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Federal judge blocks President Trump’s travel ban. 2/6/17

Feb 6, 2017|

What do you make of the federal judge blocking President Trump’s travel ban?

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137. Here on the great WR KOK. My friends. Obviously besides the patriots winning an historic comeback victory. There was other and use it broke late Friday. It has dominated the political debate now for the last 72 hours. Though liberal judiciary. Is now looking to undermine and crippled Trump's ability to act. And in particular. Eight judge. A federal judge. From Washington State. Issued an order. Bull walking trumps executive order that temporarily banned refugees. From coming into the United States. And also temporarily banned are immigrants or travelers from seven. Although most dangerous Islamist countries in the world. Iraq. Iran. Syria. Yemen Libya should Don Somalia. And so now the Justice Department. Is furiously now trying to appeal the decision. They're gonna try to take it to the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Which got one is based in San Francisco. It is one of he most if not the most liberal court. In the entire country. And so it is poised to eventually go many experts are saying it's most likely gonna go and be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. If it gets to the Supreme Court. Because judge Neal Morse are just not been confirmed yet the court is now divided 444. Conservatives four liberals. It may actually get shot down or at least not not overturned to be more specific. By the High Court. Which means that potentially. Judges in black robes I call them liberal fascists. I have essentially now the ability to cripple Trump's ability. Tipped pass lawful. Legal. Constitutional. Executive orders. Now this is why what I'm urging the White House to do is go a little slow in the appeal process. To make sure that the only gets to the Supreme Court after course rich husband confirmed. This is Daniel have a fight for conservative majority and this court order will most likely then be overturned. But this is gonna go on now potentially for months. Now what does this mean here is exactly what this means. It means now that trumps order temporarily is Null and void. The State Department reverted to the old policy as well as Homeland Security. Their now issuing these guys they're given amount almost like their campaign. You wanna come down from Syria come on down. You wanna come down from Iraq come on down you wanna come down from Yemen come on down you wanna come down from Libya. Come on down. And in fact what would this order effectively has done is it is now put our country in tremendous jeopardy. Because Alter your right now. If I'm a jihadist. And I'm sitting around in Yemen or Syria and this order caught me off guard the one that trumped by us. I'm getting in now. There's an old proper vetting system non. There's no proper screening procedures non I don't care what they're telling us to lying to us. And now there is a crush. Off people coming from those specific. Middle Eastern north or an African countries by the way they are the largest exporters of terrorism in the world. As my latest column last week documented in showed. They are three of those countries. Or on the state department's. List of terror sponsoring regimes. The others are engulfed in brutal civil wars that are overrun by Islamist warlords al-Qaeda or crisis. I'm friends with this judge did was open the door. Open the floodgates. And until. This a judge's order. Is overturned. Trumps now is sit trumps executive order has been booked. They've effectively neutered him. Until eventually I think the Supreme Court I guess. Because I don't see other appeal judges or appeal court shooting and overruling. This Washington State judge's order. So I think it's gonna go all the way to the Supreme Court this may drag on for months potentially. Now a couple of things need to be sent. To show you. How dangerous. How reckless. How asinine. This judge's options are. Number one. Why does somebody from Yemen have a right to travel here. Why does somebody from Syria how the right to immigrate to the United States. Where is it written in the constitution. Because they're claiming all they're not put their due process rights are being violated this is a Muslim band Momo it's not a Muslim band. Saudi Arabia is not on the list Indonesia is not on the list Afghanistan's not on the list. Pakistan's not on the list. The Christians of Iraq and Syria are fact did they used CDs are affected. A non Muslim religious minorities they fall under the temporary band so where's the religious discrimination. Zero non. Ma am zero. Where is it too written in the constitution. That foreigners non Americans have the right to come here. Have the right to travel have the right to immigrate have the right to enter our country where's that written. Because if you're claiming this strike while I got news for you. There are live tour relief billions of people all