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Rubino & Liang 2/19/17

Feb 19, 2017|

Just Don't Lose the Money is devoted entirely to the financial needs and challenges of retirees and those nearing retirement.

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The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax or investment advice Richard Rubino and Sam Langer principles of freebie you know lying LLC and LLC with a mass broker's license 1783398. Neither Sam rich nor repeat or lying are registered as investment advisors and do not give investment advice this shows a service of repeat O line. This is good just don't lose the money radio show with your host attorney Richard Rubino and Sam lag. For over twenty years rich and Sam have been broadcasting to the Boston area. Explaining how you can protect your life saved. Richard Sam's highly regarded and sought after guidance has been. Featured on Fox Business news and fortune and money magazines now your posts that just don't lose the money guys from Richard Rubino and Sam lag. Just don't lose the money on the same line and I'm Richard Rubino and thank you for joining us once again like me. I think you I'm like everybody I take every Obama thank you haven't got. But it's Sunday rich and I hear at your service. In turn questions helping you retiring come through with less stress hopefully no worries we do all of that by following. Power to rules rule number one. Just don't lose them money and rule number two don't forget we'll know more so quick observation rich you know these that and to me it seems like it's February it's it's it's middle winter but. I guess is a little late at the end of tunnel. As the days seemed to me at least they're starting to get like longer well I think I think the thirtieth so kind of bright outlook thirty adding that they start to get longer I think in the in you know December 23 or something like that. But you know. I'm ready standard you know breast Fed Chairman adios to talk about sheds some light right it really does best. Way to prepare for retirement he got to play shed light shed some whites are speaking to shed some light. One thing that's clear is that while we can probably help you we are not all things to all people really. What we're good at how sweet spot is helping people with concise. True and tried. Retirement strategies that work for people that I generally you know peep between may be. 55 and 75 you know maybe the first half is he getting close retirement. Second half is hey I'm enjoying retirement and I wanna make sure I'm doing all the right things so. If the interest that and that we have a great show few. Stay right here our website is just don't lose the money dot com very appropriate again just don't lose the money dot com. Where you can go in get a ton of information now help you prepare for a term so as your free. Moment just check it out just don't lose the money dot com. Our mistake our first question Richmond to go home Patricia writes in the rich and Sam I'm sixty years old that's been divorced for more than twenty years. I do work full time. And with the help of my parents have actually managed to raise and pay for school wing of two of my children I however plan to retire in six years. And listen to find nature shows all the time poor thing. The problem is that the more I listen the more I get confused. And don't you know why rhetoric. How to write it down to. Simply put what is right for me. Well you know. For her work full time and bring up kids even with the help of family it ain't easy does not icy or my daughter's doing ally did it you know. But everybody's different I mean like when you retire by stupid some people wanna travels with people who stay at home. He you have to figure out your income gap get to figure out what you need for income that's. Probably the most important thing is you come into retirement you know what life is not always the same. And you are always talk about sort of sort of things form different parts and I think I would it's fair to say that life. So what comes in three parts the first part is she's so sort of figure out where you are. When my kid my kid just graduated college is 22 he's gonna fail what he wants a vital. Who he is what's huge is he happy putting a suit on toys you not happy being in in an office so he's got to Figaro. What he's got to do so from thirty the maybe sixty or 65 also life takes over and you just trying to do save build a family. Save some money. And then you know 5560. Is like the third portion of it which has been whoever you gotta make sure that you don't mess up because you're not gonna work ever. You're gonna wanna make sure you're truly diversify to have enough money. You know for currently for the future and the most importantly for income. My fortune which is I think the thing that's been broken the most in our country. You know recently there was an article in the Wall Street Journal. They interviewed the father. Of the 401K. And he basically said look. What we have today is not what we set out to do and the 401K things are mass and wanting that it took away from most. Families is the pension is is is something you can rely on right so that's really the big problem for this person's writing and hey. I hear all these different financial shows I just wanna know what's right for me it would buy what's right for me I don't care about anybody else what's right for me and there's so the first thing is. To try to figure out what you need to live file when he got to do what you need to live on and that's the income gap you know if earn back no we have a great giveaway this week it's eight pages long. It's a book without rich not put together. And it's entitled are you facing an income gap in retirement it's really worksheet. More like when you were pretty simple Sam and he's had simple second kiss you know keep it simple stupid you know. Keep us. And one of the questions that we ask an hour and now first free consultation meeting is hey how much money do you need in retirement once in awhile you don't want. People don't know and it's important to know because you know when you work gain maybe you're making more than the spending maybe it's not that important to know. But when you stop working and you don't have that earned income anymore maybe your. You are forced to have to just live on Social Security which most of us can't you need to know what you're burn rate is every single month in this this. Free giveaway that we wanna share with everybody today will really help you figure out what it is. And where the money's gonna come from and what at the end of the month your short arms so. Call this number 877630. 