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Liberal media owes Tom Brady a big apology. 2/6/17

Feb 6, 2017|

What did you think of the game last night? Do you think the media is hypocrites when it comes to Tom Brady.? Kuhner thinks so, he explains. Listen here:

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Mean sort of shocking comeback victories forgive me. Just like the great political upsets in November. It was very again. I another victory. War in. The AG is. And I gotta tell you what you saw last night. With Tom Brady's really. Remarkable. Historic second half performance. Was reminiscent of Trump's victory. On election night. Would all the forces arrayed against him bill ballot Jack Bob Kraft the patriots in general. Because of those three men's support for Donald Trump. Where if the NFL commissioner against them. The NFL establishment against them the national sports media against them. And they Judas is a ball Judas is. The low coal liberal media. Whether it be the Boston Globe or boston.com. Or some of these local sports talk radio hosts. Who have been bowl lasting Brady smearing Brady demonizing Brady. Because he had the audacity. To say yes trump is my friend. And he put up make America great again baseball cap try to showing in his locker room. And said yes I voted for Donald Trump. And they called them every name in the book. He was an embarrassment to Boston he was an embarrassment to Massachusetts. That of the patriots must lose they sure goal is ultimately they will moves. And them being down 213. And then 283. Which several minutes remaining in the third quarter Brady then. Has scored a help this team score 31. Consecutive points. In the greatest come from behind victory in Super Bowl history. All the way into overtime. And now he is being called the trump of the NFL. All he does is. We mean win mean when I mean. Defying all the expectations. And I gotta tell you my friends. Last night it was set to firfer the corner man. It felt very much god is my witness like election night. When everybody thought trump was gonna lose with everybody predicting it was over with everybody and their. National media and the establishment or rooting for him to lose. He won. And that's exactly what happened with the patriots last night. And it was not just like comeback for the ages. My friends I am telling you in fact it's gonna be my next column. The liberal media all Brady belly check and craft an apology. They all want an apology. And it got so bad this liberal media smear campaign. Against the New England Patriots. Because their owner Derrick coach and the air star quarterback Brady supported trump and voted for trump listen to this. The Boston Globe. Published a column and article on the Super Bowl weekend which went viral it went everywhere. ESPN was touting it CNN was touting it MSNBC. Was doubting it everybody was touting it called. All the President's Men. Which is off the book and the famous movie. Of Woodward and Bernstein. When they help I'm you know uncover Watergate and eventually bringing down Richard Nixon. And so the implication was. They're All the President's Men. They're the ones. The Pretoria and garnered. Covering up and rationalizing. This racist scumbag fascist in the white oust. And just like called the president's men they become a steam on our nation. A stain on our conscience. And ten this city live with Tom Brady anymore he's become an embarrassment. Oh my god he's how can you look up to him he's not a hero anymore. Because he's voted for this racist fascist Sana folds is Lama for Obama fold sect says. Every other Islam under the planet in the White House. And so all of a sudden it's All the President's Men. And how dare these three of them who represented the patriots. Have they any affiliation with trump. And so now all of a sudden. There are an embarrassment to the people of Massachusetts. Brady's an embarrassment. Brady's a closet racist Brady has shamed us. Great almighty god. I mean it's it's their horse he's got all not tort fees auto explain it tourist he's gonna stand there and tell us why he supports strong. And like I said in my monologue last week. He always anybody nothing he always the media absolutely. Nothing. Except a brilliant performances absolute best and he pulled it off Sunday night. Now. After he's won the historic fifth Super Bowl. All along with the Belichick. Cementing his legacy now it's with noted doubt the greatest quarterback and the greatest coach to have ever played in the NFL. Who have ever being in the NFL it's now without a doubt the very same Boston Globe to vilify them now the greatest. Now they're on a dying now. Now I'm well all. The whole her iTunes. Or maybe he's not a racist scumbag. We. Maybe he's the greatest of all time now. And and. Have you people motioning. Tribunal sense of decency whatsoever. First of all who we votes for does not have your business. Secondly and most importantly. What the hell is wrong with supporting dole trump. You're the only people I know that unless you are enthusiastic. And and pro bowling for a loser like Hillary and an unindicted felon. She was a criminal she was a cork. And you guys are proud of that. Normal home you only to explain your vote for Hillary rotten Clinton. You guys got it all completely wrong. And I got to tell you my friends. What you saw last night. Was that gripped. The determination. The self reliance. The competitive spirit