around the world. Would then just fought our country and literally swamped parts. But it's even worse than Matt. Which you're now seeing is a declaration. Of war. From the liberal judiciary. To prevent trump from filling his campaign promise. He has a mandate from the people. This is again. Liberal judicial you leaps for rewarding. And overturning. The will of the people. Their liberal fascists. This is judicial tyranny. Where are our this case one judge in a black role. Can't stop overturn the results of the election in terms of promises being able to fit to be fulfilled. He ran on this ban. Everybody knew that his band was coming. Everybody knew he supported it he made a centerpiece of his campaign in fact for weeks. The liberals were complaining. He's actually fulfilling his campaign promises or does. They are thwarting democracy. Itself. That's what this order essentially amounts to. Who is this one move bad judge. To now tied the hands of the president. Thwart an overturn the will of the people and now open up our borders. To all kinds of potential terrorists and G artists. Who won a slaughter us in our streets and kill us in our own beds. In the name of. Paul currents and died in her city and comprise the ocean. This is treason. And so the Justice Department is gonna be filing an appeal. They have to file their appeal I believe by 6 o'clock today. And they're gonna take this now to the ninth circuit court of appeal don't hold your breath. It's got eighteen liberals and only seven conservatives. It's one of the most liberal courts in the entire country. So the way things are stocking up right now. They're gonna be able to temporarily halt or block this order may be for months the come in the meanwhile. He's just continue to be issued. Refugees continue to for an. There is no vetting system there is no proper screening system and let me tell you what I think is really going on. And if nobody else has the guts to say it. I'm gonna say it because if I'm not here honestly corner country to speak the truth to you that what's the point of leaving behind the microphone. I think deep down. Some of these moon bats and liberals. Want the terrorist attack on American soil to take place. And then blame it on trumped. Woo it happened under your watch pool our structure we're gonna keep us safe fool. Oh you're rhetoric and your policies this what's inflamed the Muslim world and leading to all these terrorist attacks. They want to break him. They want to drive him out of office and one of the ways they're gonna do it is they're gonna paralyze them. And there are trying to paralyze them in congress to vote try to paralyze them with the judiciary having these judges and by the way it's not just the judges. You know all of these groups are pushing these lawsuits. Ticket guests who do you think finances and make it guests. They are sure remained in shore gross money. The ACLU. 25 mail from George Soros. The national immigration rights group four point six million from George Soros you run down bowlers. Every major plaintiff. And all of these suits whether it be here in Boston or New York or Virginia or the one coming out of Washington State. Sure losses might mean. And he has said openly my goal is open borders. Eliminate the borders of the United States and let anybody and everybody come in. It is part of his ultimate goal to create one world government and a new world order. And to destroy America as we know it. Maxine Waters. And other Democrats have now come out and say to say it again this weekend. We want this to lead to the role of impeachment. They're already talking about impeachment. They're trying to claim that somehow the executive orders. Partial racist and so big it'd. And so in Paul aren't. I have no respect for bite her city. That there are so allegedly unconstitutional. And illegal. That they now say they wanna we impeach him on the executive orders alone. So you've got the Democrats calling for impeachment you've got the mainstream media and now smearing trump day in day out. And now the liberal judiciary. If you've ever read the marvel Gulliver travels. There are these little people call Lula portions. They're very small. Little many people. But they managed to buying down. To giant. By tying up his arms. Tying up his legs. And even though they're all very small and individually extremely insignificant. Together they tied his ankles. They tied his legs. They tie his wrists they tied his arms. And before you know it the giant faults. And he can't get off the ground. They are trying to do to trumpet. With the little people the little portions. Did to the giant in Gulliver travels. They want to your brain trump to his niece. And now the only question is will they succeed. Or who has the right to determine the temporary travel ban. The American people through their elected representative in this case president trump. Or liberal fascists. In black robes. Your calls next. Bursts. The will of the people. Or the will of liberal judicial you leaks. If you wanna hear more of these. Our progress