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Feb 11, 2017|

Sound off features 3 generations of our Military Combat Veterans and each are prominent in the local Veteran / Military community.

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Welcome to sound. To show where several generations of veterans come to discuss. Sports and politics. With a less than point 5% of US population actively serving in the military itself. Veteran Chris. And in Massachusetts. From the sound of how total war so my cohost on the field reminds me. Get a big show today. Obviously we don't talk about the patriots won their fifth Super Bowl ring. Rebellion that five. Unbelievable to think we know of in the town man. Has. There's only one to team would more suitable ones in the future it's announced the Steelers in totality cowboys. I think. You know I think of an early ninety's and certainly wouldn't vote in the same breath he be standard PG to the same number suitable place. Early ninety's or growth in the early eighties wasn't around on your own our own audio and I knew we remember the when they refer to start it was ugly it was. They'll saw John one style if you would just get on your initial reactions of the game than a law. Ask some questions somewhat some thoughts I've had some good debates have already had an. And all of the 48 hours of the ones who oval. For the legal. Debates but for him the brits to movies. And always a debate John is cut back and off wanna start I just want to hear your thoughts while I myself might bottoms is what are accorded to him and you know for wasn't. Great Tuesday it has got to be one obstacle that Susan debate it was not a good game winning in Minnesota. Well of I'd I could give you probably two patriot winds and assume a lot of batter while glance. Mean you mean the games themselves down you know idle and Ohio as well as those that are closer than what did debate Illinois's got so you don't believe me you don't thank you. You guys would not vote. Remotely split 1950s. We and our mother dialing misses aren't doing New York Giants Erica nail Baltimore colts. And. Had slowed myself. All that time. For us time and the Johnny Unitas. Was one analyst says the greatest game and you know so many hall of fame players on the autumn and Schuessel truly greatest absolute fanatic for insurance or use the Golan from the public of toward from for a close up. She's and then. Alan Ball possibly achieve goals in the school and wins Wimbledon perm what's unbelievable. All slow this do you think this game was better those who sit so wolf that there won't bow out of the match on well are you. To have to say. One massage OK mobile on the winning side in the double the news. It was at twenty fared point deficit with the patriots come to overcome. In business updates it was slow Baltimore at times up in the morning over it hurts oh it was close during the whole time. Put to me Eagles were going with a grievance. A championship Terrance I just gotta say when they're running a state. With the amount the way they played the first. The way they came back. I just can't see I actually think the debate it's it's a debate but it it's it's it's it's a short one that game was the greatest game. I said to my arrested in my voice as it. You're lucky to have seen this game I mean because of your early in the era you were to them. Catch and it's gentry came after. Only hold your horses text though welcome the bulls little more on blue dog actually in the in the I heard yesterday you really interest and when an animal caught that ball terrible coaching UD did immediately. As soon as he caught the ball these fellas got to tell alliance now that said I got I got some rest heard that and then immediately use that gave it to the centrist that's coaching that's no it's situation for all they talk about it. Our time now I was watching that game. All the big group of people and evil and they got messages lot of game more often Lynn is going to be tight and a in his defense is going to be tired. Yeah I don't sell quarters could dramatically forty plays in the first topic the entire game. Between 93 snaps he Belichick and the conditioning now he says he credited that the into the game news with a G and with a different. Then you see it as you see in the military why do you train tired by do you go over. Over and over and over again viewing or basic training is the middle of the night because you get the muscle memory because when you get tired your brain stops. Working the same way that I normally be stupid and missed did you not see those stupid mistakes and Ella without alana. I mean nothing nothing grossly Pete Carroll thrown a ball the goal line but. Just nothing went their way in the second half everything went the patriots what. And I mean I think I think you can see a lot of love from you know coming from the military so we talked about a thousand times on the shelf. Phil Jackson navy men in and he takes he takes a lot of things that you learned growing up. Basically and a navy family when his father being in being a coach there and an as applied it to the NFL. A spectacle which. Total would console code for an army news. Don't bring up quite I'm all. But it was the couple bars one mention yeah mostly the bulk of select a whistle funeral. The patriots. Of a graduate of the naval wicca point four. And in the lead up to us repeat the Pittsburgh steel ones and then members of Duke Team we're gorge where it for mom what's points. Need to kick out of when it's what's point. Now stretched on I really pay extra and go on and we play the falcons currently at someone who graduated from the you have forcing tea