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Feb 12, 2017|

Each week Wicked Bites radio allows the listener to become the food critic - to praise or zing from pizza to gourmet. America's first and longest running food show.

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You're listening to. Wicked place radio. Critic in Sunday's ten to. WRKO. The voice of Boston. Well within everybody's gone. A city is prepared to twelve and taking your phone calls we are very active shows today. And you know last week it was a Big Apple. They just let everybody knows is a big football game was a tremendous comeback. And on the last Sunday's show we talked a lot about heats up. And we'll put what I wanna do today is play a little bit of a segment we do that the human. An interview that pat did. With MO's pizza on the south jewel. And it I think they have won the most incredible this I had ever ever heard and on the play that interview. Back we've just a few minutes and then coming up at the bottom of the hour. Ian here Abby from Kuwait marketability of those English meat pies. With tells all about those that's coming up. A little while on which it bites. All right we get started today it's one of those days it's cold snowy. And it appears that just gonna keep snowing it's going to broadcast this. If we have the winning something. You know we'll be here was there a lot tomorrow. And I guess that we need to find some restaurants that. Just keep something warm inside we will talk about Stoops who has the best hoops right now. You know couple places out there we're gonna leave this open to use this segment of wicket by its radio I'm looking for. Places. That have great suits whether it's client shall order. Towards Chile some that's gonna warm you up inside and we have a restaurant they were you have to be restaurant could be a when he favorite sub shops. That you go out there and you visit and that's we go and get suits here's the number to call the Colbert up really early today so I hope you. Get online and we'll start things off really soon okay. 8884346460. Board that is the number to call on today's program 888. 4346464. Any good Fraser's incomplete to to gourmet. And there were also looking for places with great soups I know we have a place there what we're gonna does it take you name and address off there. And it would seem to in the mail will add to any mailing list or anything like that we just is that because every hour we picked callers at random. That we send their biggest advocates to and maybe that call or that person can be used. Any go out to great restaurants. That restaurant they Teresa axial. We've Greek history you would get Bancroft there restaurant there giveaway today. We get Teresa's lion they won't give that one away today. And a whole bunch more. And one can be for you the right now look for restaurants. Or. Places with gray suits can help us out 888. 4346464. That's 888. 4346464. Against Scott Bradley today to a twelve noon taking your phone calls and depth. I don't think the best time to call the show was early. Here is as we get going the line start really tying up. So this is where we need your help 8884346464. Victor calls in just seconds to cut us what to open lines and so c'mon you're waiting out uptight and the lines are open. And and now in jail 888434. 6464. Art dom sausage company relocated moments operated by a bunch of family. And it dumps sausage company. If they do a lot it's a full service with cheers shop. And it easy on site wholesale Delhi. That's madame sausage company is in they've been doing about 75. Years now in Malden. It's ignited damme when he walked in. And when I recommend. You go in you can actually go into this specially supermarket the launch. You can't. And edit and grab like on Mondays. They have a seat from castle. And sensational. And the butcher shop you can. Already have their their steak tips are famous marinated steak it's real that we tried those we can enjoy wraps and sobs filled up really early in the morning so. You know before you head out to work in the morning. It's out there and maybe grab some eggs. Dom sausage company ten Riverside park in Malden. And I always suggested he bring home package their mistake is just the Roman freezer. So we whenever you're ready. We're great steak tipped. You know where to go don's sausage company ten Riverside park mall than I did Dominic go ahead. The village restaurant and Essex well you know I can recommend now. If great clam chowder. Essex about 45 minutes in downtown Boston that's it on the North Shore up from anywhere and if you don't know exactly were SX's. It is to group 128. Down towards you past the malls. And you can you see exit. This exit number fifteen school street offer route 128. Going north. And then you gonna take off that exit statistical left ball to the end to you know left. And about I would to less than a mile to see the village restaurant in essence another place that's been around for a long time. Sixty years now and going strong. Sixty years that's right owned by one family just like dom sauces company. No dressed unless it's been owned and operated by the Ricky family. Where many many years and it's at the chances we won 33 and 22 aspects. Now there are open six days a week for lunch and dinner they are closed on Mondays. You know I don't pull out each Kevin just. You just put out his. Valentine's campus about taxes coming around core I mean it's Tuesday he's put out his menu. And I'll take a look at them every debt off some the items a little bit later on the program elements are recommend when you go and of course I'm always gonna recommend fried clams. Fried clams there there's nothing like the village restaurant in Essex right plan they are absolutely sensational period bar or not. Bar and the best fried clams you will find puree it you'll find period. And it. That's ego but they also great items like they're black and looser allowing. Bonus so all and spice rubs season charred Rowland talked with their bacon blue cheese butter. Just out of this world. How about the Tuscan chicken. It's lightly breaded boneless chicken breasts season with pesto sliced tomatoes and fresh mozzarella. Would have hand Asian chicken stir fry so picture you don't have to go they just received. You go that brother items to but he wanted to they proceed to Billy Dale like today. How about the era. I think there they have this did this and try to find it now here is it to see who won a Vista. And I think it's perfectly today it's fresh had. Shrimp scallops and sort itself this it's all schemes. And a light seafood broth with tomatoes and herbs. It's a bullet days Essex style and to find that the village restaurant masks. Again about 45 minutes from downtown Boston the village restaurant to hide any member of the Ricky family for us. Louie and probably breach at the door Kevin mark. By way of my ties there. New moon they really do our it get to the phone calls go one open line 888. For three or 6464. That line is waiting for you and who knows you may when news of dinner for two on us. We're calling in on today's program that's got to Joseph didn't work tomorrow and just that you're gonna start things off today how aria. I'm well sir how are you very good. Look what our department official. Is call fortune and torched or. Reverend Barry in the mainstream. And they might approach XPS seventeen different urchins who every single very experienced a week. I am not familiar with. It's culprits. Fortunately there or all all of our burger part of the borrower are not content to your readers. Norms that problem. Subs so you don't realize all right it is already been quite up for. So that much more or can't separate local voter really. Yeah I love that little hole in the wall those places to really wanna go and that's where the best doctors if you ask me. The places you and I are encouraged are you wrong. I'm just looking up there well right now French's it's it's culprit just catering to and I am seeing a photograph of the outside it looks to me like it to some. All little. Yeah that is all shark campers. But they are part of the question below yeah. What's up what if the pattern here on the different program all are. He comes because back and forth he was just to the show last week and I'm I'm in this week doing the show. Oh OK okay article program on the mobile channel was something no level. Know he's here all the time okay. I just all right thank you very much for your phone call let's go to Rosemary up with though and good morning Rosemary. Can tell you this silly today. I could be better. I was on a beach I would be much happier right now. Well I was in Florida a few days ago. I shouldn't. Tell us yes yet he came back for the snow. Absolutely I didn't want them to fit. Missed the party yeah that's what if Alex could you tell me the spelling on that last caller yeah that restruct. It's called French's. Just this right. After all RE and CH. Postured the fastest and took Sperry. Our friendship I was picked I was getting lectures traction in very good under the looked set up I have a couple of places. The best Korean shop tax branch out and a lot of places. We have a country kitchen in that there would center has been exactly it chatter I've ever had and they have a delicious soups. Like tomato days filled chick renewable vegetable wonderful homemade every vehicle made yet they have also not clear. Played that you were just died brought up questions. Shrimp scallops. And had a it'd be it cut believed bishop chipped the best bet it's the most reachable and I did and I think it is and it is the best. All probability family restaurant has some dynamite soon they have this year they've been there a long time. Bob I think his name is and he does sound wonderful soups. Very flavorful. And that shot wrong person I'd like to eat them. God daily I don't need to salute yeah yeah it is the suit today right. Beautiful places to what I did some chicken soup yesterday and then I have a big bowl bid today. Five and you know that's that that's the good thing you want you you need it today. Today's the day you wanna get it in you because tomorrow you gonna need even more than I have a feeling that the stock up on. With a low coming. Art all right so we got country kitchen in the felon and Dolan family restaurant. Two places the great great stops at Rosemary thank you very much for your phone call and stay warm. Much let's go to west of Drake you good morning west aria. Excellent. I was a code that could get that nobody really knows who played the cap and pocket and got the best shot up by far. Yep big deal would of bought yeah yeah eliminated all of. It's a little bit ironic for you captain Parker's. I get out there we have on my mom memorial golf player it was but nobody got the mayor and everybody write about it. That they want made a good novagold permits quite yet now. I yeah there's there's so you can also pick up in some supermarkets today they have a different version for when you go to the restaurant. Which is located on your arm. It you know that there's plenty of clams and and potatoes and it's that taveras filling suit and they have every time we talk about clam chowder we do like shows and just clam chowder they always. I would say with one of the top restaurant theory that gets recommended. Is kept the Parker. We got by yup I thought our guys are all a lot of food is great so. Yes yep they primary down there. I mean that a couple yards per carry ya I was done a couple of years ago and sat there with they're jeering him into its primary have been. And I cup and I mean it was actually a couple of served in the cup like like a coffee cup. Yeah. Yeah it is Jerry may