put little twist on food to the food is kind of like. Keep up diner food yes you know and it has a really really good element with their elevated diner yet elevated I mean it's something. If you haven't tried it you know I'd I don't know. And the super defiant when he is open today. Best hitting yes that the condition of. Course if they wanna see the segments on our YouTube channel which is YouTube dot com slash Wiki bites TV along with. All the segments we've done we've got a lot of recommendations on FaceBook for the main diner which we did last year. The main diners that that blueberry pancake this so many members agree everything yet but it's so many blueberries in there blueberry pancake. And that. It's blue. It's like a smirk banking becomes a blue pancake. Yes I think I'm looking at fast Eddie's diner they're located in a row one at 320 Lafayette road Hampton New Hampshire. They opened at 6 AM this morning you know six to 2 PM as it is their hours but again they have that elevated. Diner menu. In that somebody you know that college no we. Comic how many people are Johnson was graduates. Than that open up until they go into too little into the diners. You know it's kind of a we've met a couple it's it's it's just. An initial in the they've taken that comfort food and are elevating it to the next. And places like that really really do any any sort has these. For him his. Because of the gas. You'll gas. Station motif. Oh who have a lot of the world to do what is it that in the north the stove no no in his this doesn't help no. But you'll watch it on FaceBook wise you give confuses do. You know what I'm I'm just looking at their menu. They have Rubens there and his group and are on the this FaceBook looks incredible know they now make doughnuts and scratch I didn't so that's the license since we've been there. So if you're looking for something that did today think fast Eddie's diner. Fast and it's a fifty styles diner again located rewarded Hampton New Hampshire in its place and probably recommend he's gotten tried very good so. And a little bit different and you know he's not and how is too is dormant at work when you when you open up these places zero struggling for a period of time. And I think he's doing OK because I'm seeing a lot of people talked to open up to its and I'm seeing a lot of people talked about him and I see a lot of comments that are coming in right now. On FaceBook live. You know so what will be reading those in just a few minutes so mikes are looking at those are not easy for me to read sometimes live on the air because the two. As they start reading one will get another one and kicks up and wanna lose its own and of the talking by Monday leading business. Secondary yeah yeah MI has not had his gallant much. Hot coffee yet so. Is senators and finish is that rubio says all right we're tarmac diners this morning 8884346464. Don't forget that pearl street station in Malden. 53 summer street that's down rogue robots place. The pearl street station set in a incredible. Building. I mean this this building is just history. In that area because back in nineteen make that 181891. It was the old being in amber road station that's right whose actual railroad station and today when you walk in there if there's if it's sort of like yeah. Open two or three stories stories stories high fireplace that you'll see in the air. And if you look up at the top of the fireplace actually see. In the break in their stone. B and W so you know it's the railroad station. You know at least of the slate roof. They got that original fireplace or just told him and now Allen put in. A ton a TDs. So when there's a sporting event going on that's a place ago because there's like there's like a whole wall. And then the motif speaking of T a lot of the motif in that area in that restaurant he is. He is it like that the train station now it's not a stop on the T anymore. But about every five minutes to sell it seems like the tea runs right behind the restaurant. And and it runs by the rest are probably like that fifty miles an hour. So when it comes to you feel little rumble as that train comes through so gives you that little history a little feel right in there what I recommend. Allen's favorite they're shy at. This is his favorite she told me about it at one time it was only on their special menu but always there and I think he's at now added to his regular menu. It's their beef short roots its bullish short ribs with carrots. Onions red wine and herbs and reach ground stock and it's served with mashed potatoes it's warm. He its comfort especially on a long cold winter night. Remember that in their beef short ribs it's so tender. I'm not in the mood for that she and when I think he should be about the chickens can't do that they had. Or their barbecue steak tips a generous portion. There's steak tips in their own marinate sauce. And they also have a April street combo with steak tips lamb tips sausage. And country ribs all cook just the way alike. The pearl street station. 53 summer street in moment please say hi Dick Allen robot when you go in and I know you'll enjoy this restaurant grocery station again. 53 summer street in malls are back the phone calls ago let's go to Brockton this time enriched good morning rich. I think everybody don't today I'm doing great I'll quit if you're doing great we're doing great how's that. That's good bet real quick yeah well might we're real deal dying and relatively you know it's open for all add up all of EDU it's only been opened my four month. And parents don't know I'm still brought in weren't Boca at twelve XP wanted. So who's very. I I 1261 park street it's the ocean and instill that as it looked up their website. A Khatami a little bit at all that great co what we do really quite calm but it's followed it on. And they do you have a favorite item when you go in there. Well aren't I like I bishop but I. Like an eight ball. I like. Everything. When that would you're going to valid thought Amanda added Chinese ballot. We thought. How real that that that is a little bit different you know so they they kind of do what an eclectic menu that. Yeah our right so it's not just copper food they may just do you know estimation special whatever they wanted to says so it sounds like. He took a matter of fact. I'm walking in the door it's called up when you get breakfast. In my did they do sips supper took. Look at. I tell you what. I will look up there of their of their information on any given out on the air just a second at their hours are read all that and debt thank you very much for your phone call rich. It's called my race. Real deal diner. It's located at 1261. Park street in stone. They closed Mondays through open Tuesday through Thursday from 5:30. AM to 8 PM. Friday and started from 5:39 PM and on Sundays. 530. In the morning until 3 PM so there are open for a couple more hours today Mike's real deal diner instant. Again which thank you very much via phone call a quick break here. And then now we'll be back with more calls end. And that's talked a very special friend of mine very much touch you of Janeiro is eatery that's all. Coming up right here on wicket bites radio open. Sports and fun we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV with pat quickly and this is wicked fight radio with pat Wheatley on WRKO. Of the voice of Boston. I welcome back with provides radio was done would be to. Today until twelve noon we'll take your mom calls for. Check we'll get back to them on the we'll bite diners this morning just comfort that's that's what I'm really in the mood for right now and I see that our baseball alive and that we're broadcasting aren't right now. Mars stream of people asking questions are actually making comments about places it's kind of like blowing up so you wanna go to FaceBook live right now. Tells about some of your favorite guys will be reading those on the air and I just a few moments of FaceBook why that we could watch the show every Sunday. This stood on the right really go watch it live every Sunday from ten to twelve live. And greatest as the New York to Boston was on tonight. Before we get the jury much harsher Jannero eatery just a second let me quickly tell you about restaurant they Lucci in Winchester its owner operated by the lateral with them when. They opened up in 1986. And at that time when they opened up in Winchester is like converse true authentic Italian restaurant. And that kind of moved into that area. And the atmosphere. It was really unparalleled I mean fully spoke. He is passion for the arts. And it kind of shows through in everything that he does. And you'll see that it at this restaurant and their food I was there a couple of weeks ago. And I wasn't in the mood for their special they have this veal chop balance Danza I'm saying it correctly it's a sixteen ounce long. With a chopper in the view the bone on. Veal chop and it stuffed with spinach fourteen cheese and hope to spice since rated. In the pan fry it. It's incredible and it's enormous when you see it and your mouth is gonna water. I was going in there were a couple of writes I knew I was gonna get that age you know I got a three times in the room. And then all of a sudden the table next to us orders a you'll farmers. And I'm Tony just the sight of the few Paul emerge on the look of it. The sauce the ways that the red color the sauce it's hope clearance so vibrant. I changed my older. I chair thrower I was the only one of the table that didn't get the deal chap I got the deal. Farmers on an absolutely in chewing every mouthful of Saber and for dessert they make their own terms sue. In his like 500 different recipes that you didn't know that the terms of and the way they serve it in me in a cup. And you do Spooner now and you'll be licking the cup clean. Restaurant they lose Chia five dash thirteen Mount Vernon