and we beat their console for you wrote we. When not just the pearls the naval extraordinary story nearest revolves. Our sense of the falcons U is a lot and a Navy SEALs training offer their conditioning so. While Ronny and John. You I just know that this is a day. This week you. Were doing an insurgency. Take that the rest of the country because there is no team I've known in my lifetime. People were sick of the bulls winning in the ninety's but people didn't he bubbles like I and likable sort of been I do reality hated putting it was and is this rule was in the service at a country. Outside of New England. Everyone was cheering differently if that means it nice and and in. Credit for the Boston fans are always great to sit on social media who Goodell admiral a realistic in a victory laps in the second court errands like ya wanna gain their finger relative income Michael Smith and he has been an. It is funny show the clip they showed a clip of the trophy being given to. Robert Kraft and the boos were just to run the commercial believable in the end and in was. Would and he may increase that they didn't let up it was just one wrong move almost an unbelievable moment the cup back to a but he said. So. Commissioners and is it still gonna not be uncomfortable that looked uncomfortable to me. And he's my commitment September day at a bright talent down fuels as usual go to different opening game opening Thursday. Of the season he's not gone to Asia is no way no I. He just made Tom pre. A bigger legend that he was dealt. Commute and Tom Brady when the rest of the country's minority you know some guys they think he's too. Too corny to. Tune you know can teach your children is it was a different. Another sect in mean she's been so for eighteen month no and no one has actually come on so what it is booked. And we also pushing us who have such as ought to chemotherapy book regardless who will mull. We game itself agreement guard its arc fife times how many times would do fifth title shot. He kept getting up in the chipmaker employees and it usually got he got killed and listening. In my immediate because markets and got knocked on its current posture Mason had a tough game to the speed of the game that we gave him credit. Mean that was it to unity dame and adjustments to it may have been partially because of the island was tired but still the everything went different you guys in the first half. Breed of literacy it was dropping passes in the first half and throw guys out prosecution was just. There was sourced goods that you were on the total corporate do you move from us I don't know what sort of the more brutal but I always I'm Belichick got better reviews we've that was distract you but let him run themselves out probably wasn't that he knew we have better conditioning. And I look at that the office. They all do the job all the good stuff. The skill players on that team. It's Tom Brady though growth it's Tom Brady and slot receivers that. An -- -- -- real diligent easily go under who Cleveland you know for me it was someone via so knowledgeable coaching people don't what's Goldberg you know it's they would use what do you didn't score but usually have to fight and yup so that would be an accurate while wedeman for us our future to come by the foot the scope of skulls two month missed extra point but there Ali well also could share well John you know as you adult decisions. As a result most optimum level extra points and obviously embarrassing to we've got a piece comparison. Mike to phone school you have 31 point seven. Very very good very close. Coleman who is on solid 45 to 32 which is not close. And and I. I had. A digital up I want. You know I had him at 35 over at Atlanta 38 because I thought Atlanta's going to be tough on. I was right Furl or no you're wrong and he knew my out of jail and drew thought there's a cakewalk to watch proportional. Now and it's in the recipes out there to beat Brady and and that they had it for. Two and a half quarters. You see Martellus Bennett. Well in between he is treasonous of you resist Aqua he has that locker room. He's here in that locker room it's special thing everyone sacrifice in the phone numbers and any of the interviews lap and he said. I'm getting patent issues I'm going to free agency is a Super Bowl champion via an experienced and easier is it. And we don't know the annual pace possible champions who I made don't that you don't back but. No I don't think Galen device how are all I don't know but I wanna talk about Martellus Bennett. Pennant dumb according have already come out. They said they will not go to the White House. To to be welcomed by president trump is Super Bowl champions. So what is their little boy collected table to sit in the normal lines of paraphrasing here but the they showed people of color not accepted in the White House and they showed they wouldn't be accepted enough. That they don't want anything to do whether it's all one on one his thoughts on unreachable. You have to respect their opinions and human are doomed them. Some credit for room in the home. In order to improve your conscience there. You know rule we remove season like we for them it was a to a lump them both raised their fists and National Anthem uncertainties that are taken and it would shut the job I had file also a problem with personally yeah. Well thank you. You don't closely I would go through member of the team room you know in a supporting a team MO it's still fun. What are you ambles through and probably feel when north Americans say over who they'll Michael. Mike we your thoughts of that. Great meeting going fifty I was gonna say. I mean you know