8787. And ask for your free giveaway entitled the income gap worksheet. Income gap worksheet. Call this number 877630. 87. 87 again it's the income gap worksheet and so now the income gap worksheet and that's basically we you don't know me you you feel that income cap with somebody comes in and says. Hate I know my income gap I'm gonna get this some sort of security I'm gonna get this from here I know I need. You know 4000 dollars a month this is my income gap you know all from that point what we would actually do is take a look at all of their assets. They might have enough money in the bank if they don't we would probably suggest that put a little bit more cushion there. Maybe they have an account maybe it's what's fidelity may be too demeaned our may be it's doing fine. May be storm Pauline you which speak to one of our associates who. Really deals with that portion of our business to make sure that you have some things they'll keep both inflation and maybe taken on a little book but it is risking your OK with a good bitch basically make sure the bottom line and the performances there. And then I think the most crucial part is if we determine. In this example Richard sit on short 4000 dollars a month one of my gonna get it would specifically use products designed to do that. In the Harris I'm a whole host. Of different. Pension products hence annuities fixed annuities. That you can explore get educated on they'll help you filled an income gap in fact we just did a case the other day. The Germans gonna retire in two years this is you know what. I don't wanna I don't want everything to the stock market come oh so close the end zone. I just wanna make shark crossed the end zone we were able to use a contract they gave them a very nice bonus that was it they had a 10% bonus on our front. And it would grow at 7% from the next two years. Now it's not something you take out all all of written two years but he essentially. We would take that money. At a 10% bonus growth for two years at 7%. And at that point in time we would use that we use that. Big number to create new income stream for that person. And that's very income streams like to pension which is guaranteed for life. It's fantastic let's like guys if true diversification so money in the bank to buy needs money in the bank. Something that gives you guarantee income for life and something that gives you some growth to keep up when inflation and that seems like. The perfect. Thing to get with and while it's always the perfect thing but for many people yeah it's ultimately about him he's Sam everybody needs those three things to learn more about that please give us call 8776308787. Figaro what you income gap is. Ask for the income gap worksheet 877. 6308787. You can learn more about what it is that you can do to help yourself retire early. Early on maybe maybe you don't wanna retire early may be just wanna keep things safe learn more about all of the options and our web site just don't lose the money dot com. If you like you can learn a little bit more about what it is that you can do simply by clicking on any free consultation. And you'll be. You'll be around you'll be connect with me and I love to help you. In which we get a lot of phone call specifically about. Nursing homes and what we can do you have so our next around segment we're gonna have a very good friend Phil M group. Who is a nursing home attorney a specialist in his area join us to answer some questions we'll be right back. Hi I'm Bobby office manager for Richard Rubino and Sam lane to schedule an appointment with Richardson. Call me now 8776308787. That's 8776308787. Welcome back. To just don't lose the money with Sam playing an attorney Richard remain out for the last two decades salmon rich have been helping people just like you protect their life's work. By following two simple rules. Now country music superstar Martina McBride with the rule number one. Don't lose some money. And rule number two don't forget number one part everyone has promise of courses just don't use the money radio but as promised we're gonna having. Very special important guest on our show in fact. Following Ambrose here in studio joining us is if you listen to the radio annoy anybody knows who Phil is Phil is the president and creator of how to just make sure that you protect yourself. In the going to a nursing homes so film welcome to the show. Sam thank you very much and you know goes and actually join me next week in sought to lay their. Come sign up for the seminars come February 22 and 23 which is only a few days from today. But he's actually going to be here to see as the pinch hit for rich. Who right now is sitting on the beach somewhere in Florida where his wife from. Joining well deserved. Vacation by. Still it was gonna bring his expertise as to how to protect your stuff. If you are afraid of losing it. From in nursing home so I know. We have sort two steps of that Phil we have the pre plan part of it. And then we have the oh my goodness I'm actually going into the