street in Winchester. Say hi to sleep well actually bill Leadbetter. The breach at the door senate bill when you walk in okay. Restaurant they believe boat Winchester. And also this portion with Ameritrade has brought you by the China blossom in north bend over the critics' choice of the best Chinese cuisine north of Boston. Gotta go and then try to or Kenny Chinese buffet at dinnertime on Maria. In my ties and not bad not bad at all was their Saturday night could sit at the Arnold I set the bar Barber's awful couldn't get in there. But senator table toward a couple of my ties into that great Chinese food at China plus are we got George Bush is coming there. In March 5 is nursing an impressionist and next Sunday. We have Kevin cone or psychic medium he'll be here that's incredible shows that's coming up next week we'll tell you more about that. A little Iran on today's program again goes in the wicket by its radio today with Scott with the till twelve noon. And what you say we head on to the phones and we're gonna talk with that good buddy of mine very much touch of Janeiro is eatery in Quincy Jerry how are you this morning. Very good Scott nice to hear from yet. Hi Gerri whenever I talk about your place. I think cool food and I don't think of just food I think of a lot of food. I am at and that seems to be. I don't think Jerry you eat you're probably like. The happy sky in the world because he just like the put smiles on everybody's but it's. I go I I really truly enjoy what I do and it makes your job so much easier when you enjoy something you know whatever you do. And my my eight lovers deceit especially for at least leave this. Well you know elderly people coming out you know you know for that meal just give my really good experience give my a lot of food. Make him happy at all and on the way out he also come out. But Scottie or some the hot though way out of going oh my god I can't eat anymore but it's tonight's real and they know it you know come somehow I was I was brought up you know tilt. And all I can't see it I 'cause when you do the Hampton beach culinary festival. I don't see the excitement on your face you know with the comedy goes in the tribe when he just cute judicial because you it's not just the fruit. You're you also baking also make breads and also the Italian pastries. It up and and and when somebody like. Enjoy your food I eye to see your face light up. Yeah up and up tea you know we're we're always expanding on the bakery and do not we have this base as you know but. We are expanding our. Bakery line and system. Do we some intricate cakes now we're into wedding cakes anniversary cake you know it was padding eight. Booklet in the stores so people can actually likes he dictates that we've done. And it's really gaining. Progress would you know. You know having that two and and of course it's you know. Early mornings getting a lot of stuff done trying new stuff you know what I mean and and the catering is also a huge part of our business where very economical. The food is rational and notes it's growing that god yeah. Only need to be they're all good when you do catering you do like party platters. A party rules. We do everything's gone from you know like simple cold cut trade. Homemade rolls. Finger rolls like all the cold items all the hot items we we have. We also already felt the restaurant I don't open on a Sunday. Com and we just used this Sunday expert in house. Heidi it's like peavy Chris cities showers. You know. And that's sort and that's the working out really good Joey and were almost booked every Sunday in the restaurant you know at pulled up to seventy. And real good deal you know. And on Sunday's Emmy like you said the restaurant itself is an open except I parties and events but you're there right now because he can actually order. Taken out. Well we are we have about eighteen pickups. You know this morning on catering of fears it. It's very economical you'd like to order in the food off me and have them. Either picked up or or or deliberate and I do that every Sunday and I'm the first one in every Sunday at 4:35 o'clock you know we make all the homemade bread and and although in all all the sauces all the peak at those everything you know that's going to be going out you know for that date is may pressure in the morning. Really makes a difference as you know and I'll. What does and you make the sandwich and you you have done this and you you bring it to you brought to Hampton beach when we did that all right Allen are you that. Yes it's like a four foot local bread you actually make Wright is a long. Yup it's up four foot. Triple grade ten pound loaf of bread that's Coke threat on the proud of the stone their common it's amazing and probably takes around ten to twelve pounds of of of coal country that so this monster and it's eight it really is a popular item you know. Like on you know it from the occasional at the Super Bowl and you know like post. House parties and cited its it's an eye catcher you know you which only go. It it's it's huge just like the large Sicilian pizza that you do. Yup that's also a big twelve seller here it's it's 24 sliced pizza and so you get to monies critics out until. A little gonna say well it's you know I know Janeiro is as you know he. He gets up in the morning things were before sliced pizza yeah it's I don't do get a Mike trucker couldn't get my. It actually comes into boxes that. And let's hope they get I don't think they make a boxer this yet in the old legs a little bar that'll suck up. Everybody will say is in RTE you know he's restaurant he eat eat Bakes cakes in Somalia is is Pete is any good. While I'm Italian there was a big search that we were involved with which invites and I'm talented Jerry. They're like fifty maybe a hundred restaurants from all of New England that competed at the the championship. Who's gonna make the best pizza in Boston or New England. And we finished in Gillette Stadium and we had celebrity judges from four or more patriots that you named able all there are two let's stadium. And then the number one place. Is a little place that you know quite well you're placed it hours eatery in Quinn's. Ed and you made that that that pizza or the pitcher Ricky. What's the big game and a pizza yeah you know what that is it's saints it's a lot of these. Oh yeah I mean it's an Italian. Traditional thing usually eat net debt at least there it's. It's all types of cheeses and imported coal cuts in various ICG cannot that would still be a good topping on a pizza. And unnecessary and it worked out really well because it's got a heavy body to the pizza itself anyways and adding that over the top it all the while they destroyed really. It really. Combined nicely with the Sox and everything I mean that's you know that was the winner right pic of the day I was back when they counted. You know matter fact about about six months after that event that you won this award we bump in the Joseph Andrews of the patriots still talk about and Joseph was there. All of that pizza I think the first day I was public enjoyed doing that Sicilian pizza etc. You know him and Joseph Andrews the end might make a bitch I'm telling you what what a nice bunch of guys to this really class action at all. They do there were really nice that they over they have been. And again you put a smile on their quietly. Yeah and these guys nobody meant that if they don't know we go to that you're. Yeah four that's ago I that you still make one of my favorite dish at all times the mystique of vodka. Or is that just we'll. Popular dish passing and a lot of you are it's just a narrow those are good this year. Explained everybody what's in the year restricted this. And this is what you could you give you could have at the restaurant or legacy could have a party yeah we aren't a whole tray that absolutely. Yep any size it like that you know. It's like you know plea deal saying you know you're spat out. And you use that I would good quality ingredients and the end result is good you know I mean I I'd buy good battalion. Sausages very lean you know not to caddie nicely right. And I chopped them up you know sliced up and I sought payment good all of oil that that. That's that's the beginning of the flavors in the dishes subsidy kept us via the sausage economics correspondent. Then green peppers out of choke cuts and that we make like a mark. Carbonneau sauce which is heavy cream. Good pecker Reno Romano parmesan Reggie ammo and a little bit of semi final. Tomato in there and reduce it down with fresh ringgit Tony cooked our stuff. Really really nice station I mean it's you know it's gone over very very well. Now I make me. And I also if they ever wanted. Variations. Is now occasionally have a lot of vegetarians. You know a lot of people or not eating the red meat so you can have that dish. And I've made from a lot of people with either column Mari. Shrimp. Panic anything you know so you know it's very I'm very versatile in where. You know we're very open hit two with like. Gluten free request begin re question we do a lot of it so you know that's something new we know that I'm adding on to his you know try to please everybody stepped up. And again it it it it's a small restaurant it's in Quincy but you've gotten some pretty good press because even chronicle. Yeah it was that you're at who's at your place the show everybody how special that is. It's been a good year you know what it is but it's it's it's so hot business that you guys know and any any. Notoriety and you can get it really helps too well too because sometimes you have to get the word out it to people even though you have a good product and you are your. Programming in Kenya or help has really helped me and I just when everybody else you know to know that too that. You guys do a phenomenal job you know at that what you do and that helps bring out