arena and yeah I was Tim Thomas then go for the Bruins and you know everyone got on those guys if you have beaten beginner I don't think anyone around here if you didn't give Tom Brady a problem for 200 feet and I think most people consistently you know we should go bucks you kind of one of those things that's where I really don't put Tom Brady lives they had some family obligations Reynold. And at least these two it that telling you cannot forget about it but do you wanna think it is it's symptomatic of what's going on nothing in the world now. Doesn't get the politics as a coming in and it's IE love the thing I love about sports is it is. It's can take a couple of hours and you know I think. It is what it is I think it's the world we live in but I think before you crazy data tool community. Tim Thomas that you said Tom Brady didn't mean I would prefer they all go just north and I Timor. I feel like it's one of those things that. It. You're gonna regret it when your older I mean how many chances he gets his just meet a president. You know how many chances you get to go down there as a Super Bowl champion rate you know it. Like a semi regularly to I'm not. Planned politics and you know he's able Forrest Gump in knowing that all the president you know and obviously. You know it's just that I can call oil fashion I sold it says it's still just the the hole or the White House and and the commander in chief and the president. You really Ramirez didn't go when he was they're really particular loss to the yeah I mean it respect I have yet a generally go buy anything he does gonna. Our I meant it. At the center for Brady and he. How do you how Amos and pretty Brady is one of those few he. He's our president he's one of the civil while President Bush Obama and trump have been in office click you know variety. And is becoming a new thing I mean if I'm not mistaken I think even my birds get to an 84. So I think counsel my time you know it and I think. But don't let the press wasn't so much about it now becomes everything's about trump you know with a Wii is he parties it is. Sadler consumable party in the either with the big loser in the game though. There's Wahlberg leave home and go out tonight he came up and said it was his kids so. I hiding behind army kid's sick or tired or something on it at home all I would even bothered if he wasn't such a fan boy when he was that the did you see the NFL films last year when or two years ago when they'll just went so you're always Montgomery you really don't. He's never Amanda yeah. Ever breeze they paid you eight year old Jerry you know as life and you see what our friends Morrissey boulevard that the the global I don't. Our own interests and it's just I'm going to be worth and and dialogue that. And they actually senator early edition with a picture of Brady phone down after the interception in symbolism ham instantly you know. You pay extra or something like that it was a death of him pressures of a deadline. It's. And I'd love to the to find out more about that because that is who leads that oh yeah vehicles are too old pros and shall. We heard. Dewey defeats Truman but it was it was an and it was such a good nine. My case it was goodness horrible. Night until last quarter Bruce. It's open. Going back to Britain for the big. Went from I think that when the when the patriots won was it telling him that we'll took home a loser Ville. Com Boston losers know is that we haven't won in so. We really this time it was bad way and sixteen years he has an 86 and the only as we were Celtics and won't support you. And it's a much lesser degree and I'm in now as ancient history and a new Bruins agreement and that the problem we had a few people forget about and on the desired color. Code Julio Wally that. Wanna get those elements which it does affect this. At that time they get I was on my dogs whose ticket selling hot dogs in a few he wanted butts in the seats of who fans of being. Taken advantage of because it was so loyal and immune system we don't have another Adams division banner you know if that was the usage on that was winning. Beck Hannity now the Steelers and the city had had a parade for ray Bork when he looked. Demanded his way out here and what that I don't want a Stanley Cup what another tournament at a parade for a lovely orbit though such a seven point oh really pathetic. I was in the Boston Garden watching now because and they would they would do would be countdown for report when he wanted to take you know good for him actually was a class act by the Bruins and ago. You come in stark. Works so. Obviously into but the patriots mean and it returns for the couldn't you know and he made a lot of money in the curse of the bambino which honestly that was occurs about ownership. That's that this television that the what what is been the difference since 2000 its high end quality ownership even the Red Sox. When they dipped it was because the ownership was getting crazy in. But when they go remove him it. They didn't salute these could give money to pull plug on Google now agreed Friday. And you know he didn't I can bring people Kazuo with the blonde color I mean let's be honest. You're number two million in New Orleans team the vertical buried right in that that did that doesn't commute times they have an opportunities and Jackie Robinson you think of the history boss and we are now. And I think that was so poignant to see. Breach is on his knees. It vicious and he just he left it all out there mean is is incredible. Well you know in a so called boss and racists that he saw I was fallen. Went in in the lead up to it you know the global laws or it was a