paid originally there is a budget but boy oh occasionally. Yeah and he's been that for many many years now on doing and really well. He really great Geico. West thank you very much your phone call captain parkers. And their located at 668. Mast when he route 28. In the west you arm that's we find captain parkers are Jerry Manning is the owner there 8884346464. That's our number to call. Looking for great. Places with soup today. And then that coming up in about fifteen minutes from right now. We're gonna meet the folks over at the weights market with the one that I even Lynn good morning Ivan how Loria. Born in the morning. I two quick player who. I want a ticket to the Barbara brown didn't there and third that the fire. Great so. Ought filmed. That would bother. The video that you want the art then but could they I think they do about maybe later take it that day. Very good. Yes they do and they're all rash. Not everything gets pressured and doubt I mean clam chowder Lebanon and lower short Dick good player charter everywhere but the open their markets joke bearish. A Portuguese clam chowder. That is true so good it really has. And I think it got to a relocation. Yeah I wanna north and over and a second location in north Redick. But I I a lot of seat I love the claim to that do a great job with the clam chowder I have not had ever tried their Portuguese. Charter of the child and excitement going. I was little I got a little cute yet the look right here we'll check not. I try to get that fight something different it was good enough that that I felt terrible my meal at that you don't got multiple. All the the child it was it really is back though it. We do it again regular clam chowder you know whether it it's like that the village is good yep other cars away deport all. I don't play they played together but but does it look like that's up about that the very good. Sorry I that's a Portuguese charter at that Joseph faced north Redding in north and Norris is looking up farmer Brown's which is located in Middleton. They're soups that they do they have like four Daly suit goes to Chile they do it a chicken soup. And they do acclaimed char an Italian wedding soup then they'll they'll try to mix things up of the things from French onion soup to Hungarian mushroom soup. Beef Stew beef stroke off lasagna soup and you know they have about I would say probably. I'm gonna guess about a dozen that they have on their. Not shall order. Model that they do corn chowder from I guess at this via the salad bar. Again everything is fresh everything is real good in the salad bar. Fresh bread that they do. Is it so it the right place. Got a farmer Brown's add that to ten maple street I think except route sixty to a Middleton. Brack about duct. But if I don't I don't open at Stanford but it would lie. Got it. Got Ivan thank you very much can't miss it when you when you drive by and it's a big yeah red house. A bar guys it's it's the Greg Barton will mom is at 8884346460. Four's and number to call let's go to bill. A man feel good morning bill how are you today. I'm great thank her picking up I. My my places a place I've gone to for ever and it's called moraine has am all RE and A evidence that Wakefield. And I I'm not sitting with a phone book or I didn't look it up but it. Is the little Italian hole in the wall that is it's a kind of place but. I used to have my office and Wakefield and it was a lot spot every day because they would have especially now I'm aware I'm. You'd walk in the air and and they'd have. Right off voted Italian soups just about everyone that you could a badge and on top vote. If you roles in feature and subs and all the rest those traditional kinds of things and and the soups were just incredible. One but you get out there one that you could take I'll stick in your street or so later our. But. Would be. The number one place in my mind forever. I marine us. And our interests MM OR NA. Site and other CI are everywhere it's at their act. 23 Broadway in Wakefield in their phone number seven I won. 2462919. Marinas. The restaurant and that is is this I've never I'm not familiar with that it is that a small pleasures that it or is it that size. It's small place it's a small place that's been there for ever and there were. There were one family with. With two Brothers and one. Sister and Marino was the sister. And then chorus chosen not Melrose she was was one of the Brothers but that place closed that was a wonderful place. And then sells speeds are over and stone number and I'm not. On main street. Is the third brother. And he's still in existence but. Moreno isn't the place that I always like George knew her when she was alive on much shoes candidate off the children. But the tradition is still there which overrule or oil trench. So soda and it's this great little stop but they don't appropriate or Italian food soups and that that's we want it emirates. Got thank you they'll be on call. Chinatown restaurant is located and stuff that's in the final lease and William longer look at route 27 comScore one per share in street outscored shopping plaza. And when you walk into that the Chinatown restaurant what really kind of surprises you. Is the that the enormity of their kitchen. And the reason you know that you see that is because it's an open kitchen when you want yet. And you'll see house spotless it is it it's just puts out some incredible. Chinese food. And they've been going strong for at least 2030 years. It's one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in the South Shore and what makes him so special is that Chinatown spare lives. Now there's nothing like it Chinatown rips there is nothing like completely. What they ours. Their. Smoke them. At a Chinese restaurant before house. And then they put their little Chinese sauce on their meeting here tender. Is so flavorful. The Chinatown spirits. There were times. And I talked to Lisa about this because you just can't like destroy another rack rigs in and get about twenty minutes later he can't do it takes in four hours there. There are nights that they just want out just totally went out. So I suggested to go when they're on a busy night. And ordered them early. You know really just order your right off the bat autos. Chinatown spirits. That he can move on to you maybe the Markel poll this which is. That kind of server and home. Home made noodle bed with Jumbo shrimp and B and O lobster sauce. About the fisherman's delight it's fresh Jumbo shrimp deep sea scallops fresh. Lobster me. Element of the square it's not tape with the sort of garden fresh vegetables in the clear sauce it's fisherman's delight. They China town restaurant route 27103. Share and street instead Oden. They say had a lease and William walls when you visit them. All right the Mike before we go any further pat did an interview. Last week on the show how I want to replace. This is from M us. And animus has several pizza shops on the south Georgia crazy wrong joint patent. I have never heard any call late in the show so we really have enough time to really talk to them. But he has a special that is just going to blue you wore mine impacted near you this is last Sunday on the Charlotte. Those are you in here last Sunday or in state that whole show. I play that that interview the paktia right now is packed with crazy wrong of analysts. And they will be coming up in just 12 trust me here it is. And maybe not. I'll tell you wanna hold it on the others that are we gonna get it now. Mike has mustered a crazy awhile and right now crazy ride ever speak to three locations on the south show our. I don't hear it I could that be better. And that Ringo have not been the crazy ride that passed today in the past tell me about it so will go it. But unlike in Syria when he and that it sort of lazy you know there are trying to make are not yet so we're all about there. Yeah you know get away apple could make you have. Yeah it's it's kind of like I guess maybe pizza with humor when you're represent. I give me and it give me an idea what has some of the things that you do the men may have. Gain on Wednesday night from 830 that there is there any. We give away after they'd just say 89 cents oh are not yeah on Sundays we don't go whoa you're way out features 89 cents. It's a little slice is honorable pizza not not at all paper why the paper. Larry astute idea crazy. But it'll without a paper. You know if you had been there for Montana say you're going to be at a business they actually keep it. Again no ribbon at 32 years wow. It's absolutely amazing. But we also prompt frozen so that makes it a little easier and by the way I thought that. A terrible idea the first time I had never was impeach him I'll Y one hour trip should probably go for a police issue and I bought some frozen pizza. She's that is but it is so it is this that most fans it was just like it was fresh unbelievable. And believable. Yeah yeah happy with that in I you got a telephone MB goes through good. Yet or a migraine aren't aren't yet. 508697881. I'd data. Thank you very much of a telephone call I'd do appreciated I am trying to that that was on the show did you believe that the price of those pizzas. Now he has a location bridge where I think he has two locations in Bridgewater. That you can visit it's called M us pop and pizza. And those prices aren't crazy is a location. In Norton. Bridgewater downtown. And in Bridgewater group 10 for the most part and pizza I. I just thought we had a really just played out over again because it was just. Just incredible offer that I have never heard before only on the history this program. Heard anything that. That nots those those offer for those prices. Emma it's OK am I going to hide crazy Romany go in there and try some of the pizza and maybe bring home some of those frozen pizzas to and get a cold day like today. Abby at great little stopping go in there and tried it it's okay M us pizza. I Norton. Downtown Bridgewater and route one hole for Edwards. I don't take a quick break here we are on the other side. And you know what an English meat pie is. Have you tried them before. I mean those of you on the Merrimack Valley below. This way it's marketed in the house and will be talking with that in just a second helix pleasant quick bites radio. On AM 68 of York Halen Boston till twelve noon every Sunday from ten to twelve don't. And the voice of Boston WRKO. Sports and fun we've got you covered. Wicked slice radio and TV with a pat quickly. And this is wicked fight radio with pat Wheatley on WRKO. Of the voice of Boston. Welcome back it's got with the today we get hydrated. On FaceBook live stream the show and we bites TV on a baseball channel this head over there right now you can watch us make comments over there. Time to time. Ownership FaceBook live with the fights every Sunday at 1012 noon and also this week capable. Game show and of the on poor presentation this week is on Tuesday at 2 PM on nests the Red Sox and blue. We're gonna take you to places. Like the brewers sport. I think that that's located Charles on the and we'll also bring to it and find brand new location that just opened up the game. Gamblers across street from the retrieval and it really only open for dinner but they can drinks and especially. I've never seen this before at a restaurant. You sit down at the torch kind of square kind of surrounds the restaurant. And you wanna hold dreadful fear. They have these. I don't know how you would describe like nitrogen tanks. Right at the bar that they won't make it with the glass right into it and it lights up all blue and it freezes the last instantly. I've never seen anything like that and you'll see that. Quick bites TV the encore presentation. 