my. Quality product out these two people don't even know about this I mean I still get people that. You know the work adherents say pat told me to say hi to my cousin. He could make it a meeting me you know like you know it's really nice you know he he's there is always really good to be in and you also and Mike you know all of his middle. Well I want a thank you. I mean it's our pleasure because we get to eat the food the yeah that's all artwork you'll do all the good relations open if you guys you know they. I inside joke I was town Mike you know we're gonna call you today on the phone I said it and it's too bad because it's Jerry came in today. We've probably not have to cook for a month. Only. They'd be honoree trying to buy it probably wanna Clark a completely new injury of half. Hot button opens and I ask Eric thank you very much. Joining us today and Janeiro is eatery in Quincy twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy and I know you're going to be. You're busy today because again Iran do and take out and get those pizzas and all those those those parties and trays. Thank you very much for joining us can Janeiro is eatery twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy their number to call for more information again I. I suggest where you're gonna gonna get get a pizza. Oh well they just bring home food lunch dinner prices and we friendly boom that's the key thing and then Ed. And it's just filling. I don't know how more describe it it is just. You know good food and its spot he hits the spot here's the number to call for more information 61777315100. 61777315100. Janeiro is eatery in Quincy their hours of operation. Monday they're open for lunch from eleven to 3 PM Tuesday through Thursday from 11 AM to 9 PM. Friday and Saturday from 11 AM to 10 PM and again on Sundays private parties that's about all the that will do there. And to do catering and you can order stuff you can order. Hey you. Pizzas and then hit. There was eatery where this forcibly if I trade has brought you eight. Darn Carolina has placed sixteenth street heatstroke in Malden on it's changed me. In the like hundred Martinis on the women. Doesn't have that fourteen pounds and realize. Serve with asparagus groups. Smoke. Mushrooms on. Crusted rack of there lunch menu that you pulled pork sandwiches they're keystroke we're. The fisherman's shrimp scampi. And on Sundays they that I. The senate once that goes on eleven at 3 PM. Boston atmosphere at neighborhood crisis. Exchange street keystroke 67 straight street involved. Looking. For the best deal and now. I'm lazy dog wins at lunch specials Monday through Friday Saturday Jeffrey. By Hamas homemade meatballs. Donald marinara sauce test read Maggie by. Our quality or small ones like him lazy. 1000 lazy dog anyway. At peddlers daughter restaurant offers a pentagon Irish dining with the problem. They have their beverages you know with all those who got famous and then I can't a leopard Collins. A friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's been pregnant daughter restaurants and paper and fashion. It's a mile and for a place in the waterfront to be about a placed a lot of history. How about the known name restaurants Obama friend Jimmy it's been in the same family since 1917. That's back at Specter war war won the war and end all wars now. They get great food and what's so super about them. Well let me read you this quote from Boston magazine that low price seafood couldn't be fresher. And the kitchen knows what to do with it displaying considerable finesse and batted fried clams. Seared scallops and buttery chatter. You'll love it you really low and by the way free parking underlined that. Free parking in the seaport area the node name restaurant fifteen fish piercing Heidi Jimmy forming okay. You know the converse of part B goaded daddy and very good Italian. In the North End or how about a place that used to be in the north in this part of the north in his DNA it's called the leash is a Boston's North End. Predator fish owns it now don't at present time and he moved it to forward 23 main street that drew 28 and stone them. You know one of things about it if you if you are joined us down here so not cure an egg you name it. And back in the fifties and sixties they all went to the lesions and there you have all kinds of pictures you still have a lot of sports celebrities dropping in there from time to time. What do I recommend the poll Marcella alliger me and cut boom is chop analyst sunny Charlie had a yet Charlie's Hanik its pan seared in a white lemon caper sides it's so good so good. This is a racetrack you'll tell all your friends about they literally would their nightly specials knock your socks off alright. Visit my friend Fred native fish and is send paw at the leeches of Boston's North End for 23 main street route 28 in stone them. At the all American tavern food escape king size. From the colossal seafood platter to the king sized new Yorker twenty ounce prime rib beat all American tavern Salisbury. Eric Young American tavern. The area. Leave hungry. Food sports and fun we've got you covered wicked slice radio and TV with pat with Blake and this is wicket played great. And Whitley young WRK oval voice of Boston. This regulars in the would you fight radio today Scotland. What wait till twelve noon taking your phone calls. A couple things we get back home calls. His we have still left and for fiscal Jerry Jerry from generic Xavier Wednesday. August it would Yelp. Coming up next hour or about talk shows tacos are not just Tuesday. That's topic coming up with Danny from you know. In about oh about fifteen minutes from right now into and we'll get back to more of your phone calls and I look diners comfort food. I should open up we'll probably talk about faith we'll do that next hour. They'll still be afraid to me we can still praises and whatever you want we're doing you last night yes but it was easy to. As always even in the topics that the show was developed on. It was always appraisers say repeat to you or me that's what pat started right almost forty years ago. So at any point you know world's longest. I've lost count I think it was 77. You know I think that's when it they were keeping records yes I thought this could be before you here David. The radio show. And now our TV PR do well with teeth and traveled and traveling the country side that says. Getting our spring shows ready at the snow all over the ground. TV live streaming if pat could predicted this back forty years ago. The money could have made for the right at the right mind wouldn't have to be doing this for the ballot. But it's it's bad enough with pat in his cell phone zone itself on all the time commenting stuff so. You know Mike and I have thought about taking away your cellphone provisions at times stimulated a child lock on with the program if pat one written about it. But we back actually and I think he's he's he's taken a couple of weeks on vacation we back in like two weeks from now and he says he's who uses an action also. He'll be back. And again and somehow I'm sure they'll be food in here when he comes back it's always amazed how let me tell you about some things that I'm working on for in studio guests over the next couple extra fuel. Just so you can get the stomach ready. There's a place called poppies barbecue it's a brand new place or heard of tiny little eight I'm I'm. I'm assuming it's like us Shaq that's what the better it is it is our repeated my eyes they're scheduled to be here next week on the show. They. In every head of I don't know barbecue the reason I know of the our friend Chris pike over the lazy dog Lynn recommends their wings and as a he goes into spring next he does great wings so for him to be like they do great wings kinda wanna take his word yeah but they're gonna have to bring a minute per well what I like to work. When we did the year the thing on FaceBook on Friday talking about time this morning show when short and show there were a lot of comments were people recommend some of their favorite diners. And what I really like we were filming at the south street diner just who were and and solve from the south street diner actually commented in their recommended some places that he goes yup so I always up here with that. The actual die our operators. Would they go in and he recommended me comment and a lot of folks. And it's always nice to see social tonight you can always join us on FaceBook why that we can write comments gunnery comments in just second okay FaceBook live with the bites TV eight. As we broadcast live on the radio and on. FaceBook OK Ike rare coins in New Hampshire that's worn mills place I love born males and he is probably one the most reverend guys in this. This is that I know period hands down. He's at I've been. Friends with Warren so as parry for for that at least a decade maybe longer than that and he you have to have a true or trust in investing was somebody in with somebody that especially feel that you don't know. You know you gotta take their advice you know you gotta say OK you're the expert what should I. Be looking you know which I invested. I don't know I mean he is this coin and hold its values is corn and increase his value. That somebody you need to talk to cause worn bills he travels the country looking for rare coins it pays the highest prices to. And he's been in business now. Home are probably going on if not exceeded thirty years. And he's always looking T even make improved so that it make its business better to make himself better. And protect his clients and what he has purchased from NASA that's a space agency. This piece of equipment because Karen referring is going so. Good lately from the Chinese that Americans counterpoint you cannot tell an expert can't tell but looking and many more do you want them anymore. So this piece of equipment. To look in to the middle of the corn to make sure it's silver or gold all the way through. Now that way. You feel comfortable when purchasing silver and gold through that in fact it's become so popular war must get -- actually go back and that's and buy it second machine. So many people come in. Were males rare coins in New Hampshire if you're thinking about buying selling and investing. Call him okay rare coins in New Hampshire Warren males 800. 