nursing home in my too late to do something part of it but for that segment of the show let's talk a little bit about oh. What happens what you need to think about. As you get a little bit older in the and maybe one of the word reason is how are protect myself in the event I get sick in the future from the nursing home. So sim I'm really really excited to come in and it talked to your your people about this because it's very important. So yes what we have some fun toes are coming all the business right OK good so it's very important so pre planning basically is. Planning ahead so that if you need a nursing home they can't take what you've worked. So hard and so long for direct sounds simple sounds good to me if I did they do that it's not quite simple boy we're gonna make it's okay so what we're going to do is gonna talk about we take their assets. And we're gonna put an end Darius protected avenues. That they won't lose control the courts and nobody wants to lose control so you know right that's right they're gonna keep their money. The end they'll be able to after a certain period of time it'll be safe in the nursing homes opium. So let's say let's take for instance. In fact I just had the had the situation the other day these people became our clients may be six years ago. They were like sixty or should they came they say you know we're getting close to retirement. We don't want our 401K plan and values a goal the wrong way so we did some business we helped them. Do we roll over of some of their money into fixed annuities and now they have because they're counts of grown. But today. They are retired. And the last time that we saw them which was a couple weeks ago the topic of discussion wasn't really about. To have enough money because they they that we took care of that the topic of discussion became hey. My house is paid for I think I'm gonna live here for the rest of my life. My sister. Had an incident where very unexpectedly she got second and up in the nursing home. They didn't do anything about it now they've sort of scrambling really worried and we want to make sure that we position ourselves in the event that is that what happened washed. Our house is protect the far kids not they do that somebody ash that question right here right now won't you tell them. So for someone like that we're gonna talk about what we call a nursing home protection trust no personal protection trusts okay and that's a trust in which they're going to set up. And we're gonna move assets in. They're gonna stay in control guy you'll continue to invest their money wherever they have written however you're doing it more vulnerable house where we just want to deal with the house and with the house and put a post in the gonna have the exclusive right to use an occupied it's their house for the rest of their lives. They don't lose that control but after a period of time it's going to be safe. So we're gonna show them how to protect that house within this protected trust it is hard to do. It's not we're gonna do everything for them well and set it up we're gonna funded into the trust we're gonna make sure it's done and complete. And they really don't have to do when they're not gonna do everything now tell us what to do. It's funny I asked I just asked that question why is it hard to do of course I know it's on hard but I wanted to sort of sort of set you up as the say hey it's yeah it's pretty easy and yeah all the work is done behind the scenes human at the white probably we do indeed. We're gonna do the deed funding it into their trust we're gonna do their trust and we move everything right over. So when they come into the office on gonna get all the necessary information and will basically plan everything out. Get it done and have the mall wrapped up in safe let's pretend for a second you're single individual. All you have is you know. 101000 dollars in the bank in this house just what 500000. Dollars that you've worked all your life to pay off. And you want to protect that post. For your only daughter. Now there's some there's some would call look back periods a little bit so we did not trust today what happens tomorrow. So that person has to stay out of the nursing home for five years you type if they stay out for the five years the house is safe. So it's what we call on everyone calls that look back period. So if you needed a nursing home when you're applying for. Medicaid a mass help to pay they look back five years to see if you transfer to the I didn't go smarter than you know about hey ya I'm going to in the nursing home next Monday let me set up a trust. The previous Friday and should be OK no of course that's where that's. Look back period sort console to play because if they didn't have it we'd all right before we went in just transfer everything we had no let's on the play make it a dunce for a second let's pretend I didn't do distrust. At all. And iron up in the nursing home. What what what have like to be just make me sell my house that doesn't happen well actually they do they are either require you to rent your house. Well they require you to put it on the market for sale no jets they won't OK and down with a case and it didn't sell their pain for me. The cost of a nursing home is. Is how much a month 14101410151000. Bucks so let's say I am in the nursing home for one year. That's a 150 geez that's a lot of money. A real lot of yet so not to put you on the spot but if we want to do to trust and then okay makes sense I don't want to lose a 150 grand. Roughly speaking for that plan it would cost some about how much. Roughly been depending again on the circumstances. You're the only circumstance about lowering moral low range high range 2500 to 6500 OK so it's not like it's gonna cost you 50000 let's say 51000 people. Some caution give or take 56 grand. To save a 15250000. Dollars question