2 PM. On NASA and its outskirts TV station were to join us every Saturday morning 930. And they'll watch our news shows with the filming out. But importantly it's inconceivable what do new episodes coming up shortly what excites. Just in Providence Norman we're gonna go all will be was to assume we're going to be all over and that's the problem or Jeff were always traveled always move. Always finding new and interesting places. And speaking of interesting places. I had to break. My next guest Abbie Hoffman of the weights market in the because you got it you introduce me to something I've never had before. Beat the English we. I I I mean I've never had what never tried it before I heard a lot about it it seems like everybody in this area knows about where its market. A lot of people do know about which market but a lot of people Stiller hesitant on that English pork pie because it's it's different. And anything they have done I mean they're more accustomed to the chicken pie and they they go to are more adventurous highs every weekend but the pork pie is bringing. If you've chatted it like it yellows come back yeah. And I noticed when we was there when we are from we've filling in the afternoon it's in the had a constant flow of people coming yes and grab that from us because there were only a our first probably have way too. I was saying. One and a half depending on if they have besides that they we watched again our partner I child seven of them. It's not you is helping guide to use various doctors Arabs and whatnot and one of those eyes onto the ground and he picks up needed who while. So that good gag SO I guess I guess our APEC yeah. And you've been doing them athletes market were a few years and years to years cannibals. How old is the that is the business I like to tell people that we don't know how old we are. You but. It's pretty we're talking about a hundred now I think it might be over restarted. My great great grandfather started the show tunes and the show started the business back in 1920s. Where thinking. So. It's it's gone since then and if Pam was there you keep you keep them out yes which which is nice back there are back yeah. They're they're making the highs and we were there they were just making. I'm Trace Trace yep of these englishman pies and its media different types. You know and what's the most popular one the most popular support is the four that Nicholas Eric I chicken pies. And I I got to believe this time a year so even war. During Thanksgiving and Christmas which we had you to think for a lot of that because. It has been nonstop since you guys hear us now that's it's been great so we really appreciated and and yes like you said between Thanksgiving Christmas time. We kind of start slowdown now. But we have Saint Patrick's Day. And that is right on the corner and we do that or maybe you do it or chorus does it give this one well we do we do corn beef ribs. For Saint Patrick's Day and we start to Eleanor Rubin's eyes which I don't probably kill me saying that is it that pain in the butt me by act as his forehead so. As a as we can do it and let's and haven't played them. And what can you really like me you know I local neighborhood. Special this. That's what you do. But it's the end it's the English meat pies that that it really. I put a smile and what its roots in the S and everybody talks about yes. Yes it's it's great during these snowstorms and eaten every that was market basket for their no matter what night people tempted athletes fare. Our pies and stock up on you know not getting out for a couple of days so with your parking lot is going to be tough enough to do it again yeah we need of airline. But you know bottom a hundred years now I don't know you're going to be there's not much space and matter now. And yet. You know which which makes it really kind of special and I wanna. Help people with the tip of the war and don't expect like France and Spencer's job you're you're you're talking to the history yet you know let wooden floors that. Yet when you want to actress is love and it's it is BSN ever building. It's not the prettiest building many I receive a when you come in and you'll see the old. Ill feeling said that 1920s or that it it was it hasn't changed much in. Our customer service at think lieutenant me giggle time we also and then you walk back you'll see the highs. Me Cason. They go from there. And yet if you have though it means that you have you know I mean I'm I'm sure you really isn't your clothes on Sunday at the. I'm sure you probably really busiest with that and snows yet that's that's the thing it itself. It's all the pending supposed to but it's enough to accessories little scared to come yeah that they'll be like about an eight hour period we won't be able to wrote yes. So people paying for those they hours yes it by about two months worth of groceries no one has been picking on top this or does it. No excuse to look at. Keep it. But it must be tough I mean you get up early in the morning America. I can't say that I'm actually making me very now so now now but now that you've got us. Oh yeah and that's moguls and well it's funny because when I'm downstairs at this not mean at. Effort ever I don't know this all the storms and. Well I don't upstairs and I can tell you that smells really good if you think you. When I went upstairs. And there could be something specific like a two tier I just French meat tide has a lot of spices and when their cooking that it comes right into territory it smiles and using where there. Yes it's it's it's had since so then you smell them home loan I'm running ran downstairs its always on you from. Yes but not your return yet so I'm just. And you react and you think. You're bringing in the next generation. That add to this it helps them. Well I'd like that that's a lot that stupid that. We need more help to have a couple more yet is that I put the United's then. No the second location only really have to loan is five girls open. This I think it's announce now that yeah that that's a lot of kids that keep it going Pernod yeah. News yes and I know you brought in some putts and did I I got to see some of these and if you get your Watson isn't FaceBook lives. You'll be able to see this right now yet back to watch later on driving around. Even if you listen to us on the case. I'm sure you customers that come from all they do they're insane. We had someone aid. Checked their car from South Carolina came out there they said it was just for our eyes voters it was to visit family but ours was first up that they need okay Abby. The pies yet and I don't know I'm traveling in the cart when he hours you like to think that it's it's our highs that are bringing people here but we know we know they have they have. Other alternative means for that. That's that is wrong for yet. Oh yeah. I don't I don't know and when it's really doing. What we've. Think you and especially if it's that that would location at its image location and it's it's our hardware and like I'd like you sides the machine it's England it's authentic stuff that we're using so yeah I even try to make nagging didn't look at it did get. And again and again and do once I am I I I timeout did not not. It was like I was at this Coney Island hot dogs and it was I was behind alignment don't yet and they I think probably not true. They've they've probably opened and twenty it's great and they have customers that just we got there nice and early about 10 o'clock there's no place. I looked up at around 11 o'clock the lines. No hitting and I'm behind the line make yeah lap and it about tennis years I think ever about ten minutes and I said you know I don't know how to do. Yes it's it's fun when you get those type shows me where panic because we're out of highs and customers are. And yet we have a big window in the kitchen they're just staring at us we have a hard time walking out there but there and thank everyone for waiting it. Totally appreciate that which we do we the fact that they're standing there for 515 minutes waiting for our food and that's a big deal. Heights weights market in the film yes and that's TH WT HW TI I took a little while I think the best way to say it. She refused rights yes and then it's you'll be fine you got it perfect yeah and that's what you've just got to say it. Wants I go into the outtakes from those phenomenal. Month my appetite I was. They're getting out are as we did at the end and beginning hadn't yet yes. So much practice it's it's so get out and I said something somebody that you what I said my money that you couldn't promotes a single syllable. A lot. That's us. You never know that they're used to the standards of sorts. But. It's tough job that we have right yeah. What were we just enjoy in places like like yours I. Let's take a quick brickyard and to a commercial tuna wanna see which you got on the bench and I know those replies here the way it's market again. Where you located in the form located 36 railroad street is doing its on the corner of Oakland avenue rewrite street. And if you listen to meet today Sunday you know when Johnson's. But but I have him and you know we just tried. The stock yeah absolutely I think its market now if you we're thinking about investing in rare points. And maybe have where. Points and you'll you you wonder like. Well you know what what do they were you know should I should keep hold on to my rare coins that had four you know dedicated to. But I don't know what their work you know you that you get that anxiety and I want to go to a place in the gonna say well that that's only worth about fifty dollars when it will be worth couple thousand dollars. So you need a guy that you could trust a guy that we do business with. His name is Warren mills of rare coins in New Hampshire now he travels the country looking for rare corns. And if your corn collection is rare enough talked to multiple new direct to your house and take a look at. Warren mills where points in New Hampshire. And again he's somebody that I've done business with for many many years personally. I buy silver points for more mills executive for medical records so and take a little step back into the silver points. Now Warren was telling us that the counterfeiting of gold and silver point is is. Is becoming incredible pieces now you can't even like a trained expert he's been doing this for almost forty years now. He can't tell what's real and what's fake by looking at it anymore can't tell that's how good they are. So worn mills came up with a an idea. He called NASA the space agency. Any purchase this equipment that action to look in side the going to see what's in the middle. And if it's pure. So was the first one that I know are probably in the country. With that technology. So you can feel safe when you buy. We're core of gold points or so points from him. Now he got so busy with this. With this machine banks are coming to him because banks are worried about the silver in the goal that they had in house that they did know they were real. You know and more we'll tell you he he talked to one guy came in 300000 dollars of his points were not real. And so you need a guy that could. That has that expertise. May affect you so busy now with this machine purchased a second machine. Where courts in Hampshire Warren mills is his name 802257264. That's 800. 