2257264. That's 800. 2257264. And don't forget about my good friend suits who Chang's activity in the for the grilled rack of lamb. But the Hong Kong's state. You know like lobsters they Argo ops attack. Many have it like they can do it over the Chinese style on top how many Chinese restaurant actually have a lobster tank we'll soon change does so forewarned and yet. Listen to that an F 373 Lowell street in. And don't forget about the village restaurant and Essex. That's being a fighter Ricky famine there at the junction of route 133 in 22 and Essex mass about 45 minutes from downtown Boston. They opened their doors back in. 1956. Slid into deferment and they are going strong they are really going strong. I would recommend of course their their front clips got a recommend that but they also have a black and blue Sorrell. They have might ties now with a little Tiki got on paper you have yet he gets it out there on the wonder whether it's rising a little patio area. It's an outside into in my tank during the summer league and the village restaurant in Essex say hi to Kevin the landmark all or any member of the Ricky famine for us. And by the way they normally closed on Mondays but because. Mark is a holiday. They'll be open tomorrow. We go in there had lunch or dinner this that the closer to date that's dating to. I think a quick break here for the news we're back with more view phone calls would talk about talked go to all the come on we it bites race. Spicy weekend up. You are listening don't wake advice radio the only place that lets you do the food critic Sunday's afternoon on WRK oh the boys of Boston. Are listening don't weakened by its radio the only place that led to beat the blue creek. Sundays to do it on WRKO. Google voice of. Boston. And it's got put Bayless in the would invite Israelis just turn. Also watch us live right now on FaceBook as we streak alive on FaceBook live with it fights he. Really should Michael wanna make you like this course personally heard of humans. You know here I like what like me when they go it's a victim of something. Mike is better when he has that woke up of I don't know self esteem issues yes this is it a political one and you like basketball is because I'm the time during the week. They should like this for their benefit not I mean you and I will sit we do great stuff. It's in the studio you know filming or editing you know animals say hey let's go in the studio go on FaceBook live we go on for half hour we just. Talking of exactly and he could join in the conversation it's like. The other day we knew we did. A segment on FaceBook life. And oh we were talking about are brought a list up and throw list which is a website you know national website and they kind of raided the best fast. Food French Fries boom and I read them from their least favorite to their. Their to their favorite top ten top ten so there there there at least favorite. For them fast food now. And this is from thorough list is Wendy's. Now I went to win these last night I don't go to Wendy's that often. Because my Saturday night aren't I want to Wendy's and picked up for hot senate and a lot of Saturday night. And I guess I even went seasonal and an. Awhile well I'm sitting in that drive through window. They're always eight or even dying and no I didn't Garnett but Saturday and it's dark pull it. It may I help you I didn't get a chance look at their menu because I know that they always have like some type customers. To them panic and I don't want upper let's like fifty stacks of minutes is too much. But I did see right on their little thing that can keep captive rise to what. They give you an order of Fries and for like I think was a 75 cents or dollars apart on mr. they can put. Cheese. And peek in and I mean full strips naked exactly what you look for driving around which cheered Fries well I went home. And and and I used to for the okay because I can't see in that matter fact that's a mentor like him can really see eaten cheese especially if you run new car yet that's exactly what the wife of one is is cheesy fingerprints all agree on are all it can't do that. So what that was their least favorite. You know but in and I like kicked a prize but again and slather any cheese and bacon on something. It's going to be a lot better teacher that's like it if I went to a vegetarian restaurant right Slavic cheese and bacon on anything when you're mister Andrus from. Well nevermind that are coming in at number nine hardee's and Carl's junior I don't know much about over them. Burger King comes in at eight Lu Ann Arbor king has changed their Fries several times throughout the years trying to. You can catch up and sonic. But sonic they have been more famous of the thoughts I gotta say and I haven't been in the Sonics in about two years. And the last time I went in there and onion rings there. They were so bad. I'd go back in how bad word today that they they were still better headed back in a couple of weeks later and try him again and they were just this horrible. You which is to go for punishment is places yes item by item like your and hearings the approves by number six. Steak N Shake of the fittest. Cut Fries of any major changes according to through a list mocha chip away there waffle Fries comes in at five in and out burger. Comes in at four. We do not have now. Are coming in at 35. Guys move and five guys if if I recall I think maybe they get the potatoes and a I know I'm not really sure wherever they get it from bishop to all of their locations and they. The original source agent they'd do where they do to keep it very consistent I think they kind of have a with a put it. He that they they kind of like single barrel Tate yes I don't know how to do and I know that. That they give us the give the potatoes and time OK in in the darkness maybe I don't believe alone there respective personal space I've but that's number theory. Number two is Arby's they have curly Fries have not rights. Long and of course number one probably everybody will get they've been there probably for ever McDonald's of course. Know those at the favorite place places for Fridays ago you know. So if you want if you watched as good friends there you want to pass through Fries and you know I. Almost somebody that is if I go to McDonald's like I want ordered Fries move or you're gonna Bert Brantley that report. And I don't know why but I was gonna have won a few of whom I don't. If you wanna comment about what their favorite favorite fast food Fries that you do that FaceBook live right now. Going right on or alive was your favorite fast food for a yellow let us know here. Your favorite fast food Fries we'll read some of those on the air wick gave bites TV on FaceBook just. Team click on the life cycle just like Bentley glories at McDonald's is the best for fast food Fries Arrigo on April 2 doubt like that house that day ago as well as well as now like. I Laurie thank you very much and that's it would other folks say FaceBook live okay. I read urge restaurant is in Waltham this is a really spectacular restaurant it's on moody street movie street is now becoming like a restaurant Mecca. In an area or relatives are turning out to be on. On that street to street when there were 361 mood street. In Waltham and there's plenty of I'm never had a problem parking either I get a meter right out front. We're right around the corner from them as a park there's a couple lots in the flick quarry on the other side of Moody's streets we have also one of the side streets you're bound to funnel law now red birds is a small restaurant won't fairly small restaurant has an open kitchen. A nice lounge area know. Tall ceilings. Copper ceilings is copper designs humans and custom made lighting that hangs in it's only open for dinner. But I think what really makes it special that they make drinks and Mike you're you're are drinking expert. You know to be something yeah if there's a problem with Mike you could find Mike. Doing research if there's a weakness. Mike is always doing research would show. Yeah right there in town Q what temperature now can make so I can tell everybody about it and beat science but they do a lot of that creative. Could do very greatest vocalists yeah absolutely it appears. They had they had one they made I wanna say it was a Margarita ish but it was made with fresh trees freshly squeezed. Beat shoes. Which. It would sound. Horrible until you drink it. It was really good at an ever do your filming there ever had to keep asking our our make my teeth purple from a tee and they weren't. See that you can drink the beet juice without purple team. I didn't have so it's I did have some of that and I would would you consider your you vegetable intake for the day capsule. And it wasn't what I am and I did it to be America the small and tequila with the activists but who would think that would be ten to return. That's. I I don't know surgeon. I would imagine that that's something the pro the bar managers get together at the end of a long shift have a few shots of tequila and like. Let's let's throw some beets and see what happened to tell the fried pickle came about in a million. You've really dropped the pickle into the front right and like I'm like gonna eat it and know him that's good to keep doing that. Now now it's far as their menu the ship owner Dan you'll actually see Danny's in the kitchen advocates a little small kitchen. And