that was at the heart of the trump campaign and he's at the heart of America. And very old this man now an apology. Every single one of these liberal naysayers and smear merchants. Who went after Brady again and again and again and just to set the record straight is this needs to be said. Why did the owner of the patriots Bob Kraft support to Donald Trump why. What is the liberal media is lying to get all wine I'll tell you why because when the love of his life. He's his wife. Died of cancer. He admitted he was absolutely shattered and devastating he was heartbroken. And he said you know was the first person that called me. Donald Trump. Do you know who was with me in my darkest hour of meet Donald Trump. Do you know who kept calling me week after week after week after week for over a year. On the phone with me. Robert if you need anything I'm bear for you Robert. Let me console you Robert you've got to keep on Robert you can't give up Robert you have to honor your wife by living your life. Robert I know it's hard there's anything I can ever do for you I am here for you he decided he goes to why I agree with trump on many issues no. Do we share the same political philosophy probably not. But he was a dear friend to meet in my darkest hour of need and number's gonna throw him overboard. I wanna dis own Obama spit on him. This is beyond politics. This is friendship. This is character. This about people who who care about shorter with few when you motion Needham. And now you want me to disown them for political correctness. Absolutely not. Listen to Robert Kraft in his own words roll it Brittany. Well over twenty years ago we've been friends. I never really did business but just had a personal relationship. He's been great to me over those last two decades. I have the pru was going Nomo on. His wedding and in the toughest time in my life. He was clear from day one my beloved was. Six. Five and a half years ago and he came to the funeral of Milan and that he visibly out my home. Memorial week he'd call me. Once a week for a year how are you doing I was really depressed. He invited me to thank them. Looked out after him. Point four bug people do that to that extent. So I'm loyal to my friends I remember who the people would do with the tough times there bingo. Bingo. We're not sure Imus posted to cut off a man who was there for me. What I lost my wife when I was this multi suicidal but seriously depressed. I didn't wanna go wind and have a heart to go one and this guy I was there like very few people aren't. And I am supposed to just what cut them off. Because you what the Boston Globe and you moon bats dictate who we should vote for who we shouldn't vote for. Bob Kraft wouldn't be a man. If he didn't support Donald Trump now let's get to Bill Belichick. Wanted Belichick support him is the Croatian American that he is okay. Why do you support him. I'll tell you why. You think he's political theorist and all. You think you stand there and read everything that Donald Trump put out in terms of a campaign platform mall but I'll tell you what he is. He's the winningest coach in NFL history he's the greatest coach in NFL history he's a private sector guy. In football we suck one week we make dramatic changes you suck two weeks I start benching players. You saw three weeks we can come off the team. We need this spirit of competition and accountability back to the spirit of excellence back. Ron America like a business not an empire but to build low tech. Well he has every right to his opinion now. He's a winner. The country needs to start winning again that's why he supported Donald Donald Trump what you he apologized for. Now the ultimate one Tom Brady. Who the people all be very honest with you. The liberal media in this city don't deserve him he's still good for them and he was very forgiving last night. He could've gone after Roger Goodell he didn't. He could around Roger did thousand dollars limit he didn't. He could've called out all those little self parody little liberal smear merchants in the media. That work mocking him and calling him a racist again and again he didn't. He lifted up that trophy and said we're bring MS soccer home and thanks for having my back the people of Boston New England. He's Dennis Fran for fifteen years. Trumps been his biggest fan for fifteen years. Charms phases biggest backer and bolster and fifteen years. She said it himself look I'm not really a political guy but he's my friend my friend is running and you know what he makes sense on some of the issues. And I'm gonna back him now did he give speeches like LeBron James and all. Was he on the campaign trail not all was you lecturing his teammates know. With seal like coal and crap or nick. Making a spectacle on the field and disrupting the locker room and speeding on the American flag and insulting our military veterans by refusing to stand no. You ask my answer. Would you support him yes why money your business. I'm a professional football player amount of political analyst. I don't wanna bring this to the locker room that lost. I don't know you anything's. Possible on our throw touchdowns in win games that's what I do for a living. My friends. Last night was one of the greatest comebacks in sports history. By one of the greatest teams in sports history. And you know what they have in common which romped. All they do is win. Wind. Wind. And the liberals can't stand it. Does the