2257264. Now I have a very special restaurant that I want to try the only open for dinner. Tuesday through Thursday from five to eleven Friday and charitable five to midnight and Sunday's today. And they are open from 5 PM to 11 PM it's called red bird it's in Waltham. And is right there on moody street. It's a small restaurant. But it's Dexter special. The ship owner Dan. He am really puts a spin on kind of like modern classics. And what he was telling me. Was we open up this restaurant. Is I just want to make food that I would be proud of and happy. You know so everything has the little kicked up flare one of my favorite items there we were not an appetizer. Is that buffalo cauliflower. Little bit of a buttermilk Lou on top of this little whose salary little bit of honey so rushed to buffalo sauce. Ease. Tried to an appetizer now the great appetizer how to but the boneless. Beef short routes they're slow braised crying beef. With the cream plant them on top they are un believable. I for dinner where you can have anything from you pinot swordfish to hanger steak. Chicken breasts. Or you wanna know what happened to him lately and I don't know alarming on these fancy restaurants and even these steakhouse is an awesome I'm. I'm sitting there and a mortar and a burger. Well the red bird burger. Has won many awards in the past. And they have a certain of it goat cheese that I love that that cheese and a I didn't know really what that she's like about fifteen years of oil went to a room. And that rule would be in the market Dutch colony. I want believe they're not my wife and I I'm gonna aggressive that there wrestled it from us talking about records were in Aruba start. You know flew in there that day. There's no no food on the play and nothing start. And it was a Sunday evening look with time and at that north and there was always a pizza. So on my phone went to order Pizza Hut pizza I mean what what what can we do. Who's the best pizza I had my life and am I only am I just so hungry that. That that just makes his pizza. Rules back pizza that was using due to cheese on top it was unbelievable month. Is that like their standard she's no no I had to order special no that's the standard I think we had to use he brutally cheese pizza and body included cheese pizza yes okay. Wow I'm talent that's that's what what do Dutch pizza on fiscal and when you're hungry who. And it was one of my best beaches of grand moment. And I had a feeling it was have to do with that cheese I don't know what I'm a little bit to do with the fact you hadn't eaten for days aren't there again progress. Get back to read Burt wolf that they have a burger. That features that she's on top and open to other than Burke was excellent. You. It didn't last long militant they didn't last long on red birds go Wednesday united jacket creature at the door when they have a very creative craft cocktail menu. Traditional dishes items that they have with a little bit of a twist in the also go around the country trying to find unusual wines. Seeking go in there have a great craft cocktail it's kind of a fun little place only open for dinner the closed on Mondays so Tuesday through Sunday. Red bird vault them again Jeff is gonna reject out the door please go and and trying to buff we'll tell cauliflower from appetizers. And then come up it's a boy you're right. I have one I felt like if you order another dish that are good red bird. 361 moody street and walk them there's plenty of street parking right in is also a couple of Rogers not that far almost right behind the restaurant he will not have a problem getting it. Red birds in a while there. Idealists in the wicket by its radio Roger by Regina pizza world famous 1926 with a homemade. Brick oven pizza the final location near you. Just visit their website Regina pizza dot com. Over a century might manly sincerely and Merrimack Valley but the highest quality meats money back. We make over forty different products in the house from pastrami the sausages not to mention the Burger's right revived. We stuck variety of local products complement many. We have beer we have wind and the freshest local scene when you can buy it. But come on down the outline what your loans ops exist 3130. What feared hitter expert cook here to help. If you think you have to travel to the north and her fine Italian food think again for the freshest in seafood delicious steaks and authentic north and cuisine installation of Boston's North End for over half a century polices has throughout the north and Q without having to travel downtown police just of Boston's net then route 28 down them. Hello everybody am pat lately and I'm here for my friend Nicky had a right here a wicked bite. Nick has that family restaurants these days but if you don't mind it like to talk about Teresa is crime okay. It is it twenty elm street that's route sixty to a north rating. You know if you go to Las Vegas to go to one of those high class restaurants. You know they have flames in mail waterfall. Guess what Teresa is crime has the same thing it is beautiful absolutely. Gorgeous and when it comes to cuisine. You can't find a better stakes anyplace. Brandt. Brian beef he had some fresh seafood dishes to. I especially recommend it cowboy rip. And that view that been to Teresa's prime please go I know you'll absolutely love it. That's Teresa's prime Nikki have a dress strap. And he doesn't care how much it cost him he will please you Teresa's prime twenty elm street in north threading the members 978. 2760044. I'd love to talk to you know batter restaurant chef owner that I know very well and have known for 2530 years. His name is in the belated desk he's originally from Naples as about a fresh too is actually go to BO lawyer is it that. Napoli law school in Naples and decided. You know something. I really would like to be this year. So he came to America he worked here for awhile in the north and opened up his own restaurant very successful and has won every award on the planet earth. Okay and when he won in 2008. The 2000 played award for the best Italian restaurant and chef in the world. And that was presented to him by the nine doors of Rome Italy. Now I'd suggest one very special this. That would be the stakes ally pat what plea that famous radio star. It's very spicy sea entity care we get that you have to develop a taste for that night. Here's the seafood coliseum the veal coliseum the stuff column on it. I know that you will enjoy this restaurant to visit him and they relate to desk is H now coliseum restaurant route 28. Record ridge shopping plaza Salem New Hampshire and. Can't pay their daughter restaurant opposite pentagon Irish dining with the problem. They have their beverages you know with all those who got famous and then at leopard Collins. I'm friendly service and you don't need them look at the Irish and you just need to know there's been pregnant daughter restaurants and paper and Nashua. You're locked until we get vice radio. We're not just for gore makes some days tended to and on WRK elbow boys of Boston us. Welcome back by radio and again stop in. Doing a good weather. English meat pies were coming you know that we that he. So that's that's why I mean he seems to show up whenever there is promising food. You know we're chicken wings he showed up the next week you can have anything didn't show. Connection we have promise of peace and shows up and he didn't think anything was coming in this week and also we got me. You know he's tickets. So listen for radio or watching on FaceBook live. As you know we just wish he lives in studio and on through my mom's watching. Lot of course she's like pat yeah what some of those because god drops among my mother sister she she grew up in life lived in many many years. She is taught she is went to its market for many mean a lot. And edit my mother really didn't going to try it now this is watching. If he came into work today it would have a he's the English replies and all the way up so that it on on on FaceBook life. And I don't know how we describe how would you describe. It it's a world. It fits in the column ahead. It doesn't fit in the pocket and it's it's just a little. Can't have witness. Pam hi you could plunge in the palm of your hand exactly yes but you know Mike I got a whole box opened it up. Moments of form. Fantastic and it's so quiet all of the exit getting heat with us. Yes I and then I opened it up in the news smell him and taking it yet you know I. It's like people who you talk about food not get hung real time we get used to it. But when it's we will do get hungry all the time it's an analyst's hard hard not to have to really like dive into these. But you know we did the video on are on the on the wicked right TV show. And I know on FaceBook it's been you like 3900000. And it's it's an amazing amount people recognize you from that. Alia yes it's it's funny event but the day that you feared it would come in and I saw you on and so you own device they are a son. Something on FaceBook that shared aren't my friend shared this and it just it's. It's rapid fire aids its gone it's it's and it's great. Well I push people watching the show you don't believe me I'm Lebanese watched the Euro could restore this happen and lastly I told my. I appointed Joseph this north and and since then walked in. The hostess waitress says that you're my bed last night. He loves telling the story. He loves telling the story I think it's creep your every he says I as an excuse me. Because I was watching this video on FaceBook for its market. And sit well OK got it in my why not my wife says how often you can tell that the story. To that they identified any daily daily sometimes multiple times a day Korea to let you know. I hate to personalize Scott Whitley by the way this woman commodity that they could put it that another and told us. Stories like you know at functions and not on the radio and atomic recognize those in the chip work I went to gym really early one. This this story it's great this because they are completely naked. Recognizes me more to have a conversation as I'm walking by them it so. Tough job you know tough job now we are loaded shipped from meat pies the payers that he fantastic I'm. Now we're loaded with these these englishman pies and what's market and so what I've been to them on scenes of comments on FaceBook live. The pork pies are so good Jennifer says. And somebody says look to be part of this team and I don't know what they mean by that maybe your team to be our team. Everybody wants no part of what we do. Until until they start seeing their pants get tighter. Which happens. While we're lots burger in Providence the other day with that Frankenstein it was like burger with chili hot apple some. Tool between the fracas that Berger and win the triple murder burglary and after that I will hold so stuff. So be up and tired yes tired because you need them much either really really tired. Everything very much for stopping by today and bring in all these pies were gonna try four during the break will be able leader Lou pollutants at. The weights market in the fell one. And again the English week highs again Abbie thank you very much for joining us you very much at night and I got one more hour wicket by Stevie coming up we'll listen in quick bites radio. Listening to wickedly. We placed election will be approved for Sunday's. WRK oh the voice of Boston. And again welcome back in Scotland today sitting and 12 o'clock taking your phone calls. And I'm just like. Glancing at our FaceBook live from Washington comments that come down Michael says he went to the place because of the past show yellows hysteria teriyaki steak. Shepherd's pie. Very helpful people we have the shepherd's pie were there those birds. When we got a couple of there maybe if they had chicken broccoli. Chicken farm. Grip the divvy up some of those thunder dome for each one yes and I got a couple other ones over here to think buffalo blue book which is sort of a couple different types that are called the truck. So any city as