bitter and was the a title awesome. Everything veteran was a poor guy who will trade network. Or. Swim ashore on the graph for excellent progress through six of the routes open. Championships. Boston won one and one in Britain knew what society's annual those Atlanta Braves teams that are in ninety's with the for hall of fame pitchers community want Buffalo Bills of baseball to have pretty modest but anyone has been active duty. And who has been in the military active duty and has been around knows that that's what people give each other or Tom affords us I was in Afghanistan on the Stanley con it's all it's the best in the. India any and when it comes to Tom Brady the patriots guys enacted to create your imagine every base every every every flaw of every players who have been around the world they had an opportunity to talk of match. An incredible amount of junk this last because they were definite because it isn't just. One team like any other geez usually everyone against the Boston to. Yes is as Americans in general like the underdog story. You know Vegas only had when his three point underdogs which also. Concerned me they know with talk known Dana for hope that it that it will be too much and acting the over under was sixty and they had the pet the pats favored by thirty. And in the second Koroma and while asserted that the under him but Atlanta. And then at by the end of the game they still they still want over the over and patriots still won by more than three. Let it go for the house always gonna television (%expletive) yeah. Viewpoint on the cultural and it's important but I'm not consumers who got to give him some Cortland mean you can still running credit and if they just took knees. A southern governor as a holding penalty and then take it and then taken that horrific sacked. Then they want to sue on fuel but you didn't get. To that point leading to a 25 point we political you know. The culture and exploit competitive game console I mean he filed look beyond and I think probably. At the point that we haven't had in the real. A problems with the patriots do you funds we've put the ball over. What's tried to throw payouts would overtook the ball longer equals its components you'd see if we come and put. And chemical also for the field goal if need be I hope it works hard. To help him right I don't know how risky I don't know if that Matt Ryan shotgun and you know government sort of an interview seven step drop excel. It was but do that they you know two agreements act though that's quarterback 110 yeah you know. Particular take that's like that he can't win though he was a defensive coordinator for the Seahawks he must have Brady and Belichick hard enough in his in his nightmares it's there. But that's the thing is they'd be. He made bad calls he made dumb decisions put Clinton back in the game now is that that was one play that was conditioning was. Baby take your foot off the gas pedal into some plea guilty or military morale amicus Casilla. You know patients who feel they weren't Amanda and that momentum is unbelievable that in order to pick. It's slick and but it came in those and some pollutants. How people they chemo makes its act and will play him more action is stark and often. World when the game began. Slower it was pupil in the forest. A winner gets the ball. It stormed. Through you know you'll fall in love at all. Pats took the ball funnel to one of incomes that in schools does all that hard. Does it mean when it was a real sport and it didn't. I was SEC hey you know in no way. But we all of them there and don't know new people it is in their deadly combat it was our when they came down school it. You know affable counts criminal would call it humble ocean and hitting and stuff for me to 23. Com. In the past and McCain scored. In the at least Google's counsel Steve fronts on the plane and go. Hope that when a middle school again in the accounts of a chip on the way you. You know. When they cut that two point conversion. And so all squad which was one TB and two points away at least once or 2220 that's when I was young beyond our guidelines at all laughed when Joe Buck says that it's only two score game. One there are down by. Sixteen numerous job I was. When I was here I was watching every second and in the area was given right radio and you. It's OK to say you do that you and all I was a possible that's going to be sold so out of the school of at a certain things UB. Involved and what it took it is a serious is the. Well let's face up on my show and AFC championship game Lugo that I I had come from members two a time when when LN was generated upon. A nine figure that they were gonna mail the patriots back of the five. You don't end up being not play either I think I said this is the drive and a meet Tom Brady's got three and a half minutes. I think yen close I don't know peace deal I think that there Dallas usually watch I came out again how they got focused and he had a story in Amendola and and overtime. That was perfect you know those guys he really needs is some people all the for the tenth time to ya Joseph cut the few big catches your. I will soon if you listen to people I think you won't want to rock these speeches but they said they're the work any. Who just hate us minorities are professional athletes I don't think you can fall for that raw raw stuff too too bad especially guys that have already been there. Just likeable young. Settlement couch to Gypsies Jimmy Fallon you know. Our own noble opened up seafood and Josh that's an. Belichick and that'll moment. And Eagles did bell calls from well settlement goals. Ski two Eagles look you know the play