liberal media out all calm Brady an apology. I say yes what do you say 6172666868. All of your calls Max. Oh. Mix here on the great WRKO. I gotta tell you. Now. Bob Kraft. I don't think he and I were probably CIA guy politically I think he's more liberal than I am but let that go it's it's America we can agree to disagree. But this speech today he delivered. Up there Roger Goodell Darth Vader but there are no gave him the Lombardi trophy. All of did he stay nice and classy way in a classy way I would have been frankly I got my bolt in jeans. I probably would have been a little you know you're seeing a middle finger. Let fly out of the corner and but let that go listen. To rock Robert Krause. This one as he pointed. Was especially. Sweet. Okay V. There are what I saw it that's that's when I got some of the Diet Coke on my on my yacht on my patriots Shura which is why not wearing a patriots shirt that a I mean I gotta tell you got what you know that was that was Roger. Boy you'll. In a classy way bet good pilot got is Roger a Roger sucked under as baby. And I got to tell you pots fans. I'm the best I'm telling you dared the best. Because would Roger Goodell who has speed can do congratulating Brady in bella Chad and after his witch hunt. And Robert crowd that for everything needed to try to destroy breeze reputation. With the national sports media egging him on every step of the way. Look at how our fans. That are typically Bhutto mob does staged. Roll it Allen. Good food good. Brady. It's. Huckabee you'll visit us at Gillette. Roger I never see you Joseph asked Roger Olympus stone's throw away from Gillette open you what come on down to my house Roger not. My wife open a couple of stakes on the Barbie and there will go sit bats came together coming in more come see us anymore Roger. So sincere. All you see the sincerity did you despair how sincere he was when he said congratulations. From mean do you. Blank golf Roger. OK does the liberal media. Old Brady an apology. I say yes what do you say your calls. Right after this short break. 1237. Here on the great WR KOK. The crooner country. Poll question and could be sure of the day as the French would say. Do you think the goal liberal media always Tom Brady an apology. Gave vilify them they call them are racist. Big hit and anti hero on non hero an embarrassment. Now they're calling him the greatest. It's incredible one football game and five Super Bowl rings can do. If you believe the answer is yes and I am yes all the way they should be embarrassed of themselves. Tax the letter aid to 68680. If you believe Jeff listened Brady's so above these guys and these guys are just so freaking irrelevant. Forget it don't even bother issuing the apology because they won't be accepted. Decks in other words no. Nextel latter beat the 68680. As always you can vote online at wrko.com. Brittany I'm just curious. I'm surprised you came in. The work today at what you get a heart attack. I thought I was gonna get a heart attack you were describing last night just I was going back and forth and I didn't believe that added up to the TV watch the re planning now is Kim avenues is there real rape at are gonna lose. Past time I'm like wow is this how old the Hillary supporters called on election night I feel terrible my how to broke and are you and pay your B. Come on I'm gonna I don't care I you know the medias the media and that Brady is agreed dozens and not care except perhaps. What he did some was wrong but now you know they'll forget that he even as friends of Donald Trump because he ones that have. There are there such hypocrites are better of course they are it's incredible so. Bring I gotta tell you when that graceful testify this customers are all short corner ride. You called it crooner. When it was 2812. And he became a two possession game you can talk I swear I asked doctor race. I said watch the pictures you're gonna score touchdowns two point conversion touchdown two point conversion. As gonna go to overtime and Atlanta will collapse like a house of cards. And you don't wanna because Atlanta took a foot off the pedal. They gave Brady and opening day started to play a little too cautious trying to run down the clock and I see you do that against him. Cure insane. And he blew right through that door. I don't have time we're gonna do a come back Alison Sharpe for are gonna take it's now. I yeah I couldn't believe it yeah I was praying I gotta tell you honestly you know I think the moment you could see the falcons faces. When that he died incredible insane pass to Julien element. Any caught yet and it is Bob and I think once falcon go ideal I tapped the ball than another one that and and somehow not only does it not hit the ground but element manages the catchy gas that was like the intercession by divergent merry. And I was on steroids does like they're virgin Mary is now interceding. Its destiny. It's like trump winning in November yeah it's destiny is just I'm sorry. God was with trump and now god is with the patriots yeah and a and you see the fire places there like we're not gonna win. No I just you know but the star. Skidded on the sideline all cocky like hero got the trophy cabinet like I'm not so I have missed that. Great that it isn't it you know you are on the edge of issued a hole all night as one of the best doubles you know he's a bond in that at RC dot catch by by Atlanta many ask that was like the immaculate