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Trump VS Intelligence community. 2/16/17

Feb 16, 2017|

Reports say that the intelligence community has been withholding information and intelligence from the Trump administration. What do you make of this?

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1206 here on the break WRKO. OK my friends. True robs our approval rating now pop's death 55%. So it seems there's been no fallout or serious popular or. Opinion poll fallout. For from his decision. To cut loose Michael Flynn. 205. You're not gonna wanna missive. You know I said it before the meeting. When I was talking with a Brittany and Jared and Michael. You know we can never allow California. Out moon madness. So guess what just as California. Now wants to be a sanctuary state I shall Wear TU. There are now Democrats. Up on Beacon Hill. Pushing it bill yes. Yes you knew what was coming my friends you know what. They couldn't allow California B honor. Of being baloney just left the Wayne State in the union they couldn't allow it the moon bats up on detail. There are now pushing a bill that would make yes. The people's republic of Marc sit Cho sits masks. All of it a sanctuary. State. And so we'll get to that story to all five. But before we get to 205 I wanna as the quarter country poll question of the day before again there are other stories. If Massachusetts. Becomes a sanctuary state I'm being very serious now will you move. Will you leave this state. If the answer is yes text of the letter aid the 68680. Other words this is a Jeff. The final straw I can't take anymore I'm out a year. If the answer is yes text eight the 68680. If the answer is yet I I can't Jeff final act. I got family here I got our home here I got kids here I candle at my point Angela. Text or letter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online Adobe York Kerio dot com we're gonna get to that story as I said in the third hour. And we'll update you with the poll results. It said day without immigrants. I shouldn't even be at work today. Everybody is not showing up the work. Businesses are closed restaurants are closed but you don't want a Macau expansion marked. Among hard working staff so here ramble guy showed up what battle. But you know I could've stayed home panic or right but let that go where discuss that at 205 all about. But first my friends. It is getting extremely deadly serious now up on Capitol Hill. It is now trump vs the shadow government. Trump. Vs the intelligence community. He's going to be holding a news conference at 1230. We're gonna keep you posted throughout the show alters any major news but here is now what is taking place. In the wake of these illegal criminal weeks. By rolled the members of the CI AEA the NSA and the FBI. To deliberately politically assassinate Michael Flynn remembered as his classified information. And it was deliberately leaked illegally to the media. Trump is now vowing to rein them in what's called the permanent state the deep state. To rein in the deep state in. And so he is firing back. Saying he's going to be may be appointing somebody who's going to be reviewing all of the intelligence agencies. He is now looking desperately duck hunt down who the league scorers are any fired off a couple of really blazing two weeks. Where he's now taking it right to the media. Trump came out with this tweet just a couple hours ago. The Democrats are the come up with a story I stole why they lost the election and so badly. So they made up a story Russia fake news. He then went on to say on Twitter fake news media which makes up stories and quote on quote sources. It's far more effective. Than they discredited Democrats. But they are fading fast. The one now that has everybody. In the establishment. Absolutely. Apoplectic. I mean they are furious. Is then the following week. The spotlight has finally been put. On bowl life leak occurs they will be costs. Front page of the Wall Street Journal today. Carol Lee she's a very good reporter honestly I think I think she's a liberal I'm not sure don't quote me on man. But I've been reading her stuff for years she has impeccable impeccable sources and connections in the national security community. She is now essentially blown the whistle. On what the intelligence community this so called shadow government the deep state is trying to do that Donald Trump listen now to this. According now to the Wall Street Journal's Carol you know front page story today. The intelligence community or members of the intelligence community be specific. Are now we if holding deliberately withholding. Sensitive. And classified information. From president trump. Let me repeat not. The intelligence community. Has now essentially declared war. On our president. They are now deliberately with holding according now to Carol Lee in the Wall Street Journal. This is now been picked up New York Times has picked up this story others are picking up this story. I'm Dave Wright chief quotes Nash on anonymity but she's quoting national security official saying yes we are withholding information from the president. Sensitive information classified information. They are claiming that they need to do this listen to this because they do not trust trump. Why do they not trust trump. Because they claim that he is you guessed that eight pool of all from an agent of pull them. And so because he is such to them these members in the intelligence community. Because he has such a traitor any threat to the United States of America. They have no choice. But to deliberately withhold sensitive Intel. Sensitive classified information. Because they fear without any evidence. That he's gonna hand it right over to the Russians. And he's gonna handle over all their sources and methods over to the Russians. And so for the good of the