football. For fuel want to recently over due for. He sued. You're gonna open seafood restaurant you go to call will be double and catch you all wouldn't soul of that so they can doom. Caught Fserve commercials I can catch and keeping coal and over the globe for example would be limited. Because it's so we have such great camera you know there it was so quick in it and again that the presence of mind and a seek to immediately disk and saying I can't make it doesn't you know international. That to me is not as impressive as it gets catches crazy but that's just impressive that tells me that these guys. Are coached up right there on dog it in and there's a reason it's no you don't win this way with the law. Bloated piece of mobile them because of salutes you got a piece of a deal to. Officials. Cold too comfortable in them run a ploy to. Well it's regarded as good as animate and zooms you saw. Good deal of such as it wasn't prepared mentally. I mean obviously dank winds up playing but. He was wasting timeouts he had a horrific challenge that was only worth eight yards you know he challenged the element touch which. Yeah you got people resist but they're having panic moves to the fact that the patriots cuts and wants a fast likes to see exactly Hannawald but it also a nice that the last week Hillary. An annual is a PC. Matt Ryan has there. History of the you know couple plays a game album pop army or that was exactly he meant. Yeah that was so obese city the fourth quarter was so be seriously don't blame him when you go when it's 25 when you don't 25 in the team we're at 45 and you lose this one here. You know. It is what it is unknown caller to call which award he got a favorite apple even if it is trying to even the longer an intentional grounding defective immune try to you rhetoric that surprised me it means Nadia. Was this is my time as a northeastern alone you know in or not going to be part yet again but until it's to make fun of obesity because you know what you know what I was thinking about an hour up. But but for scores I was I was second. Peace he's gonna tweaked congratulations to not Ryan. They really are and it's gonna that's gonna tip me over the edge. I can just stick comment because that that would be the most DC thing to go do it in on it could be happier decisions seem now Brian. I have from our buddies associate PC so you know will distribute them. Students so we were room party unity afterwards you know mentally you're there UMass won pretty crazy image on well you know would rent to view when some would truths and always will be slowed Joseph Miller college woman millimeter. If there rolled OO MBC starts. There since I don't know what I would presume steam Muslim. Our children. But I wouldn't take quick break we'll what we'll talk some more patriot porn on the other side of the sun it's that advertisement. They'll listen sound familiar tale aliens succeed it was. Okay he's. Welcome back to sound off tomko tomorrow wants my cohost John filtering and Mike Sweeney will come and view from our studio in Boston the home. But your five time. So we'll champions Norman patriots definitely sports heavy show. You know you only get so many chances. Come on the radio after their Super Bowl victory championship self forgets its victory left so let's let bill. When I wanna switch up just a little bit. On to a couple other thoughts but can help Boston Bruins. Okay. They admitted to fire pledge to join in for both two years. He's great coaches the most winningest coach in and in Boston Bruins history. He led them to a Stanley Cup appearance and Stanley Cup win. How are very his leadership is just I'm still on the they lose to inferior competition. They play to improve the level of their competition. They cannot go on back back to back nights. They're pretty much the opposite the peaches or talk with him. Was built our mindset of being mentally tough. You know not taken things for granted. The little things but since I see the bronze school the little things all the time. There the blown leads or that or they'll love a comeback of patriot proportion but then was it so look the the Bruins finally and made them move on Cam Neely made the move to fire clay Julian. But they've they decided duet on Tuesday at all 1130 during a little the patriots. Rolling rally to try to bury that leads all run a lot to bring that up because I think that is so soft immunized dies. Unbelievable. Video try to bury the the fact that you. Finally fired a coach after you've had through seasons where your team has blown it. They should have been a class the last two seasons they've blue on the last day of the season bolt times com. You don't seem the same exact thing playing two in fear its inferior competition level. And then just not showing up. So here here we go now to try to hide at the patriot parades so John what are you thoughts well couple things number one. Unfortunately. In the oval plea park me wish I don't know I am I wish I applaud them wantonly when. The document and occidental and ended June and I agree with the bill you can you can skip the define that it's. A good defensemen. And importantly what. News you'll at W below the 1826. Street. And Stewart who got him and what stock market which would spark pixel. In any event. And mighty hierarchy. Hockey is the last 1 march. Tensions. I think what he's moved up one spot for me over basketball ruin successful missile. Full improvement schools quo which could. But many different. I pimples or cute girls can be purchased the loans. And one for coach put. How 11 is far from home to us officials can point 00 in the middle. Of patriots will be worried should give