that's where he makes all the food is open kitchen move and he told me. When he opened up this restaurant he just wondered who that he would want T. You know he won it might make that aware I gotta make this there's you know I have to do this for sure he wanted to kind of say art. I love that's. I wanna have this on Monday. And he started off with one of the most addicting appetizers are patent on time then you had the beat. Martina you that tree short this is buffalo. Cauliflower. Which again called convert. Its butter milk blue kind of on top of salary. And it honey sir Russia. Buffalo's thoughts as to stop the problem means you can't stop. You have one. And you can't share. And then they're they're too good this year you stink moderation is that a but that's that's on their appetizer this week in order couple right. And then their menu features anything from anger steaks to chicken breast they do oberg whether they do great burger it's called the red bird burger. It's from PT farms ground beef and its French onions on top Gucci's. A little bit or rubella. Yeah and hand appetites and the prize and it's an award winning over. So that's actually on as many. Now this place if you wanna impress somebody to have a good time it's a nice place it's not a place we got to Wear a tie it to me it's not it's not stopping. But it's kinda it's good for the good spot red bird and they hide drinks laced date. Yeah it's it's really good for any occasion to at a Jeff when you go win pleased and you reach at the door. Again their only opened for dinner. Tuesday through Sunday today they open up at 5 PM red bird remember that name. 361 moody street in Waltham I promise you you will not go wrong hands on Google. I doubt I see a few people Wendy's Fries is from Mary moved they put a lot of salt on them she says that's her favorites is a very good. And other guys just five guys should be number one. Robertson progress should be number one. Will robbery gonna start year old law you know you can put a number one very ego Lori says at stake. And shake. Our good to have a ton of hurt us. Steak N Shake what it's it it did it it's that chain is little West Coast and probably more of a sovereign that won't cut so that these are these are folks that we just reading right now from FaceBook by their comment about what their favorite Fries are capsule fast food prize. So you know. Why does a good. And I wanted this to agree with. Older and we are on what you are. I'm gonna disagree with Robert okay because he says five guys should be number one I think I think McDonald's is appropriately. There one I don't know it on our roberts' heart there I don't know about Arby's. I've never been to an Arby's and never had an interest Americans. I don't iota heroes things like if if I want roast beef from Google real roast beef shelf I have been their along too you know we've we grew up with a lot of really good roast beef shops I don't. I don't know all right I'm only a slow again you can continue it but the conversation right now on line if you like talk about what you favorite place is for fast. Food Fries which it bites TV on FaceBook just click on the live by con you watch the show would comment right there and let us know. What you think who who you think has the best fast food Fries. Are we up Damian from Yelp will be here in just two seconds open about the coliseum restaurant brokerage shop and senator and sell New Hampshire that's annually to desk has place. Couple of dishes I'm gonna recommend stake ala pat Whitley I have to recommend that for pat right. Sesame aunt Pat's they practice partner right. Who went in and I and it is the best thing that money can buy it the final putt with with its prime New York's own stake Welker and answer with broccoli rob. I had it fell in love with package. He's right. And now they named it right on the mend right right after them in ink in ink. But here permanently you know what's there my favorite dish. Prior to that it's still my favorite issue there's the deal coliseum it's to milk that deal cut its its paper that it's high east great deal money can buy. And it's not counted paper thin and the glee has cut paper that she likes and then he's kind of stuff so with all this goodness and cheeses and mushrooms you name any cut into an all that dispose ran out supplies. Coliseum restaurant record shop and Sarah Selma or just say hi to a neatly to desk when you go and now I found at a place the other day on the Alpine butcher in lol on charms for street. 963 transfer street. They opened up back in 1913. 1913. These folks just over a century you and me these folks know quality and they know quality that no hands down I mean. Quality stakes yes quality qualities that I had their replies loop and you know I brought it home and I and you've had a reply that would in New York strip into the if you. Terrible I had a rib by it and what was she the one. No I don't know the good state could cut a meat as well that's all the that's Ottawa is why I brought home the river because I'm a lover. I mean it's just a flavorful piece of me and when you looked at the state that they cutie you could do this unsophisticated you'd see on the marveling who. The Marlins Ali did little salt and pepper that's all you need threw Obama a little electric. Cuisinart where every corner Culpepper and fire five minutes later it was a medium rare. And cut into it. It was so tender and you know you. On them the rabbi he kind of always cutting out. The fat you know because this piece of in the reply yes. I mean it was so flavorful and so right up to the fact you almost want to suck on that. You know I mean I can't say give it better higher praises them that wish to say that I know you said it and it just. You'll see that when go and then you'll see me or its chest. The bet one of the best steaks I've ever been fantastic they said that he stay equality who is in the top one and a half percent. Throughout the country so says that piece of sake that I brought home if you want to. You're probably not gonna find a better cut us to know if you went and got that they can arrest them. It be sixty series and I'm I'm town. But and you wouldn't have the enjoyment of cooking it yourself now Alpine butcher. You'll find the two Brothers there to own and operate all these years 434 generations by the door and are Clinton. And that great and that Tom. They will be you'll see them there are always were 22 fairly young guys. That I don't know their stuff and also say hi to them force and by the way this is what I think makes it extra special. You know they they've been making the ground there Hamburg yesterday though they actually used the when it when they do when the reply and that kind of like trimming it won't they take it trimmings in the roll into this that the pocket and take that bucket. And they use that. For the hamburgers you get and black Angus hamburgers. And solo homers off some of them are season especially they'd build those members looked mighty sexy probably the most beautiful. Hamburger you'll ever you'll ever find it's anywhere Alpine butcher against they hide it Greg or Tom forced the Doyle's. 963. Charms for street and lol it's right off of exit retreat for a three exit 31 for root for you can't Imus just right when it on the bottom of the ramp. And it's a place you've got to go and you can go in there for launch or sandwiches but we're going to get over Rubin to bring who'll bring home state bring home some burgers obviously. I can't go wrong Alpine butcher our windshield that meat not biased I we're gonna talk with Damian from yup and just to have the second right now. And we thought about tacos and tell you quickly for a street station that's in a fine Allen robot. And 53 Summers street in Malden. And go in there today maybe you either order pizza. Or their shrimp scampi pizza. All right are right that's not that they can do will street station 53 summer street in mauled. Idealists in the wicket bites radio today was gone with the enjoy it right now is good buddy of mine Damian from the L but I understand our topic today. With the help from your Yelp birds of the opera community. Is tacos. You've got it you know equipment last week that. Felt I'd been on acute there which is also talker Tuesday cal that's of course we had this year the talk below what everybody in the Yelp community. But pilot a few glitches that have some really made big talker as both traditional the little un com. Are nice I particular like the uncommon tacos. What replicate them let's start with southern can cook outs and assembly wrote in Summerville south southern can have a predominantly southern barbecuing each foot. One of the things one of the stand up on their menu as I Utah populist. But they can buy you you have called wedding last. They are read alligator tail. What does smoked tomato vinaigrette black bean and corn soft side Fresno chili peppers I've had these things they're as it's required texture but the taste as Phnom. I have to ask do they have a body. By that the league reacts and I don't know. If it chili peppers the Gator that that you have written as a native Floridian I like bad joke that they. I the next unforced the next one. We can't ignore loads start Arco are these caps have two locations. And one of them and also in the others and east Cambridge. And the lows are taco bar according to Vicki she's say cheap things that Parker tradition be a national holiday. Whatever she goes to celebrate that holiday lunch Archie getting grilled about how to taco. The Baja fish tacos she really loved their house nickel our opinions. And replacing it lone star taco bar again have two occasions when an east Cambridge won at all. Ought to check them out that they they sound great at it. That by you talk themselves wonderful. That question. So they were we're gonna go over to that some of the