reception. Mondale in those I swear that was like a miracle that was like. Well let me hold it up for years the virgin Mary all day you're gonna jewels there you go yeah that was a great I'm not. App. And I got to tell you at the end does that the end Roger Goodell that little snake. Congratulating shaking Brady's tankan grew to grow I'm like. I just sit there and Mike we turn up like I cannot Rodriguez delegates as might not let them and I'm like all know their boo hand that crack crack crack perhaps so why he can't even hero like this is re. Like love. New England T and at half past the fact they Wear their heart under aliens now is. That's awesome awesome game and the agents happy today knowledge so I'm. Look I'm almost as happy as I was after election night I know home you know honors are you getting sick and tired of all his winning. I'm starting a delay I am getting sick of tired of not winning Japanese that's great. So the briefs tomorrow. Well good luck coming into work I know I'm out and I'm a two hour delay because. I don't know how and then again with a parade is just 11 o'clock. So they're gonna start blocking off the street I guess and yeah now I'm gonna leave early as well NHL but that's OK tomorrow is the one day. Where when I sit in traffic for hours and you are you okay owner complain. Unlike all said and said and said. Idea in south the go ahead Maggie. Not that god you know. I kind of got Miguel and again you suspect it may by telephone within the U element. But I think atomic bomb and then you guys tell. I wanted to do my mom is not how you got it they image. All the time PG a loaded with class. Contact him because you could I not yet yeah perhaps yeah I don't know local PD blue. Craig eager gradually ship struck a happy we did a big deal we edit. Tom in New Jersey red light bull dynamite Tom are you my friend. Just crooner CPR. Ego. Thank god that I am back with the red white. So what's on your mind my friend did you first appointment like can about the New England Patriots in men and appointed doubt Hollywood. First to all my dad saw it on pump New Jersey. I am a New York I'd New Jersey giants and. But America's pain is now these New England Patriots. There Fred bright blue and their course amount. And I wanna tell that towered Jerry Jones in Dallas. You're not America's team the Protestant patriots are America's team. These Terry Jones who were powered. Couldn't stand up for the policeman and an American flag on the helmets. Bob Kraft in the New England Patriots. Took a major step in the right direction (%expletive) but now I'm gonna take you live the as a compliment. You know what the only Spain on that victory would suggest that Lady Gaga well now get to an amendment and a. Spain just back up quarterback should be and Tim Tebow. Threw two touchdown passes in his the last scrimmage. With the patriots. And mr. crafting. Caught him. Didn't backing out Tom Brady certainly not starting with backing up and he should've been part of that. Super Bowl celebration and now I'll get to lead he died. Our hold on though but I gotta say this and I'm on the on behalf of Tom Tim Tebow. He backs Brady up in the media he was the only one that was defending Brady. On back. Some I gotta say I mean Tim Tebow is a standup guy. Yeah and he knows about forgiveness he should have been hit and part of that celebration (%expletive) I think you agree would make. And now to Lady Gaga did you happen I noticed how carefully and cautiously she did her little shell from. You know her music from yesteryear that I don't really even care floor he was very careful to trash on America she traded very carefully. I'd like Bruce Springsteen. Who has continued to apology tour for a former President Obama. Bruce you're pre deployed. We want to bathrooms backup we want our country back. And you keep trashing us in Australia and we're gonna turn you lost just like we turn off the sauropod people Hollywood what do you think that G. Our Tom I'm with your brother thank you for that call although Britney you're telling me aside and watch the halftime show I do that I deliberately boycotted I. I believe he got Beckett missed the beginning I think she sang got honest say she's I think she sang god bless America. But that but I other than that I touch it wasn't too bad thought it was one of the batter. Halftime performances. Solution in digger claws off 91 minor Janet Jackson nothing like bad. I thought it was good no they weren't asked the president none but honest I'd honestly I did not see the beginning where she did the whole US a thing I missed it. I went about Imus on the pattern now but I missed it but I saw the rest of her performance and that is that so many weir wasn't anything political. I honestly I don't know. I didn't see it it isn't it really did have debris went and saw it was it was good okay Cilic you at a consulate at a concert okay. Russ in Boston goal ahead Russ. (%expletive) and no late Jack giggling then let's say how sweet it is. In that thing about that. That forests championship. Mean to be honored by president. At the White House is that going unpaid. You know what. I want to envision my middle finger that'll let stream media in remarkable Australian media has no moral problems. On our respect loyalty it's very foreign to them it's something they'll never understand. And I was so glad that you put that all of his proper perspective. Because I am hated the book called