reports we have them all up in podcast form just go to wrko.com. Slash 100. Nick in Weymouth go ahead nick. If I do and Jeff I'm good you can do great things you you know yeah I'd like that broke why I don't give a bush put immense. It was a situation in Seattle about four years ago. Sorry to current the current chart I am a judge robards the one in Washington State. Who issued the temporary the balk. Right it was a situation in Seattle about forty years ago between a police in the media. Populations in the idiots Utah which shootings are on. Guilt black blacks okay. I recognized in court that the overwhelming. Majority of crimes being committed by blacks but he thought the the ratio in numbers there was some like 41%. To being targeted annual liquidity. It only 20% of the population sounds like well guess what there are obvious between more than issued many track anyway he throughout the term. In 2012. Lack lives matter that's what he said from the bench so that I gave me the you don't like him to out of those three and a lower in the next quarter up our our oh bummer. And what Clinton appointees. Ten out of the next eight and that saying there's something like that there are allowed. And a whatever it is the majority is is that you know democratic less if you will. What truck is the bill. As soon as possible for a gets the Supreme Court he cast its outlook Arnold we are gonna go with the nuclear option that's the only way to defeat these people. It would all the other appointments he has GF. He has to do exactly. It would teacher in general that deputy was yes if you don't wanna do the job anyway outsold all these other places when he hasn't got his people and go to the next people down because the other people bit detected chosen expired and say this what we want you to do immediately. Consult with a guy on the woman was going to be the next Xiamen whatever you know. Organizations it would we think we should be doing. Implement the plans now even knowing have been afforded against what either go with the flow when they're out sealed so he's going to be an attack mode. I'm with you I'm with you nick look he's got a he's cookies and shark tank. And they are looking at their look and devour him. Let me ask the audience this. There is now kids consideration. The some people are now suggesting to trump and trump is considering the president is and his team. To follow Germany's model on this. To put GPS ankle bracelets. On all of the immigrants and refugees from those seven countries. Now coming into the United States so at least we can properly monitor or surveil a month. Should we put GPS bracelets. What do you say next. QO six here on the great WRKO. Jeff corner Boston's bulldozer cleaning out the ball liberal bowl. Okay my friends. Liberal activists have now been galvanize. All across the country. In the wake of a decision by a federal judge. In the state of Washington. The guy has now boy walked trumps executive order. The judge claims that the executive order which temporarily. For only four months. Bands are refugees from coming into the United States and Philly proper vetting system is put in place and for three months. Bands immigration travel whatever you wanna call it from seven of the most deadliest countries on earth. All of them are overrun by crisis by al-Qaeda three of them. Our own State Department has designated as sponsors state sponsors of terrorism. And so trump making the obvious argument we should not be allowing people who want to destroy us and tell us. We need to have a proper vetting system put in place. Now has seen is executive orders temporarily blocked. It's gonna be appealed it looks like it's gonna continue to go on appeal most likely all the way to the Supreme Court. They're not chairs trying to paralyzed and crippled Trump's ability to protect the American people. What they're also doing my friends it's obvious. They don't want him to put together a proper vetting system. Date date big fears that more than anything else. And soldier doing everything possible to undermine him. Two you roll him to obstruct him. To make him and his ability to perform as president almost impossible. They want to. And so a professor at George Washington University is quoted in today's column. For the examiner by Paul Bedard he's a very very good news man. Our work with Paul for many years van at The Washington Times you know went to one of our rivals the Washington examiner. And what now this professor is recommending his follow all the German model. Not just the Germans most European countries do list. Because IC says infiltrated the ranks of the refugees. And the Europeans just don't want to vet people they can't. They are now. Planting gore putting. It GPS devices to ankle bracelets. And this way when you have ankle bracelets on people we GPS. You can monitor or surveil. Several hundred of them at once one agent or. One intelligence officer can you know monitor several hundred. If they gold near a very dangerous place like let's say a nuclear power plant your being