United States. This is what they claim for the good of our national security they must now keep the president in the dark or going blind. On major issues. It is it's an absolutely. Stunning stunning stunning story. It has shaken the White House to its very core. It's wine now trump is fighting back he is fighting back with everything he has this is now a White House. Under siege. From the swamp. The lobbyists are against them. The media is against them. The Democrats and the unions are against them. But now much of the intelligence community the CIA the FBI. And the NSA they are out to destroy this man. It's a race against time. Does he drained the swamp or just a swamp swallow him. This is now essentially what's going on in our country. And on top of this stunning revelation. Eight prominent NSA whistle blower I wanna give a big hot tip or bright part news because they broke the story they're breaking stories. That the mainstream media refuses to even go. Eight prominent NSA whistle blower William Gainey BIN and who blew the whistle on the national on the NSA. And he surveillance the spying the mass spying program. That first began under bush and was then accelerated dramatically under Obama. Where the our own government was spying on American citizens. Listening to their phone calls were reading their email it's trolling there are social media. He has come out and said it is the NSA data spying on trump. And they're not just spying on Michael Flynn they're not just spying are all members of his cabinet or his administration. But in specifically specifically regarding the president. They are now wiretapping. Every phone call that he makes. And when pressing a high you know this. Somebody who worked at the NSA according to beanie. When the transcript. Of the call between the president and the prime minister of Australia was released. The only body that could have intercepted that call and then transcribed it and other rich eavesdrop on that call. Is the NSA. They listened in as well two was called to the president of Mexico. Transcribed it again illegally all this is illegal. And then released it and leaked it to the media. Now I want you to think about tests. The president is being spied on. Buyers don't spy agencies. And as beanie put out these aren't even quote unquote targeted foreigners meaning. I don't he's on the phone with the head of the Taliban and he's on the phone with. They had devices in other words people suspected of being terrorists are threats to the United States. What are you listening on the phone call between the prime minister of Australia. We're not at war with Australia. We are listening on a phone call with the president of Mexico a lot of what we're not a war with Mexico. And venue leak that to the media. And this is this now comes to the heart of the matter okay. So what we now have is an intelligence community. And Michael Flynn is now exhibiting. That violated and broken the wall. Forget now Michael flinch transgressions whether he misled a little like the Mike Pence or didn't light a Mike Pence or whether we should have been forced out or not we've all that aside now. That is small potatoes. Here is a US citizen. In a private conversation. With the over with the Russian ambassador to the United States. And their wiretapping that conversation. If you're gonna wiretap an American citizen never mind incoming national security advisor he you you weren't. You need a worn from the so called Favre is a court they never got that Warren. And not only that once you taped that conversation. You you you intercept that conversation. That is considered highly classified. You cannot lead kit. Unless you have the permission of the president himself. They did it behind trumps Barack. It is illegal to leak classified information. It is illegal. To wiretap the conversation of a private US citizen. Never mind an incoming national security advisor without a warrant. What shoe now half and are honestly this is my even original analysis on my part. This is now the Wall Street Journal this is now the times of London this is now the Daily Telegraph the European press. Which is actually anti trump. Are now saying. No wal. We don't like trauma. But you guys are now assaulting the very institutions of your democracy. In an attempt to drive him from office. Because the intelligence community. Who are unelected. Unaccountable. Faceless nameless. They are fair to serve the president too sure but elected officials. Not the other way around. They cannot operate illegally in the shuttle's. In an attempt to bring down a democratically. Elected government. Or to deliberately selectively assassinate politically. Key members of an administration. Because you're afraid you're gonna be exposed. They are now openly looking. To undermine. And easily delegitimize. And alternately. Bringing down the trump government. All of it. And trumpet saying enough is enough. He is gonna hunt down these leak curse he is gonna prosecute easily curse and he's gonna send them to jail. And I say a man. 6172666868. Let me ask you this question. Is the intelligence community. Now at war with the trump administration. And how have they now gone rolled up all of your calls next. 1225. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends. There are now rogue elements within the intelligence community. Many of them I'll hold overs from the Obama administration. That are engaged there's no other word to put it treason. They are now spying on the president's every calls. They are now deliberately with holding sensitive classified information. Wall Street Journal has broken out front page story and look. If nobody else has the guts to say I'm gonna say. They're not just trying to make the president global wind on issues like intelligence and national security. They're not just trying to. Prevent him. From able to. Fully get the best advice and the best intelligence that he needs to do is strong. This is more dangerous trying to have them operate in the dark. I think some of them. Want to see eight terrorist attack take place so trump can be blamed and his administration reduced to rubble. When you more deliberately withholding crucial intelligence from the president. Or your out to spy on him and every conversation. To leak to the media can humiliate them. You're now engaged in out and rock out and out treason. Period full stop. And so yesterday ideas presser with Bibi Netanyahu. Trump finally began to throw down the gauntlet. Saying these leaks are criminal. Very legal and it's going to stop roll it. Jared general Flynn is a wonderful man I think he's been treated very very unfairly by the media. As I call it the fake media have many concerns and I think it's really a sad thing that he was treated so badly. I think in addition to that. From intelligence. I resoundingly things are being leaked. It's criminal actions criminal act. And it's been going on for a long time before me. But now it's really going on. And people are trying to cover up for a terrible loss. That the Democrats had under. Hillary Clinton. I think it's very very unfair what's happened to. The general Flynn the way he was treated and the documents and papers that were illegally. I stressed that illegally leaked. Very very unfair. So the question then is this. Was Mike Flynn know more sinned against then senator. Because Brit Hume on Tucker Carlson I thought laid it out absolutely brilliantly. The wiretapping was illegal. The leaking of the classified information was much has been legal it was it is borderline treasonous. It's criminal. Listen to a Brit Hume roll it. Jared in what looks like it probably happened here Tucker was that there are various dropping on the Russian ambassador. And they pick up his conversation or conversations with a Mike Flynn they now are in possession through classified. Information. Very sensitive information on two counts. One is an information itself is classified and having him get out might compromise sources and methods and the second is that they've got information that they probably shouldn't have or shouldn't have been. It shouldn't beat you should be very careful with about the private conversations of the United States citizen. So that information is doubly deserving of the kind of protections. That the intelligence agencies are used to providing. And it leaked out that may be a crime. So you know with a question then becomes you know with Mike Flynn more sinned against than sitting and I think that the right as the weeks as we talk here tonight they're gonna come an open question. I don't think it's an open question I think he was clearly much more sinned against than sending. And so the question I have for you now is it's a double barreled question. What do you do when rogue elements of the intelligence community. Are out to undermine a democratically elected government treason. And when it comes to Mike Flynn. What's the bigger crying. That he lied misled whatever you wanna call it to the vice president of the United States. Or that he had his fundamental rights and civil liberties violated by his own government. In which multiple crimes were committed against him. 6172666868. I wanna hear from you corner country your calls next. If they don't wanna work from they should quit. But they do not have a right to withhold information from him or selectively leak what they think will embarrass or frustrate him. And that's what the public needs to know this is a very dangerous situation and I cannot think of anything like it. In your life camera mind. Mine a little bit longer than yours. But I cannot think of anything like this Neil it and where there are many in the White House has to fear not work where they're relying on but. Fear the intelligence community. Amen brother Matt was judged not Paula time on Aaron Neil Cavuto. Saying now the president has stepped fear. At least elements rogue elements of his own intelligence community. Wall Street Journal huge story today. National security officials are admitting they are deliberately withholding. Sensitive classified information from trump. Because they no longer trust them. They hate him and they want to bring him down. They're now trying to undermine. They democratically. Elected government. By politically assassinating. Through illegal leaks of classified information to the media first they're going after Flynn. Now it's their final note they're actually listening in and wiretapping. Trumps calls senior administration officials all their calls are being monitored. Is there shadow government out of control. 6172666868. Any and Dorchester Europe first coed Eddie. Great thanks for me on. You know what that did this way oh a lot about her alongside general and no but many years this is something that to a that he went down. We have a saying is earned or the rap all up because once you become a director. And basically. You control a lot of administrator. And appoint to positions that the CIA. And a lot of there's a lot of other acronyms it would work with military and civilian collate it and now. But if you have leftovers. From the crafts administration. You don't change. What are what are Obama basically did in 2000 it's huge bite plate completely way. There he was Smart is advisors. All it needed. Wipe out every high level official factor but even then what you do. A change of administration that you know what it's still punishable by vice foreign imprisonment and death. If you caught. You know giving given. Classified information. From. From a classified sourced from an Intel agency. So like in BC that the story on January 6 NBC reported. Already factored January 6. That Russia