Vytorin. Right urges. The world's come on or close ones I mean although the patriots have two months. It's important when you often alone but you know points lead to more or that you have to won also one of them would. Yup it's no. They're cowards for don't want it it's it's bad I mean they I can't. I can't think of a worse time possibly deal. I mean it. So it's a little disrespectful to the patriots who are who you had a little bit of the shine offer offer them well. Well maybe good line shall meet David and hide behind him outside of its more that's what they're trying to bit but I it's going to be. It's not get any better for the Bruins. I think brisket Cassidy is a good coach I hope they keep on almost say his views very gonna province but I don't see Claude leave in the week. And I think he's going to be you've got to do a good you know I can. You know he he had a he coached for the Canadians before that it's either. And of infected haunting the Bruins and every coach has fired ten years is a long time and one thing that Terry Francona got fired. I mean get the exception is billed vulture and whatever happened that's only from uncle. Yeah yeah exactly. And the only new ones and a World Series went on. Sure innings a game seven and the World Series and not advance slot that Brett thoughts out of the playoffs and I. Think that the the boat canyons on up to be. Right there again this year. I tell you hope that they own and as to what they are but I hope they don't do with the Red Sox did you know they don't think I don't bomb like when you leave town. Now product well I can't see nearly Dolan and on and that they mean you know even though you know it hasn't ended great. And you need to make the argument of you know we you know maybe the to go. Close but you know. The drafts have been agreed that in the community needs the players. But it hit of the day someone you once you hire to get five you know you know I hope the the he won here he wouldn't wouldn't we haven't gone back to John that history of this. You know from the Adams division banners you wanna put we gonna bring in the early years we honestly I don't see anyone would give you some respect on the way out the door you're. I have to that's like an easy league to win and you know well and you know he. And admits it have the league gets into the post season but as you you have to grind and Natalie tells the wind where you are likable. Boston school sports teams all supported. Me and then no means planes have come home to support boom. Lawrence Clarkson the patrons and employees also Roy are real we'd love the way so when it comes to double. And you know what they did to home. I think it was a maybe it was on the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombings they all had the same social media posts. You know which is pretty amazing you know and we talked a lot on the show how. A sports can be such a unifying peace and you know without them last segment what we have them accordion my post I don't want to the White House put. It's supposed to be a political explosive you know not. It you should be able to hide from your political talks in your religious politics and journalists are as stuff you know it's kind of a fun thing to think that. As new englanders were all kind of cheering we don't know about it. Console him so painful slump do we you'll get ready for the game and everything. So clicks a role to be in the corporate saw. All I thought so and where directory. Darn it that's what was gonna go to him to use Paul it is well. Three point simple last few seconds will be. Boston for eons I think of the best in the world you know crushing and incredible moment I don't know if you watched the equipment which again now. 34. It's claw cutesy jokes oh ports and covered once the global rough for general. Three of the Celtics an image of Boston fans to meet. You don't need to go anywhere beyond. The playoffs it was the three men of any history before my time. In the BA tour. Three hit it in 1983. The Celtics would get beat by but the 76ers. And that can't run that crowd oh boy DL hay ride through Ellis and a they were crying about the did you know that. To me that's quintessential Boston you know if you wanna talk about we're Boston sports stated it's a Smart sports and he gets it. They hated LA more than they hate it's I sixes and a salute to our that you William. Each. You know oh look at businesses though neither one will sign those who just goes picture yeah I don't even wanna know lack. It because. And they say you know they really mostly talk to us now with that wasn't is that what they're career was put as much clusters. Are we weren't woods watching it to you and that was sparkle sports usually it's cool we moved the bars them on my parents any Matt. But multiple sportsmanship of those who have applies the fees and the manner it was two weeks of boot bugle boy. Oh you know when local blue collar team and immunities to it any Bruins fan nets on the big bad Bruins. And those weren't. Only damage you know we just people who stands at home remembered that Bobby York. I just you know it was something in him and and that's Andy any anybody you would you be happy city to. Out now you know it's interesting but it's not the same thing about New York. Anatomy again at one of the last because I got my father before he died last. Birthday present was assigned book by W that we did and a class act to user will you can use of these and he just would people would like it was at a Barnes & Noble to with the actors person. And always that the bonds noble you can. I mean. He was there and almost like an hour after that time he was supposed