the mind going out a way to try a place like this he really loves it. That's what it is that's what we do I'd just love why do the research for you. I just love finding places like this so that that that that if if you're from out of town he may not have ever heard what Andy come in and really enjoy. In another place this is only a hundred years of history. We would we were just we upcoming episode we're going to be showing in Providence they haven Brothers diner which has been. Since the horse and buggy days. You know that literally we gotta wait for that you gotta wait for the pull up on to the and we had to wait for it to blow up I mean greatly Statehouse that comes up are now City Hall City Hall I guess it -- province downtown Providence and yet it they've upgraded from the two horses to a diesel truck yet so but who horse power with the two like 180 horsepower still solemn good old Lleyton a greasy food. I love some of the comments that most of the pitcher to to FaceBook and Twitter. Which you can see an app which of bites TV on FaceBook and Twitter. Most of them were that's funny I've never been there are so over. Which I thought I did notice I I felt the same way I've been there are a number of times but never before 2 AM and never like memory memory intact and if you're watching me on FaceBook however I got a boat that's why yeah the thing was replies because the smells make it less than oil and I'm gonna Buick Bugs Bunny floating into the pine because that's making me hungry. For a. Now and you want to get always like search the video to see that with the two it's marked absolutely spot on with it bites TV just to sit over there and find that segment that I did as. I wanna say hundreds of thousands of people that watched that segment and it's just a little special place it's a little place in a giggle want. Yes they think it is it's just. You people people in this in the Merrimack area chirp that valley didn't giving it a secret how over ninety a hundred years out of the campus secret from me until I discovered a couple of months ago. And and now we've let the secret the bag yet so they're gonna we saw how many pies they were producing in the back they're gonna like she's like you said they're gonna the double up their efforts and get more people back there right and and as the father told that you know you gotta have more kids that she's been working you have to manufacture more employees could put. If for the both sides in typically have but I'm a causal labor laws instead somewhere. Horrible so let's get grandfathered and after a hundred years yes the Nokia mechanism that acting was meat pies right. The way it's marketed McMillan. The first hour of the restaurant program we kind of talked about. Soups and finding great places pursuits yup so that we opened back up a little later on the we have Damien Neal who will be here talking about a new places that open up over the last year. He's not talking about troops not timeouts are talking about places that just open up restaurants that just opened up as opposed to gas stations. What you know on wicket fights. You talked about I mean this is especially supermarket store we're talking about the food that capsule I talk about the arms. Absolutely especially supermarket and go there on Mondays. And relaunch. In the supermarket sit down there and get there there there to see who casserole. It's gonna blow your mind. Absolutely it's it's great. I mean what's better especially a place like the arms of weights I mean you can get the stuff and get it to go. But having it raid off their own grow or in their current points case rate out of their often hot fresh right there. Unbelievable you can't beat like good food fresh right out of the other. Yes yes and me. I. I show tomorrow a few minutes ago on FaceBook wise you got to see what they only don't like them as 12 million. Yeah yeah Agile army that ad is right I think to might be. I mean maybe you can handle too much sure. No one and a half is probably what you land and have breakfast and sort of Kosovo we've got plenty here to look to the if you die if we find dining here and it usually supplies for breakfast I love it. I too let's open up the lines again we're gonna look for restaurants that have great suits that's that's our great cents per child as soon. What what. I mean I'm getting cold I'm cold and here I don't know the heat's not working again I'd just kicked on. All right so you're you're half of the building is now it's much much my third has worked we have is is the heat's not kick in on but the fantastic on. And it's blown cold there and we don't have it is on the warmest. What we got these these products because that city and meet eyes as ever had just all the box I was the box is nice and warm right in my fingertips cold. But I need some iTunes or write a children's elites and charters. So folks call it right now we have open lines that take your name address off there. And we are gonna warts and there is to to get to do that we didn't give away just in its last I woke who will do that in a few minutes on who during the next break now. Recipes to be some and to everybody giveaways and great prices. That four people that call in and tells about where he has the best place. The clam chowder or seafood chowder and I have a lobster this. I'd couple years ago I don't know if they haven't won the best lot to this ever ever experienced in my life okay. And there have been a huge boost that neither. Was on Erica and I'm talent it was one of the best places. I've ever had in my life this is where you say I don't remember where it was in Maine. It's always happens a problem it was my it was a restaurant they they they closed okay and also noticed that and then I wanna say. The shaft with somebody who went out and I think he went to were all those aren't in Hampton New Hampshire. I don't know they still have it and if it's the same recipe at the same person is still there. That was the best lots of us have ever had in my life so you're saying we're gonna have to take a research trip out to renew all of those wanna lobster basis point like they have achieved keynote there. That. That is incredible single pound of pasta dip hole. A hole. Like a lobster Oca. A pound of clams mussels scallops each. And and his and at some people zones of some food impostor today and when they make that put it altogether they put the you know the the wind on top of and an all catches on it Bombay you'll lane in planes flying everywhere you know. We can't do that emotional and I would sensible place on fire with. This is a registered in the kitchen equipment we can't do it means that you had enough problems in that lane. And yet and he luckily just voices and those averages just I felt I was in good hands that's why say cluster I've run exactly but it's all for the good better book that are good for the show. But I always. It was wells and that made a conscious effort because at that point in the show. For some reason we have gone about two or three weeks were almost every kitchen segment included something flaming. And I haven't done one yet. And all the girls always do the same thing that was jumped away. So I've kind of you know one bead man and I leaned into him and I leaned into the fire. Like them. Still could put up. I'm not a sharp but yeah of course of that when it's Abbe Lane segment you can find on our YouTube channel which is YouTube dot com slash Wiki bites TV. With. Jason Santos. Is she opening but remote number the couple weeks it's gonna be a missile research assignment. All like New Orleans slope there and it's like he's got to school voodoo lounge black light lol this. Fought it can be fun place prior to let the poor emotional right so let's get back let's open up the phone myself soup we're looking for soups Crowder lobster brisk. Adding that now sure they announce they do about it it's a super 8884346464. That is our number here too wicked rights radio again this is Scott quickly and today. And that I want it to guys that. Though these phone lines right now because I wanna find great charters and great soups and let us or FaceBook live as well FaceBook dot com slash wicket bites TV. You're watching us live as we do every Sunday. Let us know your favorite place for soup. Soup got that writers and number 888. 4346464. It takes is a minute to screen your calls because you too we take your name and address author that's just for us because then we have your name and address and if you do win a dinner just having it. What does mail on around to mail in and India to dine on us so who has great soaps. I do. A lot of the Red Bulls moved oil powers and rebels took a second meal and it is simple meal good so it. Folks can tell us about restaurants that have those types of issues. I wanna know about them right now and I actually it's gonna take your name and address off there. We get John as fast as we can 888. 4346464. That is our number to call and an open line and it's Wii and DUB now and you right now 888. 4346464. Right. While we start screening your calls and went for your call to commitment to take about a horseshoe pop is that Castro pop that this is comfort food. It's located in Hudson mass now chef gave. He just he took the pop. Fair at the horseshoe putt and he said you know I really wanna kick it. And make it different because they already have. Eighty Beers on tap since I gotta make this special no other restaurant that I know especially like a small restaurant. I'm Hudson mass has eighty Busan tap. I mean you got to see all these caps that go from one side to the other of the floor of this lounge area. So you want to kick up the food and he has done that they have an Atlantic blue caught. This Danish. Seeing is believing. I mean I'm not a huge seafood lover. You know I like certain dishes but I'm not you know crazy about seafood. The way this things stood the cause stood up on the plate with the crumbs on top. I'm I and it's beyond words after the photograph put up on FaceBook. I Cynthia HT voices who as. The Atlantic blue caught you have to go in and try it they also have doing efficient chips. The Porsche jumble liable that because daylight today. Little bit of a kick to it. I'll I enemy and you runs from from burgers to sandwiches. Please go and say hi to Steve. I'm sure they'll probably be be their breach at the door and since they have eighty Beers on tap just have them recommend. A beer for you to maybe get a flight appears tell what type or style to. And you'll be able to try and see the horseshoe popped 29 south street in huts in mass. It's 29 south street going to be that put that in GG PS okay 888. 