has celebrated. Trumped victory. NBC reported that before they voted for President Obama Jenny or there isn't that all the law. Some a lot of it's the role a lot of people are gonna be investigated they need to get into NSA director in there except. Any obviously I mean you spoke to Brittany so we know you have. A background in intelligence you have ties to the NSA I wanna ask you too many more questions because I wanna preserve your anonymity but anyone ask you this. Why would these elements of the NSA it is the CIA FBI it's three of them. Why. Do they fear trump are they Obama loyalists. Do they hate his politics. What is it why are they targeting the president. I can't speak about right now I can't speak at all I can tell you is wherever it is there there is you know it it's. Wherever. The way they have. Each one of those agencies the way it was run. For the past eight years I developed a certain level of comfort are right and when the administration leaves a lot of these people. In any a lot of these agencies especially top level directors to look at for new jobs. You know when you look for new jobs as security and consultant firm or whatever. And a lot of them don't wanna lose their jobs and it just seems to me that. Some elements in there obviously have been reported to the meeting you know worked or classified information if you were. For the FAA order CIA. Or he NSA you don't reports stops you don't give documents to the media. Before you actually happened that it and bow to the proper proper vetting of racial or becomes public that are role that the public affairs. Or for every government institution. There's there's there's people in there that it take it upon themselves. You know what to undermine. Say they saw they feel they're doing the right thing. And you know what went what you investigations start until you Amber's gonna come out sure that aren't buying prism. All it's your right no it Eddie unison god bless America thank you for that call look they got to go to prison that camera's gotta come down let me tell you who these people are. These are rabid Obama supporters. They are Hillary hacks. Who cannot accept the results of the election. They hate trump they loyalty trump they fear trump and they've taken it upon themselves. To bring this man and his entire administration down. That's what you're seeing this is I'm choosing my words very carefully. What you're witnessing. Is a soft political coup. It's not the military coming in and overthrowing the government but it's by leak after leak after leak after leak. And basically look judge the poll panel nailed it this is literally unprecedented. The president who should be relying on the intelligence community. Should be singing a they have my back. Now they've got a target on his back. Big declared war on the guy he's got a fear now is on intelligence community and let me tell you a story that broke yesterday. Okay just to show you to meet the ultimate hand behind this is Obama. Yes there's been rolled I've talked about him. Our key Obama officials. Rogue elements in the CI AEA. John brand and loyalists. James clapper loyalists of the Director of National Intelligence we don't some of the players are. But the big one is the dear leader you can come out of the shadows. He's not he's twelve now having a shadow government he's established it. What did he do on his the last day in office. Nobody even noticed it because we're so busy celebrating trumps an operation remember we're also thanked all who seek a pardon forward about the pardons who's he gonna pardon. All those who worked on easy got a pardon I don't Chelsea Manning got the murmur all the pardons were talking about. As were worried about you know look at the right hand look at her right hand look at it and what was the left hand doing. On the last two days. He dramatically. Expanded. The powers of the NSA. He essentially gave them cart the bull wash a blank check. Who are the ones now spying on trauma and were spying on flam the NSA. Who were the ones listening in on his conversations with the Australian prime minister and then it was leaked to the media DN SE. The Mexican president DNS Haiti the Taiwanese president DNS navy. So what are essentially Obama did is he booby trapped the White House. Except instead of settings establishing bugging devices Everett bugging the whole White House. That's to grow old bats to own 1980s. The NSA EU got X. You got race. Monitor. Everybody's freaking conversations. In quoting my successor. Wink wink. Patrick in Plymouth go ahead Patrick. Good afternoon jet's pilot did one steal and but I did for your active Marines I served wit third intelligence battalion over Okinawa Japan. When I came out I eat. Went to my second degree in criminal justice and my a professor at the time was actually a former chief officer of the CIA. And by my. Position paper about it before it was called alphabet soup the new Cold War record title and then. But I don't society. The basic premise of it is. This CIA leave the entire. Intelligence establishment has become. So hard headed being and become a threat to freedom itself. And I hope for the position at the CIA especially the last 405060. Years and so focused on taking down. Governments don't light outside of the United States that it would not be outside the rubble possibility that it would come in and do it. To somewhat of the United States as well. And I put forward the position that if they wanted to start they would start with the national security advisor because in essence they all report to hit. It hit on the national security advisor argued that starts screaming. The president can not guarantee the safety of the United States. And that is how you began peacefully coup you'd start to Whittle away at the public's interpretation. And how they characterize this