to be sign books in just Clinton. I think that really spoke to idiocy of blue collar team even though he had more talent than. Anyone should have a one body and you just DD to work ethic muses that's a Boston fans respect. Among others of his children and treat people's. Hard work groups who putts well at the patriots for some mobile one of the civil 36 and surrounds him in there were. But no one knew Adam Vinatieri was no one knows who Troy Brown was Tedy Bruschi. Certainly and I would Tom Brady was in Allen and fourteen point underdogs and going and you know they did beat that the greatest show on on turf. They usually isn't much to. The chagrin of Marshall Faulk on Tuesday it is always what do they do get it over and a lot of gave his only unity in many cases out there who figured it was a Boston. Reporter o'clock says he says I don't there's does don't it doesn't bother me doesn't bother me in the eyes and oh that's funny isn't week thirteen usage you'll never get over month and he doesn't aids. Well they haven't got over it and LaDainian Tomlinson he he had got over already there on the NFL now Markey said he said the pages are gonna lose the Super Bowl they're only a blown out. You know martyr (%expletive) if he wants to blame anybody should go to him of on their organs are from. Willie McGinest who threw them around like a rag dolls that in our area and possess what Bill Belichick did he realizes that team its office. The timing came off of Marshall Faulk. Moved and they just beat him and they beat him up and they beat him up and they beat him and they figured that I can throw a flag every every play and they dispute amount and now he's. Fifteen years later saying you know they taped institute does indicate that sounds so who's on track from him actually be using usage agreement does it detract from him out to relentless. We want news watch them shall we you. And I think it was well worth it for commentary on the marketable upward. In whose backwards. And yes 10 regards. It's a couple world to from roads from Portland Ericsson home Emo and you know going different times. Important and so what the worried the differences he's traveled east to four seasons. None of them and sleepless thirds say it wouldn't have rated. When we go drool and so people what I. Meant six. Kindle well. Park. Circle three to four kids. It for six months and he'll be criminals and people bulls Q it's so humid its its slump receive calls him. Doing so more or less than any quarterback in in his arms is not forget who said it. Many of them Michael's movie but it. We don't qualify he's not arguably the best quarterback he's the best quote. You can't it's the really important but you know Roger Els still tried to say he he may be the best what about William and Vijay on Monday morning and so it's it's a stupid. Our deep seeded and Matt Patricia mean every Griffey's career prospects Pelosi has what is your parents have a little morsels. Boy it's not a clown show where we're almost inside the middle of the coast was slow bluff commercial pole position suit against the consumer veterans full of hundred commercials. And uncles that Poland is and that was the goal was the women and brought the solutions fumes from the colossal force confirmed for you to see the freedom of resumes and we don't. Business goes on stuff in to do that but it's sort of you know as it was after the group is really the technology is regrettable enough depth. But out with a quick break couple of the points I want to bring multiple super ball bios and sound off in the BR Cahill and succeeded the voice of Boston. Welcome back to since the world according to John. You don't own angle segment we discussed and fruits and some of the essence of veterans flotilla and we've been part of a blow the world champions. When wouldn't patriots from the grid come from. Victory. Now for most of loans that represents or those uplifting experience worth on a high wind tunnel and at science and you know last Sunday but for some people I don't know maybe didn't live and we globe patriots fans that might. Cause them to a horrible and brutal depression. And for those who are perhaps gel the renewed Boston. And they know received a big cross roads do for the you know patriots round William everything. Might supple mobile broad they might fuel war and anxious and stuff from the if that's you'll win your road veteran and perhaps you might wanna call on terror the Utah department of veterans of for news. Medical side and a week of civil war and feel we have album. Good food and when you have been germanic appointee who was works for you Brockton. You know or you can even totaled some of key importance I would suggest calling them when they do jokes. Mental health professionals there who could help people we have. A number revolt average sentence. McConnell also ritual that you will local veterans service officer and you know due to axles to peace so slow. Although I'm kidding around a long brutal blow a boob page reviewed some work means tool was subdued Greg Rhodes. There are a number of services of real for you well at the view and contact them and content to local veterans group of sorrowful so little room or bolt from. That's the world according to Juwan. Tune in next week and Darren go patriots. Might soon. Found out. You know sound off the hill you know pitching at home and is considered sound off and you'll fail. So before we ruffle the show obviously Super Bowl had the wanna talk about couple things I saw on the Super Bowl. Right before they started they played on Johnny cash's all right we'll flag and I know that they're really really good job of and then