stream media but if he is then make a travesty out of freedom of the press. And the job one is to create the nose and not honestly and accurately report. And I wanted to say that sort of thing I was so proud of blob crap. How we stack up against bell in a very professional. I will grow so I'm with you like to watch static and back again and again and active power's. Off. I wish I could have been up on that podium doll off I wish. Hey who's that guy didn't get dealt the middle finger are our normal tide Jeff corner right to wonder what he's going up the courts was giving him the bird I don't know lol what are what is he part of the patriots organization who wins week. Our third Chestnut Hill go ahead Arthur. You have once again. It's up on the Boston patriots sites were the rest of the card reader again. And and you know acerbic at the same time you have. That says the patriots were being admonished for it or an equipment violation. Okay. Everybody seems to projected one of the biggest advantage is that a that it served at all in your. There's it is is that noise is so wrong crowd noise right. Last night. Arafat and everybody seems to project and is that Atlanta at the same time where's a modest all right and I'm fine. Awful pumping get additional. Home crowd noise. There. You know that. Yeah yeah at this very time. They were wrecked car door that. So you know everybody's got a bit doing something okay. And Elizabeth Dole on rebellion is. And ever and a little edges and you know most of its time you know I don't it doesn't make any difference what you saw yesterday as well and always states to win. Cut since balance. And as good management agreed coaching Mike Carrick it would class. Yet bingo like ballot check bingo and Brady they're just the das I mean I'll check as well look the greatest coach I don't wanna. I don't wanna turn this into a sports show but you when I were talking about this plant before the show yes. Rob Gronkowski not a one a dump all black anger I'll get you sat on him but I gotta tell you looked. Everybody says when you remember when he went down with a silly on the back injury isn't the only stock is now. Like we can't wind maybe will make it traditional pro ball below we can't win the Super Bowl look how good bella check is like. He puts it receiver Mitchell that work here we were fourth round pick brings him and boom boom boom Martellus Bennett now he's a big anti trump guide but let that go. Boom boom boom. He brings in people puts him in the system. We're not able to win but I won't. And so I'm asking myself if we can win what now grown. Maybe I'm just thrown it out there may be we should trade for the wrong. Honestly I'm with you on this 1 I really am I say trade garrote I was so like bond with you mr. gronkowski. Here you're healthy enough to be in all these commercials by the way big Super Bowl commercials grating and he has those are horrible they all they saw Bart de psyche not funny you know. So I see drunken all these current choice did sick when Justin Bieber like Oprah you can't catch a touchdown pass finally your brother is a good enough for you to collect millions to advance we Justin Bieber I see him on the sidelines giving everybody high fives. He's able apart you're the broken arm or whatever it was he does and Santa do you remember that I'd hope so I mean the guy keeps these fragile right now he's getting injured. But he's healthy enough the party yeah so Arab League is back wasn't that bad you know what if we don't need you if we can win when coach U trade com. Unless you on this on Connor 6170666868. Martellus Bennett is really a very good tight end I have to say kind of replaced wrong. Now says he said it last night he will not blow to the White House to visit president trump. He says a president is a disgrace he will not show his face should the players and go to the White House. Or should they be allowed to boycott the White House. Your calls next. 1256. Here on the great WRKO. OK my friends this is actually decades you're not from bay hill newspaper. So just to show you how political all the Super Bowl victory was yesterday. Now bay hill newspaper is reporting. That's the patriots is outspoken tight end Martellus Bennett. Well I've got to say give the devil his due had a really good game yesterday. Well he's a staunch Hillary supporter. He's a rabid never romper. Now told reporters Sunday night after the patriots is historic comeback victory. That he will not go to 16100 Pennsylvania Avenue as a guest of the president he's not going to go. He says that he believes in inclusiveness. Not exclusive minutes. And that the man in the White House he just does not support he thinks he's a big hit and a racist. And he says I'm just not gonna show up. You know what Britney let me take back what I said about bronco. Because they should get rid of Bennett. Who Timmy is nothing more than a head case. And trouble in the locker room on his bomb. So that's fine you don't wanna go to the White House well trade your sorry rear Rand. Let's get rid of Bennett and keep drunk on auto wanna trade rock let's keep go wrong and trade Bennett. Oh. Asked. And Alexei that are right now hold on Sosa and somebody's going into the textures are going after Mark Wahlberg would not wall why and so. Break up how much Mark Wahlberg is a fraud a Boston fraud and I'm left the game early when mayoral losing and didn't see the ending he claims that his