traditional. Places that offer really know throat but really excellent Mexican troop one of those and it's hate not. And can are actually just opened up a little while it in the north and they originally in Medford. I love their torch has and they just open up a spot in the north and but out one of the things that they have on their menu is just a series of really great traditional authentic. Tacos including Barbara caught it on ego which is why am. Curtis saw that Carney and cherry so that you have some good traditional street South Park has. Check out what they have it in our backs. Can I will do that too. They're big list already forming here now. Packet cocoa. We'll keep depend chart because we're we're continuing air it I know we talk about Neptune oyster a lot of the highest rated businesses aren't dealt in Boston. They're lobster roll at legendary. Got a lot of really amazing. Items including you know from all rob. Speaking of the north and ideally situated in the north and but not a lot of people though that on Sunday they have a specialty item of that day and on Sundays it is lobster tacos. Are literally about 36 bucks but that's. Did you good you know prominent quarter were up lobster it entire checks worth a lobster. It in BP now says they're very light. And I eat they get two ounces or you get to Taka about eight ounces of lobster veggies pop opera and opera how to Cramer and a little bit at all. Something a little unexpected from a secret George but not the best picture that Neptune oyster on Sunday and were the most X. Pensive tacos than in the world that the economics that. I hope can't I wanna make ever questioned is how much at a taco cost. If you ever were a giver I that your party in the conversation bank doubt just ask how much of that park Acosta gets my response. All right all right 36 dollars all right. Next month. Board oven at a what I wanna point out that this is it this is just that's favorite location or helpers discovered at a February helped along park area. Now help Cologne is gonna do a lot of traditional style pockets but they also do what I like called bear carcass they are churches Kara bellows taco. Which is a little bit mistake the permit which shredded cheese on it also sour cream guacamole. So but he you know one could argue that traditional Parker's did not capture edit cheap amount. And but it L Cologne your gonna find sort of out americanized version and a lot of people reminds of a talker than they are vacant home and it really outstanding person that they do there okay. Great suggestion. And then a lot but I gotta give love to. Primary because they just reopened it fair restaurant in back pay is low leader Regina and GQ a bar and Lolita. Probably my favorite things to suggest that people have on Monday night. They do all you can eat. Chicken and beef tacos for nine dollars. That's right all you can meet targets for nine dollars has certainly put put 36 dollar talk show but just happened Monday night you need to get an alcoholic drink. Opera nine bucks you can have as many chicken and beef tacos as you can Muster so check out earlier could chino. And GQ a bar and why you're there you know having to my he'll bring a little. Ya have to Q I know very little complimentary cotton candy would you check your local and express. But that's on Monday night when they have prepared special. Correct but Mondays are right that sounds like a great recommendation and it's a lot cheaper than the 36 dollar lots. Three French and operate that's right that's right gazed at the yup thank you very much we'll talk to next Sunday thank god. All right you look at repeats that today I have to suggest. On my favorite places of all time Regina pizzeria world for him since 1926. Without a homemade recovered pizza there is nothing like Regina. He took two RB and a holiday. Went to go to in order to pizzas one for today rodeo and your fridge that way or get there was heated up at a time I don't know what it is but Regina pizza. They're pizza heat separately well. It just does it really does that by that location near you. Go to their website Regina pizza. Dot com Regina pizza dot com you'll see why they want all those awards. I'm looking at our FaceBook alive right now couple of people Chiming in about looking for the best fast food Fries. I'm seeing some other places that kind of recommended and a and you're at the fit nation restaurant and here world Lorie says she she put a question mark or I wouldn't call those fast food Fries no. But look at Fries that comprise the basically bishops and martz but the Cher's open. They had something that they did with here because I talked I talked to them before they're kind of town with some of the secrets but they told they said it pulled in more than a human. Right to I decided to. But they the the way they produce their fraud I don't know what they do well and then they hand cut them well. Out of that history from Mars. The phoenician there wait staff that was there when the essar is decide to retire they went to the finish and restaurant. They have the exact same prize singing styles seen every thing. So you can get them there so I do recommend. Highly I highly recommend definition definition restaurant and realize somebody sent us over thing about. Us ladies cinema hints in this Sanford Sanford Maine winter that I could a lot of those cinemas. That you go and dine we talk a month and actually. This this week on the pop up show yes now yep moment we'll talk about relevant that are on May be cinema pubs are always coming on that's got to. Follow us on FaceBook like is you never know we're gonna pop up and to start talking that's why just our talk and like us Whitney and ITV FaceBook. Like right now. Any comment about your favorite restaurant prize there. We'll get back to take more your phone calls next half hour so really lit up to you don't forget about so public tours restaurants there's several locations including and do. Lawrence meant for South Boston and ended Boston's their history broken for lunch and dinner. Gonna check out these shifts playground section of their menu. Because each other restaurants. Crawl independent as far as that chest plate right into sections so. That shift from that location decides that he or she wants to make. And get to you that's when it's their playground and it's round you might be. I think that they just love themselves. And every time against duke who won here in Lawrence always offering up just when you know we gonna get some really good really created in Bedford I haven't tried it. You grilled octopus days ago with sweet roasted tomatoes is about to listen up. I salvage tourists and pilgrims are it's meant for South Boston and again in Boston. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. With the lights TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weakened by its WRKO. The voice of Boston. Welcome back start looking again at twelve noon about. About 2.5 minutes we'll do now is an open up the phone lines and I'm gonna give away it didn't just advocate to one of these policy in this day. And not only am I gonna give them but did a good student. In a restaurant. It's gonna be a phenomenal. Matter fact you comment on FaceBook live I'll let you went to the the schools will give away the dollars. Did it is to look at the Bancroft steak house in Burlington. He gets it here's what I want. And here's what I want enjoyable place. Again we're only take calls for about 1510 minutes or so. I wanna know the last restaurant and dined okay these two last place. Two of you have been around awhile well you qualified to even account you win these excursion last night I priority kind of that I'm not I'm not eligible. So the last restaurant and dying dad liked to go there that's all I wanna know very. Simple and take as many calls as we came here and somebody. Who is gonna get that fifty dollar and it is to get to you know Bancroft stake out here's the number to call. 8884346464. We have open minds right now. You call and gain. Enter to win here 888. 434. 6464. Arrigo aren't very easy to do whereas the last place you ate there re easy. Easy PCs this right you're 8884346464. Who knows you may be dining. At this spectacular steakhouse and girls and I do mean spectacular steakhouse speaking of good stakes yeah 8884346464. That is the number to call I see Christine recommended that 308. Lake side in East Brookfield. She says they have awesome. I give a speech tips and their French Fries are very good too so thank you very much Christine starboard Crowley this one just came in from Lori. In new report is a great place to at their last night. So thank you again FaceBook why do you comment there or you can call us and and get all the airlines right I consider awful so it would have put them on hold his best and can't get through for a Manny has to look at it. Don't hang up at the if he get like the operator despite the somebody because that we never get a busy signal. Just keep congress and so somebody drops off right but right now all the lines are ringing. And we're trying to screen them as best we can 8884346464. Is the number call. Again how much like a one line I believe ringing right now that's open okay. Great wall restaurant at ounces placed their locate him Bedford mass and had Allison and go in there the reader's choice for the best Chinese closing. We're fifteen consecutive years and going strong now. You go and enjoy. There delight of the three which is Jumbo shrimp chicken and scallops about thirteen 95. All I can eat lunch and dinner buffet the great wall restaurant root for Bedford mass. Built restaurant and Essex that's the Ricky is place. A fourth primaries in downtown Boston in Essex mass by the way I Kevin what you're pass along the open tomorrow for lunch and dinner nor closed Monday's. But tomorrow being president's state they will be open