now pretty much led until the well kind of the beginning pre pre game stuff for National Anthem and then Tom Brady was last seen Singh was a National Anthem song wanna get your thoughts their John specifically on the Johnny Cash stuff those great. It was how does that shock digital and Tony Wheeler. And but I was beautiful and passionately. And would Brady and I thought it was that music. News of my patriarch at least respectful in the shoulder means will we see you wouldn't show up and but Russell T. Soul I thought that was pretty good the thunderbirds fly him over records of all some animal model was for a good patriotic thing and props to one of the falcons and new in I believe there were trying to work. On her veterans to what remains of the numbers of veterans front from Islam forums. He is no I missed out on a topic. Hostile or China and Australia led all I know liquid. And I had the navy cell connection they've gone to training from ghosts Google brings an interest and into the season season starts off with an uncle had definite that all they know he's an unincorporated Contra and commitment and all right Jonathan you might try to make a point though senator Nunn earlier evidence really is it's broadly even the whole year. It going we set literally in the in this. In the show. Politics is politics and that's what their own lives and you know. Some of the bid the great thing about sports you take a little time away from it and that's when that one of the biggest things I was angry with government about those guys like you know. And watch a football game I don't. Hope you would side of the political spectrum or wants to gain I don't wanna talk about there's. It's not the people on the right to do it at your own opinion outside of the big game but to protest the American flag so. I think he even in the early in the season is a basketball players all talking hands. I just get them and I'm upset that it's that there's a group of people in America. Who believes it the National Anthem now is an opportunity to show to show. My two cents or just bothers them. Think a vote in 2013. When will the Bruins were the first professional team to play after vote the Boston Marathon bombing. And then they just the whole crowd sang the National Anthem and I was I was and also Mormon and only in real look at the 2013 Boston Red Sox wanna miss the World Series and then go on past boils century being the first parade since the the bombing and they put those trophies down now is great. And it brings it back to the I think the best Super Bowl one through pages would be to bowl 36. You know and it. First two more after September 11 and fought run across up onstage and you know this year we're all patriots and it was kind of hold that thought that was great till. Where you what I wanted to cartoon one. Maybe sealed pointed. I'm like him. You know maybe there shouldn't have something good more sports to suffer council polls to conceal two point integration of the cross for appointment something like because. The patriots don't think wanna look Linksys the a birdie to get. Torino were. Those pastor of true to make sure that they cut down on insurers need some things like womanly than ever as good conclusion well. You know I have a satellite Internet and you know what at the I believe what was settlement was Clark fumbled the practice of what though -- he'll be in the field but to reduce points of view and the practice and you know chills for slump but. You know. Should the most physical human weed fueled that possible. No I used and was is that what did that because they closed the roof yeah it got really hot in the second hand out. I herald's anyone's commented on that this time maybe that maybe one of the reasons they knew they needed to be. In better shape this year and I think just as a team but it it matters we talked about before but he ain't it whether it's crossed it navy's. Something was on the week we were in better shape an implicit they have an idea that I temple office of the patriots QB great shape ordinary office can dictate terms of professor ago. They can't substitute teach him. They can't take a breather as its its nose at big guys out there. Look guys we got to wrap it up on in all the civil talk and shows already over final. And thank you guess what you don't want to get ready for next year they'll lend you know next week pool will be mobile less suitable focused I think Calvin Dooley and take a breather from a although it diverted by the time we get on next week to be some sort of conspiracy theories him. Diplomats church got show you how we haven't paradigm how these excuses yep but you know won't. Let's come and. It will some are just one point oh slow global food and cool Woodson would Sheba issue and on February 22 a purple state whole slew of them and you know Morgan was a signal would chart and more June gloom wins would go. There ghosts or more reform saw him for the public to would tournament for Edwards second so once we welcome. It's on its new who has gone there to see these heroes he's true heroes easy Regina veterans who have still there's still standing tall. It's impressive John and I give you article in the ring co league for putting that together it's it's it's it's it's a vessel that what we've seen around here once we called. Good of a three year rule and you won't remove them really crucial slow. That's just to being carnival can't wait all but now also want to thank all of you world similar veterans as well as your family members thank you for your service to. Our great country on Carl's put on you to listen to sound off and WRKO am six save the voice plus. This. We'll.