son was sick. I'm wrong and how does it always so you can this summer as an excuse for not puffing out. So I never abandon MI was well all Linehan Britney and here there jam I've got one minute goal. I just popped actually taken aback broke ground because I was really senator appreciate you wouldn't cut me off to them done well. I'm disabled and stay in the house now because a statement like that. We're disabled what I did. And I'm really disabled and I'm sure Broxton has problems. And my darkness physical therapist they're taught to exercise as much as we can in the lead up to us they tell us. Ride a bike but some don't feel bad could this low impact. Don't dings and stay in the house it's it's almost what they call it a reform we're so I'm just because of people like patent. I don't think getting bush pick our rock to a different level. And at lunch certified for business reasons but I didn't defend Lebanon. Not Jim I'm taken that back now I say get rid of Bennett and he grew rock okay I allow Mac can't change his mind they just changed in my. I read after this. I'll tell you what grunting may be injured in fraud trial all the time. But at least he doesn't disrespect the office. But I want to get all of years from corner country all of you out there your opinion on this. It's. It's time obviously to the Super Bowl to trump. It is becoming a cultural political story that the media. Are we really trying to blow up. Martellus Bennett I touched on this the last hour he is the outspoken tight and actually did a great job subbing for bronco. Throughout the playoffs like had a very strong game yesterday. Told reporters after the patriots historic comeback victory. That he will not go to the White House. President trump has invited the entire team to celebrated Super Bowl victory which is customary. And Martellus Bennett. They huge liberal. A big endorser of Hillary Clinton. Outspoken. Critic of trump has called him a racist. A big get Arizona fall pretty much saved every name under the bark. In a week last month for example said America was built on inclusiveness. Not explosiveness. And so when asked well why won't you be going to the White House I don't support the guy that's in the house. And so the tight end says he will not show up. And liberals are already claiming this is a profile encouraged. This is what it means to be part of the resistance the opposition to trump. The problem is. It looks like he's gonna be the only one. Bill ballot Jack Bob Kraft Tom Brady are personal friends. Of of president trump most of the team has signaled they will be going to the White House for them it's always and honor to go to the White House regardless of who the president is. And you know when Tim Thomas refused to go to the White House the there that the brilliant goalie of the Boston Bruins who I honestly think was pivotal in the Bruins to win the Stanley Cup several years ago but let that go. He was a Tea Party conservative. You don't when he didn't show up to Obama's White House. I didn't see the media. Describing him as a profile in courage. As a man of conscience. As a man who sticks to his principles. But suddenly when Martellus Bennett does it fool. Who. Now he's a hero in the eyes of the left stream media. Well look here's my take on this it's a free country. You don't wanna go you don't have to call. Don't you wanna make a jerk yourself go ahead you can make a jerk of yourself it's a free country. I don't go ahead now I do and all that his contract is coming up pretty soon. What I would do if I was Bill Belichick is this mark Dallas he did a nice job you were paid handsomely. Adios. Patty knows we've got to go wrong. Brock is gonna get better he's getting better he's gonna be ready and a healthy for next year. Out with Mark Ellis back in with a rock. That's all that's a very simple and it's not that he doesn't wanna go to the White House. My problem with him. Is a bit clip with Eric are Colin cropper back. I don't pay you good zillions of dollars a year. For unity flap your mouth or move your fingers on keyboards. On social media and FaceBook and Twitter. I don't wanna hear your stupid political opinions. I don't want Haram. You don't read very much is just the fact. You don't know you know what's going on in politics you just don't. And so I don't need to hear one uninformed person. Go on and on about his or her political views look I say it all the time about Hollywood a ball pop singers. Shut up and saying shot up and act is the same thing with football players or professional athletes shot up and play. You wanna tell me who you voted for it that's your right. But if you're gonna go on a rant after ran after Iran on FaceBook on Twitter in local media interviews. You know what then you're not behaving like a professional. Because which are getting paid to do is the catch footballs. You're not paid to be a political analyst. You're not paid to be a political pundit. Now if you think you're so Smart and you think you have so much to say no problem. ASEAN and they'll give you a job as a pundit believe me you can't do any worse than Van Jones. Anybody is better than Van Jones. Or anybody in them as soft ball on soft ball. Are you certifiable. So mark tell us if you're saying. The psychiatrist will certify that your same Damir already better than pretty much anybody anybody else that's yet at animus that at MS left BC. So you wanna be a political pundit retire become a political pundit. But if you're gonna use your position. As a sole box. Pickens constantly go on to advancing political agenda to meet you're distraction in the locker room. You're destruction. That's why I would've gotten rid of Colin cropper nick and that's why you know what Martellus Bennett you wanna keep flapping your mouth all the time no problem. Gone by the all us see you later buddy. 