they will be open tomorrow. So you go in there enjoy a great dinner or great launch and he could it have anything from their fried clams distinct issues there and find out what is so special. And have their mind to earn him recommend that yet but to monetize. I'm village restaurant charges through 13322. In Essex mass dom sausage company. Don't operated by the body Charlie Finley for 75 plus years and going strong it is a full service. Butcher and wholesale Delhi. We open memory and they really earlier in the morning go in there and it. Maybe get some eggs and he and his specialty little supermarket. We can have their steak tips were launched on Mondays. They have the seafood. Their seafood. Casserole dish and they don't have an on Mondays. Get it from much I know you're sitting in the middle of the specialty supermarket store I am a little watched right then it. But there's seafood cast rules and grow and got to have if you've never tried before dom sauces company that steak tips. If steak tips oh good so flavorful. You'll find them really to a lot of specialty supermarkets. In new England and when you have wants. You'll be hooked dom sausage company ten Riverside park in Malden to edit Dominic going. Or any member of the body telling them because it's there dom sausage company and ten Riverside park. In Malta. Let's get to the phone lines IC before I get to that FaceBook alive. Suit bit and she writes in she went and Jai Lucas for their prime rib last night thank you very much so. And that gamble can enter you into that dinner for two that will be giving away or fifty dollars to fifty dollar dinner guess to get to the Bancroft steakhouse. And Burlington coming up in just a few moments OK let's get to the phone calls is go to sue a Wilmington good morning sue how Loria. All right very loud entrance there. Aren't. Where was the last restaurant that you done that. I would ask where I went to LA and India fought his greenbacks they endure it and it it was not my area it is L. And it was absolutely dealerships we had. Who the buffalo chicken and chicken wings and of course they have a Margarita. And we have to. You have to have you grew and it got to Wear on you got to where. I just wanna think about Margarita Ville I just think about warm weather. Oh yeah I think you but you're dining outside having a Margarita. And then well we ran. Yeah I can it was 85 degrees it was beautiful. By two I I've had enough talking with you that that's enough right thank you super your phone call. I I don't wanna hear anybody used to vacation just in back from 85 degree weather has a ten Mike. All right I have very few rules but I that's one I have right now thank you for your focal let's go to Mary event over good morning Mary. Good morning. I've rented Beacon Hill peace stroller slate for brunch at twenty Charles street and I respect. Why would the I caught a cow don't valid really fresh grapefruit. Com and today. It was un believable crab crashed. And my sister had coached at Honda powered culprit so. It is unbelievable presentation. Or it's in May wait staff made that I haven't met for brunch can score. They've buried pretty well they get Beijing hello and on Sunday morning parking free on the street. Yeah oh that's that's the key thing in that area wanna save yourself some might just parking could be tough and expensive that's when they go. Our Mary thank you very traditional bacon he'll be strong in Charlestown correct. It helped me start in. RF stand on what Charles street. Oh god thank you very much I see Ed David on FaceBook live he said he went to the village restaurant and Essex last Tuesday night. Had a fry clans special with thirteen 99 says can't beat that that's incredible price there really is also somebody asked. On FaceBook live. They were interested in in pop overs where they can get great pop overs and I I know that somebody recommended this place that I will recommend it also. Has pop always pictures. You know them and that you know get them. All the time anymore it's hard to find but Anjelica us on route 114 Middleton has great pop overs has great great pop overs. I let's that's take the next call let's go to Mike of Chelmsford good morning Mike. And Michael chums heard. Hold on 12. Up our home was illustrating the phone call also with all the lines are tied up what is condemn a few more seconds. And located there again you could always join us on FaceBook live. We're also looking on FaceBook why we've been. And people were talking about their best fast food prize. And I'm were falling on the conversations we're doing what kind of multitasking. And I see Greg Greg base just typed in. He is a centering house has pop overs and Pontbriand and the sector house is located in cameras and move more important so that's another. Place that that that has. I it would just as soon as we can now Mike is gonna. Stepping in here and grabbed the phone calls we'll get back to justice economic quickly tell you that China blossom in north bend over on route 125. They have an all he can eat Chinese buffet. The Sunday dinner buffet starts I would say about Ree o'clock Tuesday and the primary it's behind the bar so you really enjoy it. I mean I would go when they're just for the farmers and that group eighties and I and again. My favorite place for my tie in the entire world. Is it China blossom in North Andover it's the critics' choice of the best Chinese losing north of Boston. They open up in 1960 make you want the oldest one the most famous restaurants in the entire valley area. And Richard Yi has remodeled restaurants several times and every time he's remodeled restaurant. It's always kept up with the times that reflect the Asian and American culture a lot of his paintings a Mac it's a pain photographs. They needed a landscapes when he's a born in China actions displayed throughout the restaurant. And monetary he has. He is a spectacular. Photographer he is work from his work action. Have been shown in the see him in Beijing. Now core integrity is China blossom again grew one point five the North Andover. Rick points in New Hampshire Warren males. Let me tell you about him if you're thinking about buying or selling rare coins. That's the guy got to go see Warren Mel's record to New Hampshire 802257264. That's 800. 2257264. Are right I see Bob just rode in on FaceBook live the continental restaurant on route one he went there. Terrific old school pop overs. And a lot of comment about pop overs on our FaceBook life. I let's go to Andrea of Weymouth you're next with Scott Whitley good morning Andrea. No point the morning I don't call. Good morning I don't go out very much but I went out with a group yet I choose which one I guess it is fun night in Framingham. And it's funny and our little club and upstairs. And it was it was very good. Everything went. Kind of maybe a little complacent but that's what the other people ordered that I was surprised that something it now location was actually as good as it was. One of the moon but it would have led. They are. He potential from the peace there's something. Which I haven't seen I thought they were ordering the you know the regular piece that I go and stir fry with them but. They were really interesting with some kind of a fried fish where it probably looked over time from any but you know by march. I would probably go back but I would go back in order things that I like. What that's the thing you rather than at what went when people order for you. It may not be like I can say you know when we we talk about. People talking about were a restaurants like critics. While the creek might have more sophisticated palate than I do. You know. They may not like what I like so I OC you know everybody's individual everybody likes certain things and they have certain Tate's. But he could go into this restaurant and order which you wanna that it that will prove how good it is then you really haven't. App and the serpent that was really good and they you know they they know that group really well I just happen to go that night. And again the firm is great album came out and it broke timely fashion and let you know no bad thing that they got that out all the people or classes. And the only time these are all really good things. So I you know I'm calling because like a bank I don't eat out much and I don't turn you go to. Hardly ever anymore convention that it is not from what I wanna do. I had I had been to an Asian restaurant in probably two years on a vote on the go with the name of the restaurant again. It's finished one FICHUN. And I believe right up from nine in the frame here. Shortly before we get to go to the schedule road exit. Our rate Andrea thank you very much for your phone call that sounds like a nice little place to go and try from FaceBook large Suze says says skips through 110 in Merrimack that Merrimack mass. Has the best. Best fast food Fries the current ones. And they have old fashioned birders. Their only opened seasonally. April through October so they have to wait a little bit to go there again that's from FaceBook alive does some of the comments and topics going back and forth I see a lot of people talking about pop overs. Right now on FaceBook life. I 8884346464. That has a number to call its go to Susan. Actually gene of Waltham your next with Scott with a good morning Jane. Good morning sky. Out loud out there it's sad eyed trying to tell you that I went to figure out everything Newton. The other day he had and I had this salmon lemon cello. Which is the only thing I guess they are every time I hope because it's so good. We also has gone that Britain hello which has also cut that I could spread the famine. Not acted describe it at what is it a strong women jealous wants. Not really cute. Hello and spicy side. It's our own Pratt we're not gonna like it never tasted before and that's why it. I think probably I