rank in terms of national security. So what I am seeing. I didn't expect it to happen so quickly. A bite. Exactly kind of scary I was right. That they would try something like this. And I think it's only gonna get worse no matter who he tried to put an end at his next national security advisor. It's not gonna matter they're going to keep chipping away at this at the at his defense infrastructure. I will not be surprised if general Mattis god bless him if he's the next target. At Patrick but you you're called a show before. You have OK if I don't Patrick listen. Don't get me wrong I'm as straight as they come I only advice for my wife. I love you. I love you in a non sexual way you may not you nailed it I'm telling you please don't be a stranger call again. Look you absolutely nailed it. This is now way soft coup by the CIA parts of the FBI the NSA. But I won't the American people look just stand back objectively than. My conservative not liberal not Republican not Democrat. Just being independent thinker. If we've been empowering the CIA. To bump off governments and that's what they've been doing. Let's not kid each. In countries all over the world. And we empower them. To that degree. Did you honestly think the beast wouldn't eventually turn on us. When you give you'll power corrupts absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. And look I don't like anybody interfering in our elections look I'm an American nationalist. I'm in America first are all the way. But c'mon let's let's be honest. We interfere in Russia's internal affairs all the time. Work we're finding their opposition. We're. We have NGOs all over Russia trying to bring me down. We spied on the Russians day in night commencing we shouldn't do it but to saying we spotted on the Russians we interfere in their elections we interfering Israel's elections we try to get Netanyahu defeated we're spying even on Merkel listening to were front phone conversations. We've overthrown governments is all the these color recorded revolutions Ukraine. George jock Serbia. You name it. Well here we are subverting and overthrowing governments all over the world. And then allegedly when the Russians are hacking our elections moon pool the Russians are interfering well. The golden rule do want to others as you have done on teel. So you're playing empire all over the world deciding Mac he's space MacKey goal is that she stays that she goal is. And then you're shocked. And it's not just the Russians the saudis it's the Chinese. And many others are trying to interfere in our elections as well but. That's the cost of empire. You don't want people to stick their nose in your affairs don't stick your nose in their affairs. Now look what we've done we've created a monster. Our military. Eisenhower warned us of the military industrial complex. Now we have the national surveillance state in national security state. Who now are saying you know what. We didn't like the election results in Serbia out Ukraine out Georgia out Israel we try it out it didn't work. Mara do what the trump. It's been turned on us. 6172666868. Mort your calls next. I've been done anything like this you know whoever man in the White House. Fear not war where of them rely on but CSC's. Intelligence. 1254. Here on the great RK old Janice in Boston. Thanks for holding go ahead jams. Folding. The Astro in January. Well I have to agree with every caller. Made big spoke what I would punish today and I wanna know how to lead gaelic heartily. Find out who these people are how to weeks. Remedies this. My recommendation to trump and I know it's people listen to this show here's what I would do. I would get John Bolton to either run the NSA. I have a very senior position in the NSA. Because bowl and the guy that can do this. He's a bureaucratic in fighter he knows where the bodies are buried he's loyal to trumpet. He's a staunch conservative he's a no nonsense kind of a guy. And basically topped the major sheriff. And say John hunt down every leak her every single one of them and I gotta tell you. I would have done the Flynt thing differently. Even if you wanna get rid of land populace should say he had to go just for the sake of argument. You booby trap them what they callable dire operation in the intelligence community. I would of kept them on for another week or two why let him go right away. And maybe put a full story on and more whatever it is. And then you can set it up in a way or who's leaking what you can in other words you can position it. Whereby we gotta outsmart believe curse. And set up kind of a trap for them so you can start narrowing down who the people are. But no you gotta go look it's all of the old Obama talks how often go you gotta you are wiped the slate clean. He's got to look trumps got to do what he's very good out firing people. Top CIA people gone NSA people gone why he's kept James Cormier is beyond me. I don't trust that snake in the grass as far as I control. He's another number one guy get rid of so you gotta they start firing people bees start putting low real competent people in these positions and get bull Monday cakes. President if you're listening Stephen Miller if you're listening hope mix if you're listening. Dead John Bolton on Vick case trust me kill flush out only curse kill small Kamal. John in debt number go ahead John. There was. I'm good how are you John. Made great listen I'm gonna put a blindfold on and throw darts. Maybe we should check Hillary's account to agree to a pro. The rocket mood lighting. While I need to encourage you see these 200 on the podium when they could be missed it and each other all right now and it is going to be a money trail joke it's got to be. You wouldn't you gonna do to one million dollars right. You know that's interesting that you honestly you would look into event. Where