warned if they start meeting one and number. Maybe it is possible collusion Arie terror cell developing. Your being warned. So now they're saying maybe they're gonna have to put ankle bracelets. Because we don't know who these people are. That's the point personal proper vetting system. Now. Let me say something. I think he needs to be said. Because they're going on about how this is illegal it's unconstitutional. It's a de facto Muslim man. This is potentially religious discrimination. And god forbid. That we should you know discriminate against anybody's religion. You know. I think may be the greatest Cong. That the Council On American Islamic Relations. And that the Muslim world in general. How is perpetuated upon the west. Is to sank to fight is a long. As one of the greatest or great religions of the world. Like christianity. Or Judaism. Buddhism or Hinduism. It's not. If you know anything about Islam if you study the roots of Islam the founder founding of Islamic juridical wrong. It's a political religious ideology. That's what it is you see what differentiates. Is Guam. From the other fates of the world and my wife made this point on her show on Saturday I think she was dead on she was brilliant doctor grace. They have no concept of the separation. Of church and state or in their case of mosque and state. That is foreign. To the Muslim world view to the Islamic world view. Two of them there is no such thing as separation of mosque and state the mosque is the state. Good job of the state is stiff left. Old the mission of the mosque. That's why in all Muslim majority countries they implement Sharia law. That's why an all Muslim majority countries the core Ron is the basis of the law of philosophy. Of government. Everything stems from the Koran. So the very same liberals. Who keep going on about separation of church and state separation of god forbid you should pray in a classroom moved separation of church and state all god forbid you get the ten commandments on our. I'm gonna. I. Courthouse steps of a courthouse separation of church and state. God forbid you say Merry Christmas. Separation of church and state. Islam. How does no separation. Of mosque and state. And we feel an Islamic so we think political religious social ideology. Since when did suddenly become a religion. On the car of the other great religions of the world. Because you're identities as a Muslim. Supersedes the identity appeal whatever country you're rin. You're part of a world community they call it peak month. Why are we giving them special religious privileges. It seems to me they should be treated the way the marxists are treated or the anarchist search creator of the Communists are treated. They're part of a political. Social. Revolutionary. Movement. It can mean it's so obvious. And until PO moms in the Muslim world you see because unlike say catholicism christianity. There's no central authority. There's no Pope. There's no leader rabbi. There's no general promise there's not that the Southern Baptist Convention there's no place were you can say OK you know. Are okay so there's new directives coming out I get it. Until they start saying that we have to reform. Is Guam. And have this the separation of mosque in states. The terrorism is not gonna stop. The violence is not gonna stop. The Jihad ism is not gonna stop. It hasn't stopped for 15100 years. It's gonna stop now because some judge in Washington State thinks it should be stopped. In his own mind in his own utopia that he's. Created. All religions are equal all cultures are equal everything is equal. When Mohammed. The Prophet Mohammed. This is encyclopedia. This is not even there's no interpretation this is literally the liberal warm up of the facts the facts. Are all 100 spoke to fox only interest in the fox okay you want facts we'll give you fax. Mohammed spread Islam by the sword. Dishes encyclopedia 11. With his child bride. He ordered and oversaw the mass occur are being Jewish tried to 900 of them. And told his followers behead him kill mom and continue to be head and kill. That was under Mohammed. All but John was 15100 years ago it was 500 years after Christ. And why do you think derby heading across the Muslim world because Mohammed did it. Why do you think they have child brides because Mohamed dated. Why do you think they have polygamy because Mohammed did it. Why do you think women are treated like channel because Mohamed dated. Well why are gays and lesbians thrown off rooftops because Mohamad urged it. I mean I I'm sorry these are just the federal. X now doesn't mean all Muslims are violent of course not. It doesn't mean all violence and all Muslims wanna slaughter were killed people overall terrorist of course not. But the point is there is a virus. There is a profound strain within Islam. That goes all the way to the core Ron and all the way to the Prophet Mohammed. Which encourages the creation of the world Muslim empire. Eight telephone eight. Under sure real long. Now I'm sorry. But if you're part of a political social. Revolutionary. Global list movement. Which doesn't respect borders. Which doesn't respect other cultures which doesn't respect other systems it doesn't. We never right to find out who's coming into our country. And don't give me the garbage and it's a religion of peace. Because it isn't. Name me one Muslim majority country where there's peace. Good luck being a Christian and Saudi Arabia. Good luck being a jewel in Iran. In Nigeria here the moon bats they don't even know it's okay because the New York Times doesn't column what to think. 