thought of that because that is not a is got death Stadler I wish I could without doubt recipe. How it was so good. All right it's called heroes. In Newton. I thank you soon let's go do well that's that's who squeezed that was gene that's a squeeze in one more call for this break it's gonna Susan a Brooke like good morning Susan. I Dario Mary good. I can't play by not true well will welcome in what was the last restaurant that you denying that. Aren't so I never go out and I went to a place and water check. I'm yesterday currently ships caught Greg restaurants yes yes and in charming little place. And that are my Auburn street thank. And the price and very reasonable and coach Sean. Eating cat try to just so amazing and at least it extremely charming. The atmosphere is really good and the region with fabulous and I mean I thought the odd man caught eat. With a knee socks and and eat barbecue what it was Shelby eight it was ridiculous. And Saddam the people I went with they've got to be score on odd and that's part gala opening statement and walk in the act urged him. Hi great it breaks restaurant Susan's recommended in its Watertown correct. All right let me put you on hold Susan hole for once I can make sure they have your name and address and we'll get back to me and calls in just saying thank you very much people call. I see out my buddy Carl Tony season Burlington. Great steak tips and burgers. Try to get into that Bancroft but they were hacked. The redstone tavern across the street could not handle. The food allergies or his wife who I know very well known. And but investigating Karl you've got to get in the bank will keep telling them that's what we're giving away. We have winners coming up in just a second Hillis in the which invites radio with Scott quickly. Again he could join us on FaceBook live in comment that this separate side topics going on FaceBook live right now. Everything's been talking about. Pop over us right now I FaceBook why would it bites TV less than what divides radio. On eight and succeed if we are Cahill the voice of Boston. Quality of the best of the best two reasons I'm in north stores finest dining experience we will not compromise any. Issues. Finest selection of Brett Burundi's. And the freshest seafood will shortz who delight I don't hear what it cost me. To make you happy that's what we'll though there isn't an anything goes. Then I don't touch every table. Two reasons prime route 62 North Reading my name is nick you have welcome the trees as prime part of the Teresa's family of restaurants. Welcome to all born. They're pandering or. Whether there are swallowing and then drives I've. Apartheid movements and know what put it off our flag was on lines this moment for answers from. Things move on and can't. The counselors along words. Think rewards sale. Jolene voices you can keep wanting to 100 Frank Sinatra there. In forty different artists build this grisly. It's Joey voice is lying to get your tickets now. Neil Diamond to another. You can rooms son romantic way Joey knew what is Jolie voices he does a balls deadline on Rod Stewart out. No greens. It's kinda shake a way those winter blues and join us at that China closet in north bend over forward Joey voices on Sunday afternoon march it. Now this is an evening of pure delight. And you have a ball he can eat Chinese buffet and to get to just 4995. Per person so forty your tickets now and do not miss Jolie voices. Sunday afternoon on March 5 that the China blossom in North Andover. Call 86674511678667451167. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north and try to recreate what used to be. But can't really do it there's one place that does believe boat worse than on day. In bosses north then righted the gateway to the north that now they've got great cuisine you know about that. But what they do have that nobody else says is a is an area for you to have a party. Get together winning you name it they've that function rooms yes to serve you. And they are the only ones in the North End like this. Believe post second floor function rooms. Have been renovated and they boast the floor to ceiling windows that overlook Boston Harbor the bus and city scene and even. The USS constitution. And border they have some menus that those Syria whatever your needs are. That's fully pull wrist that I am take 283 causeway street Boston's North End. Here's the telephone number about the way they open seven days a week in their Bagley across from the TD bank garden believe tourist that I these telephone number 617. 742. 414. Theory. I was going to cook Jeff Jarrett of Jim Merrill's eatery in Quincy. Seeing people smile knowing that I did dad is no better feeling. Traditional northern recipes family fortunes at family prices come hungry leave happy Jannero teetering twelve Blanchard Ro Quincy. We're not just for gourmet ice. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gore man. This is we get by its radio on WRKO. Phil Boyce a Boston. I would. A time mayor and our we're gonna wrap things up here about five minutes right from right now. FaceBook likes and comments that are going on their faces a tiny little place some local. Molina is Mexican grill we have cheap dollar freshly made puck goes through a credible. Against FaceBook alive this would bites TV and it's. I might work given away some great prizes right now but last hour unproductive wayward. OK so one early look at last down to the way the biggest and if so one of the callers from last. Right you I have a pressures delicatessen. Gift certificate here pressures is located 1097. That's 1097. North main street in Randolph mass their phone number seven at one. 9614383. Fresher is Philly dot com as their website and rich of Brockton is the lucky winner as. We're gonna go to John just a second well also if you if you make a comment on FaceBook live will let includes you into it where announced that winner. Fifty dollar did biggest idiot the Bancroft steakhouse will be giving that away to one of the callers for. One of the into the post on FaceBook live in the next few moments okay. And it's incredible steakhouse here's the number call we're looking for the last restaurant that you dying act up 888. 4346464. If you were dialing and couldn't get him before. Hurry up or get you really quick your 8884346464. That is the number to call my stress or to dying dad. Very simple 8884346464. This go to John of Dorchester good morning John. I Scott how why you're there are very good. Yes sure I'll tell you about why no one ever talks about cook the hottest restaurants that are going on and bought them right now no mention curveball for a fired them together and that's the real hot spot a box that it can tell dot Chester and Adam's story. And Garciaparra to chuckle I have dorsett. That I would give the other night they have a Little League and they got landmark pick a brand new restaurant their group caught up for a broad. And I never hear anybody talk inaugural ball outs are put your show go to Russia Roger gonna brag about. We definitely do well we'll we'll put those down on our list to visit but again restaurants keep popping up and showing up and its its its colors like yourself that tell us about these new trendy places. I John thank you very much for your phone call when I get to more calls all eyes are ringing right now so we'll try to get him in as quick as we can. Four UC change brings you this portion which invites radio they're located on bolstering 373 lol street impunity. That's who you'll find them police who. I love this restroom and I am. If you like at the crab Rangoon secure Petraeus had a crab Rangoon before. Well when you have them at this restaurant they're like a work of art. The way they I was watching them prepare them not that long ago at the restaurant where they wrap them and they tie me to blow it is it something. Extra extra special this this is unlike any Chinese restaurant and that there you'll you'll you'll find. Outside it's a white colonial exterior. And it offers exquisite. Chinese cuisine you just go online just read some of the hundreds and hundreds of reviews on line. You'll find out what makes them so so special suit chicks. 730. Seven make their 373 Lowell street in Peabody I I see the lines during do we ever call. And why don't we just Mike's hard charger call really quick cure is running out of time out I'm the it gets in really quick and Mike is gonna announce that. The winners. Again I go always go on FaceBook blogger actually watched the show back in eighty time and listen to skip around and go to the various topics that we have we talked about tacos earlier this hour with the help. And the 10 o'clock hour we had Jerry from Jerrells Janeiro is eatery in Quincy. And I don't know Micah we're gonna have time to get in another call I see that they're all ringing in their but they just haven't been screen fast enough for us. So wanna do this I'm I apologize those calls that did not get on the air with us. I wish we get more in there but we're just about tar at a time. On the program so Mike you have to look in the air in and grab a quick query force. Say that again you're gonna guard your that we're we're watching it live as having a very entertaining day watching and just actually lose my mind that here. That's what happens with live longhorn state respects Charlie's just recommended on the FaceBook live as we're just about at a time here what's The Who is the winner all the winner of the above the the Bancroft gives to every yes though via Susan of Brookline Bancroft is located 153. And being so high and that's gonna wrap things. Which writes radio to see that Saturday morning 930 your nest in the Red Sox improved station will be back here next Sunday ten to twelve to. By re have a great week everybody thought I. Good advice radio with pat Bradley's a presentation of glitz media and.