this is a worth it. Where I come from of course it's worth it so one of the things that I wanted to make certain and make no mistakes about it. Our our workshops. Were rich and I do is not. All things to all people as our name of our showed just don't lose the money the name of my website just don't moves the money. The book I wrote just don't lose the money of course everything we do surrounds. Just don't lose them money and that's important enough for you. I encourage you to make time take the time make the effort there come join filling in the room in myself. Three days from today on Wednesday February 22. Will be at the new Marriott at 10 o'clock in the morning. And then the following day Thursday. February 23. Will be at them Martinsville plaza in stone also starts at 10 o'clock in the morning I don't calm because you think we're gonna serve this. For you know eggs and eggs Benedict breakfast that's not gonna happen we might have a couple of Dana shoes and some some some coffee. But com. Because we're gonna spend about an hour and a half together sharing ideas and strategies and most importantly answers. To how you can protect. All of those things that you worked all your life. Protect them into right Philip talk about the legal aspect there again who pinch hit a little bit for rich because I'm on an attorney right. And I'll talking about how to make sure. That you do good things that you need to do. To protect your retirement to your your your lifestyle we gonna get the money how are you gonna do when you gonna make sure that you grow your money no illusion money. We'll talk a lot about that. In addition again Phil talk about how trust Hassan these protective trust can help you protect. All of those things that you worked so hard for so on that no we love do you have join us and be out guess you don't register by calling 877. 6308787. Or you can go on the web that just don't lose the money. Dot com click under the workshop tab in you can register right there you know just before the segment we talked a little bit about. Sort of the giveaway how important is it the make certain that you prepare for retirement. And when it comes to retirement the number one thing that people so amassed supple on is how much money. They need or don't need. And I'll give away ten days entitled are you facing and income gap and retirement we have this workshop portrait she's excuse me worksheet. As to how you can easily determine. Would you income gap is. Call this number for your free copy 877. 630. 87. 87. You know many people think we're only one tweet away from a disaster I know I know and I but I certainly I hope not. Next we're gonna talk about how to protect yourself from the ultimate tweet. You're taking the first step to sound financial retirement and this is just so is the money radio. Feel free to visit us I just don't lose the money dot com. Hi I'm Susan Warren at. You're listening to two of the cutest guys in finance radio and I knew cute but fridge Richard revealing sailing of Rubino Elaine. The firm that specializes. In protecting your money both legally and financially. Stay tuned for more informative radio just don't lose the money dot com. Just don't lose the money on Sam line I'm Richard Rubino thanks for joining us you know Phil Gramm Grossman confront a martian many years. In fact he runs a very successful company called com north advisory group that helps people that's specifically need help when it comes to nursing home planning. And he shed some light on sort of what you can do when you can't do and what's what's really important we're actually gonna have him back opinion in the above shows talk a little bit more. In Surma question but rich that's that's something that's motto we had a seminar with potter Martina have re examine how would be on vacation. Well deserved a case he's you know needs but seminars actually coming right up it's only next week it's it's February 22 Wednesday. And Thursday ferber 23 and we call that not a summer these days we call that what you need time in survival workshops. And we would love to have you was out of gas and you know what you might be saying you know. Shiite OSHA and aren't go well here's the facts to be a between the ages say may be 55 and 75. You are getting ready retired maybe just recently retired. You have some money may be over 250000. Dollars in assets and you basically wanna make sure that hey I'm comfortable I don't run out of money. Maybe I wanna learn more about how I can protect. My assets or myself my children and then. It disappoints told to leave it as a legacy to them on we're gonna show you at that seminar. Am probably most important thing. Is the hotter bullet proof your retirement. Of course we'll talk about trust so much trust will help you protect your host one of the trust will avoid probate. Phil talk a little bit about how to protect your your all of your assets from the nursing home. But most importantly we're talk about how a bulletproof your retirement would love to have you join us you do need a reservation. So log on to just don't lose the money. Dot com. Click on the workshop tab to get your seeding reserve receiving and just don't lose the money dot com. Yeah I mean I won't be there but Phil will be there Susan Warner will be there presumably there shall I trust they'll be there got to be there and otherwise noted in order to write notes and I so you know just the other day of getting back to this retirement how to bulletproof. Your your retirement. This German came in me so look. Something is wrong. Because I feel like everybody's making money except for me so he showed us he sure s.'s quote unquote 401K portfolio. In fact it was actually down last year. And it's you know you gotta try really hard to lose money in 2016. But somehow he managed to lose money and so look I'm a couple years away. I