'cause I speak Q you know about Syria. You know about Libya. You know bode rock. You know what those ancient Christian communities are being eradicated and exterminated as we speak they there's all the cost taking place let that go. In Nigeria. In northern Nigeria. Muslim tribesmen. Are slaughtering Christian village after Christian village and raising them to the ground. To the ground. Where's the condemnation. Wears black wise matter. All those Nigerian Christians there is black is. Blackest black. The front elder Nigerians believe me they're Africans are black. Where's the Congressional Black Caucus. Where's the non Reverend Al Sharpton tours are just two trucks are no 0000. Where's the dear leader. You know I'm not talking about shorting or showing a voter ID card when you have to vote. I'm not talking about but thugs. A bum rushing up a police officer taken his gun and beating him with that. Before he shot dead no I'm not talking about big Mike Brown I'm talking about war. Decent Nigerian Christians. So follow all the Bible listen to this they believe in turning the other cheek. Like Jesus. We Jesus kill nobody. We Jesus suppressed. Nobody. These slaughter anybody yet. She's sleeping which are Albright's Miette. Was he throwing gays and lesbians off rooftops yet. But you wanna see how powerful political correctness is. Which is just another term a euphemism for left wing censorship. For cultural marxism. CBS has a poll listen to this. The Democrats. Two thirds of them who flirts. Believed. That christianity. He is just as violent as this one. We learned. We who. That is sewing saying. That is sold disconnected from reality I'm not kidding you need a padded cell. As my friend doctor savage puts it you want more examples you want more proof. Liberalism. Is a mental. Disorder. And this judge's stay of the order. This judge's attempt to blow walk Tron sixth decade of border. Which is the bare minimum to keep us safe I mean the bare minimum. Is exhibit. A. Do twine for hero the great WRKO. One liberal judge. Has now bought trumps the executive immigration border. Where do we go from here. Dennis and low burn go ahead danys. But we're going out are you excellent excellent but I just out of op apartment up thinking about all the quote it is felt want to know what America's all but the first one so thought their front doors. So what do you think our economic protest. Like back in the days when they had these kids overseas what you would get 62 separate data center pitcher and he's cute that you were helping. So why don't know what these people don't have a contract. Chip you would have these refugees come and take responsibility for the adoptive. But danys they wanna do it on our dime they want us to pay for it BC you know what they're engaging and it's really it's virtual pornography. That's what it is it's virtual porn. It's vamp trying to signal to the rest of the world how look how compassionate we car. Look I was a hauler and we are look how we have respect for diverse. A city its then correct what they're trying to do is is them trying to be morally narcissistic and self righteous. We care you don't. It's pornographic. Look less we're exposing ourselves look how good we are. Look helped tolerant we are local compassionate we are all my god look at those were sold great guinier or not. Because we care for these people only knew bold you big it's your racist you. Small problem. You know what forget the virtue porn do the real thing seriously do that adopt them. Don't don't. Don't. And. They don't try to. The telegraph to mean. How supposedly virtuous you are. And smile you are and good you are and better you quarry then and everybody else how somehow you're more you're a better person than I am because you protest at an airport none of them all. I'm off with the virtual porn. I'm real thing kind of a guy. Okay I've never been into porn whether it's sexual porn virtue born violence born whatever kind of porn guy. I I'm a real thing kind of a guy. I like the real thing about them. I did. There weren't refugees. Are two children I put my money were in my office. So want to adopt them to come and sponsor. There. More really she's got a 45000 dollar raise now. Her lover I got another 25000 dollar raise the biggest made 70000 dollars off of that vote last week. They live in a two million dollar mansion in Charlestown. She's a big lesbian LG BT member she says that she loves Muslims. She says that mama Derek there's a new persecuted minority according to a more you leap