money is flowing where a who's getting paid but I gotta tell you when I saw that story how we loaded up the NSA on his last day. And gave them huge vast broad powers. I said that seen on that SOB that son of a gun. He wanted them to spy on Trump's people and bring them down. This son of a gun wanna to wage an internal coup against the guy who defeated his guilt. Just don't you think he's out he's not out pool in Rhode Island go ahead low. Yeah I just have a couple points we need to make this one. First or talk about the most of the Obama administration while Hillary the most corrupt administration in history. We got a lot higher over there and I guess they don't want trumpeted to go to uncover all the stoked let's go to what ever cease speaking this suspicion. That allowed are stuck with Hillary and was very very crooked. Okay the second thing is. This reminds me of the air traffic controllers. Remember that yes and Reagan like he's got clean house and we got to go on offense. I'm with you Lou. I'm with few. And look you talked about. Reagan cleaning house he fired every single one of bomb. That is exactly. Exactly. What president trump needs to do. I would fire every single one of rom and now all of the media listen to this. Is now saying whoa oh president trump you loved Wiki leaks. How come you don't like the leaks Mao. That's story and is this the second coming of Watergate. Dan rather thinks so don't touch that dial. 106 here on the great WRK. Oh OK my friends. Let me ask you this. Their media is now claiming that president trump is being I have progressed. There he has no business complaining about leaks. Because they say why king Phil WikiLeaks. He cheered it on he loved the he embraced the and so if he embraced WikiLeaks. He should be embracing these leaks and not complaining about it. Then network leading the charge is none other than the Clinton news network. Listen now to Jake Tapper sang old. Trump didn't have a problem with weeks during the campaign. So what's he complaining about now. Roll it. Jarron no president likes leaks especially ones that reflect poorly on his administration. But it's worth noting candidate trounced path to power. Was tread. On a road of leaks leaks against Hillary Clinton some came from WikiLeaks. And many of the ones about Hillary Clinton's private email server those leaks came from the FBI. Right before Election Day in fact Fox News reported and then had to retract. Our report based on erroneously aches that the FBI investigation into the Clinton foundation was going to likely lead to. Indictments almost immediately now we're traction notwithstanding. Candidate trump well he had that it. He didn't have a problem with leaks then. It's worth pointing out. It's not a moral position. If you only hold it when it applies to yield. Our first of all look at the objectivity. I mean that's basically that's a rent. That's something fresh off the New York Times editorial page. Now Jake Tapper supposed to be supposed to be an objective reporter was supposed to play it straight and down the middle. OK but let that go let that go always the fake news network. I would flip it. To meet the obvious rebuttal Cummings is such a pathetic argument the odd to me the obvious rebuttal is. Rule rule out Rick what a normal. You're the ones that were complaining about the hacking of the DNC. And of John the desk there's emails. You Bordeaux wines you'll at CNN and MSNBC. And the New York Times and the Washington Post in fact you said it was the crime of the century. That was Watergate. Now it's ten that's water buildup about but I'm Bennett was sees always Watergate when they want something. Then that was Watergate. So you're the ones. That were saying. This is unacceptable. This is an an assault on the pillars of our democracy. Does can't cop and you can't be hacking leaking this can't be Don and all my gut you wanna Julian Assange assassinated. You've now built an entire narrative that somehow because quote unquote allegedly. Which I don't believe but let that go that or Russia interfered in the elections. That the DNC emails were hacked the desk does emails were hacked. Somehow trumps victories illegitimate. We need investigation after investigation after investigation. Tall iced up pull and I still. I Moscow ties to the Kremlin priced everybody in Russia. So why do Jew opposed the leaks and then. Sorry why did you yeah why did you pulls all the leaks then then but now you're publishing the weeks. Now you'll look bleak curse. Now you moved to New York Times the Washington Post you can't publish or or or report enough phonics. It's not a moral position. One and only benefits you all Jake or that lousy network you work for Jake. Now that's point number one that's the obvious point. You hated leaks then. When it hurt your candidate. The goal of all weeks now when it hurts the guy you despise in the White House you're phoney you fraud you. Now ask for the merits of the case. The DNC let's be crystal clear. Sonic classified government agency. The DNC is a private organization. Include part of the government to prove the group. Now yes in theory of course I don't like hacking of any kind it's technically theft. But Jersey world of difference I want you to think about this. Between some unknown hackers and by the way. They keep saying chairman turn and intelligence agencies unanimously Sharon laurel funds parked a DNC emails really notice. You can give me every Kama. Every word every period in the conversation that trump had with the Australian prime minister. Or that Mike Flynn had with the Russian ambassador how come you can give me every comma every period every word. In the alleged evidence you have of Russian interference in the elections. You know where they claim but they won't produce the evidence that the trail led all the way he