just want our you know I don't wanna sit on the sidelines I can just do that would my 401K and and put in the money market and are nothing I know that money will be safe but. I wanna earn something. But I don't wanna take on risk is there anything that you can do. So I show him that. Yes because. In the world of sort of insurance and financial products is lots of different choices. And for the average person to figure out what choices right for you who don't even know what choices are available Sam forgetting about how say it's fair to say that it's very hard to figure that out so that's why there's this professionals like us. Chart showed a mock. A product. Where he can put money in. And it's not designed. Tell it to be able to take the money you know anytime you want like tomorrow about retirement affect retirement money exactly is still in its rich works great. If it's an IRA or 401K does that money. You don't use all at once and immediately anyhow. So when his goal is you want that money to grow for a few years so this is what can I do wanna wanna take on any risk. I want to have some decent gains. What can I do what can I expect so what I showed him was essentially a product that both gave you the ability to earn 85%. Of what the indexed it. Now this index does that mean well this this index is made up of like the S&P certain things that they put money may be real estate. Maybe it's bonds is accused of a different index and it's as an index at the professional the professional financial and insurance company. They manage that you don't want any choices but there's a diversified index type very diversified offense but basically whatever they earned. You get 85%. Of so they came out the 10%. You got eight and half for the listen that's the upside what about the downside there is no doubt as they lost a 100% and the index is simply breakeven. You don't lose them generally you don't lose an echo when in fact I had some I I showed him some sort of back test and numbers and the average. Sort of what you should expect in this case a performed about five point 6%. Which you get done not taken on any risk in your earned five point 6%. I think for most people have reasonable expectations they tell you know that's not so bad it has to be compare that to say diversified portfolio lashing maybe your you would earn three or four. Well let's that in our main thing last year this is going to be lost my friend you know we actually look back the worse. About twelve year period it was four point eight the best twelve year period is about seven. But you're an average five or six with no risk to your principal well. You know Sam the it is one thing about always going up and never going backwards. You know if you have if you look at a chart that the chart always goes up even if some years or zero but it never goes down. You're way ahead thanks so. The three a five or 7%. Always going up is huge it's huge cushion that you know accounting in any negative years you know that's a strategy inside a fixed the Nixon who would you know a lot of times people don't even know that. While Lotta times people have this disorder of I don't know preconceived. Sort of negative. Perception of how new these work in and we say this all the time Richard's not. Always the right choice. And in fact you do use it in correctly like it like anything else it's horrible it but it music correctly can be very powerful and if you have a retirement account. And you wish list was hey I wanna quote I wanted to grow of course I want to earn some decent rates of interest but I don't wanna take on any risk. I'm on will and may be forfeit a little bit of liquidity sort can't take all my money out tomorrow. On one of may be awful for some of the upside so I'm not expecting you know double digit returns but a return I want steady predictable growth. I don't want to lose money. Is anything out there that exists like that well let's sounds like Gary true diversity something decade earned. And on a decent rate. Without. It going down here you can actually find that today right now as we speak in a variety of different fixed annuities that won't really help you. In Choi your retired without were what we that's really the bottom line is and I enjoy retirement without worry. So on that note would love to share some great ideas are the first thing is that. You need to know what you need. In every time you need to know how much money in my short every month on retirement swimming and get that from so I'll give way today. Is the incumbent GAAP worksheet. If you call this number 877. 6308787. Mass for the income gap worksheet. We will make sure that we get that out you pronto. On our website at just don't lose the money dot com. There's lots of great things that you can look at one of the things that. We actually talk about Susan Warner can myself in new video format is how he can get upside. Without any of the downsides so chuckled that video. Who's in who's going to be the seven are also on Susan Nabih at the seminar and I gotta tell you if you if he's not quite a party or may venture combatant so you know I wanna leave for Florida's comeback in the CES next week you kidding me. So on that note if you between say the ages of 55 in May be 75. Maybe you're nearer retirement may be recently retired. And you sing yourself you don't want I just wanna be comfortable I don't wanna run out of money if there's something left over or once a star wanna learn how I can pass on to my ears. And concern about the nursing home some goes wrong a normal work to go broke. I have a few bucks maybe at least 250000 dollars in assets you owe it to yourself taken our priority Tom don't have maybe. Did join us February 22. At the new marry our town clock in the morning and Thursday February 23. At the Mondale plaza in stone him. We're gonna show you how to bulletproof. Your retirement we're gonna show you how to create your own pension plan gonna show you if you have a retirement portfolio. What do retirement portfolio X ray looks like. We're gonna show you talk about different types of estate planning tools. Different types of trust and how you can use distress to protect your house from the nursing home well may be pitted news distrust to avoid taxes and avoid probate. We'll talk. All about that very important event would love to have viewers out guests. You can log on to just don't lose the money dot com if you click under the workshop tab. You can register and R&R SBP for your seeding and I'll upcoming workshop or again you can call this number. 