she's one of the people leading the lawsuits against trumps executive order. Not a problem. Taken a couple of Syrian refugees into your house. And while they're there. You know what the women covered head to all custom custom they would need I don't my partner and I know we sleep together is okay what you. What is what is the court Juan what do you think what does the car wanna have to say about my partner and I. You know with their extra 70000 dollars now that's enabled us to adopt you sponsor you ask them what they think. You phony you frauds you. 6172666868. Whooped in Harvard coed Luke. Can't give up on the show is dynamite and there are. Congrats on the happily and yet that was. I in my own. I'm telling you is one of the best moments in my life I'm serious. I'm excited the one really quickly on a little. They were or that kind of like you're the better guy. By help on the girl go to college piping and strip joints the inner structure. Your typical tolerance or you're gonna help her or her way. It. The. You could. Melt. No no notice you always want us to pay for moral you'll foreign. You loved are refugees so much book. Wonderful friend of grace is she's Italian cheese from Italy visit us over the weekend so long storage came from Italy for couple days anyway. And she's going on a bottle off how great is hoping she loves this ball. Fishing are really religious but she loves his ball I said why well because she's so embracing these so embracing of the refugees. Are set really. I served notice he's telling us weekend Pavel wall the Vatican's got a mother 44 wall. Nobody can scale that wall it's so big it's one of the biggest walls in the world. And I said you know how many refugees. The holy father himself the Vatican has taken him. I looked naked guests on dread that fifty. And at the end and. One family. One. Porch your money where your mouth face. Do 36 here on the great WRK. Old voice of Boston okay. So it's not just stay liberal fascist and a black role. One judge. That now is overturning the will of the people. And crippling the president's ability to keep this nation safe. Now. The empire the establishment. Empire. Up on Capitol Hill is striking back. Listen now to the snake himself. Mitch to squish McConnell whenever I look at senate majority leader McConnell ignore the guys yelling no backbone. But it would join jolly he's got no backbone slick I like a little snake. See snakes don't have back only to sliver. They just slow there and that swamp slithering in slithering and slithering and hissing when he talks he misses a mile slick is gonna go on his belly any time and just almost slink out of Rome well. Mitch is squished. A big critic of Donald Trump. Came out with a Jake Tapper on fake news on CNN. And said that he does not believe there is substantial voter fraud. He says president trump was wrong he should never said it. And not only is president trump wrong. But according to Mitch the squish. This make. Trump won't get any penny. In federal appropriations. Congress will not give him a dying. To investigate. Major voter fraud. Listen to McConnell. Put one more a knife and president trumps a back. Roll it. Allen. The Democrats always find there's no election a fraud at all that is of course not true there election fraud does occur. There's no evidence that it occurred in such. Significant number of mine that it would have changed day of drought presidential election and I don't think. And we ought to spend any federal body investigating that I think it is states can take a look. At this issue many element tried to tighten their voter rolls tried to purge. People who are dead and otherwise it's. Not eligible to vote and dotting well laid out of the state level match. See now he's a states rights guy. Now off at. Marshall are up a slight flaw Laura and act act my Boehner clash. Are mass stirs my bosses are at. They want us investigating this because simply investigate this for gonna see how many illegals actually our hero how many of them vote them. The puzzles are really gonna demand that wall. And really demand a crackdown on sanctuaries senators we gotta have my honestly. Can't let this happen a good point though how many warmer mulling. A they mastered into the chamber of commerce. Who's he kidding. So there's no overwhelming evidence of major voter fraud there was just a study last week Old Dominion University. Three leading scholars. Said nearly a million voters for Hillary Clinton. Admitted this was self reporting in polls is that we just keep my name out said Dave 48. What are you talking to you about. This one of the biggest stories of our name. It's the corruption of our democracy. It's a violation of the ballot box. We've got people voting in this country you have no business voting. May gaining and discriminating against you. People who come here legally or American citizens. Because when every illegals vote you don't lose votes they can't solo oh you. And now all of a sudden there's no money. But you see when it came. Funding haul mom off for nine years there