6172666868. What do you make of Martellus Bennett. Again. Ratcheting up his criticisms of Donald Trump. Getting on a soap box and now saying he will not attend the White House I agree disagree. James and Nash are our Europe next coed James. NG YU dawn. Yeah. I'm very well thank you. I'm in my opinion on that it has evolved first to our deprive any. Not the Olympics not representing the United States the only representing investors investors come in both industry and and fail. So whether or not the person want do what you know light switches. Honored to be awkward. But Biden is probably do need to reality. By job in this joint it is choice I'm a super conservative guy. Column by itself when it comes right onto it. Who is actually appropriate note to buy tickets to see him. Why I also think frankly the owners the people who paid a salary. I mean act to be honest with you I think that's our you know I mean look beyond getting techsters well he has a right to an opinion yes he has a right to an opinion. It's one thing like Tom Brady year I don't care much much the same because he supported trump any athlete or celebrity I voted for Hillary yeah I voted for trump. But it's very different. When you start becoming like Colin rapper nick when you almost see yourself as a as a politician. Izod as a as a political activist. Where all you're doing now which are going on Twitter you're going on FaceBook or you're constantly giving interviews to the local media. About how you hate trump or are you love Hillary or reverse it. How you hate Hillary and love trump. Look what all due respect. That's not what I'm paying you for. I'm paying you to throw footballs or catch footballs or whatever your position is now yes you have a right to an opinion. But you don't have a right to a soap box on my dying. You know it's just look. If if if you wanna be a political pundit. If you wanna constantly talk a ball politics and interject that into the locker room which I think politics has no business in the locker room. Then do on your dime Baldwin on my dime. Now I'm paying view I'm thank you to be a professional football player I want you when the weight room. I want you studying film. I want you studying plays I want you in practice. That's what I want Chu engaged in. Now it's a free country you wanna say I voted for this person voted for that person that's fine. But you know every freaking day. Tweeting this FaceBook this black lives mattered this back constantly with the constant politicized nation. And then you can shut up in the locker room as well. If I'm the coach got lost. Really get lost. So look I'll give you an example yes they pay me for my political views Mike commentary. I don't run into the sales departments are debating with people about you know why did you vote for Hillary I voted for Donald Trump the chicken I don't. Looking ought to be a professional. So Tim it's the same thing it's what's wrong with Hollywood. It's what's wrong with the music industry with pop culture and increasingly now which celebrity would be celebrity sports athletes. We don't pay you to hear your political opinions. I'm sorry. Everything is becoming politicized. I don't wanna hear it. Frankly it's what's destroying ESPN. It's it's just it's what's destroying much of the local sports media as well. They all think somehow their political and did a bigger political experts you're not. And so politically correct. ESPN I mean how many times is ESPN gonna go on about Donald Trump. And the immigration band and building the wall. I'm trying to watch a soccer game between the USA in Mexico you know what I heard on ESPN I cage or not. The whole 45 minutes it was like Hillary rally. America is not a racist country. Just because we bullet did Donald Trump could doesn't mean you're racist country please. And the panelists are talking about the feelings of the Mexican people about trump building a border wool. Buddy I'm watching the game to see Mexico over the United States played soccer you don't they kick a little ball. They chase a ball around the field. Now you wanna talk politics are mature and you vote. And don't complain to mean when your ratings collapsed flicks like ESP name. Now they're doing it because they have the approval of the liberals and upper management. So alternately I blame upper management. But if Jeff corner was running ESPN. I don't care if you're conservative. I don't care if you're liberal you wanna make a one off comment. You wanna quick one Weiner who as part fine I don't care. You're gonna take over 45 minutes of a pregame show. And turn it into one long screened. Whether it be anti trump or or or anti Hillary mom might nine. Listeners are paying you for your soccer opinions that's why I hired you for your soccer opinions. You want to know behind. College. Quit I'm serious quit start strong political party year. Right and editorial or whatever yards they euros one audition for a job on fox or CNN go ahead. But not with me paying your salary. It's basic professionalism. And frankly respect for the view worse. 