877. 630. 8787. That number again is 87763087. 87. And remember we only have two rules rule number one just don't lose the money and remember to don't think. Rule number one we'll be right back. Hi I'm Bobby office manager Caribbean are playing minor reasons and scheduled better than I know my own and their calendars getting people. If you'd like to meet with rich and Sam called me now how could she was ahead in the line but promised not to tell 8776308787. You call I'll answer it 7763087. Eighths up. Welcome back to just don't lose the money with Sam Wang an attorney Richard remain out special guests on the show Frank Luntz thanks Sam I'm. I love the name of your show just don't lose the money that you are as an all right but that's how people feel that they're nervous that's because of the economic conditions that exist today they actually could. Lose their retirement nest egg and that's where people you are so important. Now that did just don't lose the money with Sam Wang an attorney Richard Rubino. Just don't lose the money welcome back on same way here in studio today would assert special. Not only special guests but very different mind showing amber Sam thanks for having yeah of course you know couple of segments ago we're talking a little bit about. How people can do some pre plane. Do some playing before. That god forbid I end up in the nursing home thing happens and how you can protect your house and I got a titan 25 years of doing business. We've seen a lot of people get sick in an open an arsenal saw a great. Great client of ours here today aegis recently retired he's eighty years old he retired as a professor at a local college. And when I saw him. Last time was maybe three years ago you know comes in sooner time. It looks good but there always a little bit older and want us on this time became a national walker little shaky. Was an assumed a tie and the reason was because he had a stroke. One of things we talked about was. What happens got a bit aren't going to nursing until that happens all the time and you gotta be proactive you gotta make sure that you protect yourself you must see down all the time in your practice. That's that's half hour practice hand. That's the one who is the most difficult planned to do because someone's actually gone to a nursing homes so I have. Usually the spouse or have the family members that come in and say oh my god my loved ones in the nursing home it's 141000 dollars a month. I'm not gonna have any money left what do we do there's a this is so this is for when people didn't do any. Quarterly call pre plan a didn't do we're planning an all. Once in awhile we actually meet people or no I'm not worried about Social Security will pay for quite a blue cross blue shield like a Medigap that's fine. Know you're going to nursing home. You'll pay imported such simple that's right your health insurance does not pay for the nursing home so that's one of the big. Misunderstandings. The public cats they always think they go win their health insurance is gonna paper as a matter of fact they don't write and then they get that 141000 dollar bill and I here's the reality folks I know this like the back of my hand this is really what I do I've done for live in the last quarter of century. But on a play for a second like I don't know. How it works it really there's two situations you have a married couple. In a single new visual so let's talk about the married couple for a stop what happens. If mom. Husband and wife husband goes into nursing home what happens to the incumbent he gets is I have to go towards an arsenal. That's right in most circumstances. The income will go to the nursing home in all depends. On how much. Income the spouses getting Boca in the majority yes it's going to and are so what if they have a half a million dollars in the bank corn for a one K or fidelity and portfolio would be need to use any of that money. So what we would need to do in that case. They would come in we'd sit them down the community Spanos the person at home would be able to use or keep. About a 120000. Dollar because they are 500 grand they can keep one torn you give or take my math tells me they have a ball 380000. Dollars. Would you say that's exposed that is exposed. Now what you're going to do with that is we're gonna take them and we have to put it in me. Kind of in approved. Investment that's swings it back to the at home spouse and saves it. But you speak into and no exact OK so a lot of times people are confused about. They knew what he's a good battery and different this is a very specially designed what we call and immediate incoming new woody. That's spring that's that spring is not that swing is that in come back to let's say at home spouse and we do our correctly. That money is safe safe to return it back to the at home spouse is gonna go back if the husband's in the nursing home it's gonna go to the wife. It sounds good tactic is okay that sounds good and in this case it's a fantastic. Investment of the fantastic. Annuity because it saves it otherwise they'd be paying 141000. To the nursing home every. So folks I don't know if you're quite caught what. Rich which