was always a mining. Obama care there was money the illegal executive amnesties there was money team. Everett his infrastructure spending there was money this stimulus there was one team. Every time Obama wanted to spend something there was nearly ten trillion dollars worth the money from Mitch does square ish. And for Sanctuary Cities there is money from Mitch. University of California Berkeley. When the protesters start burning it down. Because the conservative happens to be speaking there are. Don't pulled the federal funds. You see for UC Berkeley there's money team. For welfare need BT for the illegals. Here is my mean. But literally a couple of million bucks. That's all it would cost. Tough fund eight an investigation. Into a fundamental. Assault. And are very constitutional republic not. Social movement. The shift our let's look at the slate love pull back. Up there won't look at the border roles took off on. My arm mark on the diplomatic front now. The Republican establishment. Is as big a danger and as big a problem. Just as the democratic establishment. And what you can see now beginning to happen amber talked about the little a solution it's the little people the wrong little. Liking Gulliver travels but they slowly buying downed the giant. Paul little core here. Pull little roll there a little bit on the ankle a little bit on the wrist. And before you know it the giant falls down and he can get up because he's been tied down. And and winded down by all these little many people. All the little little oceans. The federal judges. The Paul Ryan stem Mitch McConnell it's. The Nancy pulls sees. The chucked you sure homers. Now did you hear this. Now they don't wanna go ahead with tax cuts. So he's getting it from Mitch to Mike's coming in from one way and then Ryan now a stick in the might the other way. Now Paul Ryan Orion and has come out and said listen to this. It's too early to push for tax cuts and tax reform let's take that hand down to roll later this year. Because he says now will we need to focus on obamacare. Now they don't you wanna call it will repeal and replace obamacare. Because repeal and replace that's the scary. You see Ryan Orion doesn't like everyone a scare people anymore. Because you know the median hour saying here they got to stand up to trump you're got to be the adult in the room card or repeal and replace your ground Arafat. So now the lingo is quote unquote is that is. Read hair obamacare. Now Ryan says slab repeal and replace its we're gonna repair it really fix it cannot. Surely that you of that wonderful mustang you have the great American muscle car ever gonna go. We get a little bit because it just works so well itself past that such a beautiful piece of machinery. Just a little we care a little weaker gonna fix is just kind of you know massage it a little bit little oil jobs here. Let's all little worn out here put some air in the tires again I will be it'll be humming like what multi. So now they want trump. To focus on quote unquote repairing obamacare. And kicking tax cuts down the wrote. Now. Look trump. Is done through executive orders he's gonna boost oil and natural gas energy production through the roof he's gonna unleash an energy revolution. And he's already slashing many of the regulations. That are dragging down businesses. And and and dragging down economic growth. But if you don't get a tax cuts. They. Middle class working class people expect and deserve. A pay increase its called a tax cut. Small businesses need a tax cut. It's gonna unleash jobs. Economic growth it's gonna get the economy to boom. Why don't leak. He led nearly 95 million Americans are work Mr. President the contact is now. Mr. house speaker get out of his way. You see. Go lay ups to rock. What more hurdles. Make it more difficult for him to initiate his lightning bullets. Drag out a hundred bass. Door let him get his big ticket items through. Because if he gets his tax cuts through the economy will boom. If you repeals and replaces Obama quickly. Big pharma. The chamber of commerce. All those that have powerful vested interest is this the the lobbyists. They can't sink their teeth into that legislation. They want time they need time. Because then they can insert a. All of their little boondoggle X. They can insert all of their little goodies. To try to line their pockets through either Ryan or McConnell or polo seat or chuck U Schumer. That's how gay role. McConnell. Is a disgrace. Whatever couple million it cost to investigate you investigate. Because I'm telling you trump will be proven correct. Millions of people vote in this country illegally. You wanna know how bad the problem is. God is my witness father son holy ghost I couldn't make this up if I want to. In California. They're now trying to push a bill as I reported on this to turn California. Into a sanctuary state. Played the whole thing border to border much of the Sanctuary City not just a sanctuary pound mole freak and state sanctuary status. This state senate president kind of like their version