changed to the Kremlin. I swear to show their argument marchers to the Kremlin. Much mr. Russian of Vladimir Putin the Russian president's office know they say right to Vladimir computer. Aha and deem it may think if I hit I'm hit can come up I'm fed cinematic close elections the president look at. Does limit none on on by the chief commander really good kind Smirnoff is rationing is a good I don't care what people say Mozilo there. We don't agree Bo and I I come adopted a mall except I'm doctor blood immune. They claimed it led straight to pull its computer for this come purely was talking the elections but it's a James Bond movie. Okay fine where's the evidence what's the unanimous opinion of disarmed your intelligence agency and all I don't want your unanimous opinion. You gave me the transcripts. Word verbatim. All of our own president talking to the Australian PM or the Mexican president or Mike Flynn. Show me your evidence. You obviously don't mind compromising sources and methods. Are doing it now what the president. So show me your evidence. So I don't even believe the Russian tactic OK because they haven't shown me any proof so but let that goal let that go. So Jeff what's the difference. Why did you corner. Celebrate. WikiLeaks but Niger denouncing these leaks very simple. What was classified. Was any national security secrets compromised. Under WikiLeaks. Is somehow the DNC now what is it classified information. Is it now suddenly top secret national security information. No it wasn't. It was a hacking up a private organization. That revealed. Much bigger crying months. What did it reveal. That Hillary stole the election from burning. That should of landed her in prison. That CNN. That's why tapper trying to cover his rear end on this frustrated trying to strip this under the rug. That's CNN was deliberately giving debate questions that Hillary before did debate with a Bernie. That they were rigging the polls with the help of a despot and the Democrats. That the entire media was in the tank for Hillary Clinton. These massive corruption over entire political system. That Hillary was involved in pay to play. Using a charity as a private slush fund to line the pockets of her and her husband to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. Bribery. Influence peddling payoffs you name it. This selling of government offices. To hide the owners. Literally the crimes committed by the Clinton should've landed her 500 years in jail. Like literally people of similar to getter for this new getter for this new getter for the as she's imprisoned for 500 years. So was any call classified state secrets exposed yet. Was any sensitive intelligence it caught compromised. Yet. It was the exposure of a corrupt political party. With they corrupt media. Now flip it to what's being done to trump. He's not a candidate he's the president. Michael Flynn was the national security advisor. They were illegally why you're tapping his conversations. In private. Which I hope all weren't. And it wasn't done by some anonymous hackers step. It was done by our own states security agencies. Our own intelligence agencies I'm not talking about some foreign hacker. Or some disgruntled DNC staffer I'm talking about people who. Hand on my heart as I'm saying this. Book an old. To preserve and defend the constitution. Of the United States. Not to shred the constitution. Of the United States. They are violating. Their oath. They are illegally spying on American citizens. They are deliberately compromising. Classified. Sources and methods and classified information. These are high crimes and misdemeanors. Your intelligence community is not there. To deliberately wage war and undermine a democratically elected government. If you're not happy with the election results which you do is you resign. Say I cannot work for this man. If you're still not happy. Durst congress to check and balance the president. You don't like that. There's protests. Call your member of up. Your your representative your curb your member of congress you don't like that your votes. But watch you don't do. Is start wiretapping. US citizens. Illegally without a Warren. And then selectively. Leaking classified information. To the media. Which is the one of the highest crimes you can ever commit. It's frankly treasonous. You don't do. Big difference. That's why by the way are you a whole Julian Assange should. Went on WikiLeaks he put up in compromise sensitive military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan why. Because that which troops who lives in danger. Whose life was in danger on the DNC leaks. Whose wife was in danger over the John that's the weeks. What sensitive classified information was revealed mum. We're state secrets revealed it was humiliating thing Hillary it was humiliating to the Clinton foundation. It was humiliating to the Democrats. Because it exposed much bigger crimes what what did they nail Mike Flynn on. Just think about this objectively always crime. It was his job description to talked way ambassadors like Oakmont which literally. Here's the incoming national sick. Or advisor okay. You gotta get up to speed army Ron you may have just beyond Iraq. Syria North Korea China Russia we've got a lot of stuff on our plate go. Start calling start talking start yakking start compiling a portfolio. What sung Kim wasn't crying. Where's that he allegedly misled lied to win every one call at the vice president on the vice president said. Did you speak about sanctions would be a Russian ambassador. And neither he said I can't remember right didn't or whatever he set. No whatever and then Mike Pence went on CBS's face the nation he was out he said no we didn't they humiliated the vice president. I'm sorry president doesn't believe in you anymore doesn't have trusting you you're gone. Why does not it's a crying. Amassing you should worry. But why is not a crime. Leaking classified information that's a free can crank. Wiretapping US citizens listening on their conversations with out a warning. That's a crime. So I'm telling you right now this to me divisional and it's all huffy it's. What happened there Hillary Clinton and the DNC. Is nothing compared to what's going on now with trump and the attempt of the shadow government to destroy and undermine. Overturn an election. Because they don't like the results. That's what Third World banana republics do that's literally anti democracy. And finally when it comes to Mike Flynn look I I don't throw people to the wind I don't thrown to the wolves. Whatever so called sins he committed. He was much more sinned against then he ever send. As far as I'm concerned Mike Flynn is owed an apology. 