usually filled just talked about which is how to even at the last minute save as much as she can. In the event you going toward nursing home now some you're listening out there is saying geez. While there I better learn a little bit more about that or maybe you know somebody that's been faced with that fame we decision on much she's from going to a nursing why do I know or pay for. Folks is not too late. We're having a seminar in three case. On February 22 place Sunday ferber 22 and brings the Wednesday. Phil and I gonna be at the new marry out at 10 o'clock in the morning. And then Thursday. February 23. Will be at the Marco plaza in stone both at 10 o'clock meetings the last about an hour and a half long. Phil is actually gonna join us such seminar riches bomber part of riches. On vacation for the month so he won't be there that's why it throws from Philly shoes. But he specifically. Going to talk about how to protect. Your home your money. From the high cost of nursing homes now. Even if you might think it's too late. There's something that you can do so it's very important if you're in that predicament to come join us again it's Wednesday for over 22. Well Thursday for over 23 in the simply log on to just don't lose the money dot com. You quicken of the workshop tab. You get more information. And you do need to reserve your seats seat and RCP right there on let's talk about the single owner visual real quickly. Phil so what what happens if you do any planning and open national. So that's a little more difficult. If we have a high hopes that require us to sell the house if there's assets were going to. Pool all those assets together and generally what happens now is. That will go into that Medicaid and knew that we talked about my from my understanding is senior and let's let's make it perfectly clear. What you can do a single individual is not nearly as good as weak into as a married couple right correct we're gonna lose some money it's just to hear gruesome how much but may be. If it costs let's say Iran numbers at a cost 151000 calls a month. And you have a 150000. Dollars which simple math tells us that's going to be gone in fifteen and ten months. But if you do some if you do some from some stuff. May be your last twenty months absolutely so what we're going to do is we're gonna slow the spending down. So instead of paying 141000. A month we may get them down to for a five. Thousand OK good good good so on that note. It's not like it's met its magic this is not a magic show is not David Blaine you know you wave a magic wand at and it's gone. There are steps that you need to take. To again protect ourselves and if you have a question. Where is your service in fact here's a phone number that you can use. To call with any questions you may have. It's 877. 6308787. If you have a question for myself or fulfill you can go ahead and email me at. CM at just don't lose the money dot com. And then lassie two quick things before we we are and today's show. We talked a whole lot about the nursing home and how you can protect yourself but you can't forget. Before something bad happens hope we have many many years. Of enjoyment in your retirement and what back comes down to is he got to make sure you have enough money. So if you don't know how much you need you don't know how would you income gap is going to be you don't know where it's gonna come from. Please get our free giveaway tea which is it a four page pamphlet entitled what is your end in com retirement gap. It's a worksheet that you can figure out very quickly to sort of see where you are you want tracking in on track leave you behind the curve. Would love to share that with you you can get your free copy at 877. 6308787. Again that number is 877630. 8787. And one final reminder please George thrown nine. We would love to have you Assad guests at the upcoming seminars Gilmore commission I just don't lose the money. Dot com. Thanks to a saying we'll be right back. Just don't lose the money radio we'll be right back. If you have questions I would like to schedule a no obligation meetings with attorneys Richard are being hours inland please give our office would call at 617. 6308787. Or visit just don't lose the money dot com. Ever wonder how religions and get all their work done they start by calling me I'm Bobby office manager that would be doing. You can secure your financial future of the same way by calling me you call I'll answer 8776308787. 8776308787. Just don't lose money on Sam last time Richard Bruno and thanks so much for joining myself rich and our special guest today filling Amro. We're very happy that we can share some time with the release for an hour. To show you how to follow while two rules rule number one. Just don't moves tomorrow and we'll number two don't forget rule number one we have a brand new giveaway for those that are nearing retirement you wanna know hey wait a white star power away figure out what I need to do. What I should do what I should stay away from well the first thing you need to do know is how much money you need every single month. We've created a worksheet to help you determine that number is entitled to income gap worksheet. We want we want to share that with you it's free of charges can be very useful for you call this number 877630878. Seventh annual free coffee and off course always on the web that just don't lose the money dot com. Thanks for listening say goodbye I'm seeing what I'm Richard who'd been take care. The information on this program is not intended to provide legal accounting tax and investment. Slice return repeated what's inside your principles of reveal a line LLC are no insurance agency now. That's broker's license 17833. Time. Sam rich nor would be the one way. Are registered as investment advisors on his investment advice. This shows a service of Burkina black and.