4346464. Come out of got an open line 8884346464. Affiliation restaurant. We won 1012 office street in the though one. That's the psalms place you go when they get that three pounds fixed up lobster with the nation's famous walnut stuffing. It's so popular that they were not a lobsters at times it was three pounders that a good move right on to the crime we're. Neither can cup primer. No way one person to be that. It is slow roast to perfection it's hand so we will Hutus us but once and I went there. And we that the can cut primary. That one we split it couldn't finish took it home and another meal. And so. None of the best lamb chops anywhere to. And I also say gotta gotta say room producer they would pay the Alaska. That sensation the finish and restaurant they're only open for dinner Tuesday through Sunday on Sundays they open up at 2 PM today. They're looking to rule 110. In the door or actually in Haiti were right there on with a win line. Exit 49 off of route 490s by the Venetian restaurant twelve Al mystery in payroll. And Osama that you will be there a little bit later on celebrate the patriots win from last week. The bit about the China blossom in north bend over we won 25 the north and over the critics' choice of the best Chinese cuisine north of Boston. I don't like any Chinese buffet we just fine career and your great monetize and two weeks and today we have Kevin corner psychic medium. And we have tickets available to you like to see him. I'm with you believe in it or not. He can tell you information that only you know I mean because I'm biggest skeptic in the entire world I've been to about forty of the shows now. And I always sit there sand in housing door I was trying to figure out an ankle and able to the bailout for. Think it's everybody reads everybody givers even stumbles on somebody. I am my ears perked up is I'm just not used to that I mean he is told them like streets where they live long conversations that they had going in there. Got tickets are 45 dollars per person at the China blossom in North Andover on February 26 that's two weeks from today Sunday. And includes that Chinese lunch buffet. And it's great friends and groups. I'm talent it'll table you know it is remotely friends. They will be blown away like guy you get tickets at North Shore spirits dot com that's North Shore spirits dot com or call. 866. 74511678667451167. To order your tickets. I hear an ever call we're looking for great soups. I want I want somebody tell me about some of the favorite places that does claim charter and bread apple. Yeah who's doing it who's doing and I want that right now 888. 4346464. That's 8884. The word dining okay calls right now at an open mind to let's go to Tony of what though 1 morning Tony. Good morning I'd go excellence. All right so grateful for a bit took a drop while law rule what mayor Rowe. Mean. What's that what's the name of it again. But. I I am not I'm not familiar with that at all. Britney. Tell me more about it. Dry goods and every and all Freud always an award that went for it was all of the fruits vegetables. Well of good meets every. I and an end but their suits you saying are outstanding. Austria bright and likes the embroidery the name of the place again. I dropped. Tender crop farms. Everybody knows about deployed I'm like just not I have been at the moment to check out. I got a portable portable although there. What are. They able. Oh yeah I area the water buffalo absolutely Tony. I learned that one I ever the water but I just I just at the details please you drew by a million times mussina but that's that's when it's gonna wanna buffalo front. I'm gonna check it out I thought they derivative focal it's that cap the of Dorchester good morning Cathy. I'm on it but how you look at China always agree. Worked out. A lot of the best I agree with it like at one of many many years ago at the cafe Budapest which is not anymore area and activists were mentioned that that that claimed chat but before it can quickly. It's epic how many you know the red Abbott is that all my glut dispose stands up and and it's so thick and go to Russia. And now the fourth in Quincy that that that that's kind of like a little sports pub and I have enemy Lawson I think we have like with three locations. Yeah yep probably they what I am not just now I can't give it direct only because you're going through the municipal parking lot. But at writing Quincy square. Right but just say our clam chowder. Oh my god it's Saturday for a I even by an agreement on what some kind of like well that's my main meal look at the poll. I mean it felt so in a vote election. Yeah REI. And I'm actually thinking about stopping on the way home today. This is a place in. It in north end of reckoning of the name of the what you were shopping plaza yeah that is he does take out it's like lobster tail I think is the name of the but the great clam chowder that they make and how it sometimes up at home like a little pint today. But thank at a date far edited the spot to perfect yeah. It is really OK I just wanted so much and I did it really as I get that off I really don't. By the flowers. I Cathy the force located in Quincy. Let's go to Michael. Michael adore Jessica morneau Michael. There is there yes gonna talk to a couple of years probably well welcome welcome and right away waits to see dispel just think of what it's worth both late. Yes. Well thank again it's easy to say if you had a future. And that becomes easy awaits. Yeah after that tongue out there and then and but it yet it's a little place that's worth going to throw that he was implies. Just say it on it. You know so whatever this big seafood. Do cast the role that a restaurant pretty well or whether New Bedford called Antonio's. Tornadoes of New Bedford. It's it's not for a purse this place six dollars and that this includes cast the role of sixes sevens seafood let's see I read about it. What to scholarship muscle relax. Chopped clams. Tomatoes and eggs they played assassinate the really awfully good but definitely get a lot of little bread products side and we will likable clean with the bottom with the red. Well that's the important for 28 dollars event be very. Ultimately. And that's when he embarked on bargains before Beasley a terrific place. It's it's right power to rule whether any fight it's not their living in the Wheeling area they sell are based its service so a lot of issues ovation as. That the Lola scored the country there is they ate a lot of Emmy this year they have. Xxx. The garnish or undecided it's it was seeking ticketed dish without sufficient support jobs come with the next stop both credited with. And it's it's the 269. It was seventy or 67 to seven or cognition overload the federal cog open. Spelled politicians CO ZZ. The USA. LL. Console which is right parallel to a woman if by that you leave no that's going to fair haven new who feel left there it is on the same road as the girls. And it's called it Antonio's of New Bedford. Yeah it's terrific if you goal in the oval local remotely help you'll see so many pictures of Portuguese. Foods that you just you're sworn into these beautiful web site. Beautiful pictures they have to hit quite tell what it is looking at that you wanted to let the orange and yellow and bright greens and. That's all right I'm on a daily tell me that depth. Male yeah a couple players sizes that you like that stuff. Are great but there are all excited otherworldly parking lot right across three and that those that have happened side of family dining side in an area with boots. Pretty big. Dot. I'm Michael thank you very much and you know 27 dollars and I'm in that little bit deal. Now the idea points earned bucks on our FaceBook live Jennifer is putting a plug in through the causeway in Gloucester for the best fish chowder which you have experienced this yet you've. You went to their their fried clams right I know I went always at the place huge portions of the incredible force of Madeleine okay they they had depth. Octopus on their menu and so they made one forming relentless Roebuck love it was like the whole octopus up with I mean the lags well it would boost the entire place was filled up and go big or go home and the idea. That the chicken parmesan you know. Because of that eight who you know it was the players are the portions were known as everybody at home can see is well by going to our YouTube channel or FaceBook page. Both you can find under which it bites TV. Thank you Jennifer for your comment yup and he always come. What aspects TV right now public comment on the live stream so we could we could see and read up on everything and in my way too when you're common house that. Michael do you thumbs up. Every time we get a common common cure comes as Google phones operate there he had animals mature it's a film like OK all right let's wicked right Stevie July FaceBook he's watching right now I. Restaurant they Serena is located in mall than its own and operate about Longo family you'll find Geovany you'll you'll see him there cooking they have an open kitchen they have this brick oven. And that that produces. While a lot of goodness I comes out of work out because there's nothing like that little kisses smoke on all the dishes that you could get the flavoring from opera covent. They have homemade breads. In the got a little bit of that smoke comes from the governor rather. It's family owned its family operated its in Malden. And their goal is just to provide you with a little taste of Calabria. The region. Where the exec at a chef and owner Geovany Longo was raised and studied the art of Italian cooking. Now I would recommend. Were they resort to this seafood resource package. Was not the seafood was up to those with ever present and it was so that I would recommend trying to find your honor. I'm I'm I'm looking for what's in in it but I. Because like every time a merit or are you order your shrimp mussels clams. Telemar in your future and those who don't it's. It's just it's a culture in Sylmar area that's usually it's just the simple the edge there and it's movement. It's so good and you get it at that restaurant they Serena and me because good ingredients like they do you know you're just you don't know you don't know you know it gets a small restaurant so it's hard to get in at times and it's very popular. And the located in Malden district park like I think is actually some parking or behind the restaurant not a 100% sure that her there is a few spots back there. They're only open for dinner. Tuesday through Thursday we open up at 4 o'clock Friday and Saturday. They opened for four to ten Sunday today they'll open up before their closed on Monday she really liked well seats. Yes like that if that it's a little smaller places India have but it it's just me. You normally don't hear places about this that advertisements that can't afford to write you know and it and he's just so special. Eighteen Lebanon street mall that is where it's located and Geovany long Sahara to at a restaurant dates are reuniting named after his daughter. Beautiful restaurants and that's with a name came from. By now there's a guy on the South Shore Wednesday during mark Todd geo is his name Janeiro is eatery twelve Blanchard wrote in Quincy. Now the problem I have with Jersey series the size of the food. I mean I mean it's gonna come out. And it and it's if you gonna feel like it's never gonna end. And the problem I have is I need a trip to the auto body shop after withdrew my suspension all lack of taking home. Five pounds of pizza in the back to which it won't be a couple of years ago. For a party your Super Bowl parties it was was sure it. And I couldn't fit it it wouldn't fit in the trunk for a predator in the back seat. This is pizza is here's. The Sicilian style pizza at regular beats. But that is the Sicilian style. Just like twelve by seventeen. Twelve slice it's gonna get a Cadillac to kick beatable. There are open for lunch and dinner prices are family friendly family friendly restaurant that closed on Sundays however that opened today notes on Sundays. They just to take on cater to us on this important elevator so yeah he's up every morning guy who loves to cook. They like to put a smile on everybody's face. To their cedar twelve Blanchard wrote in points. Let's that we get by its radio getting your comment on our FaceBook live right now tells about prices with great soups and showers. And I'm still looking for. The best restaurant in town that does Red Bulls clinch out of work soups and went. And help us out 88843. Or 6464. Daniel listen to what it bites radio Sunday's ten to twelve right here and succeed if you are hail of bullets applause. Tell us sort of go oh come on you've always wanted to. With the blades TV on FaceBook Google+ and Twitter you're listening to weaken bites WRK you know the voice of Boston. Get updates we'll don't wait for updates to. Traffic and weather whenever. It's. Listen when you might bring against publicly today we're looking for your favorite place for soups right now. We have some winners of people living calling in we had places are recommended from flexes and took some very good with the word family restaurant. Country kitchen in the Golan captured parkers and western armored former browns a middle then. Marino's in Barack Moreno. Wakefield. That the war isn't going easy. Antonio's of New Bedford those sort of place that have been recommended so far on the program and we're looking for your help what's the best place for showers today. I know this snowstorm coming. I wanna warm you up now on warming up inside. And I think he can help out our audience that you could tell us. What's your favorite place right now for playing charter any type of students and I really suits. Suits and a dreadful really I'm in the mood there right now. Don't be great lunch or dinner he just left. So he can help us out here's the number. 