6172666868. I agree. Disagree. All of your calls next. 124. Here on the great WRKO. OK in my Franz. Trump is eating I mean he's eating the press. Or have a lot of these clips for you in the next segment both believe me I yeah I yeah I you don't want to miss a second don't touch that dial. Joseph in Florida I Europe next go ahead Joseph. I mean to have loved Bill Kristol talk about the media C supports it do you stay cool is that. Yes I'm. It April 1 the deep state to the trumps state that's exactly what he said. And I think use the term cool yes my law on said that besides I think Nikko. My feeling and this is my feeling. That we're giving origin very very close to. Let me put it gently. Civil con conflagration. Because I don't see any other way out of justice. People to a greater presence in that state. They're committing sedition. This is a cool so we don't have a constitution we don't have laws that judges making decisions not based on the constitution. All gloves off guys. I mean what else I mean just what you think I mean that's the. I arrange all look I look I understand your point I really do and I understand your frustration and anger I really do. But look believe me or somebody who's covered civil wars as a reporter. I'd that's the last thing I'd ever wanna see I wish it upon no country I really don't not upon my worst enemy. Look you have liberals who are fifth columnists their traders. There's just no other way to put it. And you know what I love about trump I mean he's and now we start a swing again I think I think a Flynt thing really showed him. Ask you know what you try to do the right thing you misled the vice president he's not giving the vice president a proper information. You're trying to run this like a business as sees it look I can't accept that your gone and all of a sudden you're swimming in sharks. Some you put yourself in your old team and a shark tank. That's always come to realize bill people see my ordinary rules here in Washington they're at the free can destroy me. So he is now swinging. And I think he's now realizing this is political war that's what this is. And so I've been saying this now for awhile. Were in a state of political cultural ideological civil war. And part of the people arrayed against them is the so called deep state they hate them they're mobile. You gotta replace them with fewer people. Look. What Obama did say what you want. He urged the military. He purge the NSA he purge the CIA he purged the FBI he urged freak and everybody they did at the Chicago way. Well now you've got to do it that trample. You don't fill a mob with facts you fill up with good competent patriots but baby urge urge perch. Because it's now or never look I senate. I said it in my opening monologue I gotta repeat tests. It's now a race to the finish. It's gonna end either one way or the other either he drained the swamp. Or the swamp swallows him. Dots that's it. They're trying to swallow him build a New Bedford going head bill. Jeff I don't come good are you gonna have a solution to the problem would. Donald Trump and the the red oak shadow government. Robotic sheep which. The pressure on Hillary Clinton built. You know as far as conducting am taken to court. Trial. That's it that's what I would do. Bill I'm telling you right now look. The FBI field off field officers on the ground say there is so much corruption the Clinton foundation. That they think bill and Hillary gonna go to prison for the rest of their lives. Chip to call up Jeff Sessions and say if the FBI wants to indict let him indict. And if call me says yet fire corny. And in other words if you're not on offense you're on defense. When you're in a war are skinny general you never wanna be on defense. Alfie Europe next go ahead Alfie. Yes hello Geoff high note you know when. Play and constitutional rights were violated when when is. Personal phone call with cap. That that was a client might hear. And he. Trump I would've liked it seemed trump to an end pens just say we hit this god does. Personal conversation because it was a private. I was basically what they're in the government at that time. So bureau prompt hearing that there really see that these. But it out a while going to be snap and I guess that Michael Moore we've been surfaced out of the swamp so. All they're all coming out look Alfie Dan rather of all people mr. fake news the embodiment of fake news a David. The guy with a bogus abortion National Guard story. Now came out listen to us now they've resurrected Dan rather. He now says that Flynn is a resignation brace yourself I swear to you. Is not just as bad as Watergate he says it's worse than Watergate. A private conversation. Between the incoming national security advisor and Russia's ambassador. Is how the biggest crime since Watergate. Law we who I mean they've. They have gone on hinged all the way coming up next. Trumpet blasts them media yeah I got I hear that. Tell believe that. Don't touch that dial.