61720666868. Borrow syrup next go ahead Bruce. A camp are good very. Good back you know you mentioned Jim Thomas. Some sort of disarray and Sampras. Shrugged. They destroyed them to deploy weren't washed out betrayal to go to Dallas. Because it becomes saturated out distraction. But at what point out. Does that professional our right to talk and speak about their political. I'll point you Leo. Can they do it after the war I would. Well proves to me it's common sense. It's. To the point where it doesn't become. A distraction in the locker room. Where now suddenly everybody's talking about your political views. Where now it's taking attention from your ability to do your job. Look and no one's a bigger supporter of the First Amendment and Jeff corner. But if I'm paid 5101520. Million dollars a year. To play football or whatever it is baseball or hockey or make a movie you're saying. I don't wanna hear it. Now you want I'm no one off on a concert or whatever. Fine but I don't wanna hear it. All the tiny all the time most dissenting with Martellus Bennett. Look did give Tim Thomas is due he just said I'm not going to the White House they said why he gave his reasons that sit. Tim Thomas wasn't every freaking day. FaceBook this. Twittered this every day with the media you're you know I hit Obama you wanna why do Obama well executive board eased past here fortunately we did yesterday. Then you're becoming it's about politics and you as a political pundit not you as a goal. If I'm in that locker room. I'd look I don't care what your politics are my attitude is simple showed up. Listen you we're not are we don't wanna discuss your political views showed up did we wind did we lose how did you play out and I play. That's or Europe that's where that's why we're geared up for getting paid to do. What you start bring in the reporters into the locker room. And suddenly all we're doing is about do you agree with Tim Thomas or not them on the circuit or Martellus Bennett are not Martellus Bennett. It destroys unit cohesion. It's the worst thing to happen in a sports team and honestly after awhile. The audience the fans catch on and they hated as well. Look. Football's ratings are down by nearly 8%. A major reason. Colin rapper nick keep the politics. Out. It. Lift Europe next go ahead Rick. Yeah do it I can hear you can you hear me. Their argument that. I would say about that more development and and well is that it doesn't matter to me whether it's Martellus. Tim Thomas. I think that the turning down the opportunity because you disagree with the operating. Is that for copping out man I mean we live a democratic republic. Isn't the whole idea that they understand. You know come into agreement if you will turn your back on somebody because you know why gore is doing you're never gonna follow up problem. All right so I was Martellus Bennett I would want to go to block out just like Sheikh understandings with the on the front. It's very interesting Erica thank you for that call look. If I was Tim Thomas I would not have gone to the White House just because I really. Couldn't care for Obama in any way shape or form so you don't to me if Martellus Bennett doesn't wanna go I think he has the right not to go. If that's his right. We're right disagree with him. Is that Durant and the continued rants and then on Twitter and then on FaceBook and he won't stop with the interviews with two reporters. Look. I don't care about your political views I don't I don't wanna hear from. And verbeek they do become a distraction in the locker room and my prediction. If he continues with these Ampex bill Belichick's gonna get rid of them. What a well and I don't blame them. What all the media now I can I have to put a little of the blame on the media because they're the ones that are asking Tom Brady questions on. Charlie other fish and they'd do yet none of them and their. And and say what Bennett. But I also think you know if ballot checker craft or who whoever lets Bennett skip out on us. You know they cattle opens up for other players to do that and I think that they represented an organization and doesn't look good so I would if you know filers ballot Jack aircraft and just say you have to go home sorry that's part of your job be drafted out. Ultimately winning owner you would say look you know there's a contract. Your hired to be a professional representative of this team yeah. We're gonna celebrate with a poem celebrate the president is you know you meet them use initial on the trophy. Respond they're partying or anything like it just died dolce and aqsa trump I don't know what to tell you you know I mean Pacific Command performed I should show up in and be respected totally opens the door to other people other players not telling anything you saw them raise their hands. And eat you know so there are on their fifth straight line there our wrists so there are others that might not want it go and that's opens the door to other players not attending an adult it's not a government for the patriots. Disrespect and interest in Britain interest and okay my friends speaking of what's not good this is really not good. They leftist federal judge. In Washington state courts but Kobayashi. On Donald Trump's temporary executive order. Regarding refugees. And travel. From seven of the most dangerous countries on earth. Is this an example of judicial tyranny. That's story your calls next.