8884346464. That's 888. 4346464. And we're gonna take your name and address off there. Because we awards dinner yesterday gets when you call in random and that will we had your name and address Lou and with it at U 888. 4346464. And Mike we have some winners. We do have a few winners here. What's the idea bill of Lynn field. We are sending bill a Pisa. Pizza gift card little piece of pizza at all located at 133 pearl street in mold in 71. Read 977777. And their website is he's the pizza mold them dot com that's PI SK pizza. Michael of Dorchester he's getting gifts that we get the Bible forces however they have two locations. One in Davis Square Somerville the other one in the south and Boston. Fantastic bar with a good food good beer selection I think you like to recommend this. They have this corn bread that they make in the house with this butter beer beer butter. You could just drink the beer by the. With a ticket. And that would not be that way. The event witnessed in the days 8884346464. C'mon did you help the super great places to suit today 888. 4346464. Michael look at our FaceBook live right yes. He's Jennifer. May be asking one of us into this over for dinner tonight I'm at the look at of the heroes are pieces I maker great. Only gradually you're great Red Bulls soup parliament have dinner at my house all right Jennifer sure. A lot above. The challenges on the fifth just it's been probably just might muddle in my brain thinks but everytime I see one of those invites I just purchase council ams. The little hole in the basement or emotional for Walsh there but I'm gonna like their common it's definitely manageable like there and pneumonia sure. Welcome to dinner with you just you know. We'll bring a tester with a script but the. Yes what. But there's not there's no problem with that and Mary says looks like Mike can't wait oh my my thing just who can't wait to get in there and try I'm assuming. The all the meat pies you they're there has been talking with a meat has a FaceBook live. They they want us to try and they want us at home how they are but either we have a weave out and we can tell you their excellent I'm coming gonna enjoy a nice one just the show. Yes any guy I want to thank you too many of them because I'm sure my wife wants a few. And pat missed and he was there will be here what would you do that that's the trick and Intel and the it to America. You you got to show every week you never know who's gonna shall there yeah. I would look for your your favorite locations pursue then showers 8884346464. Idiot Keith a few more seconds to screens of your phone calls. And we'll get back to him just 2 seconds am lost talked to the folks from the Damian Smith will be here and talk about restaurants that kind of opened up in the last year. In the Boston area that's still to come what's the new hot list and bosses who helped tell us with a Yelp review yells holders the Yelp for itself. Or are discovering and find our. Are all are totally caller our reviewers say we we we we did we need acute namely Yelp. Went over to the byters and we have we got to be probably got to be careful and think you're the bug eaters who. Well people often every time they see the teacher it's a mistake the sector word for different war that we can't sit on the can't say where did something but I don't understand call back. The WB we will start there we'll start with a WB's. Are the WB network mistakes that we could not applicants it was anymore now they're gone missed an award should WB's. Yeah. It will still be confused and think it's the actual network and it will start in the Wayans Brothers repeats in the wall because note that. Who will be fine it'll be a problem at all. I will get back to more soup calls in just the second 8884346460. Ports said he has been busy screens and your phone calls. As an ant to into words and for two contest going on. And could win self dinner for two just tell us about your favorite soups and Chalmers. And I once so balls come on guys and it's and help 8884346464. Restaurant they Lou Chia. Is located in Winchester. And they celebrate their fortieth anniversary this week both families fully Pope front row in the span loser and a and I was there on. Tuesday with them and they had the shaft that she came in. From Simonyi Italy. And she had a cooking class and she prepared food right there downstairs in the function room. And I am down in front sure many many years because every time I go I love restaurant she's gorgeous well it it's a great restaurant. They have this dish I'm always are at. You know I'll go to Europe a couple of months. And that's a by the windows with a put in these these windows over the summer and now I wouldn't open them up. But they open up seek electorate in Italy during the summer. There but they elated in all you know there's the street actions he's still feel like in the wintertime to keep those windows closed for a little while. And you can enjoy great food and they have this. This. I feel chop. That is on their menu special menu only. And it's the home. Mean veal chop. It's enormous. It's special only and they stopped it with shoot 20 in. You name it I mean. It's incredible finish but you gotta look forward to on this special menu home. I was going in there the other day with some friends and I I have remind settlement is gonna have that for the nineteenth time. And then a table and what's different but we were next to me ordered. A. Veal parmesan. Or any looked so cool I mean there red sauce that was so vividly re do. They changed my order. But I improved. And you've had the you've had a view shop. Right so it's always nice to try especially places you trust it's always good to try new things indeed there's very few things on their menu that I think that would be amiss right or anything I improved. You know I got the veal parmesan and your deal and put. And plan on time you go. All to double down hello my good stuff west Toronto in the GSE had a bill when you go in its own and operate by different role would and we we Bowen and a and at that pretty much put him on that great event on Tuesday night that I was able to help you guys celebrate your fortieth anniversary. Alpine butchers located mole. You'll find Gregg you'll find Tom. The Doyle's now this place opened up back in 1913. And you go into this butcher shop and it's an old fashioned butcher shop it's one of those throwback things were in he's gonna go up and talk to the butcher and Tom what that would mean 21. And how to prepare he'll tell you give you the answers. They of this Berber and dry aged beef that you can get there are I don't know anybody else that doesn't action watch it. If you go in every day we just sit there for hours upon hours what you have but they try to be. And they haven't display cases and concede the dates on that when they started and the use multiple bottles or. And they wrap this cheese cloth around and soak it with this high end stuff. And it just sits there. And it ages to perfection. I brought home a couple that replies that I just put an opinion for item. It was like going to fine steak restaurant in the city. You know who usually drop shoots. And hurt that agent. I've been eating very well the past week XL one which you have an idea Alpine butchers of known for over 100 years and other one of his is that incredible. Any of fresh fish. So now we're gonna wanna match that fresh fears that they get from the boats in Boston every Wednesday Thursday and Friday but still actually unbelievable. But the only cell. Wednesday through Sunday that's because they wanna make sure eighties when hardball topic touched you you want that day. And they have a lot of specialty marinated meats and sandwiches watch it pastrami that they personally make when the best. Rubin that Adam Rubin was to test it really is. Alpine butchers say hi to Craig or Tom Doyle when you go when they're located. I would say I don't really get rid off of exit 31 on number three with rule easy to find you'll see it right the bottom of the exit when you get the Alpine butcher. 963. Chelmsford street in lol I don't forget to look for great pizza where when I recommend on. G Pete's real quiet I don't care snow's coming and actually order a couple of boxes. A couple of the bridge for tomorrow. There's nothing prepared and just leap from there and we'll we'll we'll Regina pizzeria world famous since 1926 of that home made brick oven pizza. I 8884346464. That's our numbers to back the cause go to Mike Lamb and start the morning Mike. Good morning I have not wicked good place for the whip did say. Go to get them wicked days real candid in a definitive yes very good very good market. BR the angle at seafood restaurant up on the green village square Westminster. Probably the best. Grant China our seafood China you have not just different from map is I think and knowing my. One great YY. Who. It's gloated that seafood shatters just loaded with fresh seafood that they get delivered fresh every day in the Klan Chavez. You could standish who won and note so there was with clamp. Everything is made fresh try to way. Yeah it's just it's a great spot in not only just a child about any seafood yep blackened salmon off. Whether black and fried clams. It's a great spot to know that we village where right. Beautiful scene Westminster or downtown stopper to and the name of the place again. The angle where seafood restaurants. Seafood restaurant anymore seafood restaurant and Westminster. Got. My and it's also fish market to city and bring all urged fish all while I love places like that. That's always good night slot that they'll definitely a lot. So that particular in my much Mike for your phone call let's go to bill strata New Hampshire your next Scott with a good morning bill. You're a good morning gentlemen called I don't have any favorite Charlie to tell you about what what I do have to talk about his next Sunday. In Brooklyn new here could the book blind auction activity senator is that chowder soup and chili cook off. Which starts at noon it's only function as above 25 or thirty different people restaurants and organizations. Submit. Well so that's usually good timing there's a lot of different charters and soups what you can George you know try to find a winner. Do you need to get tickets and investigating him. No you do not. See I'm no longer loaded gun gun a major role I was working on it on the line and a little while ago although if you you know to look up on the web book the book going to auction center. They'll carry. I'm so that that's not that