of sleazy Stan Rosenberg on the guy games so far. Was it a 45000 dollar pay increase last week but let that go. Testified in front of a committee hearing. This is the president of the state senate in California. Kevin know him. Ma. Says we can't have trumps executive order cracking down on Sanctuary Cities we can enforce it the civil watch. His answer. Half my family will be deported. Let me repeat that. Half my family he said will be deported. And then he's asked on a talk show. You mean you have that many illegals in your family or your and not only Douglas Emmett is he admits this. They are committing his words not mine Social Security fraud. Identity theft. Ghost that's what they have to do. They get fake driver's licenses. They get phony Social Security numbers. They commit identity theft to steal other people's Social Security numbers or their identities. That's how they get drugs he says that's how they get welfare public housing free health care. He goes you don't understand. Everybody's going yet. So let me get this straight. You liberals. When he came to John Podesta is email. Or the DNC emails. The Russians have to all. There was a violation of their privacy or privacy its identity theft it's a crying you can do about all my god how dare we find out but Hillary was rigging the election against burning. How dare we find out there were handing. Hillary's campaign the questions ahead of time in debates we've Bernie. How Billy Feingold does sound normal that's price that you contact him than anybody's emails. But how can American citizens is like Danny's. Stealing a Social Security numbers. For welfare fraud and abuse or to steal their jobs. Have my family will be deported. You can't crack down on that. That's where they fear. Because Altai of this you take this to the bank. Kevin de Lima's family. There are not just stealing jobs. They're not just ripping us off on welfare need be peak with those drivers' licenses. May vote. And not only do they vote I'll betcha dollars to donuts. They probably voted for him dozens of times. 61720666868. My friends. It's time they're drain. The swamp. I can tell you for my family would be eligible for deportations under the executive order. Probably remembers you know or undocumented and those who have and almost entirely everybody. That's the church some sort of fights both of them Patricia that's what you need is survived the war. They are eligible for massive deportation and you know. Martyrdom may be you're here illegally. Costello. Advanced. That way state senate president California. Kevin de Lima. They're admitting in public testimony drew it up you start cracking down on Sanctuary Cities like president trump wants the bill. And possible deportations. Have my Familia. Oregon. And this guy is running California's salmon. I yeah yeah IE Chris in Somerville. Go ahead Chris. It object lesson that you don't have to combat mission and it says well it's a misnomer. They're Arabs don't Arab countries and that is what that is. Outlook. Through to may just be good because when you use that term most of them yes I'm not so them some machinery that. And law. Indicate religion so that dropped endorsement stuff. And start over the US embassy darkroom than ambient. They're back but I just got that message it into surged yeah. Mohamed yet how would you most remarkable. I'm in new Islam. There also. Businessmen about yeah page report does nothing about Jeff. Actually nor does includes Kelly that's what that was George Soros is indeed force fighter John you know reputation. And a bunch of recent stimulus helped and I'm wondering is just an idea that a little bit restrict what you Democrat like me maybe. We can't fight certain championship just because you property completely out I was stationed in June a crucial and George property. Well you can be. We have an. How we let our creative thought. You know what I liked that. Honestly I like fat. It's time this guy be held accountable you know what it is look it's not a Muslim man by an Arab man. It's a terrorist band. And why would go liberals oppose the dot. Billion Denver's I've got one minute the floor is yours goal Billy. The budget up Pannemon cohesion what the guy that you're just not on my question Q would that. John sort that no Nazi collaborator from World War II. He knew it. That money and devious way he would stay out of England. You have a five million dollar price tag on a parent from Russia why did that mean in America country trying to edition amongst people. It meant to compete on a beautiful land and I thought a spike Brothers and their brother in law are well prologue to polite freedom got me you never know what's freedom. That guy needs to be put in jail on kicked out of the country and there are. Yeah. Thank you very much for that call barely he's a traitor he's in America hater. Bring back Hugh whack. Bring back our house un American activities committee it's time to clean out all of these marxists and Communists. Okay my friends. I got a lot more about I'm out of time gotta go my bite.