that's Nikki said next week next Sunday. Next Sunday at noon to eight dollars or they don't buy those were kicked. All right bill thank you very much via phone call the noun a restaurant is located on the fished here in Boston I would recommend their seafood chart there's so much seafood in the bowl. Is that that your spoon will stick straight up I promise you that I mean I'm I'm never seen it. I I don't know I call chowder is so much seafood hints at it I mean it's like it's just a mount. A seafood. I mean amount. I had a friend that years and years ago they removed. Many years ago out of the series went down to New Jersey and we were talking about a year ago. So when I worked in Boston knows what to the known restaurant. I love this in Fallujah. And so you know and it just amazing the people there memories. And experiences. And that's what they talked about they remember how good their C whose job it is. Well food is very nostalgic and generals so if you have a good meal you're gonna remembered terrestrial life and because you're always especially if you travel to it. It's going to be one of those things that you're always going to want to get back to. You don't want all I remember I had that one thing that won't long time ago got to get back to that. And they've been doing it at the known him restaurant a minute or 1970. Equipment there and M went there today about they're free parking. In the seaport district right is right Paul by the rest for this little parking area in the balance that you parking. And Noah restaurant that I know what does that do over for lunch and dinner seven days and weeks the united Jimmie when you go in the known him restaurant though dressed. Right the drugs or 13322. And Essex mass. I know there's seafood charters out of this where I'm at first hand experience days out of this world. But and recommend going there and Kevin Kevin has Mai Thais now. This is restaurant and got that little two classes that go with it. Yeah I mean he's always try. China of course as you shall find my ties and everything is there anything that ever. Everest school district and I'd scuba equipment they do and they do. And don't forget. Worn mills records in New Hampshire range of this portion wicket by its radio. You're looking to buy or sell rare coins he is the guys called Warren mills where points in New Hampshire 800. 2257264. That's 800. 225726. A market that for good morning Marvin. But Scott how are you. Scott my I'm not a charter. Sand. Are one of the best scoring totals ever had in my life was art monk is really about a post poll Larson. Fish market and this was actually phenomenal. Really good chance he brought so they didn't. But let's say replace the soup. The blue moon soup factory there at 240 or even treat. Didn't do and they're bone number is 617. 5589966. And who owns it who it's a husband wife. Her name is now Marjorie trucker she makes. An incredible. Possibility you'll agree it is. I think she puts baby. What's the Italians they couldn't. The tumor of the shoot the I. Don't property should. The jets are enough but it's good that it's it's nice that smoking is the little elbow macaroni and it's a really really good soup Burke chicken noodle soup is incredible because. When you order it. They've put them the new rules and as you order of development it's not assumed authority Maybin oodles of noodles are also argued. Bomb but it really good and next door virtuoso outlook. Is the model work history. They make a check and it's gonna cost about. Twelve to fifty bucks but it is worth every bit of a incredible chicken. The first side to rid. And she's just a really really good cook Q originally. Did all of the sides or what it was Boston. Chicken. When they start out too dull side she did. Google it all that stuff. Now that sounds really who. I know what what's never plays again Marvin. It's being New England soup factory at two to forty or. Needham street in Newton and that's right up of one Cabrera route nine and one tortillas. But it runs. Perpendicular to both of those roadways group and route 120. It is I mean he's. But he hadn't been in Brookline when it looked across the street or the quote. But she make soup that I travel or from Bedford. The B once or twice the weekend. That sounds perfect thank you mark people of the New England soup factory at new rules. And of course our FaceBook live as we do every Sunday during the radio show. We are broadcasting faced dot com slash Wiki Blake's TV live and we got to come at Lori here. Says starboard Galilee in new report has the best lobster chowder on Mondays guessing it's a special thing on Mondays we'll. Starboard jelly restaurant is located 55 water street in new birdie. I've been there many years the reporters ovals over I mean there have been several times through. To in the summer when it warms up a little bit if you walk down the street children to a places. I FaceBook life you know wicket bites you and I it's very easy to remember right public take a quick break we'll be back. To wrap things up and dad teasing was meat pies might that I gave themselves the weights market I have become. I opened the box like that that. Thank goodness it's just it's making me it's the Macon down walked to the time it doesn't like it might radio. What an awful. Didn't bring more. Whether there are a lot of water wind and Benjamin such stuff apartheid movements and know what putting off. Our flag was our lives this moment playing answers from. Drinks blue line and can't. We'll come for the longhorns timberwolves Salem. The 36 years as a firefighter can I achieve our national grateful to want to open up my place I'm one of the best. Huge fortunes like I was on the come out. Most people don't know he hit a line. The deal calling Angelique named after me as a flavor explosion. So we're grateful with huge portions come visit me at Jackson moment. You know a lot of the restaurants in the north then try to recreate what used to be. But can't really do it there's one place that does believe spoke rest that I take. And bosses north then righted the gateway to the north that now they've got a great cuisine you know about that. But what they do have that nobody else says is a is an area for you to have a party. Get together winning you name it they've that function rooms yes to serve you. And they are the only ones in the North End like this. Fully post second floor function rooms. Have been renovated and they boast the floor to ceiling windows that overlook Boston Harbor the bustling city scene and even. The USS constitution. And border they have some menus that those Syria whatever your needs are. That's fully pull wrist that I and take 283 causeway street Boston's North End. Here's the telephone number about the way they open seven days a week in their Bagley across from the TD bank garden believe Boris that I at least telephone number 617. 742. For 14 theory. Looking for the best deal and now. I'm lazy dog wins at lunch specials Monday through Friday batting at Jeffrey. By the last hole made false. Donald marinara sauce yet read Maggie by. Our quality or price well once I get lazy dog and markdowns and lazy dog anyway. For the Jews to. Murder it's horrible Solomon on the fifth over article from the pulpit and also a brand new location down. 41 of the best burger. There are half pound burgers might take a little longer club but I guarantee you will love. Our hope moments where rare rare and well done is well about. Dental break knows smiled back contagion. And they want you to be ready to cheer or smile at any time dental right offers the most effective and safest to quite an available actually making your teeth several shades brighter in just one session. With lasting results of the five years so what are you waiting for. Started smiling again where antibiotics Perry of onyx orthodontist and complete cosmetic in general dentistry seek dental bright in Lawrence or Burlington. Or visit them on the wet dense Albright group dot com. We're not just for gourmets. Wicked slice radio from pizza did gore may. This is we get by its radio on WRK oh the boys of Boston. And I we'll tell you we are not just we'll. We just. Like to go on that could. That's true that's that's all we do we just like discover little place I don't care that small like they're gonna matter. Is that who does some especially when an old right and that's up to get a lot of bark. You know our ideas and TV show we got some great shows plan coming up view in March April we do all of these shows that we doing there. I don't wanna say one of the it's the teams you know are real special session. That you're gonna have to. I'm not in the town don't jinx it we have film that we have those you know what happens when when did you know son we brought this though not a mistake us with that the that the I'm just gonna say we're doing something but you're not in the world and that's fair enough and there will be excited with the bites TV Saturday morning 930 on NASA. Encore presentation is Tuesday this week Tuesday 2 PM yep we're at the tap and mining dampers. Correct that happened mine you do brewers four. I was in our consultants with the errors thirty burgers there I spoke with rich the other day he's gonna come in the show. Probably like to witness personally how about that when either TV shows up. Those who received it was a big deal. Open. Giants plus the and not only burgers but like like you saw on the segment if you watch with the bites on this and which is of course 9:30 every Saturday morning or this week Tuesday two. Besides. The French Fries are like the size of my head it's like a football size potato. Good stuff that stuff are you got a winner in there and I also gonna Google reviews that could read up I think on FaceBook live people come here I do have a winner Mike oval lemon stir. We are gonna send him a gift certificate to the depot street tavern. Another world one of my favorite places we've done on the show small place so much fun. And the food was like. Well I've stall our food right when you know you than it was this it never trust distinction afterward about I don't worry about. Or go definitely say I'm Adam when you get to depot street tavern. I was again Mike of elements are depot street tavern. Is located 45 depot street in Milford I mean there's nothing on the menu you can go wrong. Place just it's in Milford yet you know and not a very populated area section. And when they open their doors for lunch there wasn't an empty packed. And the food very exciting yeah very very it's very very nice people excellent food. I mean that the atmosphere it's like Blake Adams said you walking into his main cave yes. And you do yes you do. And it and it's you're taking in and he's gonna is gonna make sure you gain a few. That in the pedestal you're gonna need doggie bags multiple ones are this portion with Ameritrade park invites all the tours restaurants and several occasions and over a large effort South Boston and in Boston's their district. Go for lunch and dinner seven days or weeks on public tours doping about the chefs playground section on the menu also brought you by Teresa's restaurant Teresa's crime. Neil Thompson country club as they give us place. Where every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday from four to 6 PM they were 35 dollar pre fix dinner. That's right 35 dollars my quick got FaceBook and get up this this baseball let's see here FaceBook a lot of. Glory of course the first time listening welcome to the show Laura glad to have you Clinton watching. On FaceBook live she's going to try to Ruben burger at the lazy dog is she and I highly recommend it's. I mean again the police were you can't go wrong with the food.